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汉中佳和美生殖健康医院免费在线咨询不是人渣汉中市人民医院泌尿外科医师哪个厉害汉中市男科医院那家好 With Chinas Spring Festival period drawing to a close, traffic departments across China are coping with the post festival travel rush.The back-to-work travel rush started on Friday, with all major cities across China seeing an upsurge of passengers on the railways and highways.In Shanghai, however, it started two days earlier than usual, as people hurry to get back to work. A passenger said, ;I came here to start work. And I want to prepare for work earlier.;Many tickets on long distance routes are aly sold out, as migrant workers leave home as they return to the cities.Liu Wenhong, deputy secretary of Taiyuan Railway Station, said, ;Taiyuan railway station had the first peak of the post-Spring Festival travel rush. We saw 52 thousand passengers on January 26th, and estimated 60 thousand on 27th. Today, the number will reach 80 thousand.;With the rush for the train, many migrant workers have chosen to take the bus back to the cities. This had led to more buses on the roads, and ticket offices extending their opening hours.Xiao Daqing, head of Santai Bus Station, said, ;The post-Spring Festival travel rush started from Juanuary 26th, and will end on February 7th. Our bus station will transport an estimated 1 million passengers during the period.;There is expected to be a slow down on Chinas transport systems on Sunday. Over the 40 day Spring Festival travel rush, over 3 billion trips will be made, by bus, train, plane and car. Thats a nine per cent jump on last year.随着春节已接近尾声,全国交通主管部门应对春节后返京高峰。返京高峰于周五开始,在各主要城市以铁路和高速公路为主,乘客以安全,快速的方式回到他们熟悉的工作岗位上。201201/169420And we are calling it, iPhone.我们将其命名为 iPhoneHe was about humanizing technology他致力于将科技人性化in a way that made it extraordinarily easy让其变得无与伦比地便捷and it was an absolutely joy and pleasure to use.使操作变成一种享受和乐趣His gut instinct was his genius.他的天才之处在于精准的直觉And its absolutely unteachable.而这些是学不来的Its rare when someone can affect your life in such a personal way很少有人能以这样个人的方式影响到你的生活and you dont know them at all.而你根本不认识这些人Genius is not about making complicated things.天才不在于把事物复杂化Its about making complicated things very simple.而在于把复杂事物变简单Making things simple and beautiful,让产品简洁而富有美感that was the genius of Steve Jobs from the very start.这便是史蒂夫·乔布斯的初衷He was born in 1955 to a pair of unmarried graduate students,1955年 乔布斯出生 父母是一对未婚研究生情侣intellectuals who put him up for adoption.他们把他送人抚养He grew up with a loving,working-class couple in Californias Silicon Valley.他在加州硅谷一个和睦美满的工薪家庭中长大Just like Harry Potter, Steve Jobs realized that he was a wizard,和哈利·波特一样 史蒂夫·乔布斯意识到自己是个魔法师even though he was being raised by Muggles.尽管他是由麻瓜养大He was a hybrid,他是个混合体one part geek and one part hippy.一半技术宅 一半嬉皮士It was the 60s.时代使然When he was a teenager十几岁的时候He met a fellow techy,他遇到了同道中人a hacker,named Steve Wozniak.一名黑客 他便是史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克They wild away the hours tinkering with electronics in the Jobs house.他们在乔布斯家里花费大量时间研究电子设备I grew up in Palo Alto,我在帕洛阿尔托长大not too far from where Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs hung out.离史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克和史蒂夫·乔布斯常出没的地方不远Its legendary.说来也神奇Theres so many inventers in the Bay Area who start off in their moms garage.海湾地区的很多发明家都是从自家车库里起家的In 1972, Jobs headed to Oregon1972年 乔布斯前往俄勒冈州where he attended a small liberal arts college.就读于一所小型文科学院Turned on, tuned in and dropped out.他踌躇满志地入学 但很快退学He listened to the Beatles, and Bob Dylan,他酷爱披头士和鲍勃·迪伦took LSD and went to India.吸食致幻剂 然后去了印度When he returned to Silicon Valley in 19751975年他返回硅谷时it was the dawn of the computer age计算机时代正崭露出头角and Steve Jobs had a vision.而他萌生了一个想法 /201305/239225汉中市中医医院龟头炎症

汉中市第二人民医院阳痿早泄价格Radio is one of the few things to bring comfort to those who stay.收音机成为留下来的居民为数不多的慰藉之一It connects them to the rest of the country.使他们能获得全国各地的消息By 1935,a network of stations with 10,000-watt transmitters links the country together.到1935年,拥有万瓦发射器的发射站组成全国性网络,把举国上下连在了一起The same voice can be heard from coast to coast.全国各地可以收听同样的声音Radios become the countrys most popular household item.收音机成为最受欢迎的家庭用品By 1934, there are over 18 million radio sets.到1934年 美国共有1800多万台收音机40% of America lives in isolated rural communities,40%的美国人生活在与世隔绝的农村地区but now they can get local news and weather,farm prices, and be part of national events.但现在,他们能收听到新闻和天气预报,了解农产品价格并参与国家大事America was built for the introduction of radio.收音机的引入将全美各地联系在了一起 This is a vast land.这是一片广阔的疆域It has a lot of different layers to it as you go across the country.如果你四处走走就会发现各地风土人情迥异America was learning about itself through news from across the country and around the world.通过来自全国乃至世界各地的消息美国渐渐形成了自我认知Germany is rearming.德意志正重整军备Regular news reports bring international events straight into American homes.日常的新闻报道将国际要闻直接传送给美国的千家万户Little do Americans realize that news from so far away will change America forever.美国人几乎没有意识到,如此遥远地区的消息即将彻底改变美国..will tie Hitlers ambitious.将会限制希特勒雄心勃勃的The struggle against the Great Depression continues.人们仍在力抗大萧条The American people will not give up.美国人民永不言弃The French gave America the Statue of Liberty.法国将自由女神像赠送给美国人民Now America builds her own monument to its peoples tenacity.如今美国自己建造纪念像来纪念本国人民不屈不挠的精神Blasted out of solid rock, Mount Rushmore is created.以炸药做斧凿 建成了拉什莫尔山The blasting of Washingtons chin and the first step in the worlds largest monument is finished.炸药雕凿出了华盛顿的下巴,建造世上最大纪念像的第一步已经完成 /201301/222539汉中佳和美生殖医院图片 4T(4.etAp|_|Vxjpq;iOhTb%x_KRHljIbU(QGOFI4Graffiti is all about style, but you have to get it just right to get that perfect look. So here is a on how you can do graffiti without taking it too much over the top.3+5p@zpFdNapjvMgS%2y涂鸦跟所有的风格相关,但你必须做正确才能获得完美的表现#odtqWCyx_ZVx__%(L@S。而这个视频就将展现给你正确涂鸦的小窍门7fy+!+Kn7!;s。9z!I(Fs(8[s1NgmpwnvMP#w_;.%LzHg_P~sBSNaXv^MB201206/187490汉中佳和美泌尿医院看男科好吗

留坝县医院割包皮手术价格整个埃及的抗议者们走上街头,愤怒抗议选举结果。Protesters have taken to the streets across Egypt, in anger at the election results. Most are wary of both candidates.Not willing to see the nightmare repeat itself. For many Egyptians, Ahmed Shafiqs advance to the second round of voting provoked strong emotion. To them, the last prime minister under ousted President Hosni Mubarak is representative of the government they fought to overthrow.But they also dont support Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi.A protester Mohamed Ahmed says, ;We came down to the streets today to protest against the results of the elections. We will not approve if one of the military comes to power again. Also we are against the Brotherhood, we dont agree with either candidate.;Protesters in Alexandria marched towards Shafiqs local campaign office, chanting slogans.Another protester Khaled Adil says, ;Justice is independent. We cant say anything else about justice and we see integrity in the parliamentary elections. But the only thing that we need is a law approved by parliament banning former high-level old regime officials. I don’t want a remnant of the former regime to rule me.;Protesters also took to the streets of Cairo soon after the election commission announced the results. Several hundred protesters gathered in Tahrir Square, the birthplace of last years unrest.Protesters there also chanted against both Morsi and Shafiq, saying they will never allow Egypt to be ruled by one party again.The runoff is a polarising contest.It mirrors the conflict between Mubarak, himself a career air force officer like Shafiq, and the Islamists he jailed and tortured throughout his years in power.201205/184468 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can ID me.看你能否鉴别出我。Im a country thats been around for centuries, but I established my current Communist form of government in 1949.我是一个有上千年历史的国家,但我不久前的1949年才成为一个共产主义国家。Im one of the worlds largest nations in size.我是世界上最大的国家之一。And Im the largest in population.我拥有世界最多的人口。Im China and Im home to more than 1.3 billion people.我是中国,我有超过13亿人口。AZUZ: Theres been a change at the top of Chinas Communist Party.中国共产党最高领导人有所改变。In the U.S., presidential candidates are out in public all the time.在美国,总统候选人总是出现在公众视线中。Thats not how things work in China.但在中国,事情并不是这样。When that countrys leadership goes through a transition, it all happens behind closed doors.当中国的领导班子经历变动时,它总是在私下进行的。These seven men are those new leaders.这7个人是那些新领导。They make up the most powerful committee in the Chinese government.他们组成了中国政府最有权力的委员会。And the one who is front and center, is Xi Jinping, he is the new head of Chinas Communist Party and is expected to lead the country for the next ten years.在最前面正中间的是习近平,他是中国共产党的新领导人,他将会在未来十年领导中国。A lot of other nations are wondering, what to expect from Xi in this committee.其他一些国家也想知道,对于习近平这一届常委能有什么期待。Thats because in addition to having the worlds biggest population, China also has the worlds second biggest economy.那是因为中国除了由世界最多的人口,它还是世界第二大的经济体。That means it has a lot of influence on the worlds economic issues.那表明它对世界经济问题有很大的影响。 /201211/210475汉中生殖整形医院南郑县妇幼保健站看前列腺炎好吗



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