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文字的力量(The Power of Writing) -- :: 来源: 文字的力量(The Power of Writing)   when: 1998  photographer: richard t. nowitz  "dedicated[供奉] to the egyptian god amun, the mortuary[陵墓的] temple of ramses iii, madinet habu, towers on the west bank of the nile[尼罗河]. its elaborate[详尽的] hieroglyphs[象形文字] describe battles with libyans[利比亚人] and invaders[侵略者] called sea peoples."小学优秀英语作文 -- :: 来源: 小学优秀英语作文My Father My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind-hearted man. He often helps his neighbours and some strangers whom he doesnt know at all. He has really done a lot others. I dont like him to do so because I think it has taken him too much time. When I discourage him, he always says with a smile,The world needs warm hearts. My father loves his family, and loves his work even better. In the company, he is called workaholic He spends most of his time working, and often gets to have meals or to go to bed.As a result,he doesnt enjoy good health. My father likes ing in his spare time. He told me ing was very interesting. I became interested in ing little by little. I like books, because they help me in many ways. My father has a bad habit he likes smoking very much. I hate it. See, the house is full of smoke. I know its bad his health as well as mothers and mine. I advise him to give up smoking. Im sure he will follow my advice some day. Such is my father. I am proud of having such a good father.:饥饿的狮子 -01- :37: 来源: 角色:雄狮、小狮、小白兔、三只小熊、小松鼠、小女孩道具:雄狮、小狮、小白兔、三只小熊和小松鼠头套、红萝卜、三碗粥、花生一把、苹果一个Act 1雄狮:(怒吼)Roar, roar!I am the lion,the king of the est.No one is stronger than me.Roar, roar!小狮:Daddy! I’m hungry.雄狮:You are big now. Be brave! Go and find your own food.小狮:But, I don’t know how.雄狮:Do it like me. Roar, roar! (怒吼)小狮:(小声地)Roar, roar!雄狮:Rush to the animals and bite them with your sharp teeth.(露出尖利的牙齿)Go and do it now.小狮:Yes, daddy.Act 小白兔:(唱”Rabbit, Rabbit, Carrot Eater”)Rabbit, rabbit, carrot eater.He says there is nothing sweeter,Than a carrot everyday,Munch and crunch and run away.小狮:Hi, rabbit! I am hungry.Roar, roar!(小声地)小白兔:Do you want some carrots?小狮:Yes, please.(小白兔递给小狮一根红萝卜)小狮:Thank you.小白兔:Carrots are the best food.小狮:(吃了一口)Yuck! I don’t like it.Anyway, thank you, rabbit.(还红萝卜给小白兔) 小白兔:You are welcome.(边跳边唱”Rabbit, Rabbit, Carrot Eater”离开)Act 3三只小熊:(各拿着一碗粥,并唱着”Pease Porridge Hot”) Pease porridge hot,Pease porridge cold,Pease porridge in the pot,Nine days old.Some like it hot,Some like it cold,Some like it in the pot,Nine days old.小狮:Hi, bears! I am hungry.Roar, roar! (小声地)小熊们:Do you want some porridge?小狮:Yes, please.(小熊递给小狮一碗粥)小狮:Thank you.小熊们:Porridge is the best food.小狮:(吃了一口)Yuck! It’s too hot.I don’t like it.Anyway, thank you, bears.(将粥还给小熊)小熊:You are welcome.(小熊们边走边唱”Pease Porridge Hot”离开)Act 小松鼠:(唱着”Found a Peanut”)Found a peanut.Found a peanut.Found a peanut just now.Just now I found a peanut.Found a peanut just now.小狮:Hi, squirrel! I am hungry.Roar, roar! (小声地)小松鼠:Do you want some peanuts?小狮:Yes, please.(小松鼠递给小狮一些花生)小狮:Thank you.小松鼠:Peanut is the best food.小狮:(吃了一颗)Yuck! It’s too hard.I don’t like it.Anyway, thank you, squirrel.(将花生还给小松鼠)小松鼠:You are welcome.(边走边唱”Found a Peanut”离开)Act 5(小女孩边走边唱”Apple Round”)小女孩:Apple round.Apple red.Apple juicy.Apple sweet.Apple apple I love you.Apple sweet I love to eat.小狮:Hi, little girl! I am hungry.Roar, roar!小女孩:Oh, a lion! Help! Help!(苹果掉地上)小狮:What is it?(拿起来吃)Mmm…, delicious!I like it.(小狮很高兴地边走边唱”Apple Round”回家) 英语 话剧 剧本

巴厘岛英语介绍 巴厘岛英文导游词 -- :: 来源: 巴厘岛英语介绍 巴厘岛英文导游词巴厘岛,位于印度尼西亚,距印尼首都雅加达00多公里,是著名的旅游胜地巴厘岛气候属于热带海岛型气候,气候常年炎热,全年平均温度约℃,每年的月到次年3月为雨季,其它时间为旱季考虑到天气,旱季(月至9月)是游览巴厘岛的最佳时机  Just considering the weather, the cooler dry season from April to October is the best time to visit Bali. The rest of the year is more humid, cloudier and has more rainstorms, but you can still enjoy a holiday.  There are also distinct tourist seasons that affect the picture. The European summer holidays bring the biggest crowds —— July, August and early September are busy. Accommodation can be tight in these months and prices are higher.  Balinese festivals, holidays and special celebrations occur all the time, so don't worry about timing your visit to coincide with local events. It could be a nice treat to fuse into the local culture and enjoy the traditional cuisine and local delicacies.Have you heard of Bali, a place to the south of Indonesia? It's a small island but is becoming more and more famous by its fascinating tourist attractions enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people from world at large. Bali is so picturesque that you could be fooled into thinking it was a painted backdrop: rice paddies trip down hillsides like giant steps, volcanoes soar through the clouds, the ests are lush and tropical, and the beaches are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. But the postcard paradise gloss has been manufactured and polished by the international tourist industry rather than by the Balinese themselves who don't even have a word paradise in their language.  Off-beaten Tourist AttractionsKuta and Legian  Including the two beach sites of Kuta and Legian, this area is a major sightseeing travelers, offering cheap accommodation, Western food, great shopping, surf, sunsets and riotous nightlife. Although it's fashionable to contempt Kuta its rampant development, low-brow nightlife, the cosmopolitan mixture of beach-party and entrepreneurial energy can be exciting.  Kuta is not pretty but it's not dull either, and the amazing growth is evidence that a lot of people still find something to appreciate in Kuta. It's still the best beach in Bali, with the only surf, which breaks over sand instead of coral. Lots of cheap accommodation is available and there's a huge choice of places to eat. Shops and venders offer everything from local handcrafts to genuine antiques. Even the tourists themselves have become a tourist attraction, with visitors swarming into this small island on the tropical area.Behind the beaches, roads and alleys lead back to the most amazing district of hotels, restaurants, bars, food stalls and shops. The renowned Poppies Gang, running directly back from Kuta Beach, is where most of the quieter, inexpensive hostels and restaurants are located. Cheap beachfront accommodation is available in Legian; the lanes running parallel to the beach are the best places to start trawling a decent bed.  The Bali Museum  The Bali Museum consists of an attractive series of separate buildings, including examples of both palace and temple architecture. The exhibits themselves are not always well presented, but there are enough arts and crafts and everyday items displayed to make it worthwhile. The tiny cane cases transporting fighting crickets are pretty special. The Abiankapas arts center houses a collection of modern painting and woodcarving. Dancing groups and gamelan orchestras regularly perm here, mostly the benefit of tourists.  Ubud  Situated in the hills km north of Denpasar, Ubud is the serene cultural center of Bali. Extensive development in recent years has meant that Ubud has engulfed a number of nearby villages, although these have retained their distinct identities. Head off in any direction and you're in an interesting walk to a secluded craft hamlet, through the rice paddies or into the dense Monkey est, just south of the town center.  In Ubud itself, the Puri Lukisan Museum displays fine examples of all schools of Balinese art in a beautiful garden setting. There are several other quality galleries such as Museum Neka, which features work of some Western artists who have painted in Bali, and Agung Rai Gallery, a commercial operation which also houses a small, but important, permanent collection. The homes of influential Western artists Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet, who played key roles in transming Balinese art from the purely decorative, can also be viewed. Ubud is a good place to see Balinese dancing and hear Balinese music, and it has some of the finest restaurants on the island.  Tenganan  The ancient village of Tenganan, inland from the east coast port of Padangbai, can only be reached by motorbike or on foot. It's a walled Bali Aga village, busy with unusual customs, festivals and practices. It's the center the weaving of the little-seen double ikat cloth, and ancient versions of gamelan and accompanying dances are permed here. The nearby towns of Amlapura and Tirtagangga are known their decaying water palaces - relics of the power of the Balinese rajahs - which are surrounded by beautiful terraced rice paddies.  The Bali Barat National Park  The Bali Barat National Park covers nearly all the coral reef and coastal waters. Most of the natural vegetation in the park is coastal savanna with deciduous trees, which become bare in the dry season. Over 0 species of plants inhabit the various environments. Animals include black monkeys, leaf monkeys and macaques; Java, barking, sambar and mouse deer; squirrels, wild pigs, buffalos, iguanas and pythons. The bird life is prolific, with many of Bali's 0 species represented, including the striking Bali starling. The park's attractions include hot springs, uninhabited Deer Island (which has great diving) and guided jungle treks.  Transportation  Transport from Ngurah Rai international airport, .5km south of Kuta, is quite simple. Choose from an official taxi counter, where you pay a set price in advance, or walk across the airport car park and hail a metered cab. The lightly-laden can walk straight up the road to Kuta, although it's a more pleasant stroll along the beach. The main ms of public transport on Bali are the cheap buses and bemos (minibus) that run on more or less set routes within or between towns. If you want your own transport, you can charter a bemo or rent a car, motorcycle or bicycle. The Balinese drive on the left, use their horns a lot and give way to traffic pulling onto the road. Tourist shuttle buses, running between the major tourist centers, are more expensive than public transport but are also more comtable and convenient. 巴厘岛 英语介绍

小学生英语日记 -- :: 来源: 小学生英语日记  It is very hot and wet today and is called sauna weather.  During my mom did the cooking in the kitchen, I saw her head was sweaty.I told her I could help her and she accepted.  After cooking,we were all sweaty .However, mum and I all felt happy. She said I was growing up and became her good assistant.翻译:  今天天气很热,被称为桑拿天  妈妈做饭的时候我看到她满头大汗,我就说帮助她做饭,她同意了我的请求  做完饭以后,我们都变得满头大汗,但是我们都很高兴她说我已经长大,变成她最好的助手了

我的特征(My Feature) -- :53:35 来源: 我的特征(My Feature)  let me tell you what i will be when i grow up. i think languages are the most important tools of communication among people. each country's languages, which are different, are interesting. so i want to be a translator. since i was a child, i have learned many kinds of languages.  i like to make friends with people from other countries. if i can speak a lot of languages, i will have a lot of friends. i don't think being a translator is very easy. it must be very hard. but i want to try! so i'm studying english now. i want to be a translator in japan. it's my dream and i believe i can do it.

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