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Story Rumple。

9 The Love of Beauty第九课 爱美The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature.爱美乃是所有正常的人性中不可或缺的一部分It is a moral quality.它是心灵的特质The absences of it is not an assured ground of condemnation, but the presence of it is an invariable sign of goodness of heart.不爱美并不一定是坏事,但爱美则象征了不变的善心In proportion to the degree in which it is felt will probably be the degree in which nobleness and beauty of character will be attained.品德的高尚与美好所达到的程度可能与爱美的感受度成正比Natural beauty is an all一pervading presence.大自然的美是随处可见的The universe is its temple.宇宙即是其殿堂It unfolds into the numberless flowers of spring.It waves in the branches of trees and the green blades of grass.美存在于春天无数的花蕊开放时,存在于随风摇曳的树枝与片片绿草中It haunts the depths of the earth and the sea.在陆地及海底深处皆可见到美的芳踪It gleams from the hues of the shell and the precious stone.它绽放于贝壳以及宝石的色泽上And not only these minute objects but the oceans, the mountains, the clouds, the stars, the rising and the setting sun一all overflow with beauty.不只是这些细微的东西,还有海洋、山庄、云朵、繁星、日升与日落,无一不美This beauty is so precious,and so congenial to our tenderest and noblest feelings,这样的美是如此珍贵,也如此适合我们最温柔与高尚的情感,that it is painful to think of the multitude of people living in the midst of it and yet remaining almost blind to it.以至想到一大群人身处在美之中却几乎对之视若无睹就令人痛心All persons should seek to become acquainted with the beauty in nature.所有的人都应该设法去认识大自然之美There is not a worm we t upon, nor a leaf that dances merrily as it falls bee the autumn winds, but calls our study and admiration.我们所踩过的小虫以及秋风拂掠前飞舞的树叶,皆值得我们研究与赞赏The power to appreciate beauty not merely increases our sources of happiness一it enlarges our moral nature, too.欣赏美的能力不仅可以增加我们快乐的来源,它也开阔了我们的灵性Beauty calms our restlessness and dispels our cares.美使我们不安的心平静下来,也驱散了我们的忧虑Go into the fields or the woods, spend a summer day by the sea or the mountains, and all your little perplexities and anxieties will vanish.走进田野或森林,在夏日的海边或山上待上一天,那么你所有微不足道的困惑与焦虑都会消失Listen to sweet music, and your foolish fears and petty jealousies will pass away.倾听悦耳的音乐,那么你愚昧的恐惧感与微不足道的嫉妒心都会过去The beauty of the world helps us to seek and find the beauty of goodness.世界之美将有助于我们找到善良之美 198。

Love and Time爱和时间Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived从前,有一个岛屿上住着所有的感情:Happiness,Sadness, Knowledge,and all of the others, including Love.快乐,悲伤,知识,还有包括爱在内的所有其他所有情感One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink,一天他们得到消息说这个岛屿将要沉没,so all constructed boats and left. Except love.除了爱以外,他们都修建了船只,打算离开Love was the only one who stayed.只有爱无动于衷,Love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment.她想在最后一刻才离开When the island had almost sunk, Love decided to ask help.当岛屿几乎沉没的时候爱决定寻求帮助Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat.富裕乘着一艘巨轮从爱身旁经过,Love said,;Richness, can you take me with you?;爱问;富裕,你能带上我吗?;Richness answered,;No,I cant.There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat.富裕回答说;不行,我的船上有很多金银珠宝There is no place here you.;没地方留给你了;Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel.爱决定求助于空虚,他正坐在一艘漂亮的船上;Vanity,please help me!;;空虚,请帮帮我;;I cant help you, Love.You are all wet and might damage my boat,Vanity answered;我帮不了你,爱,你全身湿淋淋的会毁了我的船的;空虚回答说Sadness was close by so Love asked,;Sadness,let me go with you.;悲伤走了过来,于是爱问;悲伤,让我和你一块走吧?;;Oh...Love,I am so sad that I need to be by myself!;;噢......爱,我很难过想一个人呆着!;Happiness passed by Love,too,快乐也从爱身边经过,but she was so happy that she did not even hear when Love called her.她太高兴了竟然没有听到爱叫她Suddenly,there was a voice,;Come,Love, I will take you.; It was an elder.忽然,传来一个声音来吧,爱,我载你;是位老人So blessed and overjoyed,爱是那么欣喜若狂,Love even got to ask the elder where they were going.竟忘记了问老人他们要去哪儿When they arrived at dry land,the elder went her own way.到了一块干地后,老人放下爱独自走了Realizing how much was owed the elder,意识到自己亏欠老人很多时,Love asked Knowledge another elder,;Who helped me?爱问另一位叫知识的老人;帮我的是谁?;;It was Time.; Knowledge answered.;是时间;知识回答;Time?;asked Love.;But why did Time help me?;;时间?;爱问,;为什么时间要帮我?;Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered,知识意味深长地笑笑说;Because only Time is capable of understanding how valuable Love is.;;因为只有时间才懂得爱有多么珍贵; 59。

I was on my way to a restaurant to meet my date dinner when I hit a traffic jam. I saw that the road was congested, but since I had to take the bridge to reach downtown, I had no choice but to stay on that road. The traffic was bumper-to-bumper. One crazy driver even tried to drive on the shoulder to get around the backup. But as it turns out, there wasn’t any way to bypass it because the backup wasn’t due to an accident, a stalled car or some rubberneckers. It was because of road construction and only one lane was open. After 5 minutes of stop-and-go traffic, I was at my wit’s end. My date was sitting at the restaurant waiting me and I didn’t have her cell phone number. What’s more, I was really hungry. Finally, I got past the road construction and was on my way again. I drove a little recklessly, but I had to make up lost time. I really liked this girl. The last thing I wanted was to make her think that I stood her up! 86。

Where is father now?’asked Tess suddenly.“现在爸爸在哪儿?”苔丝突然问道Her mother did not answer directly.‘He saw the doctor today, you know.It fat round the heart,he says.母亲没有直接回答:“你知道他今天去看医生了说病因是心脏周围堆了脂肪That the cause of his illness. He might last ten years… might last ten months or days.’也许他能再活十年……再活十个月或者十天”Tess looked anxious.Her father, suddenly a great man, to die so soon!苔丝愁容满面她的父亲,一个突然间变得如此伟大的人物,会这么快就死去!‘But where is father?’she asked firmly.“但爸爸在哪儿啊?”她加重语气问道 ‘Now dont you get angry!’said Mrs Durbeyfield.“嗯,你可别生气,”德北夫人说,‘The poor man was feeling so weak after the news that he went to Rolliver.“这可怜的人儿在听说了那则特大消息后就浑身酥软啦,他只好去了罗里弗酒店He needs to build up his strength to deliver the beehives tomorrow,remember.’他需要积蓄点儿力气,要知道,明早他还得赶运那些蜂箱呢” ‘Oh my God!’cried Tess.‘He went to a public house!And you agreed to it, mother!’“哦,天哪!”苔丝叫了起来,“他上酒店了!而你却同意了,妈!”‘No,I didnt,’said Mrs Durbeyfield crossly.‘Ive been waiting you to look after the children while I fetch him.’“不,我没有同意”德北夫人生气地说“我一直在等着你回来照看孩子们,这样我就可以去接他了” 5。

谈谈自己Well, I was born and raised in Minnesota, in St. Paul, Minnesota, to be exact. I wont say how long ago that was, but let just say Im no spring chicken. I grew up there with my rather large family of 8 brothers and sisters. (I was the baby of the family, but I swear I wasnt spoiled!) We were in all, probably the biggest family in the neighborhood, maybe in the state. I had a mostly happy childhood. My father and mother didnt have a lot of money, but we were never worried about keeping up with the Joneses. I wasnt much into sports like my brothers were, but I enjoyed ing and listening to music growing up. I went to grade school near my house, and then to a high school about miles from where I lived. After graduating from high school, I went on to the University of Minnesota to get my bachelor degree. It took me a while to learn the ropes at the university, but I finally graduated nearly 6 years later. Better late than never, as my father used to say. I then went to Mexico a couple of years to teach English and to study Spanish. When I returned, I decided to become a teacher, so I went back to school to get my Master degree. After teaching a few years, I was offered a job in Calinia, so I moved to Los Angeles in 1991. After working here a few years, I went back to school (again!) to get my Ph.D. I was starting to become a professional student. Well, I finished up my degree in four years, and then taught at the university several years. Now, I work at a small research organization here in L.A. I am happily married, and I still enjoy ing and listening to music, and, of course, hosting ESL Podcast.好,我出生长大在明尼苏达,准确的说是明尼苏达圣保罗我不说那是多久以前的事儿了,但是我也不年轻了我同我的八个兄弟和两个一起在那里长大我是最小的,但是我发誓我没有被惯坏我们家一共有口人,可能是邻里中最大的家庭,也可能是本州最大的家庭了我的童年很快乐我的父母没有很多钱,但是我们不担心攀比我不如我的兄弟们擅长体育运动,但是我成长期喜欢读书听音乐我在家附近读的中学,高中在离家英里的地方读的高中毕业后,我去明尼苏达州立大学攻取学士学位我花了很长时间学习大学课程,但是最终在六年后毕业了像我爸爸经常说的,迟来总比不来好然后我去墨西哥待了几年教英语同时学习西班牙语回国之后我决定成为一名老师,我重回校园攻取硕士学位教了几年之后,我在加利福尼亚得到一份工作,于是我在1991年搬到了洛杉矶在这儿工作了几年之后,我又回到了学校获得士学位我开始成为一名专业学生了然后,我在四年内完成了我的学业,然后在大学中教了几年现在,我在洛杉矶本地的一个小调查机构工作我很高兴的结了婚,也一直在享受阅读和音乐,当然,主持播客节目我也很高兴。

George: Im kind of nervous staying in a vacation rental the first time.乔治:第一次住在出租的度假公寓里,感觉好紧张Marnie: Dont worry. Bee I booked this , I checked it out thoroughly. It pet-friendly and kid-friendly, and it sleeps six, so itll be perfect the whole family.玛尔妮:别担心在订这套房之前,我全方位考察过在这里动物和孩子都是受欢迎的,并且能住6个人,对全家来说很完美George: But there wont be the same amenities or services as a hotel.乔治:但这里没有和酒店一样的设施和务Marnie: We wont need any of those. Just think, well have the run of the place and there are no adjoining s. The proximity to town is great and I got a last-minute price that even lower than their low season rate.玛尔妮:我们不需要那些试想一下,我们能亲自管理这个地方,不会有邻居来打扰更棒的是这里离城里很近,而且我还拿到了比淡季时更低的价格George: Everything sounds good, but…乔治:听起来很好,但是...Marnie: Itll be our home away from home. s this close to the beach are scarce, and this one is really afdable.玛尔妮:这里将成为我们的家外之家离海滩如此近的公寓稀缺,更何况价格真的很实惠George: A little too afdable, if you ask me. You said that it just a night?乔治:要我说,有点太过实惠了听你说这里只要60美元一晚Marnie: That right.玛尔妮:没错George: Are there any taxes or cleaning fees?乔治:还需要交税或清洁费用吗?Marnie: I didnt ask about that.玛尔妮:我没问过George: Do they require a refundable deposit?乔治:他们有要求我们先付押金,到时退还吗?Marnie: I didnt check that either.玛尔妮:这我也没问过George: Then maybe it too good to be true. Bee we get too excited, let go the fine print.乔治:那么这一切都显得太好,而不像是真的别高兴得太早,先看看附加条款再说吧原文译文属! 91。