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上饶县妇幼保健人民中医院打玻尿酸多少钱上饶纹眉上饶市第五人民医院激光祛痘手术多少钱 The only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.我们唯一害怕的 是害怕本身——这种难以名状、失去理智和毫无道理的恐惧,把人转退为进所需的种种努力化为泡影。President Hoover, Mister Chief Justice, my friends:胡佛总统,首席法官先生,朋友们:This is a day of national consecration, and I am certain that on this day, my fellow Americans expect that on my induction in the Presidency I will address them with a candor and a decision which the present situation of our people impels. This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing the conditions facing our country today. This great nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So first of all, let me express my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself-nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life, a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves, which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.今天,对我们的国家来说,是一个神圣的日子。我肯定,同胞们都期待我在就任总统时,会像我国目前形势所要求的那样,坦率而果断地向他们讲话。现在正是坦白、勇敢地说出实话,说出全部实话的最好时刻。我们不必畏首畏尾,不老老实实面对我国今天的情况。这个伟大的国家会一如既往地坚持下去,它会复兴和繁荣起来。因此,让我首先表明我的坚定信念:我们唯一不得不害怕的就是害怕本身--一种莫名其妙、丧失理智的、毫无根据的恐惧,它把人转退为进所需的种种努力化为泡影。凡在我国生活阴云密布的时刻,坦率而有活力的领导都得到过人民的理解和持,从而为胜利准备了必不可少的条件。我相信,在目前危急时刻,大家会再次给予同样的持。In such a spirit on my part and on yours, we face our common difficulties. They concern, thank God, only material things. Values have shrunken to fantastic levels; taxes have risen, our ability to pay has fallen; government of all kinds is faced by serious curtailment of income; the means of exchange are frozen in the currents of trade; the withered leaves of industrial enterprise lie on every side; farmers find no markets for their produce, and the savings of many years and thousands of families are gone.我和你们都要以这种精神,来面对我们共同的困难。感谢上帝,这些困难只是物质方面的。价值难以想象地贬缩了;课税增加了;我们的付能力下降了;各级政府面临着严重的收入短缺;交换手段在贸易过程中遭到了冻结;工业企业枯萎的落叶到处可见;农场主的产品找不到销路;千家万户多年的积蓄付之东流。More important, a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence, and an equal and great number toil with little return. Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.更重要的是,大批失业公民正面临严峻的生存问题,还有大批公民正以艰辛的劳动换取微薄的报酬。只有愚蠢的乐天派会否认当前这些阴暗的现实。And yet, our distress comes from no failure of substance, we are stricken by no plague of locusts. Compared with the perils which our forefathers conquered, because they believed and were not afraid, we have so much to be thankful for. Nature surrounds us with her bounty, and human efforts have multiplied it. Plenty is at our doorstep, but a generous use of it languishes in the very sight of the supply. Primarily, this is because the rulers of the exchange of mankind’s goods have failed, through their own stubbornness and their own incompetence, have admitted their failure and have abdicated. Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men.但是,我们的苦恼决不是因为缺乏物资。我们没有遭到什么蝗虫的灾害。我们的先辈曾以信念和无畏一次次转危为安,比起他们经历过的险阻,我们仍大可感到欣慰。大自然仍在给予我们恩惠,人类的努力已使之倍增。富足的情景近在咫尺,但就在我们见到这种 情景的时候,宽裕的生活却悄然离去。这主要是因为主宰人类物资交换的统治者们失败了,他们固执己见而又无能为力,因而已经认定失败了,并撒手不管了。贪得无厌的货币兑换商的种种行径。将受到舆论法庭的起诉,将受到人类心灵理智的唾弃。True, they have tried, but their efforts have been cast in the patten of an outworn tradition. Faced by a failure of credit, they have proposed only the lending of more money. Stripped of the lure of profit by which they induce our people to follow their false leadership, they have resorted to exhortation, pleading tearfully for restored confidence. They only know the rules of a generation of self-seekers. They have no vision, and when there is no vision, the people perish.是的,他们是努力过,然而他们用的是一种完全过时的方法。面对信贷的失败,他们只是提议借出更多的钱。没有了当诱饵引诱 人民追随他们的错误领导的金钱,他们只得求助于讲道,含泪祈求人民重新给予他们信心。他们只知自我追求者们的处世规则。他们没有眼光,而没有眼光的人是要灭亡的。Yes, the money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. A measure of that restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social value, more noble than mere monetary profits. 如今,货币兑换商已从我们文明庙宇的高处落荒而逃。我们要以千古不变的真理来重建这座庙宇。衡量这重建的尺度是我们体现比金钱利益更高尚的社会价值的程度。Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money, it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative efforts, the joy and moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits.These dark days, my friends, will be worth all they cost us, if they teach us that our true destiny is not to be ministered on to, but to minister to ourselves, to our fellow men.幸福并不在于单纯地占有金钱;幸福还在于取得成就后的喜悦,在于创造努力时的。务必不能再忘记劳动带来的喜悦和激励,而去疯狂地追逐那转瞬即逝的利润。如果这些暗淡的时日能使我们认识到,我们真正的天命不是要别人侍奉,而是为自己和同胞们务,那么,我们付出的代价就完全是值得的。Recognition of the falsity of material wealth as the standard of success goes hand in hand with the abandonment of a false belief that public office and high political position are to be valued only by the standards of pride of place and personal profits, and there must be an end to our conduct in banking and in business, which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrong-doing. Small wonder that confidence languishes, for it thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of our obligation, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live. 认识到把物质财富当作成功的标准是错误的,我们就会抛弃以地位尊严和个人收益为唯一标准,来衡量公职和高级政治地位的错误信念;我们必须制止界和企业界的一种行为,它常常使神圣的委托混同于无情和自私的不正当行为。难怪信心在减弱,信心,只有靠诚实、信誉、忠心维护和无私履行职责。而没有这些,就不可能有信心。Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This nation is asking for action, and action now.但是,复兴不仅仅只要改变伦理观念。这个国家要求行动起来,现在就行动起来。Our greatest primary task is to put people to work. This is no unsolvable problem if we take it wisely and courageously. It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the government itself, treating the task as we would treat the emergency of a war, but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our great natural resources.我们最大、最基本的任务是让人民投入工作。只要我信行之以智慧和勇气,这个问题就可以解决。这可以部分由政府直接征募完成,就象对待临战的紧要关头一样,但同时,在有了人手的情况下,我们还急需能刺激并重组巨大自然资源的工程。Hand in hand with that, we must frankly recognize the overbalance of population in our industrial centers and by engaging on a national scale in a redistribution in an effort to provide better use of the land for those best fitted for the land.我们齐心协力,但必须坦白地承认工业中心的人口失衡,我们必须在全国范围内重新分配,使土地在最适合的人手中发表挥更大作用。Yes the task can be helped by definite efforts to raise the value of the agricultural product and with this the power to purchase the output of our cities. It can be helped by preventing realistically, the tragedy of the growing losses through fore closures of our small homes and our farms. It can be helped by insistence that the federal, the state, and the local government act forthwith on the demands that their costs be drastically reduce. It can be helped by the unifying of relief activities which today are often scattered, uneconomical, unequal. It can be helped by national planning for, and supervision of all forms of transportation, and of communications, and other utilities that have a definitely public character. There are many ways in which it can be helped, but it can never be helped by merely talking about it. We must act, we must act quickly.明确地为提高农产品价值并以此购买城市产品所做的努力,会有助于任务的完成。避免许多小家庭业、农场业被取消赎取抵押品的权利的悲剧也有助于任务的完成。联邦、州、各地政府立即行动回应要求降价的呼声,有助于任务的完成。将现在常常是分散不经济、不平等的救济活动统一起来有助于任务的完成。对所有公共交通运输,通讯及其他涉及公众生活的设施作全国性的计划及监督有助于任务的完成。许多事情都有助于任务完成,但这些决不包括空谈。我们必须行动,立即行动。And finally, in our progress toward a resumption of work, we require two safeguards against the return of the evils of the old order; there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments; there must be an end to speculation with other people’s money; and there must be provisions for an adequate but sound currency.最后,为了重新开始工作,我们需要两手防御,来抗御旧秩序恶魔卷土从来;一定要有严格监督业、信贷及投资的机制:一定要杜绝投机;一定要有充足而健康的货币供应。These, my friends, are the lines of attack. I shall presently urge upon a new Congress in special session, detailed measures for their fulfillment, and I shall seek the immediate assistance of the 48 states.以上这些,朋友们,就是施政方针。我要在特别会议上敦促新国会给予详细实施方案,并且,我要向18个州请求立即的援助。Through this program of action, we address ourselves to putting our own national house in order, and making income balance outflow. Our international trade relations, though vastly important, are in point of time and necessity secondary to the establishment of a sound national economy. I favor as a practical policy the putting of first things first. I shall spare no effort to restore world trade by international economic justment, but the emergency at home cannot wait on that accomplishment.通过行动,我们将予以我们自己一个有秩序的国家大厦,使收入大于出。我们的国际贸易,虽然很重要,但现在在时间和必要性上,次于对本国健康经济的建立。我建议,作为可行的策略、首要事务先行。虽然我将不遗余力通过国际经济重新协调所来恢复国际贸易,但我认为国内的紧急情况无法等待这重新协调的完成。The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not narrowly nationalistic. It is the insistence, as a first consideration upon the inter-dependence of the various elements in all parts of the ed States of America – a recognition of the old and the permanently important manifestation of the American spirit of the pioneer. It is the way to recovery, it is the immediate way, it is the strongest assurance that recovery will endure.指导这一特别的全国性复苏的基本思想并非狭隘的国家主义。我首先考虑的是坚持美国这一整体中各部分的相互依赖性--这是对美国式的开拓精神的古老而永恒的明的体现。这才是复苏之路,是即时之路,是保复苏功效持久之路。In the field of world policy, I would dedicate this nation to the policy of the good neighbor. The neighbor who resolutely respects himself, and because he does so, respects the rights of others. The neighbor who respects his obligation, and respects the sanctity of his agreement, in and with, a world of neighbor.在国际政策方面,我将使美国采取睦邻友好的政策。做一个决心自重,因此而尊重邻国的国家。做一个履行义务,尊重与他国协约的国家。If I the temper of our people correctly, we now realize what we have never realized before, our inter-dependence on each other, that we cannot merely take, but we must give as well. That if we are to go forward, we must move as a trained and loyal army, willing to sacrifice for the good of a common discipline, because without such discipline, no progress can be made, no leadership becomes effective. We are all y and willing to submit our lives and our property to such discipline because it makes possible a leadership which aims at the larger good. This, I propose to offer, we are going to larger purposes, bind upon us, bind upon us all, as a sacred obligation with a unity of duty, hitherto evoked only in times of armed strife.如果我对人民的心情的了解正确的话,我想我们已认识到了我们从未认识的问题,我们是互相依存的,我们不可以只索取,我们还必须奉献。我们前进时,必须象一训练有素的忠诚的军队,愿意为共同的原则而献身,因为,没有这些原则,就无法取得进步,领导就不可能得力。我们都已做好准备,并愿意为此原则献出生命和财产,因为这将使志在建设更美好社会的领导成为可能。我倡议,为了更伟大的目标,我们所有的人,以一致的职责紧紧团结起来。这是神圣的义务,非战乱,不停止。With this pledge taken, I assume unhesitatingly, the leadership of this great army of our people dedicated to a disciplined attack upon our common problems. Action in this image, action to this end, is feasible under the form of government which we have inherited from my ancestors. Our constitution is so simple, so practical, that it is possible always, to meet extraordinary needs, by changes in emphasis and arrangements without loss of a central form, that is why our constitutional system has proved itself the most superbly enduring political mechanism the modern world has ever seen. It has met every stress of vast expansion of territory, of foreign wars, of bitter internal strife, of world relations.有了这样的誓言,我将毫不犹豫地承担领导伟大人民大军的任务,致力于对我们普遍问题的强攻。这样的行动,这样的目标,在我们从祖先手中接过的政府中是可行的。我们的宪法如此简单,实在。它随时可以应付特殊情况,只需对重点和安排加以修改而不丧失中心思想,正因为如此,我们的宪法体制已自为是最有适应性的政治体制。它已应付过巨大的国土扩张、外战、内乱及国际关系所带来的压力。And it is to be hoped that the normal balance of executive and legislative authority will be fully equal, fully adequate to meet the unprecedented task before us. But it may be that an unprecedented demand and need for undelay ction may call for temporary departure from that normal balance of public procedure.而我们还希望行使法律的人士做到充分的平等,能充分地担负前所未有的任务。但现在前所未有的对紧急行动的需要要求国民暂时丢弃平常生活节奏,紧迫起来。We face the arduous days that lie before us in the warm courage of national unity, in the clearest consciousness of seeking all and precious moral values, with the clean satisfaction that comes from the stern performance of duty by old and young alike, we aim at the assurance of a rounded, a permanent national life.让我们正视面前的严峻岁月,怀着举国一致给我们带来的热情和勇气,怀着寻求传统的、珍贵的道德观念的明确意识,怀着老老少少都能通过克尽职守而得到的问心无愧的满足。我们的目标是要保国民生活的圆满和长治久安。We do not distrust the future of essential democracy. The people of the ed States have not failed. In their need, they have registered a mandate that they want direct, vigorous action. They have asked for discipline, and direction under leadership, they have made me the present instrument of their wishes. In the spirit of the gift, I take it.我们并不怀疑基本民主制度的未来。合众国人民并没有失败。他们在困难中表达了自己的委托,即要求采取直接而有力的行动。他们要求有领导的纪律和方向。他们现在选择了我作为实现他们的愿望的工具。我接受这份厚赠。In this dedication, in this dedication of a nation, we humbly ask the blessings of God, may He protect each and every one of us, may He guide me in the days to come.在此举国奉献之际,我们谦卑地请求上帝赐福。愿上帝保信我们大家和每一个人,愿上帝在未来的日子里指引我。201306/242548上饶德兴市切埋线双眼皮多少钱

上饶哪个医院割双眼皮比较好But, whats the problem with all of this?但是, 所有的这些表现的问题是什么呢?Well, surely we want our kids to grow up as healthy, well balanced individuals.我们当然希望我们的孩子成长为一个健康、均衡发展的个人。But in an image-obsessed culture, we are training our kids to spend more time and mental effort on their appearance at the expense of all of the other aspects of their identities.但是在这样一个对相貌着迷的文化中,我们正将我们的孩子训练成将更多的时间和精力花在外貌上,而对于其他方面的身份认同关注更少的人。So, things like their relationships, the development of their physical abilities,因此,他们会在人际关系、体能发展and their studies and so on begin to suffer.和学习等方面开始受挫。Six out of 10 girls are now choosing not to do something because they dont think they look good enough.现在10个女孩中有6个会因为她们觉得自己不够好看而不去做某事。These are not trivial activities.这些都不是琐事。These are fundamental activities to their development as humans and as contributors to society and to the workforce.作为人类以及社会和职场的参与者的发展来说,这些都是基本的。Thirty-one percent, nearly one in three teenagers, are withdrawing from classroom debate.有31%,也就是说将近三分之一的青少年会从课堂辩论中退出。Theyre failing to engage in classroom debate because they dont want to draw attention to the way that they look.他们退出是因为不想让别人注意到他们的长相。One in five are not showing up to class at all on days when they dont feel good about it.有五分之一的青少年在感觉不是很好的时候甚至都不会在班级里露面。And when it comes to exams,考试的时候,if you dont think you look good enough,如果你觉得自己不够好看,specifically if you dont think you are thin enough,特别是如果你觉得自己不够苗条的话,you will score a lower grade point average than your peers who are not concerned with this.那么跟那些不关心这些的同学比起来你可能得到的平均分数要比他们低。And this is consistent across Finland, the U.S.这一点不管是在芬兰、美国and China, and is true regardless of how much you actually weigh.还是中国都是一致的,而且不管你真实的体重是多少。So to be super clear, were talking about the way you think you look, not how you actually look.所以非常清楚,我们是在讨论你所认为的自己的长相,而不是你的真实长相。Low body confidence is undermining academic achievement.对身体的信心不足会削弱学业成绩。But its also damaging health.而且也会有损健康。Teenagers with low body confidence do less physical activity,那些对自己身体信心不足的青少年会更少参加体育活动,eat less fruits and vegetables,吃更少的水果和蔬菜,partake in more unhealthy weight control practices that can lead to eating disorders.而会更多参加那些不健康的可能导致饮食失调的体重控制训练。They have lower self-esteem.他们的自尊心也会更低。Theyre more easily influenced by people around them and theyre at greater risk of depression.他们更容易受到周围人的影响,并且有更高的抑郁的风险。201507/386215上饶韩美医院去除狐臭多少钱 Well, the bystander approach is trying to give people tools好的,旁观者的方法是尝试给于人们一个工具to interrupt that process and to speak up来打岔这个过程和发言,and to create a peer culture climate是创造出一个where the abusive behavior will be seen as unacceptable,不接受暴力行为的文化。not just because its illegal, but because its wrong不是只是因为暴力是违法的,而是因为这是错的,and unacceptable in the peer culture.是不能被我们的文化所接受的。And if we can get to the place where men然后如果我们能够到达一个who act out in sexist ways will lose status,男人做出性别歧视会失去地位的境界,young men and boys who act out in sexist年轻男人和小男孩做出性别歧视的时候,and harassing ways towards girls and women,当他们对女人和女生,as well as towards other boys and men,和对其他小男生和男人骚扰的时候,will lose status as a result of it, guess what?他们就会会失去地位会造成,猜猜看结果会如何?Well see a radical diminution of the abuse.我们会看到有效的缩减性别暴力行为。Because the typical perpetrator is not sick and twisted.因为普通的作犯者不是生病或性格扭曲,Hes a normal guy in every other way. Isnt he?在任何角度他都是个普通的男人。不是吗?Now, among the many great things that Martin Luther King在马丁路德今短短的一生中所说过所有伟大的话语,said in his short life was,其中有一句是:;In the end, what will hurt the most“最后,最令人痛心的不是is not the words of our enemies敌人的话语but the silence of our friends.;但是我们朋友的沉默。”In the end, what will hurt the most is not the words最后,最痛心的不是敌人的话语of our enemies but the silence of our friends.而是我们朋友的沉默。Theres been an awful lot of silence in male culture现在在男人文化中已经有足够多的沉默about this ongoing tragedy of mens violence面对这个不断的男人对女人和孩子施暴的悲剧against women and children, hasnt there?不是吗?Theres been an awful lot of silence.已经有足够的沉默了。And all Im saying is that we need to break that silence,我只想说出的是我们需要打破这个沉默,and we need more men to do that.同时我们需要更多的男人这样做。Now, its easier said than done,说是比做的容易。because Im saying it now, but Im telling you its not easy因为我现在这样说,但我可以跟你说这不容易。in male culture for guys to challenge each other,要在男人的文化中去挑战其他的男人。which is one of the reasons why这也解释了,part of the paradigm shift that has to happen所谓转移的发生is not just understanding these issues as mens issues,不是只是要明白男人的问题,but theyre also leadership issues for men.同时也要理解这是男人的领袖问题。Because ultimately, the responsibility for taking a stand因为最终的,在这些话题拥有立场on these issues should not fall on the shoulders的责任不应该落在of little boys or teenage boys in high school小孩子身上,或是在高中和大学里的年轻男孩身上。or college men. It should be on adult men with power.这应该落在有权力的男人。Adult men with power are the ones we need to be holding accountable有权力的男人是我们必须考虑的责任人,for being leaders on these issues,在这个领导层面的问题上。because when somebody speaks up in a peer culture因为当有人要对我们的文化发言,and challenges and interrupts, he or she挑战和打岔,他或她is being a leader, really, right?是在作为一个领袖,对吗?But on a big scale, we need more adult men with power但是在于更大的事件,我们需要更多有权力的男人to start prioritizing these issues,开始提起这些话题,and we havent seen that yet, have we?但是我们还没有看到,对吗?Now, I was at a dinner a number of years ago,当我在很多年前用晚餐时,and I work extensively with the U.S. military, all the services.我和美国士兵有近距离工作接触。And I was at this dinner and this woman said to me --然后我在这个晚餐然后一个女人对我说,I think she thought she was a little clever -- she said,-我觉得她自认为自己有点小聪明- 她说,;So how long have you been doing sensitivity training“那么你已经和士兵们做了感性with the Marines?;练习有多久了?”And I said, ;With all due respect,然后我说,“对全部人尊敬的,I dont do sensitivity training with the Marines.我对士兵不做感性练习I run a leadership program in the Marine Corps.;我对士兵们实行着领袖方案。”Now, I know its a bit pompous, my response,现在,我知道有点浮夸,我的回应,but its an important distinction, because I dont believe但是这是个很大的分别,因为我不相信that what we need is sensitivity training.我们做的是感性训练。We need leadership training, because, for example,我们需要的是领袖训练,因为,比方说,when a professional coach or a manager of a baseball team当一个有经验的揽球队或足球队的教练或经理or a football team -- and I work extensively in that realm as well ----我在满长工作在这范围--makes a sexist comment, makes a homophobic statement,提出性别歧视的评语,或者歧视同性恋的话题,makes a racist comment, there will be discussions说些种族歧视的,那就会有这些讨论on the sports blogs and in sports talk radio.登播在部落格和运动频道And some people will say, ;Well, he needs sensitivity training.;然后有人就会说,“他需要感性训练。”And other people will say, ;Well get off it.然后有人就会说,“不要说这些。You know, thats political correctness run amok,你知道吗,有个政治人物疯狂了,and he made a stupid statement. Move on.;然后他说了些傻话,继续。“My argument is, he doesnt need sensitivity training.我的论点是,他不需要感性训练。He needs leadership training,他需要领袖训练。because hes being a bad leader, because in a society因为他是个坏领袖,因为在社会中with gender diversity and sexual diversity --有性别多元化,性取向多元化,and racial and ethnic diversity, you make还有种族的多元化,你做出those kind of comments, youre failing at your leadership.那些,你的领导能力已经失败了。201509/396674余干县副乳切除多少钱

弋阳县妇幼保健人民中医院韩式三点多少钱I want to thank my family right there too in the front row and they came from everywhere我还要感谢来到现场的我的家人There you go. I see you谢谢你们 我看到你们了But Howard became my family too霍华德也成了我的家It gave me a second home它给了我第二个家When I couldnt afford a place to live我找不到住的地方时it was my Howard friends多亏了我在霍华德的朋友们Hall Pierre霍尔·皮埃尔Mall Pitz莫尔·匹茨Derek Ange Leddy德瑞克·安杰·莱迪They let me sleep on their floors他们让我睡在他们那It was my Howard friends我要感谢霍华德的朋友们who looked out for me when I didnt have any money for food是他们在我没钱买食物的时候照顾我It was my Howard professors我要感谢霍华德的教授们who supported my risky decision to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity是他们持了我人生中最冒险的决定and work at Uptown MCA Records到Uptown MCA唱片公司去工作under the legendary Andre Harrell加入传奇人物安德烈·哈瑞尔旗下So Im going to thank you to the faculty and teachers and professors我要感谢这里的教职员工 老师和教授Youve got to understand你们需要理解that support, that love这种持 这种爱Thats just the Howard way这就是霍华德We look out for each other我们相互关心Were family我们是一个大家庭Howard didnt just change my life, it entered my soul, it entered my heart霍华德不仅改变了我的生命 还进入了我的灵魂和心灵it entered my being, my spirit成为了我人格和精神的一部分And even though I only completed two years here at Howard很可惜 我只在霍华德读了两年it was the greatest two years of my life但这两年绝对是我这一生中最伟大的两年And what people got a note is once youre a bison, youre a bison for life一旦成为霍华德野牛 就终身是霍华德野牛HUHUHUHUThats right对了and take that记住这个201501/352086 That budget now stands at ,400 million a year—a staggering sum, though somewhat less than we pay for cigarettes and cigars every year. Space expenditures will soon rise some more, from 40 cents per person per week to more than 50 cents a week for every man,woman and child in the ed States, for we have given this program a high national priority—even though I realize that this is in some measure an act of faith and vision, for we do not now know what benefits await us.But if I were to say, my fellow citizens, that we shall send to the moon, 240,000 miles away from the control station in Houston, a giant rocket more than 300 feet tall, the length of this football field, made of new metal alloys, some of which have not yet been invented, capable of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever been experienced, fitted together with a precision better than the finest watch, carrying all the equipment needed for propulsion, guidance, control, communications, food and survival, on an untried mission, to an unknown celestial body, and then return it safely to earth, re-entering the atmosphere at speeds of over 25,000 miles per hour, causing heat about half that of the temperature of the sun—almost as hot as it is here today—and do all this, and do it right, and do it first before this decade is out—then we must be bold.预算现在保持在每年54亿美元——尽管这比我们在香烟和雪茄上的消费额稍微少一点,但还是一个令人吃惊的数目。航天出...航天出很快就会从平均每人每周40美分上升至50美分的程度,因为我们赋予了这个计划很高的国家优先权——即使我认识,目前这个目标从某种程度上来说还停留在信念与想象之间,我们并不知道会获得多大收益。但是我想说,我的同胞们,让我们向那个距离休斯顿控制中心24万英里的月球发射火箭,一枚超过300英尺高,与这个橄榄球场长度相当的火箭,这枚火箭采用新型合金材料,其耐热与抗压性比现在使用的材料强好几倍,只是个别部分还是个“未知数”;其装配的精密程度可以与最精确的手表相媲美;它运载着用于推进、导航、控制、通讯、食品和救生的各种设备,肩负着一个前所未有的使命,登上那个未知的天体,然后安全返回地球,以超过25,000英里的时速重返大气层,由此产生的高温大约是太阳温度的一半——就像今天这里一样热——我们要把这些目标全部实现,要顺利实现这个目标,要在这个十年内领先完成——那么我们必须勇往直前。 /201306/245143上饶注射美白哪里好上饶疤痕医院



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