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Subject : Every company has a turkey farm. 第一,迷你对话A: Why doesn’t the boss fire her? She is so lazy.为什么老板不解雇她呢?她太懒惰了。B: Every company has a turkey farm.每个公司都有低能但有不能解雇的人。 第二,地道表达a turkey farm 1. 解词释义Turkey farm中的turkey是指“火鸡”,farm是指“农场”,但是作为习惯用语跟火鸡或农场毫无关系。每个政府机构或者私营公司总会有一些工作能力低或者是不愿勤恳工作的人。但是,由于种种原因,领导又没办法解雇这些人。为了使工作不受影响,这些机构的领导往往把他们调入到另外一个地方,就像将他们打入冷宫一言。这种对于他们来说像冷宫一样的地方就叫做turkey farm。 2. 拓展范例e.g. The man is so incompetent wed like to fire him. But he has good political connections so we sent him to our turkey farm out in Denver where he cant cause much damage.那个人实在无能,我们很想解雇他。但是他和一些政界人物关系很好,所以我们就把他送到丹佛那个机构里去,那样他就不能再起多大破坏作用了。 There is a secretary in my office who tries to do as little as possible. I have warned her several times. If she continues to behave that way, one day I am going to send her to the turkey farm.我办公室里的一个秘书总是设法干得越少越好。我已经警告她好几回了。 要是她继续这样下去的话,总有一天我要把她送到那个全是废物的部门去。 /201505/372899网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:当然You bet. 当然。表示;肯定地;没问题;当然;等意思,除了;certainly; of course;,;you bet;在口语中更常见。【范例一】Will you tell her? You bet (I will).你会告诉她吗?当然会。【范例二】Shell probably insist on having the very last penny that is due to her--you bet she will.她很可能会坚持要求属于她的每一分钱;;她肯定会。【范例三】Can you do it? You bet.这件事你能干吗?当然行!A: Excuse me. May I use the phone first?对不起,能让我先用一下电话吗?B: Are you in a hurry?你很着急吗?A: You bet. I was supposed to call my mother an hour ago.没错。我应该一个小时前打电话给我母亲的。B: In that case, here, you go first.既然这样,喏,你先用吧。 /201206/186146nobody home/nobody's homeI was really nobody home when I turned on the tap then left home yesterday.昨天我真是脑筋少根弦——我先是打开水龙头没关,然后就出门了。nobody home 关于这个短语的来源有两个说法:1.源于英语习语“the lights are on but nobody's home,”,字面意思是“屋里的灯亮着,却没有人”。说明主人做事缺根筋,粗心大意。2.某人智商低,当某人敲门他又不想开门时候,大喊一声“nobody's home!”其结果可想而知。nobody's foola.Nancy is nobody's fool——she can take care of herself when she goes abroad.南希很能干——到了国外她一定能自己照顾好自己的。b.Don't try to play games with me——I am nobody's fool.别跟我耍花招——我可不是傻瓜。nobody's fool字面意思是“没人是傻瓜”,这里用作名词性俚语,有两个含义。1.“有能力的人 ,能自我照顾的人”。2.“聪明的,不会轻易上当的人”。◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎

Finance and economics: Property in Sweden Home is where the heartache is财经:瑞士房产,心痛之处是为家House prices in Sweden continue to soar, to regulators despair.瑞典房价持续飙升,监管机构感到绝望。ASK a central banker what regulators should do when rock-bottom rates cause house prices to soar, and the reply will almost always be “macropru”.如果要问央行行长,最低利率导致房价飙升时,监管机构该怎么办,通常是“宏观审慎”。Raising rates to burst house-price bubbles is a bad idea, the logic runs, since the needs of the broader economy may not square with those of the property market.按理来说,通过加息消除房价泡沫并不是一个好主意,因为人们对整体经济的需求与对房地产市场的需求可能不相符合。Instead, “macroprudential” measures, meaning restrictions on mortgage lending and borrowing, are seen as the answer.事实上,“宏观审慎”措施,即对按揭贷款和借款加以限制,才是人们眼中的。But this medicine is hard to administer, as Swedens housing market vividly illustrates.但瑞典房地产市场却生动地表明,这剂药方很难奏效。Swedish house prices have doubled in the past decade, their rapid ascent only briefly interrupted by the financial crisis.过去十年里,瑞典房价翻了一番,这种飞速的上升趋势仅仅被金融危机短暂地打断了一下。So far this year they have risen by about 14%. Apartment prices have been even giddier, rising by more than 150% in ten years.截至今年,房价上升了约14%。公寓价格涨速更是令人头晕目眩,10年内已上升逾150%。In part, this is a simple function of supply and demand.一部分原因可以归结为简单的供需问题。Stockholm is among Europes fastest-growing cities, with the recent influx of Middle Eastern refugees only adding to the demand for housing.斯德哥尔是欧洲发展速度最快的城市之一,而由于最近中东难民的大量涌入,人们对房子的需求进一步增加。Last month the countrys migration agency said it expected as many as 190,000 new arrivals by the end of the year, double its previous estimate.上个月,瑞典移民局表示,到今年年底,预计多达19万名新移民到来,为之前预期的两倍。Sluggish and restrictive planning procedures limit supply: the current shortage of around 150,000 homes is expected to triple by 2025.迟缓且严格的规划程序限制了房屋供应:当前,约15万间房屋短缺,到2025年,这一数字将翻三倍。A counterproductive rent-control regime has crimped the supply of flats in particular, and led to long waiting lists.租金定价制度产生了适得其反的效果,显著阻碍了公寓供应,并导致了漫长的等候名单。Earlier this year an apartment in central Stockholm went to someone who had been in the queue since 1989.今年早些时候,一名自1989年就开始排队的人才终于等到了属于他的一间位于斯德哥尔中心地区的公寓。Low interest rates have given Swedes the capacity to borrow more, pushing prices ever higher.低利率使瑞典人更有能力继续借钱,促使价格持续高涨。The debt of the average household has reached 172% of income after tax.平均家庭债务已达税后收入的172%。For people with mortgages in the big cities, the figure is nearly double that.对于在大城市的抵押者,该数字将近翻一番。The most obvious way to calm things down is to raise rates.平息事态最显而易见的方法是提高利率。But the Riksbank, Swedens central bank, tried that in 2010-11, with disastrous results.但瑞典的中央瑞典央行(Riksbank)在2010-11年便尝试过此方法,却导致了灾难性的后果。Unemployment stopped falling and inflation soon withered, stirring fears of deflation.失业率停止下降,通货膨胀很快萎缩,激起了人们对通货紧缩的恐惧。That prompted the Riksbank to reverse course in late 2011 and start cutting rates again.这促使瑞典央行在2011年底改变进程,重新开始削减利率。The benchmark has ended up lower than it was to begin with, at -0.35%, increasing the sums flooding into housing.最终,基准降到了-0.35%,比最开始还低,涌向房市的资金增加。“Its like mopping whilst the tap is running at full flow,” complains one official.“这就如同大开水龙头拖地,”一名官员抱怨道。To try to stanch the flow, the Finansinspektionen (FI) , the countrys financial watchdog, has adopted curbs on both lending and borrowing.为了止住资金流,瑞典金融监管部门瑞典金融监管局(FI)采取了一系列抑制贷款和借款的措施。In 2013 it tightened capital requirements for mortgages, and since September it has required banks to hold an extra counter-cyclical capital buffer of 1% of all risk-weighted assets, to increase to 1.5% by next June.2013年,它加强了对抵押贷款的资本要求,自9月起,它要求对于所有风险资产增持额外的1%作为逆周期资本缓冲准备金,到下一年6月,该数字将增至1.5%。This will help if the property bubble bursts, but clearly has not been enough to stop it inflating.尽管该举措将在房地产泡沫破灭时有所帮助,但远不能阻止通胀。 /201701/489084

英语世界有自己的一套网络语言吗?当然有!如今的潮人聊天都喜欢用简写,玩谐音,越是让外人看起来高深莫测,自己心里头越是得意非凡。有些人批评年轻人喜欢使用简化英语的现象,认为这是语言退化的象征,所以老师不该教,年轻人也不该学。但是,语言是沟通的工具,既然这些简化的网络语言在年轻人的网络世界通用,那么年轻人就应该学。否则,跟外国朋友在MSN聊天,十句看不懂五句,还有什么乐趣可言?言归正传,下面列举一些典型的网络英文潮语。btw(by the way):这个大多数人都会用,就是;顺便再说一句;的意思。g2g(got to go):要走了。原句是Ive got to go。ttyl(talk to you later):下次再说。brb(be right back):很快回来。也就是Ill be right back 或Im gonna be right back的简写。jk(just kidding):开玩笑,别当真。omg(oh my god):我的天啊!有时为了表达更强烈的情感,有人会打OMGGGGGGG!lol(laugh out loud):大声地笑。这个缩写已经快被用烂了。rofl(rolling on the floor laughing):笑到摔到地上。sth(something):某事某物。nth(nothing):什么也没有。plz(please):请。please字尾是z 音,所以按照读音缩写为plz。thx(thanks):谢谢。按照发音来看,thanks字尾的ks可以用字母X代替。idk(I dont know):我不知道。imho, imo(in my humble opinion, in my opinion):在我看来,常见于论坛。当然了,以上这些缩略语的使用还是要分场合的,该用完整表达的时候还是要把句子写全的。 /201204/179293

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