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2019年09月21日 11:30:30

The Badaling section of the Great Wall will soon offer another unique attraction-the world#39;s deepest and largest high-speed railway station.八达岭长城段很快将出现又一个独特的景观--那就是世界上最深最大的高铁站。The Badaling station will be located 102 meters below the surface, with an underground construction area of 36,000 square meters, equal to five standard soccer fields, making it the deepest and largest high-speed railway station in the world.八达岭站位于地表以下102米,地下建筑面积3.6万平方米,相当于五个标准足球场的面积,这也使得其成为世界上最深最大的高速铁路车站。The underground station will have three floors, separate levels for arriving and departing passengers-similar to airports-and two escalators with vertical heights of 62 meters, the highest in the country.地铁站将建三层,分离进出站客流--这点和机场类似--有两个垂直高度62米的扶梯,为全国最高。Expected to be finished by the end of 2019, the railway is considered a vital link between the venue clusters for the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing and in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province.京张高铁预计到2019年年底建成,是连接北京和河北省张家口举办的2022年冬季奥运会场地的重要环节。The railway will have 10 stations and two branch lines connecting Yanqing and Chongli, aiming to smooth the residential traffic and fuel local economic growth.这条铁路沿途将设10站,两条线连接延庆和崇礼,旨在缓解居住区交通状况及促进地方经济增长。The railway, with a designed maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour, will shorten the commute time between the Beijing North Station and the Olympics venues in Chongli of Zhangjiakou from the current three-plus hours to around 50 minutes.该铁路设计最高时速350公里,会将北京北站到张家口崇礼奥运场馆之间的通勤时间从当前的3个多小时缩短到大约50分钟。Of the 10 stations, the Badaling Station is considered the most challenging because of the mountainous landscape, vulnerable environment and limited construction period, which requires the project to be finished within 46 months.在10座车站中,八达岭站是最具挑战性的,因为多山的景观、脆弱的环境和有限的建设周期,该站需要在46个月内完成。;It will run through mountains where the Great Wall is winding, so we adopted some of the world#39;s advanced explosion technologies to guarantee it would not affect the Great Wall,; said Luo Duhao, chief engineer of the railway group for the Badaling section.八达岭段铁路集团总工程师罗都颢表示:“由于该铁路要经过蜿蜒的长城下的群山,所以我们采用了世界上先进的防爆技术,以保不会影响到长城。” /201610/469924闽清县孕检什么医院好宁德检查宫腔镜Nearly half the species on the planet are failing to cope with global warming the world has aly experienced, according to an alarming new study that suggests the sixth mass extinction of animal life in the Earth#39;s history could take place in as little as 50 years.一项令人震惊的最新研究表明,地球上近一半的物种无法应对当前发生的全球变暖,地球离史上第六次物种大灭绝可能只有50年了。A leading evolutionary biologist, Professor John Wiens, found that 47 percent of nearly 1,000 species had suffered local extinctions linked to climate change with populations absent from areas where they had been found before.约翰.韦恩斯教授是一位杰出的进化生物学家,他发现在近1000种物种中,有47%的物种出现了与气候变化相关的局部灭绝,一些物种在他们原来生存的区域消失了。Professor Wiens, who is editor of the Quarterly Review of Biology and a winner of the American Society of Naturalists#39; Presidential Award, said the implications for the future were serious because his review showed plants and animals were struggling to deal with the relatively small amount of global warming experienced to date.韦恩斯教授是《生物学季刊》的编辑,也是《美国物学家》杂志主席奖的获得者。他认为,种种迹象表明未来的局势十分严峻,因为研究显示,动植物正勉强应对着当前相对轻微的全球变暖问题。So far the world has warmed by about 1℃ above pre-industrial levels, but it is expected to hit between 2.6 and 4.8C by 2100 if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gases.与工业化前相比,全球气温目前为止已经升高了1℃,但如果不减少温室气体,那么到2100年气温将升高2.6℃至4.8℃。Another problem facing life on Earth is the election of climate science denier Donald Trump as US president.地球生物面临的另一个麻烦是,气候科学否定者唐纳德.特朗普当选美国总统。Professor Wiens, of Arizona University, described this as a ;global disaster; and, when asked what he would say to the President-elect if he met him, he joked grimly: ;Kill yourself immediately.;在亚利桑那州立大学执教的韦恩斯称,特朗普当选是一场“全球性灾难”,当被问及如果遇见这位候任总统想对他说点什么时,韦恩斯开玩笑道:“赶紧带吧。”In his study, published in the journal PLOS Biology, the scientist examined academic papers about 976 different species from all over the world that had been studied at least twice, once about 50 years ago and again within the last 10 years.韦恩斯的研究被发表在《公共科学图书馆.生物学》期刊上,他查阅了全球976个不同物种的相关学术论文。这些物种至少都被研究过两次,一次是在约50年前,另一次是在近10年内。;In almost half the species looked at, there have been local extinctions aly,; he said.他说,“接近一半的被观察物种已经局部灭绝。”;What it shows is species cannot change fast enough to keep up with a small change in climate. That#39;s the big implication - even a small change in temperature and they cannot handle it.;“这说明生物的进化速度跟不上轻微的气候变化。这背后的重大寓意是——气温即使发生一点变化这些生物也无法适应。”The study looked at 716 different kinds of animals and 260 plants from Asia, Europe, North and South America, and elsewhere.该研究观察了来自亚洲、欧洲、北美、南美以及其他地区的716种不同动物和260种不同植物。There were few areas of the planet that were unaffected.地球上很少有未受影响的地区。The current rate of global extinction of animals and plants is believed to be faster than some of the five great extinction events in the Earth#39;s history, but so far the total number lost does not compare to the species lost when the dinosaurs were wiped out about 65 million years ago.人们认为,与地球历史上前五次物种大灭绝中的几次相比,目前全球动植物的灭绝速度要更迅速,但是目前为止灭绝的物种数还无法与6500万年前恐龙灭绝时期的数量相提并论。However one reason geologists are considering declaring a new epoch in the planet#39;s history is the rapid loss of flora and fauna that will have a noticeable effect on the fossil record.不过,动植物的迅速灭绝将对化石记录产生显著影响,这是地质学家们正考虑宣告地球历史迎来新纪元的一个原因。Professor Wiens said: ;It#39;s true that in terms of global extinction of entire species that have aly happened, I think we#39;re not there [at the sixth mass extinction] yet.韦恩斯教授称,“就全球所有物种发生灭绝的情况而言,我认为第六次物种大灭绝的确还没有发生。”;But I think unfortunately we are on track for that to happen.“但不幸的是,我认为事情正朝着这个方向发展。”There were aly ;two bad signs; that Mr Trump#39;s election would make things worse, Professor Wiens said.韦恩斯称,已经有“两个坏迹象”显示,特朗普当选会让事情雪上加霜。;One would be this person he#39;s assigned to head the EPA (renowned climate science denier Scott Pruitt) and the other thing is pulling out of the Paris accord,; he said.“其一是特朗普任命的环保局局长(出名的反气候科学者斯考特.普鲁伊特),另一件事就是退出《巴黎协定》。”Asked what he would really say to Mr Trump if they met, Professor Wiens said: ;I guess I would tell him #39;what would you think if there was a country on the other side of the world that was releasing gas that was going to cause extinctions in our country, to hurt our crops and make people starve#39;.在被问及如果二人相遇他会对特朗普真正说些什么时,韦恩斯教授说:“我想我会问他‘如果在世界的另一边,有一个国家正在排放的气体将使美国的物种灭绝,农作物遭到破坏,让人们饿死,你对此怎么看’”。;He would say, #39;tell me where it is and we#39;ll bomb them tomorrow#39;. Then I#39;d say, #39;this is what we#39;re doing to other countries because we are the big polluters.#39;“他会说,‘告诉我是哪个国家,明天我们就炸了那里’。然后我会说,“这就是我们正在对其他国家做的事情,因为我们就是最大的排污国。” /201612/483598晋安博爱医院肖小燕评价

宁德去那间医院治不孕不育福州接通输卵管哪家比较好A contentious Chinese high speed rail project in Thailand has emerged as an important test of both Beijing’s regional ambitions and the appetite of the ruling generals in Bangkok for deeper ties with their giant neighbour.泰国一个有争议的中国高铁项目将是对北京方面的地区雄心、以及泰国军政府深化泰中关系意愿的重大考验。Questions swirl around the scope, cost and viability of a plan that critics have branded the Train to Nowhere after the two countries said they wanted to push ahead with a .2bn first phase but pointed to initial construction of only 3.5km of track. 围绕中泰高铁计划的规模、成本和可行性,人们提出了种种质疑。在两国声称希望推进造价52亿美元的第一期工程、但又表明最初仅建造3.5公里轨道之后,批评者将之戏称为哪儿也去不了的列车。The project is part of a wider pivot by China to Southeast Asia as it seeks to build trade routes, exploit tensions with Washington, and quell opposition to its sea territory claims. 该项目是中国转向东南亚地区的更广泛战略的一部分,这一战略的目的是打通贸易线路、利用有些国家与美国之间的紧张关系以及消除各方对自身领海主张的反对。But the Mekong rail initiative has also been plagued by delays and disagreements that highlight wider regional obstacles to Chinese dominance and its One Belt, One Road trade route strategy of investing in infrastructure in neighbouring countries — as well as those farther away.但湄公河区域铁路计划也受到拖延和分歧等问题的困扰,突显出中国的主导地位及其在邻国及更远地区投资建设基础设施的一带一路贸易线路战略在地区遭遇更为广泛的障碍。Aksornsri Phanishsarn, an economics professor and China specialist at Bangkok’s Thammasat University, said more than a dozen bilateral meetings on the proposed 873km Sino-Thai railway co-operation had still failed to resolve some big disagreements. 泰国国立法政大学(Thammasat University)经济学教授及中国事务专家胡慧文(Aksornsri Phanishsarn)表示,中泰双方就拟议的873公里铁路合作计划举行了十多轮双边会谈,但仍未解决一些重大分歧。These included how the project would be funded and what the conditions of any loans from China would be. 这些分歧包括项目融资方式以及中国提供贷款的条件。I do hope that these problems can be overcome if the two countries seriously work together with sincerity and concrete commitments to their mutual benefit, she said. 她表示:我衷心希望,如果双方真诚合作,做出互惠互利的具体承诺,这些问题能够得到解决。The Mekong rail project has long been billed as a crucial plank in efforts to build a transport and trade bridge between China and a Southeast Asian region of more than 600m people. 湄公河区域铁路项目一直被宣传为打造连接中国和有6亿多人口的东南亚地区的交通和贸易桥梁的关键一环。The first train route would run from the southern Chinese city of Kunming via Vientiane, the capital of Laos, then on to Bangkok and a port and petrochemical complex in the coastal Thai province of Rayong. 首条铁路线将从中国南方城市昆明出发,经由老挝首都万象,然后抵达曼谷和泰国沿海省份罗勇府的一个港口和石化工厂。China and Thailand have provisionally agreed to a 179bn baht (.2bn) deal for the first 250km phase of the project within Thailand, which would run north from Bangkok to central Thailand, the country’s transport minister said last week. 泰国交通部长上周表示,中国和泰国暂时达成了1790亿泰铢(合52亿美元)的协议,将建设位于泰国境内的250公里的第一期工程——从曼谷以北延伸至泰国中部。A building contract is scheduled to be tendered and awarded for an initial 3.5km section by November, with work to start before the end of the year. 按照计划,最初3.5公里的建造合同将在今年11月前招标确定,并在年底前动工。The announcement of such a short first segment has been mocked by some commentators but Narongsak Sanguansin, a Thai transport ministry official, said it would serve as a model and would allow any initial technical problems to be identified and resolved. 泰国宣布如此短的首段工程,受到了一些人士的嘲笑。但是泰国交通部官员那龙萨#8226;沙愿辛(Narongsak Sanguansin)称,这一路段将作为样板,以便发现和解决所有最初的技术问题。This is the first time Thailand has had this kind of high-speed train construction, so there may be many things that need to be adjusted, he said. 这是泰国首次上马这类高速铁路建设,因此可能会有很多方面需要调整,他称。But the exact status of the project still remains unclear. 但是,该项目的确切状况仍然不清楚。A Chinese source with knowledge of investment in Thailand suggested the deal with Bangkok was not yet sealed. 一位了解中方对泰国投资情况的中国消息人士表示,与曼谷方面的协议尚未敲定。They keep announcing it prematurely, he said. 他们不断贸然宣布相关消息,他称。The hiatus in reaching an agreement echoes delays in the bn China-Laos rail project, which was launched with much fanfare with a groundbreaking in December but has moved little since. 中泰项目的拖拉与中国-老挝铁路项目如出一辙。这个价值70亿美元的项目于去年12月大张旗鼓地举行了动工仪式,但是从那之后几乎没有进展。Vientiane said in July that work was on hold pending completion of reports on social and economic impact demanded by the Chinese banks backing the venture. 7月,老挝曾表示,工程暂停,等待提供融资的中方所要求的社会和经济影响报告完成。Thailand’s generals have pushed for closer relations with China since their May 2014 coup. 自从2014年5月军事政变后,泰国军政府一直力推与中国建立更紧密的关系。They want to kick-start their country’s sluggish economy, while relations with the US have cooled because of Washington’s criticism of the military putsch. 他们希望重振萧条的国内经济,同时由于华盛顿方面指责那次军事政变,泰国与美国的关系逐渐冷却。For Beijing, the Thai project offers a gateway into a Southeast Asian regional hub and a chance to deepen relations with a military that has no territorial quarrels with China and is likely to remain highly influential in Bangkok even after elections provisionally scheduled for next year. 对于北京方面来说,泰国铁路项目提供了进入东南亚地区中心的通道,并可以借此机会深化与泰国军方(和中国不存在领土争端)的关系。即使在暂定于明年举行的泰国大选后,泰国军方也很可能保留在曼谷的重要影响力。But some analysts say the Thai rail project makes little commercial or strategic sense. 但一些分析人士表示,泰国铁路项目几乎不具备商业和战略价值。Zhao Jian, economics professor at Beijing Jiaotong University and a trenchant critic of high-speed rail both within and outside China, said the Sino-Thai rail link was a loss-loss proposition and China will be the biggest loser. 北京交通大学(Beijing Jiaotong University)的经济学教授赵坚对中国境内外的高铁项目都持批评意见,他称中泰铁路线是个双输的提议,中国会成为最大的输家。Even normal rail would probably be lossmaking in that region because there is no significant traffic there, Mr Zhao said. These countries don’t have any money. 即使是在该地区建设普通铁路也可能亏损,因为那里没有巨大的交通流量,赵坚称,这些国家没有钱。They aren’t providing a guarantee, so the losses are China’s.他们不会提供担保,因此亏损将由中国承担。Other observers have suggested that big rail projects are useful to China because they mop up spare supply chain capacity that lacks enough orders domestically. 其他观察人士表示,建设大型铁路项目对中国有益,因为这些项目可以吸纳中国国内多余的供应链产能。Beijing argues demand for rail capacity will flourish as neighbouring countries become richer, as has happened in China itself. 北京方面认为,随着邻国日益富有,它们对铁路运力的需求将随之高涨,正如中国的情况一样。Thailand has an extreme concentration of population and financial resources [in Bangkok], said Mei Xinyu, a Beijing-based economic strategist. If you built infrastructure elsewhere, the resources would follow and the under-developed areas would become more developed. 泰国的人口和财力高度集中(在曼谷),北京的经济分析师梅新育称,如果在其他地方建设基础设施,资源就会流动起来,欠发达地区会变得发达一些。 /201609/468945福州看男科那个医院好While debate about the relevance of the secular stagnation idea to current economic conditions continues to rage, there is now almost universal acceptance of a crucial part of the argument. It is agreed that the “neutral” interest rate, which neither boosts nor constrains growth, has declined substantially and is likely to be lower in the future than in the past throughout the industrial world because of a growing relative abundance of savings relative to investment.关于长期停滞观点是否切合当前经济状况,人们还在热议,但这种观点中的一个关键部分已被极为普遍地认可。人们近乎一致地认为,既不会刺激增长、也不会抑制增长的“中性”利率已经大幅下降,而且未来工业国家的中性利率有可能比过去更低,原因是相对于投资来说,储蓄日益充裕。The idea that real interest rates — that is, adjusted for inflation — will be lower than they have been historically is reflected in the pronouncements of policymakers such as Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, the medium-term forecasts of official agencies such as the Congressional Budget Office and the International Monetary Fund and the pricing of government bonds whose payments are tied to inflation.实际利率(即经过通胀调整后的利率)将比历史水平更低的观点,可见于美联储(Fed)主席珍妮特耶伦(Janet Yellen)等政策制定者的声明、美国国会预算办公室(Congressional Budget Office)和国际货币基金组织(IMF)等官方机构的中期预测,以及那些与通胀挂钩的政府债券的定价中。This is important progress and has contributed to more prudent monetary policies than otherwise would have been made and the avoidance of a deflationary psychology taking hold particularly in Europe and Japan. Policymakers, despite having adjusted their views, still overestimate the extent to which neutral real interest rates will rise.这是重要的进步,导致了更为审慎的货币政策,并避免了通缩心理的形成,特别是在欧洲和日本。政策制定者们尽管观点有所转变,但仍然高估了中性实际利率将会上升的幅度。Neutral real interest rates may well rise over the next few years as the American economy creates jobs at a rapid rate and the effects of the financial crisis diminish. This is what many expect, though the fact that an imminent return towards historically normal interest has been widely expected for the past six years should invite scepticism.随着美国经济快速创造就业,以及金融危机的影响消退,中性实际利率很可能在今后几年出现上升。许多人都是这么预期的,然而过去6年里人们也普遍预期利率即将回归历史正常水平,这种情况应该激起人们的怀疑心理。A number of considerations make me doubt the US economy’s capacity to absorb significant increases in real rates over the next few years. First, they were trending down for 20 years before the crisis started and have continued that path since. Second, there is at least a significant risk that as the rest of the world struggles there will be substantial inflows of capital into the US leading to downward pressure on rates and upward pressure on the dollar, which in turn reduces demand for traded goods.出于种种考虑,我怀疑美国经济在今后几年承受实际利率大幅上升的能力。首先,实际利率在危机开始前有20年处于下降通道,而且危机以后又继续下降。其次,至少存在一个巨大风险,即在全球其他地区经济增长乏力的情况下,资本将会大量流入美国,引发利率的下行压力和美元的上行压力,这反过来将减少对贸易商品的需求。Third, the increases in demand achieved through low rates in recent years have come from pulling demand forward, resulting in lower levels of demand for the future. For example, lower rates have accelerated purchases of cars and other consumer durables and created apparent increases in wealth as asset prices inflate. In a sense, monetary easing has a narcotic aspect. To maintain a given level of stimulus requires continuing cuts in rates.第三,最近几年由低利率带来的需求增长实际上是预了需求,将导致未来需求水平下降。例如,利率下降刺激消费者提前购买汽车和其他耐用消费品,而随着资产价格上升,财富也明显增加。从某种意义上来说,货币宽松有着起到麻醉作用的一面。要保持既定水平的刺激,就需要继续削减利率。Fourth, profits are starting to turn down and regulatory pressure is inhibiting lending to small and medium sized businesses. Fifth, inflation mismeasurement may be growing as the share in the economy of items such as heathcare, where quality is hard to adjust for, grows. If so, apparent neutral real interest rates will decline even if there is no change in properly measured rates.第四,利润开始下降,同时监管压力正在抑制对中小企业的放贷。第五,随着医疗保健等务在经济中的比重增长,在衡量通胀时误差会越来越多。若情况果真如此,表面的中性实际利率将会下降,即便正确衡量的利率没有任何改变。All of this leaves me far from confident that there is substantial scope for tightening in the US and there is probably even less scope in other parts of the industrialised world. The fact that central banks in countries, including Europe, Sweden and Israel, where rates were zero found themselves reversing course after raising rates adds to the cause for concern.所有这些都让我很难相信美国有巨大的紧缩空间,其他工业化国家的紧缩空间甚至可能更小。有一种情况让人更有理由担忧:欧洲、瑞典和以色列等地的央行曾经实行零利率,它们在加息之后就又改变了做法。But there is a more profound worry. The experience of the US and others suggests that once a recovery is mature the odds of it ending within two years are about half and of it ending in less than three years over two-thirds. As normal growth is below 2 per cent rather than the historical near 3 per cent, the risk may even be greater. While recession risks may seem remote given rapid growth, no postwar recession has been predicted a year ahead by the Fed, the administration or the consensus forecast.但还有一种更深层次的担忧。美国和其他国家的经历表明,一旦复苏进入成熟阶段,它在两年内结束的几率大约为一半,在不到三年内结束的几率超过三分之二。由于正常增长低于2%而不是历史上的近3%,风险可能更大。尽管鉴于增长迅速,衰退风险似乎很遥远,但二战后的任何一次衰退,不论美联储、政府还是共识预测,都不曾提前一年预测到。History suggests that when recession comes it is necessary to cut rates more than 300 basis points. I agree with the market that the odds are the Fed will not be able to raise rates 100 basis points a year without threatening to undermine recovery. Even if this were possible, the chances are very high that recession will come before there is room to cut rates enough to offset it. The knowledge that this is the case must surely reduce confidence and inhibit demand.历史表明,当衰退来临时,就有必要降息逾300个基点。我赞同市场的这种观点,即美联储大概无法一年加息100个基点还能不破坏经济复苏。即便有此可能,在美联储能够及时大幅降息以阻止经济衰退之前,极有可能衰退已经降临。对于这种情景的认知必定会打击信心并抑制需求。Central bankers bravely assert that they can always use unconventional tools. But there may be less in the cupboard than they suppose. The efficacy of further quantitative easing in an environment of well-functioning markets and aly very low medium-term rates is highly questionable. There are severe limits on how negative rates can become. A central bank forced back to the zero lower bound is not likely to have great credibility if it engages in forward guidance.央行官员们大胆宣称,他们总是可以使用非传统工具。但可动用的工具可能比他们预料的要少。在市场运转良好、中期利率已非常低的环境里,进一步量化宽松的效力非常令人怀疑。利率能够达到的负值有很大限制。被迫退回到零利率下限的央行公信力不会太好,如果它发布前瞻性指引的话。The Fed will in all likelihood raise rates this month. Markets will focus on the pace of its tightening. I hope their response will involve no great turbulence. But the unresolved question that will hang over the economy is how policy can delay and ultimately contain the next recession. It demands urgent attention from fiscal as well as monetary policymakers.美联储很可能在本月提高利率。市场将关注其紧缩步伐。我希望市场做出的回应不会造成巨大的震荡。但一个困扰美国经济的问题没有得到解决,那就是如何利用政策延迟、并最终遏制下一场衰退。这需要财政及货币政策制定者立即重视起来。 /201512/415152福州检查早泄那里最好

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