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阿图什市耳部整形多少钱乌鲁木齐整形美容医院鼻唇沟怎么样【Video】【Transcript】 英国到底是Great Britain还是UK?怎么说才最准确呢?看看这个短片,了解一下它们到底都指什么吧!Man: So where are you from?Woman: Scotland. Are you Scottish too?Man: Well no, I’m English actually, but…you know…it’s all like the same thing, isn’t it?Woman: Not exactly.Man: Go on! Isn’t Scotland just like well, a bit of England?Woman: No, it is not!Man: Sorry, Britain I mean.Woman: “Britain” is not “England”!Man: Well yeah…I know…that I’m not stupid or anything…but Britain’s like, England, Scotland and Wales, isn’t it?Woman: Not exactly.Man: Yeah, it’s the UK – the ed Kingdom.Woman: The ed Kingdom is “Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland”.Man: Oh I see, but we’re all like the same nation, aren’t we?Woman: Not really. Four nations, one state.Man: Oh, I get it! So the UK (is) like the same as Great Britain...Woman: Great Britain is a geographical term – it’s a big island with Scotland, England, and Wales on it.Man: All right, but we all have the same prime minister, don’t we?Woman: Yes. And the same head of state.Man: The Queen!Woman: Exactly.Man: And the same government?Woman: Well, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own local parliaments.Man: Oh. I see.Woman: It’s complicated.Man: Yeah, I can see that. Article/201007/107849阿图什除晒斑多少钱 阿克苏市手术疤痕修复多少钱

乌鲁木齐县治疗痤疮多少钱It#39;s every performer#39;s dream to take part in CCTV#39;s annual spring festival gala, and be watched by hundreds of millions of Chinese viewers. Today we take a look at one band from Taiwan that#39;s competing to make it onto the show. And we#39;ll round up some of the other initiatives by CCTV, aimed at giving audiences more quality programs.能参加每年一度的央视春晚,在亿万观众面前露脸是每一位表演者的梦想。今天我们先来看看台湾的一个乐队,他们要通过参与竞争才能登上春晚的舞台。然后再来看看央视的其它一些节目,这些节目都是质量上乘的原创节目。These four contestants from Taiwan are rehearsing for their chance at the big time.四位出身台湾选秀节目的选手正在进行排,争夺春晚演出的机会。They#39;ll be taking part in a contest, where the prize is a priceless appearance on CCTV#39;s prime-time spring festival gala.他们将参加这次比赛,奖项是能在春节联欢晚会的黄金时段露面。They#39;ll perform pop songs from the Chinese Mainland as well as classics from Taiwan. The group say they#39;re passionate about connecting with both audiences.他们将会演唱中国大陆的流行歌曲和台湾的经典曲目。对于吸引两岸的观众,他们满怀热情。Taiwan contestants said,; The recording studio is just spectacular! We can#39;t wait to get started!台湾的参赛选手说:“摄影棚超豪华!很期待能站到央视的舞台上去!”They#39;ll compete against 35 groups in the first stage of the contest this Sunday.这个周日进行第一阶段的比赛,他们要和其它35组进行竞争。Meanwhile, CCTV is launching a new cooperation venture with Australian broadcasters. With the first documentary series named ;The story of Australia;, the focus will be on giving an oriental perspective on the country.同时,央视还和澳大利亚广播公司携手,拍摄了首部中澳记录片《来自澳大利亚的故事》,以东方视角探寻一个充满魅力的澳大利亚。It also marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Australia.这也是为了庆祝中澳建交40周年。In the meantime, China is expanding broadcasting and program-making cooperation with African countries.与此同时,在广播和节目制作方面,中国也展开与非洲国家的合作。The 7th Africa TV festival kicked off in Johannesburg on Wednesday. CCTV was one of the chief representatives of Chinese television at the event. During the festival, South Africa#39;s ETV signed a deal to import more than a dozen Chinese films.第七届非洲电视节周三在约翰内斯堡开幕。中央电视台是中国电视的首席代表。参展期间,南非电视公司eTV签署了进口更多中国电影的协议。It#39;s a sign of the ever-growing scale and great potential for China to work with other nations, in media and entertainment.在媒体领域和方面,中国和其它国家日益展开合作,潜力巨大。 Article/201211/207713博乐市打溶脂针价格 The greatest challenge for the team making Frozen Planet摄制组碰到的最大挑战was the extreme remoteness of their locations.是拍摄地点之间相距极远Many of the shoots lasted months at a time许多镜头一拍就是几个月and needed a number of crews to join forces.而且需要许多工作人员协同工作One location that would require such siege tactics有一个拍摄点就需要这样浩大的工程was Mount Erebus, Antarctica#39;s most active volcano.它就是埃里伯斯 南极洲最活跃的火山This magical mountain does not give up her secrets easily.这座神奇的火山绝不轻易透露自己的秘密To capture the full story of Mount Erebus from top to bottom要完整捕捉到埃里伯斯火山的全部required four different film crews.需要四组不同的摄制人员The cave team is dropped off at 12,000 feet,洞穴组在海拔近3700米之处降落close to the crater.以靠近火山口In howling winds and thin oxygen,他们要抵御呼啸的寒风和稀薄的空气their challenge is to find a way into the volcano itself.目标是找出进入火山的道路They are venturing into the unknown.他们要探索未知Somewhere below are spectacular ice caves,地下有一些奇妙的冰洞melted out by volcanic steam.因火山蒸汽的热量融化而成Getting the team safely underground组员安全深入地下is a relief for director Chadden Hunter.让导演查登·亨特尔放心不少Excellent, it#39;s much warmer down here, it#39;s freezing up there.太好了 下面暖和多了 上面冷极了Minus 29.零下29度With him is cameraman Gavin Thurston.和他一起的是摄像师嘉文·瑟斯顿You sort of forget being in here,你会忘记自己在哪里you are actually inside a volcano.其实是在一座火山里You know, above us and below us, there#39;s bubbling lava我们的上面和下面是翻滚的岩浆and you#39;ve got all these gases seeping up through here,这里都被蒸汽渗透了which is how these caves are made,正是蒸汽弄出了这些洞穴so there#39;s also increased carbon dioxide in here.所以这里二氧化碳的含量更高 /201210/206213北屯激光去除雀斑费用

新疆解放军474医院激光去痘手术多少钱Great couples never fight? It#39;s exactly the opposite - in fact, fighting done right can even improve your relationship.感情好的情侣从来都不吵架?情况恰恰相反--事实上,如果吵架的方式正确,你们的感情还会因此而升温。Fight about one thing at a time一次只争吵一件事;Don#39;t fight about more than one issue at once. It#39;s easy when we#39;re upset or frustrated to remember a list of grievances from the past, but it#39;s counterproductive. Instead, try to stick to the issue at hand.;;千万不要一次性争吵一件以上的事情。伤心、沮丧的时候,我们很容易就会想到以前的种种不满,但这样做反而会适得其反。相反,你可以试着争吵手头的问题。;Be emotionally honest忠于自己的感受;Emotional honesty is important. Don#39;t hide from an argument. Sometimes, when asked #39;what#39;s wrong?#39; our common answer is #39;nothing.#39; But when you#39;re in a strong, healthy relationship, there#39;s the opportunity for emotional honesty. You can dig deep, be brave, and speak up for yourself. Your truth may be met with confrontation at first, but, in the long run, emotional honesty offers the only chance for change, repair, and growth.;;忠于自己的感受是很重要的。不要逃避争吵。有时候,当另一半问自己#39;怎么了?#39;的时候,我们通常会回答#39;没事儿。#39;但如果你们的感情牢固、健康,那就有机会忠于自己的感受。你可以说得深入一点、要勇敢一点,说出自己的心里话。刚开始,你的坦诚也许会受到质疑,但长远看来,忠于自己的感情为改变、修复和成长提供了唯一的机会。;Take responsibility for your part承担自己应该承担的责任;While it can be easier to blame your partner, challenge yourself by reflecting on how you may be contributing to the conflict. Ask yourself how you can approach the argument more effectively.;;虽然责备另一半会更容易,但挑战自己吧,反省自己是不是该对这次争吵负责。问问自己如何能更有效的谈论争吵的话题。;Keep fights short不要吵太久;Don#39;t drag out fights. If a couple has a fight, some time apart could be necessary for everyone to calm down and think more rationally. But, a refusal to make up, especially as punishment, can create bigger problems in the long-term. By drawing out apologies and delaying the start of communication, it also prolongs the negative feelings, especially if one person wants to make up. Communicating and ending an argument in a relatively short amount of time is preferable, especially before both partners go to sleep.;;不要拖延你们的争吵。如果情侣之间吵架了,有时候分开对于每个人来说都是必要的,可以冷静下来、更理智的思考。但长远看来,拒绝和好会造成更大的问题,尤其是将其视作惩罚时情况更是如此。延长道歉和沟通的时间会使负面情绪相应延长,当一方想要和好时更是如此。;Don#39;t sweat the details不要仔细琢磨细节;Arguments help you figure out what you#39;re actually fighting about - an invaluable lesson! When you delete the details of an argument, you quickly realize it wasn#39;t about being on the phone too much, spending too much time with friends, or not picking up around the house. It#39;s about not feeling seen and heard, not feeling cared for, feeling taken advantage of. It takes practice not to get caught up in the details of an argument, but if you stop to feel rather than think, you can address the underlying issue and stop having the same fights - with different details - over and over again.;;争论能帮助你弄明白自己在吵什么--一个宝贵的教训!当忽略争吵的细节时,你会很快意识到,你们争吵的原因根本就不是因为玩手机太多、和好朋友相处的时间太久或是没有收拾屋子。而是因为感觉另一半不听自己说话、不看自己、不关心自己,或感觉自己被利用了。不陷于争吵的细节是需要练习的,但如果你不再凭感受,而是去思考,那么你就能解决潜在的问题,并停止一次又一次细节不同的相同争吵。;译文属 /201706/513673 How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend怎么做一个完美的女友With just a few simple tips, you can be the perfect girlfriend - making him want to be the perfect boyfriend. Learn with VideoJug how to do all you need to, to be come the perfect girlfriend and look after your little caveman.成为一个完美女友也许是一个相当有难度的挑战。但是,只有有耐心,就有可能成功。这里有一些帮助你成功的方法。Step 1: Relax your standards 放宽你的标准The perfect girlfriend is not a plastic doll. While you should endeavour to maintain your femininity, once in a while let your guard down: eat like a pig, slouch around, or leave the washing up. You can even surprise him be getting him to pull your finger. This way he will feel comfortable in your presence, and you in his.Step 2: But make an effort偶尔精心打扮来让自己与众不同With this in mind, remember that it is important to make an effort and sometimes dress up special. We know it's not practical all the time, but he'll appreciate it, and you'll feel more attractive.Step 3: Massage his ego随时注意他的自尊Remember that the male ego is as fragile as it was all those years ago when he first lost his way back to the cave. Make your boyfriend feel good about himself - even if he is getting in your way- let him be useful and tell him he's great. Don't nag him into submission, as there is nothing sexy about a downtrodden man. You know the bed's not made properly, but congratulate him on having a go. You know that isn't an omelette, but it contains eggs doesn't it? So well done him!Step 4: Feed him抓住男人的胃就能抓住男人的心Like it or not, the old adage is true - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You don't have to cook, but keep your local takeaway on speed dial. Remember if your boyfriend is hungry, his attention will shift suddenly from you to the fridge. Don't take it personally, it's primal. Symptoms of hunger to look out for include: grumpiness, slightly flared nostrils or he may appear to be hunting. If he gets like this, don't suggest salad.Step 5: Give him space为彼此留出空间A man's friends are important to him, and so is his ability to spend time with them, where he will do male activities like growling, fighting and measuring things, simple pursuits that confuse a complex female mind. Allow him the space to maintain these relationships. Let him roam, and when he comes home he'll be y to spend quality time with you.Step 6: Listen to him倾听Men enjoy explaining things. Be it the mechanics of bridges, why Sean Connery's the best Bond, or the complexities of the offside rule, even if he's being patronising allow him his airtime, and he will then shut up, leaving you to enjoy the peace and quiet of a loving and giving relationship.Step 7: In the bedroom卧室礼仪When it comes to bedtime and matters of the night, your needs may be different. Sex is a simple matter for him: he wants it, whenever, wherever. Never put out if you aren't in the mood, but do accept he always will be, and don't tell him off because he finds you devastatingly attractive all of the time. And if you really don't fancy it, just distract him with beer.DoneHave fun with your boyfriend. Article/201106/142517乌鲁木齐耳廓整形多少钱阿拉尔市激光祛痘印多少钱




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