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邵阳半永久化妆培训学校十堰市学纹绣学费绣眉学习班Josh Morden and fiance Van Lawson have a love story straight off the silver screen. At least that#39;s what their engagement photo shoot shows.乔什·登和他的未婚妻范·罗森对彼此的爱情毫不逊色于荧幕剧情。至少从他们的订婚照看来是如此。The Canadian couple decided to shake up the traditional set of romantic pictures by adding a bit of humor and gore.这对加拿大情侣决定一改传统订婚照的浪漫风格,而要融入幽默和惊恐元素。Photographer Brandon Gray shot the photos in an idyllic country setting.摄影师布兰登·盖里在风景如画的乡村环境中为他们拍摄了这组订婚照。The couple that jokes together, stays together: Van Lawson, left, and her fiance Josh Morden, right, decided to include Friday the 13th killer Jason Vorhees in their engagement photo shoot.这对并肩而行边说边笑的情侣,范·罗森(左)和她的未婚夫乔什·登(右)决定邀请《十三号星期五》中的杀人狂魔杰森在他们的订婚纪念照中客串。Josh and Van are pictured holding hands, hugging and kissing in a romantic pastoral setting.乔什和范在田园美景中手牵着手,拥抱,亲吻。A sign for Camp Crystal Lake is the only clue that all may not be well in this couple#39;s paradise.一个水晶湖路牌成为唯一的暗示——他们的伊甸园中将出现不测。Josh and Van stare at each other while relaxing on a picnic blanket. But perhaps they should be paying attention to their surroundings.乔什和范躺在午餐毯子上,注视着对方。也许他们本应该多留意周围的环境。Run! Every horror movie has a moment right before the antagonists realize they are being stalked by the killer when the audience yells at the screen for them to get out while they can. This is that moment.快跑!在每部恐怖电影里都有这样一刻,受害人在意识到自己被杀手追踪前一秒、观众对着镜头尖叫,提醒他们趁还有机会赶紧逃命。这一刻就在这里了。Josh and Van finally notice Jason and their happy photo shoot turns into a nightmare.乔什和范注意到了杀人狂魔杰森,他们的快乐之旅变成了一场噩梦。Let#39;s get out of here! The couple flee from a machete-wielding Jason. Will they make it out alive?我们快逃吧!杰森挥舞着大砍刀,这对情侣试图逃脱。他们能活着生还吗?Josh looks almost too scared to move in this shot taken from over Jason#39;s shoulder.这张照片是从杰森的肩膀后面取景的,乔什看起来似乎害怕的无法行动了。Somehow Josh falters and loses pace with Van, quickly becoming prey for a blood-thirsty Jason who stabs him through the chest.不知怎的乔什绊了一跤,落在范的后面了。他很快被杰森刺穿胸膛,成为嗜血狂魔的猎物。Van manages to momentarily evade Jason and runs for her life.范得以暂时躲开杰森,慌忙逃命。Van hides in the brush and tries to silence her breathing while Jason searches for his next victim.范躲在树丛背后,努力屏住呼吸,杰森正在寻找他的下一个被害人。But like many a horror-film heroine, Van can#39;t resist returning to the side of her love, hoping he#39;ll be alive and she can save him. Unfortunately Jason finds her and kills her too.但是和许多恐怖电影里的女主角不同,范忍不住回到爱人身边,希望他还活着,希望她能救活他。不幸的是杰森找到了她,将她也杀害了。Josh and Van #39;die#39; side by side in one last embrace, their bodies covered in blood - including Van#39;s engagement ring.乔什和范最后相拥在一起,“死”在对方身边,身上沾满血迹——范的订婚戒指也沾满了血迹。Sequel? With such an action-packed engagement photo shoot, who knows what the couple will do for their actual wedding photos.续集?拍摄出这样有剧情的订婚照片,谁知道这对情侣到时候会拍出什么样的结婚照? /201311/264743宁国市泾县绩溪县旌德县纹绣技术学习培训学校 Kyoto, Japan - Forover a thousand years, Kyoto has thrived as thecultural and imperial capital of Japan. Now a popular touristdestination, it is also the hometown of Japan#39;s mysterious geishas.日本,东京——一千多年来,东京已经成为了日本帝国繁荣的文化之都。如今,作为受欢迎的旅游目的地,这里还是日本神秘的艺妓们的故乡。The word‘geisha#39; means a skilled artisthighly trained in music, dance, and art of conversation. They were not paid tosell bodies; instead, geishas were considered beauty-obsessed elite.“艺妓”指的是一位在音乐、舞蹈和交际艺术方面接受过高度训练的具备技艺的艺术者。她们并不出卖自己的身体;相反,艺妓是人们眼中美得让人着迷的精英人士。The geisha culture rose to its peak in the1750s and gradually disappeared before the Second World War. Now there are only300 of them left in Kyotoentertaining at heavily expensive restaurants.艺妓文化于18世纪50年代达到巅峰,在二战爆发前逐渐消失。现在,东京只有300名艺妓在昂贵的餐厅中招待宾客。For average visitors even spotting one ofthose beautiful geishas is extremely difficult. But there are relatively newservices that have become especially popular in recent years: geisha makeover.对于普通的游客来说,连碰见一位这样的艺妓都是件极其困难的事情。但与此相关的新兴务业在近年来变得尤其受欢迎:艺妓妆容。Professional makeup artists and attendantstransform visitors into a geisha complete with white foundation, wig andtraditional kimono. The two full hours of applying makeup could be a bit toomuch to endure but the end result is well worth it.专业的化妆师和务员给游客打上白色粉底、戴上假发并让他们穿上传统的和,将他们妆扮成艺妓的模样。长达两个小时的化妆时间需要费点耐心,但最终的效果让等待有所值。Prices range from 0 to 00 withoptional services at an additional charge; for example, going out to thestreets or taking rickshaw rides.务价格从100美元到2000美元不等,并附带收取附加费的可选务;例如,逛街或乘坐黄包车。 /201409/329906咸阳市纹绣半永久培训多少钱

铜陵市纹绣培训学校Traveling is a priority for many people during the National Day holiday, and college students are no exception. But with landmarks swamped with tourists, and transportation and accommodation costs even higher during Golden Week, how to travel on a budget is a tricky question.对于许多人而言,在过去的国庆假期里,旅行是头等大事,而大学生们自然也不例外。但是鉴于黄金周各大景点人山人海,交通、住宿费用水涨船高,如何“穷游”成为一个棘手的问题。Earn on the trip边旅行边赚钱For some, asking their parents for travel money is outdated. Saving up on your own is the trend now. But what about earning money on the trip?对于一些人而言,“啃老旅行”已经OUT了。时下最IN的是自助游。但边旅行边赚钱这种方式,你觉得如何?Chen Yirong, 22, a senior majoring in journalism at Shantou University, had a great idea to solve her budgeting problem.22岁的陈一荣(音译)是汕头大学新闻系的大四学生。她想到了一个解决经费问题的好主意。Chen traveled from Shantou to Nanjing during the holiday. Before her departure, she offered to write an article about her trip for the school newspaper when she came back.国庆假期,陈一荣离开汕头,到南京旅行。出发前,她主动要求回来后为校报撰写一篇游记。“I was paid for the story and the photos I submitted. Even if it’s just a small sum of money, it eases part of the pressure of financing the trip,” says Chen.陈一荣说:“我有偿提供文章和图片。尽管稿费不多,但这笔钱可以缓解一下出行的经济压力。”Another option is providing news stories to local newspapers. “One of my classmates took a bus from Shantou to Xiamen. After being stuck in traffic for several hours, she called a local newspaper to inform them of the situation and got 50 yuan as a reward,” says Chen.还有一个方法是为当地报纸提供新闻素材。陈一荣说:“我有一个同学乘汽车从汕头到厦门。她在路上被堵了好几个小时,后来打电话将该情况告知了当地一家报纸,得到了50元报酬。”Couchsurfing or camping沙发客或帐篷客Instead of paying for an expensive hotel, you can try to score a free nights on someone’s couch. There are a number of websites to help pave the way, and you can offer couchsurfing opportunities in your dormitory as you travel and meet people on the way.不必为酒店一掷千金,你可以免费留宿在别人的沙发上。很多网站可以助你一臂之力,你也可以在外出旅行、结交朋友时,向“沙发客”们提供免费留宿你寝室的机会。Zheng Xiao, 22, a senior majoring in law at Fudan University, found a couch in Wuhan, where he stayed for one night.22岁的郑晓(音译)就读于复旦大学法律系大四年级。在武汉时,他便做了一晚的“沙发客”。“I found the opportunity on cnsfk.com. It’s free and, more importantly, I can contact and stay with local hosts in their home. I chatted with them and got great advice on where to find traditional local food,” Zheng says.郑晓说:“我在沙发客网上找到了这个机会。这是免费的,更重要的是,我可以接触到当地人并住在他们家里。我和他们聊天,也因此收获了当地传统美食地图。As it’s still summer in southern China, students traveling there can bring a tent and ask farmers if they can camp on their land, or just camp on a beach in costal cities.由于华南地区还是夏季,去南方旅行的同学可以带上一顶帐篷,询问当地老乡是否可以在他们的土地上宿营,或者干脆在海滨城市的沙滩上做“帐篷客”。Jin Ji, 18, a freshman majoring in Chinese literature at Guangxi University, traveled to Beihai with two friends. “We rented a tent. It was really fun to sleep on the beach at night. You can listen to the waves and see the sunrise. It’s much cheaper than a hotel,” says Jin.28岁的金吉(音译)今年是广西大学中文系的一名大一新生,他刚刚与两个朋友结束了北海之行。金吉说:“我们租了一顶帐篷,晚上就睡在沙滩上,有趣极了。你可以听到海浪声,还可以看日出。这比住酒店要便宜多了。”Cycling骑行者With train tickets not easily available and flights too expensive, bicycles are a popular method of transportation for many budget travelers.由于火车票一票难求而飞机票又太贵了,骑单车成为许多“穷游族”的热门出行方式。“The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. It’s small, light and maneuverable. In fact, cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel in such a popular season. You can avoid traffic jams in cities and reach rural areas without the noise and pollution from cars,” says Wu Xinxin, 20, a sophomore majoring in ideological and political education at Sichuan Normal University.20岁的吴欣欣(音译)是来自四川师范大学思想政治教育专业的一名大二学生。她说:“单车是十分高效的出行方式。它小巧,轻便,机动灵活。事实上,在这样的旅游旺季,相对于其他出行方式,骑行的效率更高。你不必忍受城市塞车之苦,而可以去往那些远离汽车噪音与尾气的郊外。”Wu rode from Chengdu to Mount Emei with five classmates. They started at 7 am and arrived at 4 pm. “We enjoyed the scenery along the way, took some photos and rested at noon. It wasn’t so tiring as we selected a route that we could finish in one day,” says Wu.吴欣欣和五位同学从成都一路骑行到峨眉山。他们早上7点出发,下午4点到达。吴欣欣说:“我们欣赏了沿途的风景,拍了些照片,顺带还午休了一下。这并不累,因为我们选择了一条可以当日走完的线路。” /201311/262965淮北驻颜粉底微针脱毛半永久培训 1. The warm sunny weather always give me a sense of well-being。  温暖阳光的天气一直都给我幸福安宁的感觉。  2. We didn#39;t have the picnic because the weather was unsettled。  我们没有出去野餐,因为天气变幻莫测。  3. The spell of rainy weather has broken。  持续的雨天突然放晴了。  4. The weather was lazy。  这天气使人无精打采。  5. Severe weather immobilized the rescue team。  恶劣的天气给救援队的工作增加了难度。  6. As often as not the buses are late on foggy day。  每逢多雾天气,公车往往误点。  7. We had glorious weather for our cruise, sunshine all day and every day。  我们这次巡航天气实在太好了,一连几天阳光普照。  8. The cold weather froze the lake 。  寒冷的天气使湖水结冰了。  9. The air was frosty。  空气凛冽。  10. You need cool, moist weather for these plants to germinate。  这些植物在清凉潮湿的天气中才能发芽。  11. Rainy weather always depresses me。  雨天总会使我心情抑郁。  12. The wet weather extended into September。  潮湿阴雨的天气一直延续到了九月份。 /201312/269604武汉哪里可以学习纹绣

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