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福州市第七医院人流多少钱福州复通输精管去那里Books and Arts; Book Review;文艺;书评;Otters in the wild野生水獭Beguiling carnivores欺骗性的肉食动物A muse to poets, a mystery to scientists诗人的灵感,科学家的谜团Poets dig my style诗人尽挖我的风采Otter Country: In Search of the Wild Otter. By Miriam Darlington.《水獭国度:搜寻野生水獭》米丽亚姆·达林顿著。Written in prose as sinuous as the creatures themselves, “Otter Country” is a celebration of Britains wild otters. These elusive animals have fascinated Miriam Darlington, a poet, since childhood, when she first “Ring of Bright Water”, Gavin Maxwells classic 1960 tale about living with otters. “Never mind the slippery reality it portrays,” she writes, “the spell of its otters took hold of me long ago and I still long to see one in the wild.”《水獭国度》是部英国野生水獭的颂典,其散文式风格如水獭自身一般流转。诗人米丽亚姆. 达林顿从她儿时第一次读到《闪亮的水环》开始, 便对这种神秘动物非常着迷,这本书是加文·马克斯韦尔20世纪60年代创作的经典小说,讲述的是一个与水獭共处的故事。“千万不要介意其光滑的外在”她写到,“水獭的魔力早已将我牢牢吸引,我现在仍然渴望能在野外看到水獭。”This mesmerising book describes her year-long quest across Britain, from Devon to Scotland, Cumbria to Wales, through seductive wild places and changing seasons, for a glimpse of otters and to meet people who dedicate their lives to them.这是一本让人爱不释手的书,描述了她在英国长达一年的搜寻水獭之旅,从德文郡到苏格兰,再从坎布里亚到威尔士,穿过魅人的原野,亲历季节变迁,就为一睹水獭容颜和遇到致力于水獭研究的人们。The otter was one of the earliest carnivores. Its ancestral genus Mionictis, first roamed the Earth around 30m years ago. Thirteen species now thrive around the globe, barring Australia and Antarctica, but it is Lutra lutra, the European otter and Britains only species, that is the object of Ms Darlingtons passion.水獭是最早出现的肉食动物之一,它的始祖是中新鼬獭,早在3千万年以前,便开始游走于地球。现在的水獭共有13个品种,布满全球各地,除澳大利亚和南极洲。然而达林顿女士钟爱的只有欧亚水獭,它也是英国唯一的品种。Otters have long fascinated man. Their nocturnal habits mean they are rarely seen—“otters give so little of themselves its hard to know them,” Ms Darlington writes. Their “sublimely secretive” nature makes them a muse to poets and a mystery to scientists, who still have much to learn about these aquatic mammals. Their mischievous appearance belies their status as one of Britains top predators.人们所喜爱水獭为时已久。只是它们习惯夜间出没,很少有机会让人们看到。“水獭透露给人们的信息很少,要了解它们非常困难”达林顿这样写到。“无比神秘”的它们是诗人的灵感之源,也是科学家眼里的谜团,关于这些水族哺乳动物,还有很多东西等着他们去学习。淘气的外表下掩藏的是它们作为英国头等捕手的身份。Seamus Heaney, Mary OMalley and Ted Hughes have all devoted elegant doggerel to these creatures. Hughes is taken with the otters “Underwater eyes, an eels. Oil of water body”, the way it “Re-enters the water by melting”. Mr Heaney declares his love for an otters “wet head and smashing crawl/Your fine swimmers back and shoulders/Surfacing and surfacing again.” Ms Darlingtons own lyrical prose is often beautifully evocative: a male otter is “supple as rope made out of silk”; a female swimming underwater moves in a “ripple-wake”; the “thin curves” of a mother and cub “slip together into the twilight, like fierce, muscled ribbons, darkening into the ribbon of the stream.”谢默斯·希尼、玛丽欧玛列和泰德·休斯都曾为这些生灵写过优美的打油诗。休斯被水獭那“如鳝鱼一般的水下眼睛,油般水灵的身躯”,和它那“化身返水”的方式深深吸引。希尼宣称自己喜爱水獭“湿漉漉的脑袋和挥舞不停的爪子/你那如泳者般健美的肩背/一次一次浮出水面。”达林顿女士自己的诗词常常让人产生唯美的浮想:雄性水獭就像“丝绳般灵活”;水底潜游的雌水獭动起来就如“水波乍起”;水獭母亲的和幼崽“一同消失在暮色里而产生的“苗条曲线”,就像锋利而强劲的丝带,潜入波纹阵阵的水流深处。”Despite her sense of romance, Ms Darlington avoids the easy trap of anthropomorphising the otter. Instead she offers a memorable mixture of scientific study and earnest observation. She chronicles the species dramatic decline to near extinction between the 1950s and late 1970s, thanks to hunting for sport, habitat loss and the use of certain pesticides in farming. After a ban on otter hunting and new legal protection in 1978, otters have become an important conservation success story. These creatures can now be found in the wild in every county in England.尽管她有浪漫的想法,达林顿女士还是没有将水獭人格化,避开了这个危险陷阱。相反她将科学研究和忠实观察凑合到一起,结果让人终身难忘。她全程记录了20世纪50年代到70年代期间,由于猎杀行为、栖息地的丧失和农耕时某些杀虫剂的使用,导致水獭数量剧减,濒临灭绝的过程。1978年新的保护法律出台并全面禁止猎杀水獭,保护水獭成为一个重要的成功故事。在英格兰每一个郡县,现在都可以看到野生水獭的踪影。Otters apparently enjoy a rather illustrious club of fans. Readers of Ms Darlington will be glad she is among them.显然水獭们拥有一个著名的粉丝俱乐部。达林顿女士的读者们很高兴看到作者也是他们中的一员。 /201209/199609三明市那里可以治子宫粘连 Forensics辩论术/ 法医学A murder has been committed. The scene of the crime is a secluded area. There were no witnesses, and the body is considerably decayed.有一场凶手案。凶案现场是一个隐蔽的地方,没有目击人,尸体也严重腐烂了。As the chief investigator, you have a suspect who was in town a week ago. But to convict him, youll need to know the date and time that the victim was murdered. How can you tell? And besides, whats that annoying buzzing in your ear? Wait, dont swat that fly! Hes your star witness. In fact, that little fly just told you the date of the crime!身为首席侦查员,你在一周前就在镇子里有一个怀疑对象。但是要明其有罪,你需要知道受害人被害的日期和时间。你要怎么说呢?除此之外,你耳朵里那些恼人的嘈杂声又是什么呢?等等,不要拍打这只“苍蝇”,它就是你的重要目击人。事实上,这只小苍蝇就告知了你犯罪日期。Flies dont carry pocket calendars, and they cant testify before a jury. How can a crime-scene insect help a police investigation? By doing what it naturally does—eating and laying eggs.苍蝇并没有在兜里自带日历,它们也不能在陪审团面前作。那一只在犯罪现场的虫子是怎样帮助警察调查的呢?通过它们正常的方式—— 食用(尸体)并产卵。When someone dies outdoors, the first investigators on the scene are usually bright greenbottle blowflies. Attracted by the smell of decaying flesh, these usually arrive within ten minutes of the death. While this smell might make us retch, for the blowfly its as savory as grandmas apple pie. The blowflys scientific name is ;Sarcophagi;, which means ;corpse eater;.当一个人死于户外时,到现场的第一批侦查员通常都是亮亮的绿头苍蝇。他们被正在腐烂的肉味所吸引,通常在死亡后十分钟内就到来了。这些(腐肉)气味或许会令我们作呕,但对于绿头苍蝇来说他们就像是外婆做的苹果派一样可口。绿头苍蝇的学名是“Sarcophagi(中文意思为“石棺”)”,意思是“尸体食用者”。While they eat, the blowflies lay eggs in the softer parts of the body, and these hatch into maggots twenty-four hours later. These maggots attract other insects, like the predatory rove beetle(隐翅虫), who feast on them. And so on. Wave after wave of hungry insects arrive, marking time as accurately as a clock.这些苍蝇一边嗜(尸体),一边在尸体较软的地方产卵,然后这些卵又会在24小时后会孵化称蛆。蛆又会引来其它的昆虫,比如说以蛆为食的肉食型隐翅虫等。饥饿的昆虫们一波接一波的到来,时间精准的跟时钟一样。Meanwhile, the blowflies follow their natural life cycle. Maggots become pupae, the pupae become adults. By surveying the insects in and around a corpse, forensic scientists can help a police investigator determine how long ago a victim was murdered.与此同时,绿头苍蝇们继续这它们的正常生命循环。蛆变成蛹,蛹再长大。通过调查尸体周围的昆虫,法医可以帮助警方调查人员确定受害者遇害的时间。 /201209/201312福建卵泡监测到哪家医院

福州妇科体检哪家医院好Business.商业。Facebook and the under-13s.脸谱网和13岁以下的儿童。Kid gloves.谨慎处理儿童问题。Small children are a big headache for the social network.社交网络中的小鬼是个大问题。ONE American in three aged 65 or older uses social networks, says a new report by the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank. But it is the small surfers, not the silver ones, who are currently making waves. Facebook is examining ways to allow children under the age of 13 to use its service, with some form of parental supervision. If this happens-and Facebook stresses that it has not yet decided whether to go ahead-it would be a venture into uncharted territory.美国智库皮尤研究中心在新发布的一份报告中指出,美国65岁及其以上的老年人中有三分之一使用社交网络。但如今制造状况的却是年纪轻轻的冲浪者,而非满头白发的人。脸谱网将核准允许13岁以下的儿童在某种父母监管形式下使用其务的方式。如果脸谱网的确将其付诸行动——脸谱网强调它并未决定是否采取进一步的措施——它将在一片未知领域中展开冒险。Critics howl that young children lack the maturity to cope with social networks. They also worry that Facebook will find devious ways to make money from naive children or, more likely, their parents. ;We would be giving the keys to the chicken coop to the fox,; says Doug Fodeman of ChildrenOnline.org, a pressure group.者们怒斥道,儿童不够成熟,社交网络上的种种他们应付不来。他们也担心脸谱网会从天真无知的孩子们,或者更有可能是其父母身上赚取不义之财。任职于一家压力集团——儿童网络务组织——的Doug Fodeman说:;我们这是在送羊入虎口。;There is also the thorny question of how Facebook could comply with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in America, which was designed to protect children under 13 as they use the internet. The law stipulates that online services with youngsters among their customers must obtain the consent of the childrens parents before collecting data from them. Parents also need to be able to review their childrens data and have these deleted if they so wish. The onerous nature of these and other COPPA provisions explains why social networks have tended to shun the young. Facebook insists that you have to be 13 to use its service.另一个棘手的问题便是脸谱网会如何遵守《儿童网络隐私权法案》(COPPA),该法案旨在对13岁以下使用因特网的儿童进行保护。法案规定,拥有儿童客户的网络务须征得其父母同意才能获取他们的资料。父母也同样需要有权审查孩子的资料,并且如果父母觉得有必要,可以删掉孩子的资料。COPPA的上述规定及其它条款繁琐复杂,这就使得社交网络都刻意避开年轻客户。脸谱网则强调,其用户必须年满13岁。The snag is that children fib about their age. A study by Consumer Reports found that 5.6m children under 13 were using Facebook in America alone. Another survey of American parents found that adults often knew that their children were less than 13 when they joined Facebook. In many cases, the parents helped them to set up their accounts.不过有个小问题:孩子们会谎报年龄。消费者报告在研究中发现,单在美国就有560万13岁以下的儿童玩脸谱网。另一份针对美国父母的调查表明,父母通常都知道其孩子注册脸谱网时还未满13岁。而且在很多情况下,父母们都会帮助他们开通账户。Regulators have noticed. Facebooks current musings may reflect the fear that the firm will run into trouble if it does nothing. It aly has slightly more robust privacy settings for children between the ages of 13 and 17. But it would need a far tighter regime for younger children, says Sarah Downey of Abine, an online consumer-privacy company.网络监管部门已注意到了这点。脸谱网当前的考量是它担心如果无任何作为,公司便会麻烦缠身。它已为13至17岁的用户建立了更为健全的隐私设置。不过,来自网络客户隐私保护公司亿邦公司的Sarah Downey说,脸谱网也许需要为13岁以下的儿童设立更为严格的监管机制。In spite of its plummeting share price, Facebook has oodles of cash from its recent stockmarket flotation. So it could easily hire the extra staff needed to support parents and their youngsters, as well as to ensure compliance with COPPA. Mark Zuckerberg, the social networks boss, has said he believes childrens education should start early. Now he has a chance to prove that he means it.尽管脸谱网股价暴跌,但近期的上市使得它有大笔现金入帐。因此,雇佣额外所需员工为父母及其孩子提供务,并且使这些员工遵守COPPA,对脸谱网而言也许并非难事。该社交网站的老板Mark Zuckerberg说,对儿童的教育应尽早开始。如今便有一个机会摆在他面前,让他明自己不是说说而已。 /201209/200525福州男人结扎复通哪个医院好 Now from the Boston Museum of Science, Sci-tech today on NECN.有线新闻,波士顿消息,欢迎收看今天的Sci-tech Today。There are so much in the news about flu vaccines these days, how exactly do they work? Joining us now from the Museum of Science Boston is Anita Loughlin from the Boston University School of Medicine, good to have you here.最近有许多关于流感疫苗的消息,疫苗究竟是如何预防疾病的?今天来自波士顿大学医学院的Anita Loughlin将向我们做详细介绍。你好。Thank you, nice to be here.谢谢,很高兴参加这期节目。Why do people need to get immunized? What is the history of immunization in this country?为什么人类需要免疫系统?美国的免疫史是怎样的?The prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases/serious diseases has been the number one accomplishment of vaccines in the 20th century. Weve therefore controlled small pox, weve um... eradicated polio from the Americans, we controlled diseases like measles,tetanus, diphtheria, and news diseases that were controlling now are things like hemophilus influenzae, which caused a lot of meningitis, 20,000 cases each year as early as 1990. We vaccinate people for two reasons, one, to keep the individual healthy, and the second reason is, if we vaccinate more people, there is actually barriers and so that we can actually prevent the sp of disease in the community, thats called herd immunity. And we do that, so that we can prevent people that are at high risk for complications.通过疫苗来防御疾病,尤其是严重疾病是20世纪最伟大的成就。我们现在消除了小儿麻痹症,控制了天花,麻疹,破伤风,白喉等疾病,最近还控制了能引起髓膜炎的嗜血杆菌流感,自1990年以来,控制病例达20,000之多。人类打疫苗有两个原因,第一,是为了个人的身体健康,第二,是为了防止疾病传播,这叫做群体免疫。这么做,我们就能降低人类得病的机率。What can you tell us about the H1N1 vaccine and the reasons for having two vaccines this year?你能告诉我们H1N1流感疫苗的情况吗?为什么今年会有两只流感疫苗?Well, the reason for having two vaccines this year is, well, every year we actually make a new seasonal flu vaccine, the strain of seasonal flu that circulates every year changes a little bit by what is called antigenic drift, and so every year there is a global surveillance, and the manufacturers have to look and see what strain is circulating, and they put those strains into the vaccine, the best match those that are circulating, so every year we make a new flu vaccine. The H1N1 strain started circulating a little bit later than we could do it to get it into the annual this flu vaccine, so they actually made a new vaccine. Now they made that vaccine in exact same way they made the seasonal flu vaccine, they use the exact same equipment, the exact same manufactures, the exact same testing procedures.为什么今年会有两只流感疫苗呢,事实上,每年我们在研制疫苗的时候,会发现每年当季传染病的主要病毒会稍有不同,学名称作“抗原漂移”,所以每年我们都会调查当季的病毒,工厂也需要调查主要病毒,将病毒加入疫苗中,病毒每年都在循环变化,所以我们每年都在制作新的疫苗。现在,他们研制疫苗的方式正是我们当初研制疫苗的方式,他们和我们使用的是同样的设备,同样的工艺,同样的程序。Does the HPV vaccine works the same way that the flu vaccines work?疫苗和病毒发挥作用的原理一样吗?They all work in a similar way in a sense that our body is producing antibodies to prevent either the attachment of the virus to ourselves or to, be able to remove that virus more quickly from our body in preventing affection.疫苗和病毒发挥作用的原理是相同的,疫苗是通过刺激机体产生抗体来防御病毒或更快地从人体中移除病毒来预防病毒。And is that only for females?只需要向女性注射疫苗吗?No, the reason why the HPV virus is actually sp, is that they were targeting in sp by sexual transmission, so you are right, if we want to, to sp , prevent to sp it in poplulation, we would give it to both males and females. The reason why women and girls are in targeted, it is because cervical cancer is the number two cause of cancer in the ed States, causing about ten thousand new cases per year, and about three thousand thirty seven hundred death per year. And the prevention of cervical cancer is the reason why its been targeted towards women. Now In the new vaccines, they also prevent other HPVs, once they cause genital warts and papillomas of respiratory track and papillamas in the respiratory track of young children born into women with genital warts. Those vaccines are 90% affective, are preventing these genital warts and these other things. And they also seems to be affective and preventing other genital cancers and heading that cancers that affect both men and women, so now in just recently Otocber , the gardasil vaccine has been licensed and recommended for boys and young men.不,HPV病毒传播的途径是性传染途径,如果想防止HPV病毒传播,就要向男性和女性都注射疫苗。主要向女性宣传,是因为宫颈癌是美国第二大癌症,每年造成1万女性患病,三万三千七百女性死亡。宫颈癌病发在女性也是原因之一。一旦病毒造成妇生殖器疣和呼吸道乳头状瘤,新型疫苗可以预防HPV病毒感染腹中胎儿。疫苗能90%有效地防止生殖器疣等病发症,预防男性和女性感染病毒。年10月,疫苗经过批准使用,收到了青年男士女士的青睐。All righty, Doctor, Anita Loughlin of the Boston University School of Medicine, thanks for joining us.好的,感谢波士顿大学医学院的士Anita Loughlin的精介绍。small pox: 天花polio: n. 小儿麻痹症,脊髓灰质炎measle: n. [动]囊尾蚴tetanus: n. 破伤风diphtheria: n. 白喉hemophilus: 嗜血杆菌meningitis: n. 髓膜炎herd immunity: 群体免疫,人群免疫antigenic drift: 抗原性漂移cervical cancer: 子宫颈癌papilloma: n. 乳头肿genital: n. 生殖器wart:n. 疣,瘿respiratory track: 呼吸道注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/185799福州省妇幼医院检查封闭抗体好不好

龙岩做包皮手术费用多少In 1900 Albert Einstein was a 21-year-old undergraduate at Swiss Federal Polytechnic that this young man will one day be synonymous with genius with something none of his professors would have predicted. 1900年,阿尔伯特;爱因斯坦年仅21岁,他是瑞士联邦理工学院的大学生,这位年轻人总有一天会有一些诸如天才的代名词笼罩在身,他的任何教授都没有预测到。It K class the professors thought he was goof-off as the consequence Einstein could not get a single chart after graduction.K班教授认为他偷懒,爱因斯坦在毕业后甚至不可能得到一份像样的工作。He even thought about switching field and selling insurance.他甚至想到转换行业跑去销售保险。Can you imagine opening the door one day and there was Albert Einstein selling you life insurance ? 你能想象有一天打开门,看见爱因斯坦在对你兜售生命保险吗?What a waste .Einstein thought he was such a loser.这就像是废物一样。爱因斯坦认为自己是一个失败者。He wrote a letter to his family saying that it would be better if perhaps he was never born. 他写了一封信给他的家人称如果自己从来没有出生,或许会更好。Nobody was talking about the young Albert Einstein.没有人谈论年轻的阿尔伯特;爱因斯坦。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/174728 Safety is at premium. As it moves through New Yorks crowded harbour, the Molinari carries an electronic life preserver, the collision avoidance system. In real time it constantly tracks the name, position and course of every vessel in the harbor, life saving data when the fog grows in and the harbour turns to peace soon. It keeps this critical link from sinking. Within half an hour the ferry connects with the subway at the tip of Manhattan and puts commuters back on track. For most of its history, lower Manhattan was as isolated as Staten Island. The oldest part of New York, it was an island under itself, roomed between the Hardson River and the East River, cut off from the other boroughs. Today a network of bridges and tunnels links Manhattan to the rest of the city and extends the reach of the subway to the farthest corners of the Big Apple.安全至关重要。当它通过纽约拥挤的港口,莫伦纳承载着电子救生用品、避碰系统。在真正的时间就可以持续追踪在港口每一船舶的名称、位置和航程,当起雾的时候就能成为挽救生命的数据,而港口又会恢复和平。这个关键环节持着每一次航行。在半小时内渡船连接到曼哈顿的地铁,让乘客回到正轨。在历史的大部分时间里,曼哈顿就像泰登岛一样是孤立的。纽约最古老的部分,它是一座小岛,在哈德逊河和东河之间 ,断绝了往来。今天,纵横交错连接的桥梁和隧道使曼哈顿其余的城市连接而地铁延伸到大苹果最远的角落。These links form the backbone of the subway systems. If they break the entire system shatters into fragments. Among the biggest links, the Manhattan Bridge. On its outside links it carries the subway over the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Doctor Bordre Don Yonit is the engineer for the City of New York. His job, safeguarding the bridge, not against terrorism but time.这些连接撑着地铁系统。如果把整个系统粉碎成碎片。大型连接是曼哈顿桥。在其外连接东江之间曼哈顿和布鲁克林的地铁。伯德;敦;耶特是纽约市的工程师。他的工作就是维护桥梁,而不是反对恐怖主义。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/173119福州市第八医院检查胎停福州第二医院做试管费用



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