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遵义隆鼻手术价格多少钱遵义激光脱毛Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, saving 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who help you save the money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。Its Thursday Nov.18th. Im Natelly Wals. And its time to get loaded.今天是11月18日。我是Natelly Wals,欢迎收看今天的资讯信息。The makers of Farmville are said to launch Cityville. FarmVille is a game that gained popularity on Facebook. CityVille would be a like-minded social game where you build a city from a ground up. It would be available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German when it launches in the coming weeks.Farmville的制作方将推出一款名为Cityville的游戏。FarmVille是脸谱网上一款人气很高的游戏。CityVille也很有可能成为玩家喜爱的一款社交网络游戏,在CityVille游戏中你将能够平地建造起一座城市。该游戏将于未来几周推出,届时将会有英语,法语,西班牙语和德语版本。On Tuesday, Apple announced that iTunes is the first online music store to sell the Beatles music. Apparently, the negociation was heated accroding to the NewYork Post, both google and Amazon were bidding for these rights. These are heavy heaters. But we dont know how much money it took for Apple to win the war. Im gussing a lot.周二,苹果公司宣布iTunes将是第一个出售披头士唱片专辑的在线音乐商城。在此之后,谷歌,亚马逊也加入销售竞争,根据纽约邮报的报道,这场销售战持续升温。谷歌亚马逊都是苹果的激烈竞争对手。但苹果的销售排行高居榜首,我虽然不知道苹果与其他几家公司的销售额差异有多大,但我估计销售额差距一定很大。ATamp;T now has a Mifi. It was the only major cellular carrier that didnt have one. This is a mobile 3G device that brings your Wifi data over ATamp;T 3G network. The Mifi2372 launches on Nov. 21st, and it costs with a 0 mail in rebate, plans start at 35 dollars per month.美国运营商ATamp;T推出首个Mifi设备。ATamp;T是唯一没有Wifi务的手机运营商。该器件允许多个Wi-Fi设备共享一个单一AT&T公司的3G连接。Mifi2372将于11月21日推出,售价50美元,100美元邮寄退款,流量套餐起价为35美元。Google docs now supports editing on mobile devices. If you are a google docs power user like most of us here in CNet. You know that editing a Google spsheet on the mobile device is murder. But no more, Google docs now has been optimized for mobile and all mobile browsers including the iPad.谷歌网终于补全手机编辑功能。如果你是谷歌的超级用户,比如我们CNeT的各位同仁,过去如果你用手机在Google Docs编辑,保存,共享自己的文档文件无异于自杀性行为,而现在,Google docs进行了改良,手机用户,甚至是iPad用户也可以轻松使用。Google has also made peace in France. The company reached an agreement with the French book publisher called Hachette Livre. Im not sure if Im saying that right. The agreement allows Google to scan thousands of auto print books for google books. They can sell those books as e-books but they have to be preapproved by the publisher. Google will share revenue with Hachette but the revenue share was not disclosed.谷歌与法国作协在电子书问题上达成和解。谷歌和法国图书出版商Hachette Livre达成协议。协议商定谷歌将扫描上千部还在版权期的图书添加到谷歌的电子书浏览功能中。谷歌可以销售这些电子书,但该电子书的销售必须事先得到出版商允许。谷歌与出版商Hachette会进行分成,但具体的分成方式并未公布。And finally, do you ever stare at vending machine wondering what youre in the mood for. Now the vending machine will help you out. A Japanese canned-drinking machine uses facial recognition to recommend the drink based on who is standing in front of it. An oldman perhaps nice to drink ale, and a young kid, maybe they want Dr. Pepper. It sounds ridiculous but it apparently sales on those machines have trippled as a result.最后一则消息,你有没有盯着自动贩卖机不知道买什么的时候?现在自动贩卖机能够帮你排忧解难了。日本的自动贩卖机使用面部识别技术,可识别面前人的面容。如果是老人家,自动贩卖机就会广告推荐麦芽酒,如果是小孩子就推荐Dr. Pepper。这听起来很荒谬,但自动贩卖机的销售量增加了3倍。Those are your headlines for today, I will see you tomorrow. Im Natia Morris for CNet.com and You are just being loaded.以上就是今天的头条,欢迎明天继续收看。我是CNet.com的Natia Morris,感谢收看。Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, saving 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who help you save the money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201209/197677遵义做双眼皮手术 How some of the animals pace around a lot?动物也爱散步?Scientists think the problem might be that the animals miss the freedom to roam. That make sense. After all, a polar bears natural range is about the size of South Carolina. Right. And the typical zoo habitat is about one millionth of that.科学家认为这可能是因为它们被剥夺了散步的自由。有道理。一只北极熊自然分布范围为整个南卡罗莱纳州。对。而一般动物园的大小只是南卡罗莱纳州百万分之一。Researchers in Oxford studied the pacing behavior of thirty-five captive species using data from over one thousand scientific articles published since the 1960s. When they analyzed this data–which represented more than five hundred zoos worldwide–they determined that the deciding factor for pacing was range size.牛津的研究人员调查了从20世纪60年代发表了一千多篇科学论文里的数据,是关于35个圈养物种的散步习性。他们对这些数据研究后发现:这些数据代表了世界上500多个动物园,他们因此确定散步习性的决定因素是动物的分布范围。That also explains why stay-close-to-home species like snow leopards tend to thrive in zoos. So what happens now?那就可以解释:为什么留守家园附近的物种像雪豹在动物园很多了。现在呢?Well, one option is for zoos to build larger, more varied habitats, and switch enclosures periodically to simulate roaming. But a better option might be to phase animals like polar bears out of zoos, and focus instead on those animals that do well in captivity.一个选择就是把动物园建大一点,更多样化和定期变换围墙促进动物们散步。但还有一个更好的选择就是将那些像北极熊的动物走出动物园,多关注那些能够圈养的动物。The problem is that this is a double-edged sword: these animals natural habitats are increasingly threatened as well.问题在于这是把双刃剑:这些动物的自然习性会受到很大的影响。 /201212/214993遵义光子嫩肤手术多少钱

遵义韩美整形怎么样Finance and Economics;Generali;Ciao, Giovanni;Italy’s biggest insurer fires its boss.财经;意大利忠利保险换帅;再见,乔瓦尼;意大利最大保险公司的老板被解雇了。Rarely elegant, often brutal, sacking the boss is a traumatic way to change direction. The dispatch of Giovanni Perissinotto, Generali’s chief executive since 2001, was no exception, but at least his end came swiftly. He was turfed out on June 2nd, just two days after Italy’s stockmarket regulator told Generali, the country’s largest insurance company, to convene a board meeting to tackle a boardroom split. Mr Perissinotto has been replaced by Mario Greco, currently head of general insurance business at Zurich Insurance of Switzerland.企业要转向,解雇老板这条路是伤痛的,很少能做到优雅,大多时候都很残酷。乔尼瓦·佩里斯诺托自2001年起就担任忠利保险首席执行官,那么现在他的离去也不例外。意大利券市场调控机构要求意最大保险公司忠利集团召集董事会,解决董事成员之间的争议,两天之后,即6月2日,佩里斯诺托就被解雇了。现任瑞士苏黎世保险公司普通保险业务总裁的马里奥·格雷科将接替佩里斯诺托的位置。The main charge that several directors levelled at Mr Perissinotto was that Generali had performed poorly on his watch. Recent figures bear that out. Profits slumped last year to 856m Euro(1.2 billion Dollar) from 1.7 billion Euro in 2010, and net profits in the first quarter of 2012 were down on the same period last year. Moreover, the Italian insurer’s stockmarket performance has been far worse than that of European competitors. Since the beginning of 2011 Generali’s shares have lost 37% while Zurich’s have declined by only 21%. Little wonder that one director told Mr Perissinotto bluntly that he was not up to the job.有好几名董事不满意佩里斯诺托的表现,主要是认为他在任期间,忠利保险的表现很差。而且,最近的数据尤其令人担心:2010年的利润有17亿欧元,2011年下降到12亿欧元,2012年第一季度利润相比上年同期又有减少。另外,忠利保险的股票表现比欧洲同行差得多。自2011年初以来,苏黎世保险股价下跌了21%,可是忠利保险的股价竟下跌了37%。难怪一名董事直接对佩里斯诺托说他工作做的很差。By tradition prudent in its investments, Generali has a large portfolio of government bonds but they are not as safe as they once seemed. Losses on Greek bonds contributed to last year’s sorry results and Generali’s holding of about 50 billion Euro of Italian bonds adds to the market’s wariness. Moreover, its place in a web of business connections and some tricky shareholdings bring other problems. Its biggest shareholder is Mediobanca, an investment bank. Mediobanca is urgently trying to seal the rescue of one of Generali’s competitors. Rather than Mediobanca’s preferred candidate, Mr Perissinotto is thought to have encouraged a stronger rescuer from private equity.忠利保险在投资方向上保持着谨慎的传统,所以有很大一部分资产投资政府债券,可惜今日的政府债券并不如老一辈想的那么安全。去年的利润下降很大部分都得归因于在希腊政府债券上的损失。目前,忠利保险还持有500亿欧元的意大利政府债券,难免令市场担心其预期收益。另外,忠利保险在业务网所处的位置,以及一些棘手的股权问题又给公司带来另一些问题。米兰投资正急着救援忠利保险的一大竞争者,佩里斯诺托不是米兰投资的菜,不过他正努力游说一家更强大的私募股权公司救援忠利保险。Mr Perissinotto’s replacement arrives with a bagful of insurance experience but mostly obtained in American, German and Swiss firms, where the business cultures are very different from Italy’s political wheeling, dealing and compromising. Investors expecting Mr Greco to transform Generali may be disappointed.继任者格雷科确实有着丰富的保险业从业经验,不过大多数都是从美国、德国和瑞士公司得来的经验,这些国家商业的文化与意大利大不相同。意大利政治与商业纠葛颇多,政商交易、妥协之事也比较多。投资者当然希望格雷科能够带领忠利保险成功转型,只是,怕这希望最终还是要变为失望喽。 /201303/232482遵义鼻子塌 遵义美容院注射瘦脸针

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