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;Keep an eager guard over your behaviour;翼翼矜矜,For thence happiness will come.福所以兴。Fulfil your duties calmly and respectfully;靖恭自思,Thus shall you win glory and honour.;荣显所期。The painting that illustrates this poem also has a high moral purpose and interestingly, although the lessons are ostensibly for women, they can also speak to men. When the Emperor refuses to be seduced by his vain wife, he sets an example of male judgement and strength. Dr Shane McCausland, a leading expert on early Chinese painting, has studied the Admonitions Scroll in detail:而表现诗歌的画作也有崇高的道德目标。劝诫的对象不只是女性,也包括男性。皇帝拒绝妃子的引诱,表现了男性的决断与力量。肖恩麦克索兰士是中国古代绘画的知名专家,他曾仔细研究过《女史箴图》。;I think its about positive criticism, hes trying to not tell people what not to do, but to tell them how to do something better, and each of the scenes describes ways in which ladies of the court could improve their conduct, their behaviour, their character. Admonition is really about learning, improving yourself, but in order to do that, if your audience is very jaded, I think you need to inject quite a lot of wit and humour into it, and I think thats exactly what this artist has done.;It bears very closely on kingship, on the tradition of statecraft, of principled government. Its a really incredibly insightful portrayal of the human interactions which go to governing.;这是一种正面的劝导。艺术家的目的并不是想告诉别人哪些事不能做,而是告诉他们如何能够做得更好。每一幅场景都描述了宫廷女性应如何改善自己的行为举止、个性品行。画的主题是关于学习与改进。为了避免欣赏者对说教感到厌烦,艺术家还加入了机智幽默的内容。而且我认为这正是艺术家们所致力于打造的。画作的内容与为君之道密切相联,是对治国者与他人互动模式富有洞见的描画。Unfortunately Empress Jia was impervious to the poems moral message, and she carried on with her scandalous sexual exploits and her murderous activities. Some of her ruthlessness may have been warranted, since there were rebels stirring up civil war, and ultimately in 300 AD there was a successful coup. She was captured and forced to commit suicide.但遗憾的是,贾皇后并不为诗文所动,继续过着荒淫的生活。她的冷酷也许在某种程度上情有可原,因为当时有藩王叛乱引起内战。公元300年政变成功,贾皇后被俘获并赐死。201501/357031栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201512/413825

Penrose announced this result that when stars collapse indefinitely.当时彭罗斯告诉我这个结论 当恒星无限坍缩时they will become singular as long as some very broad conditions are satisfied他们会变得奇异 只需要满足一些很宽松的条件就会这样that everybody would have regarded as reasonable.很多人都同意这一点And I remember Stephen Hawking, who was then approaching我记得史蒂芬·霍金当时快要三年级了his third year as a research student, saying What very interesting results.他还是研究生 他说 多有趣的结果;I wonder whether they could be adapted to understanding the origin of the universe.我很好奇是否能应用它们 来理解宇宙的起源And what he had in mind, you see, was that if, just mentally you reverse the sense of time.他脑子里想的是 如果你像这样想像 让时光倒流you can think of the expanding universe as a collapsing system.那么这个正在膨胀的宇宙就会变成一个坍缩中的系统Its a bit like a very giant star collapsing.这就像一个异常巨大的恒星正在坍缩Roger Penrose proved that a dying star, collapsing under its own gravity.罗杰·彭罗斯明了 一个垂死的恒星会在其自身重力的作用下坍缩eventually shrinks to a singularity a point of infinite density and zero size.最后变成一个奇点 一个拥有无穷大密度而没有体积的点I realized that if I reversed the direction of time so that the collapse became an expansion.我意识到 如果我颠倒时间进行的方向 那么这个坍缩的过程就变成膨胀I could prove that the universe had a beginning.于是我就能明 宇宙确实是有起源的But my proof based on Einsteins theory of general relativity然而 我的明 是建立在爱因斯坦广义相对论的基础上also showed that we cannot understand how the universe began.这同时也表明我们无法理解 宇宙究竟是如何起源的because it showed that all scientific theories including general relativity itself break down at the beginning of the universe.因为它表明 所有的科学理论 包括广义相对论本身 都会在宇宙起源时分崩离析201604/435379

The universe is expanding.So does that mean theres a center from which everything is stretching outwards? I mean,it LOOKS like the center is here,because this point didnt move when we scaled.But we could just as easily have watched the scaling from this star,or this one,and they each;look;like the center.宇宙正在扩张。这是否就意味着存在一个中心,以此为点,所有事物都在向外延伸呢?我的意思是,看上去中心在这里,因为当我们进行度量时,这点并未移动。但是我们也可以轻易地把观测点移到这里,或者这里,它们“看”上去像是中心。In fact,ANY time you scale anything up or down,theres no real center to the scaling.I mean,this square was clearly scaled up from its center... I mean,its corner.I mean,that point over there.The point...is,sure there may be points that stay in the same place because of your frame of reference,which is why it appears to us as if the earth is the center of the expansion of the universe,but to someone in the Andromeda Galaxy it would appear that THEY were the center of the expansion.实际上,每当你把东西放大或缩小时,放大中心是不存在的。我的意思是,很明显这个正方形是从中间放大的......哦,还有角落。额,还有那里的一个点。这个点...实际上,当然会有在原地停留不动的点,这是你的参考系造成的,这也是为什么我们看上去地球像是,宇宙扩张的中心,但是对织女星系的某位来说,看上去,他们才是扩张的中心。In short,if youre too close-minded to view the universe from different perspectives,its easy to think youre at the center of the universe.Maybe thats the universes way of making us all feel special?But really,were not.长话短说,如果你思想太封闭,不愿从不同的角度观察宇宙,你很容易会觉得自己是宇宙的中心。可能这就是宇宙让我们感受到自己与众不同的方式?但实际上,我们并不特别。201503/364725

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