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听故事拓展了想象力;讲故事则让我们跨越文化的高墙,拥抱各种不同的经历,感受他人的感受。艾丽芙·夏法克以这个简单的想法为基础,来说明小说能超越身份政治。 Article/201307/246606吐槽美帝各州议会的奇葩法案:打孩子屁股可以授权并且可以更重;选择课程内容可以不接受进化论;可以拒绝给同性恋及不同信仰的人务的法案——咱能不那么2吗? Article/201403/278043

Thursday marks the World Sleep Day. A first ever report into Chinese people#39;s sleeping quality shows nearly 70 percent of people in China use cellphones and computers before they go to bed, with many staying up until midnight. Now experts say they are ruining people#39;s sleep.周四是世界睡眠日。第一份关于国人睡眠质量的报告显示,近70%的中国人在睡觉前玩手机和电脑,还有很多直到午夜才睡。现在专家表示这些高科技产品摧毁了人们的睡眠。Technology makes our life convenient, but it also keeps many people up late.高科技便利了我们的生活,但是同时也使得很多人夜不能寐。Feng Yang, a travel company employee, said, ;I feel stressed at work, and the nerves are tightened up even at night. So I can#39;t sleep. Also I#39;m too busy to talk to friends during the day. So I chat with them at night, and get to know what they#39;re doing on Weibo.;就职于一家旅行公司的风扬说,“平常工作压力很大,甚至在晚上神经也是绷紧的。所以我不能入睡。而且白天工作太忙也没有时间和朋友交流。这样我就在晚上用微或微信和他们聊聊天。” According to the China Sleep Quality Index report, 67 percent Chinese people use their cell phones and computers before going to bed. 14 percent of people don#39;t go to bed until midnight. Nearly half of them chat or play games online.根据中国睡眠质量指数报告,67%中国人在睡觉前玩手机或电脑。14%的中国人直到深夜才睡。近一半是在聊天或者玩网络游戏。 Article/201309/257650Hackers aly working on iPhone 5S Mashable.com#39;s Christina Warren explains why hackers want to crack the new iPhone 5S.They want to see any time anyone says anything is unhackable, they want to say actually you know what, it#39;s not, we want to break into it, so they are trying to prove that it is not unfathomable, so what they want to do is they want to see it#39;s possible to lift a print off the Iphone 5S, recapture it, reproduce it and then use that reproduced prints to get into the Iphone 5S.So is it just a challenge of doing this, is that the goal, is that just a good challenge for these hackers to do it?It#39;s important just a good challenge, it#39;s also partially a way to beaf up and improve security because if all kinds of eyes are on this project, if they are able to unearth a security vulnerability, then it can be solved and all other device will be more safe.We have seen in the movies stealing finger prints if you will, i don#39;t know if we have ever seen it in the real world, tell us if this is a possibility, unlikely, what are you hearing from the experts?You know i think it is technically possible, probably, i would say somehow someway there is probably a way to bypass the security scanner or to trick the touch ID, but how likely is it? i mean come on, you#39;ve got to consider that you have to have someone to have the ability to capture the prints, the ability to have a 3 printer to print it out and the proper type of device or real finger to affix the finger print to unlock, so what are the chances of that happening for the average person? i would say pretty much slips to none. /201309/258164

The crazy thing about martial arts is people debate and fight over this stuff.武术一个令人疯狂的地方就在于大家都在激烈争论这个问题。There#39;s no debate.Bruce Lee is definitely the father of mixed martial arts.根本不用争,李小龙就是综合格斗之父。I do think ther#39;s a correlation there,but it#39;s not that jeet kune do is the same thing as MMA.我认为两者确实有关,但截拳道跟综合格斗不是一回事。If Dana White says Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts,I would say he#39;s one of the earliest ones,but Gene LeBell is the father of mixed martial arts.如果丹纳·怀特说李小龙是综合格斗之父,在我看来他只是该运动的先驱之一,吉内·拉贝尔才是综合格斗之父。In 1963 you#39;ll see Gene defeating Milo Savage, a professional boxer Well Bruce wasn#39;t into mixed martial arts in 1963.吉内在1963年打败了职业拳手米洛·萨维奇,而布鲁斯在1963年还没有涉猎综合格斗。As I was choking him,he grabbed my hand and started to bite,and I said;Milo, you bite my hand, I#39;m gonna take your eye out.;我锁住他脖子的时候他抓住我的手张嘴就咬,于是我说米洛,你敢咬我的手我就把你眼珠抠出来。He opened his mouth, I pulled my hand out and I choked him.And he was out, like,for 22 minutes.他一松开我就把手抽出来扼住了他,他当时就不省人事了,过了二十二分钟才醒过来。Gene LeBell taught Bruce Lee grappling moves.I#39;d throw him and flip him and he#39;d land on his feet.Then had a spin, do a crescent kick on me or do a judo throw.And he was a magnificent athlete.吉内·拉贝尔教李小龙怎么抓住对方,我把他甩出去或者是把他翻过来,他都能稳稳落地。然后他转身飞起一脚或者是柔道背摔。他的身手无与伦比If you#39;re gonna say father of mixed martial...it#39;s gotta be Bruce.He#39;s before anyone else.He#39;s the first one who decided to put it all together He had the little shorts on, too.如果要说谁是综合格斗之父的话,肯定是李小龙。他比任何人都早。他是决定把所有流派结合的第一人,他还穿过格斗小短裤。That#39;s as close as he could get to what the UFC and the MMA was 25 years later.在二十五年前,这是最接近于终极格斗冠军赛和综合格斗的东西了。 Article/201311/266223Make your own miniature greenhouse from recyclables and get a jump on spring by sowing winter seeds.利用可循环使用的物品,自己打造小型温室,冬季播种,让你穿越到春季好风光。You Will Need你需要Knife or scissors刀子或剪子Gal. milk jug牛奶罐Potting soil盆栽土壤Half-hardy annual and perennial seeds半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子Clear packing tape清洁的包装带Liquid fertilizer液体肥料Garden花园Steps步骤Step 1 Cut the jug1.切割牛奶罐Cut the jug horizontally with the knife or scissors, leaving a small attached piece that acts as a hinge where the handle is connected. Poke several holes in the bottom for drainage, around the top for air, and one in each side.用刀剪将罐子水平剪开,在把手处留下一小片粘连在一起。在底部戳几个小孔用来排水,顶部戳几个孔用来通气,每一侧留一个孔。Step 2 Fill with soil2.装满土壤Fill the carton with 3 to 4 inches of potting soil. Add water until the soil is moist.向硬纸盒中装三四英寸盆栽土壤。加水,直到土壤比较湿润。Step 3 Plant seeds3.播种Plant half-hardy annual and perennial seeds according to package instructions and then tape the cut you made around the jug with the packing tape.按照包装上的说明,播种半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子,然后用包装带把刚才的切口粘起来。Half-hardy perennials include dahlia, geranium, gerbera, and tuberous begonia.半耐寒性多年生种子包括大丽花,天竺葵,大丁草和球根秋海棠。Step 4 Place in sun4.放在阳光下Place the jug in a sunny area outside next to your house. Water it only when needed to maintain soil moisture.Poke extra holes in the top if there#39;s too much condensation build-up.将罐子放在户外阳光充沛的地方。只有需要的时候才浇水,保持土壤湿润。如果过多水汽凝结,在上方多戳几个孔。Step 5 Fertilize5.施肥Fertilize with a very diluted liquid fertilizer if sprouts turn yellow or light green, which indicates a lack of nutrients.如果叶芽变成黄色或淡绿色,说明缺乏营养,用浓度非常低的液体肥料施肥。Step 6 Plant after frost6.霜冻后移栽Separate the individual plants and plant them in your garden after the last frost of the year.最后一次霜冻后,将单独的植株分开,移栽到花园中。Gardeners spent .5 billion on seeds, plants, fertilizer, tools, and other gardening supplies to grow their own food in 2008.2008年,园艺工作者花费了25亿美元购买种子,植株,肥料,工具和其他园艺用品,自己种植食物。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/232013

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