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Plastic surgeons say they#39;re seeing more patients who want facial surgery, and they attribute the rise to social media and the growing ;selfie; trend.据CNET报道,整形外科医务人员表示现在越来越多的病人想要进行面部整形,他们认为之所以会出现这种现象,是因为受到当下社交媒体和愈演愈烈的全民自拍风潮的影响。In response to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one in three plastic surgeons reported seeing an increase in requests for facial procedures by patients who wanted to look better online. The doctors reported that between 2012 and 2013, they saw a 10 percent rise in nose jobs, a 7 percent rise in hair transplants, and a 6 percent rise in eyelid surgery.据美国科学院外科整形和再造外科学会发表的报道:接受采访的整形外科医院中,有三分之一的整形医师认为,越来越多的人想要进行整形手术,因为这些人都想在网络上看起来更美丽更英俊。医生表示,2012至2013年间,隆鼻顾客多出10%,头发移植多出7%,双眼皮手术多出6%。;Social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and the iPhone app Selfie.im, which are solely image based, force patients to hold a microscope up to their own image and often look at it with a more self-critical eye than ever before,; Dr. Edward Farrior, president of the academy, said in a news release. ;These images are often the first impressions young people put out there to prospective friends, romantic interests, and employers, and our patients want to put their best face forward.;“Instagram, Snapchat,还有iPhone应用Selfie.im等社交平台,均为图片社交,人们被迫仔细端自己的照片,用前所未有的自我批判视角对自己进行审视,”该学会主席爱德华?法里奥士说道。“年轻人在网络上发布这些照片是为了结识新朋友,寻找艳遇,同事也能看到,所以前来整容的顾客都希望自己可以更上相。”In part because of social media, surgeons reported that plastic-surgery patients are getting younger.据报道,整形外科手术顾客呈低龄化趋势,而这或多或少和社交媒体都有些关系。The annual poll queries a select group of the organization#39;s 2,700 members to get a sense of the latest trends in facial plastic surgery. This year, 58 percent of the doctors surveyed said they saw an increase in patients under 30 coming in for plastic surgery and injections in the last year.这项年度调查询问了这个学会的2700名成员,询问他们对于近来面部整容手术风潮的相关看法。今年有58%的医生表示,去年一年,越来越多的三十岁以下年轻女性前来接受面部整形手术和面部注射整容。The study found that bullying is also a factor in young people deciding to get surgery, ;but most surgeons surveyed report children and teens are undergoing plastic surgery as a result of being bullied (69 percent) rather than to prevent being bullied (31 percent).;研究发现,受到欺侮也是年轻人决定整容的一个原因,“医患调查结果表明:青少年儿童整容病例中,69%是受到欺凌的结果,预防欺凌占31%。”Women are still plastic surgery#39;s primary customers, accounting for 81 percent of all procedures and injections, but men are increasingly becoming more interested in plastic surgery. Whereas women more often ask for facelifts and eye lifts, men are more interested in keeping their hair and combating wrinkles.当今,女性仍为整容手术的主要消费群体,在所有疗程、注射等整容项目中占有81%,但男性对整容也越发感兴趣了。女性整容项目通常为拉皮,割双眼皮,而男性整容项目通常是生发和抗皱。Meanwhile, in the under-35 category, the nose job remained the most popular elective surgical procedure for both genders, accounting for 90 percent of procedures in women and 86 percent in men.与此同时,35岁以下的整容者不论男女都很中意美鼻,此项目占女性整容病例的90%,男性整容病例的86%。Have your selfies ever made you feel self-conscious about the way you look?你的自拍照是否曾经也让你对自己的容貌有所思考呢? /201403/281660Chilean engineers have been left red faced by a delay in the grand opening of the country#39;s first-ever drawbridge - after they discovered a major part was installed upside down.据英国《每日邮报》网站1月9日报道,智利工程师发现即将启用的该国首座吊桥的一边桥面居然是上下颠倒的,由此引发的推迟交付让他们感到非常尴尬。The million Cau Cau bridge was supposed to open this month as an instant landmark connecting Valdivia, a coastal city in the south of Chile, with the adjacent Teja Island.这座价值3000万美金的吊桥原计划本月作为连接智利南部海滨城市瓦尔迪维亚的地标建筑正式启用。但是建筑师们发现至少其中一边桥面的安装完全上下颠倒后,于是大桥在短期内无法向公众开放。The bridge has ended up a laughing stock among Chilean social media users, who are wondering how construction workers managed to mess up something as seemingly clear as up and down.这场事故让智利这个正在蓬勃发展的南美国家蒙羞。智利总统塞巴斯蒂安·皮涅拉将这个错误归咎于西班牙开发商, 他愤怒的说:“这个问题可以被修补……而且它将被犯了这个错误的公司实施修补。”One wag tweeted a scrawly child#39;s picture of a bridge, rendered in coloured pencil, with the quip: #39;Leak of the installation plans for the Cau Cau bridge in Valdivia.#39;智利公共作业部长Loreto Silva说:“唯一应该对此事负责的人就是建桥的人。我们将确保他们会给出合适的。”The mistake emerged when inspectors getting y for opening day found that either one or two of the traffic decks were installed backwards, authorities said.这座吊桥也成为了智利社交网站用户们的笑料。他们说无法理解这些建筑工人们到底是出了什么乱子,以至于桥明显安装反了,而这些施工的人却没有察觉到。一个网友很幽默的将一个小朋友的铅笔画放在自己的推特账户中并且说:“吊桥的安装计划就是这么泄露的”。另外一张贴图是一座小桥在一个度假村的水池的上面,说“把吊桥做反了的人成为了这个项目的中标人。”Azvi, the Spanish infrastructure company behind the bridge development, did not immediately comment. A new opening date has not been announced. Valdivia, which is 520 miles south of Chile#39;s sprawling capital Santiago, is home to about 125,000 people.作为工程的开发商,西班牙建筑公司Azvi并没有第一时间对这个问题进行回复,也没有公布新的大桥开通日期。 /201401/272697Wu Zhuan and Zong Yinghong don#39;t wear wedding rings, nor do they hold hands or kiss in public. Instead, it is their matching turquoise shirts decorated with yellow and black hearts that signal that they are man and wife.张阳阳和男友赵晓龙穿着情侣衫。吴专和宗银红都不戴婚戒,也不会在公共场合牵手或亲吻,他们彰显夫妻关系的方式是穿着印有黄色和黑色心形图案的蓝绿色情侣衫。The newlyweds plan weekend outings-wearing matching gray hoodies, striped sweatshirts or a set of purple pig shirts-to window shop and gin up glances in places like Wangfujing, Beijing#39;s version of Times Square.这对新婚夫妇周末通常到类似王府井的地方,身穿灰色情侣帽衫,或者条纹情侣运动衫,亦或是紫色的印有小猪图案的情侣衫,逛街和吸引人们的目光。王府井常被称作北京的时报广场(Times Square)。#39;We want everyone to envy us,#39; said Mr. Wu, a 32-year-old forestry and conservation consultant, sitting next to his identically dressed spouse.32岁的林业和保育顾问吴专坐在与他穿着同样衣的妻子旁边说,我们觉得别人看着我们羡慕的眼光感觉很舒。Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong have stiff competition on their weekend jaunts. In a single hour on a recent Saturday afternoon, eight couples could be spotted walking down Beijing#39;s hip shopping street Nanluoguxiang wearing either identical or matching outfits-black shirts with yellow hearts and smiley faces on them, or a skirt paired with a polo shirt of the same stripes.情侣衫:中国式恩爱秀像吴专和宗银红这样喜欢在周末穿着情侣装来吸引眼球的人不在少数。在近期一个周六的下午,仅在一小时内,就有八对穿着情侣装的情侣或夫妇走过南锣鼓巷。他们有的穿着黄色心形图案和笑脸的黑色情侣衫,有的穿着印有同样条纹图案的连衣裙和Polo衫。One such couple, Jin Ying and He Yukun-wearing a blue-and-white-striped dress-shirt combo-said the first time they dressed alike was like a pledge to one another, an admission of feelings they hadn#39;t fully expressed before.金莹和何禹坤就是其中一对,他们分别身穿有同样蓝白条纹的连衣裙和衬衫。他们说,他们第一次穿情侣装时就像给了对方一个承诺,表达了他们过去没有完全表达出来的情感。In a country where matchmaking has traditionally meant little or no input from the young people involved, couples are wresting back control. As courtship gets redefined, one byproduct is a fashion trend that would make most high-end designers cringe.在这样一个有着包办婚姻传统的国家,情侣们正重新夺回主动权。随着示爱的行为得以重新界定,一个派生的影响便是形成了一股时尚趋势,而多数高端设计师将不得不迎合这样的趋势。A search for matching couple clothing-known as qing lü zhuang-on China#39;s biggest e-commerce site Taobao, offers more than three million results from online stores that have launched to meet the high demand. In roughly the last year, searches for the clothing have increased by 57%, according to Alibaba Group, Taobao#39;s parent.在中国最大的电子商务网站淘宝网(Taobao)上搜索情侣装,可以从诸多网店中得到超过300万个结果。这些网店都在努力满足这个需求。据淘宝网的母公司阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)说,在过去的一年左右的时间里,情侣装的搜索量增长了57%。The phenomenon has its versions in the West-say, portraits of families sporting matching Christmas sweaters. A move toward his and her clothing failed years ago. In China, though, the trend provides a framework for romance, something that hasn#39;t always been the primary factor in a relationship.西方也有类似的现象。比如说,西方家庭的成员会穿同款 诞装在一起拍照。数年前,情侣装未能成为潮流。但在中国,这股趋势带来了一种浪漫感,而过去浪漫在情侣或夫妻关系中并不总是一个重要的因素。For hundreds of years, parents and grandparents parsed out family trees, calculated dowries and astrology charts to arrange marriages. And even in recent years, many matches have sprung from a plan for a better material life, the promise that a combined income could afford a new home and maybe even a BMW.几百年来,父母和祖父母通过检查家谱、嫁妆和算命来安排婚姻。即便是在近些年,一些人能走到一起也是因为这样可以带来更好的物质生活,意味着两人的收入加在一起可以买套新房子,甚至再买辆宝马车。Ms. Zong, a 31-year-old accountant in Beijing, said she chose to marry Mr. Wu, whom she first met in 2007, because he makes her laugh. Mr. Wu said it was Ms. Zong#39;s gentle nature that won him over. #39;I would call her just to hear her voice,#39; he said.金莹和何禹坤现年31岁的宗银红是名会计,住在北京,她在2007年第一次见到吴专。她说,选择嫁给吴专是因为他能让她开怀大笑。吴专说,宗银红温柔的气质让他心动。他说,我会就为了听她的声音给她打电话。Ms. Zong says her parents, farmers who grow corn and beans in China#39;s northeastern Jilin province, sometimes wear similar colors-gray and black-and old Mao-inspired jackets from years past, though that is less an expression of affection than an old remnant. She could never imagine them deliberately wearing matching shirts as symbols of love, she said.宗银红的父母都是农民,在吉林省种玉米和大豆。她说,她的父母有时会穿颜色类似的外套,这些外套属于毛泽东时代那种黑灰颜色的衣。但她说,这并不是表达感情的方式,而是一种旧有的习惯。她无法想象父母会故意穿上情侣装,以此作为爱的象征。#39;The first time they met was on their wedding day,#39; Ms. Zong said. #39;Surely they love one another, but our love is different,#39; she said.宗银红说,他们两个人第一次见面是在他们自己的婚礼上,他们当然爱对方,不过我们的爱情跟他们不一样。For Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong, their coordinated-fashion debut wasn#39;t long after they started dating. #39;It made us official,#39; said Mr. Wu.对于吴专和宗银红来说,两个人从开始约会不久就穿着情侣装上街了。吴专说,她送给我,我才发现这是一个正式的的事情。Sun Peidong, an associate professor at Shanghai#39;s Fudan University, says the phenomenon reflects an increasingly materialistic society that is obsessed with logos and labels. People want BMWs to show they are rich; now they want matching-couples labeling to show they are in relationships, said Ms. Sun. And ultimately, matching duds is a way for people to feel secure, she said.复旦大学副教授孙沛东说,穿情侣装的现象折射出一个痴迷于品牌和标签、越来越物质化的社会。她说,人们希望开宝马来显示自己的富有;现在又希望穿着情侣装来显示自己不是单身;归根到底,穿情侣装还是为了满足人们的安全感。Bai Zhengping, just six months into a relationship, asked his girlfriend Ma Xin to accompany him on a shopping trip to buy twin Superman shirts. #39;I felt proud, like I was saying, #39;She#39;s mine,#39; #39; said Mr. Bai. #39;I just wanted everyone to know,#39; he said, noting they have been together now for two years. She smiled and said, #39;I was so happy he asked.#39;白郑平在与现任女友马鑫刚谈了六个月恋爱的时候,就让马鑫陪着自己去买两件“超人”T恤。白郑平说,当时我觉得骄傲,就好比是在说“她是我的人”了。他说,我当时就是想让所有人知道。白郑平说自己与马鑫已经在一起两年了。马鑫则笑着说,他当时开口的时候我好开心。Clothing designer Zhou Yougen launched online in 2011 his couples label Fei Chen, whose tagline says, #39;Listen to the heart, the beating of one another.#39; He said the fashion category has evolved from mere matching T-shirts to trendy dresses and shirts that complement one another. Best-sellers like a yellow and blue cotton dress with accompanying boyfriend knit shirt helped Mr. Zhou#39;s 2012 revenue reach 800,000 yuan, roughly 0,000, increasing 15 times from a year earlier, he said.2011年,装设计师周友根在网站推出了他的情侣装品牌“飞辰”,品牌标语这样写道:用心聆听,彼此的心跳。周友根说,情侣装已经从图案一样的T恤衫发展到了互相搭配的时尚裙装与衬衫。飞辰最为畅销的款式包括黄蓝棉布装以及与其搭配的男士针织衬衫。这些畅销产品使得周友根在2012年的收入达到人民币80万元,是2011年的15倍。Mr. Zhou, who is 40 and sometimes pairs his outfits with his wife#39;s, said the segment has so much potential that he is toying with the idea of designing more mature outfits for older couples, or for entire families.现年40岁的周友根有时也会搭配着妻子的着装来穿衣,他说情侣装领域有很大的潜力,他自己还在考虑给年纪大一些的情侣设计更成熟的衣,或为全家人设计装。Couples have the option of buying identical shirt sets or outfits that play off one another. For example, on the couples section of the site Wholesale7.net, #39;Spring Lovers#39; shirts feature two separate heart halves and a disjointed message that is only able when seen as a set: #39;Let Love...Create Miracle.#39; The company says sales of its matching couple shirts jumped 30% last year.情侣们可以选择购买图案或文字相得益彰的同款情侣衬衫或情侣装。比如,网站Wholesale7.net的情侣产品区,“春天爱人”(Spring Lovers)情侣衬衫各有半颗心,两件衬衫上的文字连在一起是“让爱……创造奇迹”。该公司说,情侣衬衫的销售额去年增长了30%。Major brands have taken notice, pushing the fashion statement to new levels with his-and-hers underwear. PVH Corp., parent of Calvin Klein, creates sets sold especially for Asia. Calvin Klein also stocks matching pajamas in China.主要品牌注意到了这一潮流,用情侣内衣将时尚宣言推到新的高度。Calvin Klein的母公司PVH Corp.生产专门在亚洲销售的情侣内衣。该公司还在中国销售情侣睡衣。Not everyone is immediately won over by the trend. Zhi Yingli, a 21-year-old student in Beijing, said she was mortified when her ex-boyfriend wanted them to flaunt identical clothes. #39;It#39;s like you#39;re parading your most private feelings,#39; she said. After some months, it grew on her, she said.并非每个人都立即被这一潮流赢得了芳心。北京21岁的学生英丽(音)说,当她的前男友想和她穿情侣装时,她觉得很窘。她说,就像展示你的最深的情感。不过她说,几个月后她就对情侣装爱不释手了。But since they broke up, Ms. Zhi won#39;t wear any of the half-set of the clothes she still has in her closet. #39;Maybe only if I haven#39;t done laundry for weeks,#39; she said.但由于他们已经分手了,英丽不会再穿她衣橱里仍留着的情侣装。她说,或许只有在几个星期没洗衣的时候才会穿。Meanwhile, Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong say they hope to be dressing alike for years to come and plan to expand their matching wardrobes. Ms. Zong said they are preparing for winter and are even considering buying special mittens, consisting of one mitten for him and one for her and a muff in the middle so the couple can stay warm without ever having to let go of each other#39;s hands.与此同时,吴专和宗银红说,他们希望今后继续穿情侣装,并计划扩大他们的情侣装储备。宗银红说,他们正在为冬天做准备,他们甚至考虑购买情侣手套,一只手套给他,一只手套给她,两只手套用一个暖手筒相连,这样两人就可以不必放开对方的手而保持手暖暖的了。 /201310/259713

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