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重医附二院治疗月经不调Scientists develop non-stick chewing gumScientists have developed a non-stick chewing gum that can be easily removed from pavements, shoes and clothes.The new gum, the result of polymer research at the University of Bristol, could be launched commercially in 2008, its developers said on Friday.If it catches on, the product will solve a major headache for local authorities around the world."The advantage of our Clean Gum is that it has a great taste, it is easy to remove and has the potential to be environmentally degradable," said Terence Cosgrove, a professor of chemistry who helped found a company called Revolymer to commercialize the technology.Today's chewing gums are made from synthetic latex, which is resistant to the weather and is strongly adhesive. The new gum adds a special polymer to modify its properties, making it far less sticky.In two street trials, leading commercial gums remained stuck to the pavement three out or four times, while Clean Gum came away naturally in all cases, Revolymer said.(Agencies) 近日,科学家们研发出一种“不粘口香糖”,这种新型口香糖很容易从街道、鞋子和衣上清除。据该产品的开发商上周五介绍,这种新型口香糖是由英国布里斯托尔大学聚合体研究中心研发出来的,有望于明年上市。如果这种口香糖上市,能为世界各地的政府解决一个大难题。布里斯托尔大学的化学教授特伦斯#8226;考斯格鲁夫说:“我们这种‘清洁口香糖’口味好、易清除、而且具有可降解性。” 他协助成立了一个名叫Revolymer的公司,以实现该项技术的商业化。现在的口香糖是由合成乳胶制成的,这种物质对外界环境具有抵抗性(无法分解),而且粘性很强。新型口香糖中添加了一种能改变其属性的特殊聚合物,从而使它的粘性大大降低。据Revolymer公司介绍,两次街道测试的结果发现,现在市面上四分之三的口香糖都会粘在街道上, 而“清洁口香糖”在任何情况下都能自然脱落。 /200804/33391石柱土家族自治县产前检查多少钱 Facebook is taking another stab at reducing the amount of ;clickbait; in your news feed.Facebook正在为减少“信息流”中的“标题党”做新的尝试。;These are headlines that intentionally leave out crucial information, forcing people to click to find out the answer,; the company said in an announcement on Thursday.周四,Facebook宣布:“有许多标题有意遗漏关键信息,迫使人们点进去寻找。”In other words: The headline on this story better be pretty specific.换句话说:故事中的标题需要更加具体。Publishers large and small pay very close attention to every adjustment of the Facebook algorithm, since the social network drives so much traffic to news and entertainment web sites.因为这家社交网站为新闻和网站提供了大量流量,所以无论大小发行人始终密切关注着Facebook规则系统里的每一个调整。The company made a big change at the end of June that was meant to prioritize posts from friends over posts from brands and publishers.6月末,Facebook做出了将朋友发布的信息置于品牌和发行商的推送之上的巨大改变。Thursday#39;s change is not as sweeping, but it will still affect what you see in the news feed, and it will affect how web sites produce news.相比之下,周四的调整并没有那么彻底,然而它仍然会影响你在“信息流”中看到的内容以及网站制作新闻的方式。Facebook is targeting headlines like -- this is an example they came up with -- ;When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions And Saw THIS... I Was SHOCKED!;“当她看沙发垫下面的时候发现了这个……我都震惊了!”诸如此类的标题是Facebook的打击对象。Facebook staffers Alex Peysakhovich and Kristin Hendrix said in a blog post that the company has ;built a system to detect clickbait headlines.;Facebook旗下员工亚历克斯#8226;派萨克维奇和克莉丝汀#8226;亨德里克斯在客中表示公司已经“建立了一个检测‘标题党’的系统。”It is ;similar to how many email spam filters work,; they wrote. ;Our system identifies posts that are clickbait, and which web domains and Pages these posts come from. Links from or shared from Pages that consistently post clickbait headlines will appear lower in News Feed. News Feed will continue to learn over time — If a Page stops posting clickbait headlines, their posts will stop being impacted by this change.;他们在文中写道:“类似屏蔽垃圾邮件的方式,我们的系统识别哪些发布的内容属于‘标题党’以及它们网站域名和网页来源。经常发布或者分享‘标题党’文章的链接就会被排在‘信息流’偏底部的位置。不过‘信息流’也会随着时间的改变不断调整,如果那些网页不再发布‘标题党’文章,他们的推送位置也将再次改变。”;Clickbait; has been a scourge of the web for several years. But the term means different things to different people. So Thursday#39;s announcement will be parsed by publishers for details about what Facebook thinks it is.“标题党”是网络多年的祸害。但是不同的人对其又有着不同的理解。所以,周四的通告将被发行商们就什么是Facebook所谓的“标题党”进行细剖。Peysakhovich and Hendrix define it this way:派萨克维奇和亨德里克斯是这么解释的:;If the headline withholds information required to understand what the content of the article is; and ;if the headline exaggerates the article to create misleading expectations for the er.;判断的标准是如果标题“故意隐瞒有助于理解文章内容的信息”以及“夸大其词,从而误导读者”。Entire networks of web sites exist to win traffic through these types of headlines.所有的网站都存在通过这类标题来赢得浏览量的现象。The announcement didn#39;t address whether sponsored posts -- that is, posts that sites pay Facebook to bring more visitors to -- would also be penalized for clickbait headlines.在通告中,公司并未指明网站向Facebook付款以确保更多浏览量的“赞助帖”是否会因“标题党”而受处罚。This is the second time Facebook has specifically tried to tamp down on the behavior. A round of algorithm tweaks to address clickbait were announced in August 2014.这是Facebook第二次专门打击这类行为。在2014年8月,官方曾宣布开展一轮针对打击“标题党”的系统微调。Back then, the company acknowledged that the algorithm was inadvertently rewarding such stories, because the links ;tend to get a lot of clicks,; but users found the stories to be unsatisfying.那时候,公司承认系统会不经意间偏好这样的文章,因为它们往往容易取得“更高的点击率”,但是用户却经常抱怨。Two years later, this remains true, Facebook said.Facebook表示,尽管已经过去两年,情况依旧。Why does the company care if you#39;re satisfied by the links you click? Because the happier you are with your Facebook experience, the more often you#39;ll come back to Facebook.为什么这家公司如此在意你点击链接时的满意度呢?因为你的Facebook体验越愉悦,你回去使用Facebook的频率就越高。 /201608/459077重庆爱德华治疗痔疮便血多少钱

重庆市爱德华治疗不孕不育多少钱Is it common knowledge that school doesn't prepare you well for the real world?Sure, you can get a good degree, find a well-paying job, work until you're in your 60s, and then retire to enjoy the life you've deferred for 40+ years. However, that may not prove to be a successful life, a secure life, a financially sound life. A lot will depend on your outlook and your goals but know this: School doesn't prepare you well for achieving wealth or becoming an entrepreneur and it downright fails at teaching you how to be rich.Nevertheless, school is here to stay. For now. Thus, it helps to identify which classes are the most relevant and helpful for those of us looking to become rich entrepreneurs. There are, in fact, several courses that contain critical information and instruction that, if used correctly, will put you on your path to riches.If you're in college, about to start college, or looking to take some classes, here is a list of college courses that could help make you rich. (I focused on college because (a) college provides the most variety in course selection, and (b) college is generally the time when individuals realize what they want to do with their lives.)AccountingAlthough this list is in no particular order, I think Accounting is, by far, the most important course to take if you want to succeed financially. Today's "credit crunch" illustrates that there are too many people who do not understand a balance sheet. Someone who walks into Best Buy and pays for a 47-inch plasma television with a credit card does not comprehend the difference between an asset and a liability.Learning the difference between assets and liabilities, as well as concepts like inventory and cash flow, is essential if you intend on keeping your finances in order. Moreover, these concepts are crucial if you want to start your own business. The health of a business is reflected in its balance sheet and financial statement. As those numbers go, so does the business. Accounting will help you understand that cash flow is what helps a business succeed, and it is what helps you as an individual succeed.MarketingIf you intend on making money from selling something (which, incidentally, is how any business makes money), then you need to learn how to find the right product. Marketing, in and of itself, is not selling. However, it helps you learn how to promote certain products and services. By taking Marketing, you can understand the process involved in figuring out what consumers want, focusing on a product that satisfies those desires, and the attempt at moving consumers toward that product.Too often, products fail because their creators didn't bother to learn whether a market existed for that product. This process involves research and time, but, in the end, it can save a business thousands, if not millions, of dollars. As an entrepreneur, it can also save you valuable time and money. Find the market first, and then develop the product.EconomicsI regret never taking Economics in college. Understanding the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services is essential if you want to take a big picture approach to business and investing. The current state of the U.S. economy is a combination of various factors (i.e., consumer over-spending, speculative real estate investing, fragile lending practices, a weakening dollar, low supply of oil, etc.).If you understand how the economy got to the point where it is today, it helps you identify where your money should be. You can pick out the right investments and turn away from the bad ones. You can identify which direction your business should go in, including whether to take advantage of certain trends or cut out excess inventory.Economics is a vital ingredient in a person's financial education. The world is now a global marketplace, and the supply and demand of goods and services operate at that level.FinanceIt's tax season, and several people you know are probably receiving refund checks in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service. If you're excited about receiving a refund check, you probably never took a finance course. Receiving a refund is a way for you to lose money. The government withheld money from your paychecks and held that money for a year without paying you any interest. It's like giving someone an interest-free loan. Thus, your money sat in the government's hand and lost value during that time.Finance helps you understand how the time value of money works and how various investment vehicles operate. One of the keys to becoming rich is comprehending how money works when it's not in your hands. A finance course (preferably one geared towards entrepreneurship) will teach you what you need to know to reach this level of understanding. There might be some math involved, but it won't kill you. It'll just make you a stronger and more savvy investor.Any American History CourseHistory can be boring. But if you look at history from a different viewpoint, it can open doors for you. The most valuable aspect of history is its ability to convey to us the mistakes of others. Studying history helps you learn from others mistakes so that, hopefully, you won't commit the same mistakes.American history is filled with mishaps, wrong turns, and terrible decision-making, both at the national political level and at the business level. Look at these errors, and figure out how a better decision could have been made. Then, apply that realization to today's world and to your own trajectory. How can you apply what you learned from these mistakes to your own entrepreneurial experiences?Writing and CompositionSucceeding as an entrepreneur requires that you be able to express yourself and your ideas. Whether it involves pitching an idea to an investor, writing a press release, or composing a business plan, entrepreneurs need to communicate. More often than not, this communication is done in writing. Basic composition and grammar skills can do wonders for your ability to convey your ideas and your mindset.Just glance around at the number of blogs across the Internet and you will see a lot of bad writing. It's an instant turnoff and preempts any evaluation of the content of your writing. Good writing, on the other hand, draws in a er, and it gives you a shot at selling someone on your content. In other words, it helps you get in the door.Any Literature CourseLiterature, like history, contains valuable lessons that emanate from years of experience and wisdom. Why not draw on these sources of information? There is no limit to the topics covered by novels. Ernest Hemingway's books are full of inspirational messages. Oscar Wilde provides brilliant business advice. Henry David Thoreau is the master of teaching self-reliance. These books and others provide timeless principles of personal development and, just as important, wealth creation.ManagementOne of the problems with "bosses" is that they don't know how to manage people. If you want to own and run a business, you need to manage that business effectively and efficiently. This process requires dealing and communicating with people and delegating tasks and decisions to employees. An understanding of management concepts and learning different techniques and skills will not only make you likable, but they will also help you make more money.-Robert /200807/43320 Founded as a bus repair factory in central Henan province in the 1960s, the Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company has been driven by China’s growth to become the largest bus manufacturer in the world, accounting for 10 per cent of total global sales. 郑州宇通客车(Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company)在中国经济增长的推动下成为全球最大的客车制造商,销量占到全球的10%。这家创办于上世纪60年代的公司最初是一家客车修理厂,总部在河南省中部的郑州。 However, the engine that drove the company’s ascension — China’s prosperity — is now beginning to splutter. 然而,中国经济繁荣这个推动该公司崛起的引擎现在开始嘎嘎作响。 As China accelerated out of a planned economy, Yutong hitched a ride by helping to ferry workers back and forth between their hinterland homes and jobs in the booming coastal regions. More than 67,000 of its buses hit the road last year. 宇通客车为来往于内陆家乡和蓬勃发展的沿海地区的工人提供运输务,搭上了中国加速摆脱计划经济的便车。该公司去年销售了逾6.7万辆客车。 Now, the home market responsible for Yutong’s rise is shrinking. As growth dips and wages rise, the flow of Chinese workers across the country — the largest known migration in human history — is slowing. China’s “floating population”, the county’s official count of migrant workers, last year fell for the first time since the global financial crisis, according to government statistics. 如今,帮助宇通崛起的国内市场正在萎缩。随着经济增长减速和工资上涨,中国国内的劳动力流动(这是人类历史上已知的规模最大的迁徙)正在放缓。政府统计数据显示,中国的“流动人口”去年出现自全球金融危机以来的首次下降——“流动人口”是中国对在非户籍地务工人员的官方称呼。 Chinese bus sales dropped in tandem from 604,000 to 598,000 between 2014 and 2015, according to Wind Information. Like many other Chinese companies reliant on domestic markets for profits, Yutong has taken this as a signal to ramp up efforts abroad. 与此相对应,万得资讯(Wind Information)的数据显示,从2014年到2015年,中国客车销量从60.4万辆下降至59.8万辆。与其他许多利润依赖国内市场的中国公司一样,宇通将这视为更大力拓展海外市场的信号。 The company’s overseas ventures have thus far focused on the developing world, but now, in line with Beijing’s desire for an innovative and internationally competitive auto industry, Yutong is pouring investment into new technologies such as fuel-replacement and autonomous driving. 宇通海外子公司迄今一直致力于在发展中世界开拓市场,但如今为了响应政府关于发展创新和具有国际竞争力的汽车工业的号召,宇通大举投资于燃料替代和自动驾驶等新技术。 From his office on the outskirts of Zhengzhou, Hu Fengju, head of Yutong’s international arm details the company’s two-pronged approach to international expansion. 宇通海外市场部部长胡锋举在其位于郑州郊区的办公室里详述了该公司双管齐下的国际扩张模式。 Burgeoning markets in developing countries are the long-haul plan, he says, as they provide a stark contrast to China’s increasing saturation. 他说,瞄准发展中国家迅猛发展的市场是长远计划,它们与中国市场的日益饱和形成了鲜明对比。 “[Buses] are interrelated with a place’s economic and human mobility levels,” says Mr Hu. “Our long-term focus is on developing countries. European markets are more mature but also have short-term growth potential.” 胡锋举表示:“(客车)与一个地方的经济和人员流动水平相关。我们的长期焦点是在发展中国家。欧洲市场更为成熟,但也有短期增长潜力。” Chinese automakers face obstacles to entry, however, mostly in the form of local protectionism — much like western companies have faced since China began its partial opening of markets in the 1980s. 然而,中国汽车制造商面临主要以地方保护主义形式存在的准入障碍,这与西方公司自上世纪80年代中国部分开放市场以来所面临的障碍颇为相似。 But Yutong believes it is up to the challenge, and has plans to expand its sales operations beyond the 130 countries where it currently operates. It also manufactures buses in Venezuela and Cuba — in a move to overcome import restrictions — and has sold more than 6,000 vehicles in each of those two countries. 但宇通认为它已准备好迎接挑战,并计划将销售业务扩张至目前运营的130个国家以外的地区。它还在委内瑞拉和古巴制造客车,此举旨在克进口限制,并在这两个国家分别销售了6000多辆车。 While developing markets offer long-term potential, mature markets such as Europe and North America provide immediate opportunities if Yutong can prove it is on par — or ahead — of its competition in technical prowess. 发展中市场具备长期潜力,但如果宇通能够明自己在技术实力上与竞争对手相当甚至领先,欧洲和北美等成熟市场当下也有机会。 In August last year, a Yutong bus drove itself 32km from Zhengzhou to the neighbouring city of Kaifeng, stopping at traffic lights and overtaking as it went, in what Yutong claimed was the first real-world test of a driverless bus. 去年8月,宇通的一辆自动驾驶客车从郑州行驶了32公里抵达邻近的开封市,遇到红灯就停车,行驶途中还会超车。宇通宣称,这是现实世界中的首例无人驾驶客车测试。 Li Feiqiang, deputy director of Yutong’s technology research centre, played down the immediate future of such technologies, saying that the primary purpose was to improve safety in regular buses. 宇通技术研究中心副主任李飞强淡化了此类技术在不久的将来就会成熟的可能性,他表示,主要目的还是提高普通客车的安全性。 It is in fuel replacement technologies that Yutong hopes to be most competitive, he says. “The safety, reliability and endurance of Yutong’s new energy vehicles is aly at the same level as petrol-fuelled buses.” 他表示,宇通希望的是在燃料替代技术方面具备最强的竞争力。“宇通新能源汽车的安全性、可靠性和耐久性已达到与以汽油为燃料的客车同等的水平。” Thanks to an extensive government plan to support the sector, sales of electric buses have soared in China, with more than 92,000 electric buses registered as road-y in 2015 — 15 times the number in the previous year. Yutong accounted for 20,000 of these, almost three times the sales from the previous year. 受政府一项行业持计划的推动,中国电动客车销量大幅上升。2015年中国电动客车的上牌量超过9.2万辆,是前一年的15倍。其中宇通电动客车占到2万辆,几乎是前一年销量的3倍。 Local government subsidies drove this sales growth, but an investigation into fraudulent claims could cut local spending on upgrades of public transport in the short term, which may eat into Yutong’s sales of electric vehicles, according to Zhi Aik Yeo, an analyst at Jefferies. 杰佛瑞(Jefferies)分析师Zhi Aik Yeo表示,地方政府补贴推动了电动客车销量的增长,但一项新能源骗补调查可能会在短期内导致地方政府削减在公共交通升级方面的出,这可能会影响宇通的电动客车销量。 At the same time as home growth is likely to slow, 2015 also saw Yutong take its electronic technology for its first foray abroad, running a trial operation on the streets of Paris in a bid for a contract to replace 9,200 cities buses with electric models. 与此同时,随着国内增长可能放缓,宇通也在2015年首次将其电动技术带到国外,在巴黎街道进行了试运营,以争取一项将9200辆城市客车更换为电动客车的合约。 Yutong will face stiff competition in its internationalisation of electric buses, but not necessarily from non-Chinese rivals. 宇通要将其电动客车推向国际市场将面临激烈竞争,但竞争不一定都来自中国以外的对手。 BYD, the Chinese carmaker that recently put five electric buses into circulation in London, is better placed to sell such vehicles to international markets, says Zhong Shi, a Beijing-based auto analyst. 中国汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD)的5辆电动客车最近在伦敦上路通行。驻北京的汽车分析师钟石表示,在向国际市场销售电动客车方面,比亚迪更有优势。 “However, if Yutong decides that [electric] are important for its international development and invests more, they are likely to overtake BYD due to their more comprehensive bus-making capabilities,” he adds. 他补充称:“然而,如果宇通认为(电动客车)对其国际发展很重要并加大投资的话,那么他们可能会超越比亚迪,因为他们拥有更全面的客车生产能力。” As with all large state-owned company, Yutong’s push abroad began — and is maintained — by a government drive to create national champions that “go out” and become internationally competitive. 与所有大型国企一样,宇通进军海外是源于政府一项旨在打造“走出去”并具备国际竞争力的国家冠军企业的计划——并从中得到持。 As China’s top leaders met at a high-profile yearly meeting in Beijing, CCTV, China’s official state-run television group, chose to feature Yutong’s Cuba operations as an example of “Chinese Brands in Overseas Markets” in a glowing report that praised its efforts. 中国国家领导人在北京参加备受关注的全国人大会议期间,国家电视台央视(CCTV)特意对宇通在古巴的业务作了专题报道,作为“中国品牌在海外”的一个例子,盛赞宇通为开拓海外市场所付出的努力。 This favoured position helped Yutong to push up net profits 35.5 per cent year-on-year to Rmb3.6bn in 2015 despite the overall slip in Chinese bus sales — a trend-bucking result that the company says it will repeat in 2016 and 2017. 在这种持下,尽管2015年中国整体客车销量下滑,宇通净利润同比增长35.5%,至36亿元人民币。该公司表示,这种逆势表现将在2016年和2017年延续。 /201604/438175重庆爱德华医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱重庆输卵管造影的价格

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