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新疆自治区人民医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱乌鲁木齐市第四人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱(注意它和原因题目的关系)伊宁市哪家割双眼皮比较好 【辨】recaU.remember, remlnd炎炎夏日,我们的古人是如何避暑的呢 -- 1:6:59 来源: 炎炎夏日最爽莫过于吹着空调,吃着冰激凌,刷着微想到这些是不是顿时觉得我们的老祖宗很可怜,神马都没有其实古人避暑自有一套妙招不信你瞅瞅 According to the Chinese solar terms, it’s Major Heat now, when most parts of China experience the hottest days of the year. During the scorching summer, we modern people can enjoy cold drinks in an air-conditioned room to escape the heat. But how did ancient people cool down without these modern-day technologies?照中国的节气,现在正值大暑中国的大部分地区都进入了一年中最热的时期在炎炎夏日,现代人可以在空调房里吹冷气喝冷饮来避暑,没有现代科技技术的古人又是如何避暑的呢?Icehouse and ice ticket冰室和冰票As early as Pre-Qin Dynasty (-1 ), people used natural ice to keep food fresh and make cold drinks. According to the record in the Confucian classic Zhou Rites, the Zhou royal court had a specialized department called the "ice administration" which had 80 employees. The department collected natural ice blocks each December, and then transported them to the ice house storage.其实古人自有妙招,早在先秦时期人们就已经开始使用冰块保鲜,制冷据《周礼记载,当时周王室专门成立了相应的机构管理“冰政”,此部门的编制不小,共有80名“职工”一般从每年冬天的月起,工人开始采取天然冰块,运至冰窖中储存Some senior officials were awarded ice cubes by the Zhou royal court, which was a big honor during that time. The system of granting ice lasted until the Ming (68-) and Qing (-19) dynasties. During the Qing Dynasty, "ice tickets" were distributed to officials instead of sending the ice directly to them.周王室还会将冰块赏赐给身边人,但也不是什么人都能享受的这种赏冰制度一直沿袭到了明清到了清朝,开始给官员们发“冰票”而非直接赐冰Ice container冰鉴The most commonly used cooling utensil is called "Jian", which is a big container filled with ice. It was made of ceramic in early Chinese history, and was later made of copper. The "Jian" can be seen as an ancient refrigerator, which can be used to make cold drinks. Put the vessel holding food inside the "Jian", close the lid, and the drinks would become cold after a while.古人日常使用的冷藏器具叫“鉴”鉴,实是一种大盆,早期是陶质,春秋中期以后流行青铜鉴,又称“冰鉴”“冰鉴”可以说就是古代的冰箱,用来冷藏饮品使用时,将盛满饮料或食物的器皿放进去,四周围满冰块,合上盖子,不多时“冷饮”就可制成Hiding food in the well水井During the Qin (1- ) and Han ( -AD ) dynasties, common people, the most common way to cool off is by using their wells.在秦汉时期,对寻常老百姓来说消暑的最常用方式就是使用水井降温Some families put an urn in the well as a cold closet, or put food in a basket and lowered the basket into the well with a rope. Actually, ancient people don’t need cold beverages, as well water was the best drink in summer.在井中置一口大瓮,作为放置食品的“冷藏室”;或将食品置于篮子中,然后用绳索系于井中保存实际上,古人也不需要什么冷饮,井水就是最好的饮品Herbal drinks草药饮品During the Qing Dynasty, taking Chinese herbal medicine was popular in Beijing. According to historical records, during the scorching summer, some people preferred to drink ice water, some boiled perilla leaves, and liquorice as summer soup to keep off the heat. Ancient people also loved to make lotus seed soup in summer which was said to have the benefit of strengthening the body.到了清朝,京师开始流行喝由中草药熬成的饮料据史书记载,在炎热的夏天,不少人喜欢喝由紫苏叶,甘草熬成的冰水驱暑气莲子汤也是古人的心头好,据说莲子汤还能强身健体Bed-mat summer凉席Ancient people wove vines, reeds, or bamboo into bed-mats summer which are cool to sleep on.古人会用藤条,芦苇或是竹子编成凉席,减少热意Porcelain pillow瓷枕The surface of a porcelain pillow is a layer of glaze, which feels pleasantly cool. It is said that the Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty liked his porcelain pillow a lot.瓷枕的表面为一层釉,触感冰凉传闻,清乾隆帝对瓷枕甚为喜欢Dragon fur curtain龙皮帐The dragon fur curtain was used during ancient times to block the hot waves in the summer, and keep interiors pleasantly cool. It was not really made of dragon fur, since there are no such creatures as dragons, so some say it was made of the skin of large boas. Surrounded by large and cold boa skins, the place would feel like an air-conditioned room. However, the skin was precious and difficult to obtain, so only the royal court was able to use it.古人用龙皮帐遮挡外面的热气并不是真的由龙皮制成,因为世上本就没有龙这种生物所以有人说应该是由蟒蛇皮制成的巨大,冰凉的蛇皮将床围起来,感觉就像是在空调房中一样然而,蟒蛇皮非常珍贵且不易得所以只有皇室才有机会享用Bamboo lady竹美人Ancient people in the southern parts of China preferred to use a cylinder-shaped bamboo ware, which is hollow in the middle and has grid mesh on the surface. It uses the principle of cross ventilation to cool people down, and can be hugged, or used to hold up your feet.在古代中国的南方某些地区,人们会使用一种圆筒状的竹器,中间向内凹,表面呈网格状这款神器利用对流通风的原理降暑,可供人抱,或是搭脚Fan扇子Last but not least, the most commonly used tool to cool down in the summer is the humble fan, and is still used nowadays. Fans were made of different materials, such as bird’s feathers, bamboo, or fur.最后,当然是最常见的扇子了别看它其貌不扬,但是直到今天还在使用扇子的材质多样,有羽扇,竹扇,还有毛扇库尔勒市背部脱毛

石河子市哪家隆鼻医院比较好Many people that when specific muscles are exercised, the fat in the neighbouring area is" 3 up".Yet the is that exercise burns fat from all over 5 .新疆军区总医院修眉手术多少钱 世界最大飞行器“飞天屁股”试飞成功 --5 :35: 来源:chinadaily The maiden flight of the world's longest aircraft has begun - after a previous attempt was abandoned at the last minute. 经历被迫临时取消预定的试飞计划之后,全球最大飞行器终于开始了它的首飞秀The Airlander - which is part plane and part airship - took off from Cardington Airfield in Beddshire. “天空登陆者号”于英国贝德福德郡的卡丁顿机场起飞,它是飞机和飞艇的综合体Its original test flight was postponed, but it finally left the ground at 19:0 BST. |它原先的试飞计划被推迟,最终它于英国时间19:0分离开地面The £5m aircraft measures 3ft (9m) long and is about 50ft (m) longer than the biggest passenger jets. 这架飞行器耗资500万英镑,长3英尺(9米),大约比全世界最大的客机还长50英尺(米)The airship is not allowed to fly at night during the test stage. 在测试阶段,这架飞行器是不能在夜间飞行的Christened the Martha Gwyn, the aircraft was first developed the US government as a surveillance aircraft but the project was shelved amid defence cutbacks. 最初该飞行器以玛莎?格温为名,作为侦察机效力于美国军方,但后来美国军费缩减,放弃了这个项目British firm Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) launched a campaign to return the Airlander to the skies in May . 年5月,英国混合航空交通公司启动了重新使用“天空登陆者号”的计划The huge aircraft will be able to stay airborne around five days during manned flights. 这架巨型飞行器能在空中载人飞行5天左右HAV claims it could be used a variety of functions such as surveillance, communications, delivering aid and even passenger travel. 混合航空交通公司表示,它可发挥多样功能,如监视、通信、运送救援物资、运送旅客等英文来源:B 翻译:实习生唐悦哲编审:yaning新疆职业病医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

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