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长春医科大学附属第一医院看妇科多少钱吉林省长春市妇幼保健四维彩超多少钱长春市妇幼保健院多久了?正规吗 A friend of mine in Singapore recently sent me this new (to me, anyway) English word and its definition:一位新加坡朋友最近告诉我一个英文新词(至少对我来说是个新词):Askhole;Askhole(爱问鬼);a person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them意思是一个老爱向别人征求建议,却又不听建议,老是对着干的人。I’m not sure if this word was invented in Singapore, which has its own distinctive brand of spoken English (e.g. ending many English sentences with “lah”; and expressing numbers such as “40-over” rather than “over 40”, “forty-plus”, or “more than forty”. I doubt “askhole” was invented in Singapore, simply because the behavior is so widesp around the world.我不清楚这个词是不是新加坡人发明的,新加坡的英语口语带有明显的地方特色(比如很多英语句子以“啦”结尾,说数字常用“40-over”代替“over 40”、“forty-plus”或者“more than forty”。我很怀疑“askhole”这个词是不是新加坡人发明的,原因很简单,因为这种行为在全世界都很普遍。It didn’t take me long to think of a few askholes that I know. I’m sure stock brokers and lawyers can quickly think of dozens of askholes from among their clientele. That’s not to mention management consultants, counsellors, teachers, parents, and so on — all of whom have dealt with askholes.我马上就能想起很多认识的“askholes”。我敢肯定,股票经纪人、律师也很快就能想起一大票“askholes”客户,更不用说那些管理顾问、咨询师、教师、父母等等——他们全都遭遇过askholes。Obviously the intended humor surrounding this word derives from its close similarity to another English word in which the “k” in “askhole” is replaced by an “s”. That’s a word we were taught not to use in polite company, although that rule may be suspended while driving your car, if some other driver suddenly cuts in front of you or engages in some other stupidly dangerous driving.显然,“askhole”一词的诙谐之处就在于它和另外一个英文单词很接近,只不过它用“k”替换了那个词中的“s”。至于那个词,我们被告知在文明的公司里是禁用的,但如果开车有人突然加塞儿或者做出其他危险驾驶举动,禁令就可以暂时解除。The similarity with that not-so-polite word automatically gives “askhole” a negative connotation. On the other hand, I would rise to the defense of the askholes of the world, because I think there’s a lot to be said in favor of asking lots of questions, whether in search of advice or otherwise.与那个不敬之辞搭上关系让“askhole”一词自动蒙上了贬义色。但另一方面,我要站出来为全世界的“askhole”辩护,因为无论是不是为了征求意见,都有很多理由可以持多多提问。If someone really asked my advice often and then did the opposite every time, I guess I would be inclined to turn off the “free advice” switch at some point. It’s a matter of degree and situation. Some people face very big challenges when trying to take good advice. Think of compulsive gamblers, drug addicts, alcoholics, or people suffering from mental disorders. We sometimes forget that they’re people too, often struggling with a serious illness.假如某人经常问我的意见,又回回都反其道而行之,我想到了一定阶段我肯定会关上“免费建议”的开关,但这也要看程度和情形。有些人在接受忠告时面临着巨大的挑战。想想那些患强迫症的赌徒、瘾君子、酗酒者,或者精神错乱患者。有时我们忘了他们也是人,而且还经常要和严重的疾病抗争。But my main point here is to sing the praise of asking questions in general.但我主要还是想为多提问题唱赞歌。Most people are afraid to ask questions in case they might sound like dumb questions, which makes the asker in turn sound like a dumb person. This fear should be on everyone’s “Most Wanted” list, like the list of criminals “most wanted” by the police. This fear of asking questions is a major enemy of learning. It deserves to be identified, captured, and executed. Unless you prefer to stay dumb, which is how we all start out and how you will remain if you’re afraid to ask questions.很多人害怕提问,担心自己的问题听上去很蠢,让人觉得自己也很蠢。这种恐惧就像警察发出的罪犯“通缉令”一样,是每个人的心腹大患。但害怕提问是学习的大敌,值得指出、引起注意并解决,除非你想一直当个傻瓜。一开始我们大家都是傻瓜,但如果不敢提问,就会一直这样傻下去。I think this is a universal fear which people in most societies have to overcome at some point. The challenge is greater in cultures where “face” is a relatively bigger or more complex issue.我觉得这种恐惧普遍存在,在很多社会,人们都需要在某个时刻克这种恐惧。但在某些“面子”问题更加重要和复杂的文化中,所要面临的挑战就更大。I learned a lot growing up at home and in school, which had a big impact on shaping who I am and what values I hold dear. I have also been fortunate to have worked — in business as well as non-profit organizations — alongside some great mentors. Sometimes, due to the difference in age and rank, it’s obvious who is the mentor and who is the mentee in a working relationship. But lots of times it’s not. All sorts of people around you are potential mentors, and they may not even realize it.我在家庭和学校的成长过程中学会了很多,对我的个人定形和价值观的形成造成了极大的影响。我也有幸——在企业和非赢利组织中——与一些优秀的导师共事过。有时因为年龄和级别的差异,很容易在工作中界定导师和学生的身份。但很多时候,情况并非如此。身边的各色人等都是潜在的导师,也许他们还没有意识到。It’s up to you to explore, by asking questions. The difference in your learning results might be compared to an old steam locomotive versus today’s high speed railway trains. Some people may prefer the pace of the old-fashioned steam engines, but in today’s super competitive, shrink-wrapped world, I’d opt for the faster learning track. A lot will come from home, and school; but beyond that, a huge amount depends on you asking questions, including dumb ones.这些都要通过你的提问去发现,而学习成果的差异就好比蒸汽机车与高铁的区别。有些人可能青睐老式蒸汽机的节奏,但在当今高度竞争、浓缩的世界中,我宁愿选择学习的快车道。家庭和学校为我们提供了很多知识,但大量学习还要靠提问,包括问愚蠢的问题。That doesn’t make you an askhole, by the way.顺便说一句,这并不会让你成为“askhole”。As I am fond of saying to younger friends and colleagues, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.正如我最爱对年轻朋友和同事们说的,只有没问出口的问题才是愚蠢的问题。 /201409/330215长春做人流究竟花多少钱

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辽源妇幼保健妇保医院有无痛人流Move over, emerald. The color watchers at Pantone say the #39;It#39; color of 2014 is a pinky purple known as #39;radiant orchid.#39;绿,请让开。通(Pantone)的色观察员称,2014年的“流行”色将是一种名为“璀璨兰花紫”(radiant orchid)的粉紫色。Expect to see the peppy shade on everything from cardigans to coffee makers next year. Vibrant and inviting, it has enough warm tones to look good on most skin types, which makes it a natural for nail polish and lipstick. Pantone executives say that because it is nuanced and bold, the color suggests creativity and ingenuity, which may appeal to fashion-minded, tech-savvy customers in their 20s and 30s. The hue also offers a sharp contrast with emerald, Pantone#39;s color of 2013.拭目以待吧,明年这种明亮活泼的色调会出现在从羊毛开衫到咖啡机的各类物品上。它活力四射、吸人眼球,它的色调也足够温暖,适合大多数皮肤类型,所以它天生适合用于指甲油和唇。通的高管称,这种色细腻又奔放,会让人想起创造力与独创性,可能会吸引年龄在20多岁和30多岁的注重时尚、精通科技的客户。该色还与通提出的2013年度流行色绿形成鲜明对比。At a time when anything goes in fashion, Pantone#39;s heavily marketed #39;Color of the Year#39; announcement can raise eyebrows. These days, there is no #39;It#39; hem length or cut or wash of jeans. So is there still any such thing as the color?在一个什么事情都融入时尚的时代,通大力推广的“年度色”一说可能会引发质疑。现如今,褶边长度、裁剪或牛仔水洗方式都没有主打一说,那么还会有像主打色这样的事物吗?#39;Absolutely, there#39;s an #39;It#39; color for spring, #39; says Ken Downing, fashion director for Neiman Marcus, firmly. #39;It#39;s pink.#39;精品百货店内曼·马库斯(Neiman Marcus)的时装总监肯·唐宁(Ken Downing)说:“当然有,春季就有‘主打’色,它就是粉色。”Mr. Downing hasn#39;t been working with Pantone on its color-of-the-year selection. But violet and purple clothes and accessories have been moving briskly at Neiman Marcus, making these shades the stores#39; top sellers, Mr. Downing says. As resort and spring fashion collections trickle in, hues are getting pinker. #39;Women who follow fashion want to be wearing the color of the moment, #39; he says. #39;Truly, pink is the color.#39;唐宁并未与通合作挑选年度色。但他表示紫罗兰与紫色的时装和配饰在内曼·马库斯一直卖得很快,使这些色调成为各门店的畅销品。由于度假系列和春季系列开始上市,时装的色变得更粉嫩。他说:“紧跟时尚的女性希望穿上流行色,确实粉色就是流行色。”Spring 2014 fashion collections featured a preponderance of pinks and purples on the runways at Prada, Chanel and Dior, all labels that tend to influence other fashion designers. Pantone -- which is in the business of selling color swatches and advice to industries from autos to home decor -- closely watches these runways.普拉达(Prada)、香奈儿(Chanel)和迪奥(Dior)的2014春季时装系列T台秀展示了大量粉色和紫色时装,而所有这些品牌往往都会影响其他时装设计师。从事销售色卡业务并为从汽车到家装的各行各业提供建议的通会密切关注这些T台秀。Pantone, owned by Washington, D.C.-based Danaher Corp., each year polls graphic, industrial, fashion and other designers around the world, as well as manufacturers and retailers, asking what colors they plan to use in coming seasons. A color committee made up of Pantone executives and clients makes a pick based on the surveys, sales of color swatches and its experts#39; opinions.通是总部位于华盛顿的丹纳赫公司(Danaher Corp.)的子公司,每一年它都会调查世界各地的平面设计师、工业设计师、时装设计师及其他设计师以及制造商和零售商,询问他们计划在未来几季采用什么色。随后,一个由通高管和客户组成的色委员会会根据调查结果、色卡的销售情况及其专家的意见来进行挑选。By the time Pantone unveils its color of the year, designs for the year ahead are aly in the works. But given the company#39;s insider access -- which amounts to a cheat sheet from style leaders -- its choice tends to show insight. Emerald really did turn out to be a big color last year, and so did the red-orange #39;tangerine tango#39; the year before.到通公布其年度色之时,针对未来一年的设计已在准备当中。不过,考虑到该公司可接触到内幕——这相当于来自时尚引领者的备忘单——它的选择往往都是眼光很准的。比如说,事实明绿确实是去年的大热色,前年名为“探戈橘”的橘红色也是如此。This year, Pantone felt the best match for the warm hue it was seeing was #39;radiant orchid, #39; a color appearing in its color guide between #39;iris orchid#39; and #39;spring crocus.#39; Deeper shades of purple have been on the upswing as well; Sherwin-Williams recently announced its 2014 Color of the Year is a murky violet called #39;exclusive plum.#39;在今年,通觉得与它看好的暖色调最相配的是“璀璨兰花紫”,该色在其色指南上介于“鸢尾蓝”与“春季番红花紫”之间。此外,色调更深的紫色也呈现出上行趋势,美国涂料公司宣伟(Sherwin-Williams)就宣布其年度色为被称为“独特紫红”(exclusive plum)的浓郁紫罗兰色。Housewares, cosmetics and packaging are aly showing up in radiant orchid. Keurig, the Burlington, Vt.-based coffee-machine maker, is using the color on its #39;mini plus#39; single-serving machine--its smallest--which is coming out in early February.家居用品、化妆品与包装产品已经开始以璀璨兰花紫示人。佛蒙特州伯灵顿(Burlington)的咖啡机制造商Keurig在即将于2月初上市的99美元“超迷你”咖啡机上采用了该色。这款咖啡机是该公司体型最小的产品,每次可以制作一杯咖啡。Before committing to the colorful machines, Keurig tried out prototypes on consumers and buyers from major retailers. Testers asked people how they felt about the color on a beverage-brewing machine -- and if they could live with it for three years or more, a viable time frame for kitchen appliances, says David Sachs, Keurig#39;s senior vice president of hot beverage systems.在投入生产这些色缤纷的咖啡机之前,Keurig先测试了大型零售商的顾客与买家对样品的反应。该公司负责热饮系统的高级副总裁戴维·萨克斯(David Sachs)称,测试人员会询问他们对冲煮饮料的机器采用这种色有何感受——以及他们是否能使用它三年或更长时间,这也是比较切合实际的厨房电器的使用期限。The color leans feminine, and it may find more fans with two X chromosomes. Urban Outfitters used the color in a bedsp, and Anna Weatherley dinnerware comes in the shade as well. It#39;s a daring color for men. Bold men might try it in a shirt -- solid or print -- while more timid types might just use it as an accent color in neckties and socks.璀璨兰花紫偏女性化,因此它或许会更受到女性的青睐。Urban Outfitters在一款床单中采用了该色,Anna Weatherley的餐具也采用了这一色调。对于男性而言,它是一种大胆的色。敢于冒险的人或许会尝试这一色调的T恤——纯色或印花图案的——而较为胆怯的人可能只会在领带和袜子上用到这种色调。Still, Keurig expects the color to sell well among men and women in their 20s and 30s, because they tend to be open-minded about style issues, from pedicures to pink percolators. It will also appeal to people interested in fashion and interior decoration, says Mr. Sachs. These happen to be the consumers to whom Keurig markets. #39;We have very high hopes for radiant orchid based on what consumers have told us, #39; he notes.尽管如此,Keurig还是期望该色的咖啡机能在20多岁和30多岁的男性与女性顾客中热卖,因为此类人群往往对从脚趾甲油到粉色过滤壶的各类时尚问题都比较开明。萨克斯说,它还会吸引对时尚和室内装饰感兴趣的人。这些顾客恰好是Keurig营销的目标对象。他指出:“根据顾客提供给我们的反馈,我们对璀璨兰花紫抱有很高期望。”French cosmetics giant Sephora considered using radiant orchid as a hair color, but backed off, deciding instead to focus on lips, cheeks, nails and eyes. Margarita Arriagata, Sephora#39;s chief merchant, says the color speaks to a romantic trend that#39;s currently on the upswing. #39;It#39;s a perfect nail color, #39; she notes. #39;And we tried the lipstick on every single skin tone. It#39;s killer.#39;法国化妆品巨头丝芙兰(Sephora)曾考虑采用璀璨兰花紫用作一款染发剂的颜色,但最终还是放弃,转而决定只将其用于唇、腮红、指甲油和眼影产品。该公司首席商务长玛加丽塔·阿里亚加塔(Margarita Arriagata)称,该色与当前逐渐高涨的浪漫潮流相吻合。她说:“它是完美的甲油色。而且我们在每一种肤色上都尝试了该色的唇膏,它简直无所不配。”Come next June and July, Old Navy will be shipping radiant orchid tops and dresses into its stores. The color hit a fashion sweet spot, appearing in high-fashion collections while not being so challenging that it would appeal only to fashionistas. #39;With our customers, we#39;re always looking for broadly appealing trends, #39; says Jill Stanton, Old Navy#39;s executive vice president of product and design.Old Navy将于明年6月和7月将璀璨兰花紫的上衣与裙装运往各大门店。该色击中了时尚甜蜜点,出现在一众高级时装系列中,而且不会因为太具挑战而只吸引时尚达人。Old Navy负责产品与设计的执行副总裁吉尔·斯坦顿(Jill Stanton)说:“连同我们的顾客一起,我们总是在寻找具有广泛吸引力的潮流。”Pantone often chooses stop-you-in-your-tracks colors with hues of red or blue. Hot colors are eye-catching, which is what marketers are looking for; one might walk past a beige bathroom rug without a thought, but a radiant orchid rug will turn your head. But Pantone varies its color choices from year to year, because it wants them to feel fresh. Radiant orchid is at the opposite side of the color wheel from last year#39;s emerald.通常常选择红色调或蓝色调中引人驻足的色。暖色调能吸人眼球,这正是营销人员所期望的。人们也许会不假思索地从一张米黄色的浴室地毯旁走过,而一张璀璨兰花紫的地毯会让人回眸。通每年都会选择不同的色,因为它想让它们具有新鲜感。璀璨兰花紫与去年的绿在色轮中处于相反的位置。#39;In the marketplace, this is a good thing, #39; says Leatrice Eiseman, a color consultant to brands and to Pantone, where she heads up the annual search for the Color of the Year. Emerald and radiant orchid actually look good together, Ms. Eiseman argues, but the one is such an about-face from the other that it#39;s likely to encourage consumers to get out and shop in order to stay up to date.多家品牌的色顾问莱亚特丽斯·艾斯曼(Leatrice Eiseman)说:“对于市场来说这是一件好事。”艾斯曼同时也是通的色顾问,并主持该公司一年一度的年度色搜寻工作。她认为绿与璀璨兰花紫搭配在一起其实很好看,但后者与前者截然不同,所以它可能会促使消费者出门购置该色的行头以便跟上潮流。Ms. Eiseman hastens to note that odd color pairings are popular today. She declares this a new era in color, where people#39;s clothes and even kitchen appliances are no longer matchy-matchy, and radiant orchid can share space on the counter with 2010#39;s turquoise and other shades.艾斯曼赶忙又指出,现如今奇特的色搭配非常流行。她说现在是一个新的色时代,人们的衣着甚至是厨房电器都不再是搭配一致的,璀璨兰花紫可与2010年的绿松石色及其他色调一同出现在台面上。 /201401/274232 The options for people who have no time to cook and don’t want to go out to eat every night can be disappointing. A group of entrepreneurs, including David Chang of the Momofuku restaurants, is starting a company that plans to make high-quality restaurant food that it expects to deliver in as little as 15 minutes.The secret, the group says, is technology.The partners, along with Mr. Chang, are Caleb Merkl, Akshay Navle and William Gaybrick, all of whom have experience in delivery, mobile technology and finance. Their company, called Maple, is intended to be in operation next year.Mr. Merkl said he and Mr. Navle came up with the idea out of frustration with existing food delivery systems. “Restaurants don’t focus on home delivery,” he said.With Maple, they plan to create smarter routing systems and better packaging and choices of dishes, issues that restaurants do not necessarily address when it comes to delivery. Algorithms that efficiently work out who orders what and where, and how to fulfill the orders, will be part of the system.Mr. Merkl said that Mr. Chang was enthusiastic from the beginning and that Momofuku became one of the investors. Maple’s initial funding is million.Mr. Chang is the chief culinary officer, and he will enlist the expertise of other New York chefs, along with food suppliers like farmers, to create the s. Maple’s s will change daily. A typical dish may run to , including tax, tip and delivery.Customers will place orders using an app. Food from a commissary kitchen will, according to the plans, arrive on their doorsteps fast, fresh and hot. “Our goal is 15 minutes,” Mr. Merkl said. That sounds like a pipe dream in Manhattan, where 15 minutes may get you from Midtown to 14th Street without traffic. “Our delivery area will be incredibly tight,” he said.Depending on the response from potential customers, they will decide where to locate their kitchens, which could number from 15 to 30.Consumers who are interested in using the service can sign up at trymaple.com.没时间在家烹饪又不想天天晚上出门吃饭的人可能没有多少选择。于是Momofuku餐馆的大卫·张(David Chang)等几位创业者筹划开办一家公司,提供高质量的15分钟餐馆外卖。他们说,秘密在于技术。除了张先生,其他合作伙伴还有卡勒布·默克尔(Caleb Merkl)、阿克谢·纳维尔(Akshay Navle)和威廉·盖布里克(William Gaybrick),他们有物流、移动技术和金融领域的工作经验。公司名叫“梅普尔”(Maple),计划于明年开业。默克尔说,他和纳维尔对目前的食品外卖系统感到不满,于是就想出了这个主意。“餐馆不重视家庭外卖,”他说。他们计划通过梅普尔建立更加智能的外送路线系统,以及更好的包装和更多食品选择,这些问题都是其他餐馆外卖并不需要特别考虑的。系统使用算法高效地处理顾客点了什么,送到哪里,以及如何满足订单等问题。张是公司的厨艺执行官,他将列出纽约其他厨师的专长,还有农场等食品供应商的信息,在此基础上创立菜谱。梅普尔的菜谱会每天更换。一般一道菜大概在12到15美元,含税、小费和外送费。顾客可以使用app点菜。来自相关供应厨房的食品可以根据制定好的计划,尽快到达顾客家中,并保持新鲜和温度。“我们的目标是15分钟送达,”默克尔说。这听上去有点像一个曼哈顿白日梦。要知道,没有交通堵塞的情况下,15分钟内也只能从中心城赶到14街。“我们的外送区非常严密,”他说。他们将根据潜在客户的回馈调整厨房的地址,计划开办15-30家。对此务感兴趣的客户可以登陆trymaple.com。 /201411/341755长春市绿园区第二人民医院地址长春医大一院是私人医院吗




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