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洪泽县怀孕检测哪家医院最好的淮安市中山医院流产多少钱Global warming and a powerful El weather event combined to make 2015 the planet’s hottest year since modern records began in the 1800s, according to scientists, who warned this year could be even warmer.科学家表示,全球变暖加上强大的厄尔尼诺气候事件,令2015年成为自19世纪现代记录开始以来最热年份。科学家还警告,今年地球可能会更热。Heatwaves around the world, including one in India that led to more than 2,000 deaths and another in Iraq that saw the mercury top 50C, helped push temperatures 1C above pre-industrial levels for the first time, US and UK researchers said.去年热浪席卷了全球,印度的高温天气导致2000多人死亡,伊拉克夏季高温达到50摄氏度。美国和英国的研究人员表示,在各地高温的推动下,去年气温首次比工业化之前的水平升高了1摄氏度。Temperatures in 2015 also shattered the previous record set in 2014 by 0.13C, according to Nasa.美国航天局(Nasa)表示,2015年气温以0.13摄氏度之差,打破了2014年创下的记录。“Only once before, in 1998, has the new record been greater than the old record by this much,” the administration added.美国航天局还表示:“新记录比旧记录高出这么多,以前只有1998年出现过一次。”Last year was especially striking because global heat records were broken or tied in every month except January and April, researchers said.研究人员表示,去年之所以特别引人瞩目,是因为除了1月和4月以外,每个月都会创下新的全球高温记录,或与记录持平。“That’s the first time we’ve seen that,” said Thomas Karl, director of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s national centres for environmental information.美国国家海洋与大气(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)国家环境信息中心负责人托马斯愠尔(Thomas Karl)表示:“我们还是第一次看到这种情况。”Man-made climate change is the main culprit for warming that was leading the world into “uncharted territory”, said Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring and attribution at the UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre for climate research, which released separate findings confirming the US analysis.英国气象办公室哈德莱中心(UK Met Office#39;s Hadley Centre)气候监测与分析的负责人彼得斯托特(Peter Stott)表示,人为造成的气候变化是升温的罪魁祸首,导致世界进入“未知领域”。哈德莱中心发布的研究报告也印了美国研究人员的分析结果。The current El , a naturally recurring phenomenon that warms the Pacific Ocean, was probably only responsible for about 10 per cent of 2015’s record-breaking temperatures, he added.斯托特说,对于2015年破纪录的气温来说,当前的厄尔尼诺现象可能只负有10%的责任。厄尔尼诺现象令太平洋海水变暖,是自然界一种经常性现象。The bulk was due to underlying global warming caused largely by rising emissions of carbon dioxide, the main man-made greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil.大部分原因还是全球变暖,而全球变暖主要是二氧化碳排放量上升造成的。二氧化碳是主要的人为温室气体,通过燃烧煤、石油等化石燃料产生。Mr Karl added: “We would have likely had a record [year] even without El , but it pushed it way over the top.”卡尔还表示:“就算没有厄尔尼诺现象,去年气温也有可能创纪录,但厄尔尼诺现象让高温更加极端。”The scientists’ analysis comes only a month after nearly 200 governments struck a new climate agreement in Paris that aims to stop global temperatures from rising more than 2C from pre-industrial levels, and ideally limit warming to 1.5C.就在一个月前,近200个国家的政府在巴黎达成了一项新的气候协议,目标是阻止全球气温比工业化前水平上升2摄氏度以上,最好限制在1.5摄氏度以内。Temperatures had aly risen by 0.8C since the industrial revolution and although last year’s 1C rise may not be repeated every year from now on, scientists said 2016 could turn out to be another exceptionally warm year as the El event continues.自工业革命以来,全球气温已经上升了0.8摄氏度。虽然去年1摄氏度的升温不太可能在今后每年都出现,但科学家表示由于厄尔尼诺事件的持续,2016年可能又将是一个极端炎热的年份。“If you were going to be betting, you would bet its going to be warmer than 2015,” said Mr Karl.卡尔说:“如果要打赌的话,我赌今年比去年更热。”This raises the risk of heavy rains and flooding, scientists pointed out, because warmer temperatures would lead to more water vapour in the world’s atmosphere.科学家指出,这增加了暴雨和洪水的危险,因为气温升高会导致大气层里积聚更多水蒸气。Last year saw a series of disastrous floods hit countries worldwide, including the UK, which in December experienced its wettest month since records began in 1910.去年一系列洪灾袭击了世界各国,英国也包括在内。去年12月英国经历了1910年开始记录以来雨水最多的月份。The findings of the US and UK scientists are based on thousands of global temperature measurements taken daily on land and at sea.美国和英国科学家基于数千份陆地和海洋的每日全球气温监测数据,得出上述发现。 /201602/424104淮阴区中医院网上预约 China’s Cnooc on Tuesday set out plans to cut capital spending by more than 10 per cent this year and reduce oil production, as it responds to the crude price rout.中海油(Cnooc)周二宣布今年削减10%以上的资本出并减少石油产量,以此回应原油价格暴跌。The annual forecast by Cnooc’s listed unit serves as the first indication of output and investment plans by China’s state-controlled oil producers, which also include China National Petroleum Corp and Sinopec.中海油上市子公司的年度预测是反映中国国有控股石油公司产量和投资计划的首个风向标,这些公司还包括中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC)和中石化(Sinopec)。The listed arm does not represent all of the output by Cnooc’s state-controlled parent company, but remains a good proxy for the position of the Chinese industry.上市子公司并不代表中海油国有控股母公司的所有产出,但仍是中国石油业当下处境的较好写照。Brent crude was trading at per barrel on Tuesday, having fallen to a 12-year low on Monday, and Li Fanrong, Cnooc’s chief executive, said that oil prices of below made operations “very difficult”.布伦特(Brent)原油价格在周一跌至12年低点后,周二为29美元/桶。中海油首席执行官李凡荣表示,不到30美元/桶的油价使经营“非常困难”。Cnooc said it plans to cut capital spending to “no more than” Rmb60bn (.1bn) this year, from Rmb67.5bn in 2015.中海油表示,计划将今年的资本出从2015年的675亿元人民币缩减至“不超过”600亿元人民币(合91亿美元)。It intends to produce between 470m and 485m barrels of oil equivalent this year, compared with an estimated 495m last year.中海油计划今年生产4.70亿至4.85亿桶石油当量,去年该公司的产量约为4.95亿桶。China’s state-controlled oil producers expanded aggressively from 2000 because of the country’s growing demand for crude, but they are now saddled with high-cost fields overseas.自2000年开始,中国国有控股石油公司就因国内不断增长的原油需求而大举扩张,但他们现在受到高成本海外油田的拖累。Mr Li said Cnooc would analyse cash flow on a field-by-field basis and “be more cautious when making major investments”.李凡荣表示,中海油将在逐块油田分析现金流,并且“在进行重大投资时更加谨慎”。“In the harsh winter, we pay more attention to whether [a field] can bring cash flow,” he added. “I hope we can cut costs faster than the oil price drops, but sometimes that’s not realistic.”“寒冬时期,我们更加注重(一块油田)能否带来现金流,”他补充说,“希望我们缩减开的速度能快过油价下跌的速度,但有时这并不现实。”Production cuts “are more likely to come from overseas projects than [producers’] domestic operations”, said Gao Jian, analyst at Chem99.com.卓创资讯(Chem99.com)分析师高健表示,减产“更可能来自海外项目,而非(这些油企的)国内业务”。“The pressure to maintain production levels is more likely to come from the companies themselves rather than from the government,” he added. “Cutting production would mean worse performance.”“保持产量水平的压力更有可能来自企业自身,而非政府,”他补充说,“减产意味着业绩下滑。”Analysts said the falling crude price had one silver lining for certain oil producers, in the form of an improved outlook for their refining arms.分析师表示,原油价格下跌给某些油企带来一个利好——他们旗下炼油部门的前景将有所改善。This month, China’s National Development and Reform Commission adjusted the formula it uses to set domestic diesel and petrol prices, in order to incentivise refiners.本月,中国发改委(NDRC)调整了国内汽、柴油定价机制,以激励炼油企业。 /201601/424061淮安哪个医院做流产好

金湖县中医院男科医生Some online stores on the shopping site Taobao have banned buyers who give favorable ratings for less than 98 percent of their purchases, in an attempt to curb ;unfavorable ratings with malicious intent,; Beijing Youth Daily reported.《北京青年报》报道,为了控制“恶意差评”,购物网站淘宝上的一些网店已经禁止好评率低于98%的买家购物。Recently, some buyers have complained that they were unable to buy goods at certain Taobao stores because their ;favorable; ratings did not meet seller requirements.近期,部分买家抱怨,他们在某些淘宝店无法购物,因为他们的“好评率”没有达到卖家的要求。A woman surnamed Li said a Taobao store declined her order for shampoo and asked her to apply for a refund, saying her previous ratings on Taobao failed to meet the company#39;s requirement of 100 percent favorable.一名姓厉的女子表示,一家淘宝店拒绝了她的洗发露订单,并要求她申请退款。店家对此解释道,她之前在淘宝上的评价没有满足该公司100%的好评要求。Another woman, named Tong, said she was unable to purchase a dress due to a similar problem.另外一名姓佟的女子表示,由于相同的问题,她没法购买衣。Taobao#39;s customer service center denied ever making such a requirement.淘宝中心否认了曾经有过类似的要求。A service clerk advised the buyers to communicate with the sellers to reach a solution, since ;buying and selling are supposed to be based on free will.;一名务人员建议买家与卖家应进行沟通,以达成一个解决方法,因为“买卖应该是基于自愿的。”Qiu Baochang, a Beijing-based lawyer, said the sellers were violating consumer rights. So long as the ratings are true and objective, consumers have the right to make their own judgements, he said.北京一名名叫邱宝昌的律师称,卖家这样就侵犯了消费者权利。他表示,只要评价是真实和客观的,消费者就有权做出他们自己的判断。If it evolves into an unspoken rule, it could harm fair trade and the overall growth of the online shopping industry, he warned.他对此警告称,如果发展成为一个潜规则,这会有损公平交易和网购行业的整体发展。 /201703/498990淮阴区有治疗前列腺炎吗 楚州区人民医院医院电话

楚州区妇保院泌尿系统在线咨询 The north of England has never been morepopular with Chinese tourists. In 2015, there were 64,000 visits from China, upfrom 35,000 in 2014 — a record, according to national tourism agencyVisitBritain. Direct flights to Beijing from Manchester begin this month, andShanghai could follow, further boosting tourism.英格兰北部地区从未像现在这样受到中国游客青睐。2015年,来自中国的游客多达6.4万人,远高于2014年的3.5万人——据英国旅游业管理机构英国旅游局(VisitBritain)称,这是一个创纪录的水平。从北京直飞曼彻斯特的航班最近开通,不久还可能开通从上海直飞的航班,这将进一步推动旅游业发展。Rising numbers of visitors — often to seerelatives or to watch Premier League football — have increased their economiccontribution. In 2015, Chinese tourists spent £83m in the north, up 17 per centon the previous year, according to VisitBritain. The Marketing Manchesteragency has developed a guide in Mandarin to tax-free shopping in the city,distributed in China as well as in Britain (the guide is also available inCantonese and Arabic).随着游客人数的增加——往往是为了探亲访友或者观看英格兰足球超级联赛(Premier League)——他们对拉动经济的贡献也在加大。英国旅游局的数据显示,2015年中国游客在英格兰北部地区出了8300万英镑,较上年增长了17%。曼彻斯特推广机构Marketing Manchester制作了一份简体中文导购手册,介绍曼彻斯特市内的免税购物点,在中国以及英国分发(该手册还有繁体中文和阿拉伯语版)。Luxury businesses in particular arebenefiting from the influx of Chinese visitors: at Boodles, a family-ownedjeweller that dates back to 1798, Chinese clients account for more than 10 percent of turnover at its Manchester shop. The company has hosted several mealsat Chinese restaurants for valued clients.奢侈品行业尤其受益于中国游客的涌入:在可以追溯到1798年的家族所有珠宝商Boodles,中国客户贡献了其曼彻斯特商铺超过10%的营业额。该公司已经在中式餐厅举办了数次餐会,宴请重要客户。Michael Wainwright, managing director, saysthat the Liverpool-based business had always been popular with local Chinese.“Now we have their relatives from China and Hong Kong coming in. Students alsobring their parents. Sunday afternoons are when we usually see them.Boodles董事总经理迈克尔#8226;温赖特(MichaelWainwright)表示,总部设在利物浦的该公司一直深受当地中国人的喜爱。“现在这些客户来自中国内地和香港的亲属也来光顾我们的店铺。中国留学生也带来了他们的父母。我们通常会在星期天下午见到他们。”“They really like diamonds —they do not go somuch for coloured stones. They also like Patek Philippe watches —they arethe only third-party item we sell. It is hard to get them in China and they area lot more expensive.”“他们真的非常喜爱钻石——他们对色宝石就没有这么高的兴致。他们还喜欢百达翡丽(Patek Philippe)的手表——这是我们销售的唯一第三方产品。百达翡丽在中国国内难以买到,价格也贵得多。”Hancocks jewellers, also in Manchester’s primeKing Street shopping district, occasionally opens specifically for wealthyChinese customers in the evenings. Roy Lunt, the owner, says there has been abig increase in Chinese shoppers, who now account for a 10th of sales. One ofhis prize possessions is a sales slip for £220,000 for a single ruby that wentto a Chinese customer.Hancocks珠宝店同样位于曼彻斯特主要商业区国王街(KingStreet),该店有时会在晚间专门为富有的中国顾客开店营业。其所有者罗伊#8226;伦特(Roy Lunt)表示,来自中国的购物者近来显著增加,现已占到了销售额的十分之一。他的珍藏品之一是一张售货单,其中记录的一颗红宝石以22万英镑被一位中国客户买走。“There is nothing of this quality outside London. We get a lot ofreferrals from jewellers there,”he says.他表示:“伦敦以外几乎找不到这等品质的珠宝,而我们接待了大量由伦敦珠宝商介绍过来的客户。”Word of mouth also works well. “We sold asapphire ring worth £50,000. The lady took it back to Hong Kong and someone sawit and said how beautiful it was, then they came over to buy from me.”口碑营销同样效果显著。“我们售出了一枚价值5万英镑的蓝宝石戒指。那位女士将戒指带回了香港,其他人见了以后大赞这枚戒指多么美丽,然后他们也来到我这里购买珠宝。”Another attraction of Manchester is thatprices there can be lower than in London because of the northern city’s lowerrents and wages.曼彻斯特吸引人的另一个地方在于,这里的价格有可能低于伦敦,因为这座北方城市的房租和工资水平较低。Manchester has more than 14,000 ethnicChinese residents, according to the 2011 census, along with thousands morestudents at its universities. Nearby Liverpool has 8,000 Chinese residents, aswell as 3,200 students, and is twinned with Shanghai, which modelled itswaterfront on that of the British port.2011年的人口调查显示,曼彻斯特有超过1.4万华裔市民,此外这里的大学还有数以千计的中国留学生。邻近的利物浦有8000名华裔市民以及3200名中国留学生。利物浦与上海是城市,当年上海的外滩就是以这座英国港口城市为蓝本规划的。Boodles’shop at Harrodsdepartment store in London has a Chinese-speaking member of staff, andManchester could be next, Mr Wainwright says.温赖特表示,Boodles在伦敦哈罗德(Harrods)百货商店的店面配备了一名会说中文的店员,曼彻斯特商店可能是下一家聘请说中文店员的商店。The jeweller has no plans, however, for astore in China, after closing its Hong Kong branch. “It is a verydifficult place to do business. We are very happy to sell to them here in theUK,”Mr Wainwright says.但Boodles目前没有计划在中国开设店铺,此前该公司关闭了在香港的分公司。温赖特称:“在中国做生意难度很大。我们非常乐于在英国国内向中国客户销售商品。” /201608/461144淮安中山医院预约挂号涟水县妇幼保健所治疗女性不孕多少钱



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