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南昌大学医院祛疤痕多少钱景德镇乐平市浮梁县注射丰太阳穴多少钱Sir Richard Branson wants to bring back supersonic travel. Thirteen years since Concorde ended operations, the Virgin tycoon has revealed the prototype design for a new generation of supersonic business jets developed by the Branson-backed startup company Boom, based in Denver. The firm claims its planes will allow “affordable” journeys from London to New York in just three-and-a-half hours for approximately ,000 (£4,000) return, the same as current business class tickets.理查德·布兰森先生想要将超音速旅行恢复运营。自从协和式超音速喷射客机终止操作13年以来,维珍航空巨头公开了新一代超音速商务喷射机的原型设计,由布兰森持的创业公司布姆研发,基地设在丹佛。公司称它的飞机可以实现从伦敦到纽约仅用三个半小时,机票费用是“负担得起的”,大概为5,000美元(合4,000英镑),与现在的商务舱机票价格相同。But there’s still a question over whether Boom can overcome the problems that hindered Concorde. Another supersonic project in the US may aly have the edge over Branson’s preferred design. And the success of both projects – and the future of supersonic flight in general – may ultimately depend on the decisions of President-elect Donald Trump.但是还有一个问题就是,布姆是否能够克之前阻止协和式超音速喷射客机运行的问题。美国另一个超音速项目或许已经成为了布兰森优选的设计选择。两个项目的成功——超音速航班的整体未来——或许最终取决于总统选举胜出的唐纳德·特朗普的决定。Boom’s XB-1 will be more efficient than Concorde thanks to lighter, cheaper composite materials and advances in aerodynamics and jet engines. This will be helped by carrying 40 passengers per flight as opposed to Concorde’s 100, despite its ticket price. But ultimately, Boom doesn’t appear to do enough to address one of the key reasons Concorde failed.布姆公司的XB-1,使用了更加轻盈、廉价的复合材料,在航空动力学以及喷射发动机方面都很先进,这使得XB-1比协和式超音速喷射客机的效能更高。尽管机票价格高昂,但是与协和式超音速喷射客机只能载客100人相比,XB-1每趟航班只载客40人。但是最终,布姆似乎并未能够足够清楚地陈述令协和式超音速喷射客机停止运营的关键原因之一。Just four years after Concorde’s first flight in 1969, the US effectively banned supersonic travel over its mainland due to concerns of the harmful effects of the sonic boom on the public. This then restricted Concorde’s operations to going supersonic only over the sea, severely limiting the potential routes. Boom is currently not proposing a design that would go far enough to allow flights over land because it doesn’t address the noise pollution issue.协和式超音速喷射客机在1969年首次飞行,仅4年之后,由于担心超音波爆声对于公众的有害影响,美国有效禁止了在美国大陆上的超音速旅行。这一禁令将协和式超音速喷射客机的飞行限制在洋面,严重限制了潜在的路线。布姆目前并未提出一项可以在美国大陆上进行飞行的设计方案,因为它没有陈述其噪音污染问题。 /201703/498774南昌/双眼皮手术哪家比较好 江西南昌第一附属医院玻尿酸多少钱

南昌肿瘤医院纹眉多少钱The Etiquette of Chinese Banquets宴席礼仪China has long been known as the “land of ceremony and propriety”.中国自古以来就是一个文明礼仪之邦。Consequently, there are certain manners that should be observed at banquets or formal dinners.这种“文明礼仪”表现在饮食文化上,便出现了诸多的宴席礼节。First,seat order.首先是宴席的座次。Chinese people attach great importance to the seating order at banquets or formal dinners.中国人非常讲究“长幼有序”,形成了严格讲究宴席座次的传统礼俗。In the ancient times, at a banquet, people sat in a circle on the ground.古代酒席一般是席地围坐。Their seating arrangements are unknown,but it is certain that they were arranged in a certain order.其座次的顺序尚不得而知,但肯定是有区别的。It was recorded that the most honorable guest sat facing the east, the next important guest sat facing the south, next facing the north and the last facing the west.据资料记载:古代宴席以坐西面东为尊位,坐北面南次之,坐南面北又次之,坐东面西为下座。Even today at formal banquets people are arranged in a certain order, but in different areas, there are different rules concerning seat order.即使是现在,日常生活中稍微正规一些的场合,人们对酒席上的座次仍然有严格的要求,但各地的习惯却并不一样。In the past, Chinese people often sat around a so-called eight-immortal table (a table with a rectangular top, normally with eight seats around it) to dine.过去,中国民间喜欢用正方形的八仙桌。In the north, the seat order was arranged this way:北方八仙桌的座次一般是:the two seats facing the door were the most important, the host sat on the right and the most honorable guest on the left;面门的两个座位为正座,其中右位为主客,左位是主人;opposite these two seats sat two specially invited guests who were supposed to help entertain the main guests;正座的对面(即背门的两个座位)为陪座,通常是晚辈或主人家找来的陪客;the other people, guests or specially invited guests, were arranged, according to their age, to sit on the other two sides of the table.左右两侧为侧座,或客人或陪客,大多依年龄长幼顺序而坐。The two seats closer to the host and most honorable guest were considered more important than theother two seats.靠近正座者为上,靠近陪座者为下。In the south, the seat order was a bit different.南方的八仙桌座次略有不同。Apart from seat order, there are also rules regarding the order of serving dishes and the way dishes are set on the table.其次是上菜的顺序和摆菜的位置。所谓上菜的顺序,就是指菜肴依次端上宴席的次序。实际上,宴席上的“出菜”有广义、狭义之分。Dishes, in the broad sense, refer to wine (or liquor), meat and vegetable dishes and grain food; in the narrow sense, it only refers to meat and vegetable dishes.广义的出菜,是指酒、荤素菜、饭的上席顺序,狭义的出菜则仅指菜肴的上席顺序。The rules have undergone some changes.上菜的规矩有很大的变化。In the ancient times, grain food was served before wine, while today wine and meat and vegetable dishes are served before grain food.在古代,先上饭后上酒,而现在则是先上酒、菜,后上饭。For meat and vegetable dishes, there are cold dishes and hot dishes.荤素菜分为凉菜和热菜两种。Normally cold dishes are served before hot ones, dry dishes are served before soup.通常先上凉菜,后上热菜;先吃干的,后喝稀的。Hot dishes are the main courses; usually there are even numbers of hot dishes, 4, 6 or 8.热菜为主,一般为双数,如4个、6个、8个。Sometimes there could be 16 or 32 dishes.有时甚至16个,或者32个。The most sumptuous feast—Man Han Feast, has as many as 108 dishes.Soup is usually the last dish.最豪华的宴席——“满汉全席”有108道菜。汤一般是最后上。For the way dishes are set on the table, there are also rules.端上席的菜肴摆放在宴席的什么位置,也是中国宴席非常讲究的一个内容。For example, newly served dishes are always put near the most honorable guest; when whole fish, whole chicken or whole duck is served, the dish is normally put in such a way that the head is towards the most honorable guest. This is a way to show respect to the most honorable guest.比如:新上的菜都要放在靠主席或主宾的位置;上整鸡、整鸭、整鱼时,一般将头部冲着主席或主宾,以示尊敬等等。In order to show their respect and hospitality, Chinese hosts often help the guests to the dishes.在中国,为了体现对客人的尊敬和好客,主人通常给客人夹菜。For hygiene’s sake, when doing this, they usually use an extra pair of chopsticks or spoon put on the table.出于卫生,餐桌上摆有备用的筷子和勺子。 /201509/394039抚州治疗狐臭多少钱 用科学方法计算你是否体重超标What is obesity?Being overweight or obese means that excess fat is causing health problems.It is most commonly measured by Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI is your weight (kg) divided by the square (number multiplied by itself) of your height in meters.Find your BMIWork out your height in metres and multiply the figure by itself.Measure your weight in kilograms.Divide the weight by the height squared (ie, the answer to question 1). For example, you might be 1.6m (5ft 3in) tall and weigh 65kg (10st).The calculation would then be:65 / 1.6x1.6 24.52WHO BMI classificationNormal BMI between 18.5 and 24.99Overweight with a BMI gt;25Obese with a BMI gt;30Note, that with a BMI higher than 21 the risk of chronic disease increases. 什么是肥胖?超重或肥胖指过度肥胖正导致健康问题。通常采用体重指数(BMI)来衡量。你的BMI指数是你的体重(公斤)除以你身高(米)的平方(身高乘身高)。计算你的BMI指数测量你的身高,以米为单位,并将数字相乘。测量你的体重,以公斤为单位。用身高的平方(也就是问题一的)除以体重。例如,你可能高1.6米(5英尺3英寸),重65公斤。算式即为:65 / 1.6x1.6 24.52世界卫生组织BMI指数分级正常BMI指数 18.5至24.99超重BMI指数大于25肥胖BMI指数大于30注意,BMI指数高出正常21个点的罹患慢性疾病的风险也将上升。 /200803/30963南昌二院激光去斑手术多少钱

南昌中医院激光祛痣多少钱IBM is set to acquire Promontory Financial, a Washington-based financial consulting firm, as part of a broader effort to use artificial intelligence to analyse regulations and provide advice to financial institutions.IBM将收购总部驻华盛顿的金融咨询公司鹏睿金融集团(Promontory Financial Group),以实现用人工智能(AI)技术分析监管规定、并为金融机构提供咨询意见的更大目标。The computer maker said it was launching a new unit, Watson Financial Services, that would seek to harness the power of Watson, its artificial intelligence computer system, to advise clients on risk and compliance.这家计算机制造商表示正成立一个名为沃森金融务(Watson Financial Services)的新部门,该部门会试图利用其人工智能计算机系统沃森(Watson)的巨大威力,为客户提供风险与合规方面的咨询意见。IBM has suffered from falling revenues over the past four years as its core computer business declines, and Ginni Rometty, its chief executive, has tried to counteract this by focusing on new business areas such as analytics and cloud services. 过去四年,随着其核心计算机业务的下滑,IBM饱受营收下滑之苦。该公司首席执行官罗睿兰(Ginni Rometty)曾试图通过将注意力集中于分析和云计算务等新的商业领域,对抗这一趋势。The company has been spending aggressively to invest in these areas, making bn worth of acquisitions in the first six months of this year, although it did not disclose the price tag for the Promontory deal.在这些领域,该公司一直在以激进的开销开展投资,今年上半年实施了价值50亿美元的收购交易。不过,该公司并未披露其在鹏睿并购交易中的价码。Promontory is a consulting firm founded and led by Eugene Ludwig, who was a top banking official during the Clinton administration. 鹏睿是由尤金#8226;路德维格(Eugene Ludwig)创办并领导的一家咨询公司,后者在克林顿执政期间是一位顶级的业官员。It has more than 600 employees globally, many of who are former regulators who provide consulting services to the banks they once regulated.该公司在全球拥有逾600名员工,其中许多人都曾在监管机构任职,现在则在为他们曾监管过的提供咨询务。Through this tie-up IBM hopes to tap into the market for helping banks manage a fast-changing regulatory environment, a niche that it estimates is worth some 0bn a year. IBM希望通过这一结盟,开发这一帮助管理快速变化的监管环境的市场。据IBM估计,这一小众市场每年的规模约为2700亿美元。After the deal with Promontory closes, its employees will help train Watson so that the artificial intelligence system can better understand risk and compliance.在与鹏睿的交易完成后,鹏睿员工将帮助训练沃森系统,从而令该系统能够更好地理解风险与合规问题。This is a workload ideally suited for Watson’s cognitive capabilities intended to allow financial institutions to absorb the regulatory changes, understand their obligations, and#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;address compliance requirements more quickly, the company said in a statement.该公司在一份声明中表示:这是一种完美适合沃森认知能力的工作,意在令金融机构吸收监管条例的变化,理解它们的义务,并且……更迅速地应对合规要求。The tasks that Watson could perform include tracking changing regulations, financial risk modelling, surveillance, and anti-money laundering work, the company said. IBM表示,沃森可能会执行的任务包括跟踪研究不断变化的监管条例、金融风险建模、监督工作及反洗钱工作。Watson, which became famous for beating human contestants on the game show Jeopardy!, has previously been used for big-data processing work including cancer research, but has yet to have any blockbuster commercial applications.沃森系统曾在智力比赛综艺节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy!)中打败人类参赛者,从而让其名声大噪。此前,该系统一直被用于包括癌症研究在内的大数据处理,不过迄今仍未有过任何一鸣惊人的商业应用。We believe the future of business and regulation will be driven by the need for advanced technology alongside deep subject-matter expertise, said Mr Ludwig.路德维格表示:我们相信,驱动商业和监管未来的,除了对目标领域深厚专业技能的需要以外,还包括对先进技术的需要。Last year Promontory faced a lawsuit from the Department of Financial Services related to services provided to Standard Chartered involving its business with Iran. 去年,鹏睿曾由于为渣打(Standard Chartered)提供的务卷入了该行与伊朗的业务,面临纽约州金融务(Department of Financial Services)的法律诉讼。Promontory settled the charges for m and admitted that it did not comply with regulations for consultants.通过缴纳1500万美元罚金并承认未能遵守咨询公司监管规定,鹏睿就相关指控达成了和解。IBM’s share price, which has risen 14 per cent this year, was flat on Thursday on news of the acquisition.并购消息传出之后,IBM股价在周四保持平稳。此前,该公司股价在今年已上涨14%。 /201610/469326 I hear there's new research on the hair color/cancer issue. Has a connection been established?The latest word on this continuing concern comes from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which has concluded that working regularly with hair dyes in hair salons and barbershops probably increases the risk of cancer and that long term employment in these establishments is "probably carcinogenic to humans."However, the IARC, a World Health Organization panel, reported that there is not enough evidence to conclude that occasional personal use of hair coloring raises the risk of cancer.This new report, published in the April, 2008, issue of Lancet Oncology, is the first scientific word on the subject since 2005, when Spanish researchers reported that their review of 79 studies from 11 countries yielded no strong evidence of a link between hair dye and cancer risk. The only connection the Spanish team observed was the possibility of a slight increase in the risks of leukemia and multiple myeloma, but they concluded that the causal effect was too weak to be a major concern.Earlier, researchers at Yale University found that long-term use of dark hair dye by women who began coloring their hair before 1980 may increase the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. No such risk was seen among women who began dyeing their hair after 1980. Here, the difference may be due to the elimination of coal-tar-derived ingredients used in the older products that are known carcinogens. The Yale study was published in the Jan. 15, 2004, issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology.In general, I discourage use of hair dyes containing artificial coloring agents, which to my mind are as suspect in cosmetic products as they are in food. Hair dyes applied to the head are absorbed through the scalp, where there's a very rich blood supply that may carry them throughout the body. I'm sure that the new IARC report won't be the last word on this subject. I'll keep you posted on developments. 我听说了关于染发致癌的新研究。这两者间有关系吗?人们对于染发致癌持续关注,最新的说法来源于国际癌症研究机构,机构推断在理发沙龙和理发店工作、定期接触染发剂,将会增加得癌症的几率,在这些地方长期受雇会对人体产生致癌物质。然而,国家癌症研究机构,作为世界卫生组织的代表,报道说并没有足够的据说明偶然使用染发剂会有致癌风险。此最新报道出版于08年4月的《柳叶刀—肿瘤学》。这是自2005年来,西班牙研究者重新研究了11个国家的79项调查并得出没有足够的据持染发剂和致癌风险的关系之后,第一次有科学上的报道。早些年的时候,耶鲁大学的研究者发现,在1980年前开始使用染发剂的女性长期使用黑色染发剂,也许会增加得非霍金奇淋巴瘤的几率。在1980年后染发的 女性中没有看到如此症状。也许原因归于旧时产品中的衍生的煤焦油元素,它是一种致癌物质。耶鲁大学的研究发表于2004年1月15日的《美国流行病学杂 志》。总体来说,我不赞成使用带有人工色素染剂的染发剂,对于我来说,对化妆用品的不可信就像对食物中一样。用于头部的染发 剂被头皮吸收,头皮处有非常丰富的血液供给组织,也许将会把他们传送到全身上下。我确信国家癌症研究机构的最新报道不会是对这一问题的最终说法。我会为你 们提供这方面的最新消息。 /200806/42273南昌/酒糟鼻整形要哪家医院好萍乡开眼角多少钱



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