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闽侯县检查精子那个医院好福建省费用保健院微创复通好不好费用多少南平精液常规检查医院 Why is Feifei doing so much cleaning? Has it got something to do with what her boss said? Luckily Rob can offer some useful advice and it doesnt involve using a cleaning cloth! Listen in to learn a new phrase about improving behaviour and performance.为什么菲菲一直在打扫卫生?这和她老板的话有什么关系吗?幸运的是,罗布提供了一些有用的建议,菲菲可以不用一直拿着抹布打扫了。请收听本期节目学习这个与改善行为和表现有关的新词组。Rob: Hello welcome to The English We Speak from B Learning English. Im Rob.罗布:大家好,欢迎收听B英语教学频道的地道英语节目。我是罗布。Feifei: Oh hello...Im Feifei.菲菲:哦,大家好,我是菲菲。Rob: Err Feifei, what are you doing over there?罗布:额,菲菲,你在那儿做什么?Feifei: Cleaning... this place is so dirty... in fact Rob, have you got any soap I could borrow?菲菲:打扫……这个地方太脏了……罗布,你有肥皂吗,能借我用下吗?Rob: Feifei, this isnt like you. You dont normally take cleaning so seriously.罗布:菲菲,这样不像你。你一般不会这么认真打扫的。Feifei: Well, Im cleaning up because my boss told me to. He said Ive got to clean up my act.菲菲:嗯,我这样打扫是因为我老板让我这么做。他说我要清理我的事情。Rob: Oh Feifei, you can put down that cloth — he didnt literally mean do the cleaning. He wants you to improve your behaviour or your performance. Have you not been working very hard?罗布:哦,菲菲,你可以把抹布放下了,他说的话并不是字面上的那个意思。他想让你改进你的行为或表现。你最近是不是没有努力工作?Feifei: Who me? I always work hard... although I have had a lot of things to do at home... and I did make a few mistakes last week... and when I get stressed I start to shout at people...菲菲:我?我一直很努力工作……虽然我家里有很多事要做,而且我上周犯了几个错误……我感到压抑的时候会向对别人大声喊叫。Rob: Oh yes, I did hear you. Well Im sure I can help you clean up your act — if youre sure you know what that means?罗布:哦对,我听到你的喊声了。如果你知道那是什么意思,我想我可以帮你改善你的行为。Feifei: Yes. Apparently I need to improve my behaviour! Lets hear some more examples of the phrase in action...菲菲:好。显然我需要改进我的行为!我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Examples例句I used to drink a lot of alcohol but when I got ill, I decided to clean up my act and now I only drink cola!我以前喝很多酒,不过在生病以后,我决定改掉我的坏习惯,现在我只喝可乐!He turned up late for work every day looking a real mess, so they told him to clean up his act or face losing his job.他每天上班都迟到,而且看起来非常狼狈,所以他们让他改正他的行为,清理面部,否则就开除他。Feifei: Cleaning up my act means I have to work harder... so its got nothing to do with cleaning or acting Rob?菲菲:这个短语的意思是我要努力工作,所以和打扫还有节目没有任何关系了,罗布?Rob: No — acting here means behaviour — although your acting on this programme is excellent! So come on then, when are you going to start cleaning up your act?罗布:没有关系,在这里acting表示行为,不过你在这个节目上的表现真的非常棒!好了,你打算什么时候开始改正你的行为?Feifei: Right now. Ive decided to clean up my act and start work earlier and always get you to check my work so there are no mistakes! So Rob, would you mind checking this script for The English We Speak?菲菲:现在。我决定开始改正我的行为,早点来上班,经常检查工作,不再犯错误!罗布,你介意帮我检查一下《地道英语》节目的脚本吗?Rob: Sure. Lets have a look at this... perfect! You can tell the boss youve started with a clean slate.罗布:当然可以。我看一下,这非常完美!你可以和老板说你已经改过自新了。Feifei: A clean slate — what does that mean?菲菲:这是什么意思?Rob: Ill tell you another time. Ooops, Ive knocked over my coffee...罗布:改天我再告诉你。哦,我不小心打翻了咖啡……Feifei: Oh dear Rob. It looks like youve got to clean up the studio. Do you need this cloth?菲菲:天哪,罗布。看起来你要打扫演播室了。你需要这块抹布吗?Rob: Thanks!罗布:谢谢! 译文属 /201606/449355Feifei and Harry discuss a new purchase that has revolutionised Harrys life.菲菲和哈利在讨论一件彻底改变哈利生活的新购置物品。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Feifei and joining me is Harry.菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是菲菲,今天和我一起主持的是哈利。Harry: Hello there! And the popular modern expression we are going to look at in this programme is game changer.哈利:大家好!本期节目我们要讲的是一个流行的现代表达——游戏规则颠覆者。Feifei: Game changer. Well look at what it means and when you can use it. So Harry — did you end up buying a new TV like you were planning?菲菲:游戏规则颠覆者。我们会讲解这个表达的意思和应用。哈利,你像计划的那样买了台新电视吗?Harry: I certainly did — and then some! I dont know if TV is really the right word for it though.哈利:当然买了,而且远不止如此!我不知道“电视”是否足够形容我买的东西。Feifei: Why not?菲菲:为什么这么说?Harry: Well, its so much more. Its got a 72-inch curved screen with ultimate high-definition and its 3D. When you watch a programme, its like youre really there.哈利:因为它远远不止是电视这么简单。我买的是配有高清视频终端的72寸3D曲面屏幕电视。你看的时候会有身临其境的感觉。Feifei: Wow — it sounds amazing.菲菲:哇,听上去太惊奇了。Harry: It is! TV will never be the same again. In TV terms, its a real game changer.哈利:的确是!电视将会完全不同。在电视领域来说,它是真正的游戏规则颠覆者。Feifei: A game changer? Whats that?菲菲:这是什么意思?Harry: Well, its so unlike any normal TV, that its changed the rules of what TVs are. You will never think of TV in the same way if you watch my TV — its a new world of television.哈利:与普通的电视完全不同,改变了电视领域的规则。你看我的电视时也不会认为这就是普通的电视——它是一个全新的电视世界。Feifei: So game changer means something that is so new and different, it changes the rules of the game.菲菲:game changer的意思是新颖、与众不同的事物,它改变了游戏规则。Harry: Exactly. It could be technology, like my TV, or a person with new ideas, or a new direction in music or fashion. Any new innovation that changes the current situation.哈利:完全正确。可以指像我的电视这样的技术创新,也可以指有创新想法的人,或者可以是音乐或流行流域的新方向。任何会改变当前形势的创新产物。Feifei: I see. Lets listen to some examples:菲菲:我明白了。我们来听些例句:Examples例句The Beatles album Sergeant Pepper was a real game changer — it transformed pop music forever.披头士乐队的专辑《佩珀军士》是真正的游戏规则变革者——这张专辑彻底改变了流行音乐。Our company needs a game changer — someone who can come in and rethink the way we do everything.我们的公司需要有游戏规则颠覆者——我们需要可以重新思考我们做事方式的人。Last year my boss said we could all work from home whenever we needed to. Its been a real game changer in the way we work.去年我老板说我们有需要时都可以在家工作。这真的会彻底改变我们的工作方式。Feifei: So, some different types of game changers there. For people learning English, I suppose the internet has been a real game changer. You can study anytime, anywhere now.菲菲:有不同形式的游戏规则改变者。对学习英语的人来说,我认为网络就是真正的游戏规则改变者。你现在可以随时随地学习。Harry: You can — especially if you visit our website bbclearningenglish.com.哈利:没错,尤其是我们的网站bbclearningenglish.com。Feifei: Very true, if you want to improve you English, our website can be a real game changer. So, I suppose youre going to be staying in tonight.菲菲:对极了,如果你想提高英语水平,我们的网站可以成为游戏规则颠覆者。我想今晚要呆在家里了吧。Harry: Me? No, Im going out.哈利:我吗?不是,我要出去。Feifei: But, youve got an amazing new TV, the game changer.菲菲:可是你已经拥有这台改变游戏规则的新电视了。Harry: I know, but its Thursday, and theres never anything good on TV on Thursdays. And to be honest, I think Ive been watching too much TV. I need to get out more.哈利:我知道,可是今天是周四,一般周四都没有好的电视节目。说实话,我觉得我看太多电视了。我要多出去走走。Feifei: Oh well — I guess your TV didnt change the game for long. Join us again for more The English We Speak. Bye!菲菲:好吧,我想你的电视不会改变游戏规则太久。请下次继续收看地道英语节目。再见。Harry: Bye!哈利:再见! 译文属 /201502/360414福建做宫腔镜那家医院好

南平去那里男性生育检查Shirley: Hi Jake, how are you today?雪莉:你好,杰克,你今天怎么样?Jake: Good. How are you Shirley?杰克:我很好。你呢,雪莉?Shirley: Not too bad thanks. I thought we might talk about folk heroes today. I dont really know much about American folk heroes, are there any that you have a favorite or...?雪莉:还不错,谢谢你。我们今天来谈谈民间英雄。我不太了解美国民间英雄,你们有喜欢的……?Jake: Actually my hometown in the ed States happens to be known as one of the hometowns for Paul Bunyan.杰克:在我的家乡美国有一个英雄——保罗·班扬。Shirley: I think Ive heard of that name but I dont know anything about him.雪莉:我听过这个名字,不过我对他的故事一无所知。Jake: Paul Bunyan was a lumberjack. Like, he would cut down trees and he was supposedly a very giant man. He was huge. And I dont know if he ever actually lived sometime in the past, but maybe he was just a very large man but somehow the stories have been passed down to say that he was as large as a house or as large as a skyscraper. It completely depends on who you ask.杰克:保罗·班扬是名伐木工。他的工作是伐木,他是一名巨人。他非常高大。我不知道他在过去是否真实存在,也许他只是一名身材高大的人,不过流传的故事中说他有一座房子那么高,像天大楼一样高。我认为你问不同的人会得到不同的描述。Shirley: Wow, so not sure whether hes a mythical character or a real character.雪莉:哇,所以你不能确定他是神话人物还是真实存在的人物。Jake: No one really knows for sure.杰克:没有人确切知道。Shirley: What did he do?雪莉:他做了什么?Jake: Well, some people say that he took his ax and he dragged it behind his back across the ed States and he made the Mississippi river.杰克:有些人说他拿着斧头,在背后拖着斧子穿越了美国,而且创造出了密西西比河。Shirley: So its a kind of story to explain why something exists.雪莉:可以说这是解释某事存在原因的一个故事。Jake: Thats part of it. And also, he had a pet too. His pet is very famous.杰克:这是其中一部分。他还有一个宠物。他的宠物非常有名。Shirley: And what kind of pet?雪莉:是什么宠物?Jake: His pet was an ox, but it wasnt just an ordinary ox. It was a blue ox. And it was also oversized to fit with his size.杰克:他的宠物是头公牛,但不是一头普通的公牛。那是一头蓝色的公牛。而且那头蓝色的公牛体型也非常庞大,和他很相配。Shirley: What did his pet do?雪莉:他的宠物做了什么?Jake: Well his pet I think would just carry lumber for him or something...杰克:我想他的宠物只是帮他拿木材之类的……Shirley: So about when did this story start? When did Paul Bunyan become famous? Or when did people know about that story?雪莉:那这个故事是什么时候开始流传的?保罗·班扬是什么时候开始出名的?或者说人们是什么时候知道的这个故事?Jake: Well, Im not exactly sure, but like your country, the ed States is a very young country and has a very young history since the European settlers came there so I think its maybe from a couple hundred years ago, maybe at the most.杰克:我也不太清楚,和你的国家一样,美国也是一个非常年轻的国家,美国历史从欧洲定居者到来以后开始,历史并不长,所以我认为那个故事最多源自几百年前。Shirley: Hmm. Ok.雪莉:嗯,好。 译文属 /201606/450769三明市做造影那个医院最好 昨天我在办公室复印文件,结果发现复印机里的纸用得一干二净,在我前面复印稿件的同事Amy竟然没有按照办公室里约定俗成的规矩把纸加好,后来我才知道,是老板当时叫她去参加临时会议,所以我就没再计较。在英语里,这就叫, let slide. Slide是下滑、滑落的意思。To let something slide, 意思是说对某事采取放任的态度,听其自然。尽管Amy把纸用光了,没有填纸,让我很不高兴,但是我知道,她这么做不是故意的,而是迫不得已。So you chose chose to let it slide. 我决定还是不跟她计较了。在下面这个例子里,房东一开始对房客的处境还是挺同情的。让我们听听他是怎么说的。例句-1:After my tenant lost his job, I understood why he didnt have the rent on time. I decided to let it slide for a couple of weeks. Then I told him that hed have to pay or plan to move out. I couldnt overlook what he owed me.房东说:我的房客丢掉工作后,我知道他为什么会拖欠房租,所以头几个星期一直没有催他。再后来,我告诉他说,如果再不付房租,就得搬走了,我不能再对他欠的房租不闻不问了。我觉得这个房东已经算得上是仁至义尽了。虽说有的事情不用过份计较,但是在教育孩子的问题上,我可是丝毫也不放松。我女儿最近在学校里学会了骂人,这在我们家可是绝对行不通的。每次发现她说脏话,我们都会严加管教,Were not letting it slide. 我哥哥就不一样,他觉得说脏话也是小孩子成长的一部分。因此大部分时间,He lets it slide. 他往往都会听其自然。******我的一个邻居,特别注意锻炼身体。锻炼固然是件好事,但是即使生病,他也不间断,我觉得这就有问题了。他的医生同意我的看法,让我们一起听听他是怎么说的。例句-2:When youre not feeling well, its easy to let exercise slide. In fact, you should forget about working out for a while. Whats important is to get proper rest so that your body can fully recover. Soon enough, youll be y to get back to your routine.医生说:[身体不舒的时候,很容易在锻炼上懈怠。病人其实就应该暂停锻炼,重要的是好好休息,尽快让身体康复。这样用不了多久,就能恢复日常锻炼了。这倒是提醒了我,我该跟医生预约,去检查身体了。定期的身体检查对保健非常重要,绝对不能懈怠。You cant let it slide. 定期去看牙也是一样。我父亲牙齿不好,但是又不肯去看牙医,结果不到七十岁,牙齿都掉光了。Perhaps if he hadnt let his dental care SLIDE, hed have all his teeth today! 如果他没有在牙齿保健上推延懈怠的话,他现在还有满口好牙呢!听了上边这些例子,我倒要问问大家。如果听到别人在背后辱骂你的朋友,你会怎么办?Would you let it slide? 你会假装没听见吗?如果你发现同事把办公文具拿回家,Would you let it slide? 如果你看见有人打孩子巴掌,Would you let it slide? 再比如,如果你的邻居好几个星期时间不割草,Would you let it slide? /201505/375432三明市复通手术哪里好

宁德去哪里解扎手术1.惯用口语句子:Wow!哇!用在口语中,表示惊奇、欣喜、兴奋等。I could hardly believe my ears.我简直不能相信自己的耳朵了。hardly ad. 几乎不believe v. 相信Unbelievable!真是令人难以置信!I cant believe this.我真不敢相信。It cant be true! Its impossible! No way!不可能!Are you out of your mind?你脑子出毛病了?out of ones mind“精神不正常”It was the last thing I expected.这是我万万没料到的。Who would have thought?谁会想得到呢?I had no idea!我一点儿都不知道!What a surprise! How surprising!太令人吃惊了!Im so surprised.我太吃惊了。surprise n. amp; v.(使)惊奇,(使)诧异It was the shock of my life.这使我极为震惊。It came from out of the blue.这如同晴天霹雳。It came from nowhere.这事也不知道是从哪儿冒出来的。Im speechless, Im at a loss for words. I dont know what to say.我无言以对。was taken aback. I almost lost it.我真是不知所措。be taken aback“大吃一惊,惊得目瞪口呆”You are kidding!你在开玩笑吧!No kidding!别开玩笑了! /201502/358520 宁德那里做试管闽侯县输卵管造影最好的医院



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