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A Dream雾乎?梦乎? 71You have to wonder if the last occupant of Britain smallest house - Robert Jones- was a bit of a sadist; the fisherman was 6foot 3 inches tall.你肯定会想,英国最小房子的最后一个房主罗布特.琼斯是不是有几分自虐倾向啊?他可是个身高留英尺三英寸(约1米9几)的大个子男人啊Yet the diminuitive size of the house (also known as Quay House) didnt deter Mr Jones in 1900, and it hasnt put off the thousands of visitors who come each year to the Welsh village of Conwy to look at the quaint th-century building.The house has just two cramped rooms and can only fit in four people at a time. Visitors from all over the world - including the States and Japan - come the tours, which take place daily, and feature guides wearing traditional dress.然而在当年(1900年),房子的大小并打消琼斯先生购买这座房子(又名码头房子)的愿望今天,来自全世界的游客来到英国康威的这个威尔士村庄来观赏这个有趣的世纪的建筑这个房子只有两个狭小的房间,一次只能容纳最多人而它的魅力却让来自于日本或美国等各国的游客们每天川流不息房子的导游穿着当年的传统饰,让你如同真的置身于古代The house measures only 1.8 metres wide, and was registered in the Guinness Book Of World Records as Britain smallest house. Admission is ridiculously cheap too - 50p kids and pound;1 adults.房子自由1.8米宽,这座英国最小的房子已经载入了世界吉尼斯纪录参观费是相当便宜的,小孩50分,大人一英镑We love an underdog story - and the smallest house in Britain is no different. The Daily Mail reported local tour guide Anne Fletcher as saying that the neighbouring houses, which were also tiny, were torn down by local authorities. But local people protested about Quay House being torn down, and raised enough money to buy it and turn it into a tourist attraction.我们总是偏向弱者—这个英国最小的房的背后也有着这样的故事,《每日邮报曾经报道,当地的导游安娜.弗莱彻爆料,其实当年,这栋房子周围的房子也很小,政府把它们都拆除了,当地人为了保护码头房子不被拆除,举行了抗议游行,并凑钱将其买下,最后把它变成了一个旅游景点She says: ;There is a little living room with historical pictures and items. And stairs lead up to the six-foot by eight-foot bedroom.她介绍到:“房子有个很小的客厅,挂着些老照片,陈列着一些旧摆设房间里六英尺的楼梯通往卧室,卧室也只有8英尺高;All the cooking, washing and toilet activities would have been permed outside. many people this house is a total eye-opener.;“做饭、洗衣、上厕所这些事情都在室外解决对很多人来说,这个历史遗迹让人大开眼界” 5196

Ringmaster Vernon Bergman, reveals the weight of a foot wide, 3,699 pound pumpkin pie on Saturday Sept. 5, - one that will be the worlds largest once certified by Guinness World Records. The giant pie was baked in New Bremen, Ohio and sponsored by the New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers during the town's annual Pumpkinfest. The massive pie took over thirteen hours to bake in a specially made oven. (AP PhotoSidney Daily News,Luke Gronneberg) # 年9月5日,马戏团领班弗农#86;褒曼在为直径英尺、重3699磅的南瓜饼揭幕,它将成为得到吉尼斯世界纪录认的最大南瓜饼这只饼中之王在俄亥俄州新不来梅烤制,得到巨型南瓜种植者协会的赞助它在特制的烘烤炉上历经了个多小时的‘煎熬’ 19

The ;western; toilet is making inroads into China and in big citiesand airports, youll find a few of them in the row of toilets inthe bathroom. However, there are still lots and lots and lots ofsquatty potties and likely as not, youll venture into one. Itnot as hard as it seems, but it good to know what youre gettinginto bee you go.“西方”座便式厕所现在已经在中国非常普遍了,大城市和机场里面基本都有,你也可以在浴室里面看到一排这样的厕所然而,还是有超级超级超级多的蹲便式厕所存在着,如果你要去中国旅游了,那你可得试着冒冒险去用这样的厕所不过其实也没有看起来那么难,但是学学怎么使用总是对你去中国旅游有点帮助1. Pack Tissues.1. 装好卫生纸Bee you even leave the hotel, make sure youvegot portable toilet paper with you. Lots of public restrooms dontprovide it. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are also good to havealong as if there a sink, there may not be any soap, and probablyno towels either你离开酒店之前一定要检查一下自己有没有带卫生纸,因为中国的厕所是没纸的哦消毒纸巾和洗手液也可以带上,如果厕所里有水池的话你能用得上,因为这里的厕所很少会提供肥皂,当然也不用想擦手的卫生纸了. Plan Your Business 1.. 计划你的旅游A;Preventive Peeing; or going bee you gois a good way to avoid getting caught in a place that wont have anice toilet. (Nice doesnt necessarily mean Western by the way)Pretend youre all five years old and make sure everyone goesbee you leave the house“预防你的小便”或者说在你出发前你得想到你要去的地方可能没有一个让你觉得舒的厕所(这里的舒不是说只有俺们外国的才最舒,中国的厕所其实没啥不好的)你就当自己是个五岁的小孩,出门前一定要尿尿然后大家一起出发别落下任何一个人3. Plan Your Business .3. 计划你的旅游BIf youre going to be out and about, thinkabout where youll be and try to plan some pit-stops in between.Especially in big cities, international hotels, upscale restaurantsand shopping malls will have clean washrooms with most of theamenities (toilet paper, Western toilets, soap and towels).Placesto avoid using the bathroom: large markets (especially outdoormarkets), street-side public bathrooms (though theyre improving),tourist spots如果你要出门,考虑一下你要去的地方在哪,计划哪里可以有停车休息站尤其是在大城市,一些国际连锁酒店,高档餐厅和购物商场里会有很干净的洗手间,那里一般都会提供我们需要的便捷措施(比如卫生纸,我们用的座便,肥皂和擦手巾),不过请避免使用这些厕所:大超市(尤其是那种室外的超市),路边的公共厕所(即使现在已经改善很多了),还有就是旅游点的厕所. Bag Hand-Off.别带你的包If you can, hand any unnecessary bags to a friend while you use thewashroom. There are generally no hooks and youll need your handsto balance, to dig around your purse tissues and to hold on tothe door if the lock is broken如果可以的话,去厕所前把你不必要的东西都让你的朋友保管,通常情况下这里没有挂钩让你挂包包,你要是拿着一堆东西去厕所你就得在里面努力保持平衡,然后在包里找你的卫生纸,如果那个门的锁坏了你还得把门扶着5. Queuing Up.5. 排队这件事儿If you find yourself outside the comt of yourhotel, dont panic. It wont be unbearable. Queues in China dontwork the same way as they do in the States. Women generally line upin front of a particular stall rather than hang back as one opens.This can create a free--all so it best to stick to one doorand keep your eye on it. If it happens not to be a Western toilet,better to get in there than re-queue. Many times, doors havepictures or signs indicating Western or squat-style toilets. Also,check the lock, if it red, then it occupied. Green means freebut always knock如果你发现你自己已经不在那个舒的旅店外了,别难过这不是那么难忍受的事情排队这件事在中国虽然不那么流行不过我们在美国也有不排队的时候不是吗女厕所里面大家经常是一个个排在各个厕所前,并不是说在每个门前都晃来晃去等谁出来了就进去所以说你得看准了自己等待的那个厕所位置并且一直盯着如果前一位上完厕所出来你不幸的发现这不是座便器,我建议你最好还是进去吧,不然你又要重新排队了不过很多情况下,门上面都会有标准注明那个是蹲厕那个是座便还有一点要记着,上厕所前检查一下门锁,如果上面显示转到红色,那就是锁上了,要是绿色那就表明里面没人6. Pants Check.6. 检查好你的裤子I dont want to scare you but some washrooms arerather wet - either from splash effect or the toilet maid (usuallythere is someone assigned to sit in the washroom and clean it)running amok with her mop. Either way, it not moisture you wanton your new linen trousers. If it wet, roll them up, especiallyif youre in line a squat toilet. If you see other Chineseladies rolling, then be sure to. They know something youdont我这不是要吓唬你,可是很多洗手间真的很潮湿,不管是飞溅的水弄的还是打扫卫生间的人(通常情况下每个洗手间会被分配有人打扫)疯狂甩着她的拖把弄的我知道,这些水不是你想弄到你的新裤子上面的如果说地上很湿的话,记得把你的裤腿卷起来尤其是你在排队等你的座便厕所时有个小窍门儿,你要是看到中国的女士把裤子都卷起来了,那你肯定要照做啦!她们知道的肯定比你多,学着点儿吧7. The Squat.7. 蹲下OK, well, youve found yourself in a squatty potty.It really not that bad and many argue it actually healthier togo this way than sitting down. Whatever, if youre not used to it,squatting can be really difficult. Face ward and try to let yourpants down while ensuring that the ends are up (hopefully youverolled) and not touching the floor. There are grooved places your feet on either side of the toilet. Try to get somewhere in themiddle, feet flat on the floor (you dont want to fall in, believeme) and aim the potty好吧,试想你现在面对着一个蹲厕的坑坑我得说一下,蹲厕没那么坏,很多人都说蹲厕比座便式厕所干净健康的多呢无论如何吧,如果你不习惯用蹲厕,那么蹲下真的是个挺难的事儿你需要面对前方然后确保你的裤脚卷子来之后再蹲下(希望你在等厕所那会就已经卷起来了)这样你的裤子就不会挨到地上了在蹲厕两侧会有那种带纹路的地方是供你的脚踩的试着把你的脚各放在它们的中间,脚踩稳了(相信我,你也不希望自己掉进去)最后要对准那个坑8. Paper Discard8. 扔掉卫生纸Not in the Pot! Chinese plumbing in publicrestrooms generally doesnt handle paper. If you can remember,please put anything other than #1 or # in the basket. Try as hardas you can NOT to look at the basket, it usually open and teemingwith things on which youd rather not lay eyes别扔坑里!中国的下水道可不是美国的下水道,它们没法搞定厕纸的尽量扔到后面的纸篓里,不过记得,千万别回头看那个筐子!那些筐子永远都是被塞满了···那些用过的卫生纸···你懂得!别看!9. Finish Up.9. 结束Out you go, you accomplished squat toilet user.Unroll your pants, wash your hands, if you can, and find yourfriends waiting you outside用完厕所,你已经完成了作为一个使用蹲厕的人的步骤放下你的裤腿,洗干净手,然后找到在外面等你的朋友 16

“痛苦是用来独自承受的,快乐才是用来分享的”、 “不要想着自己曾给人恩惠,因为除了你没人会记得了”………… 非常多的经典的话语,真是一只聪明的兔子,哲学系毕业的? 我没有金钱,但我还有朋友我没有朋友,但我还有家人我没有家人,但我还有健康我没有健康,但我还有希望 do not have money, but I have a friendI do not have friends, but I still have family membersI have no family, but I still have healthI was not healthy, but I still have hope 90180

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