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According to data from the Pew Research Center, 72 percent of Internet users say they turn to the Web for health information in a given year. I know it’s tempting, especially late at night when the doctor’s office is closed, but I’d urge you to step away from the keyboard. Some online resources can yield inaccurate, even dangerous, advice. I asked the analysts at Google to share some of the most commonly searched health questions. Here are answers you can trust—and some online advice you should disregard.根据美国皮尤研究中心的数据,在所给年份里,72%的互联网用户称自已曾在网上搜索过健康信息。我明白网络搜索很有诱惑力,尤其是在诊所已经关门的深夜。但我想劝你远离网络搜索。一些网上资源给出的建议可能是错误的,甚至会带来危险。我请谷歌的分析师分享了一些最热搜的健康问题。以下是你可以信任的回答——和一些你应当丢弃的网络建议。Is there any way to stop snoring?怎样才能不打呼噜?Snoring happens when your airflow becomes partially blocked. Some easy fixes: Try sleeping on your side or stomach (research shows those positions may reduce snoring) and avoiding alcohol (liquor can relax throat muscles, making it more difficult for air to get through). If the racket is heavy and accompanied by gasping or pauses in your breathing, you might have sleep apnea; your doctor may suggest a mouthpiece or a breathing machine to ease your nighttime breathing.当呼吸气流局部受阻,你就会打呼。有些简单的应对方法:试着侧睡或者趴着睡(有研究表明这些姿势可能会缓解打呼症状),以及避免饮酒(酒精会松弛咽喉肌肉,使空气更难通过)。如果鼾声很响且伴有呼吸困难或呼吸暂停,你可能患有睡眠呼吸暂停综合征。医生或许会建议你使用口腔纠治器或呼吸机来改善夜间呼吸。Reality check: You may have that throat sprays prevent snoring—not true. Snoring that arises in the throat happens because the muscles are too relaxed. There’s no reason lubricating or numbing your throat would have any effect.事实纠正:你可能读到过喉头喷雾可以防止打呼——这不是真的。打呼是因为咽喉肌肉太松弛,润滑或者麻痹咽喉就会起作用的说法毫无道理。Is coffee bad for you?咖啡有害健康吗?Just the opposite. Numerous studies have shown that coffee is associated with impressive health perks. It’s been linked to lower risk of heart disease, Parkinson’s, and liver cancer—and it might even help you live longer. In fact, a recent study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who drank coffee had a lower risk of death over the course of 11 years compared with those who skipped joe altogether.恰恰相反。许多研究表明,咖啡对健康大有好处。它能减少心脏病、帕金森症和肝癌的发病风险——甚至可能帮你活得更久。实际上,美国流行病学期刊最近的一项研究发现,在11年里,喝咖啡的人比完全不喝咖啡的人死亡风险更低。Reality check: Some people believe that drinking coffee before working out will leave you dehydrated. In actuality, one study found that java’s diuretic effects don’t exist with exercise.事实纠正:有人认为运动前喝咖啡会让你脱水。事实上,有研究表明,咖啡的利尿作用并不会发生在运动中。How many grams of sugar should I have per day?每天应该摄入多少克糖?The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that less than 10 percent of daily calories come from added sugars. That’s under 200 calories, or 50 grams, in a 2,000-calorie diet.2015年《美国居民膳食指南》建议,从添加糖中摄入的热量要控制在每日总热量的10%以内。对于2000卡路里的饮食,就是少于200卡路里或者50克。Reality check: If you’ve been avoiding fruits that are high in sugar, you can stop. The guidelines are only for added sugars, not those naturally occurring in unprocessed food.事实纠正:如果你一直在避免高糖水果,你可以不用这么做了。膳食指南只针对添加糖,不包括未经加工的食物里自然含有的糖。How can I get rid of love handles?如何摆脱腰间赘肉?An amped-up workout can help. A review in the Journal of Obesity found that women who did high-intensity interval workouts burned more of the subcutaneous belly fat that causes love handles than women who exercised longer at a lower-intensity, steady pace.高强度锻炼会有帮助。《肥胖》期刊的一篇指出,比起以较低强度持续锻炼更长时间的女性,做高强度间隔训练的女性燃烧的腹部皮下脂肪更多。正是这些脂肪导致了腰间赘肉。Reality check: It’s a myth—I repeat, a myth—that juice cleanses can whittle your waist for good. Exercise and eating nutritious foods in reasonable portions will shrink love handles long-term.事实纠正:喝排毒果汁就能一劳永逸地瘦身——这是个神话。我重复一遍,这是个神话。长远来看,锻炼与营养膳食的合理搭配才能减少腰间赘肉。What’s the secret to banishing cellulite?如何消除脂肪团?Cellulite occurs when fat pushes against connective tissue, making the skin above it pucker. If you’re considering liposuction, don’t. (It can’t break up the connective tissues that cause dimples.) The best things you can do are exercise (cardio plus resistance training) and eat high-fiber foods while avoiding processed sugar and fat, which can contribute to cellulite.脂肪团的产生是由于脂肪推挤结缔组织,造成上层皮肤褶皱。如果你在考虑抽脂,千万别去做。(抽脂不能分解形成酒窝的结缔组织。)最好的办法是锻炼(有氧运动加上阻力训练),吃高纤维食物,同时避免摄入加工过的糖和脂肪,那会促进脂肪团的生成。Reality check: Heard the one about coffee grounds treating cellulite? Don’t believe it. No scientific studies have shown it works.事实纠正:听说过用咖啡渣消减脂肪团的方法吗?别信。没有科学研究明它有效。Good to Know不可不知Online symptom trackers— including ones by WebMD, iTriage, and the Mayo Clinic—provided the correct diagnosis first in a list of possible outcomes in only 34 percent of cases, according to a 2015 report.根据2015年的一份报告,在线的症状查询务只在34%的案例中将正确的诊断列在了一连串可能结果的首位。美国最大的医疗健康网站WebMD、医疗务应用iTriage和美国梅奥医学中心的在线务也不例外。 /201607/453641遵义务川仡佬族苗族自治县鼻翼整形多少钱So you#39;re up next,huh?你是下一个? /201607/452823遵义牙科医院The scent of a new car can be enticing in showrooms, and even intoxicating in its appeal. There#39;s a good reason for that. That new car smell comes from an assortment of chemicals, some of which can be highly toxic.展厅中的新车会散发出迷人的气味,甚至令人陶醉。这种;醉人;的味道不是白来的,而是来自多种化学产品的混合物,其中一些还具有很高的毒性。The source of the bouquet so many buyers find appealing is in the various solvents, adhesives, plastics, rubbers and fabrics used in car construction. Many of these contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), some of which can be deadly in sufficient quantities. Others are just bad for you.这种让众多买家感到好闻的香味源于生产汽车所使用的各种溶剂、粘合剂、塑料、橡胶和纤维。其中许多成分还含有挥发性有机化合物,如果大剂量的接触这种化合物将会致命,其他一些化合物只是对身体不好。;It#39;s a chemical cocktail made up of lots of toxins,; said Jeff Gearhart, Research Director of the Ecology Center in the US state of Michigan. The Ecology Center has been monitoring and testing chemical levels in car interiors for years, and has noted some improvement. But Gearhart says there is still work to be done.美国密歇根州生态中心研究室主任杰夫?吉尔哈特说:;这是由许多毒物混合而成的化学鸡尾酒;。生态中心近年来一直在监测并检验汽车内部的化学物质水平,而且已经看到了一些进展,但是吉尔哈特称,还有不少工作要做。;There are over 200 chemical compounds found in vehicles,; he said. ;Since these chemicals are not regulated, consumers have no way of knowing the dangers they face.;他说:;汽车内部有两百多种化学混合物。因为这些化学物质不受监管,所以消费者无从知晓自己所面临的危险;。Just ing a list of the substances is scary enough, and makes your car#39;s interior sound like a hazmat hall of fame. Benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, and heavy metals are all part of the mix. And the danger of exposure is scarier still. Immediate symptoms can range from a sore throat to headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions and nausea, depending on the sensitivity of an individual.仅仅是读一下这些化学物质的名单就已经够吓人的了,你的汽车听起来就像是危险物的名品堂。苯、甲苯、甲醛和重金属都名列其中。而且,接触这些化学物质带来的危险更加可怕,可能会即刻产生咽喉肿痛、头痛、眩晕、过敏反应、恶心等症状,症状根据每个人的敏感程度而不尽相同。According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, continued exposure to some of these can lead to hormonal disruption, reproductive impacts and damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system — or even cancer. It#39;s that long-term exposure that experts find most worrisome.据美国环保署称,持续与其中一些化学物质接触可能导致荷尔蒙紊乱、生殖功能下降,对肝、肾、中枢神经系统造成破坏——甚至会引发癌症。专家们认为最值得担忧的就是这种长期接触。;People spend over an hour a day in their vehicles on average,; said Gearhart. ;Whether it#39;s adults, children, or pets, we#39;re concerned about prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals inside the vehicle.;吉尔哈特说:;人们平均每天要在汽车内待一个小时以上。我们十分关注长期在汽车内接触有毒化学物质带来的危害,无论里面坐的是大人、小孩、还是宠物;。The danger is greatest when the car is new, and that new car smell is most noticeable. This is when components are still unstable and prone to what is called off-gassing — the release of chemical vapours, which leads to the odour. Heat from a vehicle left in the sun can make matters worse, and speed up the chemical reaction. The danger is reduced over time, and experts say the worst is usually over within about six months.新车的气味最明显,对健康的危害也最大。因为新车中的化学成分还不稳定,容易进行所谓的;逸散;——即化学气体挥发,这样就产生了气味。太阳下暴晒的汽车会使情况更糟,因为高温会加速化学反应。汽车使用时间越长,危害越小,专家称最严重的时候就是购车后的头六个月。Experts advise the best thing that buyers can do to limit exposure is to keep car interiors well ventilated, especially during the first six months of ownership. Park in the shade with the windows open when it#39;s safe to do so, or at least try to air it out before getting inside — especially on hot days.专家建议购买者最好保持车内通风良好以减少同化学物质的接触,尤其是在刚买车的头六个月。把车停在阴凉处,如果开窗安全的话,就把车窗打开,或者至少在上车前先通风换气,特别是在天热的时候。 /201603/434237Drinkers#39; wager game行酒令During the period of drinking,people often played a drinkers#39; wager game.饮酒的时候,人们经常玩行酒令助兴。When playing the game,one person was in charge and the others obeyed him and would be punished if they violated the rules.行酒令进行时,一个人负责指挥,其他人从他的命令,如果违反规则将会受到惩罚。It has been very popular since the Tang Dynasty.行酒令从唐朝开始盛行。The drinkers must first drink up their cups of wine completely before they were qualified to play the game.第一个饮尽的人才有资格参加行酒令。There are descriptions of this wager game in many Chinese literary classics,such as A Dream of Red Mansions(The Story of the Stone ) and Stories of the Ghosts.中国的很多文学作品中都有对行酒令的描述,例如《红楼梦》(《玉石记》)和《西游记》。The drinkers#39; wager game not only brought fun to the drinkers at the banquet, but also promoted the popularization of Chinese wine culture. Nowadays wine culture is still an important part of Chinese people#39;s daily life.行酒令不仅为宴会带来了乐趣还促进了中国酒文化的普及。如今,酒文化仍然是中国人日常生活的重要部分。 /201606/445313遵义自体脂肪去皱价格


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