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惠州做阴茎增粗多少钱惠州惠城区治疗睾丸炎多少钱惠州什么医院的男科权威 For many men hoping to attract a member of the opposite sex, slapping on a splash of aftershave can seem like the ideal way to help them smell more alluring.对于很多想要吸引某位异性的男性而言,在脸上抹点儿须后水似乎是个不错的主意,它能够使男性的体味更加吸引人。But new research suggests they may want to eat a salad too if they want to increase their appeal to women.但是新的研究表明,男性若想增加女性对他们的好感,或许还得吃上一盘沙拉。It has shown that men who eat large amounts of fruit and vegetables have the most attractive smell to women.研究显示,食用大量水果和蔬菜的男性散发的体味对女性吸引力最大。But those who had greater amounts of pasta, b and other carbohydrates in their diet tended to have the least pleasant aroma.但是在饮食中更多地食用面食、面包和其它糖类的男性散发的体味往往最不讨人喜欢。Dr Ian Stephen, a psychologist at Macquarie University in Sydney, and his team said their findings suggests a man#39;s body odour may help to signal information about their health to women.悉尼麦考瑞大学一名名叫伊恩·史蒂芬的心理学家和他的团队表示,他们的调查结果表明,男性的体味有助于向女性传递关于他们健康状况的信息。Writing in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, they said: #39;The female were able to reliably evaluate the affective and intensity dimensions of male body odour. Male axillary sweat can serve as a further honest cue to women, about a man#39;s health status.#39;他们在《进化与人类行为》期刊上写道:“女性能够可靠地评价对男性体味的喜好及强烈程度。男性的腋汗也可作为女性判断其健康状况的可靠依据。”The researchers also argue that other indicators, such as yellower skin caused by a greater intake of foods rich in carotenoids such as carrots, are known to be more attractive to women.研究人员们还认为,其他的指标,比如因大量食用像胡萝卜这一类富含类胡萝卜素的食物而形成的古铜色皮肤,更能够吸引女性。They asked nine women to smell the sweat collected from 43 different men. The women rated the sweat from men with higher carotenoid levels as being better smelling.他们要求9位女性来闻从43位不同男性身上收集到的汗液。结果她们都认为从类胡萝卜素更高的男性身上收集到的汗液有着更加宜人的气味。The women described the sweat from these men as being more floral or having medicinal qualities.这些女性声称,这类男性的汗液闻起来更有芳香味或者是有着医疗作用。 /201609/466362;A lot of quality time is lost as we fritter around with minor stuff like the Final Four scores,; said Mr O#39;Donnell, who was on the verge of divorce in the mid-1980#39;s before a series of conversations over meals and walks with a friend 20 years his senior changed his thinking. 当我们把时间耗在四强赛分数等小事上的时候,大把一起相处的宝贵时光一去不返,奥唐奈说。上世纪80年代中期,他处于离婚边缘,却在和一位比他年长20岁的友人多次进餐散步后改变了主意,当时二人聊了很多东西。;He was instrumental in turning me around in the vulnerability that he showed,; said Mr O#39;Donnell, who wrote about the friendship in a book, ;Walking With Arthur.; ;I can remember times when he wanted to know why I was going to leave my wife. 他向我袒露了自己的脆弱之处,帮助我改变了想法,在《和亚瑟一起散步》(Walking With Arthur)一书中描写了这段友谊的奥唐奈说。我记得当时他想要了解,为什么我打算离开我妻子。No guy had ever done that before.;此前从没有男性朋友像他那样做。While some men explicitly seek man dates, and others flatly reject them as pointless, most seem to view them as an unavoidable form of socializing in an age when friends can often catch up only by planning in advance. 尽管有些男人会毫不掩饰地寻求男男约会,有些则认为这毫无意义,会断然拒绝,但大多数人都觉得,在一个通常只有事先安排好,朋友们才会小聚一番的时代,男男约会是一种不可避免的社交形式。The ritual comes particularly into play for many men after college, as they adjust to a more structured, less spontaneous social life. 对许多从大学毕业后,学着适应更有规律、随意性更小的社会生活的男性而言,这种约会尤其难以避免。;You see kids in college talking to each other, bull sessions,; said Peter Nardi, a sociology professor at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif., who edited a book called ;Men#39;s Friendships.; ;But the opportunities to get close to another man, to share and talk about their feelings, are not available after a certain age.;你看大学里的年轻人会相互交谈,侃大山,加利福尼亚州克莱蒙特市匹兹学院(Pitzer College)社会学教授、《兄弟情谊》(Men#39;s Friendships)一书的编辑彼得#8226;纳迪(Peter Nardi)说。但到了一定年龄之后,就不太有机会与另一个男人亲近,分享和讨论各自的感受了。The concern about being perceived as gay is one of the major complications of socializing one on one, many straight men acknowledge. 许多直男承认,担心被当成同性恋,是他们对一对一社交感到纠结的一个重要原因。That is what Mr Speiser, now a graduate student at the University of Virginia, recalled about another man date he set up at a highly praised Italian restaurant in a strip mall in Charlottesville. 目前在弗吉尼亚大学(University of Virginia)读研的斯潘塞记得,他在夏洛茨维尔某单排商业区内一家口碑极好意大利餐厅安排的另一场男男约会,就让他有这种担心。It seemed a comfortable choice to meet his roommate, Thomas Kim, a lawyer, but no sooner had they walked in than they were confronted by cello music, amber lights, white tablecloths and a wine list.他约的是自己的室友、身为律师的托马斯#8226;金(Thomas Kim),在那里见面本来看似会是一个舒适的选择。但他们刚走进餐厅,面对的便是以大提琴演奏的音乐、琥珀色的灯光、雪白的桌布以及一份酒单。The two exchanged a look. 两人交换了一下眼神。;It was funny,; Mr Speiser said. 很搞笑,斯潘塞说。;We just knew we couldn#39;t do it.; Within minutes they were eating fried chicken at a ;down and dirty; place down the road.我们立刻知道我们做不来这个。没过几分钟,他们就在路边一个不入流的脏兮兮的地方吃起了炸鸡。 /201610/473178惠阳医院龟头炎症

河源市治疗内分泌多少钱Reshooting TV series has been a common topic in China in recent years. Overshadowed by the glamour of original TV productions, new versions of classic works, more often than not, have had audiences complaining about nonsensical plot points, poor acting skills and ubiquitous embedded marketing.近年来,电视剧翻拍已经成为一个常见话题。经典作品的翻拍版往往情节荒谬、演技糟糕且植入营销无处不在,新版作品在原版电视剧的魅力前黯然失色。A case in point is the never-ending reshooting of Lady White Snake, also known as the Legend of the White Snake, which mainly tells the love story between the White-Snake-turned Bai Suzhen, and Xu Xian.不断被翻拍的《白娘子》就是一个例子,这部剧主要讲述白蛇精白素贞和许仙之间的爱情故事。During the past two decades, new versions have constantly emerged. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and good-looking performers, the updated Lady White Snake has indeed offered a visual feast to audiences. But when it comes to love from the public, no version can hold a candle to the original.在过去20年间,该剧不断涌现出新的版本。凭借尖端科技和标致的演员,新版《白娘子》的确为观众带来了一场视觉盛宴。但是当提到观众的喜爱度时,没有任何一个版本能与原版相提并论。The legend was first adapted into a TV series in 1992 and performed by Hong Kong actresses Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip. The Taiwan-produced TV shows achieved huge success, leading to the constant reruns by domestic TV stations every year until now.1992年,这一传奇故事首次被改编为电视剧,由香港女演员赵雅芝和叶童出演。这部台湾制作的电视剧大获成功,以至于到现在国内电视台每年还在重播该剧。But this time, a group of young post-00s artists seem to receive more praises than doubts and criticism.不过,这一次一群00后小演员受到的赞美似乎比质疑和批评要多。;They are just incredible. When I see the little Xu Xian crying for the loss of Bai Suzhen, my heart broke,; said Weibo user Xraindays.微用户Xraindays称:“他们太棒了。当我看到小许仙因为失去白娘子而流泪时,我的心都碎了。”;Those so-called little-fresh-meat actors charging so much for their performances should really examine themselves. Look at these children, they are not second to anyone,; another Weibo user Quiesrter added.另一位微用户Quiesrter表示:“那些片酬极高的所谓的小鲜肉演员真应该自我反省一下。看看这些孩子,他们不逊色于任何人。”The children#39;s version of Lady White Snake was produced by a program called Xiao Xigu, which literally means small artists in English, and features children in the roles of classic characters from Chinese literature and folklore.儿童版的《白娘子》是《小戏骨》节目制作的,该节目让儿童出演中国文学作品和民间传说中的经典角色。Promoting Traditional Culture弘扬传统文化According to Pan Liping, general director of Xiao Xigu, all the performers are selected within an age range between 6 and 12 years old.据总导演潘礼平称,所有演员都是年龄在6到12岁之间的孩子。;Enhancing children#39;s interest in traditional Chinese culture and letting young artists set an example for a majority of children are the original intentions of setting up the program,; said Pan.潘礼平称:“这档节目的初衷是为了提高孩子们对中国传统文化的兴趣,让年轻演员为广大儿童树立榜样。”Meng Yu, the Chinese actress who starred in The White-haired Girl, said, ;Nowadays, it is a pity to see many children are totally addicted to pop culture and ignore our fine traditions. And children at this stage are accepters not makers. Xiao Xigu, to some extent, shoulders the responsibility of passing on fine traditional culture to children.;出演《白毛女》的中国女演员孟玉表示:“很遗憾看到如今许多孩子完全沉迷于流行文化中,对我们的优秀传统置之不理。孩子们在这个阶段是接受者而不是创造者,在某种程度上,《小戏骨》肩负了将中国优良传统文化传递给儿童的责任。”Creating A New TV Show Model打造一种全新的电视节目模式Since its release, the program has successfully reshot many patriotic TV series including Liu Sanjie, Jiao Yulu, Red Guards on Honghu Lake and The White-haired Girl before triggering widesp concerns and praises on the internet. The film Liu Sanjie has aly received more than 100 million hits online so far.该档节目自开播以来,在网上引起广泛的关注和认可之前,就已经成功翻拍了多部爱国主义系列影视作品,其中包括《刘三》、《焦裕禄》、《洪湖赤卫队》和《白毛女》。目前,《刘三》的网络点击量已经超过1亿。Many people are curious about the classic TV series reshooting process, but there is more to Xiao Xigu than that. According to People#39;s Daily, the program consists of four parts, including open audition, TV shooting, professional teaching and behind-the-scenes.很多人对经典电视剧的翻拍过程都很好奇,但对于《小戏骨》来说不仅仅是翻拍。据《人民日报》报道,该节目由四部分组成,包括公开视镜、电视拍摄、专业教学和幕后故事。The selection process for performers follows the strict rule to provide the exact person for the exact role.甄选演员的过程严格遵循根据角色选择人的原则。Meanwhile, in contrast with the large budgets in TV, low production cost is a worthwhile aspect to be mentioned. According to Pan Liping, it only costs thousands of yuan to film each episode. But a small budget doesn#39;t mean poor quality. In terms of shooting scenes and props, careful research is done and the crew tries their best to restore the familiar scenes in the original version.同时,值得一提的是与电视节目的高预算相比,该节目的制作成本颇低。潘礼平表示拍一集的成本仅为几千元。但是预算低不代表品质差。工作人员在拍摄场景和道具方面做了仔细的研究,他们竭尽所能还原原版中的场景。The Burden of Popularity走红的负担Given the tremendous popularity of Lady White Snake, this group of little artists has led their lives in the spotlight.由于《白娘子》的超高人气,这群小演员已经生活在了聚光灯下。Ten-year-old Tao Yixi, the female lead in Lady White Snake, now boasts more than 50,000 followers in Sina Weibo. Each time she releases a message on her personal account, she receives many comments and likes.《白娘子》女主演陶奕希今年10岁,她的新浪微现在有5万多粉丝。每次她在私人账号上发消息都能收到许多和点赞。Many parents express their concern for these children as they are too involved in entertainment and think early fame may exert some negative influences on their growth.很多家长对这些孩子过早参与节目表示担忧,认为少年成名可能对他们的成长产生消极影响。;It really surprises me that the average age of these children is 7. Indeed, they have done a good job in the performance. But I wonder if they can really understand the complex emotions between a snake and a person,; commenter Chen Qiulin wrote in a passage online.家陈秋林在一篇网络文章中写道:“这些孩子们的平均年龄只有7岁,这真的让我很震惊。他们的表演的确很棒。但是我想知道他们是否真的能够理解人与蛇之间复杂的感情。” /201610/472503惠阳区 惠州什么地方有男科医院

惠州治疗生殖器疱疹好的医院China is mulling over a ban on the installation of security cameras in public places where they could infringe on the public#39;s privacy, such as hotel rooms, dormitories, public bathrooms, locker rooms and toilets, according to a draft regulation released by the Ministry of Public Security.根据公安部日前公布的一份条例草案,我国正在考虑禁止在旅馆客房、集体宿舍、公共浴室、更衣室、卫生间等可能侵犯公众隐私的公共场所安装监控录像头。The draft ordinance requires a reasonable distance between a camera or equipment and a household residence, and signs be put up to make the public aware of the presence of cameras in public places.条例草案要求摄像头或录像设备与居民住宅保持合理距离,应设置标识提醒公众注意公共场所存在的摄像头。Organizations or people are not allowed to use cameras to illegally obtain state and business secrets or infringe on the public#39;s right to privacy, the document added.条例还称,任何单位和个人不得利用摄像头非法获取国家秘密、商业秘密或侵犯公众隐私权。When security surveillance footage is disclosed for public use, personal information, such as individual body features and plate numbers, should be obscured, unless otherwise stipulated by law.安全监控录像用于公共传播时,除法律另有规定外,应当对个体特征、车牌号等个人信息进行遮挡。Those who illegally install surveillance cameras in public places will be fined up to RMB100,000, according to the document.根据条例,在公共场所非法安装监控摄像头的,将面临最高10万元的罚款。 /201612/482264 惠州治疗淋病的价格惠州有冶疗无精症的医院吗



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