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How can I rescue an interview that I know is going poorly?如果面试中表现不好,我应该怎样做才有挽回余地呢?Interviews gone awry can cause a lot of trauma for the candidate when they can tell that the interviewer is not pleased with how the interview is going. The best thing to do is to take a couple of steps back. The interviewer clearly knows what#39;s not working in the interview, so why not just be a friend and ask him or her ;What can we do to make this interview a really great experience for both of us? What can I do? What would your recommendations be in terms of how I can make the best contribution to this company?; Let them take the lead for a few minutes while you kind of regroup, gather your thoughts, and then get a new sense of energy to jump back into that interview.面试失误会对应聘者造成很大的痛苦,他们能够辨别面试官对面试并不满意。最好的方法就是退让几步。面试官很清楚面试中哪些部分不太好,那么,为什么不以朋友的立场问面试官,“我们怎样才能让这场面试成为对双方都比较愉快的经历呢?我应该怎样做呢?你认为我应该怎样才能为这家公司作出最大的贡献?”让他们主导几分钟的时间,在此期间你重新组合自己的想法,然后以全新的状态回到面试中。Thanks for watching How To Rescue A Job Interview That Is Going Badly.感谢收看“面试表现不佳怎样挽救”视频节目。 Article/201211/211543。

【视频文本】Don’t be blindsided! Know the most common signs that your lover is about to leave you.You Will NeedObservational skills Test question Step 1: Look for contempt(对方总是一副不耐烦的神情)Be on your guard if your lover suddenly seems annoyed by everything you say and do — especially if there’s nothing unusual going on in their life that would explain their irritability.Step 2: Ask them to make plans(当你提到规划你们的未来时,他总是敷衍了事)Try to make long-term plans with them. If they won’t commit to anything beyond the next few weeks, and their reasons for refusing to do so are vague, watch out.Step 3: Be wary of makeovers(对方开始非常关注自己的外在)Be wary if they take a renewed interest in their appearance. They may be primping for someone else — or simply sprucing themselves up in anticipation of putting themselves back on the market.Step 4: Size up the sex(在一起的时间变少)Size up the sex. A decrease in frequency and passion is normal for long-term couples, but if your partner is actively avoiding intimacy of any kind, they may be getting y to pull up stakes.Half-hearted hugs are a bad sign, especially if they involve back-patting; it may be their subconscious way of comforting you for the pain they’re about to inflict.Step 5: Track their comings and goings(对方突然变得很忙)Having trouble tracking their comings and goings? They’re no longer keeping you in the loop. Being unable to reach them for long periods of time, or their sudden “busyness” when you try to call or make plans, are other red flags.Step 6: The fighting stops(对方不在乎你的看法)Be suspicious if they’re no longer carping at you for things you do that used to drive them crazy. It could mean they just don’t care anymore, because you soon will no longer be their problem.In one survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would rather know the truth about the cause of their being dumped than be lied to. Article/201004/101330。

How To Relax Before Going To Bed 睡前如何放松Relaxation therapist Penny-Anne O'Donnell shows you how to get a good night's sleep by winding down before bed. Videojug explains the basics of how to relax before going to bed.松弛疗法专家竹篙安妮奥唐奈教你如何在睡前放松,以获得优质的睡眠。Videojug向你介绍一些基本的睡前放松方法。Step 1: Switch off Allow your mind time to switch off. Don't work right up to the moment you go to bed. Finish any work you're doing at least an hour before going to bed.1.“关闭”大脑 “关闭”你的大脑,不要工作到睡前。至少在睡前一小时要结束工作。Step 2:De-clutter your mindWrite a list of what you have achieved during the day, or tick off your achievements from a 'to do list'. These can be mundane, everyday tasks which are often the cause of most of our stress. Make a new 'to do' list of what you want to achieve tomorrow. A good way to de-clutter your mind is to write down your thoughts in a diary.2.理清大脑把1天所做的事情列出来,或者在每日要做的事情中,把已经完成的标记出来。这些事情可以是我们的日常工作,其实我们每天的压力大多也来自于这些事。第二天要做的事重新写个列表。理清大脑的最佳方式是把自己的想法写到日记里。 Step 3: Throw away your tension If you are worrying about something, write it down, stand back, and think about what you can realistically do. Write a possible solution down and then throw the piece of paper away and with it the associated tension.3. 放下思想包袱如果你心里担心什么事情,那就把它写下来。不去看它,只想想你能切实地做点什么。把一个可行的解决方案写下来,然后扔掉这张纸头,同时,也扔掉烦恼。 Article/201003/98619。

讲师: 保罗;尼克伦字幕:中英双文授课语言:英文一头扎进南极冰川之下,与生猛的豹海豹亲密接触。摄影师保罗.尼克伦找到了一位特殊的新朋友。他用生动风趣的语言描绘了童话般极地世界中生活在冰川下动物的壮丽奇观。 Article/201201/167906。

Over watering is the primary cause of house plant death, and of course under watering can be just as risky. Getting the balance of watering your plants just right is absolutely key to success, so Tom Cole shows exactly how we should water house plants.浇水过多是导致盆栽植物死亡的首要原因,当然,浇水不足对植物来说也很危险。正确地平衡植物水分是种植成功的关键,所以,汤姆·科尔向我们展示怎样为盆栽植物浇水。Step 1: When to water1.何时浇水Insert your finger into the soil at the pots edge. If the soil feels dry then water the plant, if it is damp then wait a little longer. This is only a general rule, and the need for watering can vary greatly from plant to plant.向花盆边缘的土壤中插入一根手指。如果土壤感觉很干燥就要浇水,如果土壤比较湿润,就多等待一段时间再浇水。这只是一个普遍的原则,各种植物对水分的需求有所不同。You can also tap the pot, and if your hear a hollow sound it may well need watering.还可以轻轻敲打花盆,如果听到比较空洞的声音,说明你的植物已经需要浇水了。Plants can sense the natural shortening of daylight hours and may go dormant, so water less in the winter months.植物可以感觉到日照时间的缩短而进入休眠状态,所以,冬季少浇一点水。Step 2: Watering2.浇水Allow your water to reach room temperature by leaving to stand for a few hours. This avoids shocking the plants.把水放置几个小时,让水的温度达到室温。这样可以防止对植株造成刺激。House plants with tough foliage and strong stems require watering from above. Use a watering can without a rose attachment,and apply directly to the soils surface. Leave for a few minutes and water again until the water drains out of the bottom of the pot. Avoid watering on the plants folliage as this can cause limescale.枝叶比较坚硬,茎秆比较强壮的盆栽植物需要从上面浇水。使用没有莲蓬式喷嘴的喷壶,直接向土壤表面浇水。等待几分钟后再次浇水,直到花盆底部有水分排走。不要从枝叶上方浇水,否则会形成水垢。Step 3: Watering from below3.从下面浇水Soft sappy plants such as Cape Primrose, Begonias, and most succulents should be watered from below. Simply pour the water in to the dish that the pot is set in. If it is absorbed quickly, then top up by half.比较柔软的植物例如秋海棠等,和大部分肉质植物需要从下面浇水。只要把水倒在放置花盆的盘子里就可以了。如果吸收的比较快,可以加一半的水。Step 4: Urn plants4.凤梨科植物Urn plants such as Bromeliads should be watered directly into the crown of the plant. Pour water into each crown so that it pools in the urn, only a small amount of water being needed for each. If you were to water at the base of the plant it would simply rot.凤梨科植物等需要直接向植株顶部浇水。向每一个植株的顶部浇水,这样水就会直接流到花盆中,每一株植物只需少量水。如果在植株根部浇水会造成植株腐烂。Thanks for watching How To Water House Plants.感谢收看“怎样为盆栽植物浇水”视频节目。 Article/201211/210653。

熊猫宝宝在日本的成长记录 Article/201212/214913。

格雷格 林恩将讲述建筑的数学根源--以及微积分和数位工具是如何使得现代设计师超越传统建筑模式。在纽约市皇后区的一座壮丽的教堂(和一套钛金属茶具)将描绘出他的理论。 Article/201301/219835。

Girls, are you fed up with being single on Valentine#39;s Day? Alanna Saskia from ITV#39;s hit dating show Take Me Out is here to tell you how to impress on a date so that you won#39;t be single any longer! All you need is Alanna#39;s top 5 dating tips.女孩们,你是否厌倦了情人节这一天孑然一人?ITV收视率最好的约会节目主持人Alanna Saskia来告诉你怎样在约会中给对方留下深刻印象,结束单身生活!你所需要的就是以下五条建议。Tip # 5 - Look Gorgeous5.外表华丽灿烂When getting y for your date go for a natural looking hairstyle, maybe with a few curls. Also, get your nails done professionally to really impress.准备赴约的时候,做一个比较自然的发型,或者制作一些卷发的效果。到比较专业的地方染一下指甲也能给对方留下深刻印象。Tip # 4 - Compliment Him4.赞美对方Compliment him in his appearance by telling him your like his jacket for example. This could help boost his confidence as he#39;s feeling a bit nervous.当面赞扬对方,例如,可以告诉他你喜欢他的夹克衫。这样可以在他感到有点紧张的时候增强他的自信。Tip # 3 - Share The Bill3.分开付账If the guy has invited you out on a date, he should pay the bill. If the date has been arranged mutually then split the bill.如果是这个男孩邀请你约会,他应该买单。如果是两人共同安排的,应该分开付账。Tip # 2 - Make A Move2.采取行动If your date has gone well, you really like him and you#39;re getting on, then definitely go in for a first kiss. If the date hasn#39;t gone so well then just go your separate ways.如果约会情况很好,你可以主动亲吻他一下。如果约会不尽如人意,可以直接分道扬镳。Tip # 1 - Avoid Exes1.不要提及前任Avoid mentioning ex-boyfriends completely. This would be complete turn off and could make things really awkward. Also, don#39;t talk about marriage, kids and your potential future relationship on a first date.完全不要提及前男友。这会让气氛非常尴尬。第一次约会时也不要提及婚姻,孩子和未来的恋情等问题。Thanks for watching How To Get Good At Dating For Girls.感谢收看“女孩约会宝典”视频节目。 Article/201302/226754。

Everyone has their favourite pudding but not everyone knows how to make them! However, help is here in the form of Celebrity Chef Phil Vickery. Phil is here to impart some pudding wisdom and help you create 12 fantastic classics, one pudcast a month. This time please join Phil as he gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a healthy version of the Italian classic – Tiramisu.每个人都有他们最喜欢的布丁,但并不是每个人都知道如何制作!然而明星厨师菲尔#8226;魏科里这就来教你方法。菲尔会传授给你制作布丁的智慧并帮助你制作12款奇妙的经典,我们会每个月都像你推介一款布丁饕餮。这次菲尔会循序渐进的指导,教你如何制作一款健康版本的意大利经典-提拉米苏。 Article/201204/177244。