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Lesson 18. 明星适应症第十八课 明星适应症star chasers追星族materialistic虚荣show business/ertainment business演艺圈autograph signing session签名会autograph signing and singing event签唱会make it big走红king of pop天王diva天后 /201705/506436Todd: OK, Simon, I was wondering you know, you have a newborn son and before you know it, hell probably be 10 years old, 12 years old, and I wonder if his life will a lot different than it was for us when we were 10 or 12. Like for example, education, do you remember what school was like when you were 12.托德:西蒙,你的儿子刚刚出生,他可能很快就长到10岁、12岁,我想知道他的生活是否和我们10岁或12岁时有很大不同。从教育等角度来说,你还记得你12岁时学校的情况吗?Simon: Yeah, sure I do. I think his education will be the same as mine. I dont think, like I had a classroom with maybe 15 or 20 students in it. Hell probably have a classroom with 15 or 20 students in it. Of course there will be a lot more technology in his classroom. I mean, I remember my first computer had green and white, green and black screen. Hell probably have 3-dimensional shapes with his computer screen.西蒙:我当然记得。我认为他接受的教育可能和我的一样。我记得当时我们班上有15或20名学生。我觉得他所在的班级可能也会有15名或20名学生。当然,教室里会有更多的科技设备。我记得我第一台电脑是绿色和白色、绿色和黑色的屏幕,而他可能会使用能呈现三维立体形状的电脑屏幕。Todd: That will be amazing. What about sports? Do you think sports will be the same? That hell play pick up games with his friends and go to the park and play soccer, whatever.托德:那太不可思议了。体育运动呢?你认为体育运动也是一样的吗?比如他会和朋友玩游戏,去公园踢足球之类的。Simon: Sure. The only difference is for example, I played soccer when I was young. I played on grass. Hell probably play on artificial turf on the top of a building somewhere.西蒙:当然了。唯一的不同可能是,我小时候是在草地上踢足球的。他可能会在建筑物顶层的人工草坪上踢足球。Todd: Right. Actually that kind of worried me about kids today. They dont play sports and freely as they did, you know, when I was 12. Cause when I was 12, we would always play pick-up basketball games or pick-up baseball games. I dont know if kids do that so much anymore.托德:对。实际上这令我有些担心现在的孩子们。他们不像我们12岁时那样自由地进行体育活动。我12岁时,我们会进行篮球比赛和棒球比赛。我不知道孩子们现在还玩不玩这些。Simon: I think they probably do.西蒙:我觉得他们会玩。Todd: You think so. OK. Well what about entertainment?托德:你这么想吗?好,那活动呢?Simon: I think some things never change so when he is 12 years old he will do exactly what I dont want him to do, which is exactly what I did so those things might be different, like I would probably hang out with my friends and go skateboarding. Hell probably have a jet board instead.西蒙:我觉得有些事是永远不会变的,他12岁的时候一定会做些我不想让他做的事情,就像我12岁时那样,不过可能会有些不同,当时我会和朋友们外出或是去玩滑板。而他可能会去玩喷射快艇。Todd: A jet board. Right.托德:喷射快艇。对。Simon: Well, who knows. I dont know, but something, something new.西蒙:谁知道呢。我也不太清楚,反正是些新颖的事物。Todd: Right. Right. OK, thats cool. Anything else you think might be different for your son, especially when you son is 30, in his 30s like you.托德:对,没错。这很酷。你觉得你儿子的生活还可能有其他的不同地方吗?尤其是当你儿子30岁的时候,就是你现在这个年纪的时候。Simon: Yeah, but I guess technology, I think technology and overpopulation so hell probably see a lot less natural sites or wont be able to experience nature as I did. I mean even now I dont see as much nature as I did 20 years ago.西蒙:嗯,我认为科技和人口过剩是主要因素,所以以后他可能不会看到这么多的自然景点,也不能像我一样感受大自然。因为相较于20年前,我现在看到的自然风景就已经没有那么多了。Todd: Right. Yeah, its kind of a sad thing. OK, anyway, thanks a lot Simon.托德:没错。这真是一件遗憾的事情。不管怎么说,非常谢谢你,西蒙。Simon: Yeah, no problem.西蒙:不客气。 译文属 /201506/378783

You shouldnt let things like that get in the way of your friendship.你不应该让这样的事情阻碍你们的友谊。例句:A:Hi,Mary.嗨,玛丽B:Hi,John.嗨,约翰A:whats wrong?怎么了?B:Its nothing.没什么A:Tell me about it.跟我说说吧。B:Well,its just my friend Emma.She likes this guy that I like too,and we kinda had a fight.好吧,是我的朋友艾玛。她喜欢的那个男孩也是我喜欢的。我们小吵了一架。A:Oh,thats too bad.But you shouldnt let things like that get in the way of your friendship.哦,那太糟糕了。不过你不应该让这样的事情阻碍你们的友谊。B:I know,but sometimes I cant help it.我知道,不过有时候我控制不住。A:I understand.Look on the bright side-the sun is shining today and we can go to the beach.是啊,我理解。往好的一面看看——今天的太阳多明媚,我们可以去沙滩玩玩。B:Oh,that would be great,John!That would really cheer me up.哦,那太好了,约翰。这肯定会让我高兴的。背景音乐:Mona Lisa更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201705/509375

讲解文本:kick ones ass 痛扁某人One more word and Ill kick your ass.你再说一个字我就揍你!疯狂练习吧!喜欢yuyu老师就关注微信号hahachicai(哈哈吃菜),一起学英文~ /201603/430868


  Todd: OK, Julia, were talking about types of people and we have some more that we can discuss. So the next one is worry wart. Are you a worry wart?托德:朱莉娅,我们继续来看不同类型的人,这里还有一些我们可以讨论的类型。下一种类型是杞人忧天型。你是杞人忧天的人吗?Julia: I guess when it comes to some things maybe yeah. Like sometimes I get insomnia and I know its because my brain is worrying about stuff.朱莉娅:我想在特定事情上我可能是。比如有时我会失眠,我知道这是因为我在担心一些事情。Todd: Right. You just cant let it go?托德:好。你不能不去想吗?Julia: Yeah, which is kind of why I took up yoga and meditation because just calming down those, you know, those thoughts that are just going crazy round in your head. So I would be a worry wart if it wasnt for my yoga practice. I think the yoga helps me keep my mind calm.朱莉娅:所以我才会去上瑜伽课和进行冥想,因为这会让你平静下来,不去想那些在你头脑里变得疯狂的想法。所以如果不进行瑜伽练习的话,我可能会成为杞人忧天的人。我想瑜伽让我的头脑可以冷静下来。Todd: Oh, cool.托德:哦,真酷。Julia: But I have that natural tendency I think.朱莉娅:不过我想我有那种自然倾向。Todd: OK, so what about things around the house? Are you a clean freak?托德:好,那家事呢?你有洁癖吗?Julia: No. No, I am messy, like ridiculously messy. I dont see mess. I dont see it. Its like a blind spot.朱莉娅:没有。我的东西很乱,非常乱。我会无视那些脏乱。我看不到那些。就像盲点一样。Todd: So youre a slob?托德:那你是懒虫?Julia: Yes, kind of, yes and this is the one thing that drives my husband crazy because hes very tidy, hes very clean, very neat.朱莉娅:有点儿,这也是快把我丈夫逼疯的一件事,因为他非常整洁,他干净又整洁。Todd: So you guys are yin and yang?托德:你们两个人就像阴阳两极一样?Julia: Yeah. He likes things to go in the proper place and he likes things to be tidied up, put away and for him its very, its a sort of therapeutic thing. Its, I guess, the mirror of his mental state. If theres a mess going on he feels uneasy so he needs to tidy up in order to kind of be focused and calm. Im kind of the opposite. If everythings too tidy and neat, I get a bit freaked out. I like, Im comfortable in mess, very comfortable in mess.朱莉娅:对。他喜欢把东西放在适当的地方,他喜欢把东西整理妥当、放好,对他来说这是一种治疗。我想这反映出了他的精神状态。如果东西很乱,他就会感觉不安,所以他要把东西整理妥当,这样他就能集中精神并平静下来。我和他正相反。如果一切太整洁干净,我会有点紧张。我在有些乱的环境中会感觉很舒。Todd: Comfortable in chaos?托德:在混乱中感觉舒?Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:对。Todd: Well that leads us to the next one and maybe this relates to your husband. Is he a control freak?托德:嗯,下面我们来说下一个,这个可能与你丈夫有关。他是控制狂吗?Julia: Yes. Absolutely. He is, yes.朱莉娅:对,他绝对是,他是。Todd: So can you explain what a control freak is?托德:你能解释一下什么是控制狂吗?Julia: A control freak is someone who likes to be in control, has to be in control all the time over all things.朱莉娅:控制狂就是喜欢一直掌控一切的人。Todd: And if theres not, if theres disorder or something left?托德:如果有些混乱,或是落下东西了呢?Julia: It causes him stress. It causes him stress so just simple things like maybe like a house guest. While hes a very friendly and generous and warm person, having an extra person in the house makes him uneasy because its a factor thats out of his control.朱莉娅:这会让他有压力。这会让他感到压力,就好像留宿客人这样简单的事情。虽然他是非常友善、大方又温暖的人,但是让客人住在家里会让他很不安,因为这是不受他控制的因素。Todd: Hm, yeah. So how about other things like are you a, like a game junkie or TV junkie?托德:嗯,好。那其他呢?你是迷或电视迷吗?Julia: There are certain games that I have to take off my phone because they will eat away my time.朱莉娅:有些游戏会让我关掉手机,因为这些游戏会占用我很多时间。Todd: Right, like Angry Birds and stuff like that?托德:好,比如《愤怒的小鸟》这种游戏?Julia: Stuff like that. The ones that, just really simplistic ones, things like Tetris and putting squares in boxes and Bejeweled where you change, moving things around. Those kind of games I can get very ily addicted to so I have to, I have to be careful, I take them off. I had like a brief intense fling with TechM, like those fighting games. I was really into fights, fighting games and playing.朱莉娅:差不多。就是那种很简单的游戏,比如俄罗斯方块这种游戏,要把方块放在盒子里,还有宝石迷阵这类游戏,要移动宝石的位置。我对这种游戏非常上瘾,所以我会很认真,会把手机关掉。在玩格斗类游戏时,我会全情投入进去。我非常喜欢玩格斗戏。Todd: Wow, thats hard core.托德:哇哦,那是核心。Julia: Yeah, but it was shortlived and I felt like it was an unhealthy obsession.朱莉娅:对,不过那只是一时,我认为那种沉迷并不健康。Todd: Yeah, you can, yeah.托德:对,是的。Julia: But yeah it was great. I enjoyed it when I did it. It was fun.朱莉娅:不过那感觉很棒。我玩的时候很享受。很有乐趣。 译文属 /201612/483891。

  Language PointsIts stifling. I can hardly breathe.Oh, God. Im sweating like a pig.Its so hot recently.Its boiling today.Damn it! Its sweltering today.This weather is freaking hot. /201511/405878

  Todd: Hey, Rebecca, can you talk a little bit about Australia and just your thoughts about your home country?托德:嗨,丽贝卡,你能谈谈澳大利亚吗?谈谈你对祖国的看法?Rebecca: I guess I spend most of my time in Sydney, but one of the things l really love about Sydney is that its very multicultural, so its an interesting place to live because every day you can meet people from all around the world and on the bus going to work you can hear maybe five or six different languages around you. You can eat food from lots of different places and of course you can talk to people with all different sorts of points of view, different backgrounds. I think its exciting for that reason.丽贝卡:我大部分时间在悉尼生活,我喜欢悉尼的多元文化,生活在那里非常有意思,因为每天你都会遇到世界各地的人,在坐公交上班的路上会听到五六种不同的语言。在悉尼可以享用到各地的美食,当然你也可以和持不同观点、来自不同背景的人交谈。我认为这点让人非常兴奋。Todd: So youre saying that Australia is basically a very multicultural place. Is this mainly just in the cities or is this all around Australia?托德:你刚才说澳大利亚是一个拥有多元文化的地方。是只有城市具备这一特点还是澳大利亚各地都呈现这一特点?Rebecca: Well, to be honest, that is mostly just the cities. I guess the other really big thing I like about Australia is its nature. Australia is a very clean and beautiful place. It has true wilderness, which is not very common in some countries in the world. You can go places and you will see nobody. I really do mean nobody. I love that, so you can go to a beach and you can be the only person there.丽贝卡:嗯,说实话,主要是城市呈现出多元文化的特点。我最喜欢澳大利亚的地方是它的自然。澳大利亚是一个非常整洁又漂亮的地方。澳大利亚拥有真正的荒野,这在世界上其他国家并不常见。你可以去看不到任何人的地方。真的没有一个人。我喜欢这点,你可以去一个没有别人的海滩。Todd: Actually, speaking of nature, you know, when you think of Australia you think of the Barrier Reef or maybe the jungles up north or like the desert in the middle. What landscapes have you been to?托德:说到自然,当提到澳大利亚的时候就会想到大堡礁,或者是北部的丛林和中部的沙漠。你去过哪些地方?Rebecca: Um, Im really lucky actually because when I was a kid my parent took me out of school for a few months and we traveled all around Australia in a van so I got to see all different kinds of landscapes in Australia: desert, Barrier Reef, mountains, forests, anything, yeah, but actually most of Australia is desert so Ive seen a lot of desert.丽贝卡:我真的很幸运,因为我小时候我父母会带我离开学校几个月,我们会开着面包车去澳大利亚各地旅行,所以我欣赏过澳大利亚各种景色:包括沙漠、大堡礁、高山、森林等等,不过实际上澳大利亚大部分地区是沙漠,所以我看的最多的是沙漠。Todd: If you had to choose, besides Sydney where youre from, your favorite place in Australia, where would it be?托德:如果让你做选择,除去你的家乡悉尼,你最喜欢澳大利亚的哪个地方?Rebecca: Mm, thats difficult. Probably somewhere with an island and a beautiful beach. Maybe not too many people but somewhere where I could go scuba-diving or snorkeling. That would be great.丽贝卡:嗯,这很难选。可能是小岛和漂亮的沙滩。我会选那种人不是太多,可以水肺潜水或浮潜的地方。那会非常棒的。Todd: OK, and where are the best beaches in Australia?托德:好,澳大利亚最棒的沙滩在哪里?Rebecca: Everywhere. Weve got so many you couldnt count them all. Yeah, Sydney has some lovely beaches but most of Australia has a coast so all the way around you can find a beach anywhere.丽贝卡:各处都有。我们有很多沙滩,甚至都数不全。悉尼有一些不错的沙滩,澳大利亚的海岸线非常长,所以其实在任何地方你都能找到海滩。 译文属 /201509/399166Id like to pay for these. 我要为这些东西结账。A:Id like to pay for these.我想为这些东西结账。B:Thatll be 0.Do you want a bag?总共40美元。需要袋子吗?A:Yes,please.Do you take cards?好的,请来一个。能刷卡吗?B:No,we only take cash or checks,sorry.不,我们只收现金和票,抱歉。A:Ill pay with cash then.那我就付现金吧。B:Okay, is your change.Have a nice day.好的,这是找给您的60美元。祝您度过愉快的一天。A:You,too.你也是。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201705/510877

  if you ask me...如果你问我的话例句:If you ask me,your little daughter is not as bad as you think. 如果你问我,我觉得你的小女儿没有你想象的那么糟糕。 If you ask me,your new coat does not suit you. 如果你问我的话,你的新衣不适合你。 A:Tom looks like he is ill. 汤姆看上去生病了。 B:If you ask me,he is just too tired. 如果你问我,我觉得他是太累了。背景音乐:Owl city-Vanilla Twilight更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201609/465093

  Exercise 8-3: Bit or Beat? Weve discussed intonation in terms of new information, contrast, opinion, and negatives. As you heard on p. 3, Americans tend to stretch out certain one-syllable words but which ones? The answer is simple when a single syllable word ends in an unvoiced consonant, the vowel is on a single stairstep short and sharp. When the word ends in a voiced consonant, or a vowel, the vowel is on a double stairstep. (For an explanation of voiced and unvoiced consonants, see page 62.You can also think of this in terms of musical notes. Here you are going to compare the four words bit, bid, beat, and bead. Once you can distinguish these four, all of the rest are easy. Repeat. bit, bid, beat, bead. /201511/410651

  本期内容:Haste trips over its own heels忙易出错首先,我们来学习两个单词hasteH-A-S-T-E 名词 匆忙 仓促heel H-E-E-L 脚后跟 鞋跟再来学习一个词组 trip over sth 被什么绊倒关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201704/502697。

  Finn is suffering from a bad toothache again and he is blaming his mother. But Li says Finn should blame the British culture of eating sweets snacks. What are they talking about?芬恩又牙疼了,他在埋怨他的妈妈。但是莉说芬恩应该埋怨的是英国爱吃甜食的文化。他们在谈论什么?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Li: Hi you are listening to The English We Speak. I am Li and with me today is Finn. Hi Finn.莉:大家好,您正在收听地道英语节目。我是莉,今天和我一起主持节目的是芬恩。嗨,芬恩。(Finn is suffering from a bad toothache)(芬恩牙疼得厉害)Finn: Hello everyone…芬恩:大家好……Li: Oh dear, your face is a bit swollen. Whats the matter?莉:天哪,你的脸有点肿。出什么事了?Finn: Ive got this bad toothache again! Blame my mother for giving me a sweet tooth, Li.芬恩:我又牙疼了!莉,这都怪我妈妈让我这么爱吃甜食。Li: Yes you are very sweet and you always bring us nice chocolates and sweets. But why should you blame your mother for this great quality — your kindness?莉:对,你的确非常好,经常给我们带好吃的巧克力和糖果。不过你为什么要为友好这种优点责怪你的妈妈呢?Finn: Oh thats very sweet of you Li, but the phrase to have a sweet tooth is another way of saying that someone craves sweet food all the time, such as sweets, desserts and chocolates.芬恩:哦,莉,你人真是太好了,不过have a sweet tooth这个词组的意思是说一个人一直想吃糖果、甜点和巧克力这种甜食。Li: I see. So when you say someone has a sweet tooth you mean this person likes sweet-tasting food, such as sweets, chocolates and desserts. 莉:我明白了。所以这个短语是说一个人特别喜欢糖果、甜点和巧克力这种甜食。Finn: Oh thats right, yes. Have you noticed that I take five sugars in my tea? I usually have six or seven cups of tea every day!芬恩:没错。你有没有注意到我在茶里放了五块糖?一般我每天会喝六七杯茶!Li: That sounds like you do have a sweet tooth! Lets hear some examples of how this expression is used:莉:听起来你的确非常喜欢甜食!我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用:Examples例句John always has a bag of sweets open on his desk. Hes got such a sweet tooth.约翰的桌子上总有一包打开的糖果。他非常喜欢吃甜食。I wish I didnt have a sweet tooth, because I had four rotten teeth pulled out and eight filled when I was only twenty.我真希望我不喜欢吃甜食,我在20岁的时候就已经拔了四颗蛀牙,补了八颗牙。Li: You know what Finn, dont blame your mother. Blame the sweet culture of Britain. I think that this country makes the best desserts in the world!莉:芬恩,你知道吗,你不应该埋怨你妈妈。你应该怪的是英国的甜食文化。我认为英国的甜点是世界上最好吃的!Finn: Really Li? Well it is difficult to resist the temptation of all those yummy cakes you see in the shops!芬恩:真的吗,莉?好吧,的确很难抗拒商店里那些美味蛋糕的诱惑!Li: So, seeing as youve got such bad toothache, perhaps I could help you with the delicious cheesecake you have with you in the studio…莉:既然你牙疼的很厉害,那我可以帮你把你带进演播室的这块美味的巧克力蛋糕吃掉……Finn: Oh… you are cheeky, arent you, Li?芬恩:哦……莉,你是不是脸皮太厚了?Li: I will buy you one back when your toothache is gone, I promise.莉:你牙好了以后,我会买一块还你的,我保。Finn: OK. Thats a deal!芬恩:就这么说定了!Li: Bye.莉:再见。Finn: Bye.芬恩:再见。 译文属 /201511/412344



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