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Todd: Nitya, (Yeah) you grew up in India (Yep) In India, what are things that school children like to do for fun?托德:妮提亚(好)你在印度长大(对),印度的学生喜欢玩什么?Nitya: I think playing ;hide-and-seek; and I think what all children like in the world, its the same I guess, because like when I came here in Japan, there was one thing that I was really surprised, I was like, I went with the first and second grade kids one day to their school, and I was shocked that they play the same games which we play back in India, so I think that kids find all over the same things to play (right) I mean like jumping on their one leg and like holding hands and running and ;merry-go; and things like that.妮提亚:应该是玩捉迷藏,我觉得全世界的孩子都喜欢这个游戏,我觉得世界各国的玩法是一样的,因为我到日本的时候让我非常惊讶的一件事是,有一天我发现学校里一二年级的孩子玩的游戏和印度孩子玩的游戏一样,这令我很震惊,所以我觉得各国的孩子们玩的游戏是一样的,比如说单腿跳、拉着手转圈等游戏。Todd: Yeah, its always the same.托德:对,基本上是一样的。Nitya: All the same.妮提亚:是一样的。Todd: Now you went to a school in Japan, now you live in Japan, is school the same in Japan as it is in India?托德:现在你在日本的学校工作,你生活在日本,你觉得日本的学校和印度的学校一样吗?Nitya: No, its totally different there. The education system. The things. The whole administration, its just very different from India I guess, yeah.妮提亚:不一样,完全不一样。我认为日本的教育系统、教学内容还有学校的整个管理体系都与印度的非常不同。Todd: Yeah, like can you give us an examples of how India might be different?托德:嗯,你可以举例说明印度有何不同吗?Nitya: Yeah, like, the first thing is like, here one period is ninety minutes, but there we have 45 minute periods only.妮提亚:好,第一个不同点是,日本学校一节课90分钟,而印度则是40—45分钟。Todd: Oh, I see.托德:哦,我知道了。Nitya: Like in the class system, and here its like, even though if its a quarter a system, you take a subject and you learn it only for two and a half months, but the same subject if its back home in India, we do it like for one year, or six months so the length and the depth is more than here I guess.妮提亚:还有课程体系,日本是四个月为一学期,但是每个学科只学习两个月的时间,可是同样的学科在印度要学习一年或者是六个月,所以我想日本学习的时长和深度不如印度。Todd: Now in India, in lets say primary school, or elementary school, normally how many students are in a class?托德:现在印度小学一个班有多少个学生?Nitya: Primary school is like 30 students, 30 or 35, but keep increasing as you go to secondary, and it goes up to sometimes 60, yep.妮提亚:小学一个班大概有30个学生,30或35个学生,不过进入中学后人数就会增加,最多可能一个班有60个学生。Todd: Wow. Now in your town, in your village, is instruction in English or is it in another language?托德:哇。你的家乡用英语或其他语言教学吗?Nitya: OK, like, though its a small town, but we have a university with the second largest in India area wise in the whole world, (Wow) so I studied there my whole education and was there up to my high school, but then later I went to southern part of India for 4 years education.妮提亚:虽然我的家乡是一个小城镇,但是我们拥有印度第二大的大学,这所大学在世界上也很有名,(哇)我一直在家乡上学,一直念到高中,之后我去印度南部继续完成四年大学学业。Todd: Uh-huh, and so the instruction was in English?托德:啊哈,那是用英语授课吗?Nitya: In English and in Hindi, both because they are central government schools, so its supposed to be in English.妮提亚:用英语和印地语授课,因为是公立学校,所以要用英语讲课。Todd: Oh, I see.托德:哦,我明白了。Nitya: On the whole it turns out to be back in mother tongue when we speak in school and everything, but the teachers do give instructions in English.妮提亚:总的来说,我们在学校用母语交流,不过老师讲课时会用英语。Todd: OK, and how about, even to a Japanese school, what about school lunches? Like what do kids eat for lunch at a school in India?托德:好,日本学校……那学校的午餐呢?印度学生在学校吃什么午餐?Nitya: In India?妮提亚:印度吗?Todd: And how do they eat lunch? Is there a cafeteria? Do they bring a lunch?托德:他们怎么吃午饭?有食堂吗?还是他们中午带饭?Nitya: I think most of them bring lunch, and the cafeteria is supposed to be considered unhygienic by mothers, so they are not very favored towards cafeteria food, but we love it, because there are so many snacks and oily things which usually kids like, you know, spicy kind of things with mothers always against it, so we do bring lunches, sometimes we take it back, or eat it in the cafeteria, or give it to somebody, things like that.妮提亚:大部分学生会带饭,妈妈们认为食堂不干净,所以他们不想让孩子去食堂吃饭,不过孩子们很喜欢,因为食堂有很多孩子们喜欢的小吃和油炸食品,你知道妈妈们一般不让孩子们吃辛辣的食物,所以学生通常都带饭,不过有时候我们会把饭带回去,去食堂吃,或者把午饭给其他人。Todd: Well, in India, what is a typical lunch, that a mother would make for her children?托德:一般印度母亲会为孩子们准备什么午饭?Nitya: OK, it is usually Chapatti, which is made by wheat flour, and some kind of, stew kind of thing, or you know, like potatoes, vegetables kind of thing.妮提亚:通常是用面粉做的薄饼,然后配一些炖菜,比如土豆或其他蔬菜。Todd: Right, you said, Chapatti? (yeah) What is a chapatti?托德:是薄饼吗?(对)那是什么?Nitya: A chapatti, its like a pizza base, and its made by wheat flower, (so its) a round thing. Its a round thing.妮提亚:薄饼就像比萨饼皮,是用面粉做的,形状是圆的,圆形的。Todd: Its a thin round piece of b.托德:是圆形的薄饼吗?Nitya: Yeah, exactly.妮提亚:对,没错。Todd: And is there something on it, or in it?托德:那上面加别的食物吗还是里面有馅?Nitya: Yeah, we eat it with some potato curry, or things like that.妮提亚:对,通常会搭配土豆咖喱一起吃。Todd: Is the curry on the outside or the inside?托德:咖喱是放在上面还是夹在里面?Nitya: No, its separate.妮提亚:都不是,分开的。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,是吗?Nitya: You eat it this with this.妮提亚:就是这样搭配着吃。Todd: Oh, I see. Sounds pretty good. Alright. Anyway, thanks, Nitya.托德:好,我明白了。听起来很不错。好,谢谢你,妮提亚。 译文属 /201503/366033栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:multitasking 分身术(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201505/374275Is this position still open? 这个职位还空着吗?例句:A:Hello,this is A Corporation.May I help you?你好,这里是A公司。我能帮您做些什么吗?B:Yes,Im enquiring about your advertisement for a sales manager in todays newspaper.Is this position still open?是的,我想问一下你们今天在报纸上登广告招聘一名销售经理的事。这个职位现在空缺吗?A:Yes,but do you have any experience as a sales manager?是的,但是您有做销售经理的经验吗?B:Yes.I have a lot of previous experience in sales.I have worked for the sales departments of two companies since finishing my university.有的,我以前在销售方面有很多经验,自从大学毕业后我在两家公司的销售部门工作过。A:That sounds fine.Please give me your name and phone number and Ill set up an appointment for an interview for you.It will most likely be in a couple of days.Is that all right for you?听上去不错,把您的名字和电话号码给我,我给你约一下面试。很可能就在两三天后。这个时间适合您吗?B:Yes.My name is Brian and my phone number is 5294870.适合。我叫布莱恩,我的电话号码是5294870背景音乐:Memselle更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201702/491998

Request holding instructions. We’ll attempt another approach when the rain showers become lighter.741. 申请等待指令。阵雨变小的时候我们再重新进近。We have received reports of freezing rain ranging from ground up to 5000 feet. Request diversion.742. 我们收到了冻雨报告,范围从地面到5000 英尺。申请备降。We have observed blowing sand in the vicinity of the airport. How long will this last?743. 我们已观察到在机场临近地区有吹沙。持续多长时间呢?A sandstorm is forecast to reach the airport within 20 minutes. We won’t get airborne by then. Request cancel startup and tow back to the gate.744. 预计沙暴在20分钟内到达机场。到时我们还没有升空。申请取消开车并拖飞机回停机位。Heavy blowing snow is expected to last for another 30 minutes. Request to terminate approach and holding instructions.745. 较大的吹雪预计持续30分钟。申请终止进近和等待指令。Runway is covered with patches of ice. Braking action is medium to poor.746. 跑道被大片结冰覆盖。刹车效应中等偏差。Ice patches are covering the runway mostly along the runway edge. Uncontaminated runway width is about 30 meters.747. 成片结冰覆盖跑道边缘大部分地方。未污染跑道的宽度约30米。A dissipating thunderstorm is ahead of us. We are near the zero-degree isotherm. Request deviate an additional 10 miles to theright.748. 消散的雷暴在我们前方。我们接近零度等温线。申请再向右偏离10海里。We have a visual on a tornado at our 10 o’clock, about 2 miles. Request immediate right turn.749. 我们在10点钟方位,约2海里的地方目视看见了龙卷风。请求立即右转。The weather forecast says that the typhoon along our route will be intensifying. Request change our airway clearance.750. 天气预报说台风沿我们航路将会增强。请求改变我们航路许可。The hurricane has gathered in strength and will affect all airports at the south coast. Request diversion.751. 飓风已大量聚集,而且将影响南海岸的全部机场。申请备降。A Pilot overflying reported seeing virga above the runways. Request to terminate our approach.752. 飞越的一名飞行员报告在跑道上空看见了雨幡。申请终止进近。Request immediate one eighty turn to the right due volcanic ash.753. 由于火山灰,申请立即180度右转。We have entered volcanic ash. Our radios and engines are not working properly, now heading 235, and descending to FL 220, squawking 7700.754. 我们已进入火山灰。我们的无线电和发动机都不能正常工作,现在航向235,下降到高度220,应答机编码7700。We are landing into the sun in heavy haze. Can you turn on the approach lights to maximum intensity?755. 我们在严重霾中迎太阳着陆。能把进近灯调到最大强度吗?Lining up Runway 35. Runway lights are too bright. Request to dim the runway lights.756. 进跑道35。跑道灯太亮。申请调暗跑道灯。There are red lights ahead of us. Confirm taxi instructions.757. 我们前方有红色灯。实滑行指令。There is an obstruction ahead. Confirm taxi instructions.758. 前方有障碍物。实滑行指令。The NOTAM says this part of the taxiway is closed during this period, please verify.759. 航行通告说部分滑行道在这期间关闭。请核实。The follow-me vehicle is leading us to taxiway L3. Our wings will not clear the other airplanes on this narrow taxiway. We are stopping.760. 引导车正引导我们到滑行道L3。在这条较窄的滑行道上我们的机翼无法避开其他飞机。我们停止滑行了。 /201704/502156

A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 大家猜猜我是谁?B: And........杨琳,welcome back!! How was China?A: It was great! 终于在北京过了一次春节,年味儿好浓呀! Plus I ate tons of delicious Chinese food, including your favorite 串儿! Here, 给你张我吃串儿的照片看看!B: I should have known you would torture me like this! But Im glad you had a good time! Well talk about your stories later in the show. Now lets see what we are going to learn today, shall we?A: 没问题! 今天我们要一起来聊聊正式场合该如何着装,看看怎么表达维系生活,还要告诉你怎么吃饭最健康!!B: Finding out the dress code is really important for attending an event. I remember this one time that I wore Jeans and sneakers to a formal event, it was just so embarrassing....A: For you? Im not that surprised.B: Hey....A: 哈哈,好啦! 不开玩笑了! 现在,咱们赶快先来进入第一个单元,learn a word!Learn A Word 1669 intern今天我们要学的词是 intern, intern is spelled i n t e r n, intern. Intern 实习生。不久前,A Senate intern was found to be an illegal immigrant and a registered sex offender. 美国国会参议院的一个实习生被发现是非法移民,而且还是记录在册的性犯罪者。Facebook interns make between ,600 to ,300 a month, the equivalent of ,000 to ,000 a year. 脸谱网的实习生每个月可以拿到5千6到6千3百美元,相当于一年6万5到7万5千美元。不过,别以为实习生都能赚那么多钱,现在就业市场不景气,Many college graduates are working as unpaid interns. 很多大学毕业生都在做没有酬劳的实习生。好的,今天我们学习的词是 intern, intern, intern...A: Wow, Facebook interns can get more than 6000 dollars a month? A lot of full time jobs dont even pay that well!B: Yeah, IT companies like Facebook or Google pay their employees really well. I heard they usually throw in a signing bonuses of k 100k.A: Wow, are you serious? So if you are a software engineer at Facebook, you will never have to worry about keeping your head above water!B: Exactly! Hey, you just mention a phrase: keep your head above water. Lets listen to todays words and idioms and find out what it means!Words and Idioms 817 KEEP ONES HEAD ABOVE WATER美国习惯用语第 817讲我们家隔壁住着一位老奶奶,八十多岁,孤苦伶仃,没有人照顾。如今,物价涨得这么厉害,她的生活一天比一天困难。好在,我们左邻右舍经常都会帮她一把。她的处境让我想起了一个习惯用语,那就是:M: Keep ones head above water. Head is spelled h e a d, and water; w a t e r. Keep ones head above water. Keep ones head above water.head 脑袋。water 水。把头放在水面上,这样就不会呛水了。因此说,Keep ones head above water 这个习惯用语就是说,在艰难的处境下维系,克生活、工作和财务上的困难。说到我们邻居的那位老奶奶,Shes scarcely able to keep her head above water.Keep ones head above water 这个习惯用语很实用。让我们听听下面这位餐馆老板最近的生意如何。M: ;Before the new highway was built, I could easily fill every table in my restaurant. These days, with fewer diners, its become a struggle to stay in business. Im barely KEEPING MY HEAD ABOVE WATER. I dont know how much longer I can afford to stay open.;这位餐馆老板说,没有那条高速公路的时候,我的餐馆里总是坐得满满的。可是如今,客人少多了,钱越来越难赚,能维持收平衡就已经很不容易了。我真不知道还能坚持多久。看来,这条高速公路真是断了这个餐馆老板的财路。他肯定特别怀念以前生意兴隆的日子。在英语里,我们说生意开在了黄金地带,黄金地带就是 goldmine, goldmine, goldmine, 金矿。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Before the new highway was built, I could easily fill every table in my restaurant. These days, with fewer diners, its become a struggle to stay in business. Im barely KEEPING MY HEAD ABOVE WATER. I dont know how much longer I can afford to stay open.;我朋友的孩子从医学院毕业,如今在医院里做实习生。他抱怨说,每天要在医院里待十几个小时,到了家疲惫不堪,按照他的话说,I can barely keep my head above water. 虽说在美国,医生赚得多,但是看来,他们也是要付出艰苦代价的。眼下,越来越多的美国人都从东北地区搬走,住到南方去。不过,现在房地产市场不景气,在买房和卖房之间一定要协调好,否则的话,就会出现跟下面这对夫妇同样的状况。M: ;My wife and I are excited about furnishing our new house in North Carolina. But since we still havent sold our old place back in Massachusetts, its been a huge financial challenge. So far weve KEPT OUR HEADS ABOVE WATER. We only hope we can find a buyer soon! ;这位先生说,我跟太太正在装修北卡罗来纳州的新房子,兴奋极了。但是因为我们在麻萨诸塞州的旧房子还没有脱手,所以财务上压力很大。到目前为止,我们还能勉强撑着,真希望能尽快找到买主。设身处地想想看,要同时负担两栋房子的按揭,ouch! 真够他们受的。如果暂时卖不掉,把房子租出去也是一种选择。我姑姑姑父就把自己的公寓租了出去,因为地点好,从来都不愁找不到房客。They not only keep their heads above water, 他们不仅不愁付不出按揭,而且还能小赚一笔,投资有了回报。好,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;My wife and I are excited about furnishing our new house in North Carolina. But since we still havent sold our old place back in Massachusetts, its been a huge financial challenge. So far weve KEPT OUR HEADS ABOVE WATER. We only hope we can find a buyer soon! ;大家肯定已经猜到了,keep ones head above water 这个习惯用语是从游泳来的。没错,这个习惯用语最早是十八世纪初出现的,意思就是让头露出水面,不要被淹死。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: 这次我回中国也有体会。The housing prices in Beijing are insane! Some of my friends told me that between a mortgage and inflation, its really hard to keep their heads above water.B: I think thats the situation in all big cities. I dont even have a mortgage and I wish I could earn a little bit more!... life in DC is really expensive.A: Yeah! But big cities have more interesting things to offer! Speaking of which, my friends invite me to go with them to the opera this Saturday. Ive never been before, what should I wear?B: Hmm, That sounds like a black tie event to me! And you are in luck...thats the topic of todays business etiquette. Lets listen and see if you can get some useful tips!礼节美语 BE 220 Attending a Black Tie Event IJim在走廊上碰见同事Gary。Jim: Gary, did you hear about my upcoming trip to New York?Gary: I think I did hear something about it. You and Henry are attending some kind of function, right?J: Yeah. Its an anniversary celebration for one of the companies we do a lot of work with, you know, Walcon Electronics.G: Right! Walcon is one of our biggest clients.J: Its Walcons 120th anniversary and theyre throwing a big party.Jim马上要出差,到纽约去。Gary说,他听说了Jim的 upcoming trip. upcoming is spelled upcoming, upcoming, upcoming是即将发生的意思,Gary还知道,他们这次是要去参加什么活动,function 在这里指正式的社交活动。公司最大的客户之一 Walcon Electronics 庆祝成立120周年,theyre throwing a big party. 他们要办个大派对。英语里说办派对,经常会用动词 throw, t h r o w, throw.G: Walcon Electronics is 120 years old?J: Yep. They started out as a shoe manufacturer and then branched off into electronics in the late 1960s.G: Thats a big change, moving from shoes to electronics. But you have to give the companys founder credit for thinking ahead.J: Absolutely. Today theyre one of the worlds top home electronics brands.G: Well, youll have fun. New York is always a great place to visit.J: Yeah, but Im a bit worried. Ive never attended a function like this before. Look, heres the invitation.Walcon电器公司最开始是生产鞋的,60年代才改行生产电器。这里用到的两个动词词组,一个是 start out 意思是起步,另外一个是 branch off 意思是改变前进的方向。Gary 说,You have to give the companys founder credit for thinking ahead. 咱们不得不佩这个公司创始人有远见,to give someone credit for something 意思是肯定某人的做法。纽约是个好玩的地方,可Jim却很担心,他拿请柬给Gary看。G: Oh my! Its a black tie event. That means you have to wear a tuxedo.J: A tuxedo? I dont own a tux!G: Not very many people do....you can rent one, though.J: Oh wow. That means its going to be a very formal event, huh?G: A black tie event is about as formal as it gets. Men wear tuxedos and ladies wear evening gowns.J: What else should I expect?G: There will probably be a band playing soft music. Waiters will walk around serving drinks. Most of the guests will mainly stand around socializing with each other.原来,这次活动是 a black tie event 参加者要穿礼、打黑领结的正式活动,男宾要穿燕尾,tuxedo, tuxedo is spelled t u x e d o, tuxedo, 女宾要穿 evening gown 晚礼。Gary说,A black tie event is about as formal as it gets. 这基本上要算是最正规的活动了。as....as it gets 是指最彻底的表现,两个as之间加形容词。Jim会喜欢这种活动吗?我们下次继续听。A: 所以说,a black tie event is as formal as it gets! 给我们介绍一下美国公司不同的着装标准吧!B: Let me see. So lets begin with casual, which is basically a t shirt and jeans; and then there is business casual, which is a button down shirt or a polo and suit pants; and the last is formal, and that usually means a business suit.A: Its so good that we dont have a strict dress code! Its nice to wear comfortable clothes at work.B: yeah its great for you.... its the rest of us who have to see you in yoga pants that have to suffer....A: Do you want to walk out of the office alive today?B: Ok, I kid I kid! Ive got a whole month of of teasing stored up since you have been away for so long! I need to get it out of my system, ...A: 等会再跟你算账! 听众朋友们,我们赶快来接着听听black tie event 到底该怎么办吧!礼节美语 BE 221 Attending a Black Tie Event IIJim要去参加一次公司庆典活动,特别正式。他问同事Gary,参加这种社交活动有哪些注意事项。J: Have you ever been to a black tie event?G: Twice actually....and to be honest, it was a bit boring both times.J: Aside from the tuxedo is there anything else I need to wear or take with me?G: I suggest keeping all other accessories to a minimum.J: I see. Any other tips or suggestions?G: Keep your eyes open and just sort of do what everybody else does. And...dont get drunk or talk too loud or draw any attention to yourself!J: Okay, good points.Gary说,自己参加过两次这种要穿礼打领结的 black tie event, 觉得很无聊。他建议Jim, 最好 keep all other accessories to a minimum尽量少带装饰品,accessory is spelled a c c e s s o r y, accessory 是指手表、手袋等饰物,他还告诉Jim, 睁大眼睛看别人怎么做,特别要注意 dont get drunk 不要喝醉,dont talk too loud 说话声音不要太大,dont draw any attention to yourself 不要让别人注意到自己。G: You and Henry are acting as representatives of the company so youre kind of like ambassadors.J: Wow. Now Im really stressed!G: Its not that hard. Just be a good conversationalist and even more importantly, be a good listener. If someone makes a humorous remark, chuckle mildly; even if the comment isnt very funny. And remember, always smile!Gary说,Jim跟Henry这次去参加晚宴,代表的是公司,youre kind of like ambassadors. 是公司使节。Jim听后表示,压力很大,Now Im really stressed. Gary告诉他说,其实这项任务也不难完成,他们只要会聊天 be a good conversationalist,做个好听众就行了,别人讲笑话,就算不好笑,也要chuckle跟着笑两声,脸上要随时随地保持笑容。J: Can I rent the tux in New York?G: Absolutely. Do some research before you go and find a good rental company. They will probably deliver it to your hotel. Make sure the tuxedo fits well....otherwise; you can end up looking pretty silly.J: How much should I expect to pay to rent a tux?G: Id say roughly 0. You could probably find some cheaper options, but you want to look good.J: Thanks Gary.... I really appreciate your help.G: Not at all. It should be an interesting experience for you.J: I hope so.Jim想知道能不能到纽约去租tux, tux is spelled t u x, tux, tux是 tuxedo 的简称。Gary建议Jim事先查一下,找一家务周到、能送货上门的租赁公司,They can deliver it to your hotel. 他们可以把燕尾送到 Jim下榻的旅店。Gary还建议Jim一定要穿上试试看,otherwise, you can end up looking pretty silly. 否则如果不合适的话,那你看上去会很傻的。Gary最后还告诉Jim, 燕尾的租金应该在100美元上下。A: 去参加正式的black tie event, 男士要穿 tuxedo, 燕尾,女士要穿 evening gown, 晚礼。而且要keep all other accessories to a minimum, 尽量少带装饰品。Dont get drunk, dont talk too much. 别喝醉,别太多话。 Those are really good tips!B: Yeah, if you just be yourself, you will totally be fine at these kinds of events!A: I need to watch how much Im eating though. I only have one evening gown and I bought it a long time ago when I was super slim....B: Stop it!A: 哈哈,好啦! 既然说到了intake, 咱们就来看看怎么吃才最健康吧!Learn A Word 1670 intake今天我们要学的词是 intake, intake is spelled i n t a k e, intake. Intake 名词,有摄取量的意思。家人一起吃饭,有助于帮助孩子养成健康的饮食习惯。Even if only once or twice a week, eating meals together as a family, increases childrens daily fruit and vegetable intake. 即使每个星期只有一到两次能一家人一起吃饭,也能提高孩子每天蔬菜和水果的摄取量。一项最新研究说,Curbing kids salt intake could help fight childhood obesity. 控制儿童盐分的摄取,可能有助于防止儿童肥胖。盘子的颜色也会影响人的食欲。曾经有研究说,Eating from a red plate could increase your calorie intake by 25%。用红颜色的盘子吃饭,卡路里摄取量会增加25%。好的,今天我们学习的词是 intake, intake, intake....A: 我也听说过耶! 人在暖色系的环境中食物摄取量会增加! 怪不得好多餐厅都把他们的墙刷成红色或者桔色的!B: I think the color of the surroundings does have some effect on your caloric intake. But for a foodie like me, using a blue plate wont put the kibosh on my appetite at all!A: 哈哈,这倒是真的! 你刚才提到了一个特别的词儿,put the kibosh on, 我们来进入今天的最后一个单元,听听这个短语到底是什么意思吧!B:Lets listen!Words and Idioms 818 PUT THE KIBOSH ON美国习惯用语第 818讲好,箱子总算打好了。我要到佛罗里达的历史小城圣奥古斯丁去看朋友,现在已经整装待发了。天气预报说,这几天那边可能有点凉,不过,我渡假的兴致绝不会因此而降温。这倒让我想起了一个习惯用语,那就是:M: Put the kibosh on. Kibosh is spelled k i b o s h. Put the kibosh on. Put the kibosh on.Kibosh 的来历我们先不去管它。Put the kibosh on 这个习惯用语的意思是防止一件事情,一项计划的发生。我是铁了心要去渡假,所有即使刮风下雨,也不会改变计划。Even lousy weather wont PUT THE KIBOSH ON my visit. 你说什么?飓风?那就要另当别论了。我给大家讲个故事,这可是真事,就发生在我朋友身上。M: ;I was walking my dog in the park when it happened. A big dog got excited and leapt toward us, pushing me hard against a light pole. My back hurt so badly for the next two weeks, I could hardly get in and out of bed. That accident PUT THE KIBOSH ON all my normal activities.;他说,我当时在公园里溜。一条大不知为什么,忽然间向我们冲过来,结果我撞在了电线杆子上,后背肌肉扭伤,过去两星期,上下床都困难。这件倒霉事让我停止了一切日常活动。Ouch! 好在他现在感觉好多了,不仅已经回去上班,而且还准备重新开始到健身房去锻炼。说到受伤,今年是我父母的金婚,大一直在筹备家庭聚会,给老俩口好好热闹热闹,但是妈妈的髋关节马上要手术,That is putting the kibosh on the party. 我们只好等她老人家康复以后再说。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: M: ;I was walking my dog in the park when it happened. A big dog got excited and leapt toward us, pushing me hard against a light pole.My back hurt so badly for the next two weeks, I could hardly get in and out of bed. That accident PUT THE KIBOSH ON all my normal activities.;上个周末,我们邀请了很多朋友来家里烧烤,谁知天公不作美,下起了瓢泼大雨。The rain put the kibosh on our barbecue plan. 没办法,只好改吃 pizza, 孩子们倒是很高兴。你见过能载人的氢气球吗?一百年前,这种本来前途无量的氢气球,因为一场事故的发生,一下子被打入了冷宫。事故发生在一艘名叫“兴登堡”的飞艇的身上。M: ;On May 6, 1937, a German airship had made another successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. As it was docking in New Jersey, it suddenly burst into flames. That tragedy effectively PUT THE KIBOSH ON such travel. But now the development of airships is once again being encouraged.;这位历史学家说,1937年5月6号,一艘德国飞艇再次成功飞越大西洋,停在新泽西后突然起火。这场事故给飞艇旅行划上了句号。但是如今,飞艇的研制和开发再次受到了鼓励。我听说,现在有人考虑,用飞艇提供短程和中程的交通务,其中也包括旅游。我想,能在大峡谷上空滑翔,一定美不胜收,但是我老公却执意要去做直升飞机,我已经明确告诉他,我绝对不会挤到狭小的直升飞机里去。Ive put kibosh on that idea!好,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;On May 6, 1937, a German airship had made another successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. As it was docking in New Jersey, it suddenly burst into flames. That tragedy effectively PUT THE KIBOSH ON such travel. But now the development of airships is once again being encouraged.;说了半天,大家一定想知道,put the kibosh on 这个习惯用语里的 kibosh 一词的来源。有人说,这个词是犹太语,意思是压迫,也有人说,这个词最早来自德语。也许,We should put the kibosh on further speculation. 我们没必要继续猜测了,最重要的是学会这个习惯用语的用法。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: Mike, I think its about time you put the kibosh on your dry humor...its really not that funny.B: Meh, its seems to be well received by my intelligent and well educated friends....A: I. Am. Going. To. Hurt. You! 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201501/3496991.惯用口语句子:What are you doing for this weekend? Whats your plan at the weekend?你周末打算干什么?at the weekend on the weekend “在周末”“be doing”除了表示正在进行的动作外,还可以表示即将要做的事情,例如:Im leaving.(我要走了。)What have you planned?你的打算是怎样的?Arent you going to do anything?你打算什么也不干吗?I have made all the arrangements for the summer vacation.我已为暑假做好了一切安排。arrangement n. 安排vacation n. 假期,休假make arrangement for sth.“为…做出安排”What are you going to do?你打算做什么?Whats your plan?你的计划是什么?Whats your intention?你如何打算?Do you have any intention of going to Paris to leam painting?你有去巴黎学习给画的打算吗?intention n. 意图,目的painting n. 绘画Intend to have a part-time job.我打算找份兼职工作。I have an intention of getting a full-time job.我打算找份全职工作。intend v. 打算,意欲(其名词为intention)Im thinking of buying a red carpet.我打算买块红地毯。Im planning to go for a swim.我正打算去游泳。carpet n. 地毯I plan to go abroad.我计划出国。Ive been planning to go abroad for a long time.我计划出国这事已经有很长时间了。Ive aly had other plans.我已经有其他计划了。I havent got any plans.我还没有什么计划。I want to have a complete relaxation this weekend.这个周末我要好好休息。complete a. 彻底的,完全的relaxation n. 放松,缓和 /201502/360889Daniel: So Hana, Im planning my first trip to Japan, but since Ive never been there Im not really sure what I should do. Is there anything you can help me with?丹尼尔:哈娜,我计划去日本旅行,可是因为我从来没去过日本,这是我第一次去,我不太确定应该做什么。你能不能帮帮我?Hana: Well first you should definitely go to a temple or a shrine. It describes Japan. And there are many famous temples all over Japan. So you should definitely visit one.哈娜:首先,你一定要去寺庙或神社。那是日本的代表。日本各地有许多非常著名的寺庙。你一定要去看看。Daniel: Okay, that sounds really interesting. Anything else that I should try? How about for example, Japanese food?丹尼尔:好,这听起来很有意思。其他我还应该尝试些什么?日本的饮食怎么样?Hana: Well Japanese food is very famous, for example, fish like sushi or sashimi, Japanese people love it, and so does foreign people.哈娜:哦,日本的食物非常有名,比如寿司和生鱼片之类的,日本人非常喜欢吃,当然外国人也很喜欢。Daniel: Yeah, especially because sushi is getting really, really popular everywhere now. So Im really looking forward to trying proper Japanese sushi. How about anything else, any like cultural experience or something that Japanese people do every day?丹尼尔:嗯,现在寿司在各个地方都很受欢迎。我期待尝尝正宗的日本寿司。那文化体验呢,还有日本人的日常生活呢?Hana: Well you should try and go to an onsen, its a hot spring, its a big bath where you can all go. Itll be different and it would be kind of weird at first. But Im sure youll enjoy it.哈娜:你应该去感受下日式温泉,那相当于大的浴盆,可以容下很多人。那非常与众不同,一开始你可能会感觉有点怪异。不过我确定你会喜欢的。Daniel: Why do you say its going to be weird?丹尼尔:你为什么说会有些怪异?Hana: Well a lot of people at first, theyre embarrassed to be naked in front of people. But once you get used to it, youll enjoy it and you would want to go every day.哈娜:因为一开始有很多人感觉在别人面前脱光衣很尴尬。不过一旦你习惯以后,你会享受的,而且你会想每天都泡温泉。Daniel: Yeah. Im not sure if Im okay with being naked in front of people. But if you say that I have to try it I probably will. Do you have any big celebrations or any like big events that I can see in Japan?丹尼尔:嗯,我不确定我是不是能接受在其他人面前脱光衣。不过如果你说我应该尝试一下的话,那我可能会去的。有没有什么我在日本可以参加的重要庆典或是重要的活动?Hana: Well, in Japan there are many festivals all around the year. For example, in the summertime there is a huge festival where there is parades and you get to see the fireworks and you can see people in their traditional yukata. And you can try lots of food too.哈娜:日本全年都有许多庆典。比如,夏天有一场盛大的庆典,届时会有庆祝游行,你可以看到烟花,还可以看到人们穿上传统的和。而且你还可以品尝很多美食。Daniel: Oh, that sounds really interesting, especially because Im going in summer. Is there anything I shouldnt do in Japan or that I should be really careful with?丹尼尔:哦,听上去真有趣,因为我正好要夏天去日本旅行。那在日本有没有不应该做的事,或者我应该注意的事情?Hana: Well, Japan is a very quiet country and a very polite country. So you shouldnt be too loud or you should be polite to the older people.哈娜:日本是一个非常宁静的国家,也是一个非常注重礼貌的国家。所以你不应该大声说话,对待老人要有礼貌。Daniel: Well yeah, Im trying to keep that in mind, because especially my friends are quite loud. Thank you very much for the tips.丹尼尔:嗯,我要记住这点,因为我的朋友们嗓门都很大。非常谢谢你提供的小贴士。Hana: Youre welcome.哈娜:不客气。 译文属 /201702/491740

Li loves clothes and fashion — but is Neil calling her fat? Find out more in the programme when Neil and Li talk about smalls and undies.莉喜欢衣和时尚,不过尼尔是在说她胖吗?请收听本期节目,了解尼尔和莉有关内衣的谈话。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本不完全对应。Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me Neil…尼尔:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是尼尔。Li: …and me Li. Hello.莉:我是莉,大家好。Neil: In this programme, were talking about clothes.尼尔:本期节目中我们要来谈谈衣。Li: Clothes! Oh My favourite subject in the whole world! I know all the designers, I try different styles… I love clothes! Lets talk about MY clothes.莉:衣!这是全世界我最喜欢的话题!我了解所有时装设计师,我会尝试不同的风格……我喜欢衣!我们来谈谈我的衣吧。Neil: Well… actually I thought we should talk about our smalls.尼尔:嗯……实际上我觉得我们应该来谈谈内衣。Li: Smalls?! Do you think my clothes are too small for me? Are you calling me fat?莉:小?你觉得我穿的衣太小了?你是说我胖吗?Neil: No, Li. You look fine. Smalls is a word we use for underwear.尼尔:不是,莉。你身材不错。Smalls指的是内衣。Li: Smalls. So you are talking about womens knickers and mens underpants, socks, womens bras…莉:内衣。所以我们要谈女性内裤、男性内裤、袜子还有女性内衣……Neil: Yes. And we can refer to our underwear as smalls or undies.尼尔:对。内衣可以用smalls和undies来表达。Li: Undies. Thats easy to remember because it refers to what we wear under our clothes — undies.莉:内衣。这很容易记,指我们在衣里面穿的,所以就是内衣。Neil: Two easy words to remember when you talk about underwear. And remember they are always plural.尼尔:你要记住这两个表达“内衣”的简单词汇。同时要记住,这两个词都是复数形式。Li: I see. So you dont say one small or one undy.莉:我明白了。所以不能说one small或者one undy。Neil: No, you dont. Smalls and undies are always used in the plural and they mean underwear. Now lets hear some examples of how these words are used.尼尔:对,不能这么说。这两个词在表示“内衣”这个意思时要用复数形式。现在我们来听些例句,看看这两个词如何应用。Examples例句Linda, hurry up or well miss the plane! Dont forget to pack your smalls!琳达,快点!不然我们就赶不上飞机了!别忘了带内衣!Billy, dont walk around the house in your undies. Your granny is coming to visit and shell be here at any time.比利,不要穿着内衣在房子里到处走。你奶奶马上就要来了,她很快就会到。Neil: Now dont forget that these words for underwear are very informal and British slang.尼尔:别忘了这两个指“内衣”的词是非正式用法,是英式俚语。Li: Well, smalls and undies can look good too, even if not many people will see them.莉:虽然大多数人看不到,但是内衣也可以很漂亮。Neil: So you want to talk about fashion now.尼尔:你现在想谈谈时尚,对吧。Li: Of course. I love fashion! Do you love fashion, Neil?莉:当然了。我喜欢时尚!尼尔,你喜欢时尚吗?Neil: Er… not so much…尼尔:额……不是太喜欢。Li: Come on, Neil. Lets go shopping! I can help you choose the trendiest clothes… youve got to have a style. Lets go! Come on!莉:来吧,尼尔,我们去购物吧!我可以帮你挑选最时尚的衣……你会变得很时尚的。走吧,快点!Neil: Okay.尼尔:好吧。Li: Bye!莉:再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! 译文属 /201507/3858306.Currency Exchange Dialogue6.货币兑换 对话Steven wants to change some US dollars into RMB. Now he is asking the bank clerk for help.史蒂文想把一些美元兑换成人民币。此刻他正在向锒行职员寻求帮助。Steven: Excuse me, will you change me some money, please?史蒂文:打扰一下,请你帮我换点钱好吗?Bank Clerk: Of course.职员:当然可以了!Steven: Id like to change these dollars into RMB. Would you please tell me the exchange rate between American dollar and RMB?史蒂文:我想把这些美元换成人民币,请告诉我美元和人民币之间的兑换率好吗?Bank Clerk: Sure. At present one dollar is equal to 6.4392 yuan. How many dollars would you like to change?职员:好的。目前1美元换 6.4392元人民币。您打算兑换多少美元?Steven: 500 dollars, please.史蒂文:500美元。Bank Clerk: Please wait for a moment...Now here is your Chinese currency. See if its right. Its 3,220 yuan. Please keep this exchange memo. You may need it for converting when you leave China.职员:请稍等……这是您的人民币,点点看对不对。一共是3220元。请保存好兑换凭,在您离开中国要兑换时可能有用。Steven: OK. Thank you for your help. Thats very nice of you.史蒂文:好的。谢谢你的帮助。你真好。Bank Clerk: Its my pleasure.职员:乐意为您效劳。 /201602/426334For:正方辩词:Running business on the Internet is a good choice.网上经营是一个不错的选择。Usually, it takes a lot of money to start a business. For running business on the Internet, no big investment is involved. You also need not have an office or buildings to maintain or any kind of additional expenses. You do not have to lead a hectic life everyday. You can do whatever you want during your spare time.一般来讲,做生意是需要许多本钱的。而网赚不需要投入大量资金,也不需要办公室或是办公楼来运作整个网赚项目,省去了许多额外开销。你不必像上班族一样成天忙忙碌碌,疲惫不堪。空闲时间没有任何约束,想做什么就做什么。Against:反方辩词:Running business on the Internet is not a good choice.网上经营不是一个很好的选择。Many people say that making money online is a scam, because they just cant make money. Even if it is not a scam and it can earn money, it is not worth making money in that way. Watching computer for a long time is really bad for peoples health, especially for peoples eyes. Besides, if a person devotes himself to running business on the Internet, he will not make new friends in real life, which is harmful for the development of his interpersonal skills.很多人认为网赚根本赚不了钱,大部分的网赚项目都是骗局。即使真的能赚钱,这种赚钱方式也是不值得去尝的。长期对着电脑工作会对身体有很大的影响,尤其是眼睛。此外,如果终日在虚拟的网络世界里工作,在现实生活中就交不到朋友,这对一个人交际能力的发展是没有帮助的。 /201502/358513

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