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厦门薇格整形美容医院纹眉多少钱厦门薇格整形医院整形美容科Mike:Is that the Backstreet Boys youre listening to?麦克:你听的是后街男孩的歌吗?Amanda:No way, theyre so outdated now. Im listening to a parody of them, by Weird Al Yankovic. Its called ;The eBay Song; and it makes fun of ;I Want it That Way.; Its hilarious.阿曼达:不是,他们现在已经过时了。我听的是威尔德-艾尔-扬科威克恶搞他们的歌曲。它被称为“eBay之歌”,恶搞的是后街男孩的“I Want it That Way”这首歌。真地很好笑。Mike:Their music would be a lot better with the words changed. Let me hear the lyrics of the chorus...that is funny! He sings ;what I bought on eBay; in place of ;I want it that way.;麦克:歌词改一下,他们的歌会好听很多。让我听听这首恶搞的歌词。哈哈,真地很有趣!他唱的是“What I bought on eBay”。Amanda:I love how he changes the words of really sappy songs and turns them into something completely off the wall.阿曼达:他把一首很多愁善感的歌改成了完全不搭边的歌,我真的很喜欢。Mike:Parodies are great. I also like parody movies, like ;Monty Python and the Holy Grail.;麦克:这种模仿很不错。我也很喜欢恶搞电影,比如“巨蟒和圣杯”。Amanda:I think that ones a little crude, but its certainly creative. Blood makes me squeamish even though it is so fake looking and the violence is done by a killer rabbit of all things!阿曼达:我觉得那部电影有点低俗,但它肯定是具有一定创造性的。尽管电影画面很假而且暴力活动是由一个杀手兔做下的,但里面的血腥依然让我感到恶心!Mike:Well, youd hate some of the newest parody movies then if you cant take violence. There have been some great ones making fun of horror movies.迈克:哦,如果你接受不了暴力画面,你就会讨厌一些最新的恶搞电影——已经出现了一些很不错的恐怖片恶搞电影。Amanda:If I can appreciate the genius that goes into the plot and the witty lines, I might be able to overlook the gore.阿曼达:如果我能体会到作者隐含在故事情节和机智台词里的才华,也许我就能忽视掉里面的血腥场面。注:本文译文属原创,,。201205/180267福建省厦门薇格整形医院切眼袋手术多少钱 There are people who make overcoming obstacles, even those towering 40 very vertical feet high, look easy.有一种人,他们能够克任何困难,甚至能够轻易攀登上那些冲入云宵的高达40英尺的陡壁。These rock climbers are the heart of Lilian Chao-Quinlans climbing center business.这些攀岩成员便是李连的 “超昆兰攀岩中心”业务的核心部分。I think with climbing you have to trust your partner and you have to know they are holding your rope.我认为,对于攀岩而言,你需要信任你的伙伴,并且必须知道他们和你抓着同一条绳索。This takes teamwork which why Chao-Quinlan is frustrated by all the talk of another cliff looming in Washington.攀岩需要团队合作。而超昆兰公司现在却没有信心超越正在逼近华盛顿的另一种悬崖。There is so much uncertainty not just for me as a business owner, but for our members, for our climb tower.这不仅对作为老板的我来说太不确定,而且对我们的攀岩成员,对我们的攀岩业务来说都太具风险。With negotiation stalled on a way to the fiscal cliff, Chao-Quinlan is put plans to expand her business on hold. She is worried because going over the cliff will cost middle class families an estimated 2000 dollars a year, money people wont have to spend here.随着财政悬崖的谈判有所搁浅,超昆兰不得不暂停扩展业务的计划。她对此非常担心,因为对一个普通中产家庭来说,渡过财政悬崖一年预计需要付出2千美元,而人们本可将这笔钱用在更急需之处。It’s always challenging when you are in a recreational type of environment because that sometimes the first thing that people consider, you know, when they are evaluating their finances and, what am I gonna to spend my money on?这种经济环境对业务非常不利。因为,在财务悬崖的情况下,人们首先会评估他们的资产、计划他们的消费。The fear that I have is that we are going to lose some customers and we are gonna to lose our shoppers. And weve been here for ten years.我现在担心的就是我们将失去一些客户和顾客。我们在这一行已经做了10年了。For clothing store owner Lindsay Buscher, it’s been a rough few years since the recession. Now she says she is terrified we are on the verge of tumbling back in.对装店老板Lindsay Buscher来说,自从经济衰退开始,每年都举步为难。现在,她说,害怕公司随时会倒闭。I think the facts of them not coming up with a plan is gonna be devastating. And I see a huge, a bigger recession.我认为,政府没有及时制定出正确的方案会带来毁灭性结果。我似乎看到了一个更严重、更长期的萧条。The prospect of higher taxes next year means Busher is cutting back now. Training staff for January and February only buying clothing she sure will sell. Her goal is just to keep her business afloat.明年可能的高税意味着Busher现在在缩减一切出。她吩咐员工只采购确信会畅销的装。她的目标仅仅是维持住公司的业务。My biggest fear is that my 7-year old will never really get a chance to see what Ive built.我非常担心7岁的孩子将没有机会看到我能成就一番事业。Back at the climbing center, Lilian Chao-Quinlan says there are lessons Washington negotiators could stand to learn.又返回攀岩中心的李连说,华盛顿的谈判人员们需要学习过去的经验教训。Every move is gonna dictate the next move. But that doesn’t mean that you are locked into that move; that doesn’t mean you cant try something else.每一项决定会决定再一项。但是,这并不意味着你只能死守那一决定,也不意味着你不能尝试其他办法。Unlike climbing, she says, fiscal cliff hanging shouldnt be an option because so much is on the line.她说,和攀岩不同,危险太大,财政悬崖并非良策。 201301/220303厦门思明薇格减肥瘦身多少钱

厦门薇格医疗美容门诊部隆胸多少钱Piranha! For most people, the name sparks horror-movie images of vicious schools of fish that can reduce a human to a skeleton in minutes. 食人鱼!对大多数人来讲,这个名字会使人联想起邪恶鱼群的恐怖电影,这种鱼能使人在几分种之内变成一个骨架。But do they really deserve this fearsome reputation? Piranhas are freshwater fish that are found in rivers and floodplains of South America. The most well-known species is the red-bellied piranha, but there are nearly forty other different species of piranha. 然而它们真的配得上这样恐怖的名声吗?食人鱼是一种淡水鱼类,多发现于河流及南美涝原上。最出名的种群莫过于红肚水虎鱼,不过水虎鱼的种类其实有大约四十种。They arent very large, but do have a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and a strong jaw. So it may surprise you to learn that piranhas are not the bloodthirsty killers portrayed in films. They arent even strict carnivores!它们体型不大,但嘴巴里布满了如刮胡刀般锋利的牙齿和强壮的下颚。所以当了解到食人鱼并非如电影里刻画的那样残忍嗜血时,你肯定会感到惊讶。严格来说,它们甚至连食肉动物都不算!Most piranha species are omnivores and scavengers. Their diet is mostly made of insects and other fish, but also plants. During the rainy season when food is plentiful, piranhas eat more plants and insects. But in the dry season when ponds and rivers dry up and food becomes more scarce, piranha turn to meat-eating, usually in the form of other fish. Piranhas occasionally bite humans or other mammals when very hungry or threatened, but serious attacks are extremely rare.大多种类的食人鱼是杂食动物、食腐动物。它们多以昆虫以及其它鱼类为食,但也吃植物。在雨季食物丰富时,食人鱼多数吃植物和昆虫。遇上旱季河流和湖泊干涸时,食物变得匮乏,食人鱼就开始吃肉,基本上是吃其他鱼类。但在饥饿或者受到威胁时,食人鱼偶尔会攻击人类或其他哺乳动物,但很少出现严重袭击事件。Another common belief is that piranha form large schools for hunting, allowing them to attack larger prey than a single fish could. However, researchers found that piranha most likely group together as a defense against such predators as river dolphins, caimans and bigger fish, and not to engage in feeding-frenzies.人们普遍认为食人鱼聚成一大群是为了捕食,这样相对于单兵作战更易捕猎到较大的猎物。但是,研究者们发现食人鱼拉帮结伙更多是为了抵御食肉动物——如河豚、凯门鳄和一些大型鱼类的攻击,而不是忙于觅食。Despite their sharp teeth and nasty reputation, these scavengers really spend their days grazing on different foods in their environment and huddle together for safety.尽管它们牙齿锋利,臭名昭著,但这些食腐动物的确是以在自己的地盘觅食度日,出于安全原因才群聚在一起。So while piranha may not win your hearts with cuddly good looks, they are probably more victim than vicious. 食人鱼没有可爱的样貌来赢得你心,与此同时它们更有可能是受害者。原文译文属!201209/200757厦门腋臭手术多少钱 While they are with her, they are relatively safe.它们和她在一起的时候是相对安全的。And for now, the coyote is content with the afterbirth.而现在,土狼和这些新生的小牛犊联系在了一起。But the mother pronghorn must leave her calves alone while she grazes.但是这位母亲叉角羚在放牧的时候必须离开她的小牛犊们。And with legs as wobbly as stilts, their best defense is to lie low.它的腿像高跷一样摇摆不定,它们最好的防御是降低身子。She has young of her own to worry about,whose arrival has been carefully timed to coincide with an abundance of food.她担心自己年轻的孩子们,它们的到来经过仔细的时间推敲,符合捕食者们充足的食物来源。But they are not top dog here.但它们不是这里顶级的。Yellowstones top predator, the wolf, dominated during the winter but is far less visible in summer.黄石顶级的捕食者狼在冬季占据统治地位,但是在夏天却并不多见。They prefer to stay close to well-hidden dens to protect their pups from.它们宁愿呆在接近藏匿巢穴来保护它们的幼崽免受其他侵害。注:听力文本来源于普特 201210/203559厦门思明薇格疤痕多少钱

厦门市薇格整形医院光子嫩肤多少钱Science and Technology Monitor Caught in a BEAR hug科技 观察家 落入BEAR怀抱Robotics: A newly designed robot can recover casualties from battlefields, and might also be able to make itself useful to soldiers in other ways机器人技术:一种新型机器人能够从战场上救回伤员,或许还能以其他方式为士兵务KILLING a soldier removes one enemy from the fray. Wounding him removes three: the victim and the two who have to carry him from the battlefield. T杀一名士兵会使冲突中减少一个敌人,而伤一名士兵却会减少三个敌人:伤兵及运送伤兵撤离战场的两名士兵。hat cynical calculation lies behind the design of many weapons that are intended to incapacitate rather than annihilate.许多武器在设计时就运用了这种乖张的算计思维,它们的目的不是消灭敌人而是使敌人丧失作战能力。But robotics may change the equation.不过,机器人技术或许能改变这种格局。The Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot, or BEAR for short, is, in the words of Gary Gilbert of the ed States Armys Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Centre (TATRC),在美国陆军远程医疗与先进技术研究中心(TATRC)工作的加里?吉尔伯特(Gary Gilbert)说:战场协助撤离机器人(Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot,简称BEAR)是;a highly agile and powerful mobile robot capable of lifting and carrying a combat casualty from a hazardous area across uneven terrain;.;一种极其敏捷且功能强大的移动式机器人,它能够抱起并运送战场上的伤员,穿越崎岖不平的地带将其带离险境。;When it is not saving lives, it can perform difficult and repetitive tasks, such as loading and unloading ammunition.不在战场上拯救生命时,它还可以执行棘手及重复单调的任务,如装缷弹药。The current prototype BEAR is a small, tracked vehicle with two hydraulic arms and a set of cameras that provide a view of its surroundings to its operator via a wireless link.现在这款BEAR的原型是一种小型的履带车,具有两个液压臂和一组摄像机,可以将其周围环境的图像以无线链接方式传送给它的操作者,It has been developed by TATRC in collaboration with Vecna Technologies, a company based in Maryland that invented the robot.它由TATR与Vecna Technologies公司合作开发,该公司位于马里兰州,首款BEAR就是该公司发明的。Daniel Theobald, BEARs inventor and Vecnas boss, says versatility is at the heart of the robots design.BEAR的发明者兼Vecna老板丹尼尔?西奥尔德(Daniel Theobald)说多功能性是该机器人的设计核心。;It would be completely impractical if you had robots with a sole duty to rescue soldiers, because they would spend most of their time unused,; he says.;如果只让机器人执行拯救士兵这一种任务,那太不实用了,因为它们大部分时间都将处于无用状态,;他说,;The whole idea from the start was to design a general-purpose robot.;;从一开始,整个设计理念就是设计出一种多用途机器人。;The BEARs operator can control the robot in two ways.BEAR的操作者可以通过两种方式控制机器人。One, a joystick, can be embedded into the grip of a rifle and manoeuvred by the soldiers fingertip when he is holding his weapon to his shoulder.一种是操纵杆,它可以嵌入步的把中,当士兵将步扛在肩上时,可以用指尖操纵此操纵杆。The advantage of this is that he does not need to put his gun down to rescue his comrades.这样设计的好处是士兵无需丢下就可以救他的战友。The other means of control, a special glove designed by AnthroTronix, another Maryland firm, can sense the wearers hand movements and direct the BEAR accordingly.另一种控制方式是使用马里兰州另外一家公司AnthroTronix设计的专用手套。该手套可以感知佩带者的手部运动,以此指挥BEAR做相应的运动。If, for example, the gloved hand moves to the left, the robot will follow.举例来说,如果戴着手套的手向左移动,机器人也会跟着向左移动。If the hand moves backwards, the robot will slow down or stop.如果戴着手套的手向后移动,机器人就会降低移动速度或者停止移动。If the gloves wearer closes his fist, the robot takes that as an instruction to grip an object with its arms.如果带手套的人握紧拳头,机器人就会认为该指令是让它用手臂抓住某个物体。Over the past year BEAR has been tested at the armys Infantry Centre Manoeuvre Battle Laboratory in Fort Benning, Georgia. It has shown that it can travel at around 12mph (19kph) across a flat surface.过去一年里,BEAR在位于佐治亚州本宁堡的陆军步兵中心机动作战实验室里接受测试,结果显示它能以每小时12英里(即每小时19公里)左右的速度通过平坦路面。It can also move over soil, sand and gravel, through trees and inside buildings, albeit at lower speeds.此外,它还能在泥地、沙地和砾石路面上移动,能穿越树林及建筑物内部,尽管速度要低一些。Several more years of tests are planned (this is the army, after all), but Dr Gilbert is optimistic that BEAR will come through them.按计划,BEAR还要再接受几年的测试(毕竟这是在部队),不过吉尔伯特士非常乐观,他相信BEAR能通过所有测试。If it does, soldiers will be able to get on with their primary job of killing the enemy, without having to worry so much about what the enemy has done to their friends.如果事实果真如此,士兵们就能够专心执行杀敌这个首要任务,而无需太担心敌人对他们的战友下了什么毒手。 /201212/217294 Science Hero: Jules Verne科学英雄:儒勒#8226;凡尔纳儒勒#8226;凡尔纳(Jules Verne,1828年2月8日-1905年3月24日),法国小说家、物学家,现代科幻小说的重要开创者之一。他一生写了六十多部大大小小的科幻小说,总题为《在已知和未知的世界漫游》。他以其大量著作和突出贡献,被誉为“科幻小说之父”。由于凡尔纳知识非常丰富,他小说作品的著述、描写多有科学根据,所以当时他小说的幻想,如今成为了有趣的预言。Thats right the time for the Science Hero Award, where we honor a particular man or woman from history who made a contribution to science. Todays Science Hero, though, wasnt a scientist at all, but a science fiction writer. In fact,he was one of the pioneers of the genre of science fiction.那正好是颁科学英雄奖的时间,我们以此纪念那些历史上为科学做出贡献的个人。然而今天的科学英雄根本不是科学家,而是一位科幻小说作者。事实上,他是该体裁的先驱之一。Jules Verne is our hero. Jules Verne was born in France in 1828 and originally studied to be a lawyer. But he was fascinated with the exploration of nature and the world. Also, he loved writing. In his writing he was able to bring scientific ideas to a general audience. If he were alive today hed probably be writing for us.儒勒#8226;凡尔纳是我们的英雄。他于1828年出生在法国,起初他是学习法律的。但他对探索自然和世界十分着迷,而且他喜欢写作。在他的作品中,他能将科学概念带给读者。如果他还活着,他很可能还在为我们创作。Jules Verne also wanted to challenge people to think about new things that science could bring them. His stories were full of fantastic machines, but they were always things that could in principle be constructed. Because of this combination of knowledge and imagination, he was able to anticipate many things that now actually exist.儒勒#8226;凡尔纳也想挑战人们去思考科学可能带给他们的新事物。他的故事中满是奇妙的机器,但都总是理论上可以创造出来的东西。由于知识和想象力的结合,他能预见很多现在确实存在的事物。For example, you may know that in his novel ;Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,; Verne imagined an enclosed boat that could travel underwater—what we now call a submarine. But did you know that on board his submarine he put another imaginary device, the electric stove? Or that he was one of the first to suggest putting people inside a giant bullet and firing it at the moon? That’s not quite how we got there, but the principle is much the same.比如,在他的《海底两万里》中,你可能知道凡尔纳设想了一艘可以在海底穿梭的船——我们现在称之为潜水艇。但你知道在其潜水艇上,他放置了另一件想象的工具——电炉吗?或者说他是第一个建议把人放在巨型炮弹里,瞄准月球发射的人之一吗?我们并不是那样登上月球的,但理论上大致相同。Good science fiction is both fun to , and can lead to real science. Way to go, Jules!好的科幻小说既有趣,又能引导我们了解真科学。做得好,凡尔纳! /201208/194183厦门做双眼皮哪里好厦门市薇格整形医院激光去斑多少钱



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