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Lesson 3. 我们一家人第三课 我们一家人Bling bling穿金戴银,一堆珠宝钻石挂在身上Hip hop singers like to go bling bling in their music s to look fancy.在音乐录影带里,嘻哈歌手喜欢披挂一堆珠宝,让自己看起来很花俏。Wannabe想成为的人(事实上却并不是)Eminem was labeled as a black wannabe when he first came out with a hop album.出一张嘻哈风专辑时,阿姆被认为想当黑人歌手(的白人)。Bomb炸弹,很酷、炫的事物There is a bomb in the building, everybody get out of here!这栋大楼有炸弹,大家赶快离开!That movie was sooooooooooo good, it was the bomb!这部电影太好了,超酷!Dope酷、炫When you told me that you were going to graduate school, I thought it was dope, man.当你告诉我你要去念研究生了,我心想这真是太酷了!Dye染头发I dyed my hair from black to green.我把头发从黑色染成绿色。Show off爱现、炫耀He likes to show off how much money he has and how many girls hes been with in his whole life.他很爱炫耀自己有很多钱和女人。Showboat爱炫耀的人Hes not a real basketball player,hes more of a showboat with all the tattoos and fancy cars.他不是个真正的篮球选手。他不过是个爱炫耀自己的刺青和好车的人。On somethings back找麻烦I know what I did wrong,so stop getting on my back.我已经知道错了,不要再找我麻烦。Money Benjamins, bucks, bills, cheese, dough的街头说法For shizzlefor sure确定的事Let down让人失望、有负期待I let my dad down when I received a F for my final exam.期末考拿了个F,我让我爸失望。 /201704/504451Jeremy: So Abedimi, you grew up really with two homes. Can you tell us a little bit about what its like having two homes? Do you feel any particular loyalty more to one than the other or are they both home for you?杰里米:阿比德米,你在两个家庭长大。你能和我们说说在两个家庭长大是什么感觉吗?你对其中一个家庭更有归属感,还是两个家庭在你心中是一样的?Abidemi: Thats a good question. I think for me, both places are home. I grew up in Nigeria and in Canada. My extended family, hes in Nigeria. So when I go there, I instantly feel at home, like, they welcome me with open arms. Its the food, the music, the people, the smell. Its amazing. Its like I almost never left, except when I open my mouth and speak in English and its a completely different accent. Thats a different story. But then I go to Canada, and I think my way of thinking, my mentality, is more oriented toward that way. Like, I think more like a Canadian, I find in a lot of situations. So that is home, too. A lot of my friends are in Canada. My parents are in Canada. So, I dont know. I dont really feel a conflict of interest most of the time. So I think Im just kind of enjoying having two places where I fit in more or less.阿比德米:这是个好问题。对我来说,两个都是家。我在尼日利亚和加拿大长大。我亲戚在尼日利亚生活。我去那里以后,马上就有了家的感觉,他们张开双臂欢迎我。食物、音乐、人还有感觉都像家一样。非常不可思议。就好像我从来没有离开家,除了我开口说英语时是和他们完全不同的口音。那是另一回事了。而我到加拿大时,我的思维方式和我的心态都更偏向加拿大。我认为我更像加拿大人,有很多情况都实了这一点。加拿大也是我的家。我在加拿大有很多朋友。我父母现在也在加拿大生活。可以说,大部分时间我都没有感觉到利益冲突。我认为我只是享受这两个地方的生活,而且我能融入这两个地方的生活。Jeremy: So it is possible for a person to have two homes then.杰里米:所以,一个人可以有两个家。Abidemi: And even more. I think it is possible, yeah. And its great. Its awesome.阿比德米:甚至更多。我认为这是可能的。这很棒,非常棒。Jeremy: So youve been away from Canada for a while now. When you go back there, do you find it difficult or easy to reintegrate into your city, into your familys house, or does it take a little bit of time to just?杰里米:你现在已经离开加拿大一段时间了。你再回加拿大时,再融入城市生活和家庭生活是否有困难?或者你是否需要一点儿时间重新适应?Abidemi: It does take a couple of days or three, because where I live now is different. So sometimes, when I go home, just the language, hearing English everywhere and being able to understand what everyone is saying. Sometimes its overwhelming. Im just like, ;Whoa, whoa, which conversation do I listen to? Do I eavesdrop — eavesdropping on?; So there is that aspect. There is also the fact that some of my friends, our relationship is not as close as it used to be. So you go back home and youre talking about—I talk about my new life and they dont really understand all that Im going through. And they are moving on with their lives as well. So that aspect is different—and missing my parents as well. But it always feels really good when I go back and see them, and spend that time with them, yeah, to reconnect. And eating all the food that Ive missed being away from home, thats always awesome. I always try to make list to make sure I cover everything I want to eat.阿比德米:的确需要两三天的时间去适应,因为我现在生活的地方和加拿大完全不同。有时我回家时,语言都会让我头疼,因为到处都是英语,我能听懂每个人说的话。有时这会让人不知所措。我会想,“哇,哇,我要听哪个对话?我是不是在偷听?”这是一个问题。还有一个问题是,我和一些朋友的关系不像以前那样亲密了。我回家以后和他们聊我的新生活,他们完全不理解我经历了什么。他们要继续自己的生活。这也是不同的地方,而且我也很想我的父母。我回家以后可以看到父母,这感觉非常好,和他们共度一些时光,和他们团聚。还可以吃到我离开家的时候非常想念的美食,这非常棒。我一直在列清单,以确保记下所有我想吃的食物。Jeremy: Is there anything in particular that you look forward to eating when you go back home, the first thing that you immediately make a beeline for?杰里米:你回家时有没有特别想吃的东西,你回家以后马上会去吃的食物是什么?Abidemi: Oh! I love food, so its hard to choose one. I just want to eat everything. I mean, there is pizza—the local pizza shop near my house where my—oh my gosh, I got to have pizza there. Theres Tim Hortons, Timmys, the hot chocolate, the muffins. Love that. Theres my local restaurant—I dont know—my moms cooking. So its hard to pick just one thing. I really look forward to going home and the food, so yeah.阿比德米:哦!我喜欢美食,很难选择其中一种。我什么都想吃。比如批萨,我家附近的批萨店,我的天哪,我要去吃批萨。还要去提姆荷顿咖啡店和Timmys餐厅,我还想吃巧克力和松饼,这都是我喜欢的。还有我喜欢去的当地餐厅,还有我妈妈做的菜。很难只选一种美食。我真的很期待回家享用美食。Jeremy: Yeah. As a fellow Canadian, I know what you mean, especially with Tim Hortons.杰里米:好。同为加拿大人,我理解你的意思,尤其是提姆荷顿咖啡店。Abidemi: Oh, thank you.阿比德米:哦,谢谢。 译文属 /201704/50092551 Renting A Video(1)第51课 租录影带(1)S: Welcome to ICUC Videos. How may I help you?店员:欢迎光临ICUC影带店。我能为您效劳吗?C1: Wed like to rent a good horror film.顾客甲:我们想租一部好看的恐怖片。S: Well, we have...店员:嗯,我们有……C2: Wait a minute. You know I dont like horror movies. We want a romantic film.顾客乙:等一下。你知道我不喜欢恐怖片,我们要爱情片。S: In that case, Id recommend...店员:那样的话,我建议……C1: You must be kidding. I dont want to watch any mushy stuff. (to be continued)顾客甲:你在开玩笑吧,我不喜欢看任何感伤的影片。(待续) /201505/3676498. Buying an Appliance8.买一个设备A: I cant believe the coffee maker broke!A:我不能相信咖啡机坏了!B: Well, it was a pretty old model.B:嗯,这是一个很旧的样式。A: I guess it did last quite a few years.A:我想在过去那几年它确实是。B: We should buy a new one.B:我们应该买一个新的。A: Do you want to buy the same model?A:你想买同样的样式吗?B: Maybe its time we upgrade.B:也许我们是时候升级了。A: What do you mean by that?A:你这么说的意思是什么?B: Well, now we can buy a better coffee maker.B:好,现在我们可以买一个更好的咖啡机。A: What did you have in mind?A:你脑海里有心仪的吗?B: Maybe something with more functions!B:也许要有更多的功能!A: I would really like an expresso maker.A:我就像一个真正的浓咖啡机。B: Its settled, then! Well buy a new coffee maker! B:那就这么定了,我们会买一个新的咖啡机! /201510/405104

Why is Feifei doing so much cleaning? Has it got something to do with what her boss said? Luckily Rob can offer some useful advice and it doesnt involve using a cleaning cloth! Listen in to learn a new phrase about improving behaviour and performance.为什么菲菲一直在打扫卫生?这和她老板的话有什么关系吗?幸运的是,罗布提供了一些有用的建议,菲菲可以不用一直拿着抹布打扫了。请收听本期节目学习这个与改善行为和表现有关的新词组。Rob: Hello welcome to The English We Speak from B Learning English. Im Rob.罗布:大家好,欢迎收听B英语教学频道的地道英语节目。我是罗布。Feifei: Oh hello...Im Feifei.菲菲:哦,大家好,我是菲菲。Rob: Err Feifei, what are you doing over there?罗布:额,菲菲,你在那儿做什么?Feifei: Cleaning... this place is so dirty... in fact Rob, have you got any soap I could borrow?菲菲:打扫……这个地方太脏了……罗布,你有肥皂吗,能借我用下吗?Rob: Feifei, this isnt like you. You dont normally take cleaning so seriously.罗布:菲菲,这样不像你。你一般不会这么认真打扫的。Feifei: Well, Im cleaning up because my boss told me to. He said Ive got to clean up my act.菲菲:嗯,我这样打扫是因为我老板让我这么做。他说我要清理我的事情。Rob: Oh Feifei, you can put down that cloth — he didnt literally mean do the cleaning. He wants you to improve your behaviour or your performance. Have you not been working very hard?罗布:哦,菲菲,你可以把抹布放下了,他说的话并不是字面上的那个意思。他想让你改进你的行为或表现。你最近是不是没有努力工作?Feifei: Who me? I always work hard... although I have had a lot of things to do at home... and I did make a few mistakes last week... and when I get stressed I start to shout at people...菲菲:我?我一直很努力工作……虽然我家里有很多事要做,而且我上周犯了几个错误……我感到压抑的时候会向对别人大声喊叫。Rob: Oh yes, I did hear you. Well Im sure I can help you clean up your act — if youre sure you know what that means?罗布:哦对,我听到你的喊声了。如果你知道那是什么意思,我想我可以帮你改善你的行为。Feifei: Yes. Apparently I need to improve my behaviour! Lets hear some more examples of the phrase in action...菲菲:好。显然我需要改进我的行为!我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Examples例句I used to drink a lot of alcohol but when I got ill, I decided to clean up my act and now I only drink cola!我以前喝很多酒,不过在生病以后,我决定改掉我的坏习惯,现在我只喝可乐!He turned up late for work every day looking a real mess, so they told him to clean up his act or face losing his job.他每天上班都迟到,而且看起来非常狼狈,所以他们让他改正他的行为,清理面部,否则就开除他。Feifei: Cleaning up my act means I have to work harder... so its got nothing to do with cleaning or acting Rob?菲菲:这个短语的意思是我要努力工作,所以和打扫还有节目没有任何关系了,罗布?Rob: No — acting here means behaviour — although your acting on this programme is excellent! So come on then, when are you going to start cleaning up your act?罗布:没有关系,在这里acting表示行为,不过你在这个节目上的表现真的非常棒!好了,你打算什么时候开始改正你的行为?Feifei: Right now. Ive decided to clean up my act and start work earlier and always get you to check my work so there are no mistakes! So Rob, would you mind checking this script for The English We Speak?菲菲:现在。我决定开始改正我的行为,早点来上班,经常检查工作,不再犯错误!罗布,你介意帮我检查一下《地道英语》节目的脚本吗?Rob: Sure. Lets have a look at this... perfect! You can tell the boss youve started with a clean slate.罗布:当然可以。我看一下,这非常完美!你可以和老板说你已经改过自新了。Feifei: A clean slate — what does that mean?菲菲:这是什么意思?Rob: Ill tell you another time. Ooops, Ive knocked over my coffee...罗布:改天我再告诉你。哦,我不小心打翻了咖啡……Feifei: Oh dear Rob. It looks like youve got to clean up the studio. Do you need this cloth?菲菲:天哪,罗布。看起来你要打扫演播室了。你需要这块抹布吗?Rob: Thanks!罗布:谢谢! 译文属 /201606/449355

33.Can I take this home我可以带这个回家吗Useful Expressions常用语句1.Id like to take this home.我要把这个带回家。2.Do you have doggy bags?你们有剩菜袋吗?3.Ive had enough.我已经吃饱了。4.We ordered too much.我们点的菜太多了。5.We could enjoy our dinner for this evening.今天晚上我们吃得很高兴。6.Ive got a special favor to ask of you.我有一件事特别请你帮忙。7.Will you put it into a doggy bag?请你把这个放入剩菜袋好吗?8.Do we have to pay extra charge in order to take it home?为了带这个回家,我们要额外付费吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Excuse me.We ordered too much.May we take the food home?对不起,我们点得太多了,我们可以带回家吗?B:Yes,surely.是的,当然。A:Do we have to pay extra charge for that?那个我们要额外付费吗?B:No,you dont.It is free of charge.不,你不必付费,这是免费的。A:Well,then,will you put this and that into doggie bags?哦,那么,请你把这个和那个放入剩菜袋内好吗?B:Yes,certainly.Would you wait for a few minutes?是的,当然,请你等候一下好吗?A:Thanks.Would you do me another favor?谢谢,请你另外在我一个忙好吗?B:Yes,what is it?是的,是什么事呢?A:Some more Chinese tea for us,please.请多给我们一点中国茶。B:Sure.Ill be back in a minute.一定,我马上就回来。 /201502/355461

Helen has been nominated for an important role on the Parents Association, but shes having nightmares about it. Neil comes up with a plan and tells her to drop it before it becomes ‘a hot potato.海伦获得了在家长协会担任重要职务的提名,但是她一直为此做噩梦。尼尔提出了一个计划,建议她在事情变棘手前推掉。Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Neil.尼尔:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是尼尔。Helen: Hello everyone. Im Helen.海伦:大家好,我是海伦。Neil: Oh whats the matter, Helen? You look really tired.尼尔:海伦,你怎么了?你看起来很累。Helen: Is it that bad?海伦:我看上去有那么糟吗?Neil: Youve got very dark shadows under your eyes.尼尔:你的黑眼圈很重。Helen: Oh dear. Well, Ive been pushed into a role and I dont really want it.海伦:哦,天哪。是这样的,有人给了我一个职务,可是我不想做。Neil: What is it?尼尔:什么职务?Helen: To be the treasurer for the schools parents association and you know I am hopeless with numbers.海伦:担任学校家长协会的会计,可是你知道,我看到数字就头疼。Neil: Sounds like it could turn into a hot potato for you.尼尔:听起来这对你来说可能会成为棘手的问题。Helen: Hot potato? Do you mean a jacket potato? No I am not hungry, I am nervous.海伦:热土豆?你是说烤土豆吗?我现在不饿,我很紧张。Neil: Im not talking about food. I am talking about this job. I can see its going to be a problem for you.尼尔:我不是在说吃的。我说的是这份工作。我知道这对你来说会成为问题。Helen: Im thinking the same.海伦:我也是这么想的。Neil: You need to think about it very carefully before it becomes a hot potato. When something becomes a hot potato, it becomes a problem and difficult to handle.尼尔:你要在事情变得棘手前仔细想清楚。如果某件事变棘手,那这个问题就很难解决了。Helen: I see. You cant hold a hot potato in your hand. It would burn you.海伦:我明白了。不能用手拿热土豆。会被烫伤的。Neil: Exactly, youve got it. A hot potato is a phrase we use to refer to difficult or tricky situations, or even people. Here are a few examples:尼尔:没错,你已经理解了。我们用hot potato这个短语来形容困难或复杂的情况,也可以用来形容人。下面是例句:Examples例句The shortage of housing supply is fast becoming a hot potato for the council.住房供应短缺很快会成为市议会的棘手问题。The pay rise issue is a hot potato for management; I dont know how they are going to sort this one out between the staff, the union and the shareholders. 对管理层来说,涨薪是复杂的问题;我不知道他们要如何在员工、工会和股东之间解决这个问题。Neil: Helen, my word of advice is…尼尔:海伦,我的建议是……Helen: Please, Im listening.海伦:请说吧,我在听。Neil: Just tell the school you cant do it. Drop it before it becomes a real hot potato for you.尼尔:告诉学校你不做这份工作。在事情变棘手前推掉。Helen: You are right. Thats what I will do. Thanks.海伦:你说的对。这就是我要做的。谢谢你。Neil: Youre welcome.尼尔:不客气。译文属 /201602/426717

27. Parking Issue 27.停车问题A: Do you have a car on campus?A:你在校园里有汽车吗?B: No, because its hard to find parking here.B:没有,因为在这很难找到停车场。A: How do you get to places then?A:那你怎么到达要去的地方呢?B: I walk or take the bus.B:我走路或者乘公共汽车。A: Thats crazy! I could never do that.A:太疯狂了!我绝不会那么做。B: You should. Its great for the environment.B:你应该这样。这样对环境好。A: Thats true. What do you do for fun then?A:确实是。那你都有什么呢?B: Theres a lot of stuff to do around campus.B:学校周围有很多事可做。A: I never realized.A:我从未意识到。B: You should do some exploring.B:你应该做一些探索。A: You convinced me. I wont bring my car this semester.A:你说了我。这个学期我不会把我的车开来了。B: We can walk to places together now! B:我们可以一起去各种地方了! /201510/405114

unit 321 购买化妆品dialogue 英语情景对话A:How can I help you?A:我可以为您效劳吗?B:Yes, I would like to look at some of your products. I think what I am using now does not fit me well.B:是的,我想看看你们的产品。我觉得我现在用的产品不太适合我。A:We have a full range of products from cosmetics to skin cleansers.A:我们有全系列的产品,从化妆品到洁肤品。B:What do you have in foundation?B:你们有哪些粉底呢?A:Our foundation is of very super quality. We only use the们nest ingredients. It will moisturize your skin and it can protect your skin from UVA and UVB.A:我们的粉底质量一流。我们只选用最好的原料。它可以滋润你的皮肤,还可以阻隔长波紫外线和中波紫外线。B:What colors do you have in foundation?B:粉底有哪些颜色呢?A:Let me show you. We have six colors: ivory, buff, nude, soft cameo, natural beige, and golden.A:让我给你看看,我们有象牙色、浅黄色、自然色、珍珠色、浅褐色、金色六种颜色。B:The color I use now is natural beige. How much do you sell it for?B:我现在用的是浅褐色的。这瓶要多少钱?A:250 Yuan.A:250元。B:Thats expensive.B:好贵!A:What youre paying for, madam, is the ingredients. it provides a soft and perfect finish coverage with a weightless feel.A:这些原料很贵的,太大。它可以带给您轻柔、完美的妆容,而且质地非常轻盈。B:I understand. I need a lipstick, too. Do you have lipsticks in red?B:我明白。我还想买一唇膏。你们有红包的唇膏吗?A:Of course. But I suggest you buy a lipgloss. The shining effect is in.A:当然有。不过我推荐您买一唇。那种闪闪的效果很流行。B:All right. How much is it?B:好吧,要多少钱?A:45 Yuan. If you buy the two, you can get a small bottle of nail polish for free.A:45元。如果你两样都买的话,还可以免费获得一小瓶指甲油。B:Well, Ill take them.B:好吧,我买了。 /201601/424188

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