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Daniel Radcliffe has said that a ;fear of failure; stopped him from taking an acting break when the Harry Potter film series ended.丹尼尔·雷德克里夫(Daniel Radcliffe)说“对于失败的恐惧”让他在《哈利·波特(Harry Potter)系列结束后立刻马不停蹄地投入了新片的拍摄The 3-year-old revealed in a new interview Sky Movies that he wants to continue working while his profile is still high in the movie industry.这位3岁的男星在和天空电影频道最新的访谈中谈到,他希望能在自己还炙手可热的时候趁热打铁,继续拍戏;Somebody said to me after Potter are you not going to take a break?; Radcliffe said during the upcoming Being Harry Potter hour-long special.“有人问我《哈利·波特完结之后何为不给自己放个假?”丹尼尔在即将放映的一小时特别节目《成为哈利·波特(Being Harry Potter)中谈到;I said no, I cannot afd to take a break: this is the time when the film world will be watching to see what we do next and we cant afd to be seen to be inactive. That fear of failure is something that will panic me a lot.;“我说不,我现在还不能停下来:现在正是整个影坛关注着我们下一步怎么走的关键时刻,我们不能原地踏步、不做出点成绩来我非常害怕失败对失败的恐惧鞭策我前进”Radcliffe added: ;Whatever opporties I get the rest of my life, 99% of them you can trace back to the fact that I got this amazing job when I was .“你可以说,我未来得到的任何一个机会,99%都要归功于我岁的时候得到的那份无论伦比的工作”;I still maintain that there is no place more fun a boy than a film set: it just great because it mad and there lots of stuff to play with and climb on - I loved it; it was great.;“我仍然觉得对于一个男孩子来说,世界上最好玩的地方是电影拍摄的片场——那里真的很赞,有很多疯狂的东西,还有很多能拿来玩的,爬上爬下的玩意儿我爱片场,那儿很棒Radcliffe recently starred as Arthur Kipps in The Woman in Black and his upcoming films include Kill Your Darling, in which he plays Allen Ginsberg, and Horns.丹尼尔最近一次的大荧幕作品是惊悚片《黑衣女人(The Woman in Black),之中他饰演主角亚瑟·基普斯(Arthur Kipps)在新片《杀死汝爱(Kill Your Darling)中,他将作为艾伦·金斯堡(Allen Ginsberg)登场,另外,他主演的《角(Horns)也在拍摄中All 8 Harry Potter films, and Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter, will screen on Sky Movies Showcase HD from 7pm on Friday (November 9).全八部《哈利·波特电影和《丹尼尔· 雷德克里夫:成为哈利·波特将于月9日周五晚7点在天空电影高清台播放 1399

An eclectic mixture of feature films was selected Sunday the American Film Institutes's AFI Awards , the organization's almanac that records the year's most outstanding achievements in film, TV and other ms of the moving arts.   近日,美国电影学会(AFI)评选出了年年度十佳影片,其中入围的作品囊括了一整年来在票房成绩与影评口碑上均取得良好成绩佳作 更多双语资讯请点击gt;gt;  The AFI movies of the year are:   AFI 年年度十佳电影   "Black Swan"   《黑天鹅   "The Fighter"   《斗士   "Inception"   《盗梦空间   "The Kids Are All Right"  《孩子们都很好   "7 Hours"  《7小时   "The Social Network"   《社交网络   "The Town"   《城中大盗   "Toy Story 3"   《玩具总动员3   "True Grit"   《大地惊雷   "Winter's Bone"   《冬天的骨头    The special awards are given to achievements in the moving image that don't fit into AFI's criteria other honors -- movies must be in a narrative fiction mat and have significant creative and or production elements from the U.S.   The awards are selected by a jury made up of scholars, film and TV artists, critics and AFI trustees. Among those on the film jury were producer Tom Pollock, professor Jeanine Basinger, screenwriter Diablo Cody, AFI's Bob Gazzale and historian and critic Leonard Maltin. The TV jurors included writer-producer Steven Bochco and producer Richard Frank.   AFI will honor the creative ensembles at an invitation-only luncheon Jan. at the Four Seasons Hotel.  本年的另一部大热,英国《国王的演讲因不满足“美国本土电影”的条件,无缘十佳,不过AFI还是授予其一座特别奖另外,引起广泛讨论的教育题材纪录片《等待超人也获得了一座特别奖的鼓励不同于其他的电影奖项,作为奥斯卡前瞻的重要指标之一,AFI不会在挑选出的十部影片之内再次排序,而一概视为年度最佳,颁奖典礼将于明年1月日举行   与此同时,AFI还遴选年度十佳电剧集,其中也包括了例如《广告狂人,《欢乐合唱团,《登家庭等收拾不俗的热门剧集 58

All eyes were on the 3rd Golden Melody Awards–the Chinese equivalent of the Grammys–last Saturday, held at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan.上周六,素有中国格莱美之称的第3届金曲奖在台湾台北小巨蛋举行,成为大家关注的焦点Although some say that the Golden Melody Awards have become stale in recent years, last Saturday night ceremony brought many surprises. Here, weve picked several highlights.尽管近年来一些声音批评金曲奖毫无新意,但当晚的颁奖典礼上却是惊喜不断这里,我们就来回顾当晚的几大亮点Mayday clean sweep五月天独揽众奖The biggest winner of this year Golden Melody Awards was definitely Mayday. The pop band made a clean sweep taking home six of the top honors including best band, best song and best Mandarin album.今年金曲奖的非五月天莫属这流行乐团一首包揽了六大重量级奖项,包括最佳乐团、最佳年度歌曲和最佳国语专辑Our thoughts: The three-year wait Mayday eighth album Second Round was totally worth it.在我们看来:为了五月天的第八张专辑《第二人生,等上三年是绝对值得的The five-member band has long become a legend in the Chinese music world. More importantly, they are an inspiration. Their perseverance and hard work inspire so many artists to keep making music, even under gloomy circumstances in the music industry.这五人的乐队早已成为华语乐坛的一个传奇更重要的是,他们鼓舞着许多人他们坚持不懈和努力拼搏的精神激励着很多艺人在音乐之路上继续前行,即使是在乐坛低迷的时候Their songs also inspire listeners to remain positive.他们的歌曲也使得歌迷们深受鼓舞,始终能保持一颗积极乐观的心S.H.E. steals the showS.H.E.点燃全场It was three-piece girl group S.H.E. who stole the show with its first permance since , when Selina Jen, suffered burn injuries in a filming accident.三人女子组合S.H.E.的再度合体演出成为全场焦点,这也是自年Selina任家萱拍摄事故中被烧伤后该团体的首次亮相The three members each permed their own singles, bee coming together to perm a remix of the group hits Shero and Super Star. Jen was visibly moved as she shed tears during her permance.三人分别演唱了自己的单曲后,再度合演了《Shero和《Super Star在表演过程中,任家萱感动落泪Our thoughts: Yes, it was probably the most touching moment of the night. The three members have been through a lot since their debut in 01, especially in the past two years. So the reunion was memorable the group and its fans.在我们眼中:是的,这可能是当晚最感人的时刻她们三人自01年首次登台以来经历了许多风风雨雨,尤其是在过去两年中所以对于S.H.E.以及她们的粉丝而言,这次重聚令人难忘The -minute permance not only showed off the achievements of the three members solo careers, it also announced something more exciting: S.H.E. is back.分钟的表演不仅展示出三位成员单飞的成就,同时还宣布了一个更加激动人心的消息: S.H.E.回来了Surprising best male artist最佳男歌手爆冷The title of best male artist came as a jaw-dropping surprise. Taiwanese rocker Luantan Ascent beat four better-known rivals–including Eason Chan, last year winner Jay Chou and rising talent Yoga Lin–to be crowned best male singer.最佳男歌手奖项的出炉的确令人颇感意外台湾摇滚歌手乱弹阿翔击败了四位人气颇高的对手-其中包括陈奕迅,去年金曲奖得主周杰伦以及人气急升的选秀歌手林宥嘉,从而拿下最佳男歌手的殊荣Our thoughts: To many, the first reaction must be: who is Luantan Ascent?在我们看来:对许多人而言,第一反应一定是:乱弹阿翔是谁?Luantan Ascent (real name Chen Tai-xiang) is an aboriginal songwriterproducer in Taiwan. He began to step into the spotlight after winning the best original song the film Jump Ashin! at last year Golden Horse Awards.乱弹阿翔(真名陈泰翔)是台湾原住民,集创作与制作于一身去年的金马奖上他凭借《翻滚吧,阿信而获得最佳电影主题曲奖,此后便开始逐渐走进公众视线It clear that the judges here want to give the audience something fresh in this category and encourage Taiwanese aboriginal singers to make mainstream music.很明显, 此次评委们想在这个奖项中给观众带来一些新鲜感,并鼓励台湾原住歌手创作主流音乐Third time is a charm蔡健雅三度封后Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua bagged the prestigious best female singer award, her third win in this category in six years. Chua has equaled the record of accomplished Taiwanese singers Sarah Chen and Stella Chang, who each have three wins to their names.新加坡创作歌手蔡健雅将极具分量的最佳女歌手奖收入囊中,这是她六年中第三次获得该奖项,平了台湾歌手陈淑桦和张清芳三次封后的最高纪录Our thoughts: Compared with the male category, this award came with no surprise at all–even a little clichéd–because Chua has been nominated seven times best female singer. Her rivals, such as A-Mei Chang and Stefanie Sun were strong enough to beat her.在我们看来:与最佳男歌手奖相比,此奖项算是意料之中,甚至毫无新鲜可言,因为蔡健雅已前后七次获得最佳女歌手的提名她的对手们,如张惠和孙燕姿,也都实力强劲,极有获奖可能However, the judges favored Chua. And this award, according to Chua herself, was partly a tribute to her father, who passed away last year, and to whom Chua album Sing It Out of Love is dedicated.但是, 蔡健雅独获评委们的青睐蔡健雅本人表示,该奖项在一定程度上是对去年离世的父亲致敬,专辑《说到爱正是为了纪念他而制作的 1886Two years ago Neneh Ada Yang knew nothing about China, but today her talent Chinese art impresses even masters in the field. ;I`m very proud that I might be the only African that can paint Chinese art,; she says with a smile, sitting in her Beijing art studio surrounded by paintings of trees, flowers and towering mountains.两年前,爱达#86;杨对中国一无所知,但如今她在中国艺术方面所展现出来的天赋已令许多大师级人物刮目相看“我可能是唯一一个会画中国画的非洲人,这令我感到自豪”她坐在自己位于北京的艺术工作室里微笑着说道,工作室四周满是山水画,从花草树木到层峦叠嶂The 6-year-old, who couldn`t understand any Chinese when she arrived in China in , is now skilled in several traditional Chinese art ms, including Peking Opera, calligraphy and the seven-stringed guqin.6岁的爱达#86;杨年初到中国时根本不懂中文,但现在的她却精通多门中国传统艺术,其中包括京剧、书法和古琴But her specialty is in traditional Chinese painting. Some of her work has been good enough to be exhibited in the National Museum of China.但她的专长是国画她的一些精美画作甚至成功地在中国国家物馆展出Many people come to China in search of the exotic, but Yang it was a relationship with Chinese landscape painter Yang Yan, who visited Africa in April , that brought her to the country.很多人来中国寻找异国情调,但对爱达#86;杨而言,她与中国结缘却始于一段恋情年四月,她与赴非旅游的中国山水画家杨彦相识相恋,最终来到中国;I was a third-year college student learning business administration in Sierra Leone,; she says. ;The only thing I knew about China was the kung fu star Jackie Chan, whom I had seen in movies.;“当时我还是一名在塞拉利昂攻读商业管理专业的大三学生,”她说,“对于中国,我唯一知道的是功夫明星成龙,我看过好多部他的电影”Yang and Yang Yan met through friends and soon fell each other, even though they did not speak a common language.爱达#86;杨和杨彦经由朋友介绍相识,尽管语言不通,但仍然无法阻止他们迅速坠入爱河 the 55-year-old Yang Yan, it was a romance he`d been waiting years after seeing a sculpture of an African girl. When he saw Yang, instinct told him this was the woman he`d been waiting .对于55岁的杨彦来说,这是一段等了年的恋情年前,一座非洲女孩的雕塑深深印在他的脑海中;年后,当爱达#86;杨出现时,直觉告诉他这就是自己一直等待的女人The two got married in Sierra Leone a month after meeting and Yang followed her husband to China without telling her family. It was a bold move her and not without challenges.他们二人认识一个月后便在萨拉利昂结了婚,爱达#86;杨在没有告诉家人的情况下随丈夫来到中国对她而言,这是一个大胆而冒险的举动;I talked to my friends and realized that there are big differences between my country and China - language, culture and climate. But I know when you go to any place, you need to respect their culture, so I decided to follow what people do here,; says Yang, who now speaks fluent Chinese.爱达#86;杨用一口流利的中文说道:“我和朋友们聊天,然后意识到中非之间有很大的差异——语言、文化、气候皆不相同但我知道不管去向何处,都需要尊重当地的文化所以我决定入乡随俗”She was surprised to discover her husband was a painter when she saw his studio.当她来到杨彦工作室时,她才惊喜地发现原来自己的丈夫是位画家;I see him painting every day,; she says. ;Mr Yang is that kind of person. When you see him painting, you want to paint. When he paints, he puts all his attention, his eft, his love into it, which can be very infectious.;“我看到他天天在作画,”她说,“杨彦是那种你看他画,就也想跟着画的人他画画时,将全部注意力、精力、以及情感都沉浸其中,极具感染力”When Yang Yan left his desk, Yang picked up the brushes and began to paint mango trees - common in her hometown - using different colors and brush strokes to show how they looked at various stages of growth.当杨彦离开画桌后,爱达#86;杨便拿起画笔,开始画自己家乡随处可见的芒果树她用不同的颜色和画笔来展现出芒果树各个生长阶段At the end of the , she held her first exhibition. Since then, Yang`s art has been shown on many occasions, including at the China-Africa People`s um, and has been bought by both collectors and galleries.年年末,她举办了首次个人画展从那时起,爱达#86;杨的画作便在包括中非人民论坛在内的许多活动中亮相,一些收藏家和画廊更是买下她的作品What stands out in her work, Yang Yan believes, is its innocence and purity.杨彦认为,正是画中的那份朴实与纯粹令她的作品出类拔萃;She can be very focused and expresses everything in the scene she paints, which is very precious. To her, art is only art; it has no connections with anything else,; he says.“她能够非常专注地在作品中表达一切,这十分难得对她而言,艺术就是艺术,与其他任何事情无关”杨彦评价说Yang and her husband have collaborated on some artwork, including on a series of paintings of plum-mango trees. On the treetops there are plum blossoms, while on the trunks there are mangos. This series of work was sold to African embassies and Chinese museums.爱达#86;杨夫妇联手创作了一些作品,其中包括一系列以梅花和芒果树为主题的画作树上开的是梅花,结的却是芒果这一系列作品被非洲大使馆和中国物馆买下收藏;Chinese people like plum blossom, which symbolizes integrity and nobility, characteristics that are admired in Chinese culture, while mango symbolizes Africa. This creative idea is very refreshing,; Yang Yan says.杨彦说:“中国人喜欢梅花,它象征着中华文明所崇尚的正直和高贵;而芒果则象征着非洲这个创意非常新颖”Yang adds, ;Chinese painting is like a spirit me now.;爱达#86;杨补充道:“现在,中国画就是我的灵魂寄托” 793

Sanrio head honcho is cute-ifying some fashion mag covers this month.三丽鸥公司的;当家花旦;这个月将可爱带到了时尚封面上A life-size Hello Kitty (with feet and everything!) graces the cover of Elle Taiwan this month, posing in fancy couture two different covers in honor of the publication th anniversary.一个真人大小的凯蒂猫(不仅有脚,什么都有!)这个月登上了《ELLE杂志台湾版的封面,这是为了纪念杂志出版周年凯蒂猫穿着华丽的装分别为杂志拍了两个版本的封面To us, these jumbo kitties seem a little ... creepy? We asked one of our fashion friends who lives in Taiwan to weigh in:对于西方人来说,这些巨大的小猫咪有一点点;;诡异?但是在询问了台湾时尚界的朋友们后,他们称:Well, it not that weird us, because we aly have like, a Hello Kitty hospital, Hello Kitty airplanes, Hello Kitty TVs and toasters and we have Hello Kitty hotels and hotels with Hello Kitty suite. The only thing about it that strikes me as weird is that Elle is more...highbrow, whereas the Hello Kitty hotels, etc., in Taiwan are seen as gimmicky. So Im not sure how that will go over.好吧,我们并不觉得有什么奇怪的地方因为我们这里已经有了凯蒂猫医院、凯蒂猫飞机、凯蒂猫电视机和烤土司机、我们还有凯啼猫主题的旅馆,有专门的凯蒂猫主题套间让我觉得奇怪的是《ELLE杂志是一本更加;;高端有内涵的杂志,而在台湾的凯蒂猫旅馆之类的则比较花俏所以我不知道这件事将会如何The third installment of the Iron Man franchise is to be in co-production with China, Disney has announced, B reported.据英国广播公司报道,迪士尼公司已宣布将与中国合拍《钢铁侠3In a joint agreement, DMG — a Chinese entertainment and marketing group -- will invest in Iron Man 3 and manage the co-production process on the Chinese side. Along with Disney China , DMG will also distribute the film in the country.联合声明称,中国传媒集团DMG将投资制作《钢铁侠3,管理其在中国拍摄的过程,并与迪士尼中国公司一起在中国发行该片;We know Chinese audiences love Iron Man. So we are going to add Chinese elements and a Chinese story to Iron Man 3,; Stanley Cheung, Disney General Manager Greater China, said.迪士尼大中华区总裁张志忠说:“中国观众很喜欢《钢铁侠,所以我们将在《钢铁侠3中加入中国元素以及一个中国故事”Iron Man 3, starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle, will begin filming this year, with a US release date penned in 3 May .《钢铁侠3星光熠熠的演员阵容将强势回归,小罗伯特·唐尼、格温妮丝·帕特洛以及唐·钱德尔将领衔出演据悉,该片将于今年开拍,预计年5月3日在美国上映 89

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