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On behalf of the Obama family-Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Bo, and Sunny-I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.我谨代表奥巴马家庭,米歇尔、玛莉亚、萨莎、波和撒尼祝大家感恩节快乐。Like many of you, well spend the day with family and friends, catching up, eating some good food and watching a little football.与大家一样,我们将在这一天与亲朋好友欢聚一堂,享受美味佳肴,观看精的球赛。Before we lift a fork, we lend a hand by going out in the community to serve some of our neighbors in need.但在开餐之前,我希望大家走出家门,为社区里需要帮助的人们伸出援助之手。And we give thanks for each other, and for all of Gods blessings.让我们向彼此表达感激之情,感谢上帝对我们的庇佑。Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because, more than any other, it is uniquely American.感恩节是我最喜欢的节日。因为,与其他节日不同,这是一个纯粹的美国节日。Each of us brings our own traditions and cultures and recipes to the table-but we all share this day, united by the gratitude for the bounty of this nation.我们每个人来到这个国家,传统不一样、文化不一样、饮食也不一样,但我们都共同庆祝这个节日,一起感谢这个慷慨的国家。And we welcome the contributions of all people-no matter their origin or color or beliefs-who call America home, and who enrich the life of our nation.我们欢迎所有的建设者,无论他们来自哪里、是什么样的肤色、有什么样的信仰,只要他把美国当作家乡,让我们的生活丰富多。It is a creed as old as our founding: ;E pluribus unum;-that our of many, we are one.正如建国以来的信条:“万众一心”,我们是相亲相爱一家人。We are reminded that this creed, and America itself, was never an inevitability, but the result of ordinary people in every generation doing their part to uphold our founding ideals-by taking the blessings of freedom, and multiplying them for those who would follow.我们要牢记这一信条,美国本身并不是一开始就是今天这样,但正是无数一代又一代普通的美国人用自己的行动撑起美国的立国之本:那就是牢记上帝赐予的自由权利,并通过不断的努力践行这一理念。As President Kennedy once wrote, even as we give thanks for all that weve inherited from those who came before us-;the decency of purpose, steadfastness of resolve and strength of will, for the courage and the humility, which they posessed,; we must also remember that ;the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.;肯尼迪总统曾这么描述,我们在感谢先贤,追随他们的脚步的时候,“要记住他们正直、坚定、不屈不挠、勇敢和谦卑的精神”。我们必须牢记“我们对他们最崇高的敬意不是在嘴上说,而是在生活中去实践这些精神”。Today, we are grateful to all Americans who do their part to live by those ideals, including our brave men and women in uniform overseas and their families, who sacrifice so much to keep America safe.今天,我们要感谢所有为这些精神尽心尽力的人们,这些人中有我们在海外役的英勇的男女将士以及他们的家人,他们为了我们的安宁付出了巨大的牺牲。To our service members who are away from home, we say an extra prayer for you and your loved ones, and we renew our commitment to take care of you as well as youve taken care of us.我们要感谢这些远离家乡的军人,为他们和他们的亲人送上最崇高的祝福,我们要牢记对他们的承诺,我们要像他们保护我们一样照顾他们。We are grateful to the countless Americans who serve their communities in soup kitchens and shelters, looking out for those who are less fortunate, and lifting up those who have fallen on hard times.我们要感谢无数在社区务的美国人民,他们在施粥棚、救济所照顾那些不幸的人们,为那些陷入困境的人们带去希望。This generosity, this compassion, this belief that we are each others keepers, is essential to who we are, not just on this day, but every day.这种无私、投入的精神,这种为互帮互助的信念,正是我们作为美国人最基本的精神,不仅仅在这一天是这样,每一天都应该是这样。Its easy to focus on what separates us.意见的分歧很容易引起大家的关注。But as we gather with loved ones on this Thanksgiving, lets remember and be grateful for what binds us together.但在我们与亲人在感恩节相聚的时候,别忘了把我们团结起来的精神。Our love of country.别忘了我们对祖国的爱。Our commitment to justice and equality.对公平和公正的敬畏。Our belief that Americas best days are ahead, and that her destiny is ours to shape-and that our inherited ideals must be the birthright of all of our children.我们对美国美好未来的信念,祖国的未来由我们去创造,我们从前辈身上继承的精神将指引我们的下一代继续前进。Thats what today is all about: that out of many, we are one.这正是今天的意义所在,我们所有人都是一家人。Thank you, God bless you, and from my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.谢谢大家,愿上帝保佑你们,我代表家人祝你们感恩节快乐! 201412/346346but perhaps you are hoping to remotely touch someone youll never meet 有可能 你会同遥远的未曾相识的人产生联系。the Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity rovers which are on Mars 勇气号 机遇号 好奇号火星探测器。are each fitted with a photometric calibration target 都载有一个光度校准目标。a test pattern for the cameras 一个摄像机测试图案。which also serves as a sundial 同时作为日冕。and along the aluminum of each Mars dial 此外 在每个火星日冕的铝制部分。it says in very small letters, to those who visit here 都用很小的字母写到 致到访此处的任何人。we wish a safe journey and the joy of discovery 我们愿你的发现之旅安全而愉快。and that, my friends, is the essence of science 朋友们 这就是科学的精髓。The joy of knowing, thats what drives us 获得知识的乐趣 这就是我们的驱动力。Thats science. It brings out the best in us 这就是科学 它能让我们发挥出最大潜能。It makes our species worthy of the future 让我们人类值得拥有美好未来。And I often reflect on the words of my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Cochran 我经常想起我三年级老师科克伦女士的话。and she told us 她告诉我们。there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the beach 天空中的繁星比海滩上的沙粒还要多。and there are by any measure a lot of grains of sand on the beach 怎么看 海滩上的沙粒都太多了。I mean, there are more than you can count for sure 你绝对数不完。but for most of us, there are more than you can imagine 甚至连想都无法想象。I stood on the beach. It was in Delaware that summer 那年夏天 我站在特拉华的海滩上。and I got to thinking about her assertion 思考她的那句话。Does she mean all of the grains of sand that I can see? 她说的是我能看到的所有沙粒吗。Does she mean the ones I cant see 她说的包不包括。the ones that must cover the beach a few meters deep? 深埋在几米以下的沙粒。And when the tide goes out, theres more sand 而且潮水退去时 沙粒又会增多。And I look behind me, theres sand sand sand 我往后看 到处都是沙 沙 沙。I look this way, 1000 nautical miles, that way, 1000... theyre sand 这边有1000海里的沙子 这边也是 到处都是沙。Are you telling me, Mrs. Cochran, there are more stars than all of that? 科克伦老师 星星真的比所有这些沙粒还多吗。Well, apparently there are by about a factor of 10 没错 而且根据现有估计 大约多一个数量级。So in that long ago moment, I was paralyzed by self doubt 在很久之前的那时 我被这些疑虑镇住了。I mean. I was just a little kid 我只是一个小孩。standing on the beach 站在沙滩上。and that beach is one of many beaches on the planet that turns out 而这个沙滩又只是地球上众多沙滩中的一个。to be in the cosmic scheme of things pretty small planet 而地球在整个宇宙中来看 只是一颗很小的行星。a speck really 可以说是一粒尘埃。Furthermore, my home speck, the earth 更进一步 我们的地球。is orbiting a star that is completely unremarkable. Its just another speck 正绕一颗不起眼的恒星公转 而太阳只是另一粒尘埃。and is in a galaxy full of other specks 处在充满其它尘埃的系中。with a vastness of space for more galaxies 系外又有无尽的太空和更多星系。Im a speck on a speck orbiting a speck 我是一粒尘埃 处在一粒尘埃上 绕一粒尘埃旋转。with a bunch of other specks in the vast emptiness of specklessness 在无尽的尘埃空间中 数不尽的尘埃一同存在着。But wait. But wait wait wait 但是等等。201510/406727One of the reasons our Unix systems are ideally suited to power the Extended Enterprise is our ability to guarantee 99.95 percent up time. Were the only company in the industry that can make that guarantee. Delivering 99.95-percent uptime translates to just four hours of unplanned downtime a year. The next best offer in the industry — 99.5 percent of time — equals 44 hours of unplanned downtime a year. In the past year, we have accelerated our product- development efforts. The result is a Unix roadmap that we believe will keep us in a clear position of leadership. The V2250 systems we introduced earlier this month are based on our new, 240 MHz PA-RISC processor. They are the worlds fastest single-processor Unix servers — ideally suited for mission-critical and technical applications. We expect to double high-end single-system performance each year. That means that todays high-end of a V-Class system will be the midrange of our family by the year 2000.Furthermore, we plan to take todays 99.95 percent availability guarantee and push that up to 99.999 — 5 minutes of unplanned downtime per year — by the year 2000.We call this our ;5nines:5minutes; vision, and we have succeeded in getting two powerful industry leaders — Cisco and Oracle — to embrace this vision and work with us to achieve it.我们的UNIX系统之所以特别适合扩展型企业,原因之一是我们能确保99.95%的开机率。我们是业界唯一可做此保的公司。开机正常运行时间多达99.95%,意味着一年的意外停机时间仅为四个小时。而业内仅次于我们的最佳开机率为99.5%,相当于每年的意外停机时间为44小时。去年,我们加大了产品开发的力度。其结果是我们制定了UNIX开发蓝图,我们认为这将使我们明显地处于领先的地位。本月早些时候我们推出了基于新型的240 MHz PA-RISC处理器的V2250系统。它们是目前世界上最快的单处理器UNIX务:器,适用于关键业务和技术应用程序。我们希望,每年都能将高端单一系统的性能翻一番。这意味着,到2000年,今天的V系列系统高端将成为我们系列中的中档产品。其次,我们计划,到 2000年,将现在的99.95%的开机率提髙到99.999%——达到每年意外停机仅有五分钟。我们称 其为“五个9:五分钟”目标,我们已与业界两个颇具实力的领先者——思科公司和甲骨文公司达成共识,为实现这一目标而共同奋斗。201410/333943We grew up believing that being Chinese was the greatest advantage in life; in our house, everything important in life came from China, was invented in China, owed all to the Chinese.我们始终相信作为中国人是生活中最大的优势。在我家、生活中所有重要的东西都来自中国,都是中国发明的,都归功于中国人。We went on elementary school field trips to pulp plants, where they taught us how paper was made. Paper was invented in China, Mom said, after we relayed the process in awe. Our favorite neighbors were Italian and invited us over for spaghetti. When we came home and raved, Dad would remind us that Marco Polo brought pasta home from China. Not Italian....Chinese....and so it went. And how wonderful they were to instill in us the sense of pride in our heritage that we have never forgotten.读小学时,我们去纸浆厂参观,在那里他们教我们纸是怎样生产的。回家之后,我们崇拜地描述了一番,然后母亲告诉我们,纸是中国人发明的。我们最喜欢的邻居是意大利人,他们邀请我们去吃意大利面。我们吃完饭回到家极力赞美,父亲提醒我们,马可波罗是从中国把面团带回去的,不是意大利的,而是中国的...不断如此。我的父母很伟大,他们不断地向我们灌输对中国传统文化的自豪感,我们从未忘记中国文化。When I first became CEO, a famous American television journalist interviewed my dad and asked him if he always knew I would be successful in business. No, he said, quite to the contrary, he worried for years that raising me to be a respectful Chinese daughter would hinder my ability to compete in a world with what he considered the aggressive, cut throat traits of typical America CEOs. In fact, he passed on a letter to me that I keep, translated from Chinese to English, in my desk drawer.当我刚担任首席执行官时,一个著名的美国电视记者采访我的父亲,问他是否早就知道我会在商界取得成功。不,他回答,恰恰相反,他很多年来一直担心把我教育成一个孝顺的中国女儿会妨碍我在一个他认为充满了攻击性和残酷无情的典型美国首席执行官的圈子里和别人竞争。实际上,他写了一封信给我,我还保存在我办公室的抽屉里。信是由中文翻译成英文的。 /201303/231761Its my pleasure and honor to introduce to you, Class of 2013, the Woz and only Mr. Steve Wozniak 2013届毕业生们 我非常荣幸地为你们介绍 独一无二的史蒂夫?沃兹尼亚克先生 Thank you. Thank you very much 谢谢你们 非常感谢 Youve really got it, made it in life when you can be refered to by one name like Steve or something like that 当你能被人们用一个名字提起 比如史蒂夫什么的 你的生活就真的很成功了 My proudest moment of my life, I get asked that all the time, and I think back to pictures Ive seen at my diploma, 我经常被问到我人生中最引以为豪的时刻 想想我的毕业书上的照片 It was my graduation day right here in this campus 就会回答 是我在这个校园里毕业的那一天 So hear that Ive never said otherwise 听我说 我从没有过其他的 Now my wife and I are both a little bit mathematical 我的妻子和我都有点数学式思维 Im not gonna make a real profound speech because the ideas you get in your own head are where the real profound comes from 我不准备做一篇非常深奥的演讲 因为真正深奥的东西来自于你们自己脑中的想法 My wife and I are mathematical 我的妻子和我习惯数学式思维 So when we go to a hotel, we judge the room by the room number 所以当我们到达一个旅馆的时候 我们会根据房间号来评判房间 And so this time my wife determinedly said 4 or 9, thats 2 squared or 3 squared We got a good room 这回我妻子坚定地说 要4或者9号吧 那是2和3的平方 我们选了一个好房间 Along those lines Ill give you a little homework episode which is is there a full moon on the same day everywhere on earth? 在演讲当中我会给你们布置一点小小的作业 地球上的所有地方会不会在同一天迎来满月 Think about that on your own time 你们自己下去想 Another thing that I always get in my mind is the tassel was on the right when I graduated from Berkeley 另外一件让我挥之不去的事情是 我从伯克利毕业的时候 流苏在右边 And when we graduated we move the tassel to the left 毕业之后我们把流苏挪到左边 I assumed this must be a standard rule of universities 我原以为这一定是各个大学的一项标准规定 When the internet came along I looked it up 有了互联网之后我就上网查 And I found that some did the opposite way 我发现有些大学里的顺序正相反 Some had it on all four corners depending on different things 有的大学里会根据不同情况把流苏放在四个角上 And in Davis, half of the people had it on the left to start with half on the right 在戴维斯分校 一半的人开始的时候放在左边 一半放在右边 I finally figured out it was to keep the tassel out of the way of your face when your pictures being taken 我终于弄明白了 这是为了在拍照的时候 不让流苏挡住你的脸 201508/395169

About a year ago,在一年之前we started a project called Aladdin.我们启动了一个叫;阿拉丁;的项目Its really a technology initiative这是一项thats aimed to index the致力于将暗网;dark; web or the hidden web,或隐藏网页纳入索引的技术创新because according to computer scientists,根据计算机科学家的统计right now the conditional search engines only index条件式的搜索引擎只将about 1% of the information on the Internet.互联网上1%的信息纳入了索引The rest 99 is the so-called the dark web.剩下的99%就是所谓的;暗网;They are not easily accessible by following the links.暗网难以通过追踪链接来获取We came up with this idea that we open up the于是我们有了一个想法,开放一个接口interface so that people who owns the data,让拥有数据who owns the content,以及容量的人can submit it to us能够将其提交给我们and we will integrate into our search results.然后整合到搜索结果中For example, Facebook -- but in China there以Facebook为例,在中国are a number of Facebook-like services,有许多类Facebook的网站some of them very popular. One of them is called Xiao Nei.做得十分成功,其中一个叫做;校内;It really started with the college students校内网使得with real identity.在校大学生实名化We had a partnership with them.百度与其有着合作关系They submit their data about their people,校内网将用户数据提交给我们their users to us, so Baidu users can easily这样,百度的用户就能够轻松find information related to that.搜索到相关信息Those kinds of information通过跟踪链接are not easily accessible by following或者传统搜索技术links or using the traditional search engine technology.是无法轻易获取的这些信息的201503/365339

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