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信州区妇幼保健人民中医院祛除腋臭多少钱上饶镭射去痘印价格I want to send my best wishes to everyone celebrating Vaisakhi this year. This is a hugely important time for Sikhs across Britain and around the world, for them to come together with friends and family to celebrate the birth of the faith. 160 years ago, the first Sikh arrived in Britain. Since then, Sikhs have more than made their mark here – in business, in public services, in sport, culture, charity and beyond. Vaisakhi gives us a chance to celebrate that immense contribution and to share the success stories of British Sikhs: Of people like Tom Singh, who expanded a single clothes shop into a chain of 1,000 New Look stores around the world. Like Paul Uppal, the self-made businessman, who is the only Sikh MP serving in the House of Commons. Like Ravi Singh, from the charity Khalsa Aid, who rallied the community during the recent flooding to help with the clean-up. And like the remarkable marathon runner Fauja Singh – “the turbaned tornado” – who, at over 100, is still running and still inspiring millions. 2014 also marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. During that conflict, well over a million men from India fought for Britain. Many thousands of them were Sikhs – and many made the ultimate sacrifice. From the trenches of the Somme, to the deserts of the Middle East, they demonstrated the bravery and the courage that is so synonymous with Sikhism so I hope we can all pause this Vaisakhi to remember those who fought and fell for the freedoms we enjoy today. Vaisakhi is also a special time for Hindus, who are celebrating the beginning of their New Year. We salute their ancestors’ remarkable role in the First World War, and their role in British life too. So as we think about the contribution of these faith communities, past and present, let me, once again, wish everyone a very happy Vaisakhi.201502/360739上饶铅山县治疗痤疮多少钱 You all know this story.你们都知道这个故事.In the summer of 1950,在1950年的夏天,Enrico Fermi, the Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi,美籍意大利心理学家and atomic-pile builder,和原子堆创造者went to lunch at Los Alamos National Laboratory在Los Alamos国家实验室和一些同事们共进午餐,and joined some colleagues there, and asked them a question:问他们一些问题:;Where is everybody?;;大家都在哪里?;This confused his colleagues, obviously,很显然,这句话把大家整蒙了.because they were sitting right there with him.因为他们正跟他坐在一起.And then he had to clarify that he wasnt talking about them.当时他不得不解释说他不是在跟他们讲话.He was talking about the space aliens.他当时正和太空外星人讲话.You see, this was only a few years after你看,这件事发生在the supposed flying saucer crash新墨西哥州的罗斯威尔at Roswell, New Mexico.飞碟坠毁事件的几年之后.And even though that turned out to be nothing,虽然结果是什么都没有,nothing at all --什么都没有--merely a downed weather balloon仅仅是天上掉下来的一个气象气球,piloted by small hairless men一个张着大嘴的秃子with slits for mouths ...驾驶的气球.Still, America had gone saucer-mad,然而,美国人已经对飞碟过敏了,even famous scientists即使是正在吃饭的who were eating lunch.著名科学家.Fermis reasoning, if I may paraphrase badly,Fermi的推论,恕我诠释的不好,is that the universe is so vast这宇宙是如此的宽广that it stands to reason,顺理成章there should be other intelligent life out there.会有其它睿智的生命存在于宇宙中.And the universe is so old而且宇宙是如此的古老that unless we were the very first civilization ever to evolve,除非我们是第一个进化的文明,we should have some evidence of their existence by now.我们现在应该有一些外星人存在的据.And yet, to the best of our knowledge, we are alone.然而,据我们所知,我们是孤独的.;Where is everybody?; asked Fermi,;大家都在哪里?; Fermi问,and his colleagues had no answer.他和他的同事都没法回答.Fermi then went on with the same blunt logicFermi之后就继续用这种愚笨的逻辑to disprove fairies,去反驳童话,还有Sasquatch, God,大脚野人,上帝,the possibility of love --真爱的可能性--and thereafter, as you know,再后来,你也知道,Enrico Fermi ate alone.Enrico Fermi自此独自用餐.Now,现在,I am not a scientist.我不是一名科学家.I have never built an atomic pile.我从来没创造过原子堆.Although, I might argue that, technically,虽然,我很可能会争论,技术上讲.every pile is atomic.任何一个堆都是由原子构成的.However, with respect, I might point out two possibilities无论如何,带着景仰,我要指出Enrico Fermi也许that Enrico Fermi perhaps did not consider.没有考虑到的两种可能.One is that the aliens might be一种是外星人也许very far away.非常非常远.Perhaps, I dare say,大概吧,我敢说,even on other planets.甚至在其它的行星上.The other possibility --另一种可能性 --is, perhaps, Enrico Fermi himself就是,有可能 Enrico Fermi本人was an alien.就是一个外星人.Think about it.想像一下.Isnt it a little convenient在世界大战期间,that in the midst of the World War, out of nowhere,一个不知道哪里来的意大利科学家suddenly an Italian scientist showed up突然带着一种可以改变世界的with an amazing new technology令人吃惊的新技术that would transform everything in the world出现在世界面前,and darken the history of the human species forever after?并且自此改变了人类历史.这是不是太轻松了?And isnt it a little strange并且是不是有点奇怪that he required no payment for this?他并不要求任何报酬?That he asked for only one thing --他只要求一件事:a gift of two healthy sperm whales?要两个健康的抹香鲸作为礼物?Thats -- thats not true.当然,那并不是真的.But it is strange.不过太怪异了.And if Enrico Fermi were indeed a space alien,并且如果 Enrico Fermi当时真是一个外星人,wouldnt he be the first to have tried to convince他为什么不先去his fellow scientists尝试说他身边的科学家that the space aliens are not aly here?外星人还没有来过?For it is given in certain UFO-ology对于发表的飞碟学说or UFOlogy circles,或者不明飞行物学说,that the aliens are aly here and have been for millennia;他们认为外星人曾经来访并且千年之前就曾来过.that they have walked among us in disguise,他们带着伪装跟我们一起生活,observing us, guiding our evolution观察我们,引导我们进化from ape to man --从猿到人 --if you believe in that sort of thing --如果你相信这种东西的话.and, occasionally, kidnapping us in their flying saucers并且,他们偶然把我们绑架到他们的飞碟and taking us away to have sex with us in pyramids.并把我们带到金字塔里发生性关系.Its a difficult theory to discount,这是一个没有人相信的深奥的理论,I think youll agree.我想你也这么认为的.For even in my own life,即使在我的生活中there are memories I have也有些回忆是我很难that are difficult to explain --能够解释的通的 --happenings that are so odd and unaccountably weird,有些事情就那么非常神奇的,莫明奇妙的发生了.that it is difficult to imagine所以很难想像they were not the result我们的一生中,of prolonged and frequent contact with aliens throughout my life.他们始终坚持并且频繁的联系外星人For how else will you explain对于其它你要说的the amazing and absolutely true那些我亲身经历的close encounters that I had令人吃惊并且绝对真实的遭遇and will describe to you now?我现在就告诉你.201506/380609上饶去抬头纹要多少钱

上饶市第三人民医院整形美容科Its used to change the scene.它被用来转换话题。So for example, this Sally person says,比如说,这个萨莉说,So I need to find people to chill with and Jake says, Haha,you could write a dissertation about Haha too, but we dont have time for that.Haha so youre going by yourself? Why?我想找个伴儿来陪我然后,杰克说,哈哈你也可以写一篇关于哈哈的论文,但是我们没有时间聊它了。哈哈,所以你自己去?为什么?For this summer program at NYU.是今天夏天在纽约的项目。Haha. Slash Im watching this with suns players trying to shoot with one eye.哈哈。对了,我正在看这个视频,太阳队的球员正试着用一只眼投篮。The slash is interesting.这个Slash在这里很有趣。I dont really even know what Jake is talking about after that,我都不知道杰克这之后到底在说些什么,but you notice that hes changing the topic.但是大家注意到他在转换话题。Now that seems kind of mundane,这看上去很平常,but think about how in real life,但是想想我们的现实生活,if were having a conversation and we want to change the topic,如果我们在谈话中想转换话题,there are ways of doing it gracefully.有很多很好的方式。You dont just zip right into it.你不会随便地单刀直入。Youll pat your thighs and look wistfully off into the distance,你会拍拍大腿然后若有所思的看着远方,or youll say something like, Hmm, makes you think when it really didnt, but what youre really what youre really trying to do is change the topic.或者你会说,嗯...来假装你在思考着,但实际上,实际上你正在试图切换话题。You cant do that while youre texting,你没有办法在短信里这么做,and so ways are developing of doing it within this medium.所以在这个交流媒介里产生了各种转换话题的方法。All spoken languages have what a linguist calls a new information marker-or two, or three.任何口语都有语言学家称作的一个或者两到三个的新信息标记词(话题转换词)。Texting has developed one from this slash.短信用这个slash(斜线)作为一个新信息产生的标记。So we have a whole battery of new constructions that are developing, and yet its easy to think,于是我们有了这些充满活力的新语言结构,然而人们还是很容易的认为,well, something is still wrong.还是有问题。Theres a lack of structure of some sort.它(短信)缺乏某种结构。Its not as sophisticated它不像华尔街日报上使用的语言as the language of The Wall Street Journal.那么有深度。Well, the fact of the matter is,实际上,look at this person in 1956,看看这个人在1956年写的,and this is when texting doesnt exist,那时短信还没有出现,I Love Lucy is still on the air.我爱露西(美国50年代当红肥皂剧)还在热播。Many do not know the alphabet or multiplication table,很多人都不会拼写字母或者背乘法口诀表,cannot write grammatically Weve heard that sort of thing before,也不会按照语法写作—我们以前就听到这种抱怨,not just in 1956. 1917, Connecticut schoolteacher.并不仅仅在1956年。1917年,康涅狄格州的教师也这样。201511/411816上饶玉山县激光去除雀斑费用 江西省上饶去斑多少钱

上饶余干县治疗黄褐斑要多少钱Now if you have trouble maintaining your diet,it might help to have some extra imagery to remind you how many calories are going to be coming at you.如果你不能保持节食,一些图像也许会有助于提醒你食物里有多少热量。How about enabling the pathologist to use their cell phone again to see at a microscopic level and to lumber that data back to the cloud and make better diagnostics?让病理学家能用他们的手机在显微水平观察把数据放回云端信息来做更好的诊断会怎样?In fact, the whole era of laboratory medicine is completely changing.实际上,整个实验医学时代完全变了。We can now leverage microfluidics,like this chip made by Steve Quake at Stanford. 我们能利用微流体,像斯坦福的Steve Quake公司制造的芯片。Microfluidics can replace an entire lab of technicians.微流体能替代整个实验室的技术员。Put it on a chip, enable thousands of tests to be done at the point of care, anywhere in the world.把它放在一个芯片上,能做几千个测试在世界任何地方都可以做。And this is really going to leverage technology to the rural and the under-served and enable what used to be thousand-dollar tests to be done at pennies and at the point of care.这将真正地从技术上获益,那些农村和保障不发达地区能让过去上千块的测试减到几分钱在护理方面上讲。If we go down the small pathway a little bit farther,were entering the era of nanomedicine,the ability to make devices super small to the point where we can design red blood cells or microrobots that will monitor our blood system or immune system,or even those that might clear out the clots from our arteries. 如果在这条小路上走得稍微远一点,我们将来到纳米医学时代,能将装置做得超小小到我们可以设计血红细胞或者微型机器人来监测我们的血液系统或免疫系统,或者甚至清除动脉里的血栓。Now how about exponentially cheaper?如果指数更加便宜会怎样?Not something we usually think about in the era of medicine,but hard disks used to be 3,400 dollars for 10 megabytes-exponentially cheaper. 在医学领域,这种便宜不是我们通常认为的那样,而是10MB硬盘过去3400美元-指数便宜。In genomics now,the genome cost about a billion dollars about 10 years ago when the first one came out. 在基因组学,基因组价值约10亿美元10年前当第一个基因组出现的时候。Were now approaching essentially a thousand-dollar genome-probably next year to two years, probably a hundred-dollar genome.我们现在基本上可以1000美元买到。也许今后一两年,100美元的基因组会出现。What are we going to do with hundred-dollar genomes?我们能用100美元的基因组做什么呢?And soon well have millions of these tests available.不久以后我们可以进行上百万的测试。And thats when it gets interesting, when we start to crowdsource that information.那就是当它变得有趣的时候,当我们开始集中信息资源的时候。And we enter the era of true personalized medicine,the right drug for the right person at the right time,instead of what were doing today, which is the same drug for everybody,sort of blockbuster drug medications,medications which dont work for you, the individual. 我们进入了真正的个人化医学时代,在正确的时间为正确的人制造正确的药,而不是像现在我们这样,给每个人同样的药物,一种药物治疗的混乱,对你个人不一定有效。And many, many different companies are working on leveraging these approaches.很多不同的公司正在利用这些方法。And Ill also show you a simple example, from 23andMe again.我会给你一个简单的例子,还是来自23andMe。My data indicates that Ive got about average risk for developing macular degeneration, a kind of blindness.我的数据表明我已经达到平均风险系数对于黄斑病变,一种失明病。But if I take that same data, upload it to deCODEme,I can look at my risk for sample type 2 diabetes. 但是如果我把同样的数据上传到deCODEme,比如我能看到我得2型糖尿病的风险指数。Im at almost twice the risk for type 2 diabetes.我现在差不多有2倍的风险得2型糖尿病。I might want to watch how much dessert I have at the lunch break for example.例如我也许想看到午饭的时候吃多少甜点。It might change my behavior.这也许能改变我的行为。Leveraging my knowledge of my pharmacogenomics,how my genes modulate, what my drugs do and what doses I need are going to become increasingly important,and once in the hands of the individual and the patient,will make better drug dosing and selection available. 利用我基因测试学的知识,我的基因怎样调整,我的药物作用是什么和我需要什么将变得越来越重要,在个人和患者手中的时候,将使得可用的药物选择和用更好。So again, its not just genes, its multiple details our habits, our environmental exposure.所以不仅是基因,有多种因素,我们的习惯,我们的环境。When was the last time your physician asked you where youve lived?上次医生问你住在哪里是什么时间?Geomedicine: where youve lived, what youve been exposed to,can dramatically affect your health. 风土医学:你住在哪里,你接触过什么能极大影响你的健康。We can capture that information.我们能抓住这些信息。So genomics, proteomics, the environment,all this data streaming at us individually and us, as poor physicians,how do we manage it? 因此基因组学,蛋白组学,环境,所有数据涌向我们作为个体人和医生们。我们怎样管理它们呢?Well were now entering the era of systems medicine, or systems biology,where we can start to integrate all of this information. 我们正在进入系统医学或者系统生物学时代,我们能开始集成这些信息。And by looking at the patterns, for example, in our blood of 10,000 biomarkers in a single test,we can start to look at these little patterns and detect disease at a much earlier stage.通过这些式样,例如,在我们的血液中一个测试中有10000个生物标记,我们能看这些小的式样在非常早期发现疾病。This has been called by Lee Hood, the father of the field,P4 medicine.这个领域的创始人,李?胡德叫这种方法为P4医学。Were going to be predictive; were going to know what youre likely to have.我们将能预测;我们能知道我们可能会怎样。We can be preventative; that prevention can be personalized;and more importantly, its going to become increasingly participatory. 我们能预防;这种预防性可以个人化;更重要的是,它将变得共享。Through websites like Patients Like Me or managing your data on Microsoft HealthVault or Google Health,leveraging this together in participatory ways is going to become increasingly important. 虽然一些网站像Patients Like Me,微软HealthVault或者谷歌Health可以管理数据,用共享的方式利用数据将变得越来越重要。So Ill finish up with exponentially better.我将以指数地更好前景来做结束。Wed like to get therapies better and more effective.我们会得到更好更有效的治疗。Now today we treat high blood pressure mostly with pills.如今我们通常通过吃药治疗高血压。What if we take a new device and knock out the nerve vessels that help mediate blood pressure and in a single therapy to cure hypertension?如果我们用一种新装置敲打神经血管帮助调节血压一次治疗就能治愈高血压。This is a new device that is essentially doing that.这是做这种治疗的一种新装置。It should be on the market within a year or two.它应该能在一两年内投放市场。How about more targeted therapies for cancer?更具目标性的癌症治疗会怎样呢?Right, Im an oncologist and I have to say most of what we give is actually poison.对,我是肿瘤学家,我不得不说大多数我们开的药实际上是毒药。Weve learned at Stanford and other places that we can discover cancer stem cells,the ones that seem to be really responsible for disease relapse. 我们在斯坦福和其他地方学到,我们可以发现癌症干细胞,可能是癌症复发的真正原因。So if you think of cancer as a weed,we often can whack the weed away. 如果你把癌症看作一个种子,我们通常能够去除这个种子。It seems to shrink, but it often comes back.它好像萎缩了,但它经常又重新复发。So were attacking the wrong target.所以我们正在去除错误的目标体。The cancer stem cells remain,and the tumor can return months or years later. 癌症干细胞仍存在,肿瘤能在几个月或几年后重新长出来。Were now learning to identify the cancer stem cells and identify those as targets and go for the long-term cure.我们现在学会了鉴定癌症干细胞作为鉴定目标体来进行长期治疗。And were entering the era of personalized oncology,the ability to leverage all of this data together,analyze the tumor and come up with a real, specific cocktail for the individual patient. 我们正在进入个人化肿瘤学时代,利用汇集所有数据的能力,分析肿瘤并提出来针对每一个患者而采用的一个真正的,明确的鸡尾酒疗法。Now Ill close with regenerative medicine.最后我会讲讲再生医学。So Ive studied a lot about stem cells embryonic stem cells are particularly powerful.我对干细胞研究很多,胚胎干细胞尤其强大。We also have adult stem cells throughout our body.我们有遍布我们身体的成体干细胞。201504/370332 Hi, everybody.This weekend is Memorial Day—a time to pay tribute to all our men and women in uniform whove ever given their lives so that we can live in freedom and security.This year, the holiday is especially meaningful.Its the first Memorial Day since our war ended in Afghanistan.大家好!本周末是阵亡将士纪念日。这是我们缅怀那些为了让我们享有自由和安宁的生活而牺牲自己生命的男女将士的日子。今年,这一节日的意义显得尤为特别。因为这是阿富汗战争结束之后的第一个纪念日。On Monday, at Arlington Cemetery, Ill join our Gold Star families, veterans, and their loved ones to remember all our fallen heroes, including the more than 2,200 American patriots who gave their lives in Afghanistan.And I plan to share a few of their stories.下周一,在阿林顿公墓,我将与我们的金星家庭、退伍军人以及他们的亲人们一起纪念所有逝去的英烈,这其中包括2200多名在阿富汗牺牲的爱国人士。下面,我将向大家介绍一些他们的事迹。Growing up in Arizona, Wyatt Martin loved the outdoors.To him, a great day was a day spent fishing.After high school, he enlisted in the Army because he believed that the blessings he enjoyed as an American came with an obligation to give back to his country.亚利桑那长大的怀特·马丁酷爱户外活动。对他而言,最美妙的日子就是出去钓鱼。高中毕业以后,他登记参军,因为他认为作为一个美国人,他得到了这个国家给予他的幸福,而他有责任回报祖国。Ramon Morris was born in Jamaica, and as a teenager came to Queens.Like so many proud immigrants, he felt a calling to serve his new country and joined the Army.He fell in love, got engaged, and the thing he wanted most was to make the world safer for his three-year-old daughter.雷蒙·莫里斯生于牙买加,十多岁的时候来到纽约皇后区。与众多满怀自豪感的移民一样,他感觉到为新的祖国务的召唤,走进了军营。之后他遇到了他的另一半并定下终身,他最大的希望就是让他三岁大的女儿生活的这个世界更安全。In their lives, Specialist Wyatt Martin and Sergeant First Class Ramon Morris travelled different paths.But in December, their paths intersected as the final two Americans to give their lives during our combat mission in Afghanistan.技术专家怀特·马丁和上士雷蒙·莫里斯,这两个人的人生轨迹各异。但去年的十二月,两位在阿富汗的一次战斗任务中牺牲,结束了他们的人生旅程。This weekend also reminds us that, around the world, our men and women in uniform continue to serve and risk their lives.In Afghanistan, our troops now have a new mission—training and advising Afghan forces.John Dawson was one of them.From Massachusetts, he loved the Bruins and the Pats.In April, he gave his life as an Army combat medic—the first American to give his life in this new mission.This Memorial Day, well honor Corporal Dawson as well.这个周末也提醒我们,在世界各地,我们的男女将士依然在冒着生命危险为国务。在阿富汗,我们的部队有了一项新的使命,为阿富汗军队提供训练和指导。约翰·道森就是其中的一位。他来自马萨诸塞州,是棕熊队(冰球)和爱国者队(橄榄球)的粉丝。今年四月,身为军医的他献出了自己的生命,这也是在这场新的任务中牺牲的第一位美国人。在这个纪念日里,我们也要纪念道森下士。Like generations of heroes before them, these Americans gave everything they had—not for glory, not even for gratitude, but for something greater than themselves.We cannot bring them back.Nor can we ease the pain of their families and friends who live with their loss.与这些人一样,以前的无数英烈们,他们付出了所有一切,不是为了荣耀,也不是为了得到感激,而是为了那些比他们自身更伟大的东西。我们无法让他们重生。也无法抹平他们的牺牲带给他们家人朋友的伤痛。But we are the Americans they died to defend.So what we can do—what we must do—is fulfill our sacred obligations to them, just like they fulfilled theirs to us.We have to honor their memory.We have to care for their families, and our veterans who served with them.And as a nation, we have to remain worthy of their sacrifice—forever committed to the country they loved and the freedom they fought for and died for.但我们正是他们用生命捍卫的美国人民。因此我们可以做、必须做的就是承担起我们对他们的责任,就像他们当初为我们付出一样。我们要记住他们,关心他们的家人,以及和他们并肩战斗过的退伍军人。全国人民都要牢记他们的牺牲代表的价值:永远爱护他们深爱的祖国,永远热爱他们为之战斗乃至牺牲生命换来的自由。Thank you, have a wonderful weekend, and may God bless our fallen heroes and their families.谢谢大家,祝周末愉快,愿上帝保佑我们逝去的英烈和他们的家人。201506/378992上饶激光去红血丝的价格上饶县妇幼保健人民中医院做红色胎记手术多少钱




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