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上海做胸部整形哪家医院好长宁区人民医院修眉手术价格The queue for the auditions went on and on. Some of the girls have been lining up since yesterday evening to get their couple of minutes in front of the casting director. Thousands of young actresses traveled to London to try and win a part in the next Harry Potter film. Producers are looking for a thirteen to sixteen-year-old girl to play Luna Lovegood, a trainee wizard and friend of Harry's. Unidentified Girl: Oh~Well, she's ur, very like a random sort of person, she'll burst out laugh. She's really unusual. She's been in an outcast movie other than Harry Potter. She's very different to the other characters. Unidentified Girl: She's quite unique. She's her own person and she believes in what she wants to believe, or, and, picks up what people tell her. They were told to leave any costumes or make-up at home. The casting director wanted to see them completely natural. Unidentified Girl: Hi, Harry. I'm Luna Lovegood. You might like vice the quibbler I can be.Unidentified Girl: Hi, I'm Luna Lovegood. How are you? Unidentified Girl: Hi, Harry. I'm Luna Lovegood. Could we do quibbler?First, which of you can tell me how many unforgivable curses there are? The Harry Potter films have made stars of Danial Radcliff and Emma Watson. Whoever eventually wins the part of the Luna will no doubt be hoping it does the same for them. Even given the popularity of Harry Potter, it is still staggering how many people have turned up here to audition. The queue behind me goes on for as far as the eye can see and well beyond that. To give you an idea of how many people have come down here, one man said it took him 15 minutes to walk from the back of the queue to the front. Today was just the first of many rounds of auditions. Some aly know they haven't got through. Unidentified Girl: I've aly been in there, and they didn't choose me. Well, well. Luck comes, Luck goes.But for others, the dream of being in a Harry Potter film is still very much alive. Victoria Bryning, Sky News, Central London.200805/39187上海胎记医院排名 Financial Markets Wait Nervously as Washington Negotiates Bailout欧洲焦虑等待美国金融救市协议Europe waits nervously as lawmakers in Washington continue to wrangle over a 0 billion rescue package for U.S. financial institutions. Talks between the Bush administration and congressional negotiators continue Friday after reportedly contentious discussions a day earlier ended with no agreement.当华盛顿的国会议员继续就动用7000亿美元拯救美国金融体系的计划争得不可开交时,欧洲在焦虑地等待。布什政府和国会谈判人员之间的会谈星期五继续进行,据报导,前一天的激烈辩论结束时仍未达成协议。Speaking in Washington Friday morning, President Bush promised that a financial rescue package would be passed, warning there is no choice but to act.美国总统布什星期五早上在华盛顿发表讲话,保救市计划会得到通过,他警告说,除了采取行动之外,别无选择。Meanwhile, for financial markets in Europe and around the world, it's a nervous wait-and-see. 与此同时,欧洲和世界金融市场都在焦虑地等待着。Economist Margaret Bray of the London School of Economics says there is good reason to be nervous. "This is a situation where panic feeds upon itself," she said. "The financial markets are very jittery and until some sort of more normal action comes back to these markets it does make it very difficult for important aspects of the economy to function."伦敦经济研究院的经济学家布雷说,人们有充分理由感到不安。她说:“在这种形势下,恐惧感会越来越强。金融市场非常敏感,在市场尚未恢复某种比较正常的活动之前,重要经济领域很难运作。”And that normal economic activity affects not just the movers and shakers in London's financial district or on Wall Street, but small businesses and average workers, as Bray explains.布雷解释说,正常的经济活动不仅影响运筹帷幄于伦敦金融区和华尔街的人,也影响到小企业和普通工薪阶层。"You're running a business, you need to borrow to meet your payroll this month because you're not going to get in money for what you're selling for another month - you want to have a loan to put your daughter through college - you want to buy a house - it affects all these things and those have a knock-on effect for people's jobs," she said.他说:“要是你在经营一家企业,这个月你必需借贷来付雇员的工资,因为你要过一个月才会收到售货款,你还要贷款供女儿上大学,或者供你买房子,这一切都会受到影响,而且那些经济活动还直接影响到人们的就业机会。”To keep economic activity flowing, central banks around the world have coordinated efforts to inject funds into the banking system. Major European central banks pumped billions of dollars into the system on Friday. Margaret Bray says that is a necessary and effective measure.世界各国的中央为了保持经济活动继续进行,已经采取协调措施,把资金注入系统。欧洲主要的中央星期五把数百亿美元注入体系。布雷说,这是必要和有效的措施。"It's being done because the banks are unwilling to lend to each other," she said. "They don't trust each other and because of that it's hard for them to lend to us. It makes their depositors anxious also and the central bank injection of funds is about lending short-term to the banks to oil the wheels of the financial system, to keep these from seizing up altogether."她说:“他们这样做是因为间不愿相互借贷。他们互不信任,而且因为它们向我们提供贷款也有难度。这样做也使他们的储户焦虑不安,中央注入资金是向提供短期借贷,以润滑金融体系的运作部件,避免它们完全停摆。”Bray says it is important to have a larger financial rescue package such as the one under discussion in Washington. But, she says the outlines have thus far been very vague and the success of any such package will depend on the details.布雷说,重要的是得有一个大规模金融救市计划,正如目前在华盛顿商讨的那个方案。但是她又说,这个方案的纲要到目前为止还相当含糊不清,而任何这类方案的成功与否将取决于具体细节。200809/50733上海岳阳医院隆鼻多少钱

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闵行区背部脱毛Israel Buries 2 Soldiers Returned in Hezbollah Prisoner Swap以色列下葬换俘换回的军人遗体  Israel was in mourning Thursday, following a controversial prisoner swap with the Islamic guerrilla group Hezbollah in Lebanon in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers who were captured in 2006. 以色列星期四沉浸在悲痛之中。在一次有争议的和黎巴嫩真主党游击队交换被俘人员的过程中,以色列换回了两名以色列军人的尸体。这两名以色列军人2006年被绑架。Thousands of people attended the funerals of the two Israeli soldiers. Mourners included government and military officials, family and friends.  成千上万人参加了两名以色列军人的葬礼。哀悼者包括政府官员、军官、以及他们的亲友。Karnit Goldwasser is the wife of one of the two soldiers, whose capture sparked the Lebanon War two years ago.  格尔德瓦瑟是其中一名军人的妻子。两年前这两名以色列军人被绑架曾经引发了黎巴嫩战争。"My heart is crying in pain," she said. "Although I am without you, I will always be with you."  格尔德瓦瑟说:“我的心在痛苦地哭泣。虽然我没有你,但是我将永远与你同在。”Goldwasser traveled the globe over the past two years, meeting with world leaders, in an effort to win the release of the captive soldiers. 格尔德瓦瑟的足迹过去两年遍及全球,她游说世界各国领导人,争取被抓走的以色列军人能够获释。 While the prisoner swap brings closure to the families, it has sparked heated debate, because Israel released five Lebanese prisoners, including top militant Samir Kuntar. He was convicted of killing an Israeli in front of his four-year-old daughter in 1979 and then smashing her head with a rifle butt.  这次被俘人员交换虽然给这两名以色列军人的家属带来了最后的结果,但是在以色列引发了一场激烈的辩论,因为以色列释放了5名黎巴嫩囚犯,包括一名极其凶残的激进分子昆塔尔。他由于当着一个4岁以色列女孩儿的面杀害了她的父亲,然后用托砸碎了这个女孩儿的头,被以色列法庭裁定有罪。Former Defense Minister Moshe Arens says the deal erodes Israeli deterrence. 前以色列国防部长阿伦斯说,这次交换削弱了以色列的威慑力。"This deal and the circumstances under which it was made will provide encouragement and incentive to Hamas and to Hezbollah to abduct soldiers in the future, and make even more extreme demands. And that means the sum-total is negative," he said. 阿伦斯说:“这次交易以及交换人员的条件会鼓励哈马斯和真主党将来绑架以色列军人,提出更极端的要求。也就是说,总的结果是负面的。”But current Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who spoke at the funerals, said the government made the right decision.  但现任以色列国防部长巴拉克在葬礼上发表讲话时表示,以色列政府作出了正确的决定。Barak vowed that, if soldiers fall into captivity, the State of Israel will take all the necessary steps to bring them home. 巴拉克坚决表示,如果以色列军人被俘,以色列将采取一切必要措施把他们救回以色列。200807/44267 The ed States and Australia have reaffirmed their alliance in the first high-level meeting between the two countries since the installation of the new Kevin Rudd government in December. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte met Saturday in Canberra with Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith and Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon.  美国和澳大利亚在两国高层会议中重申盟国关系,这是陆克文领导的澳大利亚新政府去年12月组阁以来双方举行首次高层会议。美国国防部长盖茨、副国务卿内格罗蓬特星期六在堪培拉同澳大利亚外交部长史密斯和国防部长菲茨吉本举行会面。 When he was campaigning to take over the Australian government last year, Kevin Rudd made it clear he would modify Australia's relationship with the ed States, particularly on the issue of Iraq.  陆克文在去年大选后接管澳大利亚政府时申明,他将修改澳大利亚同美国的关系,特别是在伊拉克问题上。Now prime minister, Mr. Rudd has confirmed he will pull out more than 500 of the approximately one thousand Australian troops deployed in the Persian Gulf region.  现在,新总理陆克文确认,他将把部署在波斯湾地区的大约1000名澳大利亚军队撤回500多人。U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates might have had reason to be upset with the Rudd government. Under the government of former Prime Minister John Howard, Australia was one of Washington's strongest supporters on military matters. 美国国防部长盖茨对陆克文政府失望可能是有原因的。在前总理霍华德领导下的澳大利亚政府曾经是华盛顿在军事问题上一个最坚定的持者。But Gates told reporters while en route to Australia Friday that he anticipated "continuity" in U.S.-Australian affairs. After meeting with Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon Saturday, Gates indicated that the relationship is essentially unchanged. 但是,盖茨在星期五前往澳大利亚的途中告诉记者,他预期在美国和澳大利亚事务上会保持连续性。盖茨在同澳大利亚外交部长史密斯和国防部长菲茨吉本举行会面后指出,美国和澳大利亚的关系没有发生实质性的变化。"The ed States has no better partner and no stronger ally than Australia," he said. 盖茨说:“对美国来说,没有比澳大利亚更好的夥伴和更坚定的盟友了。”On other matters, Smith says he told the U.S. delegation Australia's growing commercial relationship with China should in no way damage Canberra's ties to Washington. He says he told Gates and Negroponte that the ed States should have a constructive dialogue with Beijing, whose military modernization has been a concern to Washington. 在其他的问题上,史密斯说,他告诉美国代表,澳大利亚同中国在商务方面加深联系不会损害澳大利亚同美国的关系。史密斯说,他告诉盖茨和内格罗蓬特,美国应该同中国展开建设性对话,中国的军事现代化让华盛顿感到担忧。Despite Mr. Rudd's planned pull-back in Iraq, military ties between Australia and the U.S. remain strong. Defense Minister Fitzgibbon told reporters Saturday he would like the option of buying America's state-of-the-art F-22 Raptor fighter jet.  尽管陆克文计划从伊拉克撤军,澳大利亚和美国的军事关系仍然非常紧密。澳大利亚国防部长菲茨吉本星期六告诉记者,他希望购买美国先进的F-22猛禽隐形战斗机能够成为一个选择。Gates said U.S. law currently forbids sale of the Raptor to foreign countries, but he encouraged Australia to lobby the U.S. Congress to amend that law.  盖茨说,美国法律目前禁止向外国出售猛禽隐形战斗机,但是他鼓励澳大利亚游说美国国会修改这项法律。200802/27796闵行激光治疗痤疮价格上海去蝴蝶斑多少钱



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