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Sunshine 'helps to keep you young' The National Day holiday is a time for trips. Many people go to travel agencies and ask them arrange itineraries, so that people don't have to spend much time and energy working out travel details. Yet despite how meticulous travel agents may be, there are always some things people need to look after themselves to ensure a pleasant and safe journey. For your reference, here are some things you should consider before traveling: What diseases to look out for While China covers a vast geographic area, with various mountains and rivers, these grand landscapes are not suitable for all people. High altitudes, cold sea water and pollen can prevent certain groups of people to visiting these areas. People with acute otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear), coronary heart disease, angina and seriously high or low blood pressure as well as pregnant women are advised to stay away from high mountains, because high altitude sickness could pose a serious physical challenge to these people. Those with rheumatism, diabetes, chest pains and overactive thyroid glands are strongly advised to stay away from seaside. In autumn, the seaside temperature is lower than land temperature on average. This an the combination of high humidity and abundant sodium ions in the air will aggravate the health of these people and lead to contraction of the alleged "seaside exposure syndrome". Autumn is also a season of high occurrences of pollen, so people allergic to pollen should avoid going out too much, especially on windy days. When going out, those allergic to pollens should take some allergy medicine before going out. What clothes to wear Loose and light clothing are preferred to tight and heavy clothes. Jeans, T-shirts and a wind-proof jacket constitute a perfect outfit for ordinary outing. If you don't want to end up wearing the same clothes all the time, then pack several cotton T-shirts, both long sleeves and short sleeves. In addition, always take more than one pair of socks with you in case that you may step into water and have no spare socks to replace the wet ones. Wear bright color clothes. There are three reasons: people wearing bright colored clothes often appear nicer in photos; when mingling with other tourists, bright clothes make people easily identifiable; and bright colors cheer people up. What food to eat Chocolate is a perfect food to carry along on the road. It tastes good and can boost energy supplies instantly, preventing low blood sugar levels. Beef jerky is also a nice choice. The salted preserved beef is always good to boost the muscles. Apart from these little snacks, people should also eat full balanced meals. Although they may need more time to fit eating into their schedules, it's necessary for people to eat at least one big meal each day to keep healthy. Meals should contain sufficient fat, protein and vitamins. Also, some scenic spots may sell local foods. Take a reserved attitude towards this kind of food. If you feel they don't appeal to your appetite, then say no to avoid unnecessary allergies or diarrhea. Take care of your kids Many parents take their kids with them when they go travel. In this case, parents need to bear in mind that children are more likely to have carsickness than adults. To help kids overcome carsickness, parents need to pay attention to the following things: Don't let kids eat too much or too greasy. Don't let them starve either. Instead feed them with healthy snacks like fruit. Before getting on board a plane or car, put a slice of ginger on your child's bellybutton, to counter carsickness. Some children do better when sitting in the front passenger seat or a window seat in the back. for ventilation. For those suffering from serious carsickness, parents need to feed them counter-sickness medicine following doctors' pres criptions 旅行时也要保持健康国庆节假期是旅行的时候。很多人让旅行社安排行程,以节省时间和精力去处理旅行中的一些细节问题。不管旅行社是多么细心周到,你仍需要注意一些问题,以确保旅行的安全和愉快。以下几点希望能给您以参考。 堤防什么样的疾病 中国地域辽阔,有着各种各样的山脉和河流。但是,并非每一个人都适合去这些景区游玩。高纬度,冰冷的海水和花粉可能去阻止一些人去这些地方。我建议患有急性中耳炎,冠心病,咽喉痛或严重的高低血压的人不要去山区旅行。高原反应会对这类人群的身体健康造成威胁。 我还强烈建议那些患有风湿病,糖尿病,胸痛,严重甲状腺的人不要去海边。秋季,海边的平均温度低于陆地平均温度。而且,海边空气湿度大,钠离子丰富。这都会使这群人的病情恶化,还可能患上所谓的海边综合症。 秋季还是花粉高发期,因此,对花粉过敏的人应尽量少出门,特别是在有风的日子。如果要出门,在出去前,用一些防过敏的药物。 穿什么样的衣 选择宽松轻薄的衣。牛仔,T恤衫和防风夹克是日常行装的完美组合。 如果不想总是穿同样的衣,可以带几件棉质T恤衫,可长可短。另外,要随身携带一双袜子,以防踏入水坑,没有替换品。 要穿亮色的衣,理由有三:穿亮色的衣照相时,会显得更漂亮;同其他游客混在一起时,更加容易辨别;鲜亮的衣能振奋人的精神。 吃什么样的食物 巧克力是一种最适合路上携带的小食品。口感不错,而且能够随时补充能量。牛肉干也是一种不错的选择。用盐腌制的牛肉干对有助于拉伸肌肉。 除了这些小零食,还应该保持饮食的平衡。虽然在旅行中,吃饭需要更多的时间,但是为了保持健康,每天至少吃一顿大餐。食物里应包含足够的脂肪,蛋白质和维他命。 一些景区可能会卖当地的特产。对于这种食物,我们最好是以慎重的态度对待。如果觉得不符合自己的胃口,应加以拒绝,以避免不必要的过敏或腹泻 照顾好小孩 很多家长带着孩子一起去旅行。如果这样的话,父母要牢牢记住:孩子可能比成年人更容易晕车。 帮助孩子克晕车,家长应注意以下几点:不要让孩子吃的太多或是吃太油腻的食物,但是也不能让他们饿着。给他们吃像水果这样的健康小食品。在上飞机或上车前,在孩子的肚脐上夹一块姜片,来防止晕车。有些孩子坐在前排或是后排靠窗的座位会感觉好一些,因为可以通风。对于那些晕车很严重的孩子来说,家长应该根据医生开的药方给他们吃一些晕车药。 /200801/25616重庆星辰整形医院医术信得过?重庆市公立三甲医院靠谱吗?People who visit the ed States sometimes wonder how the states got their names. Some of the most interesting names came from American Indian (印第安人) languages.访问美国的人们常常想知道各个州的名称是从何而来的。一些最有趣的名字来源于(美州)印第安人的语言。For example, Illinois was named for the Indians who used to (过去常常) live in that part of the country. In their language, Illinois means ;Brave (勇敢的) Men;. Connecticut means ;At the Long River Mouth; in the language of the Indians who used to live there.例如伊利诺州是因过去住在这一带的印第安人而得名的。在他们的语言中伊利诺是;勇士;的意思。康乃狄格(州)在过去住在那里的印第安人的语言中,表示;在长河的河口;。Twenty-five of the states have Indian names, but other names were taken from different languages. Georgia and Pennsylvania have names which were taken from the Latin (拉丁语的) language. Florida and Colorado were named by Spanish (西班牙) people. States like New Hampshire and New Jersey were named after (以…命名) places in England.有25个州用印第安人的名称命名,另外一些州的名字则从没的语言中得来。乔治亚和宾夕法尼亚洲的名字源于拉丁文。佛罗里达和科罗拉多是由西班牙人命名的。像新罕布什尔和新泽西这样的州名是按英国的地名命名的。The two newest states have names which did not come from any of those languages. Hawaii got its name from a word in the Hawaiian language which means ;homeland; (家乡). Alaska was named by the Russians, from whom Alaska was bought in 1867.最新的两个州的名字不是来自于那些语言。夏威夷是按夏威夷语中的一个词命名的,意思是;家乡;。阿拉斯加州是1867年从俄国人手里买来的,而它的名字也是由俄国人命名的。这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:一直觉得一句描述女性衣柜的话,反而更精确地描述了女人:女人的衣柜里,总是缺少一件衣……男人的衣柜呢?男人有衣柜吗?我们男人有海澜之家就够了…!译者:koogle重庆星辰整形医院几级

重医附一院是几甲重庆市星宸整形是正规吗?A Man of Actions一个言出必行的人A crowd of student was gathered on the campus of Oxford University. “You can have no doubt,” shouted a young man excitedly, “that if the Dean does not take back what he said to me this morning, I’ll leave Oxford this very evening!”一群学生聚在牛津的校园里,一个年轻人情绪激动地叫道:“毋庸置疑,如果那个家伙不收回他今早  对我说的话,我今晚就离开牛津。”A buzzing noise followed. “What a man of actions!” one said in admiration. “How should we support him and learn from him!” said another.下面一片喧哗。“真是个言出必行的人。”一个人艳羡地说。另一个说:“我们要持他、学习他。”Suddenly, a girl asked, “What did the Dean say to you, Hob?”突然,一个女孩问道:“那家伙对你说什么了,霍波?”He bent and whispered to her, “Well,er#8226;#8226;#8226;er#8226;#8226;#8226;Miss Rose, er#8226;#8226;#8226;he told me to get clean away from Oxford this very evening!”他弯下腰小声说:“哦,呃…呃…,罗斯,呃…他说要我今晚从牛津滚出去。” /201302/225014No one wants to grow old before their time. But you should ignore the number of candles on your cake. Your real age is revealed by how active and supple your mind and body are. Towards that end, here are seven surprising things that age you.没有人想提前变老。但是你应该忽略你蛋糕上的蜡烛数。你的真实年龄由你心灵和身体的灵活度揭示。为此这里有让你变老的七件令人惊讶的事情。1.Your pillowcaseObviously, getting enough sleep is always a good thing. But that pillowcase of yours is a different story. Experts say it can take moisture away from your body which, in turn, can age skin. What#39;s worse, your pillowcase also can leave wrinkles and fine lines on your face. To fight the problem, you should buy a silk pillow cover. Silk contains amino acids that are very similar to those found in your moisturizers. As such, they actually don#39;t draw moisture from your face the way other pillowcases can.1.你的枕套显然,充足的睡眠总是一件好事。但是,你的枕套是另一回事。专家说它能把水分抽离你的身体,从而老化肌肤。更糟糕的是,你的枕套也可以在你脸上留下皱纹和细纹。应对这一问题,你应该买一个丝质枕套。丝含有氨基酸,非常类似于在你的保湿霜里发现的东西。因此,它们实际上并不从你脸上吸收水分,而其他枕套可以。2. SmilingYou may look nice with a smile on your face, but that grin -- as well as other facial expressions such as squinting -- actually can create more wrinkles and fine lines. Skin loses flexibility as it ages and doesn#39;t have the capacity to spring back into place like it did when you were younger.2.微笑你脸上带着微笑会看起来很友好,但那笑容——以及其他面部表情如眯眼——实际上会产生更多的皱纹和细纹。随着年龄增大皮肤失去弹性,无法再回到年轻的时候的状态。3. Central Air And HeatingLow-humidity environments such as those created by central heating and air conditioning can lead to dry skin. And dry skin makes wrinkles more pronounced -- even though it doesn#39;t actually cause wrinkles. Best to warm or cool your body by putting on or taking off layers of clothing rather than turning up the heat or air conditioner.3.中央空调和供暖低湿度的环境中,例如那些由中央供暖和空调创造的环境会导致皮肤干燥。皮肤干燥使皱纹更明显——尽管它实际上并不产生皱纹。最好通过加减衣物来使你的身体暖和或凉快,而不是打开暖气或空调。4. Drinking from bottles and through strawsIt may be hard to believe but, yes, the puckering process of drinking from a bottle or through a straw -- just like any repeated muscle motion -- can lead to fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Face cream can help. But dermatologists tell those who are prone to fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth to avoid straws altogether.4.并通过吸管喝瓶装水这也许很难相信,但是,是的,从瓶子中喝水或通过一根吸管的曲折过程——就像任何重复的肌肉运动,会导致嘴巴旁边的细纹和皱纹。面霜可以有帮助。但是皮肤科医生告诉那些嘴部容易起细纹和皱纹的人要完全避免吸管。5. Watching TVAfter the age of 25, every hour of TV you want shortens your life by 21.8 minutes. Really, truly. Or so says a 2011 study by researchers in Australia. Indeed, those who watch six or more hours a day of TV apparently live 4.8 years less than those who don#39;t watch TV. In the end, watching TV may be on par with other risk factors such as obesity.5.看电视25岁以后,你每看一小时的电视就会缩短21.8分钟的生命。真的,真的。2011年澳大利亚的研究人员做的课题中也这样说过。事实上,那些一天看六个小时以上电视的人比那些不看电视的人明显少活4.8年。最后,看电视可能也会伴随着其他危险因素如肥胖。6. SugarNo doubt sugar is bad for your waistline but eating sugary foods also can harm the collagen and elastin needed to keep your skin smooth and youthful. Experts say you should replace foods high in sugar with low-glycemic carbs like whole grains. Why? Because the body processes them more slowly, which limits the loss of collagen and elastin.6.糖毫无疑问,糖不利于你的腰围,但吃含糖的食物也会损害那些需要来保持皮肤光滑年轻的胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白。专家说你应该用全谷类的低糖碳水化合物来取代高糖食物。为什么?因为身体消化它们更为缓慢,从而限制了胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白的损失。7. Holding Things InMad at your bank#39;s customer service representative? Keeping that anger inside isn#39;t a good thing. Or so say studies that show clamming up makes you four times more likely to die earlier than those who don#39;t bottle things up.7.憋住不放对你的的代表很生气吗?将愤怒埋在心里不是一件好事。或者这么说研究表明拒不开口让你早死的概率是那些不把事情憋在心里的人的四倍。 /201304/235005重庆市妇幼保健院在哪For many of us, it is the rocket fuel that gets us going first thing in the morning.对我们许多人来说,早起第一件事就喝咖啡则如同火箭燃料一般,能让我们清醒起来动起来。But one expert has argued that to get the maximum effect of caffeine, it#39;s better to hold on a few hours - because coffee is most effective if consumed between 9.30am and 11.30am.但是有专家认为,要想获得咖啡因的最佳效果还得再等上些许时间。因为在上午9:30-11:30这个时间段喝咖啡才是最有效的。Steven Miller, a neuroscientist from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Maryland, says it is best to drink coffee when the body’s levels of the hormone cortisol are low because caffeine interacts with the hormone.马里兰州健康科学统一务大学的神经学家史蒂芬·米勒认为,最好在身体中的荷尔蒙皮质醇水平偏低时喝咖啡,因为这时咖啡因和荷尔蒙相互作用。He explained that people who drink coffee when their cortisol levels are high –namely, between 8am and 9am –develop a tolerance to caffeine, meaning it becomes less effective.他解释道,当人们在上午8-9点中皮质醇水平较高时喝咖啡,身体对咖啡因有耐受性,并不是很有效。Cortisol controls the body clock and causes people to feel wide awake, The Telegraph reports. The body’s levels of the hormone are usually high just after a person wakes up but start to fall about an hour afterwards.据《每日电讯报》报道,皮质醇控制人体生物钟,让人们感觉很清醒。人体内的激素水平在刚刚睡醒后通常较高,但大约一小时后便开始下降。Mr Miller argues that it is during this drop in cortisol levels that people get the most benefit from the caffeine in coffee –it gives them a boost as it encourages cortisol production when their cortisol levels start to drop and they do not become resistant to its benefits.米勒先生认为,正是因为这种皮质醇水平下降,人们从咖啡中所含的咖啡因获得了最大益处——因可以振奋精神,在皮质醇激素下降时刺激皮质醇产生,而且人体对咖啡因的吸收不会受到皮质醇的抵制。He explained that cortisol levels also peak at lunchtime and between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, meaning that these would also not be good times to drink coffee.他解释道,皮质醇水平在中午以及下午5:30-6:30之间达到峰值,这也就意味着这两个时间段也不是喝咖啡的最佳时间。Writing on his blog he said: ‘If we are drinking caffeine at a time when your cortisol concentration in the blood is at its peak, you probably should not be drinking it.他在客中写道:“如果当我们的皮质醇浓度在血液中达到高峰时喝了咖啡,那么你可能不应该在这个时候喝咖啡了。‘This is because cortisol production is strongly related to your level of alertness and cortisol peaks for your 24 hour rhythm between 8 and 9am on average.“这是因为皮质醇激素的生产与人的警醒度紧密相关,在一天24小时的生物钟里,早上8-9点皮质醇达到顶峰。”He added that people who drink a coffee first thing in the morning, when their cortisol levels are naturally high, will soon find themselves needing to make their coffee stronger and stronger to get the desired effect.他补充道,人们早起第一件事就是喝咖啡,他们的皮质醇水平自然就高了,很快他们就会发现自己需要喝咖啡来达到所需的效果。However, he did accept that cortisol levels at different times of day vary from person to person meaning that the best time of day to drink a coffee also differs between people.不过,他确实赞同每个人在一天中的不同时间段所接受的皮质醇水平因人而异这个说法,即每天喝咖啡的最佳时间也因人而异。For example, people who get up very early may find their cortisol levels drop earlier than those of people who get up late.例如,起的很早的人可能会发现他们的皮质醇水平比那些起的晚的人的皮质醇水平下降的早。He says it helps turn energy into sugar to be utilised by cells in the body and that it also plays a role in controlling the body clock.他说,这有助于利用体内细胞把能量转化成糖,并且对控制人体生物钟也起作用。 /201311/266006重庆星宸医学有上班

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