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We have all come across coincidences in our lives. To some they are amazing and worthy of note, to the skeptics, it is just the law of probability. Check out these 10 examples of coincidence and let me know what you think.What's in a Name?A computer error gave two women in America called Patricia the same social security number. When the two women were brought together in an office to rectify the blunder they discovered that* They had both been born with the names Patricia Ann Campbell* Both of their fathers were called Robert Campbell* Their birthdays were on 13th March 1941* They had both married military men in the year 1959 (within eleven days of each other)* They each had two children aged 19 and 21* They both had an interest in oil painting* Both had studied cosmetics* Both had worked as book-keepersBullet With Your Name on ItIn 1893, Henry Ziegland ended a relationship with his girlfriend.Tragically, his girlfriend took the news very badly, became distraught and took her own life.Her distressed brother blamed his sister's death upon Henry, he went round to Henry's house, saw him out in the garden and tried to shoot him.Luckily, the bullet only grazed Henry's face and embedded itself in a nearby tree.In 1913, twenty years after this incident, Henry decided to use dynamite to uproot a tree in his garden. The explosion propelled the embedded bullet from the tree straight into Henry Ziegland's head - killing him immediately.Lucky Hughs?On December 5th 1660, a ship sank in the straights of Dover - the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams.On 5th December 1767, another ship sank in the same waters - 127 lost their lives, the only survivor was noted to be Hugh WilliamsOn 8th August 1820, a picnic boat capsized on the Thames - there was one survivor - Hugh Williams.On 10th July 1940, a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine - only two men survived, one man and his nephew - they were both called Hugh Williams.With a Quack Quack HereMr McDonald was a farmer who lived in Canada - nothing extra-ordinary in that - until you learn that his postcode contained the letter sequence EIEIO.'Til Death Did Them PartIn 1996, Paris police set out to investigate a late night, high speed car crash, both drivers had been killed instantly.Investigations revealed that the deceased were in fact man and wife.Police initially suspected some kind of murder or suicide pact but it became apparent that the pair had been separated for several months - neither could have known that the other would have been out driving that night - it was just a terrible coincidence.She's Behind You!Michael Dick had been travelling around the UK with his family to track down his daughter, Lisa - who he had lost contact with ten years earlier.After a long fruitless search, he approached the Suffolk Free Press, who agreed to help him by putting an appeal in their newspaper.Fortunately, his long lost daughter saw the appeal and the pair were reunited. The odd thing was, his daughter had been right behind him when the free paper took the photograph - shown in the photograph above. What are the chances of that!Licensed To ThrillA fifteen year old pupil at Argoed High School in North Wales was to sit his GCSE examinations in 1990.His name was James Bond - his examination paper reference was 007.What Goes Around….In 1965, at the age of four, Roger Lausier was swimming off a beach in Salem - he got into difficulties and was saved from drowning by a woman called Alice Blaise.In 1974, on the same beach, Roger was out on a raft when he pulled a drowning man from the water - amazingly, the man he saved was Alice Blaise's husband.Lightning Never Strikes Twice?British cavalry officer Major Summerford was fighting in the fields of Flanders in the last year of WW1, a flash of lightning knocked him off his horse and paralysed him from his waist down.He moved to Vancouver, Canada, six years later, whilst out fishing, Major Summerfield was struck by lightning again and the right side of his body became paralysed.After two years of recovery, it was a summers day and he was out in a local park, a summer storm blew up and Major Summerfield was struck by lightning again - permanently paralysing him.He died two years after this incident.However, four years after his death, his stone tomb was destroyed - it was struck by lightning!Practice What You PreachBusinessman Danie de Toit made a speech to an audience in South Africa - the topic of his speech was - watch out because death can strike you down at any time.At the end of his speech, he put a peppermint in his mouth, and choked to death on it! /200902/625481, Thinking of leaving him or her one day1、你是否在悄悄地等待离开的一天 /200912/91690

记忆中的春节变了,真的变了。可是不管形式怎么变化,春节的意义对于中国人来说都始终没有改变。对于幸福生活和美好生活的憧憬也是不会变。人们在各自忙碌的生活中,期盼着下一个春节的到来,再次挤入返乡的人流,回家过年。  许多禁忌,年轻人都已淡漠了,实际上,春节的许多习俗也都在变化。  Many young people pay less and less attention to taboos during the Spring Festival. In fact, many customs during the Spring Festival have also changed。  原来到过年啊,蒸馒头,包包子,现在不是,什么也不做,如果来了人,都想好了,上大街上,楼下就有饭馆,到那儿点几个菜。  In the past, people would steam Mangtou and make baozi for the Spring Festival. But now people do not make them anymore. If a guest comes, they will go out and have a nicemeal in a restaurant。  小时候就是吃好吃的,放鞭炮,穿新衣。现在呢,也无所谓了吧,这个好吃的也老能吃,新衣想什么时候穿什么时候穿。  In my childhood, we can enjoy delicious food, fire crackers and wear new dresses during Spring Festival. Nowadays, these things are not sospecial. We can always eat delicious food and wear new clothes anytimewe want。  现在过年其实也就是图个团圆,图个热闹。  Now to celebrate the Spring Festival is to get together and have a great time。  以前八十代初,到年末,一定要看春节晚会,这个是我们过春节的一个很重要的一项,可现在呢,这个春节晚会,电视台的,有时也看,看挑挑,有时候就不看了。  In 1980s, at the eve of the Spring Festival, one must watch SpringFestival Party by CCTV. It was a very important part of ourcelebration. But now, sometimes we watch it on television. Sometimes,we don’t。  1983年中央电视台第一次播出了"春节联欢晚会",汇聚了国内最知名的艺术家,代表着最高的节目水平。从那以后,除夕夜全家人吃着年夜饭,看春节联欢晚会,成了一个新的习俗。春节联欢晚会也成了每年电视台最重视的节目之一。  In 1983, Spring Festival Party was broadcaston CCTV for the first time. It gathered the most renowned artists allover China and represented the highest level of a TV program. Sincethen, a new tradition came into Beijing. At Spring Festival Eve, thewhole family will have dinner together and watch Spring Festival Party.Spring Festival Evening also becomes one of the most important TV program for CCTV。  为什么会形成这个习俗,很多专家也在研究。也许是因为它可以通过电波把全国甚至全世界的华人联系在一起,营造一个"举国同庆"的时刻,让每个电视机前的人分享共同的快乐吧。  Why this new custom came into being? Many experts carry research on it.Maybe it can connect Chinese people all over the world together and create a moment of nationwide celebration, and let everyone in front ofTV share this moment of joy。  现在孩子们,不怎么愿意在家过年。三十弄完了,初一就踮了,就跑了,就跟朋友旅游去了,去玩去了。  Nowadays,children do not like to celebrate the Spring Festival at home. When the Spring Festival eve is over, they will get out and go travelling with friends。  过年的那个内容吧,它好多是亲情吧,(大家)凑在一起。现在啊,好多人,我周围好多人,都觉得现在过年的味儿怎么越来越淡呢?  The celebration of the Spring Festival in the past contains a lot of family affection.People would get together. Now many people, many people around me allfeel that, why the flavor of Spring Festival is not as strong as before?  城市的人呢,这种无论是这种工作的节奏、生活的水平有很大的提高,所以这种感觉只是说城市的人感觉到。这个年的味道越来越少了,那么另一方面就要看农村,中国的城乡差别还是比较大的,所以我们看到农村里边去过年呢,你就不感到那个年味好像是有多淡了。  This feeling is only sensed by urban citizens, no matter how fast working pace goes and how good the life condition improves. On the other hand,we should look at the countryside. There are a lot of differences between rural area and urban area in China. If we look at the celebration of the Spring Festival in the countryside, you will not feel the flavor of the Spring Festival is weakened。  不管形式怎么变化,春节的意义对于中国人来说都始终没有改变。对于幸福生活和美好生活的憧憬也是不会变的。春节假期过后,人们在各自忙碌的生活中,期盼着下一个春节的到来,再次挤入返乡的人流,回家过年。  Nowmatter how the forms change, the meaning of the Spring Festival for Chinese people still remains unchanged. Their wishes for happy life arealso unchanged. After the Spring Festival holiday, people will go backto their busy life. They are looking forward to the next Spring Festival. They will join the returnees to go back to their hometown andcelebrate it with their family。  为什么会形成这个习俗,很多专家也在研究。也许是因为它可以通过电波把全国甚至全世界的华人联系在一起,营造一个"举国同庆"的时刻,让每个电视机前的人分享共同的快乐吧。  Why this new custom came into being? Many experts carry research on it.Maybe it can connect Chinese people all over the world together and create a moment of nationwide celebration, and let everyone in front ofTV share this moment of joy。  现在孩子们,不怎么愿意在家过年。三十弄完了,初一就踮了,就跑了,就跟朋友旅游去了,去玩去了。  Nowadays,children do not like to celebrate the Spring Festival at home. When the Spring Festival eve is over, they will get out and go travelling with friends。  过年的那个内容吧,它好多是亲情吧,(大家)凑在一起。现在啊,好多人,我周围好多人,都觉得现在过年的味儿怎么越来越淡呢?  The celebration of the Spring Festival in the past contains a lot of family affection. People would get together. Now many people, many peoplearound me all feel that, why the flavor of Spring Festival is not asstrong as before?  城市的人呢,这种无论是这种工作的节奏、生活的水平有很大的提高,所以这种感觉只是说城市的人感觉到。这个年的味道越来越少了,那么另一方面就要看农村,中国的城乡差别还是比较大的,所以我们看到农村里边去过年呢,你就不感到那个年味好像是有多淡了。  This feeling is only sensed by urban citizens, no matter how fast workingpace goes and how good the life condition improves. On the other hand,we should look at the countryside. There are a lot of differences between rural area and urban area in China. If we look at thecelebration of the Spring Festival in the countryside, you will notfeel the flavor of the Spring Festival is weakened。  不管形式怎么变化,春节的意义对于中国人来说都始终没有改变。对于幸福生活和美好生活的憧憬也是不会变的。春节假期过后,人们在各自忙碌的生活中,期盼着下一个春节的到来,再次挤入返乡的人流,回家过年。  Nomatter how the forms change, the meaning of the Spring Festival forChinese people still remains unchanged. Their wishes for happy life arealso unchanged. After the Spring Festival holiday, people will go backto their busy life. They are looking forward to the next SpringFestival. They will join the returnees to go back to their hometown andcelebrate it with their family。 /201002/96684


  奥普拉·温弗瑞,作为一名黑人,更为当今世界上最具影响力的妇女之一,她的成就是多方面的:通过控股哈普集团的股份,掌握了超过10亿美元的个人财富;主持的电视谈话节目“奥普拉脱口秀”,平均每周吸引3300万名观众,并连续16年排在同类节目的首位;2009年11月20日,据国外媒体报道,在播出了23年之后,脱口秀女王奥普拉·温弗瑞的节目《奥普拉脱口秀》将于2011年9月9日结束。Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. 对于你所拥有的,要心存感激,这样你就会拥有更多。对于你所没有的,如果念念不忘,你永远都不会满足。 /201109/153079

  Feeling regret about having bought something is a very unpleasant sort of unhappiness. Even with my under-buying ways, I sometimes come home with something I didn't really need to buy. Stores use extremely clever strategies to winkle customers into making purchases. Here are some strategies to make sure you don't make purchases you regret: 买了东西又后悔是种非常不愉快的感受。即便像我这种“少买”的人,有时还是会买回一些不需要的。商店采用极其聪明的手段引诱顾客消费。下面这些方法能让你买了东西不至于后悔:1. Be wary of the check-out areas. 留心收银台区。There are lots of enticing little items here; ask yourself if you really need something before you add it to your pile. How many times have I picked up a jar of Balmex?那里有许多诱人的小商品。在把它扔进购物车之前,问一问自己是不是确实需要这件东西。有多少次我拿起了一罐Balmex尿片? /201008/111204。

  Men are bigger gossips than women, according to new research。     最新调查表明,男人比女人还八卦。  MEN'S GOSSIP TOPICS 男人们的八卦话题  1. Drunken friends 喝醉的朋友  2. News 新闻  3. Old school friends 老校友  4. Female colleagues at work 女同事  5. The sexiest girl at work 漂亮女同事  6. Sping rumours 传闻  7. Promotions 晋升  8. Sexual relationships 性关系  9. Salaries 薪水  10. The boss 老板  WOMEN'S GOSSIP TOPICS 女人们的八卦话题  1. Other women 其他女人  2. News 新闻  3. Relationship problems 人际关系  4. Other people's relationships 其他人的人际关系  5. Sexual relationships 性关系  6. Friend's weight gain 朋友的体重  7. Soap operas 肥皂剧  8. Other women's boyfriends / husbands 朋友的男友/老公  9. The mother-in-law 婆婆  10. Celebrities 名人 /201006/105841

  1、Hey, don't try to rip me off. I know what this is worth. 别想宰我,我识货。 2、Can you give me a little deal on this? 这能卖得便宜一点吗?  3、Can you give me this for cheaper? 能便宜一点给我吗?  4、Is there any discount on bulk purchases? 我多买些能打折吗?  5、Give me a discount. 给我打个折吧。  6、How much do you want for this? 这件东西你想卖多少钱?  7、If you don't give me a better price, I won't buy this.如果价格不更优惠些,我是不会买的。  8、I can get this cheaper at other places. 这样东西我在别的地方可以买到更便宜的。  9、What's the lowest you're willing to go? 最低你能出什么价?  10、Come on, give me a break on this. 别这样,你就让点儿价吧。  注解:  1、 买东西是被宰,所以不管是不是行家都要先造出声势,用这句话镇住卖家。“Rip someone off”意为某商店或商贩企图宰它的顾客,敲竹杠。如:“The shop tried to rip me off, but I taught them a good lesson.”(那个商店企图宰我,结果让我教训了一顿)。如果真的被狠宰了一下,你当然还可以说,“I was ripped off.”或者“I was cleaned out.”第二句,有被骗得很惨的意思。  2、 2-3、大家都希望买到物廉价美的东西,所以就免不了要讨价还价。这两句话往往能使你少花些钱。你要注意的是这样的问题一般只在“market”(市场)这些地方问,像“shopping mall”(购物中心),“supermarket”(超市)和“department store”(百货商场)里说这样的话,就不太合适,因为除了大型商品,一般物品是不打折的。  3、 4-5、“Bulk purchases”就是“大量地购买”,等于“buy something in bulk”。“discount”是折扣的意思。平时在商店里常出现的表示打折的牌子是“on sale”。专门卖廉价物品的商店叫“bargain store”,店里卖廉价商品的柜台叫“bargain counter”。原来表示打折的英文还挺多的,原来这些西文人的商业头脑也挺发达。  6、这句话一般是买者问的。如果是在可以讲价的地方,卖主可能会反问你,“How much do you want to pay for this?”  7、 教大家一个讨价还价的秘诀,就是用个“if”从句,即加一个条件,再加一个由这个条件带来的结果。“A better price”就是“a cheaper price”。  8、“Cheap”这个词挺有意思的,“cheap”是“便宜”。如果说某人“cheap”,大致上有两种含义,都不太好。一个意思是指人很小气,吝啬鬼是“tightwad”或“penny-pincher”;另一个意思是“卑微的”、“有失身份的”,“If you wear like that, you will look cheap.”(要是穿成那样,你看起来挺有失身份的。)  9、这句话问的是最低价钱,应该是出自卖者之口了。“Go”就是“charge me”。然而,如果卖者的开价还是太高,你可以说“Could you go up a little?”。如果你的出价太低,卖者接受不了,他/她也可以相应地说“Could you go up a little?”。这里的“go”却是“pay”的意思了。  10、“Give someone a break”的意思是“give someone a chance”。在不同的语境中,这个词组可以有不同的解释。在这句话里,指的是“让价”。另外如你友写信,你的室友却想让你帮他打水,你就可以对他说,“Give me a break, buddy, I'm busy right now.”(老兄,别烦我,我正忙着呢。) /200911/88564It has been called the first ;Twitter Olympics; in the West, including on CNN. But in China - where the government has long blocked the popular U.S.-based social media site - the London Games are undoubtedly the first ;Weibo Olympics.; Micro-blogging sites - called ;Weibo; in Chinese - have exploded in China since one of the country#39;s biggest web portals, Sina, launched its Twitter-like service in 2009, a year after the Beijing Olympics.在西方,包括CNN在内的一些媒体,将这次奥运会称为第一届“推特奥运会”。但是在中国,推特并不普及,这儿上演的可不是“推特奥运会”,而是“微奥运会”。自从2009年,也就是北京奥运会后一年,中国的网络巨头之一—新浪在中国推广“类推特”的业务“微”开始,微在中国广泛流行开来。Now several leading Weibo sites give an estimated 250 million users a platform for unprecedented diversity of opinion on the world#39;s biggest sporting event and beyond. Million of comments are being posted about Olympic-related topics, with many echoing the state media coverage#39;s cheers and celebration over Chinese athletes#39; stellar performance, especially the two record-shattering swims by the country#39;s gold medalist Ye Shiwen.现在,几大领头的微网站共有约2.5亿用户,这些微网站为用户们提供了一个各抒己见的平台。当然,近期人们讨论的热点就是伦敦奥运会了。每天,用户们发表上百万条有关奥运的,很多都是为在奥运赛场上取得优异成绩的运动员们的加油鼓励,以及祝贺与欢呼。近几天,在奥运会中打破两个奥运会纪录、取得两枚金牌的游泳健将叶诗文更是引起了人们的广泛关注和讨论。 /201208/193581

  My 15-year-old is disinclined to work for her GCSEs, saying her time is better spent preening herself in preparation for assignations with her delightful, diligent, privately educated, moneyed boyfriend. She insists the money spent on nail-painting, hair-colouring and the like is an investment and will be more than repaid when he marries her. Is she deluding herself?A curious mother我15岁的女儿不愿为拿到英国普通中等教育书(GCSE)而努力学习,称自己把时间花在穿着打扮上更有意义,为的是与她那个讨人喜欢、勤奋、上私立学校的有钱男友约会。她坚称,花在美甲和染发等方面的钱是一种投资,在男友迎娶自己时就会获得更多的回报。她是在欺骗自己吗?一位好奇的母亲 Dear Curious Mother, Surprising as this may seem in the 21st century, your daughter's strategy is not unusual. Evidence on speed-dating gathered by the economists Michèle Belot and Marco Francesconi shows that women are attracted by rich men, while men focus more on a woman's physical appearance. Lena Edlund, another economist, has found that in the areas of her native Sweden where the wealthiest men live, women of prime marriageable age are over-represented.亲爱的好奇母亲:尽管在二十一世纪这种情况可能会非常令人吃惊,但你女儿的策略并不罕见。经济学家米谢勒·贝洛(Michèle Belot)和马尔科·弗兰切斯科尼(Marco Francesconi)收集的有关闪电约会的据表明,女性受到有钱男性的吸引,而男性更关注女性的容貌。另一位经济学家莱娜·埃德隆德(Lena Edlund)发现,在其祖国瑞典最富有男士生活的地区,处于最佳适婚年龄的女性比例过高。 /201006/107608

  Public speaking is a regular — and regularly feared — part of life, so it#39;s important to refine your skills. This year, challenge yourself by learning to lecture like a pro. Here are four tips to help you polish your public speaking。演讲是生活常事,也是常常头疼的事,所以提高演讲能力很重要。今年,挑战一下自己,学着像个演讲家那么去讲话。以下提供四条小贴士,帮助你提高口才。1. Assess yourself. What part of public speaking makes you nervous? Where have you slipped up in the past? One reason public speaking is so nerve-racking is because there#39;s so much to manage — your presence, your words, your delivery, and your reaction. Determine your weakest points, from stuttering to stiff hands, in order to tailor your speech improvement。1. 自我评估。讲哪个部分会紧张?以前在什么地方出过错?演讲之所以让人神经紧张,是因为演讲过程中要掌控的东西很多——你的仪态、用词、讲话和反应。从说话结巴到手势僵硬,找出自己最薄弱的地方,对症下药。2. Find opportunities to practice. It#39;s hard to feel confident about speaking if it#39;s something you rarely do, so look for the chance to polish your technique in everyday life. At a dinner party? Offer to give the toast. Working on a new project at the office? Present it at the weekly staff meeting. Public speaking is like anything else: the more you do it, the better you#39;ll become, and the more comfortable you#39;ll feel when the moment arises。2. 多多练习。如果不怎么讲话,那么讲话就会没自信。所以平日里要找机会锻炼讲话的能力。在晚会上,主动祝酒。工作上,每周员工会议演示新的工作项目。演讲和其他事情一样:熟能生巧,做得多再碰到就不怕了。3. Dress the part. Confidence is crucial, and you#39;ll be much more sure of yourself if you know that your appearance conveys a sense of authority. It#39;s best to err on the dressy side when you plan to speak in front of an audience — and it#39;s crucial that your clothes fit well. Tugging at the hem of your skirt or the sleeves of your blouse will distract both you and your audience. It#39;s important to look put-together, and the focus should be on your words, not your outfit。3. 注重穿着。自信至关重要,如果你的外表能给人一种权威感,就会更加自信。在观众面前演讲的时候,最好在衣着上讲究——并且衣要合身。拉拉裙子、扯扯领子,会分散你和观众的注意力。穿着要统一得体,这样观众的焦点就会在你的讲话上,而不是衣着。4. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Begin with standard prep techniques, like writing note cards and practicing in front of your friends, but also take the time to do some research. Find out as much as you can about your audience, the context of your speech, the environment, and the tools and media that will be available. Most importantly, be sure that you#39;re achieving what was asked of you — confirm that you#39;re answering the right question and fulfilling the expectations of your audience。4. 准备准备再准备。做好前期基本准备工作,比如写提示卡、排练给朋友看看,但也要花点时间去弄清其他事。尽可能弄清你的观众是些什么人,了解演讲内容的上下文,演讲的环境,确保道具和多媒体到时能用。最重要的是,确定你在做的是你需要做的准备——如看是不是准备了恰当的问题,有没有满足观众的期望值。Above all else, learn to relax. Everyone understands the stress and pressure involved with public speaking, so know that your audience will be empathetic toward your efforts. Just remember the basics — to stand up straight, smile, and make eye contact — and be yourself, because personality and genuine enthusiasm are key to making great connections。演讲过程中最重要的是,放轻松。大家都知道演讲时压力和紧张在所难免,所以观众会给予体谅。记住这些基本要素——站直、微笑、跟观众眼神交流,展示真实的自己,因为人格的魅力和真挚的热情是建立讲者和观众良好关系的关键。 /201205/181637

  If there are silver linings to the recession, they're not immediately apparent. After all, the national unemployment rate is 8.1 percent, the highest since 1983, and economists predict it will reach 9 percent by 2010.即便经济危机中还有一线曙光,它也不会立刻显现。毕竟美国的失业率已达1983年以来的最高水平——8.1%,据经济学家预计,到2010年这一数字将达到9%。Gross domestic product is forecast to shrink more this year than at any other time since the Great Depression. And across the country, stores are closing, municipal budgets are tightening, and banks are begging for bailouts.据预计,今年美国的GDP降幅将达上世纪“大萧条”以来的最高水平。如今的美国,商铺倒闭,地方财政吃紧,则纷纷向政府要救济。But a handful of industries, companies, and products are doing well--relatively speaking. They run the gamut from Quarter Pounders to contraceptives, but they share a key component: Whether they help people pivot to new careers, cut costs at home, or simply escape from all the bad news, they're poised not only to weather the economic storm but to, in some way, benefit from it.但相对而言,有一批产业、公司和产品在眼下的经济危机时期效益还不错,从麦当劳Quarter Pounders汉堡到安全套无所不包,但它们都有一个共同特点,那就是要么可以帮人们找到新工作,削减家庭开,要么是仅仅逃避所有的坏消息,它们不仅能平安渡过金融风暴,而且还能以某种方式从中获利。See the full list of the 10 top recession winners.经济危机因祸得福的十如下:1. Home Gardening家庭种植Research by Atlee Burpee, the world's biggest seed company, found that of seeds and fertilizer can yield ,250 worth of produce. Green thumbs agree: Sales at Burpee are expected to jump 25 percent in 2009, while veggie seed sales at Park Seed are up 20 percent this year from 2008. And a National Gardening Association poll shows that the number of households planning to grow their own food in 2009 has increased by 19 percent from 2008. The trade-off? Fewer flowers. With garden space—and budgets—squeezed, flower seed sales are down.全球最大的种子公司Atlee Burpee开展的一项调查发现,投入50美元购买种子和化肥就可以产出价值达1250美元的农产品。种植专家们也对此表示赞同:据预计,Burpee公司今年的种子销量将上升25%,而Park Seed公司的蔬菜种销量与去年同期相比也上涨了20%。美国园艺协会开展的一项民调显示,今年计划自己种植农作物的家庭数量比去年增加了19%。代价就是花卉减少了。由于种植空间和预算的缩减,花卉种子销量下降。2. Hollywood好莱坞电影The number of subscribers to Netflix, the DVD delivery service, climbed 26 percent in the fourth quarter from the same time last year. That helped put the company's revenue up 19 percent from the previous year. And according to industry researcher Media by Numbers, 2009's box office sales are tracking 16.5 percent higher than the year before—at this rate, theaters will make .9 billion, versus last year's .6 billion—with attendance up nearly 15 percent.DVD递送商Netflix公司去年第四季度的订户数量比上一年同期增长26%,这使得公司的收入比上一年增加了19%。根据行业研究机构Media by Numbers的调查,2009年的电影票房比去年增加了16.5%,按照这个增幅,今年院线将有19亿美元进账,而去年仅有16亿美元,此外影院的上座数也增长了近15%。3. Bodice Rippers言情小说Harlequin, the world's biggest publisher of series romance, saw North American sales rise million in 2008's fourth quarter from a year earlier. Other escapist literature also has done well: Although most book sales were flat or down in February 2009 from the year before, a spokesperson for the Borders book chain says that science fiction and fantasy were up—as were humor titles.全球最大的言情系列小说出版商Harlequin称,去年第四季度其在北美市场的销售额比上一年同期增加了300万美元。其它具有“逃避现实”功效的图书销量也很好。尽管与去年同期相比,今年2月份大部分图书的销量平平或下降,但Borders图书连锁店的发言人称,科幻小说和书名幽默的图书销量有所上升。4. Condom Makers安全套生产商Whether for at-home entertainment or to try to stave off the cost of a baby in trying times, condom sales rose 6 percent in January from the year before. "If people don't have the money to go out to a fancy dinner or are looking to cut back, Trojan gives them some real affordable ways to stay in and make some great memories together," Jim Daniels, Trojan's vice president of marketing, told USA Today.无论是为了增进家庭情趣,还是为了在经济困难时期避免养育子女的开销,今年1月份安全套的销量比去年同期增加了6%。“特洛伊”公司的市场副总监吉姆#8226;丹尼尔斯在接受《今日美国》采访时说:“如果人们没钱出去吃大餐或者想节省开,‘特洛伊’可为大家提供可以负担的方式,在家中一起创造美好的回忆。”5. Résumé Editing简历代写Résumé writer Jerry Bills, who has worked on nearly 30,000 résumés since 1986, says his sales numbers are up 46 percent from last winter. "I'm way too busy to bother to even track it all," he says. "All I know is I don't even have a life anymore."自1986年入行以来,简历写手杰瑞#8226;比尔斯处理的简历数达近3万份。他称现在他的业务量比去年冬季增加了46%。他说:“我都忙得没法逐字修改了,现在我只知道我已经没有自己的生活了。”One poll by the National Résumé Writers Association found that 54 percent of respondents had seen an increase in clients as economic conditions worsened.美国简历撰写者协会的一项调查显示,随着经济形势的恶化,54%的简历代写者客户量增加。And at her own business, says Feldberg, December and January orders had jumped 300 percent over the same time last year. But résumés for certain industries are being submitted more than others. While résumés for the restaurant industry, healthcare, and tourism are up at Peterson's ResumeEdge, those for financial services are, unsurprisingly, down.简历代写者菲尔德伯格称,就她自己的业务而言,去年12月和今年1月接到的订单比上年同期增加了三倍。但相对于其它行业而言,某些行业提交的简历量增长较多。在彼得森公司的ResumeEdge网站上,酒店、医疗和旅游业的简历量大幅增加,而金融领域的简历却“意外”遇冷。 /200903/65050。

  Alabama: Yes, We Have Electricity阿拉巴马州:是的,我们有电!Alaska: 11,623 Eskimos Can#39;t Be Wrong!阿拉斯加州:一万一千六百二十三名爱斯基人是不会错的!Arizona: But It#39;s A Dry Heat亚利桑那州:可是,这里的热是燥热呀!Arkansas: Literacy Ain#39;t Everything阿肯色州:有文化并不能代表一切!California: By 30, Our Women Have More Plastic Than Your Honda加利福尼亚州:到30岁的时候,我们的妇女使用的整形塑胶的数量将会超过本田公司塑料用量的总和。Colorado: If You Don#39;t Ski, Don#39;t Bother科索拉多州:如果你连滑雪都不会,那么请别来打扰我好吗?Connecticut: Like Massachusetts, Only The Kennedy#39;s Don#39;t Own It Yet康涅狄格州:和马萨诸塞州几乎没什么区别,只是肯尼迪家族还没有拥有它。Delaware: We Really Do Like The Chemicals In Our Water特拉华州:我们真得很不喜欢我们的水源中携带的化学物质。Florida: Ask Us About Our Grandkids佛罗里达州:问问关于我们的孙子孙女的事情吧。Georgia: We Put The ;Fun; In Fundamentalist Extremism乔治亚州:我们给极端的正统基督教信仰注入了一些“有趣的东西”。Hawaii: Haka Tiki Mou Sha#39;ami Leeki Toru (Death To Mainland Scum, But Leave Your Money)夏威夷州:让美国大陆上的那些无用之辈去死吧,不过记得把你们的金钱留下。Idaho: More Than Just Potatoes... Well Okay, We#39;re Not, But The Potatoes Sure Are Real Good爱达荷州:这不仅仅是马铃薯的问题......好吧好吧,我们不是这个意思,不过马铃薯绝对是真正的好东西!Illinois: Please Don#39;t Pronounce the ;S;伊利诺斯州:拜托,我们州名最后那个字母S不需要发音!Indiana: 2 Billion Years Tidal Wave Free印第安纳州:20亿年过去了,潮汐带来的波浪还是那么自由自在!Iowa: We Do Amazing Things With Corn爱荷华州:我们能用玉米做惊天动地的大事儿!Kansas: First Of The Rectangle States堪萨斯州:在所有长方形的州中,我们是一个Kentucky: Five Million People; Fifteen Last Names肯塔基州:我们有500万人口,但所有这些人只有15个姓!Louisiana: We#39;re Not ALL Drunk Cajun Wackos, But That#39;s Our Tourism Campaign路易斯安纳州:我们可不全是疯疯癫癫的法国移民后裔,那不过是我们的宣传活动罢了。Maine: We#39;re Really Cold, But We Have Cheap Lobster缅因州:我们真得很冷,但我们的龙虾很便宜。Maryland: If You Can Dream It, We Can Tax It马里兰州:只要是你能想到的事情,我们就能对其征税!Massachusetts: Our Taxes Are Lower Than Sweden#39;s (For Most Tax Brackets)马萨诸塞州:我们征收的税金可没有瑞典人那么高(对于大多数的税级来说是这样)。Michigan: First Line Of Defense From The Canadians密歇根州:如果加拿大人发起进攻,我们将是第一道防线!Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes... And 10,000,000,000,000 Mosquitoes明尼苏达州:我们有一万个湖泊......还有10万亿只蚊子!Mississippi: Come And Feel Better About Your Own State密西西比州:来吧,对你自己的州感觉好一点儿!Missouri: Your Federal Flood Relief Tax Dollars At Work密苏里州:你所缴纳的联邦洪灾救济税款能够排上用场。Montana: Land Of The Big Sky, The Unabomber, Right-Wing Crazies, And Very Little Else蒙大纳州:这片土地上到处都是大片的天空、邮寄炸弹的恐怖分子和狂热的右翼分子,除此之外几乎一无所有!Nebraska: Ask About Our State Motto Contest内部拉斯加州:问问关于我们州座右铭大赛的事情吧。Nevada: Hookers and Poker!内华达州:红灯区里拉客的娼妓,当然还有纸牌游戏!New Hampshire: Go Away And Leave Us Alone新罕布什尔州:走远点儿,让我们安静会儿!New Jersey: You Want A ##$%##! Motto? I Got Yer ##$%##! Motto Right Here!新泽西州:你们想要一个很那个的座右铭是吗?好吧,这就是我给你们找的很那个的座右铭!New Mexico: Lizards Make Excellent Pets新墨西哥州:蜥蜴可是非常非常不错的宠物啊!New York: You Have The Right To Remain Silent, You Have The Right To An Attorney...纽约州:你有权保持沉默,你也有权成为一名律师...North Carolina: Tobacco Is A Vegetable北卡罗来纳州:难道烟草不是一种蔬菜吗?North Dakota: We Really Are One Of The 50 States!北达科他州:我们真得是美国的五十个州之一!Ohio: At Least We#39;re Not Michigan俄亥俄州:最起码我们不是密歇根州。Oklahoma: Like The Play, Only No Singing俄克拉荷马州:和演出很相似,只是没有歌声!Oregon: Spotted Owl... It#39;s What#39;s For Dinner俄勒冈州:斑点猫头鹰...它就是我们的晚饭。Pennsylvania: Cook With Coal宾夕法尼亚州:烹饪要用煤做燃料。Rhode Island: We#39;re Not REALLY An Island罗得岛州:我们真得不是一个岛屿!South Carolina: Remember The Civil War? We Didn#39;t Actually Surrender南卡罗来纳州:还记得南北战争吗?事实上我们并没有投降!South Dakota: Closer Than North Dakota南达科他州:比北达科他州要近一些。Tennessee: The Educashun State田纳西州:“教育”之州!Texas: Si#39; Hablo Ing#39;les (Yes, I Speak English)得克萨斯州:是的,我会说英语。Utah: Our Jesus Is Better Than Your Jesus犹他州:我们的耶稣比你们的耶稣更好!Vermont: Yep佛蒙特州:是啊!Virginia: Who Says Government Stiffs And Slackjaw Yokels Don#39;t Mix?弗吉尼亚州:谁说那些刻板的政府官员不能和懒散的乡下人混为一谈?Washington: Help! We#39;re Overrun By Nerds And Slackers!华盛顿州:救命呀!我们这里的蠢货和懒鬼已经泛滥成灾了!Washington, D.C.: Wanna Be Mayor?华盛顿特区:嗨,想当市长吗?West Virginia: One Big Happy Family... Really!西弗吉尼亚州:一个幸福的大家庭...真得,没骗你!Wisconsin: Come Cut The Cheese威斯康星州:来切些奶酪了!Wyoming: Where Men Are Men... and the sheep are scared!怀俄明州:这里的男人都是男子汉...胆小鬼只有害怕的份儿! /201204/178921

  MSN上有上百个联系人,却没有一个人可以在你心情低落时听你倾诉;社交聚会上满眼都是熟人,可一转身就已经忘了对方是谁。这种情况就是很多人正在经历的“人际泡沫”。Social bubble (or interpersonal bubble) describes the situation in which people seem to have a wide range of social connections, but when it comes to real friendship, few remain in the circle. Following the wave of financial bubble and real estate bubble, social bubble is showing up among office workers in recent years.人际泡沫,指一些人看起来结识的人不少,但事实上,真正能称之为朋友的却寥寥无几。在“金融泡沫”、“房产泡沫”之后,“人际泡沫”开始冲击职场人士。Your office drawer is filled with name cards whose owners might be total strangers to you. There are many contacts in your instant messenger that you may never start a conversation with or whose name has slipped from your memory. You may have many “friends” in your cell phone contact list, but there is no one you can talk to when you are upset.放了一抽屉的名片,却时常想不起来名片后面那张陌生的脸;即时通讯工具里的联系人,很多从不主动去聊天,甚至搞不清对方的名字;手机电话簿里的名字已经饱和,在失落时却找不到一个可以诉说的人…… /201206/185930

  Add alpha accents Masculine extras can help you reinvent your basic little black dress. Try on a man’s belt, stash a silk square into your pocket or slip into his cozy6 cardigan. Oversize watches are a great alternative to a cuff or bangle, and menswearinspired shoes offer a quirky touch. Spectator pumps7, loafers and brogues8 are big trends in footwear this season, and are bound to make your feet feel good too. Instead of stashing an umbrella in your bag, consider grabbing one of his hats on a rainy day.   加入男性配件男性配件可以帮你改造基本款——小黑裙。试着戴上男性的腰带,在口袋里放一个丝绸方巾或是穿上他舒适的开襟羊毛衫。超大手表是袖口或手镯的上佳替代品,以男装为灵感设计的鞋子展现出一种别样的风格。船形中高跟鞋、平跟船鞋和拷花皮鞋是本季鞋子的主要流行款式, 而且穿起来也一定会很舒适。在下雨天,你不用在包里装把雨伞,而是可以考虑戴顶他的帽子。 /200911/90445

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