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Drinking rules酒品销售条例Behind the Zion curtain锡安山之幕The drinks flow more freely, except in Utah;酒;欲横流;;犹他除外ALMOST 80 years after the repeal of Prohibition, the sale of wine and spirits remains partly or wholly in government hands in a third of Americarsquo;s states. But in these tough times economic considerations are starting to outweigh moral concerns. On November 8th Washingtonrsquo;s voters approved plans to privatise the statersquo;s 328 liquor outlets and open the business to warehouse stores and supermarkets. Budget planners think the change could bring in an extra m a year from licence fees. The victory for the Yes campaign;secured with .5m from Costco, a warehouse-store chain, the record for a donation to a Washington ballot initiative;reduces the number of controlled states to 17, following similar moves by West Virginia and Iowa years ago. Other states considering opening the spigots include North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.在禁酒法案废止近80年后,美国有三分之一州的白酒或葡萄酒销售权部分或者完全的掌握政府手中。但是在经济困难时期对经济的考量超过了道德约束。11月8日,华盛顿进行投票,计划将全国328个白酒分销机构私有化,同时不再限制大商场及超市的白酒销售。预算案的制定者认为此举将带来八千万美元的额外许可费收益。美国批发巨头COSTCO投入2250万美元用于推动解除酒类销售限制的运动,它的胜利使得美国对酒品销售实行控制的州减少到17个,此前几年弗吉尼亚州和爱荷华州均取消了对酒类销售的限制。Opponents will not give up without a fight. They wield studies that point to increases in consumption and car accidents after laws are loosened. But nowhere is liberalisation resisted more staunchly than in Mormon-dominated Utah, where even strong beer has to be sold through publicly owned stores. Its restrictive distribution system is under the spotlight thanks to an ongoing bid-rigging scandal at the state-run alcohol monopoly. But the forces arrayed against reform are strong, including the speaker of the state Senate and anti-drink-driving pressure groups. The odds of privatisation are ;a small fraction of those of seeing a Mormon in the White House,; sighs one lawmaker.反对者们在做最后的斗争之前是绝不会轻易放弃的。他们挥舞着调查报告称由于法律对酒类销售的放宽使其销售节节攀升并间接导致酒后驾车事故的不断增多。在酒类销售限制方面没有哪个州可以跟犹他州相比,在犹他州即使烈性啤酒也只能在公营商店才能买得到。犹他州白酒专营丑闻的曝光使得其严格的白酒销售网络得以被公开。但是放宽酒类销售的改革还面临着诸多的压力,比如来自国会议员的反对和酒驾团体的抗议。问题的棘手之处在于;白宫里的一小撮反对饮酒的门教徒;。Worse, Utahrsquo;s famously tough and complicated rules on the way drinks are stored and served in bars and restaurants have been growing more restrictive, not less so. The shackles had loosened a bit during the governorship of Jon Huntsman, whose administration worried that jokes about being ;slower than Salt Lake City on a Saturday night; were a turn-off to party-minded skiers (Utah has some of the best slopes in North America). Bars no longer had to set themselves up as private clubs that charged would-be drinkers membership fees, for instance. After Mr Huntsman left to become Barack Obamarsquo;s ambassador to China, however, the reactionaries regained the initiative.更加糟糕的是,犹他州在酒类存储和销售路径方面的严格限制非但没有放松反而变得更加苛刻。在JONHUNTSMAN任犹他州州长期间对酒类销售的限制曾有所放松,因为他担心他的官员们害怕那些关于;周六晚上比盐湖城还迟钝;的笑话会让想要狂欢的滑雪游客避开犹他。(犹他有一些全北美洲最好的滑雪坡)至少从现在看,酒吧不用像私人俱乐部那样向可能的饮酒者收取会费。后来亨斯顿进入奥巴马政府并去了中国任驻华大使,反对酒类销售的人又开始活跃起来。Under one new law, restaurants opened after January 2010, even those that serve nothing more potent than beer, have to erect a barrier along the length of the bar that shields under-age punters from the sight of drinks being stored or poured. These walls, often made of frosted glass, are known locally as ;Zion curtains;. These establishmentsrsquo; beer sales cannot exceed 30% of their total revenue. The same law bans all-day discounts on drinks, introduced by many bars in recent years to get around the ban on happy hours. Doubles have long been illegal. Licensed restaurants must use ID scanners on customers who look younger than 35.根据新的法律规定,2010年1月以后开始营业的餐馆饭店,无论提供何种饮料哪怕只是啤酒都必须沿酒吧前台设置隔挡,避免未到法定饮酒年龄的年轻人看到酒类的储藏及倾倒。这种横档通常都用磨砂玻璃制成,被当地人称为;锡安山之幕;。这种酒的的销售不能超过其年销售总额的30%。法律还规定,禁止对酒类饮料全天打折,以前酒吧饭店常采用这种打折手法绕过法律的限制在节假日促销酒类。Bars and restaurants are regularly tripped up by a strict a system for new licences, which is based on Utahrsquo;s population growth. A number of places that had been awarded permits for all types of alcohol had them taken away in October because the increase in headcount was below projections. These can now serve only beer that is 3.2% or less alcohol. To cap it all, pubs and eateries have to pay the same 80-90% markup for their booze as consumers do in the state-run stores. With so many hoops to jump through and extra costs to absorb, it is no wonder that some chains are slowing their expansion in the state or choosing to focus elsewhere. As the souvenir shot glasses say: ;Eat, drink and be merry;tomorrow you may be in Utah.;酒吧和饭店经常被严格的配额制度所限制,随着犹他州人口数量的不断增长他们不得不重新申请领的经销许可。十月份将有很多地方的酒类经营许可将会被收回,因为人口增长量低于许可的颁发量。这些地方(被取消许可)后现在只能出售度数不高于3.2的酒(那里销售的啤酒只占其他地区的3.2%),白酒甚至更低。最糟的是,这些酒吧和餐厅必须和在国营商店里购买酒类的消费者一样付比原价高80%到90%的金额(为了达到销售的上限,这些酒吧餐馆不得不像在国营商店里购买酒类的消费者们那样拿出涨价额的80%到90%用于酒馆的运营)。有这么多的;火圈;要钻,有这么多的额外出需要去付,难怪酒类运营商纷纷放慢了他们在犹他州扩展的步伐转而投资其他地区。就像是一个纪念杯子上镌刻的文字一样;尽情吃喝, 开怀畅饮吧;;明天到了犹他州,就没机会了;privatise v. 私有化loosen v. 松动shackles n.束缚illegal adj.违法的headcount n.点名人数, 所有在场的人数163165High-Level Negotiations on WTO Global Trade Pact to ResumeWTO全球贸易谈判将重新启动Trade ministers from over 35 countries have agreed to resume high level negotiations later this month to break a deadlock that has jeopardized efforts to clinch a global trade pact. The U.S. trade representative says the global economic crisis has made it imperative to move ahead with a new trade deal.来自35个国家的贸易部长们星期五决定在本月重新启动高层谈判,打破僵局,争取签署一份全球性贸易协议。美国贸易代表柯克说,全球经济危机是促使新的贸易谈判重新开始的主要因素。The chief negotiators of World Trade Organization members will meet in Geneva starting September 14 to grapple with issues that brought about the collapse of global trade talks last year.世界贸易组织成员国的首席谈判代表将于9月14日起聚首日内瓦就导致去年全球贸易谈判失败的相关议题进行讨论。The agreement to resume high level talks on what is called the "Doha Round" came in New Delhi Friday following a two-day "informal meeting" of trade ministers from over 35 key countries.来自35个重要国家的贸易部长们在印度出席为期两天的非正式会议,并于星期五达成共识,决定重新启动世贸组织高层谈判,也就是所谓的“多哈回合”。Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma called it a "breakthrough," and said there was a unanimous affirmation of the need to clinch a new trade deal. 印度商业和工业部长阿南德.夏尔马(Anand Sharma)称这个决定是一个“突破”,他说,各国一致认为有必要达成新的全球贸易协议。"There has been a breakthrough in this meeting. If I can use this expression, the impasse in resuming the negotiations has been broken," he said.“这次会议有一个突破性的发展。加入我能这么说的话,那就意味着先前妨碍恢复谈判的僵局已经被打破。”India hosted the meet in a bid to revive the stalled trade talks.印度主办这次会议就是希望重新启动停摆的多哈回合贸易谈判。The main issues holding up the trade pact are worries by developing countries that liberalized trade could adversely impact the livelihood of millions of poor farmers, who may not be able to compete with cheap food imports from developed countries. Proposals to eliminate tariffs entirely on some industrial goods are also a contentious issue.多哈谈判暂停的主因是一些发展中国家担心贸易自由化会给他们国内数百万贫穷农户的生计带来负面影响,由于发达国家粮食价格低廉,这些贫穷的农户生产的粮食可能无法和从发达国家进口的粮食竞争。有关完全取消部分工业产品关税的计划也是一项有争议性的议题。The Indian trade minister expressed optimism that a deal will be struck by next year.印度商业和工业部长对谈判前景表示乐观,认为协议会在明年达成。U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, who attended the New Delhi meeting, however warned that "hard work" remains to be done because WTO members have not yet found common ground. He says "substance and content" will drive the process - not setting a deadline.不过,参加新德里会议的美国贸易代表罗恩.柯克(Ron Kirk)警告,“艰难的任务”仍有待完成,世界贸易组织成员国之间尚未取得共识。他说,具体讨论的“重点”和“内容”才是过程中的关键,而不是设定一个最后期限。Kirk called on big developing countries like India and China, whose economies are growing rapidly, to do more to open their markets to free trade.柯克呼吁像印度和中国这样的大型发展中国家,其经济增长快速,应该更加开放他们的市场,实行贸易自由化。"All of us, but particularly those countries, that have the ability to make a contribution to the world's economy, including the advanced developing economies of India, Brazil, China and South Africa have I think an added responsibility to make the tough decisions in order to bring Doha to a successful conclusion," he said.“我们大家都有责任,但特别是那些有能力为世界经济作出大贡献的国家,包括先进的发展中国家印度、巴西、中国和南非,我认为他们更有责任为成功完成多哈回合谈判作出一些艰难的决定。”The U.S. trade representative says the global economic crisis should push countries to conclude a new trade deal, which could help to pull the world out of a recession.美国贸易代表说,全球经济危机应该会促使各国达成一个新的贸易协议,这个协议将有助于带动世界走出衰退。But a huge rally by thousands of farmers in New Delhi on Thursday calling on the government to "ditch Doha" symbolized the political problems that may lie ahead for developing countries in striking a deal.不过,数千名农民在会议期间走上新德里街头要求政府放弃多哈回合,这显示发展中国家在跟发达国家达成贸易协议的过程中可能不得不面对很多政治问题。The Doha talks began in 2001 with the aim of liberalizing trade, and lifting millions of people out of poverty by giving a boost to global commerce.多哈回合谈判始于2001年,目的是通过贸易自由化和刺激全球商贸来帮助数以百万计的穷人摆脱贫困。09/83398Interest Rate Cuts, Job Losses Hit European Markets欧洲各中央降息应对衰退恐惧It is another nervous day on the trading floors in Europe as various European banks dropped interest rates again. The move is designed to address fears that Europe could get caught up in a deep and difficult recession, spanning all of . 随着欧洲各中央再次削减利率,欧洲股票交易所经历了又一个紧张的交易日。削减利率的举动是为了对付欧洲可能会陷入一场持续明年全年的严重衰退的恐惧。The European Central Bank cut interest rates by 0.75 percent - its biggest ever move and its third cut in two months. 欧洲中央将利率削减了75个基点,这是该有史以来做出的最大的降息,也是两个月来的第3次。Recent economic data in the 15-nation Eurozone has been grim and many European countries have been calling for this latest drop. 15国欧元区最近出台的经济数据都相当黯淡。很多欧洲国家都呼吁采取最近做出的降息行动。Elsewhere in Europe, even stronger medicine was administered. The Swedish Central Bank cut rates by 1.75 points - a record there. In London, the Bank of England dropped rates one percent to a level not seen since 1951. 在欧洲其他地方,一些国家给经济下了更猛的药。瑞士中央将利率削减了1点75个百分点,创下记录。在伦敦,英格兰降息1个百分点,使利率达到自1951年以来没有见过的水平。Economist George Johns from Barclays Capital says the move has not come as a surprise to those in London's financial district. 巴克莱资本公司的经济学家约翰斯说,对于伦敦金融区的人来说,这个举动并不是一个意外。"The city was expecting something in the region of a percentage point cut," he said. "That is what we got. I think looking ahead, we are going to see more decisive action from the bank and I would see rates falling perhaps another percentage point over the coming months to a one-percentage trough." 他说:“伦敦本来预期会出现一个百分点左右的降息。这也是我们所得到的降息幅度。我认为,今后,我们会看到英格兰采取更加果断的行动,而且在今后几个月的时间里,我会看到利率也许会再下降一个百分点,达到1%的低谷。”As is the case elsewhere in Europe, the British economy is stagnant and real estate, in particular, is taking a big hit. Throughout Britain, home foreclosures are increasing and mortgage lending is down a massive 70 percent from one year ago.  就像欧洲其他地方一样,英国经济停滞不前,房地产尤其受到冲击。在整个英国,丧失房屋赎回权的案例在增加,房屋贷款比一年前大幅度减少了70%。Michael Coogan from the Council of Mortgage Lenders says the hope is most of this latest cut will be passed on to help get the property market moving again, but as he points out, there is also a downside for savers. 房贷理事会的库根说,现在的希望是,最新削减的利率的大部分将会传导到借款者,从而帮助房地产市场再次启动起来。但是正像他所指出的那样,对于储蓄的人来说,这个做法也存在不利的一面。"I think where lenders can pass it on to borrowers they will," he said. "But actually the moral obligation to the very many savers who rely on investment income, charities similarly, they are going to want their savings rate to be kept up. And indeed for economic purposes, we want savings rates to be kept up to encourage savings because it is the savings money that can be lent out next year." 他说:“我认为,如果提供贷款的机构能够把更低的利息传导给借款者,他们会这样做。但是从道义上来讲,对于很多依靠投资收入的储蓄者来说,他们希望保持较高的储蓄利率。确实,出于经济目的,我们希望通过保持较高的储蓄利率来鼓励储蓄,因为到来年,要用这些存款来发放贷款。”Beside the interest rate drops, the markets here were again influenced by a series of job cuts. 除了削减利率,欧洲的股市也再次受到一系列裁员的影响。Banking giant Credit Suisse announced it is eliminating another 5,300 jobs after revealing a net loss of .5 billion in October and November. 巨头瑞士信贷在10月和11月份出现了25亿美元的净亏损之后宣布再裁减5千3百个工作。In London, the Japanese financial group Nomura says it will cut up to 1,000 jobs in its British operation. Earlier this year, Nomura bought parts of the failed U.S. bank, Lehman Brothers. 日本金融集团野村表示,公司将削减多达1千个设在英国的职位。今年早些时候,野村购买了倒闭的美国雷曼兄弟的部分资产。200812/58004

Begins With Bombs, Rockets in Gaza, Over 400 Palestinians Killed加沙在以军第六天空袭中迎来元旦 The new year began with the sixth day of Israeli air strikes in Gaza and with Hamas rockets hitting southern Israel. Gaza officials put the Palestinian death toll at around 400. 伴随着以色列对加沙的空袭进入第六天,新的一年来到了。同时哈马斯继续向以色列南部发射火箭弹。加沙官员表示,空袭造成的死亡人数大约有400人。The new year began in Gaza with the sound of explosions.  伴随着阵阵爆炸声,加沙进入了新的一年。Israeli war planes again struck at targets that included government ministries and the local parliament in Gaza City, a police center in Rafah in southern Gaza and underground tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border that are routinely used to smuggle in food, cigarettes and weapons. 以色列战机继续轰炸加沙一些目标,包括政府各部、加沙城地方议会、加沙南部拉法赫一个警察中心和加沙-埃及边界的地下通道,它们被经常用来向加沙偷运食品、香烟和武器。Hamas security sources say political leader Nizar Rayyan was killed during the strikes along with members of his family. He was an outspoken advocate of renewing suicide bombings against the Jewish state. 哈马斯安全部门消息人士说,政治领导人尼萨.拉彦及其家人在空袭中被炸死。It's now the sixth straight day of bombings and on the line from Gaza City, Palestinian journalist Mohammed Dawwas tells VOA, the Israeli bombing went on through the night.  新年这天是以色列对加沙连续轰炸的第六天,巴勒斯坦记者穆罕默德.达瓦斯对美国之音记者说,以色列整夜都在轰炸。DAWWAS:"We couldn't go to sleep since that time. It's deteriorating. For me, it was one of the worst nights. Today was supposed to be the beginning of the year, New Year's day. 达瓦斯说:“从轰炸开始,我们在夜里就无法入睡。今天情况更加糟糕。我认为,新年第一夜是最糟糕的。今天应该应该是新一年的开始,是元旦。”PACE:"Is there bombing going on right now?" 佩斯问达瓦斯:“现在还在轰炸吗?”DAWWAS:"Well, there was. They're shelling from the sea right now. I've been seeing with my own eyes because I live in a high building."  达瓦斯答道:“刚才有过,现在他们正从海上炮击加沙。我住在一幢高楼里,这是我亲眼见到的。”Militants again fired rockets into Israel, one hitting a multi-story residential building in the city of Ashdod, more than 30 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip.  激进分子继续向以色列发射火箭弹,其中一枚击中了在加沙地带以北30多公里的阿什杜德市的一幢高层居民楼。Israel says it is targeting militants associated with the rocket attacks and the infrastructure of Hamas, the Islamic faction that controls the Gaza Strip. 以色列说,以色列打击的是跟火箭弹袭击有关联的激进分子和控制加沙地带的伊斯兰派系哈马斯的基础设施。Israel says it had no choice but to strike at Hamas after talks on extending a six-month truce broke down and militants stepped up rocket and mortar attacks against southern Israel. 以色列表示,以色列跟哈马斯就延长六个月停火的谈判破裂之后,激进分子加紧了对以色列南部的火箭弹和迫击炮弹袭击,因此以色列除了对哈马斯进行打击别无选择。Gaza is a densely populated strip of land and U.N. aid officials report that among those killed in the Israeli bombings are at least 60 Palestinian civilians, including more than 30 children.  加沙是一块人口密集的狭长地带,联合国援助人员报告说,以色列空袭炸死的人里至少有60名巴勒斯坦平民百姓,其中有30多人是儿童。Mohammed Dawwas says the bombings have taken a toll on the people of Gaza.  达瓦斯说,以色列的轰炸给加沙人带来损失。"I have been out [in Gaza City]," Dawwas said. "I just got back a few hours ago. The situation is so bad. You do not see people - it is like empty streets. The only people you see are queing [lining up] to buy a bag of b or something like this. And it will take you three hours just to buy a sack of b. Otherwise the Gaza streets are completely empty. It is like a ghost town."  达瓦斯说:“这段时间我没有在加沙城,几个小时之前刚回来。局势非常糟糕。你看不见人,街道上空空如也。你唯一能看到的是那些排队买面包等食品的人。买一袋面包足让你等上三个小时。否则的话,加沙的街道上空无一人。”Israel is allowing convoys with humanitarian supplies into Gaza and is allowing some Palestinians into Israel for medical treatment.  以色列现在允许运送人道主义物资的车队进入加沙,还允许一些巴勒斯坦人到以色列接受救治。Israel has rejected international pressure for a temporary cease-fire, saying the time is not right. Israel has amassed troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers around Gaza for a possible ground offensive. Officials say the strikes will not stop until the Palestinian militants halt rocket attacks against Israel. 以色列拒绝了国际社会提出的临时停火建议,他们声称,现在还不是恰当时机。以色列在加沙周围集结军队、坦克和装甲运兵车,为可能发动的地面进攻做准备。以色列有关官员说,除非巴勒斯坦激进分子停止向以色列发射火箭弹,否则空袭不会停止。01/60227

语言能力的高低和老年性痴呆症的发生有什么关系呢?我们来看看下面这则新闻。Researchers followed a small group of Catholic nuns, testing them for any signs of memory problems. After their death, their brains were examined for the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. However, some with signs of Alzheimer’s in their brains had not shown any signs of memory difficulties. The researchers next analyzed essays that many of the participants had written when they were around 20 years old. They found that the language was far more complex in the group of women without memory problems. The researchers conclude that superior language skills early in life may predict the brain’s ability to cope with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease decades later, due to differences in mental reserves.07/77231Just one month before the 2010 midterm elections, a new public opinion poll shows that Arab-American voters favor Democrats over Republicans by a wide margin. The survey also finds that discrimination against Arab Americans appears to be on the rise.在2010年美国中期选举即将举行的一个月之前完成的一项新的民意测验显示,阿拉伯裔美国选民大都持民主党。这项民意测验还发现,对阿拉伯裔美国人的歧视似乎呈上升趋势。Americans go to the polls next month to cast their votes against during a time of continued economic distress and unresolved conflicts across the Middle East. Arab Americans, once considered a political swing group, are now solidly in the Democratic camp, according to the new survey by Zogby International, which was sponsored by the Arab American Institute.美国人下个月初将参加中期选举投票。在中期选举来临之际,美国的经济困境依然在继续,中东地区的冲突依然没有解决。阿拉伯裔美国人一度被认为是政坛上的摇摆群体,但这项由阿拉伯裔美国人研究所“左格比国际”主办的新的民意测验显示,阿拉伯裔现在明显地摆向民主党的阵营。Favoring DemocratsJames Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, points to foreign policy and civil rights as major reasons for the community's support of the Democratic party.该研究所的所长詹姆斯·左格比表示,外交政策以及公民权利问题是导致阿拉伯裔美国人持民主党的主要原因。"It is not the party that made the war in Iraq. It is not the party that supported the devastation of Lebanon. It is not the party that supported and wrote the PATRIOT act and supported the abuse of civil liberties," says Zogby他说:“民主党不是发动伊拉克战争的党,不是持毁坏黎巴嫩的党,不是持和起草爱国者法、持践踏公民自由的党。”The survey shows that Arab-Americans support Democrats two-to-one over Republicans on national security, fighting terrorism and the economy. On the issue of civil liberties, the margin is three-to-one in favor of the Democrats. 在国家安全和打击恐怖主义的问题上,阿拉伯裔美国人以二比一的比率持民主党而不是共和党;在经济问题上,阿拉伯裔美国人以二比一的比率持民主党;在公民自由问题上,阿拉伯裔美国人以三比一的比率持民主党。The survey was conducted during the last week of September, following weeks of controversy over plans by a Muslim group to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque - called Park 51 - near the site of the World Trade Center. 这项民意调查是在9月最后一个星期进行的。在此之前的几个星期,一个穆斯林团体在纽约世界贸易中心旧址附近建设一个伊斯兰文化中心和清真寺的计划引起了争议。Many opponents of the project were conservative Republicans, who said building a mosque there would be insensitive to the families of those killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks. Zogby says that reinforced Arab-Americans' tendency to lean toward the Democrats. 很多持反对意见的人是保守派共和党人。他们说,在那里建设一所清真寺伤害那些在伊斯兰恐怖主义团体基地组织发动的9/11袭击中死亡的死者家属的感情。左格比表示,这种局面加强了大多数阿拉伯裔美国人持民主党的倾向。201010/116111Kobe's brand looks to China 2:37 USA Basketball will be covered in Nike bling when they shoot for Olympic glory this summer. All us on team USA basketball. Is this an next dream team. Now we are hereing with one player Kobe Bryant, thank you for joining us. My pleasure. You know not the way your were like to see your season end with Lakers but you have the Olympic world stage coming up. What is you hoping for? Is this just about the Golden or also being in China on that world stage? It's all about win the Golden the first for most. We passed on difficult Olympic in the past and hopefully we can kind play that touch bar. So what is the difference between 2014 because there were big news on that team. Two were with the problem when they came to play as a team? You know, I think the team that the team we have pleasure with great job best talent. And that came issue we have is pretty remarkable. We all get along, we all understand each other's games cause we all good play so many years. We also understand national team so much better than they were. And we understand that. We will be looking for that chanllange. Talking about you and some big responsor deals especially Nike, one of the biggest. What is it take to be the biggest sponsor deals in the game? I am not really sure the answer, you know , We always try to do is just play the game right way, try to be the best we can. As kids grow up, you don't want, high schoold kids watching us, watching Brown the way whatever it is. You don't want to do the thing that endorse deal. It is the game. The game you love to do, try to be the best basketball player that you should be, be a good person. And this the problem. What would we see next Brown as a besinessman? Do we see? You know,we see your pair of Nike,and, do we see your own line something Jorden tired with Nike. What we see in that field? Yeah, you see the development then. I think, Asia seems to be really a hot spot, my brand perticular. And that is somewhere we really have to go. How is travelling around the world with team basketball leverage into business opportunities for you and for Nike and you team? I mean open is market up just because the NBA such a global game, you have more opportunity and plays have to pass. This opportunity, this summer perticular to travel around, go to Macau, various places. Priority even play in Beijin is a great opportunity for to have that possiblity. The best advice you have ever got? The best advice I have ever got. My father told me when I was about seven years old. I was playing some league in Philadelphia. In the whold summer I went to the adult school one basket. He's grap, he came, gave me hugs and say we are going to love to score forty to score zero. And that was the best. Great advice. Thank you for Kobe Bryant and good luck.200812/58525

SchumpeterRules for fools荒唐的条例The terrible threat of unlicensed interior designers对无牌室内设计师的可怕威胁May 12th 2011 | from the print editionIN 1941 Franklin Roosevelt added two new items to America’s ancestral freedoms of speech and worship: freedom from fear and freedom from want. Today’s politicians offer a far more generous : freedom from unlicensed hair-cutters, freedom from cowboy flower-arrangers and, most important of all, freedom from rogue interior designers. What is the point of enjoying freedom from fear or want, after all, if you cannot enjoy freedom from poorly co-ordinated colour schemes?1941年富兰克林.罗斯福给美国先前的言论自由和信仰自由条例再加了两个项目:免于恐惧的自由和免于匮乏的自由。今天的政治家却提供了一张更体面的菜单:免于无牌理发师的自由,免于无牌插花师的自由,更重要的是,免于无牌室内设计师的自由。如果不能避免不协调的配色方案,那么享受免于恐惧与匮乏的意义又何在呢?In the 1950s, when organisation man ruled, fewer than 5% of American workers needed licences. Today, after three decades of deregulation, the figure is almost 30%. Add to that people who are preparing to obtain a licence or whose jobs involve some form of certification and the share is 38%. Other rich countries impose far fewer fetters than the land of the free. In Britain only 13% of workers need licences (though that has doubled in 12 years).在19世纪50年代,当组织人统治时,只有不到5%的美国劳动者需要许可。今天,经过30年的放宽管制,这个数字大约是30%,加上一些准备获取许可的人和一些本身工作就具备某种形式的许可的人,该比例能达到38%。比起该国的自由条例来,一些富裕国家给他们的国家强加的束缚要少很多。在英国,需要许可的劳动者所占的比例只有13%(虽然该比例在12年之后已经翻了一番)。201105/137714Microsoft Yahoo break silence Microsoft, Yahoo are reportedly talking for the first time since Yahoo rejected Microsoft's takeover offer in January. Another headline for Yahoo and Microsoft this time, the wall street journal reporting that executives from Microsoft and Yahoo met on Monday to discuss options after of course Yahoo rejected that nearly 42 billion-dollar takeover bid from Microsoft last month.Let's take a look at the numbers here, Microsoft and Yahoo both trade in to the downside right now as you've seen that downturn of the broader market. Take a look here at Microsoft, and also wanna take a look at the numbers here for Yahoo. This is when that bid came in, that was a 42 billion dollar bid, it was at a 62% premium at the time that came on January 31st, shares just popped. And they've really managed to hold on to their gains since then.Also, a representative over at Yahoo that we reached out to not commenting at all on this report, but again, this is what the journal is saying that executives have met to discuss what a combination between Microsoft and Yahoo would potentially look like. There are reportedly no further talks scheduled, but this is the first time that the two camps have met since the breakdown in communication after that offer was rejected, of course, Jerry Yang and his board over at Yahoo, rejecting that offer, saying they thought it, e, undervalued.Yahoo, keep in mind there've been a number of rumors since then, circulating about whether anyone is gonna take Yahoo over and if so, who ?There were reports that CNN's parent company, Time Warner might try to tie up AOL with Yahoo. Other reports out that Rupert Murdoch and his news corp. are potentially interested in tying up Myspace with Yahoo, of course none of that really flushed out, but now the newest results in this is that reported meeting on Monday again between Yahoo and Microsoft executives that have been stated in the wall street journal, You can catch a lot more of this and all the developments right on our website here.Notes:Tie up: secure with or as if with ropes01/60203General Motors Says Its Expansion Plans in India On Track通用汽车称在印度扩展计划上轨道  U.S. automaker General Motors says its expansion plans are on track in India despite the troubles it faces in the ed States. General Motors is among several global auto companies hoping to tap the potential of emerging markets like India.美国通用汽车公司表示,尽管在美国面临重重困难,但其在印度的扩展计划已经上了轨道。通用汽车和全球其他几家汽车公司一样,希望开发像印度这样的潜在的新兴市场。Executives at General Motors in India were enthusiastic when they recently revealed a new version of the compact Spark Chevrolet, which runs on liquefied natural gas.最近,通用汽车在印度的主管们对新推出的一款小型雪佛兰乐驰充满热情。这款汽车以液化天然气为动力。The company, which has filed for bankruptcy in the ed States, says it is business as usual in India. 已经在美国申请破产的通用汽车表示,它在印度的业务一切正常。General Motors entered the Indian market in 2003, and sold nearly 66,000 cars last year - up 10 percent over the previous year. That is still way behind the market leader, Maruti Suzuki, which sells more than 10 times that number. 通用汽车2003年进入印度市场。去年售出近6万6千辆汽车,比上一年增加了10%。这个销售成绩仍远低于当地的汽车业翘楚铃木汽车。铃木汽车的销量是通用汽车的10倍多。General Motors, however, is hoping to expand its footprint in India. Last year, the company commissioned a new plant with a capacity to produce 140,000 cars. It says it is confident of raising funds for its expansion, and has no plans to reduce its 40,000-strong staff in India.然而,通用汽车希望扩大其在印度的版图。去年,通用汽车建成了一座可年产14万辆汽车的工厂。通用汽车表示,它不但很有信心为其扩展计划集资,而且没有减少在印度工作的4万名员工的计划。Yogendra Pratap, editor of the Auto Bild magazine in India, says the company has good reason to be optimistic. Sales are expected to grow strongly in the coming years in a country where only seven out of every 1,000 people own a car, and where the economy is growing despite the global recession.印度汽车杂志的编辑约根德拉.普拉塔普说,通用汽车有理由表示乐观。在这样一个1000个人中只有7个人拥有汽车的国家,未来几年,销售量有希望显著提高。而且,尽管全球经济衰退,印度仍保持着增长势头。"The planning for these companies has always been for the long term, to get market share and be in a position to exploit the market once the market is up and running," said Pratap. "India is still in its infancy, so all these companies want to be positioned right once the Indian car market matures."“对这些公司来讲,它们的计划都是长期的。目的是为了在市场恢复运转时能把握住市场份额并开发市场。印度的汽车市场还处在初期形态。所以这些公司想在印度市场成熟之前占领有利位置。”Like several other automakers, General Motors is pinning its hopes on the compact car segment, which accounts for four out of every five cars sold in India. 和其他几家汽车公司一样,通用汽车把希望寄托在占印度汽车销售80%的小型车市场。Besides the latest version of the Spark, it is introducing a new mini car later this year to compete with other popular small cars.除了最新款的乐驰,今年晚些时候,通用还会推出一款新的迷你车来和其他受欢迎的小型车抗衡。Pratap points out that these cars are very different from the ones General Motors sold in the ed States.普拉塔普指出,这些车和通用汽车在美国出售的汽车非常不同。"They have got a very strong product portfolio to do well in India. They are small cars, they are fuel efficient, they are not the huge suburban kind of trucks they sell in the U.S," said Pratap.“在印度,它们的产品优势非常明显。它们是小型车。它们省油。它们和那些在美国卖的大型卡车完全不同。”General Motors is not the only global automaker which has been making inroads into the Indian market in recent years. Companies such as BMW, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Audi have also made investments in the country, hoping to gain a foothold in the Indian car market.通用汽车不是全球唯一一家进入印度市场的汽车公司。像宝马、尼桑、本田、丰田还有奥迪都在印度投资,希望能在印度市场占有一席之地。06/74120

Chicago’s budget 芝加哥财政预算Reality bites 陷入水深火热之中How to slash a deficit without raising taxes如何大幅削减赤字,又不提高税收Promises to keep 恪守承诺AT ABOUT 8.30am on Saturday October 15th, close to the city’s former meatpacking district, one of Chicago’s ancient water mains burst. As the road buckled and water gushed down alleyways, it was a timely reminder that the modern city is built on crumbling, century-old infrastructure. Fixing the problem is not easy, as the city is awash in debt as well as water.10月15日周六上午8:30左右,位于芝加哥前肉类加工厂附近一个老化的自来水总管道破裂,“水漫金山”。这适时地提醒了人们,这座现代化城市下已建成百年之久的基础设施如今正日渐破损。要解决这一问题并不容易,因为眼下芝加哥被债务淹没,就像被泡在这次大水中一样。Only three days earlier the city’s energetic new mayor, Rahm Emanuel, had presented his first budget. The city had looked set to produce a 0m deficit on its operating budget of billion. Worse still, for a decade Chicago has had significant and growing shortfalls which have only been plugged using creative, but one-off, fixes dreamed up by the previous mayor. These include, for example, leasing all its metered street parking for 75 years—something that still annoys the locals.就在3天前,精力充沛的芝加哥新任市长拉姆?伊曼纽尔递交了他的首轮财政预算计划。在这份30亿美元的经营预算中,似乎肯定会产生6.4亿美元的赤字。更糟糕的是,10年来芝加哥财政赤字巨大,并且一直不断增长,上任市长曾想出一些颇具创意却治标不治本的政策填补过这一空缺,将设有收费表的路边泊车位出租长达75年之久就是一例,此补救措施直到现在都令当地居民甚为恼火。Mr Emanuel had promised a lot. He said he would balance the budget and invest in the city’s infrastructure, all without raising property taxes or using one-off revenues. On paper he has, indeed, balanced the budget. About 0m has come through a mixture of cuts, reorganisation and efficiency gains. The rest has been found by raising new revenue, whether through new or increased fees, fines, charges or (whisper it) taxes. For example, the budget proposes a new -a-day “congestion premium” for drivers who park in downtown garages. And visitors to next year’s NATO and G8 summits will each be adding .78 a night to city coffers, thanks to a new hotel tax.伊曼纽尔作了很多承诺。他表示会平衡预算,投资城市基础设施建设,但他不会提高财产税,也不会征收一次性税收。的确,理论上他平衡了预算。通过削减开、重组体制和提高效率,他可以节省4.2亿美元。而通过设立新的罚款、各种费用、( 嘘!)还有税收,或是在原有基础上对这些进行提高,所获得的收益可以填补剩余部分。举例来说,预算计划上提议要向将车停在市中心车库的司机新征收每日2美元的“拥堵附加费”;多亏了新设立的酒店税,明年参观北大西洋公约组织和8国峰会的每位游客每日要多付1.78美元,所得款项将充入城市财政。Some of Mr Emanuel’s plans are politically bold. Chicago is to become the first large city in America to merge police and fire services in a co-ordinated “public safety” headquarters, and some unneeded facilities are to be trimmed. Savings of m are sought, and the plans may rationalise how the city tackles terrorism, bomb threats and arson.伊曼纽尔的某些预算计划在政治上相当大胆。芝加哥将成为全美将警察与消防务融合为一个联合“公安”总部的第一个大城市。某些多余的机构也面临解散。如此可节省8200万美元。此外,预算计划还会对如何应对恐怖主义、炸弹威胁以及纵火问题作出合理的说明。The budget still has to be approved by the city council, but the scale of Chicago’s debt gives little room for manoeuvre. Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, an independent watchdog, explains that the city can no longer kick the can down the road as the can is now a “55-gallon drum”. He says the new budget is a positive development, though the mayor has not yet tackled a looming pensions crisis. The three main ratings agencies have also reacted favourably.该预算计划还须得到市议会的同意,但即使通过,在芝加哥负债累累的情况下,其能够施展的空间也是微乎其微。公民联合会(一家独立的监察机构)主席劳伦斯?米赛尔解释说,星星之火业已燎原,芝加哥再不能对这个问题视而不见了。他表示,纵使市长尚未着手处理正在逼近的养老金危机,但新一轮的预算计划仍是件好事。三大主要评级机构对此也作出了积极的反应。Although the agony has been sp thin, the most painful new proposal is a large hike in water rates. The need, however, could not be plainer. Despite the city’s towering skyscrapers and ultra-modern Millennium Park, underground the story is grimmer. Chicago has 900 miles of ancient water pipes that need replacing and 750 miles of sewers that need improving. And four of its water-pumping stations still run on steam power.预算缩减总量虽高 ,但分摊下来并不会令人太过苦恼,不过棘手的是关于大幅提高水费的新提案。然而,其必要性已再清楚不过/ 箭在弦上,不得不发。尽管芝加哥天大楼鳞次栉比,又有着超现代的千禧公园,可地下设施却惨不忍睹。该城需要更新的老化水管长达900英里,还有750英里的下水管道需要升级,另外还有4个泵水站仍在使用蒸汽动力。201111/160103每年8月最后一个星期三,在西班牙巴伦西亚地区的布尼奥尔小镇都举行一年一度的民间传统节日番茄节——“番茄大战”(Tomatina - Tomato Fight)。“参战”和“观战”的人数达4万多人。布尼奥尔的“番茄大战”始于1945年。关于它的来历,有这样一个传说:有一天,该城一个小乐队从市中心吹着喇叭招摇过市,领头者更是将喇叭翘到了天上。这时,一伙年轻人突发奇想,抓起西红柿向那喇叭筒里扔,并且互相比试,看看谁能把西红柿扔进去。这就是“西红柿大战”的由来。Thousands of people descended on the Spanish town of Bunol on Wednesday to take part in the Tomatina festival. The annual food fight draws visitors from around the world. They pelt each other with ripe fruit until they become soaked through with tomato juice and covered in pulp, using more than 200,000 pounds of tomatoes. Some of those involved in this messy festival got a stinging reminder that tomatoes are acidic, and could be seen rubbing their eyes after getting a soggy missile to the face. When the tomato supply runs out, the messy throng jumps into a nearby river en masse. La Tomatina is rumoured to have started in the 1940s when a group of young friends began throwing their lunch at each other one day, near a vegetable stand on a town square. Before long, it turned into an annual tradition.07/77554Almost magically they form a temporary nest of their own bodies.The larva and food are taken into the nursery at its center.Tomorrow they will do the whole thing again.Marching for 2 to 3 weeks to reach fresh hunting grounds where they can set up another rating base and reach new heights of slaughter.他们用自己的身体几乎魔术般地搭建了一个临时性的窝。幼虫和食物都带进窝的中心细心照料。明天他们将重复做这件事。他们将花2至3周行进到新的栖息地,在那儿他们可以建立一个新地方,这样就可以从更高的地方捕获猎物。On migration central,the forg and islands,the multitudes are busy multiplying.Female elephant seals barely escape the males attentions long enough to give birth to pups can see till last year.在移民的中央,青蛙在鸣叫,整个岛屿上都在忙碌繁殖。公海象花几乎很少的时间就会和母海象开始交配,它们很快就会开始生幼仔,这种景象直到去年都可以看到。词语解释:1. temporary a. 临时的2. slaughter v. 屠杀163291

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