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上海市仁济医院整形美容上海去黄褐斑多少钱电影学口语 Lesson 2:First meeting【精片断】剪辑自lt; Stuart Littlegt;一家之鼠Mr. And Mrs. Little are adopting(收养) a younger brother for George, but they met Stuart.Mrs. Little: Oh, Frederick, look at them. How could we possibly…Mr. Little: Choose? I know. They are all…Mrs. Little: Wonderful.Stuart: You know what’s wonderful? What’s wonderful is how you both know what the other one is gonna say before you even say it. Not that it’s any of my business.Mr. Little: Yes, that happens when you ’ve been together as long as we have.Mrs. Little: From being a family.Stuart: Family, wow. Well, for a family, you’ve certainly come to the right place. I think we can find just what you are looking for. If you want a girl, Susan can French and Edith can tap (轻叩,轻拍)dance while blowing bubbles(泡沫). Or maybe you wanted a boy.Mr. Little: Actually, I think we were leaning towards a boy.Stuart: Well, in that case, Benny can do handstands(手倒立) and Andy can run 100 yards faster than you can say, “Ready, set, go. (各就位,预备,跑!)”Mrs. Little: You certainly know a lot about everyone.Stuart: That’s what happens when you’ve been here as long as I have. Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to adopt someone like me.Mrs. Little: You shouldn’t worry about choosing. It happens the same way every time. First, you won’t know what to do. You’ll be a bit scared(恐惧的). Then you will meet one of them. You’ll talk to him. Somehow, You just know.【口语财富】1. Not that it’s any of my business. 那与我无关。2. You’ve certainly come to the right place. 你们算是来对地方了。3. Benny can do handstands. 本尼会做手倒立。4. Ready, set, go. 各就位,预备,跑!5. It happens the same way every time. 每次都是如此。 /200604/6474崇明县人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格 Now this situation, aly I -- you know, I dont really like thinking about this,对于这个情况,你们知道,我并不愿意去想这个问题although somehow I got myself a job where I have to think about it.虽然我阴差阳错地得到了一份工作使我不得不去想So the point is that were very, very insecure in terms of developing this material.重点是,我们发展这些裂变物质是非常非常不安全的The second thing is, what about the know-how?第二个组成部分是,制造技术And theres a lot of controversy about有很多关于恐怖组织whether terror organizations have the know-how to actually make a nuclear weapon.是否真的掌握了核武器制造技术的争论Well, theres a lot of know-how out there.好吧,其实到处都能找到制造技术Theres an unbelievable amount of know-how out there.而且关于这些制造技术的资料多得令人难以置信Theres detailed information on how to assemble a nuclear weapon from parts.这其中有如何将各个部件组装起来,成为一个核武器的详细信息Theres books about how to build a nuclear bomb.有教你如何制造核弹的书籍There are plans for how to create a terror farm甚至还有建造一个“恐怖农场”所需的详细计划where you could actually manufacture and develop all the components and assemble it.在那儿你可以加工制造所有的部件并进行组装All of this information is relatively available.所有这些信息都是相对而言容易找到的If you have an undergraduate degree in physics,只要你有一个物理学本科学历I would suggest -- although I dont, so maybe its not even true --我猜--虽然我没有...所以我说也不一定对--but something close to that would allow you,不过我想有一定物理水平的人with the information thats currently available, to actually build a nuclear weapon.在这些可获得的信息帮助下,事实上是可以制造出核武器的The third element of the nuclear terror threat is that, who would actually do such a thing?第三个核恐怖袭击的要素是谁可能会做出这样的事情?Well, what were seeing now is a level of terrorism that involves individuals who are highly organized.我们现在面对的是恐怖主义已经进入一个新的阶段,他们有严密的组织They are very dedicated and committed.他们极具献身精神并且异常忠诚They are stateless.他们没有国籍Somebody once said, Al Qaeda does not have a return address,有人曾说,“基地”组织并没有一个“回信”地址so if they attack us with a nuclear weapon, whats the response, and to whom is the response?那么如果他们向我们发射核武器,我们怎么反击?反击谁?And theyre retaliation-proof.他们不怕报复Since there is no real retribution possible that would make any difference,因为要对他们进行有效的惩罚事实上是非常困难的since there are people willing to actually give up their lives in order to do a lot of damage to us,由于有人愿意牺牲自己去摧毁别人it becomes apparent that the whole notion of this mutually assured destruction would not work.情况变得显而易见,“确保相互毁灭”这个概念将不再适用Here is Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, and Sulaiman was a key lieutenant of Osama Bin Laden.这是苏莱曼·阿布·吉斯。苏莱曼是乌萨马·本·拉登的左膀右臂He wrote many, many times statements to this effect:他发表过很多言论说:;we have the right to kill four million Americans, two million of whom should be children.;”我们有权利杀死四百万美国人,其中两百万是儿童。”And we dont have to go overseas to find people willing to do harm, for whatever their reasons.我们不用出国门都能找到愿意发动袭击的人,不管是他们这么做的目的是什么McVeigh and Nichols, and the Oklahoma City attack in the 1990s麦克威和尼克斯,俄克拉荷马城恐怖袭击发生在90年代was a good example of homegrown terrorists.这是一个很好的关于在美国长大的恐怖分子的例子What if they had gotten their hands on a nuclear weapon?如果他们手中有核武器会发生什么?The fourth element is that the high-value U.S. targets are accessible, soft and plentiful.第四个要素那就是袭击对美国而言重要的目标,这些目标不仅可以靠近,而且脆弱,数量众多This would be a talk for another day, but the level of the preparedness这可以作为另外一个演讲来讨论,但只在如何应对这个层面上来说that the ed States has achieved since 9/11 of 01 is unbelievably inadequate.美国在2001年“9/11”之后所做的努力简直是难以置信的不足What you saw after Katrina is a very good indicator of how little prepared the ed States is for any kind of major attack.我们所看到的在“卡特里娜”飓风过后的情况就能很好地说明美国的准备是何等地不充分,在面临任何大规模地袭击的时候201605/442236Now to the second potential misunderstanding.至于第二个可能的误解Ive been talking a lot about my experiences in the Middle East, and some of you might be thinking now我一直在谈论我在中东地区的经历,你们有些人可能在想that the solution then is for us to educate Muslim and Arab societies to be more inclusive of their women.问题的解决方案在于教育穆斯林和阿拉伯社会对女性更加包容If we were to do that, they would be more successful. They do not need this kind of help.如果我们要那么做,她们可以更加成功。她们不需要这种帮助Women have been part of the most influential movements coming out of the Middle East,女人参与了中东地区的最有影响力的运动but they tend to be invisible to the international community.但她们对于国际社会来说是隐形的Our cameras are largely focused on the men我们的摄像头大部分都对准了who often end up involved in the more confrontational scenes that we find so irresistible in our news cycle.那些在让我们屏息的新闻场景中直接对抗的男人们And we end up with a narrative that not only erases women from the struggles in the region我们通常以一种不仅抹平了地区斗争中的女人but often misrepresents the struggles themselves.而且错误描述了运动本身的叙事方法In the late 1980s, an uprising started in Gaza, and quickly sp to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.在20世纪80年代后期,一场起义发端于加沙,迅速传播到西岸地区和东耶路撒冷It came to be known as the First Intifada,这场起义后来被称为“巴勒斯坦大起义”and people who have any visual memory of it generally conjure up something like this:任何对这场起义仍有视觉记忆的人一般会想起这样的场景:Palestinian men throwing rocks at Israeli tanks.巴基斯坦男人向以色列坦克扔石块The news coverage at the time made it seem like stones, Molotov cocktails and burning tires当时的新闻报道让它看起来好像石头、燃烧弹和燃烧的轮胎were the only activities taking place in the Intifada.是在这场起义中出现的所有东西201704/506602上海鼻子缩小整形手术

玫瑰整形外科医生张东旭Good evening, Cleveland. Wow. It is such an an honor to be here for a man I love so, so, so, so much. Thats my father.晚上好,克利兰夫。非常荣幸能为了我一个非常非常非常非常深爱的人来到这里。那就是我的父亲。Thirteen months ago, my father sat my family down and told us the time had come.13个月前,我父亲坐在我们家人中,告诉我们时候到了。He could no longer sit idly by and watch our beloved country, the country that had given our family so much success, so much opportunity, crumble before our very eyes.他不能再袖手旁观,看着我们深爱的国家,给了我们家族如此多成就和机会的国家在我们眼前崩塌。He confirmed to us that he was prepared to announce his candidacy for president of the ed States.他向我们确认,他准备好要宣布竞选美国总统。He made sure to acknowledge that ours would not be an easy path, that we should prepare ourselves for what was to come.他清楚地告诉我们,这条路会很艰难。我们要为即将来到的一切,做好准备。That wed quickly learn who our true friends were.很快,我们就会看清谁才是真正的朋友。Without hesitation, we each committed our unwavering support, but this time, none of us could have predicted what lay ahead.我们每个人都毫不犹豫地表示将坚定地持他。但这次,没有人预料到我们将迎来什么。The records he would break, the stadiums he would fill, the movement he would start.他打破的记录,充满人群的体育场和由他开启的运动。Today my father stands before you with the most primary votes of any Republican candidate in the history of our nation.今天,我父亲站在你们面前,拿到了共和党史上初选最高选票。He shattered voter registration records across the country.他打破了全国各地的选民登记记录。He has defied the predictions of every single political pundit and turned traditional debates into must-see TV.他藐视了每个政治员的预测,把传统辩论变成了必看节目。201612/481952浦东新区周浦医院绣眉价格费用 Thank you, colleagues. And thank you particularly to the Chinese team and to all those at the IMF whove worked really hard over the last few months. To come to…Im announcing now: Im very pleased to announce that tomorrow – October 1st, 2016 – the Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket will become effective, the new basket. Because as of tomorrow, the renminbi (RMB) will be considered by the international community as a freely usable international currency and will join the basket of the Special Drawing Rights together with the U.S. dollar, the euro, the yen and the British pound. The expansion of the SDR basket is a historical milestone for the SDR, for the Fund, but more importantly, for China, and for the international monetary system. It is a significant change for the SDR basket, because this is the first time in its history that it is being expanded. The inclusion of the renminbi in the Special Drawing Right basket will further diversify it, and will make its composition more representative of the global currencies and the global economy. It is a significant change for the Fund, because since the euro, this is the first time that a new currency is included to that basket, which means that going forward, the Fund will use the renminbi in its financial operations as well (as) many other institutions. This is also a significant change for China and for the international monetary system. It is an important step in the integration of the Chinese economy into the global financial and monetary system. The renminbis inclusion reflects the progress made in reforming Chinas monetary, foreign exchange and financial systems, and it acknowledges the advances made in liberalizing and improving the infrastructure of the financial markets. The continuation and deepening of these efforts, with appropriate safeguards, will bring about a more robust international monetary and financial system, which, in turn, will be good for the stability and growth of China and of the international economy. So today, this milestone reflects the significant evolution of the global economy. It also demonstrates that the Fund is determined to serve and guide its membership, and to accompany and adjust to the changes. Thank you very much!201610/470837嘉定区人民医院点痣多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心去胎记多少钱VOA流行美语 2: ditch; to hit the spot今天李华和Michael在对话里使用的两个常用语,一个是:to ditch,另一个是:to hit the spot。现在Michael 正在图书馆里做功课,李华来找他。L: 嗨,Michael, 功课做得怎么样了?M: I can't think. It's too noisy. Let's ditch this place.L: 你没法动脑筋,因为这儿太闹。你还说什么来啦?Ditch this place,什么意思呀?M: Ditch! To ditch means to quickly leave a place you no longer want to be.L: 噢,to ditch 就是你不想再呆在那个地方,想赶快离开。你的意思就是要马上离开图书馆。不对啊,ditch 这个字不是可以解释为地上挖的沟吗?你说的 ditch 是同一个字?M: Yes, it is. Same word, same spelling, but a different meaning.L: 原来是同一个字,同样拼法,但意思不同。噢, Michael, 再举个例子给我听,好吗?M: If we want to get away from someone you could say, "Let's ditch him," which means to leave someone behind.L: 你的意思是 to ditch 不仅可以指地方,还能指人。 上次我们跟 Mary 一起去看电影,看完电影我们俩没跟 Mary 打招呼就走了,这就可以说:We ditched Mary,对不对?M: That's correct.L: 要是你干活干腻了,不想干了,那该说 ...M: To ditch work.L: 不想去开会。。。M: To ditch the meeting. You can also say: to ditch the concert.L: 我知道,那是不想去音乐会。要是和朋友约好了,可是又不想去了,那该怎么说呀?M: To ditch my friend. Hey, can we ditch the library now! I am really tired and could use some coffee.L: Ok, ok。让我们离开这图书馆吧。你累了,想喝咖啡。走,去校园外的那个咖啡馆吧。L: 好,咖啡馆到了。M: Yep, here's the coffee shop. Li Hua, what do you want, my treat this time.L: 你请我啊? 那太好了。我要一杯咖啡就行了。M: Sounds good. Two coffees please. Here's your coffee, Li Hua.L: Thanks!M: No problem. Oh, so hot! Be careful. Good coffee, really hits the spot. I feel more awake now.L: 对,咖啡是不错,你已经觉得清醒点儿啦!我可不信咖啡的作用就那么快!对了,刚才你说: " It really hits the spot? To hit the spot 不是击中要害吗? 你刚才说的好象不是这个意思。你怎么老是说一些怪里怪气的话。M: Hit the spot means to satisfy one's need. I really needed some coffee earlier so it really hit the spot.L: 原来hit the spot 就是满足一个人的需要。你刚才很想喝咖啡,喝了就感到非常过隐,很痛快。Hit the spot 是哪三个字组成的?M: Hit-the-spot. For example, if you are hungry and go eat you could say, "That food really hit the spot."L: 中文里也有这个说法。肚子非常饿的时候去吃饭。吃饱了就感到心满意足。洗个热水澡真痛快,那该怎么说?M: A hot bath would hit the spot.L: 吃个汉堡包真过隐,该怎么说?M: A burger would hit the spot. Let's go, I'm hungry.L: 好家伙, 喝了咖啡,又肚子饿了, 要去吃汉堡包。这回我可不奉陪了, I have to ditch you now. 再见了!M: Ok. Bye. 再见。Michael 和李华在对话中用了to ditch 和 to hit the spot. To ditch表示 要离开某个人,因为你不想跟他在一起了;或表示要马上离开一 个不想再呆的地方。To hit the spot 是感到过隐,觉得很痛快。这次[流 行美语]就播讲到这里。下次节目再见。 /200601/3073 上海市第七人民医院修眉多少钱交通大学医学院附属新华医院韩式三点价格费用



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