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2019年10月22日 08:05:53 | 作者:健步爱问 | 来源:新华社
口袋妖怪游戏有毒: 两男子为“抓精灵”跌落悬崖 -- 19:53:00 来源: 本周三,美国两位男子因玩口袋妖怪太入迷,跌落悬崖且玩且珍惜,这款游戏真的有毒吗? LOS ANGELES -- Two men suffered moderate injuries when they tumbled off a seaside cliff north of San Diego while reportedly playing Pokemon Go, fire officials said Thursday.洛杉矶——本周四,在美国北部的圣迭戈市,消防官员称:两男子因玩“口袋妖怪”太入迷,不幸跌入海边的悬崖,并受到了中度损伤The pair fell after climbing a fence and disregarding warning signs in order to get on the bluff in Encinitas, Calif., said Fire Marshal Anita Pupping.在加利福尼亚的恩西尼塔斯,当地救援队队长安妮塔·帕伯说,两人为“抓精灵”无视警示牌,强行翻过围栏One of the men told sheriffs’ deputies that he and his friend were playing the smartphone augmented-reality game Pokemon Go when they fell over the cliff’s edge, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Pupping said she could not confirm the report. The names of the victims were not released.据圣地亚哥联盟报称:两人中的其中之一告诉治安人员说,他们跌倒到悬崖边上时,他和他的朋友正在玩一款叫作“口袋妖怪”的增强现实游戏帕伯说,该消息未被实此外受伤者的名字也未公布Pupping says one of the men tumbled about 50 feet. His companion fell about 80 to 90 feet, landing on the beach at 1 p.m. Wednesday. “The fire department had to extricate them with ropes and harnesses and such,” said Pupping.帕伯说,本周三下午一点,其中一名男子坠落约50英尺,他的同伴则坠落80-90英尺跌至海滩上救援人员不得不使用绳索和吊带等进行解救Pokemon Go has become a summer phenomenon, a game played on smartphones in which characters are projected on the screen amid the player’s actual surroundings.今年夏天,口袋妖怪火爆街头,这是一款基于智能手机的游戏,它的人物凸现在手机屏幕上,并且处在玩家周边的真实环境中The goal of the game is to capture the animated figures. Unlike past app-based games, Pokemon Go is being credited with coaxing kids and adults to exercise by having to walk to play. But it also has landed players in hot water.该游戏的目标是抓住这些可爱的小精灵和过去的基于手机应用的游戏不同,口袋妖怪以诱导孩子和成人通过走路玩游戏的方式进行锻炼而广受赞誉但是它也会把你带到火坑里去One player reportedly found a body while playing in Wyoming, some have been robbed and other players have become involved in traffic accidents, according to news reports.据新闻报道:因玩这款游戏,据说一位玩家在怀俄明州的的时候发现了一具尸体,一些玩家被抢劫过,还有一些玩家被卷入了交通事故In Encinitas, those who try to play on the cliffs are asking trouble.在恩西尼塔斯,那些非得在悬崖上玩的人真的是自作孽“We’d like people to stay clear of all the bluffs, overhangs and cliffs,” said Pupping, though she was not able to confirm if the two men were indeed playing Pokemon Go at the time of their fall.帕伯说:“希望大家能够远离悬崖峭壁”,虽然她也不是十分确定这俩男子跌落悬崖的时候,是不是真的在玩口袋妖怪Both men were taken to the Scripps La Jolla Trauma Center treatment.目前,这两位男子已被送往斯克里普斯拉霍亚创伤中心接受治疗伊斯坦布尔机场发生自杀式爆炸袭击:36死7伤 --9 :1: 来源: 伊斯坦布尔(CNN)声、尖叫声、爆炸声充斥在周二的伊斯坦布尔阿塔图尔克国际机场这里是世界上最负盛名的旅游地之一,三名恐怖分子携带炸弹和袭击了机场的旅客 Istanbul (CNN) Gunshots, screams and explosions pierced the air Tuesday at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, as three terrorists armed with bombs and guns attacked passengers at one of the world’s busiest travel spots.伊斯坦布尔(CNN)声、尖叫声、爆炸声充斥在周二的伊斯坦布尔阿塔图尔克国际机场这里是世界上最负盛名的旅游地之一,三名恐怖分子携带炸弹和袭击了机场的旅客Witnesses described deadly carnage and crowds in a panic as the attackers struck.目击者讲述了袭击者冲进来时,致命的大屠杀以及人们心中的恐慌At least 36 people were killed, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, in the terror attack, one which there was no immediate claim of responsibility.Another 7 people were wounded, Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said.土耳其总理Binali Yildirim说,在这场恐怖袭击中,至少有36人遇害,目前还没有组织声称对此负责土耳其司法部长Bekir Bozdag说,另有7人受伤Sue Savage was in the airport to see a friend off when she heard gunshots and then an explosion, which she knew was a bomb. Then more gunshots and another boom, she told "Erin Burnett OutFront."Sue Savage在机场送别朋友的时候听到了杀和一声爆炸巨响,她马上意识到有炸弹然后声越来越多,又发生了另一次爆炸,她告诉“Erin Burnett(朋友) 在机场外面等(不要进来)”She ducked into a men’s prayer room and then into a men’s toilet, where she hid in a stall with a young woman. They came out, perhaps or 30 minutes later, and heard more screams and gunshots and ducked into a room where luggage is inspected.她躲进了一个男性祈祷室然后又躲到了一间男厕所,她和一个年轻女人一起躲在隔间里她们大概在二三十分钟之后出来,然后听到了尖叫声和杀,然后他们又躲到了一个检查行李的房间里She and about 30 people were herded into a women’s prayer room until authorities led them out and down an escalator into the main terminal hall.她和30个人一起涌进了一个女性祈祷室,直到政府方面的营救人员叫他们出来并送他们坐电梯到了主候机厅"There was a lot of blood," she said. The floor was marked with bloody boot marks and she saw a woman’s scarf on the floor. The group was herded around to the other side of the room.“血流成河”她说道地上满是带血的脚印,她还看到了一条女人的围巾掉在地上他们这波人被聚集在了这个房间的另一边"There was so much glass on the floor they were scuffing it aside so we didn’t slip," she said.“地上有好多玻璃渣,他们正在清扫防止我们滑到”她说Video from inside the airport terminal shows people racing away as fast as they could and the bright orange flash of fire from one of the explosions. Victims stagger and some fall from the now blood-covered, slick floor.机场候机楼里的监控录像中显示,人们都拼在命地逃跑,其中一次爆炸爆出亮眼的橘黄色光受伤者踉踉跄跄,有的跌倒在了现在满是血迹的湿滑的地板上Another shows a man walking with a gun, which he drops when he apparently is shot by a security officer. The man slumps to the ground and the officer briefly stands over him bee running. About seconds later, there is an explosion.另一个监控录像中显示出一个男人拿着走着,然后很明显被安保队员击毙了,扔掉了该男子摔倒在地,保安队员在跑走之前一直站在他面前大概秒之后,又发生了一次爆炸Traveler Laurence Cameron described what he saw after he stepped off a plane.旅客Laurence Cameron描述了他走下飞机之后看到的景象"It was just a massive crowd of screaming people. Some were falling over themselves. A poor chap in a wheelchair was just left, and everyone just rushed to the back of the building, and then people ran the other way and no one really seemed to know what was going on," he told CNN. "Where you normally hail a taxi, that is where the attack happened. The ground is just kind of shredded. There are bloodstains on the floor as well."“一大群人在尖叫一些人跑着摔倒了有一个坐着轮椅的可怜的小伙子被人抛下了,所有人都在朝着楼后面狂奔,然后也有人沿着另一条路跑看起来并没有人真的知道发生了什么”他告诉CNN记者“袭击就发生在平时正常打出租车的地方,那里一片狼藉,还有很多血迹”Istanbul Gov. Vasip Sahin said the three terrorists were also killed.伊斯坦布尔州长Vasip Sahin说,三名恐怖分子已经死亡Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called a unified international fight against terrorism, saying: "Make no mistake: terrorist organizations, there is no difference between Istanbul and London, Ankara and Berlin, Izmir and Chicago or Antalya and Rome. Unless all governments and the entire mankind join ces in the fight against terrorism, much worse things than what we fear to imagine today will come true."土耳其总统Recep Tayyip Erdogan发起了对恐怖主义的国际联合打击,他说:“不容有失:对于恐怖组织的打击,无论是伊斯坦布尔还是伦敦,安卡拉还是柏林,伊兹密尔还是芝加哥,安塔利亚还是罗马都不应该有所差别除非所有政府以及全体人类都联合起来一起对抗恐怖主义,比我们今天畏于想象的事恐怖得多的事都一定会发生”The attacks happened on a warm summer night at the airport, east of Istanbul, which is the th busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic. CNN’s Ali Veshi said Ataturk is a modern, sophisticated airport.这场袭击发生在一个温暖的夏夜,地点是位于伊斯坦布尔东部的机场,这里是全世界客流量最大的个机场之一CNN的Ali Veshi说阿塔图尔克是一个现代化的复合型机场"There are all of the major European and American boutiques there," said Velshi, who has traveled through Turkey many times. "... You see people of all shapes and colors, in all sorts of dress. If you want to target the cosmopolitan nature of Istanbul, this is possibly the most cosmopolitan, heavily populated part. You can target tourist areas, but this is the part where the world comes together."“这里汇集了欧洲和美洲的灿烂文化”Velshi说道,他已经来土耳其旅游过很多次了“你可以在这里见到穿着不同装的,不同种族的,形形色色的人如果你想把伊斯坦布尔的世界性作为目标,那么它可能是最有世界性,多样性最密集的地方你可以瞄准旅游区,但是这里(机场)才是全世界融合的地方”Flights into the airport were diverted to the capital of Ankara and other cities, airport spokesman Erhan Ustundag said.机场发言人Erhan Ustundag说,本该抵达伊斯坦布尔机场的航班都改航线到了首都安卡拉以及其他城市"The terrorists came to the airport in a taxi and then carried out their attacks," Yildirim told a national audience. "The fact that they were carrying guns added to the toll. Preliminary findings suggest all three attackers first opened fire then detonated themselves."“恐怖分子是乘坐出租车来到机场的,然后他们发动了袭击”Yildirim告诉全国的观众,“他们携带有导致了伤亡人数的增加初步结论表明所有的三名恐怖分子都是先开了再引爆炸弹的”Yildirim didn’t say why, but said signs pointed to ISIS being behind the attacks, which occurred with a little more than a week left in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.Yildirim没有说(恐怖分子)为什么(袭击机场),但表示有迹象指出ISIS是幕后黑手,因为这起事件发生时离穆斯林的斋月只有一周多一点的时间[健康]你还在捡吃的?食物五秒法则被推翻! --5 :59:38 来源:sohu 对于专业吃货来说,有什么比亲手把自己最心爱的食物掉在地上更伤心的了? 如果你知道五秒法则的话,应该会在食物掉地后的五秒之内,以迅雷不及掩耳盗铃之势捡起所以,在三秒内捡起来呢?它看起来还能吃!但是抛开法则,以科学的角度来看,真的能吃吗? 5 Seconds Is More Than Enough Time Bacteria To Accumulate On Your Food.What sucks is when you drop your beloved food on the ground (oh no!). You aly know the rules, so you start counting down from five as soon as it hits the ground. Three seconds? Hah, looks like it's still edible! Or is it? 那么到底什么是五秒法则呢?顾名思义,就是‘掉在地上的食物,如果你在五秒内把它捡起来,它还是可以食用的’但是,事实可能并非如此! So, what's all this ;five-second rule; business? Well, you most likely aly know the saying that, if you drop your food on the ground, you have five seconds to pick it back up. Well, that may not be as true as most people hope. 食品科学家决定对五秒法则进行深入研究其实对科学家来说,这并不是当前最重要的研究课题,但他们真的不想让这种错误的信息继续流传毕竟,你我身边有太多人,真的会倒数五秒,然后捡起心爱的食物继续吃 Food scientists decided to look into the five-second rule. While it may not be the most important topic them to research, they didn't want the misinmation to keep sping since, you know, pretty much everyone follows it. 一项由克莱姆森大学发布的研究指出,不论食物接触了受污染的地方五秒,三十秒或者是六十秒(还是一个世纪),都会粘上差不多数量的细菌 A study published at Clemson University found that food which touched a contaminated surface five, 30, or 60 seconds all had roughly the same amount of bacteria on it. 假如五秒法则是假的,那什么才是食物被污染最重要的原因?同一研究指出,时间的长短不是重点,重点在于地面的种类和食物被污染了多久 If the five-second rule is fake, what matters most when it comes to bacteria? That same study that found the amount of time wasn't important found that the type of surface, as well as how long it has been infested, plays a bigger role. 信不信由你,高达70%女生和56%男生都承认和正在跟随五秒法则!不要胡乱相信别人说的话,不要人家说五秒法则可行,你就盲目相信但如果你坚持要吃掉在地上的食物,那就只好确保地面是干净的再吃 Believe it or not, 70% of women and 56% of men admitted to following the five-second rule.Basically, don't believe everything you hear. If you absolutely have to eat food off the floor, just be sure that the floor isn't contaminated.美国人民平时都爱吃什么小吃? -- ::35 来源:chinadaily 作为一个多元化的移民国家,美国的美食文化也是多种多样小编今天就带你盘点美国人民最爱的流行小吃 Bagel 这种起源于波兰的面团就是Bagel啦,中国一般译作百吉饼或贝果因为脂肪和胆固醇含量低,Bagel在美国是健康早餐的代表,可以涂上果酱或奶酪吃 What do you call a bagel that can fly? A plain (Plane) bagel. 会飞的百吉饼叫什么?原味百吉饼(这里plain跟plane谐音) Doughnut Doughnut在美国经常会被拼成donut, 它的中文名是甜甜圈看上去和bagel很像有木有?其实差别大着呢! Donut一般都是炸或者烤出来的,并且有大量的果酱,巧克力,或者奶油,糖分和脂肪含量很高,与bagel相反,donut是不健康早餐的代表 Dunkin' Donuts 就是一家以卖甜甜圈成名的快餐店 Why did the donut go to the dentist? To get a filling. 甜甜圈为什么要去看牙医?他想要补牙(这里的filling除了补牙,还有馅料的意思) Cupcake Cupcake是美国人生活的一部分,也是最容易操作的甜点它简单、快乐、甜蜜,又充满创意因为《欲望都市和《破产,Cupcake火遍了全球 Pretzels 这种椒盐卷饼起源于欧洲,是由面粉烘烤而成,然后再在上面撒上椒盐这种类似于天津麻花的小吃在路边、超市、烘焙店里都能见到,也是老外零食的首选之一 What's a pretzel's favorite dance? -The Twist! 椒盐卷饼最喜欢跳的舞是什么? 扭扭舞! Taco 这种墨西哥卷饼在美国很常见,它的饼(tortilla)是由玉米粉制成的,里面会夹一些烤肉,蔬菜和奶酪它做法方便并且方便携带,是上班族用餐的首选之一 How's the taco? It is corny. 你觉得这个卷饼怎么样?它老掉牙了(因为taco的饼是玉米粉做的,corny在开玩笑的时候也能指玉米的) Clam Chowder 这种蛤蜊汤起源于新英格兰地区,它是以蛤蜊配上芹菜、洋葱还有土豆煮出来的奶油浓汤,跟中国的奶油海鲜浓汤差不多 很多老外在喝这种汤的时候会配上小饼干它在海边地区是一道很受欢迎的前菜,不少其他地方的吃货都慕名而来 Egg Benedict 这种在面包上摊一些肉和一个蛋的做法叫做Egg Benedict, 中文是叫作班尼迪克蛋它在早餐和下午茶里面比较常见 Why is the egg lying its stomach in egg benedict? Because it seeks benediction. 为什么班尼迪克蛋的鸡蛋是趴着的?因为它祈求祝福 Gumbo Gumbo就是美国的盖浇饭,也是卡津(Cajun)文化的产物卡津人是法裔加拿大的后裔,他们生活在路易斯安那州的法语区这种盖浇饭十分重口味,由大量肉类、海鲜、蔬菜以及当地的香料制成,是美国最受欢迎的rice dish(饭食)之一 Monday's dinner: Gumbo Tuesday's dinner: Gumbo Wednesday's dinner: Gumbo again 周一的晚饭:Gumbo 周二的晚饭:Gumbo 周三的晚饭:还是Gumbo Gumbo的做法很多,所以虽然都是叫Gumbo, 但是里面的东西却可以是各式各样的 Hash Brown 这是一种油炸的土豆饼,口感很松脆,蘸着番茄酱吃味道很像薯条它是美式早餐里的常客 Kebab 这是来自中东地区的一种烤肉,它是将一大块肉插在铁棒上烤,再用刀把肉刮下来,然后用面饼包着吃,跟中国的肉夹馍土耳其烤肉差不多 Why have abs when you have kebab? 如果你能吃到烤肉的话,还需要练腹肌吗? Root Beer Root Beer跟啤酒一点关系都没有,它是根汁汽水,一种在美国很流行的碳酸饮料它的味道跟可乐有些类似,但是它又有自己与众不同的味道人们经常在它里面加上一个冰淇淋球,就变成了Root beer float What is the square of root beer? - Beer! 根汁汽水的平方是什么? - 啤酒!(这里root还有平方根的意思) Macaroni and Cheese Macaroni and Cheese(芝士马克罗尼意面)是美国人的灵魂食物,简称mac n cheese这道菜的做法很简单,就是意面煮完后和芝士酱拌在一起,奶香非常浓郁 Mac n cheese在美国被誉为comt food, 也就是会引起乡愁和情感共鸣的食物 Avocado 牛油果(又称鳄梨)是美国最常见的一种水果之一它营养价值极高,美国人民一般拿它涂面包、打果汁、拌酸奶、拌沙拉 S'more 这是一种在美国很受欢迎的甜点,它是由饼干,巧克力还有棉花糖制成在学校的食堂里,一盘S'mores 在学生的争抢下一般撑不过秒 Doritos 这是美国玉米片的畅销品牌,在各大超市都能见到它的身影,类似于国内的乐事和品客它还可以蘸salsa(带墨西哥香料的番茄酱)或者guacamole(鳄梨酱)吃

9月9日苹果发布会标语:嘿Siri 给我们点提示吧 -- ::7 来源: Apple sent out press invites its fall iPhone event on Thursday. The event will take place on Sept. 9, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.  星期四,苹果向媒体发出了秋季iPhone发布会的邀请发布会将于年9月9日在旧金山的比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂举行  At the event, Apple is expected to show off new iPhone models as well as a new Apple TV.  在发布会上,苹果将要展示新的iPhone型号和Apple TV  The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a new venue Apple. Historically, the company holds iPhone events at Moscone West or at its campus in Cupertino. The auditorium has acapacity of 7,000 people.  比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂是苹果的新场地过去苹果公司一直在莫斯考尼西中心或者库珀蒂诺总部举行iPhone发布会这次的礼堂可以容纳7000人  Typically, the company launches its products at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, which holds 757 attendees. The Flint Center, where Apple held its event, holds up to ,. Upping the capacity to 7,000 people implies Apple has something extra planned.  苹果公司通常会在旧金山的芳草地艺术中心发布新产品,那里可以容纳757人年的苹果发布会在弗林特中心举行,容纳人数增加到人这次容纳人数增加到7000人意味着苹果有个特别的计划  The clue the event, "Hey Siri, give us a hint" suggests that Siri may be involved. We'd previously heard that HomeKit wouldn't be a big part of the launch, but the location, the Siri tie-in and the capacity of this event imply there has to be something beyond updated iPhone devices, a new Apple TV and the launch of watchOS .0.  这次发布会的标语“嘿Siri,给我们点提示吧”暗示着这个计划可能跟Siri有关我们早前听说HomeKit不是发布会的重要内容,而这次的场地、密切相关的Siri和场地的容纳量都说明除了升级iPhone设备、新的Apple TV和Apple Watch .0操作系统,发布会上一定还会有什么其他东西

这些词多年前就有了,你都认识吗? -- :3:18 来源:chinadaily 我们每天都在向大家介绍英语中产生的新词和新的表达,不知道你们都积累多少了?有时候,我们发现的一些新词可能在英语里已经出现好多年了,但是一直没有被大规模使用,所以也就没有引起我们的注意 今天要给大家介绍的这些词,它们出现的最早记录都在1995年3月,也就多年前你都见过吗?知道是什么意思吗? gt;gt;Barfmail 退回邮件 n. An email message spewed out in all directions. 无法发送出去的邮件 最早出现1995年3月6日,The Washington Times 引文: Barfmail: multiple bounce (nondelivered) messages to the level of serious annoyance, like what happens when an inter-mail gateway goes wonky. —Larry R. Moffitt, “The Hacker's Dictionary,” The Washington Times, March 6, 1995 gt;gt;Celebrity wrangler 名人联络 n. A person who negotiates with a celebrity's agent, manager, or publicist to ensure the star's attendance at a social event. 与名人的经纪人、经理人或者公关人员商讨联络,确保名人能够出席某个社会活动的人员 最早出现1995年3月日,The Dallas Morning News 引文: Celebrities attending the All Star MS Rodeo will be well fed Sunday night, thanks to Al Biernat, manager of the Palm restaurant, and celebrity wranglers Marty Rendleman and Jean Kibler. —Alan Peppard, “Could be an instant replay,” The Dallas Morning News, March , 1995 gt;gt;Coolhunter 时尚猎酷 n. A person who investigates cutting-edge trends, fashions, and ideas and sells them as market research to companies so they can incorporate them into their latest products. 研究最前沿的潮流、时尚和理念,并将成果出售给公司企业,让其将这些成果应用到最新产品中的人 最早出现1995年3月日,The New Yorker 引文: The paradox, of course, is that the better coolhunters become at bringing the mainstream close to the cutting edge, the more elusive the cutting edge becomes. This is the first rule of the cool: The quicker the chase, the quicker the flight. The act of discovering what's cool is what causes cool to move on, which explains the triumphant circularity of coolhunting: because we have coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie, cool changes more quickly, and because cool changes more quickly, we need coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie. —Malcolm Gladwell, “The Coolhunt,” The New Yorker, March , 1995 gt;gt;De-alert 解除警报 v. To separate a nuclear weapon's warhead from its delivery system. 将核弹头与其发射架相脱离 最早出现1995年3月9日,Federal News Service 引文: Another developing international norm is the cessation of nuclear weapons testing. Since the NPT was signed, only one new country — India — has carried out an underground test. The steep reductions, de-alerting and detargeting of nuclear ces also convey important symbolic messages. —Michael Krepon, “Prepared Testimony of Michael Krepon Bee the Senate eign Relations Committee on Ratification,” Federal News Service, March 9, 1995 gt;gt;Dead tree edition 纸质版 n. The paper version of an online newspaper, magazine or journal. 在线报纸、杂志和期刊的纸质版 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Wall Street Journal 引文: The Los Angeles Times is on Prodigy under the name TimesLink and, like its parent, is filled with lengthy stories on every imaginable topic. But this strong content is trapped inside one of the ugliest and most confusing user interfaces I've seen on an electronic paper. The opening screen sports buttons, a clunky and juvenile Prodigy-style illustration and a garish ad. That said, there's a lot here, including much material that goes beyond what's in the dead-tree edition. —Walter S. Mossberg, “Newspapers Go Online to Save the Industry,” The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Eco-driving 环保驾驶 pp. Driving in a way that minimizes fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 将油耗和尾气排放降到最低水平的驾驶方式 最早出现1995年3月31日,Sydney Morning Heral 引文: Now Mercedes Benz has started looking at the problem and has developed an eco-driving program. So far 1,0 drivers have done the course and, in covering 7 million kilometres, Mercedes believes they have saved 1.5 million litres of fuel and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by around 35,000 tonnes. —Alan Kennedy, “Drive to slow greenhouse blowout,” Sydney Morning Herald, March 31, 1995 gt;gt;Egosurfing 自我搜索 pp. Using a search engine to locate and pages, posts, s, and other online content that mentions your name. 在网络搜索并阅读带有自己名字的网页、帖子、文章等在线内容 最早出现1995年3月1日,Wired 引文: Egosurfing: Scanning the Net, databases, print media, or research papers looking mentions of your own name. —Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, March 1, 1995 gt;gt;Elvis year 猫王年 n. The year in which a product, person, or phenomenon peaks in popularity. 某件产品、某个人,或者某个现象极度风靡的一年 最早出现1995年3月日, Billboard 引文: But Lyons believes that's simply more evidence that the pent-up demand Barney product was satisfied, and that sales will continue to be healthy. “Prior to ‘93, there was little Barney merchandise available,” Mack says. “We call 1993 ‘the Elvis year.”' —Moira McCormick, “Theme park, TV, vid show Barney far from extinct,” Billboard, March , 1995 gt;gt;Ethnoburb 族裔郊区 n. A suburban area that draws a large number of immigrants from the same ethnic group. 聚集了大量同一种族移民人口的郊区 最早出现1995年3月日,Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers 引文: Wei Li, “Los Angeles' Chinese Ethnoburb: Evolution of Ethnic Commy and Economy,” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, March , 1995 gt;gt;Fact-free science 虚拟科学 n. A scientific endeavour—such as a computer simulation of a biological process—that does not take into real-world constraints such as chemical or biological data. 计算机模拟生物进化过程等不需要考虑诸如化学或生物数据等现实局限性的科学探索 最早出现1995年3月日,The New York Review of Books 引文: I discuss below a particular example of a dynamic system—Turing's morphogenetic waves—which gives rise to just the kind of structure that, as a biologist, I want to see. But first I must explain why I have a general feeling of unease when contemplating complex systems dynamics. Its devotees are practicing fact-free science. A fact them is, at best, the output of a computer simulation: it is rarely a fact about the world. —John Maynard Smith, “Life at the Edge of Chaos?,” The New York Review of Books, March , 1995 gt;gt;Issue literature 主题文学 n. A literary genre where each work takes as its central theme a social, cultural, or political issue. 每部作品选择一个社会、文化或政治问题作为主题的文学作品形式 最早出现1995年3月日,The Irish Times 引文: Strangely or not strangely at all,“ said Ms Carr, ”babes are usually feminists, if you mean by feminism the promotion of all that is good and liberating in our culture. Where the babes part company with their sisters, is when it comes to issue literature. Babes will not reduce their work to a series of issues and disapprove strongly with anyone who tries to reduce their work to a series of issues. —Luke Clancy, “Writer prides herself on being ‘a babe',” The Irish Times, March , 1995 gt;gt;Paraeducator 特殊教育者 n. A teaching assistant, particularly one who works individually with children who have special language or learning needs. 帮助有特殊的语言或学习需求的孩子进行单独学习的助教人员 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Press-Enterprise 引文: The assistants want to be treated as professionals, in partnership with certified teachers. And please, don't call them aides. “We are teachers, OK? We are co-workers. I am not anybody's aide. I am your co-worker,” said Virginia Rivas, bilingual instructional aide Palm Springs Unified School District, who was answered by a cheer from the audience. The preferred term is para-educator, conference organizers said. —Rebecca Shoults, “Session gets teachers' aides fired up,” The Press-Enterprise, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Weddingmoon 婚礼蜜月 n. A vacation that includes both a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. 包括了婚礼和蜜月的假期 最早出现1995年3月日,The Houston Chronicle 引文: Many Caribbean islands have reacted to the growing popularity of “weddingmoons” by agreeing to waive waiting period requirements so that, in some instances, tourists can marry the day they arrive. —Harry Shattuck, “Not all couples wed to tradition,” The Houston Chronicle, March , 1995

中国四大上榜世界最赚钱企业(双语) --30 :59: 来源:sohu 中国;四大;国有上榜世界《财富 500强世界个最赚钱公司,苹果公司再一次以53 亿美元利润成为全球最赚钱公司 China's ;Big Four; State banks have kept their spots on the tune Global 500 list of the world's most profitable companies, led once again by the billion, Apple Inc. 让我们看看全球最赚钱的十大公司还有哪些 Let's take a look at who else made the list. No 吉利德科学公司 Gilead Sciences No 9 丰田汽车公司Toyota Motor No 8美国富国Wells Fargo No 7 伯克希尔哈撒韦公司 Berkshire Hathaway No 6 根大通公司 JPMorgan Chase amp;Co No 5 Bank of China 中国 No Agriculture Bank of China 中国农业 No 3 China Construction Bank 中国建设 No Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 中国工商 No 1 Apple 苹果公司 English Source: China Daily

美国首都华盛顿将成为第51个州,也不再叫华盛顿 -- :7: 来源: 作为美国的首都,华盛顿特区列于美国的50个州之外它是一个“联邦特区”,,“哥伦比亚特区”缩写成为“D.C.”,不过,可能很快就会发生变化了——目前其正在致力于获得州地位 As the capital of the ed States, Washington DC is not one of the 50 states. It’s a “federal district,” hence “District of Columbia,” shortened to “D.C.” But that could soon change, as they are currently bidding statehood. If that happened, Washington DC would become the 51st state, and its leaders would give it an entirely new name.作为美国的首都,华盛顿特区列于美国的50个州之外它是一个“联邦特区”,,“哥伦比亚特区”缩写成为“D.C.”,不过,可能很快就会发生变化了——目前其正在致力于获得州地位一旦成功,华盛顿特区将成为第51个州,而它的州长也将给它一个全新的名字That name could quite likely be “New Columbia,” an old name that was approved by voters in a 198 referendum in which Washington DC tried statehood. It originates from Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who is obviously a critical part of U.S. history.这个名字很有可能是“新哥伦比亚州”,是在198年华盛顿特区想要升格为州的全民公投中,被批准的一个老名字它起源于意大利探险家克里斯托弗哥伦布,他显然是美国历史上关键的一部分Of course, some long time DC residents are anxious about the name change. Columbus’ reputation as a hero has undergone quite a sea-change since the 1980s, with many seeing him as a brutal conqueror rather than a noble explorer. According to Matthew Green, an associate professor of politics at Catholic University in Washington DC, “It’s hard to come up with a name that would honor the city’s political, living and symbolic dimensions equally.” He mentions that one of the alternative suggestions, “Douglass Commonwealth” might also be appropriate due to the fact that Frederik Douglass was an important figure in African-American politics. He lead the abolitionist movement, which ended slavery in the U.S.当然,长时间以来特区居民对名字的改变充满担忧自上世纪80年代以来,哥伦比亚作为一个英雄的美名经历了翻天覆地的改变:很多人将他视作野蛮的侵略者,而非高尚的探险家据华盛顿特区天主教大学的副教授马修.格林称,“很难找出一个名字来,能与这个城市的政治、生活和其他象征性维度相匹配”他提出了一个建议,考虑到弗雷德里克.道格拉斯是非裔美国人政治上一个重要人物,他领导了废奴运动,终结了美国的奴隶制,“道格拉斯联邦”可能还比较合适People are joining in the conversation on social media, adding in their opinion about the name change and possible statehood.更名和升州事宜引起了网友们在社交媒体上的热烈讨论,很多人分享了他们的观点I don’t want to live in #NewColumbia #WashingtonDC #51StState— LauraEnDC (@lauendc) July , 年7月日,LauraEnDC说,我不想生活在#新哥伦比亚州#华盛顿特区#美国的第51个州#NewColumbia? You’ve gotta be kidding me!! Please stick to Washington, DC aka Capital City!— Roro Tétreault (@LeMondeDuRoro) July , 年7月日,Roro Tétreault 说,#新哥伦比亚州?别开玩笑了!还是华盛顿特区好,首都好!Statehood has long been a fraught issue DC residents, as many who actually live in the district support it, while Congress has typically been against the idea. Among the reasons statehood include the fact that DC isn’t fully represented in Congress by voting members, and that decisions typically made by organizations like a city council instead often require Congressional approval, taking them out of local government’s hands.对于特区居民来说,升格为州一直以来都充满争议尽管生活在这儿的部分民众持此举,国会却极力反对升州的原因之一在于,华盛顿哥伦比亚特区只有在众议院拥有一名无投票权的代表,且通常市政府作的一些决策还需要国会的批准,当地政府并不能作决定Presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton supports the change along with Bernie Sanders, but nothing is set in stone yet. The statehood issue will probably be debated at the Democratic National Convention in July. Until then, we’ll just have to sit tight and see what happens.民主党候选人希拉里克林顿和伯尼桑德斯都持这个方案,然而没有什么是一成不变的获得州地位的问题极有可能会在七月的民主党全国大会上商议在此之前,我们就静静的观望看到底会怎样吧

非洲白化病患者被斩首 巫医:能制灵药 -- ::37 来源: 非洲国家马拉维与坦桑尼亚等有特别的风俗,认为只要能够吃到加入白化症病患肢体的灵药,就能够带来好运,也当地白化症病患遭到杀害的案件层出不穷 People with albinism living in Malawi have been the victims of a surge of attacks by people seeking to use their body parts in ritual practices.非洲国家马拉维的白化病患者遭受袭击的案件一直在激增——人们寻求他们的肢体以进行宗教仪式According to an Amnesty International report released on Tuesday, at least 18 people with albinism have been killed since November . A spike in the killings came this April, when four people, including a -year-old child, were killed.据国际特赦组织(或称大赦国际)星期二发布的一份报告,自年月以来,至少有18名白化病患者惨遭杀害今年四月出现了杀戮高潮,包括一个两岁大的孩子在内的一共四人被杀Amnesty International is now calling on authorities in the Southern African country to take more action to punish the perpetrators.国际特赦组织现在呼吁非洲南部的国家采取更多行动来惩罚凶手“The unprecedented wave of brutal attacks against people with albinism has created a climate of terror this vulnerable group and their families who are living in a state of constant fear their lives,” Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s director Southern Africa, said in a statement. “The time has come the government of Malawi to stop burying its head in the sand and pretending that this problem will just go away. Talking will not end these attacks. Concrete action is urgently required.”“这股前所未有的野蛮攻击白化病患者的浪潮,为生活在这个国家里的弱势群体和他们的家庭制造了一种恐怖不安的气氛,他们时刻为活下去而提心吊胆” 国际特赦组织非洲南部的主任在一份声明中说,“现在时机成熟,马拉维政府应当振作起来,不要再假装这个问题会消失光靠对话是不会结束这些攻击的,迫切需要有实际行动”The country has up to ,000 people living with albinism and Malawi’s Police Service says more than 60 crimes related to albinos have been reported since .马拉维的白化病患者人数高达1万人,据马拉维警方称,自年起与白化病患者相关的犯罪案件逾60起

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