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遵义隆鼻后鼻头会怎样遵义割双眼皮好不好Theresa May has set out the terms of a new grand bargain with business, where the government invests to boost productivity and cuts corporation tax, in exchange for help tackling the worst excesses of capitalism.英国首相特里萨.梅(Theresa May)已经拟定了与商界的新“全盘交易”的条款,英国政府将投钱提振生产率并削减公司税,以换取企业帮忙应对资本主义那些最丑恶的过分行为。Setting out her business strategy, the UK prime minister proposes in the Financial Times a pact with corporate Britain to work together to defend capitalism, free markets and free trade from populist attacks.在拟定其商业战略的同时,梅在英国《金融时报》上提议与英国商界达成一项协定,共同捍卫资本主义、自由市场和自由贸易,使它们免受民粹主义攻击。She promises to back business with a new industrial strategy that will include an extra £2bn a year by 2020 to support research and development.她承诺以新的产业战略持商界,包括在2020年以前每年额外拨出20亿英镑用于持研发。Mrs May, who on Monday will address the annual conference of the CBI, Britain’s biggest business lobby, says she wants the UK to become the world’s “go-to place for scientists, innovators and tech investors”.周一,梅将在英国最大商业游说团体英国工商业联合会(CBI)的年会上发表讲话。她表示,希望英国成为世界上“科学家、创新者及科技投资者的首选地”。Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, will present his first Autumn Statement mini-budget this week and will announce more investment in road improvements, while Mrs May will tell the CBI that the government will support innovation through the tax system and deliver the “lowest corporation rate in the G20”.英国财政大臣菲利普.哈蒙德(Philip Hammond)本周将呈交其任内的首份《秋季报告》(Autumn Statement,被称为“迷你预算案”),并宣布加大在道路改善方面的投资。同时,梅将告诉英国工商业联合会,政府将通过税收制度持创新,向企业提供“20国集团(G20)中最低的公司税税率”。Corporation tax is aly due to come down to 17 per cent in 2020 — the lowest rate in the G20 — but Mrs May’s allies said Britain could drop the rate to 15 per cent if Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to cut US business tax to that level.英国的公司税税率已定于在2020年时下调至17%,这是G20中最低的。但梅的盟友表示,如果唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)兑现其承诺,将美国的公司税税率降至15%,英国可能会将该税率降至同一水平。Mrs May is also planning to dilute one her most contentious business proposals, that workers should be represented on company boards.梅还计划稀释一项她最受争议的商业提案,该提案要求企业董事会中应有工人代表。The prime minister is looking at alternative models, rather than having an ordinary worker at board meetings. This could include a director instructed to reflect shop floor or consumer opinion.梅正在考虑替代模式,而不是让普通工人参与董事会会议。这可能包括,指示某名董事要反映车间或消费者的意见。However, she is determined to press ahead with a proposal to give shareholders a binding vote on executive pay.不过,她决意推进另一项提案,即在高管薪资问题上,赋予股东们有约束力的投票权。Mrs May’s offering to business has strings attached: she says business must work with her to create “the best corporate governance of any major economy” to stave off attacks on capitalism.梅对商界的优待有附带条件:她表示,商界必须与她配合,以打造“所有主要经济体中最佳的公司治理”,击退对资本主义的攻击。 /201611/479657遵义哪家整形美容医院好 Niger has banned the export of donkeys, warning that a three-fold increase in trade, mainly to Asian countries, is threatening its donkey population.尼日尔禁止对外出口驴制品,并表示亚洲国家的驴制品需求已使其交易量增长了三倍之多,这将威胁到本国驴的数量。;If the export continues the animals will be decimated,; a government official has told the B.一位政府官员表示:“如果驴制品出口量持续增加,驴的数量势必大幅减少。”China imports many donkey hides, using the gelatin in medicinal tonics, aphrodisiacs and anti-ageing creams.中国进口大量驴皮,使用驴胶来制作补品、催欲药以及抗衰老护肤品。In August, neighbouring Burkina Faso banned the export of donkey skins on similar grounds.今年8月,尼日尔邻国布基纳法索也以同样的原因禁止驴皮的出口。;About 80,000 donkeys have been exported so far this year compared to 27,000 last year,; Atte Issa, at Niger#39;s livestock ministry, said.尼日尔畜牧局的工作人员阿特#8226;伊萨表示:“比起去年2.7万的出口量,今年大约有8万头驴出口到国外。”The government has also banned the slaughter of any donkeys within Niger.政府同时也发布了禁止在尼日尔境内屠杀驴的法令。The B#39;s Baro Arzika in Niger#39;s capital, Niamey, says the trade in donkeys has become so profitable that livestock sellers are abandoning other animals for the donkey trade.据B报道,由于驴制品交易获益丰厚,牲畜经营商们纷纷放弃经营其他畜类产品,专门做驴制品生意。A donkey now costs between 0 (£75) and 5, when it used to cost about .以往,一头驴只能卖到34美元,而今可以卖到100美元到145美元。A similar price hike in donkey skin was witnessed in Burkina Faso where the animal#39;s hide rose from about (£3) a few years ago to .在布基纳法索,驴皮价格同样从几年前的一张4美元涨到了50美元。In both countries donkeys are commonly used to transport goods, though some communities eat their meat.在这两个国家,驴多被用来运输货物,在部分地区,也会吃驴肉。The ban was issued through a joint decree by Niger#39;s ministries of farming, finance and internal affairs and trade.这项禁令由尼日尔的农业部门、财政部门以及内政外贸部门联合发布。Why China can#39;t get enough donkeys为什么中国的驴市场总是供不应求?Gelatin made from donkey skin is highly prized in China as a medicinal tonic, thought to nourish the blood, boost the immune system and act as a general pick-me-up. It is sometimes referred to as one of the ;three nourishing treasures; (zi bu san bao), along with ginseng and the antlers of young deer.中国人认为从驴皮中提取出来的驴胶具有疏通血液、改善免疫机制以及提神的功能,多用于制作保健补品,被视为保健珍品。有时,驴胶与人参、鹿茸一同被称为“滋补三宝”。The most famous donkey gelatin is produced in Dong#39;e County in Shandong Province, where it is traditionally made with the local well-water.中国山东省东阿县是最著名的驴胶产地,当地用古法井水制作驴胶。Donkey gelatin is sometimes mixed with walnuts, goji berries and other tonic foods and sold in dark, gummy slabs that can be eaten as a snack.驴胶通常与核桃、枸杞以及其他滋补品一起混合制成黑色有嚼劲的厚片,可以用来当零食吃。Health and longevity is a Chinese national obsession, and tonic foods like this are often lavishly packaged and presented as expensive gifts.健康长寿是中国人的追求,而类似的滋补品则经常以极为精美的包装作为贵重礼品相赠。Aside from gelatin, donkey meat is a delicacy in some Chinese regions, especially in the north of the country.除了驴胶,驴肉也深受中国人喜爱,尤其是在中国北方地区。Here, the lean meat is often simmered in a richly-spiced broth, and then cooled, sliced and served with a refreshing dip of chopped garlic and vinegar. The meat has a fine, dense texture and a marvellous flavour that#39;s a little reminiscent of beef.在那里,精瘦的驴肉会配上香料在锅里炖,等到驴肉冷却再切片,与蒜片醋料一同呈上餐桌。驴肉纹理缜密坚韧,味道极佳,风味有点像牛肉。In northern Hebei province, one famous snack is the lu rou huo shao, in which chopped, spiced donkey meat is mixed with fresh green chilli and stuffed into a layered pastry - its name is sometimes translated into English as a ;donkey burger;.河北省北部有一种叫做驴肉火烧的著名小吃:切碎的驴肉与新鲜的青椒一同夹入烧饼的夹层中——有时候驴肉火烧在英语里被译成“驴肉汉堡”。Donkey meat may also be made into soups and stews.驴肉也可以做汤。As the Chinese middle classes have grown richer, demand for donkey gelatin and other tonic delicacies has soared - in January the New York Times reported that a shortage of donkey gelatin had encouraged a boom in imitation products.随着中国中产阶级生活水平的提高,驴胶和其他滋补品的需求猛增——今年1月《纽约时报》曾报道,因驴胶短缺,仿制品也开始大幅增加。 /201609/466010More than 20 #39;child beggars#39; have been found asking for money in different metro stations in Beijing by law-enforcement teams during the last two months.在过去两个月里,有关执法大队在北京几个不同的地铁站里发现了20多个向人要钱的“儿童乞丐”。Most of them are from Min County of Gansu Province, according to Beijing Youth Daily.据《北京青年报》报道,他们中的大多数人都来自甘肃岷县。They come to Beijing with their parents and relatives during the winter holiday, and make considerable earnings.在寒假期间,他们与父母和亲戚一起来到北京,可以取得可观的收入。The #39;child beggars#39; can earn more than 200 yuan (about 29 USD) a day in the summer, and it is estimated that some children may make more than 10,000 yuan (about 1,453 USD) during their summer holidays (generally in July and August), a law enforcement officer told Beijing Youth Daily.执法部门一位工作人员向《北京青年报》透露,这些“儿童乞丐”夏天每天可以挣200多元(大约29美元),据估计一些孩子一个暑假下来可以挣10000多元(约合1453美元)。Their behaviors cause trouble for subway riders.他们的行为给许多地铁乘客带来了麻烦。They ask the children to kneel on the ground and cry for mercy, or even clasp their arms around the passengers#39; legs or rummage in their bags to ask for money.大人们会要求这些孩子跪在地上、哭泣,以此来搏人同情,甚至会抱着地铁乘客的大腿、或者翻乘客的包要钱。In order to avoid punishment, the adults sometimes ask the children to form their own #39;working groups#39; and discretely give them working instructions.为逃避惩罚,大人有时会叫孩子们组成自己的“工作组”,并分别给予工作指导。 /201702/493545遵义最好的全身抽脂医院

遵义隆胸手术遵义双眼皮医院 The trains will only use domestic technology, state-run People’s Daily reported on Monday.北京地铁燕房线将正式开通运营。据人民日报报道,地铁完全采用国产技术。China started developing its own fully automatic subway system in 2010 and has mastered the core technologies, the report said.报道称,中国从2010年开始研制国产全自动化地铁系统,并掌握了核心技术。Beijing subway lines 3, 12, 17, 19 and the new airport line are all under planning and will also operate with completely automated, driverless trains.北京地铁3号线、12号线、17号线、19号线和新机场线路,都在规划中,都将采用无人驾驶地铁列车It is expected that the total length of fully-automated subway lines in Beijing will reach 300 km by 2020, the report said.预计到2020年,北京完全自动化的地铁线路全长将达到300公里。The development and use of domestic operation systems is part of the “Made in China 2025” initiative, which aims to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry.国产地铁的研发和使用,是“2025年中国制造”计划的一部分,旨在全面升级中国工业。 /201608/463501遵义botox

遵义垫鼻子整容 A massive explosion outside a school in China’s eastern province of Jiangsu has killed eight people and injured at least 65 as of Friday morning, according to local government officials.根据当地政府官员的说法,截至周五早上,华东江苏省一个幼儿园外发生的大规模爆炸已导致8人丧生,至少65人受伤。The explosion happened yesterday afternoon as parents and relatives were waiting to pick up their children from the Chuangxin Kindergarten in the city of Xuzhou. Images of the explosion’s aftermath show bystanders thrown to the ground, many of them elderly or carrying children.这一爆炸发生于昨天下午,当时家长和亲属正在门外,等着接回从徐州市创新幼儿园(Chuangxin Kindergarten)走出的孩子。爆炸后的现场照片显示,围观者被爆炸推到了地上,他们中的许多人是老人或带着孩子。None of the victims were students of the kindergarten, which had not yet let out students at the time of the explosion, the mayor of Xuzhou told Chinese media.徐州市市长告诉中国媒体,由于爆炸发生时幼儿园还未放学,爆炸案受害者中并无幼儿园的学生。Public security said early Friday morning that they had “made an initial determination that this is a criminal case, and are tentatively focusing on a suspect”. The vaguely worded statement did not explain whether the explosion was caused intentionally or a result of negligence. There has been no mention of any terrorist link behind the explosion.周五早上早些时候,公安部门表示,他们已将爆炸案“初步判定为刑事案件,已初步锁定嫌疑人”。这一措辞含混的声明并未解释爆炸案是有意实施还是疏忽大意导致的。目前还没有爆炸案幕后与恐怖分子有关的任何说法。 /201706/514615遵义阴部整形医院遵义绣眉和纹眉有什么区别



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