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The Beijing Horticulture Greening Bureau announced Thursday that 25 parks and gardens, including the Summer Palace and Beihai Park, are among the first batch to be inscribed on the ;historical gardens; list.北京园艺绿化局上周四宣布,包括颐和园和北海公园在内的北京市25处公园,成功入选首批历史名园名录The concept of ;historical gardens; refers to those gardens and parks located within Beijing#39;s jurisdiction that carry distinctive historical and cultural values and more importantly, played a pivotal role in the development of Beijing#39;s urban landscape or cultural progression in a given historical period or in a particular area of Beijing. Gardens built upon heritage sites also are included in the list.本次评定“历史名园”的依据除了是在北京管辖区内带有独特历史和文化价值的公园之外,更重要的是,需要在北京市区发展中扮演重要的角色或者在北京某一特定历史时期,亦或是特定位置对文化发展起到了相关的推进作用。除此之外,建立在文化遗产地的花园也可以入选。Beijing has a great number of world-class cultural relics. Why is it still necessary to set a ;historical gardens; list? It can better promote Beijing#39;s role as a historical city, the greening bureau said. Some of the gardens on the list were built on historical remains, so protecting them can help keep the unique architectural style and cultural features of those gardens, which is conducive to building an urban green system that is rich in historical and cultural treasures.北京有大量的世界级文化遗迹,为什么还需设立历史名园名录呢?对此,北京园艺绿化局称,这样做的目的是可以更好地推广北京历史性城市的身份,入选的一些建筑是建立在历史遗迹之上的,所以保护它们也可以保持那些花园独特的建筑风格和文化面貌,这也对构筑富有历史文化内涵的城市绿地系统具有推动作用Related regulations will be made to enforce the full protection of the listed gardens, the differentiation of ordinary and historical gardens in terms of management can better protect Beijing#39;s historical and cultural heritage.通过制订历史名园保护规范,将历史名园与城市普通公园管理相区别,更有利于历史名园的保护,也是更好的保护北京的历史和文化遗产 /201508/392478This devastated village in southwestern China illustrates why the death toll from an earthquake three days ago has risen quickly--and why it could rise still.云南银屏在三天前发生的地震中被摧毁,这个位于中国西南部村庄的情况表明了地震造成的死亡人数为何会迅速上升,而且为何还有可能继续上升。China on Wednesday raised the death toll from Sunday#39;s 6.1 magnitude earthquake in southwestern China#39;s Yunnan province to 589 from 410 the day before. Chinese authorities said blocked roads and disrupted communications made it difficult to access certain areas, contributing to a slow count.中国周三宣布,周日发生在云南省的6.1级地震造成的死亡人数提高至589人,前一天的统计为410人。中国相关部门称,道路受阻和交通中断导致难以进入部分地区,这也造成了统计死亡人数的进度缓慢。Another 2,400 were injured, authorities said, and 229,700 had been relocated.相关部门称,地震还造成2,400人受伤,229,700人紧急转移安置。Rescuers made more progress after construction workers replaced a collapsed bridge with a temporary steel one, helping supplies pour into the village of Longtoushan, the epicenter of the quake. That allowed rescuers to reach out to more remote hamlets.在建筑工人用临时钢桥取代在地震中倒塌的大桥,从而帮助救灾物资大量进入位于震中的龙头山镇后,救援人员才得以取得更多进展,进入了更多偏远山村。Still, the temblor struck a rural but relatively densely populated region. Many smaller villages are accessible only by single narrow roads that were buried or swept away by landslides. Further rescue efforts are likely to be hampered by rain, which threatened to fall on and off in parts of the area Wednesday, while Chinese authorities warned of the potential for strong aftershocks in the coming days.不过地震虽然发生在农村地区,但当地人口稠密。许多村庄只有小路通往外界,而这些通道已经在地震中被埋或者因为山体滑坡而垮塌。降雨可能会阻碍进一步的救援工作,周三部分震区一直断断续续地下着雨。有关部门警告,未来几天当地可能发生强余震。Yinping, a village of several hundred people that depends on growing corn and potatoes, represents the challenges rescuers face. The village lies 2 1/2 hours on foot from Longtoushan, accessible only by dirt paths. Its thick vegetation and mountainous terrain make it hard to bring in stronger construction material like steel, resulting in local homes made out of less-sturdy stuff.救援队在银屏村就遇到了很大困难,这个小村庄有着上千人口,村民主要靠种植玉米和土豆为生。从这里到龙头山需要步行2.5小时,而且都是泥泞的小路。由于当地植被茂盛、山岭密布,钢材等坚固的建筑材料无法运入,因此当地建房的材料都不结实。The earthen walls of many of its homes crumbled during the quake, which hit Sunday afternoon local time. It wasn#39;t clear how many of the residents were dead or injured. In one cluster of 200 people and 37 families, 12 people were killed, four were seriously injured and another was missing, residents said. They said another 20 had died nearby.周日下午地震发生后,银屏村许多民房的土墙被震塌。目前仍不清楚当地的伤亡情况。据村民讲,在当地一个有37户家庭、共200人的村民小组,有12人死亡,四人伤势严重,还有一人失踪。他们说,附近的村民小组有20人死亡。Despite a massive effort involving thousands of military personnel and rescue workers, aid hasn#39;t reached Yingping as fast as residents needed.尽管有数千官兵和救援人员参加到了大规模的救灾行动中,但救援没有像村民希望的那样快速到达银屏村。Rescuers arrived to dig out the living and the dead here Monday, but the work was slow. #39;We pulled three children out today,#39; said resident Qi Zhongcheng on Wednesday, pointing to a makeshift tomb erected on top of the remains of one house out of corrugated tin and broken tree branches. #39;That one was 15.#39;救援人员周一来到这里,挖掘幸存者和死者遗体,但进展缓慢。当地居民齐忠诚(音)周三说:“我们今天拉出来三个孩子。”他挥着一个在房屋废墟上用波纹马口铁和折断的树枝临时搭成的坟墓说,那孩子才15岁。But supplies have been slower.然而物资运送的速度更慢。A shipment of instant noodles came Wednesday afternoon. Before that, residents said, there was no food other than some grain scrapped together from collapsed houses, potatoes dug out of the ground and preserved pork they dug out of the rubble. By Wednesday night, they were still without bottled water.周三下午送到了一批方便面。居民们说,在此之前,除了从倒塌的房屋中找到的一些粮食、从地里挖出来的一些土豆、从废墟中挖出来的腊肉就没有什么吃的了。到周三夜间,他们仍然没有瓶装水。Some rescue workers left tents, but they sat unused Wednesday night. The rescue workers had told them the tents were unsafe because of falling rocks from distant cliffs. Also, there weren#39;t enough to go around and nobody appeared to want to take advantage.一些救援人员留下了帐篷,但周三夜间,并没有人使用这些帐篷。救援人员曾对他们说,这些帐篷不够安全,因为远处山崖可能有石块滚落下来。而且,帐篷的数量也不够,大家似乎都不想占便宜。Mr. Qi said the lack of help had left them feeling anxious about being forgotten.齐忠诚说,因为得不到帮助,他们感到焦虑,怕自己被遗忘了。#39;We#39;re happy to have you here to report as long as it means the government knows we don#39;t have anything up here,#39; one villager said after journalists arrived.记者抵达后,一名村民说:“我们很高兴你们来这里报道,只要报道了,政府就知道我们这里什么都没有了。”This part of Yunnan has a rich set of rituals that accompanies funerals for elders, but those have had to be set aside for those killed in the quake, most of whom were older. #39;Usually we invite a Taoist priest to come and open a road [to the afterlife]. But we don#39;t know where the Taoists are now, and we don#39;t have time to find them,#39; said Hu Kaihu, a resident from a nearby village.云南省的这个地区对于故世老人的葬礼有一整套丧葬仪式,但现在却无法为地震遇难者举行这样的葬礼。大多数遇难者都是老人。附近村庄的居民胡开虎(音)说,葬礼通常会请道士为亡灵开路,但现在都不知道道士在哪里,也没时间去找。Instead, they have made do with stripped-down ceremonies, lighting off firecrackers and burning funeral money before burying the dead in shallow graves. Others were worse off, villagers said, pointing to a collapsed house at the bottom of the mountain a five-hour hike away. Of the family of four, only one--an 11-year-old girl--was outside the house. After the quake they could see her circling the rubble, they said, but were too occupied digging themselves out to help.他们只能用简单的仪式便宜从事,放点鞭炮、烧点纸钱,然后将死者埋藏在浅浅的墓穴里。村民们说,还有人处境更差。他们指着山脚下一处倒塌的房子说,步行去那里要五个小时。地震时住在那所房子里的一家四口只有一个11岁的小女孩在外面。村民们说,地震后他们能看到那个女孩围着废墟绕圈子,但他们已经自顾不暇,忙着挖被埋的人,没法过去帮助她。 /201408/319413Generous girths aside, Winston Churchill and Chinese President Xi Jinping would seem to have little in common. One was popularly elected, while the other gained power by means of a shadowy process few understand. One was a giant who made his name leading his country through war, while the other#39;s legacy is still very much in the making.除了健壮的体魄之外,中国国家主席习近平似乎和温斯顿#8226;丘吉尔(Winston Churchill)没什么共同之处。丘吉尔通过民选上台,习近平通过少数人才能了解的幕后流程当选主席。丘吉尔由于领导英国赢得战争获得了伟人称号,而习近平铸就自己的历史还要花上一段时间。But the two do share one characteristic besides their robust builds: a fondness for literary allusions.但除了身板之外,这两人确实有一个共同点:都喜欢引用文学辞藻。In the same way Churchill littered his legendary speeches with references to the Bible and nods to Shakespeare, Mr. Xi has displayed a tendency to lard his writings and public statements with ations from classical Chinese literature.丘吉尔曾在他传奇性的演说中引用《 经》(Bible)和莎士比亚(Shakespeare)著作。与之类似,习近平也显示出一种用中国古典文学为文章和公开演讲润色的倾向。On Thursday, the overseas edition of the People#39;s Daily devoted itself to cataloging the Chinese leader#39;s literary references, running a full-page sp dedicated to explaining 13 allusions spanning the later part of Mr. Xi#39;s career. The aim, it said, was to explain the Chinese leader#39;s thoughts on #39;the question of cultivating morality among leading cadres.#39;《人民日报》海外版周四用一整版的篇幅列举了习近平在职业生涯靠后时期引用的13个古典名句。该报说,这是为了解释习近平屡次提到的领导干部修身问题。Some analysts have interpreted Mr. Xi#39;s embrace of the classics as a move akin to Churchill#39;s borrowing from #39;Henry V#39; in his World War II speeches: an effort to use pride in a venerable cultural tradition to rally the nation at a time of crisis.一些分析人士认为,习近平对古典名句的旁征引与丘吉尔在二战演说中引用《亨利五世》(Henry V)中的句子类似,都是在借助珍贵文化传统中的荣誉感使国家在危机时刻凝聚在一起。China is not facing war, but Mr. Xi and other Chinese leaders have portrayed the Communist Party as facing a raft of daunting challenges: endemic corruption, hostility abroad and an exceedingly tricky economic transition opposed by entrenched special interests. Having long ago traded in Marxism for the market, analysts say, the party is now trying to shore up its legitimacy by associating itself with a Confucian tradition it once lambasted as feudal and backwards.中国并未处在战争边缘,不过习近平和其他中国领导人一直说,共产党正面临着一系列艰巨的挑战:大规模腐败、海外敌对势力以及越来越棘手(且受到特殊利益集团阻挠)的经济转型。分析人士说,中共很久以前就放弃了马克思主义,搞起了市场经济,现在将自己与儒家传统联系在一起,意在提升其合法性。过去,中共曾对儒家传统大加抨击,说它封建、落后。Some of Mr. Xi#39;s references cited by the People#39;s Daily have more obvious resonances with today#39;s politics than others.相比其他的话,《人民日报》报道中所提到习近平引用过的话与当前的政治形势更加契合。One e Mr. Xi used from the Confucian #39;Book of Rites#39; in a 2007 essay speaks directly to his current efforts to clean up the behavior of China#39;s wayward bureaucrats: #39;Nothing is more visible than what is hidden, and nothing is more obvious than what is minute. Therefore a gentleman is careful of himself even when alone.#39;习近平在2007年的一篇文章中引用过一句《礼记》的话,这句话与他现在约束中国肆意妄为的官僚的努力相映成趣:莫见乎隐,莫显乎微,故君子慎其独也。In other instances, however, Mr. Xi#39;s allusions are less pointed, instead evoking an inchoate political anxiety. Such was the case during a 2013 visit to the Central Party School, when he ed a line from the #39;Book of Songs,#39; another Confucian classic: #39;In fear and trembling, as if walking on thin ice, as if approaching a deep abyss.#39;不过,在别的场合下,习近平的一些引语就不那么有针对性了,相反地,会引发一种模糊的政治焦虑。2013年就发生过这样一件事,当时习近平在视察中央党校时引用了《诗经》中的一句话:战战兢兢,如临深渊,如履薄冰。Mr. Xi is by no means the first Chinese leader to weave classical literature into his essays and speeches. Nor is he the first to attempt to leaven the Communist Party#39;s rhetoric with a sprinkling of Confucianism. Mr. Xi#39;s predecessor Hu Jintao similarly borrowed from Confucius when he introduced the notion of a #39;harmonious society#39; more than a decade ago, notes Sam Crane, a professor of Asian Studies at Williams College. But Mr. Xi, Mr. Crane says, #39;is being more explicit and direct in his classicism.#39;当然,习近平不是第一个喜欢在文章和讲话中引经据典的人,也不是第一个试图用儒家思想来装点中共话语的人。威廉斯学院(Williams College)亚洲研究系(Asian Studies)的教授克兰(Sam Crane)指出,习近平的前任胡锦涛在10多年前提出“和谐社会”这一理念是也借用了孔子的话。不过克兰说,习近平在引经据典时更明确、更直截了当。The People#39;s Daily sp, he adds, is #39;a rather obvious attempt to bolster [Xi#39;s] image as a proper gentleman in old Confucian terms: well , morally upright and finding moral inspiration in the classic texts.#39;他说,《人民日报》的整版文章很显然是想用儒家语言树立习近平的君子形象:学富五车、品德端正、从古代经典中寻找道德启示。In a country where even mundane conversations are often shot through with pithy aphorisms taken from classical literature, it makes sense for Mr. Xi show off his sophistication. Yet there could be some danger in reviving the classical texts, which are often vague, shot through with allegory and open to a wide range of interpretations.中国人在日常对话中也常常引经据典,所以习近平在讲话中炫耀一下自己的文学修养也不足为奇。但这样可能会出现古文复兴,而中国古文常常语义含糊,掺杂大量寓言,还会出现多种不同的解释。Take, for example, this famous e from Confucius#39; Analects that appears in an essay by Mr. Xi on poverty alleviation: #39;It#39;s easier to rob an army of its general than it is to rob a common man of his purpose and will.#39;比如,习近平在一篇关于扶贫的文章中引用了《论语》中的一句名言“三军可夺帅也,匹夫不可夺志也。”According the People#39;s Daily, Mr. Xi intention in evoking the passage was to encourage officials to cultivate the willpower necessary to #39;push ahead in the face of innumerable challenges.#39; But Mr. Crane notes that it might be differently, particularly in light of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the crackdown on student protesters in Tiananmen Square.《人民日报》的文章称,习近平引用这句话是为了鼓励领导干部树立志气,排除万难,勇往直前。但克兰指出,这句话还可以有不同的解读,特别是在天安门镇压学生抗议事件25周年即将到来之际。#39;We should not assume that the state is the articulator of those purposes and will,#39; he says. #39;And, indeed, 25 years ago there was a rather massive divergence in the expression of popular purposes and state power.#39;他说,大家不应该假定国家就是这些目标和志向的标准落脚点,实际上,25年前的普遍目标和国家权力就有着各种各样不同的说法。 /201405/296532

In his farewell speech capping a historic trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, U.S. President Barack Obama hailed Africa#39;s extraordinary progress, while noting that such progress can only be sustained through continued development and democracy for all.美国总统奥巴马在结束非洲之行前的告别讲话中赞扬非洲取得的非凡成就,但他同时指出,只有通过继续发展和让所有的人享有民主,这种进展才能够持续下去。While not naming China, Mr. Obama emphasized what sets the ed States apart in its investment in Africa. “Economic relationships cannot simply be about other countries building infrastructure with foreign labor or extracting Africa’s natural resources. Real economic partnerships have to be a good deal for Africa—they have to create jobs and capacity for Africans. That’s the kind of partnership America offers,” he said.奥巴马没有点名中国,但强调了美国与其他投资非洲国家之间的不同。他说,经济关系不仅仅是其他国家用外国工人在非洲修建基础设施或开采非洲的自然资源。真正的经济伙伴应当对非洲有利,为非洲人创造就业机会和能力。这就是美国给予的伙伴关系。The White House announced the ed States intends to provide at least million in assistance related to countering violent extremism in East Africa.白宫宣布,美国准备提供至少4千万美元,用于与东非反恐相关的援助项目。Obama told reporters Monday Ethiopia has played a vital role in fighting the Somali militant group Al-Shabab.奥巴马星期一对记者说,埃塞俄比亚在打击索马里激进组织青年党的斗争中发挥了重要作用。 /201508/389946It#39;s a nightly dilemma in many households: A student hits a wall doing homework, and parents are too tired, too busy -- or too mystified -- to help. 许多家庭每天晚上都会遭遇这样的困境:孩子做作业时有道题不会,这时家长要么太累,要么太忙──要么也不会──总之帮不上忙。Ordering up a tutor is becoming as easy for kids as grabbing a late-night snack. Amid rapid growth in companies offering online, on-demand tutoring, students can use a credit card to connect, sometimes in less than a minute, with a live tutor. Such 24/7, no-appointment-needed services can be especially helpful to students with tight budgets or tight time frames or those in remote areas. 而如今对孩子们来说,在线订购辅导务正变得和拿点儿零食当宵夜一样容易。随着越来越多的公司提供按需定制的在线辅导,学生们用一张信用卡便可快速地接通一位在线家教,有时1分钟都不到就能连上。这类务每周每天不间断运营,且无需进行预约,尤其对手头紧、时间急、住得远的学生来说很有帮助。#39;All of a sudden, the world opens up to them,#39; says Michael Horn, executive director of education for the Clayton Christensen Institute, a San Mateo, Calif., education and health-care think tank. 加州圣马特奥教育健康智囊团Clayton Christensen Institute的执行董事迈克尔·霍恩(Michael Horn)如此评价:一瞬间,知识的海洋就向他们敞开了怀抱。That said, the quality of on-demand scholastic support can be uneven, and the catch-as-catch-can approach to enlisting a tutor may not be best for struggling students who need sustained help. Sessions can bog down on technical glitches, and language barriers can cause problems on sites that rely on tutors from abroad. 话虽如此,这类按需定制的教学持的质量却可能参差不齐,而且这些网站“招到一个是一个”的招聘老师的方式,对于需要长期辅导的学生来说也谈不上有多好。辅导课程还会因技术故障而中断,而在那些提供外教网站上,语言沟通方面的障碍也是一个问题。Prices, ranging from about to an hour (and often prorated to the minute), are cheaper than what many skilled tutors charge in a student#39;s home. And parents and students say the quick homework fix can ease stress and make evenings at home more peaceful. 这类务的价格在每小时24美元到45美元之间(并通常按分钟计价),和许多有经验的上门家教相比要便宜。家长和学生也反映说,这种快速帮忙解题的务减轻了不少压力,让晚上家里的氛围融洽多了。Whenever Peggy Bennett of Dallas tried to help her 13-year-old daughter, Chloe Friedman, with her eighth-grade physics and algebra homework, #39;we#39;d always end up bickering,#39; Ms. Bennett says, with Chloe often objecting that the teacher did it differently. #39;It was a lose-lose situation.#39; 每当达拉斯的佩姬·本内特(Peggy Bennett)要帮她13岁的女儿克洛艾·弗里德曼(Chloe Friedman)做八年级物理和代数作业,到了最后俩人都会吵起来,克洛艾每次都说那不是老师讲的解法。本内特称这是个双输的局面。Chloe says she was skeptical when her mom helped her sign up last month on Tutor.com, a New York City-based provider of on-demand tutoring. But after she logged on one evening for algebra help, a tutor, identified only by a first name and last initial, responded within a minute. Chloe says she was guided to figure out the answers, using text chat and an interactive #39;whiteboard#39; that displayed their writing and calculations on a shared screen. After hearing nothing but typing for about 10 minutes, Ms. Bennett says she heard Chloe yell from the other room, #39;They told me I did a good job!#39; Ms. Bennett adds, #39;That was all that she needed.#39; 克洛艾说,一开始当她妈妈帮她在Tutor.com──一个纽约市的定制辅导网站上注册帐户的时候,她很怀疑这个网站能否帮上忙。但有一天晚上,她登上网站寻求一道代数题的解法,一个标注了姓氏缩写和名字的辅导老师不到一分钟就回覆了她。克洛艾说,她使用文本交谈,并在一块共享屏幕的白色书写板上写出运算过程,通过这种方式,她在指导下解出了。本内特说,只听敲击键盘的声音持续了十多分钟,接着克洛艾的房间里便传来一声欢呼:他们说我做对了!本内特补充道,这正是我女儿所需要的。Chloe, who takes classes in dance, acting and singing, also uses Tutor.com on her smartphone at the dance studio between classes. She says she recently got help solving a math problem in less than 10 minutes. 克洛艾还学习舞蹈、表演和唱歌,课间休息时,她会在舞蹈教室里用手机登陆Tutor.com。她说她最近在网站的帮助下,不用十分钟就解出了一道数学题。Ms. Bennett now lets Chloe use her credit card to extend her Tutor.com subscription whenever she needs help. So far, Chloe has spent .99 for up to two hours of tutoring. Tutor.com subscribers pay once a month for time used; unused minutes can be carried to the next month. 本内特已让克洛艾用信用卡延长了她在Tutor.com的订制时间。目前,克洛艾已花费79.99美元购买了两个小时的辅导时间;未用尽的时间可推到下个月继续使用。Most sites enlist moonlighting or retired teachers, college professors or professionals with tutoring experience; most offer scheduled tutoring in addition to on-demand sessions. The most common users are middle- and high-schoolers, and college students taking basic courses. 多数网站都招聘兼职在校教师、退休教师、大学教授或者有家教经验的专业人士;除了按需定制的辅导之外,大多数网站还会按日程表提供家教课程。最主要的用户群为初、高中生以及接受基础课程的大学生。About 95% of the 1,200 tutors available on Bangalore, India-based TutorVista are recruited from India, says C.S. Swaminathan, president of TutorVista, which was recently acquired by the London-based publishing and education company Pearson PLC. Tutoring sessions with its mostly U.S.-based customers are usually held via whiteboard and text chat, to reduce potential language difficulties, Mr. Swaminathan says. Still, students say, language barriers can sometimes slow communication, and grammar glitches can occasionally creep in. TutorVista是一家位于印度班加罗尔的在线辅导网站,该公司已被伦敦培生教育出版公司(Pearson PLC.)收购。TutorVista总裁斯瓦米纳坦(C.S. Swaminathan)称其95%的员工招募自印度,而主要客户来自于美国,辅导课程通常会通过白板和文字聊天进行,以试图减少可能存在的语言沟通障碍。然而学生仍称语言障碍有时会使沟通过程变慢,偶尔还会有语法上面的问题。 Saira Sultan, an Irvine, Calif., college student, says the TutorVista tutors she taps several times a week for help with her English and math courses are pleasant and knowledgeable. She recently uploaded a business letter she had been assigned to write for her English class, and the tutor marked errors in the text and texted instructions on correcting verb tenses, rearranging paragraphs and rephrasing sentences to more smoothly, Ms. Sultan says. The one-on-one edits have helped her learn to write more clearly, she says. 来自加州尔湾学院(Irvine College)的学生苏丹·西良(Saira Sultan)说,她每周都向TutorVista的老师请教好几次英语和数学课上的问题,而老师们学而友善。她说,最近她的英语课要求写一封商业信件,她把作业上传到网上,辅导老师会标出错误、纠正动词时态,调整段落格式,并将语句梳理通顺。这种一对一的编辑帮助她的英文写作更加清楚明白。The drawback, she says, is that communicating via text chat #39;takes a lot of time.#39; Mr. Swaminathan says TutorVista can provide audio-chat sessions if scheduled in advance. 她说,缺点是用文本聊天来沟通“很费时间”。斯瓦米纳坦说用户可在TutorVista上预约视频辅导课程。As with in-person tutors, knowledge levels and teaching skills can be uneven. Stephanie Dobbs of Los Angeles says one InstaEDU tutor who responded to her daughter Sarah#39;s request for calculus help #39;didn#39;t know the material at all.#39; But Sarah, who uses the site two to three times a week, says it has so many tutors that switching is easy, and the convenience outweighs any drawbacks. 然而,那些辅导老师的知识水平和教育技能常常良莠不齐。洛杉矶的斯蒂芬妮·多布斯(Stephanie Dobbs)说她女儿萨拉(Sarah)在InstaEDU上找到的微积分家教“根本不了解这块知识”。然而Sarah每周却要上这个网站两三次,她说更换老师很容易,使用这个网站利大于弊。An InstaEDU spokeswoman says on occasion, tutors can halt billing while they figure out the material, or students can be given refunds or a different tutor. 一位InstaEDU的发言人称,辅导老师有时会在审题时暂停计费,或者学生也可以要求退款或更换家教。James Nickerson agrees that on-demand tutors need winnowing. When he turned to InstaEDU recently to help his 16-year-old daughter Emma with an advanced-Latin class (they couldn#39;t find a skilled Latin tutor in their hometown of Stevens Point, Wis.), he didn#39;t turn Emma loose online. Instead, he sat beside her while she chose a tutor, urging her to bypass a math major who claimed a sideline expertise in Latin in favor of a New York University grad student majoring in classics. He also helped her schedule sessions, to provide continuity with the same tutor. 詹姆斯·尼克森(James Nickerson)也认为这些家教需要经过一定的筛选。最近,他登入InstaEDU来帮她16岁的女儿艾玛(Emma)挑选高级拉丁语课程,他没有立刻放手不管,而是坐在一旁陪她一起挑选老师,要她别去选以拉丁文为副业的数学专业毕业生,而是选择纽约大学(New York University)古罗马文学专业的硕士毕业生。他还帮助女儿制定课程表,以便她能一直上同一个老师的课。On-demand tutoring is just one of a growing array of online homework-help options. Khan Academy, one prominent example, offers interactive tutorials in addition to educational s. Chegg.com provides answers to homework questions, while crowdsourcing sites such as StudyBlue enable students to share study guides, notes and flashcards. 按需定制的辅导只不过是正在发展的在线作业辅导产品的一小部分。举个例子,Khan Academy在提供教学视频的同时也提供交互式辅导课程。Chegg.com提供作业,而StudyBlue这样的众包网站则让学生可以分享讲义、笔记和学习卡片。Some school districts pay New York City-based TutaPoint and other online-tutoring sites to provide free access to students; about 2,000 libraries let students use Tutor.com without cost. Free access to tutoring sites can help level the playing field for students from all income groups -- if they provide trained, qualified tutors, conduct background checks and safeguard users#39; security, says Nora Carr, president of the National School Public Relations Association, a professional group. 一些学区向总部位于纽约的TutaPoint和其他在线辅导网站付费用,以便其学生能免费登录这些网站。约2,000家图书馆也供学生免费使用Tutor.com。专业组织全国学校公共关系协会(National School Public Relations Association)的主席诺拉·卡尔(Nora Carr)认为,这些举措可以帮助不同收入阶层的学生享受到更加平等的教育机会──前提是这些网站的辅导老师经过训练、具有职业资格,职业操守经过审查,并且网站能确保用户信息安全。But the sites can also tilt the playing field in favor of kids with plenty of money for tutoring help, creating pressure for other students to have a tutor too. Parents should monitor kids#39; use of the sites and track fees, which #39;can get very expensive very quickly,#39; says Ms. Carr, who is chief of staff of the Guilford County Schools in Greensboro, N.C. 卡尔说,然而富裕家庭的孩子登入网站寻求帮助,也会迫使其他学生寻找辅导老师,进而或也将加剧教育不平等。家长应当监督孩子对这些网站的使用,记录他们出的费用,因为这些网站很贵,费钱速度也很快。卡尔也是格林斯罗市吉尔福德郡学校(Guilford County Schools)的教员主任。 Yamini Naidu says online tutoring last year through InstaEDU helped her earn As in advanced-placement classes at her Beaverton, Ore., high school. Now a freshman at Yale University, Ms. Naidu works eight hours a week as an InstaEDU tutor. 俄勒冈州比佛顿高中(Beaverton High School)毕业生Yamini Naidu说,去年在IstaEDU在线辅导的帮助下,她在大学先修课上拿到了一串A的优异成绩。如今,她已是耶鲁大学(Yale University)的大一新生,并每周花8个小时在InstaEDU上提供在线辅导。She says that students who come to sessions with a list of questions or assignments to work on -- and who block out time to concentrate -- benefit most. Text chats occasionally stall, though, if students are distracted or start multitasking; Ms. Naidu tries to re-engage students by asking questions to spark their interest, she says. 她说,最能从这些课程汲取知识的,是那些带着一串问题和作业题的学生,还有能够专心听课不顾时间的学生。然而如果学生分神或者做起别的事情,那么文字聊天就会拖延时间;她说她试图通过询问学生问题、激发兴趣来让他们重新专注于课程。Bharathy Chummar of Plantation, Fla., turned to the online tutoring site Eduboard last summer to help her 15-year-old son Prajwal research possible science-fair topics. Prajwal had a 45-minute audio and text chat with a tutor, who is also a physician, about an idea involving bacteria. The doctor later sent him a research summary with links to more studies. 去年夏天,佛罗里达州普兰泰申的丘玛尔(Bharathy Chummar)登入了Eduboard在线辅导网站,来帮助她15岁的儿子普拉杰瓦尔(Prajwal)就科学展览会上的主题进行调研。普拉杰瓦尔与一位同为外科医生的兼职家教进行了45分钟的视频课程,并用文字进行对话,探讨了一个有关细菌的想法。之后,这位医生发给了他一份研究综述,内容包含了更多相关研究的链接。Online tutors #39;fill a huge gap that can never be filled by parents,#39; Ms. Chummar says.丘玛尔说,在线家教“担起了一项家长永远无法担当的职能”。 /201404/292063

China#39;s powerful government-controlled television broadcaster took aim at Japanese camera company Nikon Corp. on Saturday in its annual campaign to stamp out service and quality problems that stifle the country#39;s domestic consumption.有着巨大影响力的中国官方媒体中央电视台在周六举行的一年一度的315晚会上将矛头指向日本相机生产商尼康(Nikon Corp.)。央视315晚会旨在曝光国内消费市场中隐藏的务和质量问题。In a two-hour prime-time show, held in honor of World Consumer Rights Day, China Central Television accused Nikon of selling faulty cameras and skirting warranty policies. The report said many consumers found black spots repeatedly appearing in photos taken with the D600 Nikon camera model.这场时长两个小时的晚会在周六晚上的黄金时段播出,以国际消费者权益日为主题。央视在此次晚会中曝光了尼康销售存在质量问题的相机,并回避保修政策。报道称,许多消费者发现尼康D600相机拍出的照片多次出现了黑点。#39;Nikon#39;s attitude is to avoid, conceal and offer excuses, making many people disappointed,#39; a CCTV presenter said in the broadcast.央视一位主持人在晚会中说,尼康采取的态度是回避、遮掩、推脱,让人非常失望。Nikon wasn#39;t immediately available for comment. China is a key market for the Japanese camera maker.记者未能立即联系到尼康就此置评。中国是尼康的一个关键市场。The broadcast also targeted Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., alleging the company#39;s ZhiFuBao payment system has a loophole in its password protection, exposing consumers to the risks of stolen accounts.央视此次曝光对象还包括电商巨头阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.),称该公司的付系统付宝的密码保护存在漏洞,消费者帐户存在被盗风险。A spokeswoman for Alibaba#39;s payment systems said the company has #39;robust security and risk management#39; and monitors transactions closely at all times.阿里巴巴付系统发言人表示,公司拥有完善的安全和风险管理,并且会始终对交易进行监控。The 315 broadcast, as it is known in China for the date of consumer rights day, has become an annual tradition that attempts to empower consumers and crack down on poor business practices in the country.“3#12539;15”是中国的消费者权益日。315晚会已经成为一年一度的传统,帮助消费者揭露商家的不良行为。China#39;s leaders are looking to consumers to boost purchases at home and pave the way for a consumption-led economy. But poor product quality and safety problems have played a role in muffling consumer spending.中国领导层正寄望消费者加大出,引导经济迈向消费导向型模式。不过,产品质量不佳以及安全问题重重打击了消费者的购买积极性。People at multinational companies typically brace for the broadcast, which has in the past targeted such companies as electronics giant Apple Inc., AAPL -1.12% car maker Volkswagen and fast-food company McDonald#39;s Corp.跨国公司常常是315晚会的重点批评对象。过去几年,电子产品巨头苹果公司(Apple Inc.)、汽车制造商大众汽车(Volkswagen )以及快餐连锁店麦当劳(McDonald#39;s Corp.)都曾是315晚会的曝光对象。CCTV#39;s report last year alleging Apple skirted warranty periods and adopted biased customer-service policies for Chinese customers resulted in an apology letter signed by Apple#39;s Chief Executive Tim Cook. Mr. Cook vowed to revamp aspects of its customer-service policies in China.央视去年曝光苹果蓄意回避保修期,而且针对中国消费者执行歧视性的务政策。之后苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)发布了一封致歉信,承诺修改在华消费务政策的条款。Saturday#39;s broadcast was far more muted than last year#39;s, which included performances, such as a consumer-rights rendition of the rock band Journey#39;s #39;Don#39;t Stop Believin#39;.#39; The lyrics began with, #39;Life presents problems, please don#39;t give up/Let us maintain our rights/Shed a smile and believe tomorrow will be better/To repair life with a smile.#39;本周六的节目相比去年低调许多。去年的节目其中一首歌借用了摇滚乐队Journey名作《Don#39;t Stop Believin#39;》的曲调,但是歌词换成了“生活就是大量问题,请不要放弃,让我们维权,露出微笑,相信明天会更好,用微笑修复我们的生活。”There was no song and dance this year.而今年的节目则没有歌舞。CCTV has come under fire in recent months, with consumers criticizing its frequent exposes of companies. Some blasted it in October pinpointing Starbucks, saying the company profits off Chinese consumers by charging as much as 50% more for some of its products in China than in some other countries. Starbucks said its prices vary by market because of different costs, such as for labor, commodities, real estate and infrastructure investment.近几个月央视遭到外界指责,消费者对其频繁曝光企业提出了批评。央视去年10月份曝光星巴克价格问题而遭到一些人士的攻击,当时报道称星巴克一些产品在中国的售价比在其他国家的价格高50%。星巴克表示,其在各个市场的定价都不同,是基于对各种原料设备、基础建设投入、物流运输、员工薪酬福利、租金及汇率等各种运营成本的综合考虑。While many have scoffed at CCTV#39;s reports, the media company has had long-lasting impact on some of its targets. Yum Brands Inc.#39;s KFC chicken chain suffered slumping sales last year after CCTV spurred a widesp media backlash over the use of growth hormones and antibiotics by two KFC chicken suppliers.尽管央视的报道引来了许多人的奚落,但确实对被其曝光的一些企业产生了长时间的影响。在央视对两家肯德基(KFC)鸡肉供应商使用激素和抗生素行为的报道在媒体上引发强烈反响后,百胜餐饮集团(Yum! Brands Inc., YUM)旗下这家快餐连锁店去年销售额大幅下滑。 /201403/280280

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