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赣州俪人整形美容医院做双眼皮手术赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗痘坑好吗According to Beijing Morning Post, a Redmi Note 3 smartphone, bought by a consumer in March 2016, spontaneously combusted while charging on Dec. 21.据《北京晨报》报道,一位消费者于2016年3月购买的一部红米Note3智能手机在12月21日充电时发生自燃。A Xiaomi official promised to refund and compensate the consumer on the condition of her signing a confidentiality agreement, prohibiting her from commenting publicly on the event.小米一位官方人士承诺对其进行退款和赔偿,但是前提是该消费者签署一份保密协议,即禁止她公开对此事进行。The woman, surnamed Zhang, said that the phone started to discharge smoke 10 minutes after it began charging on Dec. 21. It then spontaneously combusted, burning the SIM card and her bed sheets.这位姓张的女士表示,这部手机于12月21日在充电10分钟后就开始冒烟。而后发生自燃,把她的SIM卡和床单都给烧了。Zhang added that she used the original charging device and did not know what caused the phone#39;s combustion.张女士补充说道,她使用的是原装充电器,但是不知道是什么造成了手机自燃。After several conversations with the Xiaomi#39;s customer service representatives, Zhang was promised a full refund plus an additional 600 RMB() as compensation -- just as long as she agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement.在与小米代表进行数次沟通后,张女士获得了全额退款,外加600元人民币(86美元)的赔偿--只要她同意签署一份保密协议。;The agreement prohibited me from commenting on the event to any media outlets, or on public networks or communication platforms. It was like hush money,; said Zhang, who ultimately agreed to sign the agreement.最终同意签署该协议的张女士说道:“协议要求我不得在任何媒体、公共网络和其它任何传播平台发表此事处理的言论。这哪里像赔偿,简直就是封口费。”Not long after, however, a Beijing-based lawyer, Zhang Xinnian, argued that the confidentiality clause in the agreement was invalid. The merchant#39;s intention to cover up the complaint goes against relevant provisions of contract law.然而不久之后,北京一位名叫张新年的律师称,协议中的保密条款无效。厂家的目的是为了掩盖投诉,这有违《合同法》的相关规定。Zhang also pointed out that, as there are so many Xiaomi smartphones on the market, the Administration for Industry and Commerce must launch a prompt investigation to minimize potential risks, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.张律师还指出,由于市场上存在大量小米智能手机,因此工商部门必须立刻展开调查,将潜在危险降至最低,保消费者们的合法权益。 /201701/487571赣州玻尿酸丰下巴要多少钱 赣州俪人医疗整形美容医院祛痘多少钱

赣州整形美容医院去除眉间纹手术怎么样April Fools#39; Day is not all about pranks. China#39;s Internet giant Baidu is dead serious about its plan- to be launched on April 1-to include science fiction writers in its research on artificial intelligence.愚人节可不是只有恶作剧。中国互联网巨头百度在4月1日推出的计划是认真的:邀请科幻小说作家参与人工智能的研究。The Baidu Verne Plan involves setting up a consulting team to bring the world#39;s best science fiction writers together with leading scientists in a quest to turn imagination into reality.该计划称为百度凡尔纳计划,它建立了一个由世界上最好的科幻作家与顶尖科学家组成的顾问团队,探寻把想象变成现实之路。The project, named after French novelist Jules Verne, has aly invited six people to be the first group of advisers in the team, according to Beijing-based Baidu.据总部位于北京的百度公司介绍,这个项目是根据法国小说家儒勒·凡尔纳的名字而命名的,目前已经邀请了6人成为该顾问团队的首批成员。The company said that some of Verne#39;s imagination seen in his books in the 19th century, such as helicopters, had been realized in the 20th century.百度公司方面表示,19世纪凡尔纳著作中的一些想象,比如直升飞机,在20世纪已经成为了现实。Apart from Andrew Ng, Baidu#39;s chief scientist, the other five advisers are science fiction writers. They include Liu Cixin, who last year became the first Asian author to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel for his book The Three-Body Problem, and David Brin, an award-winning author from the ed States.除了百度首席科学家吴恩达之外,其他5位顾问都是科幻小说作家。他们包括去年凭借《三体》赢得雨果奖最佳小说的亚洲第一人刘慈欣,以及来自美国的、屡次获奖的作家大卫·布林。Baidu said in a statement that the advisers would receive updated information on how the company is developing certain technologies. They will also be able to communicate with Baidu#39;s research and development team to turn some of the ideas into products through brainstorming.百度公司在一份声明中表示,这些顾问会收到公司如何开发相关技术的更新信息。他们也可以与百度研究与开发团队交流,通过头脑风暴把想法变为产品。Liu Cixin told The Paper in an interview: ;This is an innovative organization. Many ideas, along with innovative work, will be born here. The project will focus on artificial intelligence, and there will be an opportunity for us to work with scientists once the project is officially launched.;刘慈欣在接受《澎湃新闻》的采访时表示:“这是一家创意公司。许多想法和创新工作都会在这里诞生。这个项目会聚焦人工智能,当项目官方成立后,我们有机会和科学家一起工作。” /201604/436013赣州俪人医疗整形美容医院激光脱毛多少钱 赣州人民医院美容中心

赣州瘦脸针团购1. You’re constantly checking your social networks during work hours.1.你经常不断地在工作时间内查看自己的社交媒体。I get that work probably isn’t the most exciting thing going on in your day, but if you find that you’re constantly checking and re-checking your social networks at work, then let’s face it: you’re probably not getting much done.我想你的工作每天并不是令你最精神抖擞的事情,但是如果你发现自己总是在工作的时候,不断地看了又看自己的社交媒体网站,让我们来面对这样一个问题:你可能每天完成的工作不多。Your need to check, scroll, comment, or like posts on social media isn’t just a huge time- and productivity-suck, but it’s also damaging to your career as well. It’s for this reason that some companies enforce a no-phone policy during work hours. Bottom line, you get paid to work, not check on what everyone else is doing on the internet.你需要在你的社交媒体网站上查看内容,翻页,或者发帖等,这不仅需要花费很多时间,而且会降低你的工作效率,甚至也会对你的职业生涯造成恶劣影响。出于这一原因,一些公司禁止员工在工作时间看手机。底线就是,老板付钱让你工作,你就不要在网上看其他人在做什么了。2. You become obsessed with your online identity and forget about the real world.2.你会沉溺于你的网上身份,忘记真实的世界。Wanting attention from others isn’t a crime, but when it interferes with your life and career, it’s a huge problem. Your obsession with your online identity can make you lose touch with reality because you find more value in likes, follows, and comments than you do with what’s going on in real life. Instead of focusing on working hard and being a star employee, you’ve looking for more attention online – and I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re not getting cut a check for your 25 likes on Instagram.希望得到其他人的关注并不是犯罪,但是当这种行为妨碍了你的生活和事业的时候,那问题可就大了。你对网上身份的痴迷,会让你逐渐放弃与真实世界的联系,因为你发现在网络上你能找到更多喜欢的东西,跟随者以及,这比现实世界要多很多。这样你就不会专注地努力工作,成为明星员工,而是寻求网上的更多关注——我可以很大胆地推测你可能不会放弃Instagram(一款图片分享软件)上的25个兴趣群。 /201607/452872 赣州俪人整形美容医院祛眼袋手术多少钱兴国妇幼保健人民医院脱毛多少钱



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