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重庆哪家医院做性激素检查梁平城口丰都县做不孕不育多少钱应该“见机行事” -01-7 00:: 来源: 若是遇到什么复杂情况,长辈们常常嘱咐我们要“见机行事”,“抓住了机会”就好办事,要是错过了机会,就只有慨叹“痛失良机”了今天我们就来学学这三个词的表达1. 抓住机会 jump at the chanceJump at the chance 的意思就是“(迅速地)抓住机会”,跳起来抓,是够迅速的,比如:When the lead singer became ill, Sheila jumped at the chance to replace her.这个片语还有个很形象的变体,就是jump at the bait,看见有好处就跳上去了,比如:They offered a large reward, hoping that someone would jump at the bait.另外,jump at 也可以表示“抓住……”,通常是有好处的事情,例如:When Dad said he'd help pay my vacation, I jumped at the offer.. 见机行事 play something by earPlay something by ear 的意思就是“见机行事”这个片语来自于演奏音乐,说的是演奏家们不看乐谱,只凭自己的耳朵来演奏,后来引申为“to deal with a situation as it develops and without a plan 随机应变,见机行事”,例如:I'm not sure if I can go bowling or not, I'll just have to play it by ear. 不过呢,比较起来,英语的含义似乎没有我们汉语中这么强烈的感情色3. 痛失良机 Let something slip through one’s fingers没有抓住机会会怎样?就会“痛失良机”了,“让什么东西从你的手指尖溜走”就表示“痛失机会”,例如:You can’t be more stupid! How could you let such a golden opporty to make big money slip through your fingers? It was an opporty that comes once in a blue moon.   (你真蠢!这样一个发大财的机会千载难逢,你怎能眼睁睁的让他跑掉那?)这里的 once in a blue moon 就是指“千载难逢”(英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 行事 应该 机会 抓住重庆市中医院输卵管疏通多少钱 Diane Ackerman 迪安.阿克曼The word “discovery” literally means, uncovering something that’s hidden from view. But what really happens is a change in the viewer. The familiar offers comt few can resist, and fewer still want to disturb. But as relatively recent inventions such as the telescope and microscope have taught us, the unknown has many layers. Every truth has geological strata, and you can’t have an orthodoxy without a heresy. The moment a newborn opens its eyes, discovery begins. I learned this with a laugh one morning after delivering a calf. When it lifted up its fluffy head and looked at me, its eyes held the absolute bewilderment of the newly born. A moment bee it had the even black nowhere of the womb, and suddenly its world was full of colour, movement and noise. I’ve never seen anything so shocked to be alive.“发现”一词,字面上是指揭开某种视线以外的隐藏的事物不过其实是观察者自身发生了变化很少人能抗拒熟悉事物带来的舒适,愿意扰乱这种舒适的人更少然而,正如望远镜、显微镜这些较为近期的发明所揭示给我们的,求知事物具有多种层次每个事实都有地质层次,没有异端也就无所谓正统新生儿睁开双眼的那一刻起,发现也就开始了我是在一天清晨给一头小牛犊接生的时候突然意识到这一点的,不禁大笑小牛仰起毛茸茸的脑袋看着我,目光中透出这个新生命对世界的一无所知片刻这前,它还呆在母体里某个黑暗而平静的地方,突然,它的世界变得五光十色,变得活泼而喧闹我从未见过任何东西在获得生命时是如些的惊异 63A基础英语对话 -01-7 19::6 来源: Dario: What is your favorite drink Brian? Brian: That's a tough question Dario! It's hard to answer that. Dario: Well, how about if I ask you what drink you would take to a deserted island? Brian: Water of course! Dario: Why would you take water to an island? Islands are surrounded by water. Brian: Islands are surrounded by sea water fool! You can't drink salt water. Dario: Oh of course. I got. My favorite drink is Coke. I just love the bitter-sweet taste! Brian: What about Pepsi - the taste of the new generation? Dario: Don't get me started on the whole Coke versus Pepsi argument. Brian: But I like arguments! I'll get the Cokes and we can argue about Pepsi all day! 戴瑞奥:你最喜欢喝什么饮料布莱恩? 布莱恩:这可是个难题戴瑞奥,很难回答 戴瑞奥:那我这么问你怎么样,你会带什么饮料到荒岛上去? 布莱恩:当然是水! 戴瑞奥:你为什么要带水到岛上?岛的四周都是水 布莱恩:岛的周围都是海水,傻瓜!盐水是不能喝的 戴瑞奥:噢,当然,我忘了我最喜欢喝可口可乐我就喜欢那种稍带点儿苦的甜味儿 布莱恩:百事可乐怎么样,新一代的口味? 戴瑞奥:不要让我跟你开始一场可口可乐对抗百事可乐的争论 布莱恩:可是我喜欢争论!我去拿些可口可乐,我们可以就百事可乐争论一天!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEW WORDS (生词) 1) Monster: half man, half beast and very scary 怪物,半人半兽很吓人 I love going to see a good monster movie and being scared in the dark multiplex. 我喜欢看好看的怪兽电影和在黑暗的电影院里受惊吓的感觉 ) Gunk: thick, gooey stuff 厚厚粘粘的东西 I sat down in some gunk at the mall and now I can't get it out of my clothes. 我在购物中心里坐到了一些粘东西上,现在我没办法儿把它从衣上弄掉 3) Fright: the feeling of being scared 受惊吓的感觉 My mother gave my girlfriend and I such a fright when she caught us kissing in the dark. 我妈妈发现我和女友在黑暗里接吻时,把我们吓了一大跳Dialogue (对话) Jessie: Do you ever worry that you are starting to look old? Tina: No, not really. If I find a gray hair I just pull it out. Jessie: I spend about one hour each day doing my beauty routine. Tina: What do you do with? Jessie: Mainly moisturizers, conditioners and cleansers. Do you want to borrow some from me? Tina: No thanks, I am pretty sexy aly! Jessie: Hey I know a funny song about a guy who thinks that he is too sexy everything. Tina: Can you teach me the words? Jessie: Sure, just let me go and find my I'm Too Sexy CD and t-shirt! 杰西:你有没有担心过自己要开始变老了? 蒂娜:没有,真的没有如果我发现一根白头发就把它拔下来 杰西:我每天花一小时时间做常规的美容保养 蒂娜:你用什么做? 杰西:主要是保湿品、调节剂和洁肤品你想从我这借一些吗? 蒂娜:不用了,谢谢我已经很性感了! 杰西:嗨,我知道一首有趣的歌,说的是一个家伙觉得自己太性感了,胜过一切 蒂娜:能教我歌词吗? 杰西:没问题,我去找“我太性感了”的CD和T恤New Words (生词) 1) Bull: something that is not true 不真实的东西 The car salesman told me a lot of bull to try to make me buy the car. 汽车推销员说得天花乱坠劝我买那辆车 ) Cash cow: something that is guaranteed to make money 能保赚钱的东西 A McDonalds restaurant would be a real cash cow. 麦当劳餐厅是真正的摇钱树 3) Fox trap: a hot car used to pick up women 用来接女人的酷车 I spent some much money on my fox trap but I am still single. 我在车上花了很多钱来钓女人可现在还是单身 ) Hen: a single old woman 单身的老女人 If I don't find a girlfriend soon, I will be stuck with some old hen! 如果我不快点儿找一个女朋友就会被一些单身老女人缠住 5) Jackal: a low, devious person 下流刁滑的人 He was such a jackal that I didn't want to hang-out with him anymore. 他真是个奸诈之徒,我不想再跟他出去了 6) Jive turkey: someone who talks rubbish (or bull) 满口废话的人 Man that jive turkey fed me so much bull, I nearly laughed in his face. 那个人胡说八道,废话连篇,我差点儿当面嘲笑他 7) Pig: a person who eats a lot 吃得很多的人 My sister is such a pig. I am worried that our family will run out of money from feeding her! 我的真能吃,我担心我们家会因供养她而破产 8) Quack: a bad doctor 蹩脚的医生 The doctor I saw was such a quack that he didn't even realize that my leg was broken. 给我看病的医生真是个蹩脚大夫,他甚至没看出我的腿破了 9) Whale: a fat person 肥胖的人 If my sister keeps eating like a pig she will become a real whale! 如果我继续像猪那样能吃的话,她会变成一个真正的大胖子Dialogue (对话) Jeff: I need to find a cash cow so that I can get rich and retire early. Joan: Sounds like bull to me Jeff. Jeff: So many people these days are pigs that I think I should open a restaurant. Joan: Or a diet company - you could help all of the whales to get thin. Jeff: Great idea there Joan. Why don't you join me as a manager? Joan: You can be such a jive turkey you know Jeff. Jeff: Seriously, together we can help people. We must be better than some of the quacks out there? Joan: Maybe, but I couldn't work you. You are too much of a jackal. I could never trust you. Jeff: Oh well. I'll have to find someone else then. Joan: Don't get me if you do get rich though! Jeff: Sure thing, my English study partner! 杰夫:我需要找棵摇钱树,这样我就可以发财,早点儿退休了 琼:在我听来都是不可能的事儿,杰夫 杰夫:现在很多人都很能吃,所以我想我应该开个餐厅 琼:或者减肥公司,你可以帮助所有的大胖子减肥 杰夫:好主意,琼你为什么不跟我合伙,当个经理? 琼:你真是满口废话,杰夫 杰夫:真的,我们可以一起帮助别人我们一定比那些蹩脚医生强 琼:也许吧,可我不能为你工作你太刁滑了,我永远都不能信任你 杰夫:噢,好吧,那我只好找别人了 琼:如果你真的发了财,可别忘了我! 杰夫:没问题,我的英语学习伙伴! 对话 英语 基础 nbsp重庆三峡中心医院取环多少费用

重庆妇幼保健医院不孕不育输卵管复通内容简介 ———————————————————— 祝贺你选择了《女人香 美丽英文一书! 选择此书的朋友一定是一位热爱生活,珍爱人生,不断追求更高生活质量的有品位,有修养的人士!不论你现在是否感到幸福,不论你现在是在苦心经营你的事业,爱情,婚姻,家庭以求幸福,还是已在某种程度上体验到了些许的幸福感,都请你仔细的阅读研究本书当中为大家精选的”人生幸福9篇“! 幸福的每一篇都要大家自信品位,不断实践!本课程使你久未充电的大脑和心灵都活跃兴奋起来,重新燃起对人生成功的渴望,并且能在更高层次上对其予以理解和诠释,以使你的人生变得越来越成功! 本课程采用中英文对照编排,使你在吸取智慧的同时,英文水平也突飞猛进!这些英文都是最值得朗读消化的纯正英文,它们的中文译文也是经过反复斟酌推敲的精美文章,值得你去学习和享受阅读美丽的文章本身也是一种幸福! 此外,本书所用的英文都是最适合广大英语学习者实际需要的地道英文,而且,在本书的创作过程中,我们也在最大程度上地考虑到学习者的需要,除了附有精的译文之外,还为大家提炼出了难句,难点,关键词,极品口语句以及篇章的精华句!帮主大家最快速,最高效,最省时地学好英语! 总之,本课程能够激励你的人生斗志,帮拟制重塑成功人生的同时,迅速增加你的英语词汇量,培养纯正的英文思维,确实提高你的口语水平及整体英文素质!享受地道的英文,就是一种幸福! 9篇 9天 英文和人生全面提升!! 目录 ———————————————————— 第一篇 Chapter1 女人 你到底想要什么 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第二篇 有爱,就有财富和成功 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第三篇 Chapter3 爱情就象一座四季花园 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第四篇 爱只是一根线 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第五篇 Chapter5 给”感情“开个账户 英文原文 中文译文 难句极EASY 极品口语句 关键词宝典 第六篇 Chapter6 结婚第一天,我们紧张的要死 ............ 第七篇 Chapter7 起舞吧,就象根本无人观望 ........... 第八篇 Chapter8 我要随你而去 ................ 精先读———————————————————— 结婚第一天,我们紧张的要死 爱情 不等于 鲜花 ,礼物和甜蜜的亲吻 幸福人生的条 个个管用 投资5件情感事 赚动幸福你一生 爱来爱去 你还相信“我爱你”吗 人都有四妻 不要以为这是假的 爱情加分法则:1朵玫瑰=1月房租 “猛男变懒虫,美女变苦工”的解救秘方 女人“到底想要什么? 欣赏女人的男人 最帅 你买菜我做饭 我洗衣你熨干 爱无语:0:0 男人 其实你不懂 女人都美丽 潜心修炼一个字 幸福美丽漾一生重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院精液检查 当我从床上滑下的时候,我并没有领悟到父亲的话该是多么地正确是的,这一生,我会像记住许多其他事情一样,永远牢记我曾射杀了那只小鸟 The day my father gave me a BB gun was my twelfth birthday,and I almost couldn’t help jumping up and down when I saw what it was.With a smile,he led me outside and showed me how to shoot――first loading the gun,pumping it a few times,aiming,and,finally,firing.Bee handing the gun to me,he in-toned ,“I don’t ever want to see you killing anything.That’ s not why I bought you this gun.”I think he was afraid that I‘ d learn what real power felt like.Whatever.It was okay with me because I figured I‘ d find plenty of other targets.“Hey,Mike.”I yelled to my friend upon making one of my greatest discoveries.“Check this out.”I aimed at the top of the telephone pole.“What’ re you doing?”he asked.I fired,and the BB smacked1) the top of the pole,causing a loud“DING”to ring out.“Cool.”Mike said.I smiled like the king of the world――a smile that grew even wider when Mike couldn’t hit the same target.The neat thing was that no matter how many times you shot those things they never broke.Then again,maybe that’s why it got boring.A few months later,I found myself walking down the street,gun in hand,searching new targets.I stopped by a telephone pole,popping off a few shots with nothing better to do.Suddenly,a bird swooped down and landed on the wire.It was a pigeon,and it cooed and shuffled its footing,completely oblivious to my watchful eye.Here I was,a bored kid,holding a BB gun,and a bird standing right there in front of me――and no one around to tell my dad.It was so perfect,I figured it was a sign from God.I aimed straight at the pigeon),held my breath,and squeezed3) slowly upon the trigger.But I hesitated.I was about to kill a bird,a concept that felt at one moment queazy,at another exciting.The exciting part won.I fired.The bird dropped like a rock,one wing flopping behind as it fell.The bushes obscured) its impact,but I heard it thump into the dirt.Bee lowering the gun,I realized what I’d done ――I‘d killed my first animal.I should’ve ran to my friend Mike’s house and dragged him back to see the dead pigeon.But instead I whispered,“Oh no,”and charged into the brush.My stomach was tied in knots5),and I prayed,“Oh God,please don’t let it be dead.”The pigeon lay there with blood streaming from its beak,feathers large and small scattered about.I poked it with the gun barrel but it remained still.I reached out and rolled it over,but its head drooped lifelessly to the side.After burying it,I hurried home,stashed my BB gun in the closet and went to hide in my room.When my dad got home that evening,I ced myself to go downstairs so he wouldn’t think anything was wrong,but,the instant he looked at me,I‘d have sworn he knew.Yet he put an arm around me and said,“Hey son,how was your day?”“Um,okay.”I told him.“That’s all,”he frowned,“just okay?”I could feel my face tingling6).“Yeah,just okay.”And,trying to make it at least halfway believable,I shrugged7).He nodded,hand still resting on my shoulder.“Well,”he said,“it’s almost dinner time.Let’ s go set the table.”I was dead silent as I laid the plates out.I felt as though every time I turned around,Dad was looking at me,but whenever I stole a glance in his direction,he seemed simply to be paying attention to collecting ks and arranging glass.After Dad poured me some milk,I barely uttered a “thank you”as he took his seat.Watching him,I figured if I could just make it through dinner,I‘ d be okay.Mom gave us each a potato and uncovered the main dish in the center of the table.It was chicken.I almost barfed on my plate.I looked at my mom,then at my dad,and,just bee bursting into tears8),I pushed my chair back and ran to my room.I had my head buried in my pillow when I felt Dad rubbing my back.My tears slowly faded9),and I was able to lift my head.He didn’t say anything,but just rested his hand upon me and waited with a soft look in his eye.“I...”my voice cracked and I cleared my throat.“I shot a bird today.”“Oh?”my father replied,his expression unchanging.“Yeah.It was a pigeon.On the telephone line.I killed it.”Dad paused bee asking,“And how did it feel?”“It felt...Awful,”I answered and looked down.“I’ m sure it did.That’s one of the reasons I said you shouldn’t shoot birds.”I glanced at him,“Are you gonna punish me?”“Hmm,”he replied with his finger on his lips.“You misused your BB gun,and you disobeyed me.What you need is to always remember how bad it felt to kill that poor bird.”I turned my head down again,but he put a finger on my chin and lifted until I met his gaze.“Somehow,”he told me.“I think you will.”And,slapping me on the rear,he said,“Now lets go get dinner.”Little did I know as I slid from the bed that my father was right――I would remember killing that bird――along with a lot of other things――the rest of my life. 119重庆市做腹腔镜手术多少钱

重庆输卵管复通手术那家医院好时尚英语:“有钱没钱”的新潮说法 -- :36:5 来源: 有钱和没钱,除了用rich和poor表达之外,还有什么新潮时尚的说法吗?有钱 I'm loaded.Loaded: Slang Having a great deal of money. 非常的有钱它即可以表示某人很富有,也可以用来表示某人现在手里很有钱ExampleA: I think football players get paid far too much money.B: I know. Can you imagine being loaded like that? Having expensive cars and lots of houses--it must be incredible.A: I can't afd to go out tonight. I've spent all my money.B: Don't worry. I'm loaded right now. I'll treat you to a night out.除了用loaded表示有钱,minted和rolling也有这方面的含义I'm minted.Mint有造币厂的意思( A place where the coins of a country are manufactured by authority of the government.),造币厂里有多少钱就不用说了,所以mint的形容词有abundant amount of money的意思I'm rolling in it.Rolling 就是打滚的意思,钱多得可以在里面打滚,真是够有钱的没钱 I'm really skint.Skint: Slang without money, esp. only temporarily由上面的解释可以看出,If someone is skint, they have very little money虽然skint可以表示poor的意思,但却不能完全替代poor因为skint is usually used when someone has run outof money temporarily,它常指某人由于最近手头比较紧,钱花完了,但是很快就又会有钱了he will have some money again quite soon,所以Skint 表示一个人短时期,暂时没有钱比如月光族们在花完了这个月工资,等待下个月工资的时候,就可以说自己skintExamplesA: Do you want to come to the cinema on Friday night?B: I can't, I'm really skint this month.A: My girlfriend likes to shop a lot.B: Oh really, does she have expensive taste?A: Yes. I'm usually skint after we go out shopping together.当然了,有钱和没钱都是相对而言的哪天I can't afd to buy lunch. I'm too skint. 的时候,真希望听到你说I'll buy you lunch. I'm loaded.呢 说法 新潮 有钱 英语 我对圣诞节最深刻的记忆总是和一只小猫联系在一起我第一次见到它是我出诊去给安斯沃思太太的一只看病我有点惊奇地瞧着蹲在炉前的那个毛茸茸的黑色小生灵“我还不知道你有只猫,”我说道The Yorkshire Christmas CatMy strongest memory of Christmas will always bound up with1) a certain little cat.I first saw her when I was called to see one of Mrs.Ainsworth’ dogs,and I looked in some surprise at the furry) black creature sitting bee the fire.“I didn’t know you had a cat,”I said.The lady smiled.“We haven’t,this is Debbie,at least that’s what we call her.She’s a stray.Comes here two or three times a week and we give her some food.I don’t know where she lives but I believe she spends a lot of her time around one of the farms along the road.”As I watched she turned,crept soundlessly from the room and was gone.“That’s always the way with Debbie,”Mrs.Ainsworth laughed.“She never stays more than ten minutes or so,then she’s off.”Mrs.Ainsworth was a plumpish3),pleasant-faced woman in her ties and the kind of client veterinary) surgeons dream of --well-off ,generous,and the owner of three cosseted5) Basset hounds.And it only needed the habitually mournful expression of one of the dogs to deepen a little and I was round there posthaste.So my visits to the Ainsworth home were frequent but undemanding,and I had ample opporty to look out the little cat that had intrigued me.On one occasion I spotted her nibbling daintily from a saucer at the kitchen door.As I watched she turned and almost floated on light footsteps into the hall and then through the lounge6) door.The three Bassets were aly in residence draped snoring on the fireside rug,but they seemed to be used to Debbie.Debbie sat among them in her usual posture:upright,intent,gazing absorbedly into the glowing coals.This time I tried to make friends with her.I approached her carefully but she leaned away as I stretched out7) my hand.However,by patient wheedling and soft talk I managed to touch her and gently stroke her cheek with one finger.There was a moment when she responded by putting her head on one side and rubbing back against my hand,but soon she was y to leave.Once outside the house she darted quickly along the road then through a gap in a hedge,and the last I saw was the little black figure flitting over the rain-swept grass of a field.It must have been nearly three months bee I heard from Ainsworth,and in fact I had begun to wonder at the Bassets’ long symptomless run when she came on the phone.It was Christmas morning and she was apologetic.“Mr.Herriot,I’m so sorry to bother you today of all days.I should think you want a rest at Christmas like anybody else.”But her natural politeness could not hide the distress in her voice.“Please don’t worry about that,”I said.“Which one is it this time?”“It’s not one of the dogs.It’s...Debbie.”“Debbie?She’s at your house now?”“Yes...but there’s something wrong.Please come quickly.”Mrs.Ainsworth’s home was lavishly decorated with tinsel and holly,rows of drinks stood on the sideboard and the rich aroma of turkey and sage-and-onion stuffing wafted from the kitchen.But her eyes were full of pain as she led me through to the lounge.Debbie was there all right,but this time everything was different.She wasn’t sitting upright in her usual position;she was stretched quite motion less on her side,and huddle close to her lay a tiny black kitten.I looked down in bewilderment.“What’s happened here?”“It’s the strangest thing,”Mrs.Ainsworth replied.“I haven’t seen her several weeks then she came in about two hours ago--sort of staggered into the kitchen,and she was carrying the kitten in her mouth.She took it through the lounge and laid it on the rug,and at first I was amused.But I could see all was not well because she sat as she usually does,but a long time--over an hour--then she lay down like this and she hasn’t moved.”I knelt on the rug and passed my hand over Debbie’s neck and ribs.She was thinner than ever,her fur dirty and mud-caked.She did not resist as I gently opened her mouth,a knell sounded in my mind.Mrs.Ainsworth’s voice seemed to come from afar.“Is she ill,Mr.Herriot?”I hesitated.“Yes...yes,I’m afraid so.She has a malignant growth.”I stood up.“There’s absolutely nothing you can do.I’m sorry.”Mrs.Ainsworth reached out and lifted the bedraggled black morsel.She smoothed her finger along the muddy fur and the tiny mouth opened in a soundless miaow.“Isn’t it strange?She was dying and she brought her kitten here.And on Christmas Day.”The tears had dried on Mrs.Ainsworth’s cheeks and she was bright-eyed as she looked at me.“I’ve never had a cat bee,”she said.I smiled.“Well it looks as though you’ve got one now.”And she certainly had.The kitten grew rapidly into a sleek,handsome cat with a boisterous8) nature which earned him the name of Buster.On my visits I watched his development with delight.As I looked at him,a picture of health and contentment,my mind went back to his mother.Was it too much to think that that dying little creature,with the last of her strength,had carried her kitten to the only haven of comt and warmth she had ever known in the hope that it would be cared there?Maybe it was.But it seemed I wasn’t the only one with such fancies.Mrs.Ainsworth turned to me and though she was smiling her eyes were wistful9).“Debbie would be pleased,”she said.I nodded.“Yes,she would...It was just a year ago today she brought him,wasn’t it?”“That’s right.”She hugged Buster to her again.“The best Christmas present I ever had.”垫江忠县开县检查男人精子质量重庆做孕前检查需要多少钱



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