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惠安县中心医院收费高吗惠安市中医院是正规医院吗?惯用口语句子:Im rather pessimistic.我很悲观。Im not optimistic at all.我一点也不乐观。Im rather pessimistic about it.我对此很悲观。Im a pessimist.我是个悲观主义者。pessimistic a. 悲观的pessimist n. 悲观主义者I throw in my hand. Im throwing in the towel. I give up.我认输。towel n. 毛巾throw in ones hand“承认失败,认输”throw in the towel“认输”give up“放弃,认输”throw in ones hand和throw in the towel都是“认输”的常用表达,是非正式用语。I am doomed to fail.我注定要失败。doom v. 注定,命定Theres nothing we can do. We can do nothing.我们无计可施了。No way. Its hopeless.没办法了,没有希望了。Im out of luck this time.这次我没希望了。Its fate. Its destiny.这就是命啊。fate n. 命运,天数destiny n. 命运Im heartbroken. My heart is broken.我的心都碎了。We cant do that.我们不行的。We cant make it.我们做不到的。Its too difficult.太难了。Its too hard for us.对我们来讲太难了。Its harder than you think.这比你想像的要难。Its harder than it looks.这比看上去的要难。Its not as easy as it seems/looks.这可不像看上去的那么容易。It doesnt stand a chance.那是不可能做到的事。It wont work.行不通的。Never happen.不可能的事。We will probably screw it up.我们很有可能会搞砸的。probably ad. 可能,大概,也许screw v. 用螺丝钉拧紧screw up“搞砸,弄糟,破坏,搅乱”(俚语) /201504/372755泉州隆鼻医院 Can you do a perm in less than two hours?你能在两小时内帮我烫完头发吗?例句:A:Excuse me,sir?打扰一下,先生。B:Yes,madam?怎么了,女士?A:Can you do a perm in less than two hours?你能在两个小时内帮我烫完头吗?B:I think that would be no problem.Are you in a hurry?我觉得没问题。你很着急吗?A:Yes,I have to pick up my son from his kindergarten at 4 p.m.是的。我下午四点得去幼儿园接我儿子。B:Okay.Lets get started right away then.Lets wash your hair first.好的,咱们先生就开始吧。我先给你洗一下头发。A:Great!Thanks for being so considerate.太好了!谢谢你考虑如此 周到。B:My pleasure.乐意为您效劳。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201705/51042226.Is it that expensive那件东西贵吗Useful Expressions常用语句1.Will you take me to the Fifty Avenue?请你送我去第五大道好吗?2.How much is it to Piccadilly Circus?到毕卡德利广场要多少钱呢?3.How much is the taxi fare to go to Cambridge and return here?到剑桥来回的出租车费要多少钱呢?4.Would you drop me at the main entrance of the hotel?请你在饭店主要入口处接我好吗?5.Do you have written conversion table?你会写好换算表吗?6.Could you give me the receipt when I get off,please?我下车时请你给我收据好吗?7.Will you start the meter?请你开始计表好吗?8.It seems to me that the taxi fare is higher than the meter.依我看,出租车费比计价表高出一些。9.Do you have special night fare?你们有夜间特别收费吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Take me to this address,please.请把我送到这个地址。B:Yes,maam.是的,夫人。B:Here we are.我们到了。A:How much do I owe you,sir?我要付你多少钱,先生?B:30 dollars,maam.30美金,夫人。A:Are you kidding?The meter says 15 dollars,doesnt it?你在开玩笑吗?表上显示15美元,不是吗?B:Yes,but we need some extra charge and some tip,too.是的,但我们需要一些额外费用和一些小费。A:I dont get it.Ill go and have that doorman talk to you then.我不接受,我让那门卫和你谈。B:OK,maam.Calm down,15 dollars will do.好的,夫人。冷静,15美元就行了。 /201502/355390福建地区医科大学附属第二医院开双眼皮手术多少钱

泉州去眼袋在哪做好泉州欧菲整形美容医院在哪个区 8. Enrolling a Child in School 8.孩子的入学登记A: Its time to go, Richard.A:该走了,理查德。B: Okay, Patty. Im y.B:好的,帕蒂。我准备好了。A: Im really stoked about this new school. Judy is going to love it.A:我真的对这个新学校感到很兴奋。朱迪会喜欢它。B: I know. Ive heard so many good things about it.B:我知道。我听说过很多关于它的好话。A: Did you make an appointment?A:你预约了吗?B: No, it wasnt necessary. Theyre enrolling new students this week.B:不,它不是必要的。他们在本周招收新的学生。A: Okay, I just hope therere not too many people.A:好吧,我只是希望不要有太多的人。B: I think well be okay. Therere not too many cars in the lot.B:我认为我们会很好的。在停车场没有太多的车。A: Im glad we brought her transcripts. I think that will make this smoother.A:我很高兴我们带来了她的成绩单。我认为这将使过程更流畅。B: Yes, Im sure it will. That was a good idea.B:是的,我确定会的。这是个好主意。A: Okay, lets get this done.A:好吧,让我们把这件事做好。B: Im y, babe. B:我已经准备好了,宝贝。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/435261永春县妇女儿童医院大夫

泉州比较好的整形医院 Language Points1. Every time you shake your hips Baby, I go crazy2. When you kiss me on my lips Baby, I go crazy3. When you call me on the phone Your sexy talking turns me on4. You make it tough just holding on 5. You got me going crazy 6. I see it coming and I cant help myself 7. You give me loving like nobody else8. You got me falling now, Im calling for help9. You got me hooked, I must confess /201611/480097洛江区开韩式双眼皮多少钱泉州省第二人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱



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