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Barack Obama, US president, threw down a challenge to his Chinese hosts at a speech at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Beijing on Monday, arguing for an open internet and the right to organised labour.周一,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)在北京亚太经合组APEC)论坛的一次演讲中向东道主发出挑战,辩称应开放互联网和维护有组织劳工的权利。“We know that, given a choice, our young people would demand more access to the world’s information, not less,the president told an audience of business delegates. “We know that, if allowed to organise, our workers would demand better working conditions#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;that they are looking for stronger labour and environmental safeguards.”面对由商界代表组成的听众,奥巴马表示:“我们知道,如果可以选择的话,我们的年轻人会要求获取更多的全球信息,而不是更少。我们知道,如果可以组织起来,我们的工人会要求更好的工作条件……他们正寻求获得更强有力的劳动保障与环境保障措施。”Mr Obama was applauded for a pledge to extend the length of student and business visas to the US.奥巴马承诺将延长赴美学生签和商务签的有效期,这一承诺得到了听众们的鼓掌欢迎。However, the president was whisked away by his security detail without taking questions from the audience, in contrast with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, who followed his Apec speech with a question-and-answer session dominated by Chinese concerns over his nation’s business environment.然而,这位美国总统还没有回答听众的问题,就在其安保人员的护送下匆匆离开了会场。这与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)形成鲜明对照,后者在APEC演讲结束后安排了问答环节——听众在该环节中提出的问题主要涉及中国人对俄罗斯营商环境的关切。The different approaches captured the two countriesrelative positions as China transforms itself into the dominant economy in the Pacific. Russia is seeking Chinese investment to develop its resources in its remote Siberian territory, and sustain it during a bruising battle with the west over Ukraine.奥巴马和普京截然不同的态度,反映出美俄两国在面对中国将自身转变为太平洋地区主导性经济体时的相对立场。俄罗斯正在寻求中国人的投资,以开发其偏远的西伯利亚地区的资源,并在俄与西方就乌克兰问题展开激烈交锋之际获得中方的持。Mr Obama, by contrast, is aiming to push through a wide-ranging US-led trade deal, rivalling a similar proposal led by China amid increasing geopolitical friction. It has agreed to extend visas for Chinese students to five years from one, and for business travellers to 10 years.相比之下,奥巴马的目标则是在日益加剧的地缘政治擦中,推动达成一项美国主导下的广泛的贸易协定,与中国主导下的类似方案相抗衡。美国已同意将中国学生赴美签有效期年延长至5年,将商务旅游签有效期延长0年。“The Pacific Ocean is big enough for both of our nations. The US welcomes the rise of a prosperous, peaceful and stable China,Mr Obama said, to applause.奥巴马表示:“太平洋足够大,容得下我们两个国家。美国对一个繁荣、和平而稳定的中国的崛起表示欢迎。”这番话迎得一片掌声。Mr Putin, meanwhile, sought to reassure Chinese and Asian investors of the attractiveness of infrastructure and development zones in the Russian Far East, despite a plunging rouble. The currency last week suffered its biggest weekly drop in 11 years.与此同时,普京则试图让中国和亚洲投资者相信,尽管卢布出现了暴跌,俄远东地区的基础建设和开发区仍然很有吸引力。上周,卢布遭遇1年来最大幅度的单周下跌。The Russian leader also put up a stout defence against Chinese investors who complained about local protectionism, currency worries and even Russian policies on wood exports.面对那些就俄地方保护主义、汇率担忧乃至俄木材出口政策发牢骚的中国投资者,普京为俄进行了坚决的辩护。There was a lighter note when a female audience member sought to promote her own investment park in Russia, prompting an animated response from the Russian president. “I want to kiss you and hug you right here,Mr Putin said.会场上还出现了一段轻松的插曲。当时,一名女性听众试图宣传她自己在俄罗斯的一个投资园区,这引来了俄罗斯总统的热情回应。普京表示:“我想当场拥吻您一下。”来 /201411/341775。

John Kerry, US secretary of state, said diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear programme had “earned the benefit of the doubtafter six major powers and Tehran gave themselves another seven months to strike a deal.美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)表示,遏制伊朗核计划的外交努力“赢得了暂时有限的信任”。此前,参与伊朗核问题谈判的6个大国和伊朗将达成协议的最后期限再度延个月。The P5+1, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council the US, UK, France, Russia and China and Germany, agreed to extend the so-called joint plan of action, under which the talks have taken place, until the end of June 2015 after failing to reach a deal after days of talks in Vienna.在维也纳谈判数日后,各方仍未能达成协议,因此参与谈判的P5+1大国,即联合国安理会(UN Security Council)五个常任理事国——美囀?英囀?法囀?俄罗斯和中国,再加上德国,同意将谈判的框架,即所谓的联合行动计划延期015月底。Their intention is to hammer out a broad political agreement on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the rollback of international sanctions within four months.他们的意图是个月内就伊朗核雄心和逐步取消国际制裁等事宜敲定一项全面的政治协定。Mr Kerry justified the extension saying the talks had “made real and substantial progress and we have seen new ideas surface adding: “Given how far we have come in the past year, and particularly in the past few days, this is not the time to get up and walk away.”克里为谈判延期辩护,称谈判“已经取得切实和实质性的进展,我们看到一些新想法出现,”他补充道,“考虑到我们在过去一年中,尤其是过去几天里取得的进展,这不是一个起身离开的时机。”With political momentum building on Capitol Hill for new sanctions against Tehran, Mr Kerry appealed for patience from the US Senate.在美国国会内部,要求对伊朗采取新的制裁的政治势头正在蓄积,克里呼吁美国参议院保持耐心。“I have huge respect for the prerogatives of the US Congress,he said, “but I believe this is a moment when congress [needs to] see the wisdom of leaving us the equilibrium for a few months.”“我非常尊敬美国国会的权利,”他说,“但我相信在眼下这个时机,国会(需要)看到,让我们保持几个月的均衡状态是明智之举。”Philip Hammond, British foreign secretary, said the extension “does not mean that there will now be a lull in the negotiations英国外交大臣菲利#8226;哈蒙Philip Hammond)表示,延期“并非意味着谈判现在会暂时搁置”。Under the terms of the extension, Iran will continue to see about 0m of its assets unfrozen from international bank accounts every month, in return for an ongoing halt to all enrichment of uranium beyond the 5 per cent level.根据延期条件,伊朗的国际账户每月会解亿美元的资产,作为交换,伊朗将继续暂%纯度以上水平的铀浓缩。The Vienna talks were due to end at midnight last night. But the French, German and UK foreign ministers and Mr Kerry concluded on Saturday night over dinner at the British ambassador’s residence that a deal was not going to happen without Tehran making an implausibly sharp turn in its negotiating position.维也纳谈判预定的结束时间是昨日午夜。但上周六晚,法囀?德国和英国外长和克里在英国大使官邸共进晚餐时得出结论,除非伊朗在谈判立场上做出令人难以置信的重大转变,否则协议将无法达成。While new technical proposals were discussed by diplomats over the weekend, the two sides remained deadlocked on the crucial issues of the number of centrifuges Iran wants to operate and the timing of a rollback of sanctions.尽管外交官们在周末讨论了新的技术提议,但在伊朗想要运行的离心机数量以及取消制裁的时间等关键问题上,双方依然处于僵局。The extension of talks poses a dilemma for both sides: on the one hand, negotiators need enough time to iron out properly the unresolved issues between the two sides; on the other hand, the longer the talks are extended, the easier a target they may prove for hardliners in Iran and conservative hawks in the newly Republican-controlled US Senate.谈判延期让双方都陷入了两难境地:一方面,谈判代表们需要足够时间妥善磨合双方仍未达成一致的问题;另一方面,谈判拖得越久,就越有可能成为伊朗强硬派和共和党控制的新一届美国参议院中的保守鹰派的靶子。Both sides were deadlocked by fundamental disagreements that have dogged the talks since a preparatory summit in Oman at the beginning of the month.本月初在阿曼举行的准备峰会之后,双方之间存在的根本分歧使谈判陷入僵局。来 /201411/345174。

The White House says it is not targeting French President Francois Hollandes communications and will not do so, after transparency website WikiLeaks released documents that it says shows the U.S. National Security Agency spied on him and his two predecessors.白宫表示,美国现在并未对法国总统奥朗德进行窃听,而且今后也不会这样做。此前维基揭秘网站声称,该网站公布的文件显示美国国家安全局对奥朗德及法国两位前任总统进行窃听。There was no immediate confirmation of the accuracy of the documents, which were released by WikiLeaks in collaboration with French daily newspaper Liberation and investigative website Mediapart.这些文件的真实性尚未得到实。维基揭秘与法国《解放报》以及网站Mediapart联合公布了有关文件。NSA spokesman Ned Price said the Obama administration does not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance unless there is a ;specific and validated national security purpose,; a standard he said applied to both world leaders and ;ordinary citizens.;美国国家安全局发言人普赖斯说,奥巴马政府没有进行任何外国情报侦测活动,除非出于某项具体而切实的国家安全目的。他表示,这样的标准适用于世界领导人和“普通公民”。The spokesman did not address whether French presidential communications had been wiretapped in the past.普赖斯没有说明过去是否曾对法国总统进行窃听。A French presidential aide says Mr. Hollande is expected to meet Wednesday with his defense council to evaluate the information published by Wikileaks.法国总统的一名助手说,预计奥朗德星期三将同法国国防委员会对维基揭秘公布的文件进行评估。来 /201506/382561。

US President Barack Obama has lashed out at new Chinese cyber security regulations, elevating the increasingly contentious issue to the top of the two countriesbilateral agenda.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)批评中国新网络安全法规,将这个越来越有争议的问题提升至两国双边议程的首位。“This is something that I’ve raised with President Xi [Jinping],Mr Obama said in an interview with Reuters. “We have made it very clear to them that this is something they are going to have to change if they are to do business with the ed States.”“这件事情我已经向习(近平)主席提起,”奥巴马在接受路透社(Reuters)采访时表示。“我们向他们说得很清楚,如果他们想同美国做生意,这是他们将不得不做出改变的事情。”Over recent weeks, US and European corporate executives have expressed alarm over two new pieces of Chinese legislation targeting telecom companies, internet service providers and banks. Both are still in the drafting process, but could begin to take effect this month.最近几周,美欧企业高管纷纷对中国针对电信公司、互联网务提供商和的两项立法草案表示震惊。两者仍在起草阶段,但可能在本月就开始生效。Business lobby groups have asked the Obama administration and the European Commission to raise the issue in bilateral trade talks with Beijing. They suspect that the new rules, which Chinese government officials say are needed to address legitimate national security concerns, are in fact aimed at boosting China’s own tech companies.商业游说团体已要求奥巴马政府和欧盟委员会(European Commission)在与北京方面举行的双边贸易谈判中提出这个问题。中国政府官员称,这些新规是必要的,是为了应对正当的国家安全关切。但美欧游说团体怀疑,这些规定其实是为了扶持中国本土的高科技公司。Four US cabinet secretaries have written a letter to their Chinese counterparts about the issue, according to people familiar with the diplomatic exchange. In a statement last week, US trade representative Michael Froman also argued that the new regulations “go directly against a series of China’s bilateral and multilateral trade commitments据了解相关外交活动的人士透露,四名美国内阁部长已就这一问题致函中国相应官员。美国贸易代表迈克尔#8226;弗罗Michael Froman)上周在一份声明中也提出,新的法规“完全违反中国曾经做出的一系列双边和多边贸易承诺”。Mr Obama expressed concern about a draft Chinese antiterrorism law that would force telecom and internet companies to provide Beijing with “back doorsinto their systems as well as require them to store data in China.奥巴马对中国反恐法草案表示关切,该法将迫使电信和互联网公司向北京方面提供进入其系统的“后门”,并要求他们将数据存储在中国境内。China’s telecom market is dominated by large state companies that can aly be trusted to turn over information demanded by Beijing’s security agencies but multinationals also use foreign providers for private networks and other services.中国的电信市场被大型国有企业主导,北京方面已经可以相信这些企业会交出中国安全部门索取的信息,但跨国公司也使用境外提供商,由其提供专网和其它务。A separate set of regulations, drafted by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will require more than 70 per cent of banksinformation technology equipment to be “secure and controllableby 2019.由中国银监会(CBRC)以及工业和信息化部起草的另一项法规,将要求到2019年各70%以上的信息技术设备“安全可控”。Under the new guidelines, financial institutions will have to begin informing authorities about their compliance procedures as soon as March 15.根据新的指导原则,金融机构最早将须从35日起向有关部门报告其合规程序。On Tuesday a spokesperson for Beijing’s foreign affairs ministry said the laws were China’s internal affair.中国外交部发言人周二表示,有关立法是中国的内政。“We hope the US can regard and manage this correctly, calmly and objectively,he said. “Every country takes measures to protect itself and information security. This should not be criticised.”“希望美方正确、冷静、客观对待处理,”这名发言人表示。“各国都高度关注信息安全问题,也在采取措施保障自身信息安全,这无可指摘。”来 /201503/362734。

A released on IslamicState-affiliated Twitter accounts show theapparent beheading of Haruna Yukawa, a 42-year-old Japanese citizen who had been held captive by ISIS forces since last August. Yukawas death hasnt been independently verified, but the Japanese government said it believes the to be authentic. The beheading came days after ISIS demanded Japan pay a 0million ransom to free Yukawa and Kenji Goto, a 47-year-old journalist and fellow captive. The Japanese government had pledged to free the hostages, but said it would not ;bow to terrorism.; According toGoto, who spoke in the that showed Yukawas purported execution, ISIS will free him if Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, a female affiliate currently imprisoned in Jordan, is released.ISIS在推特上发布了一个斩首自去年8月份就遭到他们逮捕2岁人质汤川的视频。他的死亡还没有获得独立查,但是日本政府认为这个视频是真实的。而在几天前,ISIS要求日本政府付2亿美元的赎金来释放这两名人质(另外一名人质是47岁的记者)。日本政府承诺会去解救这些人质,但是称不会向恐怖主义低头。这7岁的记者在一个处决了42岁人质的视频中说道,如果一名现在被关押在约旦的女犯人SajidaMubarak al-Rishawi得到释放的话,那么ISIS就会释放他。In a hastily arranged news conference,Japan reacted with outrage.在后来临时安排的一个新闻发布会上,日本做出了愤怒的回应;The Japanese government will not givein to terrorism and will continue to contribute to the peace and stability ofthe international community and the world,; Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters.“日本政府不会向恐怖主义低头,将继续对国际社会和世界的和平和稳定做出贡献,”首相安倍对记者们说。For Abe, whose Liberal Democratic Party didwell in regional elections in December, the crisis with the Islamic Statepresents Japan with a dilemma. Since assuming the countrys top office, Abe hassupported removing Article 9 of Japans constitution, a pacifist measure thathas guided Japanese foreign policy since World War II. The prime minister hasargued that the clause has become an achronistic in a world where China, along time adversary, has greatly improved its military capacity. Following the elections in December, Defense Minister Gen. Nakatami explained the rationale.对于安倍来说(其自民党2月份的地区选举上获得大胜),这次ISIS危机让日本陷入困境。自从成为日本的领导人以来,安倍持将第九条移出日本宪法,作为和平主义的第九条自二战结束以来就一直指导着日本的外交政策。安倍认为由于长久以来的敌人中国在军事上获得很很大的提升,所以这个条款已经过时了。在12月份的选举之后,日本国防部长Nakatami阐述了其中的道理;Japans security environment haschanged, and we must fortify our national security,; he said. However, theres no guarantee Yukawasdeath will galvanize public support for Abes proposal. An unstableman with a history of mental illness, Yukawa had traveled to Syria last summer with the intention of working as a private security contractor. Sincehis capture in August, the public has largely reacted with anger that he placed himself in such ad angerous situation. In 2004, the capture of four Japanese aid workers in Iraq elicited a similar lack of sympathy back home.“日本的安全环境已经改变,我们必须对我们的国家安全进行强化,”他说。然而这2岁人质的死无法保将刺激民众去持安倍的提议。这名人质患有精神疾病,于去年夏天以私人安全务承包商的身份前往叙利亚。自8月份被ISIS逮捕以来,公众的主要反应是愤怒,认为在那么危险的情况下他还跑到叙利亚去004年,四名日本救援人员在伊拉克被捕时,日本国内也是这样缺乏同情心。In any case, Abes optionsare limited. In 2013, Japan signed a pledge by the G8, a group of the worlds largest economies, to deny ransom payments to terrorist organizations.无论如何,安倍的选择是有限的013年,日本签署了G8国家的一份保书,规定不向恐怖组织付赎金。来 /201501/356248。