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福建省费用保健院检查激素六项好不好费用多少宁德哪间医院看不孕不育Even close ties to the military can#39;t shield boorish Chinese officials from being called out for behaving badly in the age of social media. 在社交媒体时代,即使跟军方有着密切的关系,行为不检的中国官员也免不了被人拉出来点名。 China#39;s state-run Xinhua news agency on Saturday issued a report largely confirming the account, originally published on Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo microblogging service, of a China Southern Airlines flight attendant who said she was bullied by a Chinese official and his wife in a conflict over carry-on luggage during a flight on Aug. 29. 中国官方媒体新华社上周六发表一篇报道,基本上实了中国南方航空公司一位乘务人员最初发表在新浪微上的说法。这位空说,8月29日的一次飞行期间,她与一位官员及其夫人因行李摆放问题产生冲突,被对方欺负。 The official is identified in the Xinhua report as Fang Daguo, a member of the Communist Party Standing Committee in the Yuexiu district of the southern metropolis of Guangzhou. Mr. Fang is also political commissar for the Yuexiu Armed Forces Department. 新华社认定这位官员是广州市越秀区委常委方大国。他同时也是越秀区武装部政委。 Internet users had earlier helped identify Mr. Fang after the flight attendant, whose own identity remains unclear, posted an account of the attack on the microblogging service that quickly went viral. 之前,这位空通过新浪微发表关于这次事件的描述、并很快在网上流传开来。此后,网民曾帮助确定了方大国的身份。这位空的身份仍然不明。 The conflict occurred on a China Southern flight from the eastern city of Hefei to Guangzhou. According to accounts from the flight attendant, a co-worker and passengers interviewed by Xinhua, it began when Mr. Fang and his wife, the latter smelling strongly of alcohol, called the flight attendant after failing to find space above their seats to store their carry-on bags. 冲突发生在一架从合肥飞往广州的南航班机上。据空、她的一位同事以及新华社采访的乘客说,先是方大国及其散发着强烈酒气的夫人发现座位上方没有位置存放他们随身携带的行李,于是叫空过来。 When the flight attendant suggested the couple store their bags elsewhere, Mr. Fang grew suddenly angry and grabbed the flight attendants#39; arm. #39;If it weren#39;t for us, you wouldn#39; t even have food to eat,#39; his wife yelled, according one passenger account cited by Xinhua. 空建议夫妇俩把行李放在别的地方,方大国突然发作,抓住了空的手臂。据新华社引述的一位乘客的说法,当时方大国的妻子叫道:如果没有我们,你连饭都没有的吃。 The flight attendant#39;s co-worker wrote that Mr. Fang at one point attacked the flight attendant with his luggage while his wife threatened her, saying #39;Aren#39;t you just a flight attendant? I know your boss!#39; 空的一位同事写道,方大国一度用行李砸她,同时方夫人威胁她说:不就一个乘务员吗?我认识你们老总! That post was accompanied by a series of photos showing a torn flight attendant#39;s uniform and a woman#39;s scratched and bruised arm. 这条微附带了一系列照片,显示一件空乘制被撕裂,一名女子的手臂有抓痕和淤伤。 A preliminary investigation by the Yuexiu District Armed Forces Department found that Mr. Fang did not assault the flight attendant, according to Xinhua, though it did find that #39;pushing and shoving occurred between the flight attendant and one of his family members.#39; Xinhua ed the department#39;s investigation in denying allegations from the flight attendant that Mr. Yang had called military trucks to the airport in an effort to intimidate her. 据新华社报道,越秀区武装部经过初步调查,认为方大国并未殴打空,但其家属与空发生过“拉扯”。空声称方大国曾叫军车到机场威胁她;而据新华社引述上述调查称,越秀区武装部否认这一说法。 Mr. Fang apologized to the flight attendant #39;of his own volition,#39; Xinhua ed the department as saying. 新华社援引越秀区武装部的话报道说,方大国已经主动向空表达了歉意。 Attempts to reach Mr. Fang through the Yuexiu district government on Sunday were unsuccessful. The flight attendant has not updated her Sina Weibo feed since Friday. 记者上周日试图通过越秀区政府联系方大国,但没有成功。这名空上周五之后就没有更新过微。 Prior to the release of the preliminary investigation results and the Xinhua report, the incident had produced a torrent of angry responses online, including one posted on the verified Weibo account of Xinhua#39;s own bureau in Guangzhou on Friday. 在初步调查结果和新华社的报道发布之前,这起事件在网上引起了大量愤怒的回帖,其中包括新华社广州分社上周五在认微账户上发布的一条微。 #39;According to the usual practice, there are no official reports about the political commissar assault incident,#39; the post, which was later taken down. #39;Even more ridiculous, media microblog accounts have also been forced to stay silent on this. A reminder: This sort of protection doesn#39;t just harm individuals, it also harms the entire organization. Because one is secure in the knowledge that he has backing, so he acts brazenly and without scruples.#39; 这篇微写道,像往常一样,没有关于这名政委打人事件的官方报道。更可笑的是,媒体的微账户被迫保持沉默。请记住,这种庇护不仅会危害到个人,也危害到整个机构。因为如果一个人认为自己有了靠山,他就会更加有恃无恐。这条微后来被删除。 Xinhua#39;s Guangzhou bureau declined to comment on the intent of the post or why it was later deleted. 新华社广州分社拒绝这条微的意图以及为何这条微后来被删除。 While other members of China#39;s ruling class have been exposed and eviscerated in public for much worse offenses , this is a rare instance in which someone with connections to China#39;s powerful military has had his misdeeds mentioned in the state-run press following a social media outcry. 尽管有其他中国官员曾因为更加恶劣的行为被曝光和唾弃,但与中国军方有关的人因不当行为在社交媒体上引起关注,之后又被国有媒体报道,这样的情况并不多见。 #39;Innumerable incidents prove that under the gaze of Internet users, no truth stays hidden forever,#39; Xinhua wrote on its official Sina Weibo feed on Saturday shortly after publishing its report on the incident. 在发布了对该事件的报道后不久,新华社上周六在新浪微的官方账户上写道:无数事件明,网友众目睽睽之下,没有永远窖藏的真相,只有围观推进的力量。 Not everyone was y to declare victory, however. 不过,并非每一个人都做好了庆祝胜利的准备。 #39;An apology and it#39;s all over?#39; wrote one dissatisfied Sina Weibo user. #39;At the very least, he should be dismissed. Or are military people exempt?#39; 一名不满的新浪微用户写道,道歉就完了吗?至少应该撤职。难道军人就可以免于处分吗? Another argued that the online outcry over the flight attendant#39;s story, far from signaling progress, was instead cause for concern. #39;It#39;s precisely this kind of case that proves how far China is from enjoying rule of law,#39; the post . #39;How many people are there in this country who, because their misfortunes don#39;t attract the attention of Internet users, are forced to remain victims of power abuse?#39; 另一名网友则认为,空挨打的遭遇在网上引起轩然并不代表着进步,相反,这值得人们担忧。他说,就是这样的案例明了中国离法治有多么遥远。这个国家里还有多少人的不幸遭遇没有得到网友的关注,只能继续充当权力滥用的受害者? /201209/197967福州市第七医院检查精子活性多少钱 A new Indian oil refinery near its border with Pakistan could boost trade between the two countries through fuel sales. The South Asian rivals are hoping that stepped up trade will help the reconciliation process.印度一家临近巴基斯坦边界的新炼油厂可能提升两国之间燃料销售的贸易关系。这两个位于南亚的对立国家希望贸易关系的发展有助于两国关系和谐的进程。The billion refinery near Bhatinda in India’s northern Punjab state can process nine million tons of crude oil a year. Besides meeting rising demand in India, it could also supply fuel to Pakistan.设于印度北部旁遮普邦巴蒂纳附近的这座价值40亿美元的炼油厂每年能提炼900万吨原油。它除了能应付印度国内的需求之外,还可以将燃油供应给巴基斯坦。The refinery is 175 kilometers from the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore.这座炼油厂距离巴基斯坦东部城市拉合尔只有175公里。Islamabad has said it is close to removing petrol from a list of items banned for trade with India and India’s oil minister says New Delhi is prepared to export petroleum products and gasoline to Pakistan.巴基斯坦当局曾经说过,他们即将在禁止与印度从事贸易的项目中将石油删除。而印度的石油部长也说,他们已经准备好将石油产品和汽油外销巴基斯坦。Pakistan suffers from energy shortages. India imports nearly three quarters of its crude requirement, but it has huge refining capacity and can export petroleum products.巴基斯坦蒙受缺乏能源之苦,印度进口将近本国所需求四分之三的原油, 但是印度有巨大的炼油能力可以出口石油产品。Analyst Wilson John of the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi says the move to open trade in fuel is part of recent efforts by the two countries to boost trade. Ties between India and Pakistan suffered a huge setback after Pakistan-based militants attacked the Indian city of Mumbai.新德里的观察研究基金分析师威尔逊·约翰说,这项开放燃料贸易的行动是两国最近努力于推展贸易关系行动的一部分。自从以巴基斯坦为基地的武装份子2008年在孟买进行一起恐怖袭击事件之后,印度和巴基斯坦的关系遭到大幅跌落。“Particularly after the Mumbai attack of 2008, when there was a deliberate slowdown in the composite dialogue, you seem to witness a dramatic upsurge in the last say one year,; John said. ;In my opinion that is a very good, positive sign.”约翰说:“尤其经过2008年孟买袭击事件,双方有意迟缓各方面的对话之后,我们亲眼目睹双方贸易关系在去年中有大幅提升。我认为那是一项良好的正面征兆。”A series of recent announcements have raised hopes that trade could emerge as a key driver of peace efforts between the two countries.双方近来一系列的声明提高了各方对贸易关系成为两国和平努力主要推手的期望。Earlier this month, India decided to lift a ban on foreign direct investment from Pakistan. Although this is unlikely to lead to an immediate rush of investment, analysts say the move improves the climate for trade.本月早期,印度决定解除对来自巴基斯坦直接投资的禁令。虽然这个措施未必就能形成立即的投资热潮,分析家们说,它改善了贸易条件。The Central Bank of India and the State Bank of Pakistan are exploring the possibility of opening branches in each others#39; countries. The two countries are also expected to sign a liberalized visa agreement next month, making it simpler for businessmen to travel from one side to the other.印度中央和巴基斯坦国家都探讨在对方相互设置分行的可能性。两国同时还预订于下个月签署一项放宽签的协定,使双方工商界人士可以更容易往返于两国之间。The steps to boost trade are expected to make it easier for India and Pakistan to address their differences. Besides a disputed border, India blames Pakistan for allowing its territory to be used by Islamic militant groups to mount terror attacks in India.推展两国贸易关系的步骤也将使印度和巴基斯坦更容易处理双方的歧见。目前除了两国之间存在边界纠纷之外,印度还指责巴基斯坦容许伊斯兰激进组织利用它的领土进行对印度的恐怖袭击行动。 /201205/180484爱情是生活永远的主题,都市中浪漫的爱情故事犹如鲜花一样盛放着。爱上一个人,如何才能够表达出心底最浓的情意呢?随着岁月的车轮滚滚向前,唯一不变的就是情意。每个年代都有属于它们不一样的精。因为,说爱,从来都不是一件简单的事。五十年代:手帕50s:handkerchief南平那些医院做人工受孕

三明市哪家医院做复通术龙岩哪家医院治疗早泄 Teenagers will be told to ;stand up for their elders; on public transport ; or risk losing their right to free travel.英国伦敦近日出台新规,要求青少年乘坐公共交通时主动给老人让座,否则会失去免费乘坐公交车的待遇。London Mayor Boris Johnson will unveil plans today to make youngsters sign a ;courtesy pledge; to promise to behave in a respectful manner when travelling in the capital.伦敦市长鲍里斯bull;约翰逊将于今日公布这一计划,促使青少年签署;文明宣言;,承诺在伦敦出行时讲文明讲礼貌。The three-point pledge states that they will give up their seats to the elderly, pregnant and disabled; refrain from using offensive or threatening language; and be courteous and polite to fellow passengers and staff.宣言包括三点内容:给老年人、妇和残疾人让座;不使用攻击性或威胁性语言;礼貌对待乘客与乘务人员。Those who refuse, or are caught behaving in a loutish manner, will have their free travel passes removed.不愿签署宣言或因行为不当被抓;现行;的青少年,将被没收免费乘车卡。The plan ; a key part of Mr Johnson#39;s re-election bid ; will initially affect the 400,000 11-to-15-year-olds in London who qualify for free travel cards, but Tory sources believe the idea could be used across the country.这是约翰逊竞选连任计划的重要组成部分,将首先涉及伦敦大约40万名11岁至15岁的青少年,这些青少年享有免费乘车卡,但英国保守党消息人士认为,这一举措也许可以推向全国。A Conservative insider said: ;The initiative chimes perfectly with the push to create a Big Society. It is about changing culture and expectations around behaviour to improve the atmosphere on buses and trains for everyone.;一位保守党知情人士说:;这一举措与当前英国正在倡导的创建;大社会;协调一致,通过改变青少年的行为文化和人们对此的期待值,来改善汽车和火车上的气氛。;Speaking before today#39;s launch, Mr Johnson said he was determined to tackle the anti-social behaviour of a ;minority of youngsters; on public transport.在今天宣布实行这一举措之前,约翰逊说,他有决心制止;少数青少年;在公共交通上的反社会行为。;When I was a boy, I was taught to stand up for those less able to,; he said. ;Youngsters enjoy the privilege of free travel, which is paid for by Londoners, but they have to understand that with that privilege comes responsibility.;他说:;我还是孩子时,大人们教导我要给行动不便的人让座。青少年享受免费乘车的便利,车费由伦敦市民买单。但他们应该明白,权利与义务相辅相成。;;Anyone who abuses this privilege will have it taken away, and will have to earn that right back.;;任何人若滥用,权利将被剥夺,必须付出努力才能重新得到。;Teenagers found guilty of a serious breach of the new behaviour code will lose their travel passes, and will have to carry out unpaid community work to have them restored.严重违反这一新规的青少年将被没收乘车卡,必须在社区做义工才能重新要回卡片。Mr Johnson is also introducing a ;two strikes and you#39;re out; policy to deal with repeat offenders, under which those committing a second serious breach of the code will lose their travel rights permanently.约翰逊表示对屡教不改的青少年,还将实行;二振出局;的政策。如果违反两次规定,乘车卡将被永久没收。The move follows an earlier initiative of Mr Johnson#39;s that banned the consumption of alcohol on public transport in the capital, which is credited with helping to drive down crime rates on buses and trains.约翰逊之前曾发起一项禁止在伦敦的公共交通上饮酒的措施,认为此举可以降低火车与公交车上的犯罪率。 /201203/175616南平去那治疗男性精子

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