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Today in History:Friday, June14, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月14日,星期五June 14th, 1940 During WWII, Paris falls into Nazi hands, as German troops enter France#39;s capital. That same day, in German occupied Poland, the Nazis open a concentration camp, at Auschwitz.1985,Shiite Muslim militants hijack TWA Flight 847 shortly after takeoff from Athens, Greece.“He has pulled a hand-grenade pin and is y to blow up the aircraft if he has to. We must, I repeat, we must land at Beirut. We must land at Beirut. No alternative.”The hijackers demand the release of hundreds of Lebanese from Israeli jails. They force the plane to crisscross the Mediterranean, landing in Beirut three times. The 17-day ordeal ends after the hijackers kill a U.S. Navy diver and dump his body on Beirut#39;s tarmac.1777,During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress adopts the Stars and Stripes as the official flag for the new ed States.1928,Ernesto Che Guevara is born in Rosario, Argentina. The leftist guerrilla who fought alongside Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution remains a global icon.And 1946,Real estate developer Donald Trump is born in New York City. Trump#39;s celebrity hit new highs as host of the TV reality show “The Apprentice.”Today in History, June 14th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/244010很多人需要时间很灵活的工作--可是这些人很难跟有需要的雇主联系上。Wingham Rowan在做这件事。他解释了配现代财经市场的技术同样也会帮助雇主们找到时间零碎的工人。 Article/201405/291684

Today in History: Saturday, March 02, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月2日,星期六On March 2, 1877, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes was declared winner of the 1876 presidential election over Democrat Samuel J. Tilden, even though Tilden had won the popular vote.1877年3月2日,尽管蒂尔登赢得普选的胜利,但最终共和党卢瑟福B.海耶斯击败塞缪尔J·蒂尔登赢得1876年总统大选。1807 Congress outlawed the importation of slaves to the ed States, effective the following year.1807年,国会宣布向美国进口奴隶非法,第二年执行。1836 Texas declared its independence from Mexico.1836年,德州宣布脱离墨西哥独立。1917 Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. Citizenship.1917年,波多黎各人获得美国公民。1939 Roman Catholic Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected pope and took the name Pius XII.1939年,罗马天主教红衣主教Eugenio Pacelli 当选教皇,取名庇护十二世。1962 Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors scored 100 points in a game against the New York Knicks, an NBA record that still stands.1962年,在费城勇士对阵纽约尼克斯的比赛中张伯伦拿下100分,该项记录仍在NBA保留着。1965 The movie version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ;The Sound of Music; had its world premiere in New York.1965年,罗杰斯和汉默斯坦音乐剧《音乐之声》的电影版在纽约举行了全球首映。1985 The federal government approved a screening test for AIDS that detected antibodies to the virus, allowing possibly contaminated blood to be excluded from the blood supply.1985年,联邦政府同意对艾滋病进行筛选试验,发现艾滋病病毒抗体,并允许可能被污染的血液从血液供应站清除。2004 A series of coordinated blasts in Iraq killed 181 people at shrines in Karbala and Baghdad as thousands of Shiite Muslim pilgrims gathered for a religious festival.2004年,伊拉克数千名什叶派穆斯林朝圣者聚集参加一宗教节日时发生系列协同爆炸事件,致卡尔巴拉和巴格达181人死亡。2008 Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin#39;s hand-picked successor, scored a crushing victory in Russia#39;s presidential election.2008年,弗拉基米尔·普京亲手挑选的继任者德米特里·梅德韦杰夫在俄罗斯大选中取得压倒性胜利。 /201303/227917视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》I think I just couldn#39;t stop smiling for several days after filming.拍摄结束后的好几天我都会情不自禁地笑The relief was just unbelievable.我感到难以置信的宽慰Back at the camera platform, James has had a long night.在摄像平台上 詹姆斯度过了漫长的一晚For over four hours,超过4小时的时间里the elephant tried to shake him out of the tree.大象想要把他从树上摇下来Got down this morning when the Bayaka came to collect me,早上巴彦喀来接我的时候我才下树went to look at the camera,我去查看了摄像机and he#39;d pulled it out of the tree,大象把摄像机从树上扯了下来and he#39;d chewed through the power cable.他还咬穿了电源线He must have gotten a bit of a shock,他肯定被电到了一下I mean only 12 volts, but...虽然只有12伏特的电压 不过...Serves him right, quite honestly.他罪有应得 真的But at least we got a shot of him before he trashed the camera.至少我们在他弄坏摄像机前拍到了图像Silver lining.不幸中的万幸Despite this bumpy start,坎坷的开端之后the elephants soon got used to James,大象们很快习惯了詹姆斯and James got used to the elephants.詹姆斯也熟识了大象们Filming here was never going to be easy,在这里摄像肯定不容易but we were soon able to但我们很快就能够reveal the night life of forest elephants like never before.第一次揭示丛林象们的夜生活 Article/201403/281452

Kiev says at least 30 anti-gov#39;t “terrorists” killed基辅称至少有30名反政府“恐怖分子”被杀Ukraine#39;s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov says at least 30 pro-independence militia have been killed during operations to crush anti-government forces in the east.乌克兰内政部部长阿尔森·阿克夫称在粉碎东部的反政府武装行动中至少有30名独派民兵遇害。Arsen Avakov said on his Facebook page Tuesday that four government troops also died and 20 others were injured during fighting in Slavyansk on Monday.阿尔森·阿克夫周二在他的Facebook页面上也表示周一在斯拉维扬斯克的战斗中有4名政府士兵死亡,20人受伤。Gunbattles took place at various positions as Kiev forces pushed on against armed activists to quell unrest in the east.随着基辅军队打击武装分子平息东部骚乱在不同地点都发生了战。The Kiev authorities also announced that they were firing the acting governor in the southern region of Odessa and appointing a new one.基辅当局还宣布他们解雇了在敖德萨南部地区的代理州长并且任命了新人选。The government is trying to re-establish control over the predominantly Russian-speaking region, where 46 people were killed late on Friday.政府正试图在主要亲俄地区重新夺回控制权,截至周五那里46人遇害。 Article/201405/294991UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s shoutout goes out to Mr. Ward#39;s, Mrs. King#39;s, Mr. Gant#39;s, Mrs. Haugland#39;s and Mrs. Purkey#39;s classes at Trenton public school in Trenton, North Dakota. 今天的“大声喊出来”来到了特伦顿公立学校课堂。What type of degree do law school graduates earn? 法学院毕业生会获得什么学位?You know what to do. Is it a JD, Ph.D., MBA or DDS? You#39;ve got 3 seconds, go.你知道该怎么做!它是法学士、哲学士、工商管理硕士还是DDS?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Law school graduates earn a JD, which stands for juris doctor, or doctor of jurisprudence. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.法学院毕业生获得法学士学位。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Some people who have JD#39;s aren#39;t able to find work using their JD#39;s. 一些有法学士学位的人不能凭借其学位找到工作。They are still involved in the legal system. 他们仍在法律系统中。They are suing the law schools where they earned their degrees. 他们起诉授予他们学位的法学院。Dozens of law school graduates from around the country have joined lawsuits against their alma maters. 全国很多法学院毕业生起诉了他们的母校。They claim the schools committed fraud advertising that most graduates have jobs within a year after getting their degrees. 他们声称学校欺诈,因为学校宣传该校大部分的毕业生获得学位后都能在一年内找到工作。The numbers were based on graduates who had any job, but not necessarily full-time jobs as lawyers. 这个数字来源于有工作的任何毕业生,不一定是全职律师。A lawyer representing some of the schools said they followed the rules when they reported their graduate employment numbers. 一些校方律师说他们在报告他们的就业率时是遵守了规则的。Some of the lawsuits have been thrown out; others are moving forward.一些诉讼法院不予立案,一些正在受理中。 /201304/233879

在TEDxRainier,帕特里夏·库尔讲了有关婴儿学习不同语言的惊人发现,婴儿聆听围绕在他们身边的人类声音并对他们要知道的声音做统计。精巧的室内试验和脑部扫描呈现6周大的婴儿如何使用复杂的统计推理来感知世界。 Article/201407/310175

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