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Spearfishing like this has been used by river communities几千年来 这样的鱼叉all around the world for thousands of years.广泛运用于世界上各大流域Its such an ancient technique,its even depicted in cave paintings.这是十分古老的技术 甚至在洞穴壁画中就有记载Okay, and then those I can just sharpen up.好了 现在我可以削尖它们了And thats gonna be much more effective.Fishing than just using one-prong spear.让它变得更具杀伤力 比用单刺的鱼叉更容易捕到鱼Okay, and when theyre good and sharp,you can then just get rid of all of these bits.等这些刺足够锋利以后 拿掉这些竹片And youre left with that.Okay.Time to catch a catfish.鱼叉就做好了 好 是时候抓那条鲶鱼了What he would have done is shoot under this bank behind all that grass.它很可能躲进了 岸边的水草中Nice and sheltered there.And also, now he knows Im around,hes gonna be trying to hide, as well.那是个很好的庇护所 它也知道我在附近 并试图隐蔽起来There he is. there he is.There you go.Bang on the money.它在那 它在那 快看啊 正中目标These are the bits you want to be careful of this barbs here.你要小心这些长着的倒刺的地方See that?See that little prong just poking out there.看到了吗 刺从这伸出来And these are his whiskers.Thats why its called a catfish.这些是它的触须 这就是为什么它被称为鲶鱼And there you go. Look, if Id had a single-prong spear,I would have missed that.还有 看这里 如果我用的是单刺的鱼叉 我就很可能抓不到它I just caught him on the edge of this one,so that was worth doing.Bulls eye!我只扎到它身体的边缘 正所谓磨刀不误砍柴工 击中目标201603/429508栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201510/399273Im Bear Grylls.Im gonna show you what it takes to get out alive in some of the most dangerous places on earth.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将向您展示 如何从地球上 最危险的地方 逃出生天Ive got make it through serious challenges in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.我曾身涉险境 面临生死考验 周遭炼狱 若没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now Im in the dense jungles of Vietnam,time linger some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth,我将深入越南的浓密丛林 在地球上极恶劣的环境下绝境逢生back over natures world side were one slip could cause your life.在与大自然的斗争中 一次失足即葬身于此Be a bad time for the vine to break!Every animal wants a piece of you.这蔓藤可千万别断了 任何动物都把你当成攻击对象See that look, spitting cobra.Youve got to get them, before they get you.看到了吗 那是黑颈眼镜蛇 你必须得先下手为强Im beating my way to against the nature,show you what you need to survive in one of the toughest environments and demand.我在大自然中努力奋战 告诉你如何在极为恶劣的环境中生存This is now quite a scary place to be.这真是个令人恐怖之地Im heading deep into a country we shall compass unique place in the heart minds of all Americans.我所前往的国家 在所有的美国人心中都是一个独特之地This is Vietnam,you see a one of the most cruel war towards a modern history.这就是越南 史上这里曾发生过最残酷的战争During the conflict, there was just the fight,the jungle also makes the standing roll,在战争期间 不仅仅战争导致人员伤亡 危机四伏的丛林也是导致死亡的原因over 3,000 Americans vitality was not go back inconscious.有三千多美国士兵都不是战死的Diseases, starvations and animal attacks,the jungle also makes the standing roll,疾病 饥饿 猛兽的攻击 换言之 丛林就是罪魁祸首Every year in Vietnam,30,000 people are biten by some of deadly snakes.在越南 每年有三万人被毒蛇咬伤If you done want you learn,you get struggle to get out of the jungle alive.我用毕生所学 在丛林中逃生And Im heading right in the heart of it.A guy for the classing Vietnams sergeant,我此时正在前往丛林的中心地带 越南警官示意我们we just stop,when the heli go the least of the line of bottom,then Im in the jungle for cover.从此处降落 当直升机飞到最低处时 我就进入丛林中去201602/428336

Unlike every other planet in our solar system,Earths surface is 70% liquild water,Which while useful for life,is also kind of weird,because everything we know about how and when our plannet formed,says Earths surface should be bone dry.与太阳系的其他行星不同,地球表面的70%都是水,这对生命正合适,但也很奇怪,因为一切我们所知的地球成因及时间 都表明,地球应是极干燥的。The story goes like this:our solar system formed from the collapse of large cloud of dust and gas.The dense blob of gas at the center ignited to form the sun,Which as a young,untable star unleashed a firrce solar wind.Over time this stream of charged particles pushed the remaining gas cloud farther and farther out,leaving only solid particles behind to clump together into rocks,planetesimals,and finally,the rocky planets of the inner solar system that we know today.事情是这样的;太阳系由一大片尘埃和气体相撞形成。其中心最密集处开始燃烧,形成太阳,这个年轻 尚不稳定的恒星释放出了强劲的太阳风。渐渐地,带电粒子流 将剩余气体推到更远处,使剩余的固体颗粒聚集形成岩石和星子,最终便是我们今日所知的,内太阳系几颗岩态行星。And heres the problem :water,in the from of ice,couldnt have been one of the solid particles that stuck around before our planet,because the early inner solar system was far too hot for frozen wate,and any water vapor would have been blasted away by the solar wind.问题在此,以冰的形成出现的水,不可能是太阳系形成前的一种固体颗粒,因为早期内太阳系温度远高于冰水,任何水蒸气亦都会被太阳风吹散。So if Earth didnt start off with water,how did we end up with such splendid oceans? We know H20 wasnt manufactured here over the eons,because natural processes like combustion,breathing and photosynthesis create and destroy roughly equal amounts of water.And either way,the amounts in question are so miniscule that they cant account for the abundance of water on the planet.那么,地球一开始没有水,最终怎么会出现浩瀚海洋?我们知道,H20并非万千年间形成于地球,因为诸多自然过程,如燃烧,呼吸和光合作用产生并消耗着等量的水。不管怎样 它们的基数太小,不可能解释地球如此丰富的水量。Since Earths water was neither part of the original package nor manufactured here,It must have flown in from far away,on meteoroids or comets or other bodies originating in the outer solar system,where they were far enough from the Sun for frozen water to survive.The dirty iceballs that the we call comets are a logical candidate for the source of our water,But were ruled out when we discovered that they are far richer in heavy hydrogen than Earth water.Heavy hydrogen has a neutron as well as a proton in is nucleus,and for every million hydrogen atoms in Earth water,about 150 are heavy ones,while typical comet water has twice that many.由于地球的水并非起源于此,或产生于此,它肯定是从远方流入的 从陨石或彗星 或者他外太阳系天体来 在那里 它离太阳够远 能让水保持冻结。那些脏冰球 即“彗星” 是水的来源的合适候选者之一。但已被淘汰,当我们发现,其重氢含量比地球上的水高得多。重氢的原子核中有一个中子和一个质子,地球水中 每一百万个氢原子中就有150个是重氢,而一般彗星水是它的两倍。These mismatched chemical signatures suggest that Earths water could not have arrived on comets.It turns out that the most likely source for Earths water is a type of meteorite called a carbonaceous chondrite.;Chondrite;is just the name given to the class of stony meteoroids that most commonly strike the Earth.But only the carbonaceous chondrites contain water as well as lots of carbon,if you couldnt tell from their name.这些不相符的化学标志表明,地球的水不可能来自于彗星。结果明 地球水最可能的来源 是一种被称为碳质球粒陨石的陨石。“球粒状陨石”只是那些常袭击地球的岩类流星体的名字。但只有碳质球粒陨石中含有水,以及大量的碳,如果你没从名字里发现的话。They have water in then because they formed out beyond the suns;frost line;,and whats more,their water has levels of heavy hydrogen similar to that of earth water,strongly suggesting that these earth-crashers, are the source of our ice caps,clouds,rivers,and oceans.它们含水,因为它们形成于太阳的“冰冻线”外,另外,其水中的重氢含量和地球水相似,强有力的明了,这些地球的不速之客,是我们冰盖,云层,河流和海洋的来源。And thus the water that turned our planet into a blue marble came,quite literally,out of the blue.因此,把我们星球变成蓝色大理石的水也来自,文字上说是,蔚蓝深处。201502/357369UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these languages is the oldest?以下哪种语言最古老?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道的话,就大声喊出来吧!Is it Spanish, Dutch, Romanian or Afrikaans?是西班牙语、荷兰语、罗马尼亚语还是南非语?Youve got three seconds.Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Spanish language, also known as Castilian, dates back to the ninth century, making it the oldest language on this list.卡斯蒂利亚语即西班牙语可以追溯到19世纪,是以上语言中最古老的。Thats your answer and thats your Shout Out.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 17 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic or Latino. 据美国人口普查局调查,美国超过17%的人口都是西班牙裔或者拉丁裔。Its about 54 million people, making those of Hispanic origin the largest ethnic or race minority in the country.那大约有5400万人口,这使得西班牙裔成为了美国最大的种族。So its probably no surprise that politicians would want to reach that group.因此,很正常,政治家想要争取到这一种族。But does speaking Spanish sway Hispanic voters one way or the other?但是说西班牙语对西班牙裔的投票者到底会产生什么影响呢? /201502/360836


Eudoxia will spend the next seven years at Gaiserics side.在接下来的七年中 尤多克西亚一直被禁锢在盖塞里克身边Her daughter, forced to marry his son.而她的女儿也被迫嫁给了他的儿子The empress of Rome enslaved by a barbarian.罗马帝国的皇后最终为野蛮人所奴役The Roman Empire lasted for five centuries.罗马帝国的统治持续了五个世纪At its height, it ruled over 60 million people在其鼎盛时期 它统治着超过六千万人口And two million square miles.幅员达两百万平方英里As it disintegrates,Barbarian tribes seize their opportunity.趁着它的没落 野蛮族人们抓住了机会Angles and Saxons push into Britain.安格鲁和撒克逊人大举挺进英国Franks sweep across Gaul,Giving their name to modern France.弗兰克人跨过高卢 这也造就了今天的法国Visigoths seize what is now Spain.而西哥特人建立了今天的西班牙When power collapses at anytime, anywhere,无论何时何地 一个统治王朝的结束It creates a vacuum, by definition,会创造出一个权力真空 根据定义来看Others come running in, territory gets grabbed up,权力真空就是指其他国家的人会来瓜分土地Ideas are repudiated, the Romans learned it,现有的思想会被否认 罗马人尝到了这个滋味We dont know whos going to be next.我们也不知道接下来会是哪个国家201511/407636We no longer use horses on the battlefield,we still use gunpowder.我们不再骑马征战 但仍保留了火药That is a lasting change to the battlefield that cannot be ignored.这是战场上一个不容忽视的 永久性改变Over the next 12 years,The Chinese drive out the Mongols.在接下来的十二年里 汉族人赶走了蒙古人Nanjing becomes capital of a free China.定都南京 建立了一个自由的中国Zhu, a peasant orphaned by the plague,朱元璋 一个幼年因瘟疫而痛失双亲的农民Becomes emperor of a new Chinese dynasty.成为了中国新王朝的皇帝And his wife, ma, the empress,The most powerful woman on the planet.而她的妻子马氏当了皇后 成了世界上权力最大的女人When Zhu Yuanzhang founds his dynasty,朱元璋把他建立的这个王朝he calls it Ming, which means bright.命为;明朝; 意为光明The Mongols are darkness and he is light.蒙古人是黑暗 而他是光The Ming dynasty lasts for 300 years.明朝持续了三百余年Its rulers live in the Forbidden City,A vast palatial compound.其统治者居住在紫禁城内 这是一座富丽堂皇的宫殿No one can enter or leave Without the emperors permission.除非得到皇帝允许 否则任何人不得进入或离开It takes up to a million workers 14 years to build.紫禁城由一百万名工人花了十四年建成On the borders of China,An even greater engineering project.而在中国的边境上 还有一个更宏伟的工程正在修建The largest defensive structure in the world,即世界上最大的防御工事Begun by Chinas first emperor, completed by the Ming.它由中国首位皇帝起建 完工于明朝Over 5,500 miles long,20,000 towers,The Great Wall of China.长五千五百英里(约8851千米) 有两万座塔楼 它就是中国的长城201601/419663莉沙.哈鲁尼:3D打印入门201509/398080

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