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【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】How To Be HappyThe best minds in science and academia weigh in on the mystery of happiness.Step 1: Be A Do-Gooder(乐善好施)Researchers caution against mistaking "pleasure" for "happiness. " Pleasure is based on external factors, and leaves one craving more, more, more. Happiness, however, is influenced less directly- even by putting off your own pleasure for the good of someone else. People who perform selfless acts of kindness, whether by volunteering for a shelter or just helping out a friend, raised their reported level of happiness.Step 2: Don't Sweat Decisions(不要犹豫)The longer a choice is debated, the less happy the decider is with the outcome. Whether it's what to eat or where to live, first set your standards- the factors most important to you- then take the first option that meets them.Step 3: Spend Well(开心地花钱)If you're going to splurge, do it on an experience you'll remember, not goods or gadgets. Research indicates that people often regret purchasing an expensive ITEM, but tend NOT to regret money spent on "experiences" such as dining and travel.Step 4: Aim High- But Not That High(不好高骛远)Those at the pinnacle of financial success don't report significantly higher levels of happiness than the average Joe. Ask yourself if that overtime is REALLY worth it.Step 5: Be A Joiner(多参加集体活动)Whether it's a church choir or street dance crew, being part of a defined community group raises happiness levels.Step 6: Stop Dwelling(不杞人忧天)Leading psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky has found that the happiest people don't dwell on negative or ambiguous events. Furthermore, excessive introspection may sap your mental resources, making it harder for positive changes to occur. So turn off that Morrissey record and go outside.Step 7: Be Grateful(充满感激)Several professors and scholars in this field instruct students to keep a regular journal of what they're thankful for. The results indicate that gratitude reliably increases happiness. Who knew that those greeting cards urging us to "count our blessings" were right? Article/201004/101421【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Sure, a beautiful photograph takes some skill behind the lens, but it takes a little skill in front of it, too.You Will NeedA photographer A camera with flash Step 1: Choose your clothesWhen choosing your clothes, leave bright colors, crazy patterns, and horizontal stripes in the closet. Neutral colors look best.第1步:选择衣在选择衣时,避开衣橱里那些具有明亮颜色、狂乱图案和水平条纹的衣。中性颜色看上去最好。Step 2: Check your faceCheck your face in the mirror: Do you have any blemishes you could cover, or greasy skin that needs powdering? Could your eyes use some drop to clear up redness? Are your eyebrows trim and neat?If you wear makeup, remember that colors will look more intense in photos, especially on black-and-white film.第2步:检查面部在镜子中检查你的面部:有没有可以遮盖的疤或需要上粉的油性皮肤?你的眼睛可以滴点眼药水来清除血丝吗?你的眉毛是否修过或齐整?提示如果你化过妆,记住色反映在照片中会加强,特别是黑白胶卷Step 3: Take pictures outside in morning or before sunsetTry to have the pictures taken outside in the morning or before sunset. The light is soft and flattering at these times, whereas high noon or flash photography can illuminate a little too much.第3步:上午或日落之前在户外照相尽量在上午或日落之前在户外照相。这些时间的光线比较柔和和悦目,而正午或闪光照片的照明可能会有点过亮。Step 4: Make sure camera is eye levelMake sure the camera lens is at eye level or just slightly higher. Any lower and you’ll look like you have a double chin.第4步:确保照相机与你的眼睛在同一水平线上确保照相机镜头与你的眼睛在同一水平线上或稍高一点。如果照相机位置较低,你就会显得有双下巴。Step 5: Lean back amp; angle hip forwardTo appear more natural when standing for a photo, lean slightly back, with your weight on your rear foot, and angle one hip forward.Keep your posture erect but not overly posed. Think “Greek Statue,” not “William Shatner.”第5步:向后仰,同时臀部向前为了显得更自然,在以站姿照相时,稍向后仰,重心放在后脚上,一侧臀部向前。提示保持垂直姿势,但不要过于刻意。想想“希腊雕像”,而不是"William Shatner"(译注:演员,熟悉美剧的同学都知道,Boston Legal里演Denny Crane)Step 6: Turn your headTurn your head two-thirds to one side or the other for a slimming effect on your face.Avoid wide-angle lenses, which will widen the appearance of your face.第6步:转动头部将你的头部向一侧或另一侧转动三分之二,可使面部看上去更瘦。提示不要使用广角镜头,这会使你的脸看上去很宽。Step 7: Look at a light sourceLook at a light source, like a lamp or light, for a few moments. It reduces the size of your pupils and the possibility of red-eye. However, never look directly at the sun.第7步:注视一个光源注视一个光源(如一盏灯或一个发光体)一会儿。光源会使你的瞳孔缩小,减少产生红眼的可能性。但是,绝对不要直视太阳。Step 8: Prevent blinkingJust before the picture is taken, close your eyes and have the photographer count to three. Then open your eyes as he begins shooting. This is the best way to prevent blinking from ruining shots.第8步:防止眨眼就在照片快要开拍前,闭上你的眼睛,让摄影师数到三。然后当他开始拍时睁开眼睛。这是防止眨眼破坏照相效果的最佳方式。Step 9: SmileThe last and most important part of a picture is the smile. Saying kitschy things like “cheese” forces a fake grin that makes you look like a newscaster or a local politician. Instead, think of a funny memory, which will bring out a naturally happy look.第9步:微笑照相中最后也是最重要的一步是微笑。俗套地说“茄子”挤出假笑会让你看上去像一个新闻播音员或本地的政客。建议回忆一件有趣的事,就会营造出自然的快乐表情。 Article/201003/98494Fed up with finger-prints and water marks on your stainless steel? That#39;s because you need to use baby-oil! No, we#39;re not joking, and here#39;s how…你的不锈钢器具上布满手印和水渍?这说明你需要使用婴儿油了!不,我们不是开玩笑,下面就向你展示……Grab yourself some baby oil and some kitchen paper and drop a couple of drops of the oil onto a sheet, then rub it around and all over the item thoroughly.准备好婴儿油和一些厨房用卷纸,向纸上滴几滴婴儿油,然后彻底擦拭不锈钢器具。Then take a clean sheet of kitchen roll and rub down and polish the whole appliance evenly to remove all streaks.然后再拿一张干净的纸彻底擦亮器具,除掉所有条痕。The baby oil dilutes and liquefies the stains and marks leaving lovely, blemish free finish!婴儿油可以稀释并溶解污渍和水痕,还你没有任何污渍的器具!Thanks for watching How To Clean Stainless Steel With Baby Oil.感谢收看“怎样使用婴儿油清洁不锈钢器具”视频节目。 Article/201301/218160

Want to swap the morning commute for the red carpet? Actress Roisin O#39;Shea talks you through the do#39;s and don#39;t#39;s of acting like a famous person.在进入红毯之前如何扫除上班奔波的疲态?女演员罗欣为你指点如何能拥有名人般的架势,关于那些应该做的和不应该做的事情Top Tips顶级秘籍Always look the part. High heels, glamourous dresses and perfect make up are a must for the ladies.眼光部分,高跟鞋,闪光的衣和精致的妆容对于女人来说是必不可少的。Talk the part. Everyone is a ;sweetie; and a ;darling.;Have that awards speech y.谈吐部分,每个人都是“亲爱的”“小甜心”,时刻准备致谢。Thanks for watching How To Act Famous.谢谢收看本期“职场气势必备”节目。 Article/201208/194200How To Be Happy on HowcastWhether it is laughing, taking time to smell the roses, or dancing, follow this road to happiness.无论是否有高兴的事,花些时间去闻闻花,跳跳舞,按着下面的做,你就能快乐。Step 1: Keep a positive perspectiveKeep a positive outlook. Focus on all of the wonderful things in your life such as family, friends, and your accomplishments.第一步:保持积极的心态保持积极的心态。将注意力集中在生活中美好的事物上面:如家庭,朋友和你的成就。TIP: Do not base your happiness on how much money you make. Wealth does not bring happiness. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.建议:不要将快乐建立在挣钱的基础上。金钱不能带来快乐。没有钱,就没有烦恼。Step 2: Write what you are grateful forWrite down on paper the things that you are thankful for every day.第二步:写下你让你感激的事每天写下你感激的事。Step 3: Make goalsMake realistic goals for yourself and celebrate your progress.第三步:设定目标为你自己设定目标,并为自己的进步欢呼。Step 4: Engage in activitiesEngage in activities that demand physical and mental activity第四步:参加各种活动参加需要思考和体力的那些活动Step 5: Develop relationshipsInvest your time and energy in your family and friends to develop and keep meaningful relationships.第五步:发展关系花谢时间和精力在家庭和朋友身上来发展并保持良好的关系。Step 6: Live in the momentLive in the moment and enjoy experiences as they happen. Embrace what you are doing and with whom you are doing it.第六步:得过且过得过且过并享受做事带来的体验。相信你正在做的事及和你一起同事的人。Step 7: VolunteerVolunteer and help others in need. It is beneficial to all parties involved.第七步:做志愿者志愿帮助需要帮助的人。对所有人都是有益的。Step 8: Think smallThink small. Instead of worrying about things in the big picture that you can’t control, think about little things that make you smile, such as a song or movie you like or a friendship that’s important to you.第八步:多想想小事多想想小事.不要去担心大局中你无法控制的那些事,想想那些能带给你微笑的小事,比如你喜欢的歌曲或电影或是对你弥足珍贵的友情。 Article/201009/113810美国总统奥巴马3月3日公布了经过修改的最终版本医改议案,并敦促国会在未来数周内就该提案进行表决。至此,长达一年的美国医改立法终于步入最后关口。 Obama urges Republicans to pass healthcare overhaulUS President, Barack Obama, has reiterated calls for Republicans to pass his sweeping healthcare overhaul. Obama said his plan included ideas from both sides of Congress. He rejected opposition calls to throw out broad bills passed by the House of Representatives and Senate and begin drafting the bill again. Democrats are preparing to pass a final measure in the Senate without opposition support through a process called reconciliation, which requires only simple majority approval instead of the usual 60 votes needed in the 100-member chamber. Barack Obama, US President, said, "Given these honest and substantial differences between the parties about the need to regulate the insurance industry and the need to help millions of middle-class families get insurance, I do not see how another year of negotiations would help. Insurance companies are continuing to raise premiums. For us to start over now could simply lead to delay that could last for another decade or even more." Article/201003/97870

You Will Need你需要Knowledge of your body type对自己体型的了解Jewelry (optional)首饰Strappy heels (optional)高跟鞋Steps步骤Step 1 Choose clothes that complement your chest选择合适的衣来衬托胸部Concentrate on details that draw the eye away from your chest if you#39;re large-busted. Look for pretty empire waists and sleek necklines that de-emphasize the bust. Also look for full, bra-friendly straps that offer additional support.如果你胸部过于丰满,就要选择能够引开视线的裙子。高腰或有曲线的领口都能弱化你的胸部。另外,宽肩带同样能为你的穿着加分。Tip: Coordinate your jewelry to your dress. Opt for a chunky necklace to highlight a maxidress, or wear pop-inspired earrings with a mod minidress. Classic bangles and gold chains also work well with most every dress.小贴士:佩带能搭配你裙子的首饰。用粗项链搭配长裙,或用时尚耳环来搭配迷你短裙。手镯和金链子是裙子的百搭饰品。Step 2 Choose clothes that complement your hips选择裙子修饰臀部Balance a pear shape with a fluid bottom to cover the hips, and play up your arms and neckline. Try a strapless or halter dress with an empire waist, or opt for an A-line tunic, which draws the eye upward.用裙子的流线型来掩盖梨形的臀部,突出你的手臂和领口部位。试一试裹胸或露背的高腰连衣裙,或能够将注意力移到脖颈的A字形连衣裙。Tip: Accessorize a pretty dress with strappy sandals. Try ladylike kitten heels or low-heeled slides. Espadrilles and mules are other summertime footwear favorites and work well with tropical-themed dresses.小贴士:高跟凉鞋是搭配裙子的最好选择了。中跟鞋或低跟凉鞋也是女士的最爱。帆布鞋和凉拖也是夏季的百搭鞋品,尤其是搭配热带风情的裙子效果最好。Step 3 Create curves营造动人曲线Create curves to soften a slim, boyish figure with a V-neck halter dress, or try layers of ruffles to create a soft shape. Look for vertical stitches and seams, which achieve the illusion of curves.用V字领吊带连衣裙营造身体曲线来柔化中性化的体型,或是选择分层有褶皱的裙子。选择垂直剪裁的连衣裙将能更好地营造柔美身形。Step 4 Don#39;t overwhelm a petite frame避免过度夸张Avoid overwhelming a petite frame. Try a bold, colorful dress, but keep it in proportion with neutral accessories — basic dress cuts flatter a smaller figure. Check out tunics, shifts, and tank dresses that elongate your frame.试试设计大胆,色艳丽的连衣裙。但你要避免穿着过度夸张,可以选择中性化的饰品来搭配夸张的裙子。基本款式的裙子会显得你体型娇小。选择那些有拉长效果,能体现你窈窕身姿的连衣裙。Step 5 De-emphasize apple shape苹果型身材慎选衣Skim your midsection if you have an apple shape. Look for dresses with a flattering neckline, such as an empire waist, that elongates the torso. Emphasize your lower half with fluid, A-line skirts.如果你是下肢纤长腰腹丰腴的苹果型身材,就要选择夸张领口设计的连衣裙,例如高腰裙子能在视觉效果上加长下身。你也可以选择A字裙来强调身体的流线型。Fact: Actress Debbie Reynolds owns the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.你知道吗?演员Debbie Reynolds拥有巨星玛丽莲梦露在The Seven Year Itch中那条白色裙装。 Article/201208/197472

For anyone who has struggled on a gym mat, hands behind head, straining to touch elbows to knees, there#39;s good news: The sit-up#39;s reign as a workout standard may be ending.对于那些躺在健身板上、双手放在脑后、吃力地弯起身子靠向膝盖的人们,这儿有个好消息:仰卧起坐作为锻炼的标准日子可能要结束了!People from high-profile exercise gurus to military experts are arguing that the sit-up, that staple of fitness tests, presents too great a risk of back injury.许多知名运动教练和军事专家都认为,仰卧起坐(体能测试主要项目)具有很高的背部受伤风险。A recent editorial in Navy Times, an independent publication that covers the U.S. Navy, called for banishing the sit-up from the physical-iness test sailors must pass twice each year.《海军时报》(一份专门报道美国海军的独立刊物)最近一篇社论呼吁从水兵每年两次必须通过的体能测试中废除仰卧起坐项目。The editorial called it ;an outdated exercise today viewed as a key cause of lower back injuries.;该篇社论称,仰卧起坐是“一种过时的运动,是造成下背部伤患的主要原因”。The Canadian Armed Forces recently cut the sit-up from its fitness test, citing concern over potential injury and its lack of connection to actual military work.加拿大军方最近废除了体能测试中的仰卧起坐项目,原因是该项目可能造成伤害、以及和实际的军事工作并没有多大关系。Tony Horton, creator of the popular P90X workout series, says he no longer does sit-ups or crunches, their truncated cousins.著名P90X锻炼系列视频的作者托尼·霍尔顿表示,他再也不会做仰卧起坐和卷腹了。;I really believe that the traditional, antiquated crunch has seen better days, and it#39;s time to make a change,; Mr. Horton says.霍尔顿说道:“我真的认为这种传统、过时的卷腹方法曾经红极一时,但是现在是时候做出改变了。” /201705/511991

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