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大理市巍山彝族回族自治县早孕检查多少钱大理市巍山县妇幼保健人民中心中医院彩超检查好吗巍山县妇幼保健医院做全身检查要多少钱 We all know that men are attracted to attractive women. But we might have been wrong about what exactly they#39;re responding to. It#39;s not all long legs, shiny hair—according to a study out of Monmouth University, personality can make a big difference in whether someone finds you aesthetically pleasing.我们都知道男人会被有魅力的女性吸引,但我们可能弄错了究竟是什么吸引了他们。蒙莫斯大学进行的研究表明,并非只是大长腿和迷人的秀发,性格也会在很大程度上影响别人对你的魅力评估。Groups of men and women who were asked to judge strangers#39; yearbook photos were more likely to rate subjects as physically attractive, a potential friend, and a potential date when the images were paired with positive personality traits.几组男女被要求评价陌生人的年鉴照片,照片上附上积极的个人品质时他们能更容易地区分出哪些长得好看、哪些可以做朋友、哪些可以成为约会对象。In other words, personality plays a big role not only in interpersonal chemistry but in actually altering how attractive someone thinks you are.换句话说,性格不仅在人际关系中起到重要作用,而且能真正改变你的魅力值。Here, study author Dr. Gary Lewandowski expounds on dating, attraction, and what this all means in thegreat Age of Tinder.下面研究报告作者加里·莱万多夫斯基士就相亲app时代的约会、魅力和它们的重要性谈了一些看法。Dr. Lewandowski said, ;Especially for women, I#39;d suggest that they emphasize traits that are not suggestive of physical features in any way. Since men tend to focus more on physical features, anything women can do to broaden men#39;s impression formation to other areas would be smart. Also, whereas physical features tend to naturally diminish and become less attractive over time, personality does not, so it is in everyone#39;s best interest to avoid having a potential partner#39;s interest based primarily on appearance.;莱万多夫斯基士说:“尤其对女性而言,我建议她们强调那些与外表无关的品质。由于男人的注意力会更多地放在外表上,那么如果女性能扩展一下男人对她们的印象范围就是很明智的选择。而且容颜会老去,随着时间的流逝渐渐失去魅力,但性格不会,所以对于大家来说,尽力避免把对未来伴侣的兴趣主要放在外表上,都是有好处的。”FYI: These were some of the most valued personality traits in potential marriage partners from a 1997 poll conducted in The Journal of Personality.仅供参考(FYI 是For Your Information的缩写):以下是1997年发表在《The Journal of Personality》杂志上的一份民意测验中提到的一些未来的爱人最看重的性格特点。;When forming an initial impression of looks, it is 100 percent physical. But my study suggests that your assessment of physical attractiveness does change over time and that getting to know someone will move the needle, in good and bad ways.;“别人给我们留下的最初印象百分之百源于外表,但我的研究表明,你对别人外在魅力的评价会随着时间发生变化,对别人的了解会使你心里的指针偏向好的一面或坏的一面。”;THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS ARE BETWEEN ROMANTIC PARTNERS WHO ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST BEST FRIENDS.;“最好的情侣首先应该是最好的朋友。”Personality and your ability to relate to the other person is much more important for long-term relationship quality and stability. Really what we should do is weigh personality much more strongly and appearance much less. The best relationships are between romantic partners who are first and foremost best friends.性格以及你处理人际关系的能力对于长期关系的质量和稳定性来说更为重要,你真的应该多注重性格少注重外表。最好的情侣首先应该是最好的朋友。 /201607/455263The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, told the B that could happen if the UK government started the formal process of leaving the EU without Scotland#39;s position being safeguarded.苏格兰政府首席大臣妮古拉·斯特金日前接受英国广播公司采访时表示,若英国政府启动脱欧正式程序,而没有照顾苏格兰的立场,那么苏格兰就有可能举行第二次独立公投。The UK minister responsible for Brexit said he did not think this would work. But earlier, the Prime Minister Theresa May said she would listen to any options brought forward by the Scottish government.不过英国脱欧大臣却认为,这只会无果而终。但特丽莎·梅首相此前曾表示,她会听取苏格兰政府方面提出的任何选择。Following a meeting with Ms. Sturgeon, Mrs. May appeared unwilling to consider a second referendum on Scottish independence, saying people in Scotland sent a ;very clear message; in 2014.在与斯特金会晤之后,梅表现出不愿考虑苏格兰第二次独立公投,她表示,苏格兰人民已于2014年传达出了一个“相当明确的消息”了。On the B#39;s Sunday Politics Scotland programme, when asked about her position if Article 50 was triggered in December and the Scottish government was not ;on board;, Ms. Sturgeon said that was why she was making preparations for a second independence referendum.在英国广播公司苏格兰政论节目中,当被问及若《里斯本条约》第50条于12月启动而苏格兰政府不予采纳,她会持何种立场时,斯特金表示,这就是她着手第二次独立公投的原因。;Of course at that point that would be an option and a decision that I would have to consider,; she said.她说道:“那时,第二次独立公投显然是一个我必须考虑的选择和决定。”When asked if she would be happy to have an independence referendum in the first half of next year, she said: ;I will have an independence referendum if I come to conclusion that is in the best interests of Scotland. I#39;ve always said that. It would be up to Scottish people ultimately to decide if that is right way to go.;当被问及是否愿意苏格兰于明年上半年举行独立公投时,梅首相表示:“若我得出独立公投最符合苏格兰利益的结论,那么我将批准举行。我一直在强调,决定此路是否为可行之道最终取决于苏格兰人民。”She added that if a referendum was going to be held it would make sense for that to happen before the UK left the EU.她还补充道,若要举行公投,那么在英国离开欧盟之前进行是很有意义的。Speaking earlier on the B#39;s Andrew Marr show about Scotland#39;s position regarding the EU, Ms. Sturgeon suggested that Scotland could stay in the UK and the EU.在此前的B《安德鲁·马尔秀》中,就欧盟问题谈到苏格兰的立场时,斯特金就曾暗示苏格兰可既留欧又留英。 /201607/456548大理治疗宫颈炎最佳方法

云南大理妇幼保健人民中心中医院看妇科好不好Beauty: nail polish that stays put美丽:保持不变的指甲油I know from your social media messages that a large number of you love Chanel’s nail colours, but have been frustrated by their longevity, or lack thereof. I’ve always concurred. The truth is, I can think of no brand as consistent in its beautiful colour choices – I invariably gasp whenever a new collection drops through the letterbox – but it’s rare that I actually wear the polishes unless for special occasions when I’ve made peace with the fact that my manicure will die sooner than my hangover.我从你社交媒体上发布的状态得知,香奈儿很多的指甲油你都喜欢,但是这些指甲油的寿命或缺少寿命使你很沮丧。我总是同意。事实是,我想不到任何品牌能与其美丽的颜色选择相一致——每当有人将新的收藏放到信箱时我都会喘气——但除了一些特殊场合,在这些场合我总是认清这样的事实:那就是我的指甲油不会比宿醉掉的更早,除此之外,我真的很少涂抹指甲油。This is especially disappointing given that Chanel polishes cost about the same as an evening’s babysitter. And so when Chanel got in touch to say they knew of the problem and had reformulated their nail polishes accordingly, I was intrigued and hopeful. To cut to the chase, the new Longwear Nail Colour is a huge improvement.考虑到香奈儿指甲油价格与做一晚上的保姆基本一样时,尤为令人伤心。所以当香奈儿说他们已经知道了问题并且相应地重新制定了指甲油时,我充满好奇和希望。直截了当点说,新的香奈儿持色指甲油是一个很大的改进。In week one, I wore Le Vernis Particulière underneath the new Le Gel topcoat (#163;18 each). Both went on brilliantly (though those hoping for a new wider brush will be disappointed) and dried unusually quickly. Next I tried the new Chanel polish with a different topcoat, Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy (#163;7.99), and got four full days of chip-free colour. And so while I concede Le Vernis varnishes are still a big extravagance, I can assure you Chanel is working a lot harder for your cash.在第一周,我在新的Le Gel亮甲油下涂了一层Le Vernis Particulière(每款18英镑)。这两款都很亮(尽管那些希望指甲刷更宽点的人可能会感到失望)而且干的异常快。接下来,我尝试着涂了新的香奈儿指甲油,也涂了不同的亮甲油Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy(7.99英镑),并获得了四整天的防剥落指甲油。所以虽然我承认Le Vernis指甲油很是奢侈,但我可以向你保你的香奈儿更加耗钱。Beauty: everyone on Facebook likes it, but is it any good?美丽:脸书上的每个人都喜欢它,但它真的好吗?So-called miracle products are advertised all over social media, but are any of them worth a click?在社交媒体上处处都有所谓的神奇产品的广告,但它们真的值得我们去点开吗?Also on a long-lasting tip, I know from your feedback that many of you want a foundation for oily or menopausal skin that stays put without looking flat and dry, and I can finally recommend one-MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Foundation (#163;25.50).同样给你们一个持久有效的提示,我从你们的反馈中得知很多油性或更年期皮肤的人都想要一种使皮肤看起来一直不干不平的粉底,我终于可以推荐一款——魅可持色营养粉底(25.5英镑)。译文属 /201606/451384大理宾川县做人流哪家医院最好的 大理卵巢造影

巍山县人民医院可以做人流吗Some places are tough to visit because of environmental factors, like air pollution, but that doesn’t have to stop you from crossing a city off your bucket list. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself while still enjoying your destination.由于环境因素,例如空气污染等原因,在一些城市旅游很困难,但是你并不需要将这些城市从你的愿望清单中划掉。下面就来看一下如何保护自己,同时也能享受在那里的旅游。You probably aly know some good things to do, such as planning indoor activities to stay out of the smog, like visiting museums, or seeking out green spaces and parks for some fresh air, but here are a few additional, less-obvious tips to stay healthy during your trip:你或许已经知道一些好办法,例如计划在室内活动远离雾霾,例如参观物馆,或者找一些绿色空间和公园呼吸新鲜空气,但是下面给出的一些附加的不太明显的建议可以帮助你在旅行中保持健康。Wear a mask that is rated N90 or above. This means the mask blocks out 90% of airborne particulates. You might not be used to wearing a mask, but if you’re visiting a city known for its smog, you won’t be the only person wearing one.戴上N90或标准更高的口罩。意思就是这种口罩可以阻止空气中90%的颗粒物。或许你不太习惯戴口罩,但是如果你旅游的城市雾霾很严重,你就不会是唯一戴口罩的人。Stay indoors if particulate matter ratings is higher than 2.5. You cancheck the air quality of your destination here, AQI over 200 means you should think about staying inside in an air conditioned environment, or taking a car if you need to travel between locations.当雾霾指数高于2.5的时候最好待在家里。你可以查一下当地的空气质量,空气质量指数在200以上的时候你应该待在有空调的室内环境中,如果你需要在两地之间旅行的话,最好开车。Have a clean-up routine when you get back to your hotel. Wash your face, including inside your nose, and brush off your clothes (maybe in the hotel hallway) to remove dirt and other pollutants as soon as you get back to where you’re staying. Take a shower if you like, to get them out of your hair or off of your skin as well.当你回到酒店之后,做好常规卫生清洁。只要你回到自己休息的地方,就马上洗脸,包括鼻子里面,刷一下自己的衣(或许在走廊里面)清除尘埃和其他污染物。如果喜欢的话,可以洗个澡,清除头发和皮肤上的污染物。 /201606/451721 We#39;ve all turned to melancholy music to make us feel better at some point in our lives, but why doesdoubling down on the sadness help drag us out of the mire?我们都曾在生命中的某些时刻通过听悲伤的歌来让自己好受一些,但是为什么更多的悲伤反而会让我们走出低谷呢? A new study sheds light on what#39;s going on inside our brains when we match our music to our feels, and it looks like sad music can be enjoyable - rather than simply depressing - because it triggers positive memories that can help to lift our mood.一项新的研究阐明了当我们将所听的音乐与心中感受配对的时候我们大脑里到底发生了什么。其结果显示:悲伤的音乐也能带来愉悦(而非简单地令人低落),因为它能通过触发积极的回忆来使我们的心情变好。 Psychologist Adrian North from Curtin University in Australia says there are two groups of possible explanations for why we enjoy listening to sad music like this: one from social psychology, and one fromcognitive neuroscience.澳大利亚科廷大学的心理学家阿德里安·诺斯说,对于我们为什么这么享受悲伤的歌曲这一点,有两派可能的解释:一派来自社会心理学,一派来自认知神经科学。In terms of social psychology, one way of thinking about this is that we feel better about ourselves if we focus on someone who#39;s doing even worse, a well-known process known as downward social comparison. Everything#39;s going to be okay, because this person is having an even worse day than you are.从社会心理学这一派来讲,有一种思路是:当我们把注意力集中在一个比我们过得还惨的人身上时,我们会觉得好受些,这个过程就是著名的下行社会比较。一切都会好起来的,因为这个人比你过得更惨。Another hypothesis from social psychology is that people like to listen to music that mirrors the tone of their current life circumstances – the songs act as a sort of tuning fork for our own situations, and theyresonate with us.社会心理学这一派的另一个假说是:人们喜欢听那些能反映自己现在生活境况基调的音乐,这些歌对于我们的境况来讲起到了类似音叉的作用,他们与我们产生了共鸣。 /201607/455624云南省大理东方医院顺产多少钱鹤庆县保胎哪家医院最好的



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