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池州市东流人民医院做人流的费用池州九华医院男科医生雪莉吃不惯公司的工作餐,于是叫了好朋友简到外面的大排档吃中饭,两个人对于吃的观念好像很不一样,一起来看看吧。Listen Read Learn Jane: How do you like the food sold in this sidewalk snack booth?Shirley: At least, it is better than my boxed lunch at work. I'm so fed up with the bland food. Thank you for having lunch with me!Jane: Any time. But I don't mind eating boxed lunch. The food sanitation is really good too.Shirley: It's hard to believe that you like it. You are so easy to be satisfied.Jane: Hey, it's not that bad. The food is nutritious and it's really convenient. I don't want to spend too much time on eating stuff.Shirley: Eating is important. You are what you eat. It's not only a daily routine.Jane: Well, will you just go back to work after lunch?Shirley: No. I'm going to pay the bill for the company's lunch.Jane: But you didn't eat anything today.Shirley: Well, the bill is paid by month. That's probably the only thing that I like about a take-out restaurant.Jane: All right. I'm going to the McDonald's.Shirley: For what? I thought you didn't like western food.Jane: No, I never did. It's for my son. He loves it, and I made an agreement with him that he can eat it once a week.Shirley: That's really smart. My son Daniel is the same with your son. I just don't get it, why all the kids prefer western food to traditional food.Jane: Me, either. But, it's for sure that the children market is a really big one.Shirley: That's for sure. It's always hard for the parents to say “no” to their children.听看学简: 你觉得大排档里卖的东西好吃吗?雪莉: 至少,它比我们公司吃的盒饭好吃。我受够了那些乏味的食物了。谢谢你陪我吃午饭。简: 我很乐意啊。但是我倒是不介意吃盒饭。那些食物的卫生也很不错。雪莉: 真难以相信你会喜欢。你也太容易满足了吧。简: 嗨,没有那么差吧。那些食物营养而且非常方便。我可不想花太多的时间在吃饭上。雪莉: 吃是很重要的。吃什么样的东西代表你是什么样的人。它可不只是每天的例行公事哦。简: 还有,你吃完饭之后会直接回去工作吗?雪莉: 不,我得去把公司的工作午餐的账结了。简: 但是你今天什么都没有吃啊。雪莉: 这个啊,账单是月结的。这可能是外卖让我喜欢的唯一一点。简: 好吧。我要去一趟麦当劳。雪莉: 去做什么?我原以为你不喜欢西餐的。简: 没错,我从来都不喜欢。是给我儿子的。他最喜欢了。我跟他约定每周只吃一次。雪莉: 这是个聪明的做法。我儿子丹尼尔也和你儿子一样。我就是不明白,为什么孩子们都喜欢西方的食品而不喜欢传统食物呢?简: 我也不明白。可是,可以确定的是儿童市场是一个非常大的市场。雪莉: 肯定的啊。让父母对他们的孩子说“不”总是很难的。经典背诵 RecitationShirley: Today I had lunch with my friend Jane at a sidewalk snack booth. The food there was far better than my working lunch which I never liked. But Jane was fine with working lunch thinking it was nutritious and convenient, and she didn't want to spend too much time on it. I couldn't agree with her on this. In my eyes, eating was important because I believed you were what you ate.生词小结booth n. 货摊boxed adj. 盒装的fed up 厌倦bland adj. 淡而无味的sanitation n. 卫生nutritious adj. 营养的routine n. 常规agreement n. 约定Functional structure 功能性句型扩展表示感谢的句型请朗读以下句型,家长和孩子交替进行。Thank you. / Thanks. 谢谢您。Thank you for doing / sth. 谢谢你……I (really) appreciate it that… 很高兴……It's…( 形容词 ) of you. 你……真是太……了。That's very… ( 形容词 ) of you. 你太……了。My pleasure. 不客气。You're welcome. 不客气。 /200808/47007池州东至县治疗前列腺炎多少钱 现在越来越多的人选择去健身俱乐部运动。那么在健身中心当然是办健身卡比较划算喽!健身卡怎么办?看看下面这段口语对话,一起来办张健身卡吧!Clerk: Good afternoon, madam. How can I help you?下午好,女士。有什么能为您效劳的吗?Shirley: Well, I am a bit out of shape. I'm thinking about getting some exercises to keep fit.那个,我身体有点走形了,我在考虑做点运动来保持体型。Clerk: Oh, that's good news for us.哦,这对我们是好消息啊。Shirley: So what do you provide?你们能提供什么(务)?Clerk: First of all, we'll design a custom-made work-out plan according to your habits. 首先,我们会根据顾客的兴趣为顾客做一个健身计划。Shirley: How can you get that done? 你们会怎么做呢?Clerk: Well, you have a qualified personal trainer assigned to you. And he will give you a fitness assessment and then come up with the work-out plan for your needs.哦,我们会为每一个顾客安排一名专业的私人健身教练。他会给你做一份健康和体适能评估,然后根据需求制定出相应的健身计划。Shirley: What else?还有别的吗?Clerk: Since everyone is different, your personal trainer will find you suitable exercise equipment and teach you all the techniques to help you achieve your fitness level and goal.因为每个人的情况不同,所以私人教练会帮你找合适的运动器材,教你具体的使用方法以帮你达到健身的目标。Shirley: Sounds pretty good. What about the charge?听起来很不错。怎么收费呢?Clerk: That depends. We offer membership for one month, half a year and one year.看情况的。我们提供一个月,半年和一年的会员卡。Shirley: Maybe one month. Just have a try first. Not too tough at the beginning.我要一个月的。先试一下。开始先别太多了。Clerk: Wise decision. You'll find it's totally worth it.很聪明的决定。你会发现它很超值的。Shirley: What's your business hour?你们的营业时间是什么?Clerk: We are open all day long from 6:00am till 12:00pm. And you are welcome anytime.我们从早上6点一直开到晚上12点。随时欢迎您的光临。Shirley: Thank you.谢谢。 /200808/45467Nicole: I lost the election by a hair—just 10 votes! But I'm not giving up.Ted: give me a break, Nicole. You lost. Live with it!Nicole: but I was a sure thing! If I hadn't stayed up so late baking cookies, I wouldn't have messed up my speech.Ted: get real, Nicole.Nicole: it's your fault, Ted. I lost because your friends didn't vote for me!Ted: don't try to put the blame on me! I gave it my best shot.They must've made a msitake while counting the votes. I'll deman a re-count on Monday and set the record straight.Ted: don't make a fool of yourself, nicole. Face it, Andrea won the election fair and square!Nicole: well, I just don't know where I went wrong.Susan: here, take a chocolate chip cookie. That'll cheer you up for sure! /08/80539池州贵池区医院上班时间

池州女子医院在线咨询池州妇幼保健院妇科 丹尼尔看见不远处的笼子里有个动物,但是却分辨不出到底是什么,会是什么呢?该不会是什么恐怖的动物吧! Listen Read LearnDaniel: May, look, what's that in the cage?May: Don't you know that? It's panda.Daniel: Of course I know. I just can't see it very well.May: OK, then put on your glasses, and do you know what does the panda eat?Daniel: Of course, Bamboo!May: That's right.Daniel: I also know they are given to other countries as gifts for friendship.May: You sound quite knowledgeable.Daniel: Not really, panda is my favorite animal.May: Actually, it likes milk too.Daniel: Any way, in a word, panda is out friend.May: Do you know other famous animals in the world?Daniel: Yeah, let me think, the kangaroo and koala bear from Australia are very famous.May: That's right. OK, let's move on.听看学丹尼尔:阿美,快看,那个笼子里的是什么啊?阿美:你不认识吗?是熊猫啊。丹尼尔:我当然知道了,我只是看不清楚而已。阿美:那就把你的眼镜戴上,那你知道熊猫吃什么吗?丹尼尔:当然知道了,吃竹子啊!阿美:嗯,对。丹尼尔:我还知道他们被当作象征友好的礼物送给其他国家。阿美:你还很学啊。丹尼尔:也不是啦,熊猫是我最喜欢的动物。阿美:事实上,它也喜欢喝牛奶。丹尼尔:不管怎么样,总的来说,熊猫是我们的朋友。阿美:那你还知道世界上其他的一些有名的动物吗?丹尼尔:让我想想啊,澳大利亚的袋鼠和考拉熊都很出名。阿美:对啊,我们走吧。经典背诵 RecitationDaniel: the panda is my favorite animal. They like eating bamboos very much. They are often sent to other countries as gifts friendship. I am interested in animals. I also know the two famous animals in Australia, they are kangaroos and koala bears. May says that I am quite knowledgeable.生词小结cage n. 笼子panda n. 熊猫bamboo n. 竹子country n. 国家friendship n. 友谊favorite adj. 最喜欢的knowledgeable adj. 知识渊的milk n. 牛奶kangaroo n. 袋鼠koala bear n. 考拉熊单词扩展 Vocabulary Builder动物名称的单词基础词汇dog pig 猪duck 鸭子cat 猫horse 马rabbit 兔子sheep 绵羊deer 鹿提高词汇donkey 驴elephant 大象tiger 老虎lion 狮子fox 狐狸wolf 狼bat 蝙蝠whale 鲸家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方随机大声读出上面词汇的英文和中文,另一方用该词汇填入下面的句子,大声朗读并表演出来,并用中文给出一个理由。( ) is my favorite animal.[例] 家长读 elephant 大象孩子读 Elephant is my favorite animal. 因为大象鼻子很长。 /200804/35382池州二院能检查怀孕吗

池州贵池区妇幼保健院官网Hello, this is operator.你好,我是电话接线员。 1. Oh, I Know! He swept me off my feet! 哦,我知道!他让我神魂颠倒。Sweep someone off his/her feet 是一个idiom,意思是说一个人魅力非凡,让人倾倒。例句:Mary is madly in love with bill. He swept her off her feet. 还有一个和热恋和脚有关的是:Fall head over heels 热恋中的男女沉溺爱海,爱得死去活来,全然不顾其他 2.My husband just pulled up. 我老公回家啦!这是duchess 和nate在房间里鬼魂的时候看到楼下duke从车里出来的时候说的。Pull up是“停车”的意思。我们平时所说的“靠边停”是“pull over”,通常都是让别人pull over,有时候在叙述中,也可以说某人puller over。而pull in通常不会用在命令、祈使语句中。 3. I only hooked up with him a week ago. 我一周前才和他勾搭上的。Hook up with someone是说和某人勾搭上并进而发生性关系一夜情叫one night hook-up. /201003/99739贵池区人民医院无痛人流价格池州治疗生殖器疱疹男性医院



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