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福州市输卵管通液费用南平那家医院做复通手术Business商业Diet products减肥商品A big, bad business点肥成金不现实Medical firms struggle to profit from weight-loss treatments制药公司试图从减肥治疗中获利OBESITY is an epidemic to some and an opportunity to others.肥胖症对某些人来说是传染病,对别的一些人来说则是机遇。More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight.超过三分之二的美国人已经超重。Find a way to battle the bulge and a huge profit might be made.找个办法和肥胖对抗,说必定就此大赚一笔。On February 22nd one pharmaceutical firm, Vivus, took a small step towards this goal.2月22日,Vivus制药公司朝着这个目标前进了一步。A committee advising Americas Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that it approve Vivuss diet drug, Qnexa.给美国食品药物做咨询的一家委员会推荐,Vivus公司的减肥药Qnexa。However, the pills long-awaited final approval may not come until April, if at all.但是,如果获得批准,该药品的漫长的最终肯定直到四月份才会到来。The announcement mostly served as a reminder of what a struggle it is to turn fat into gold.公告主要是提醒人们,这是一场点肥成金的抗争。Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies are quite good at treating the conditions that come with obesity.制药和医疗器械公司非常善于解决肥胖带来的问题。However, they are dismal at helping consumers lose weight.但是他们无法帮助消费者战胜肥胖本身,减少体重。This is not for lack of trying. Take the curious case of the gastric band.这不是因为缺乏尝试。以古怪的胃部束带为例。Bariatric surgery can lead to weight loss in the long term.肥胖治疗手术可以帮助患者在较长的时间内减少体重。Hospitals can make money from all bariatric procedures, including gastric bypasses (in which the stomach is partitioned and the upper part connected directly to the small intestine), but the gastric band is a rare example of an opportunity for device-makers to profit from weight loss.医院就是从这些减肥疗程中赚钱,包括胃绕道手术(手术中,胃被切割,直接把上部跟小肠连接起来),但是胃部束带却是一个罕见的例子,被当成一个器械制造商用来从减肥中赚钱的法子。Allergan, best known for selling Botox, has tried to use its Lap-Band to tap the obesity market.Allergan公司以销售肉毒杆菌而出名,尝试用产品Lap-Band打入减肥市场。It is an inflatable loop which the surgeon fits near the top of the stomach, which helps the patient feel sated earlier.Lap-Band是一圈松紧带,外科医生可以用它绕住患者胃的上部,这样患者会提前有腹饱感。Allergan has captured about 70% of the worldwide market for gastric bands and balloons, but sales are now shrinking.Allergan公司在全球胃部束带和充气袋市场占有率达70%,但是如今销量却有所下降。The recession has sapped consumers desire for expensive surgery.经济不景气让消费者忍住做昂贵的手术的欲望。Some patients have had bands removed because they slipped or proved ineffective.有些病人甚至连束带也不用了,因为束带打滑或者没有效果。Last year the FDA approved the Lap-Bands use in patients who are only slightly overweight, but insurers have refused to pay.去年,美国食品药物同意,微超重病人使用 Lap-Band,但是保险公司却拒绝付款。In January David Pyott, Allergans chief executive, said he would scrap an effort to market the band for teenagers.一月份,Allergan公司首席执行官David Pyott说,他将放弃在年轻人束带市场的努力。He is now trying to convince insurers of Lap-Bands merits, arguing that the ,000 surgery is recouped in saved medical costs within four years.他目前试图让保险公司也看到Lap-Band的优点,他认为两万美元手术费可以在四年之内通过减少医疗出收回。There is some scepticism about his chances of success: ;The fact that banding is not as good as bypass has been known by everybody except the PR firms for the band,; says Lee Kaplan, director of the Weight Centre at Massachusetts General Hospital.至今仍有人怀疑他是否能成功:“事实上使用束带不必胃绕道手术好,所有人都知道,除了束带的公关公司,”马萨诸塞州中心医院体重中心主任Lee Kaplan如是说。Drug companies have had even more trouble than device-makers.制药公司的麻烦甚至比医疗器械公司的还要多。It has been 13 years since the FDA approved a prescription diet pill.从美国食品药物批准减肥药为处方药到如今已经过了十三年。That drug, Roches Xenical, has notorious gastrointestinal side-effects.瑞士罗氏制药公司的Xenical臭名昭著,该药会引发胃肠功能的副作用。The FDA rejected Vivuss Qnexa in 2010 over concerns for the safety of pregnant women and the quickening of patients heart rates.美国食品药物于2010年拒绝批准Vivus公司的Qnexa,因为担心该药对妇的安全造成伤害,担心该药会加快患者的心率。Vivuss new data apparently satisfied the FDAs advisory committee.Vivus公司新的数据显然让的咨询委员会满意。However, the agency may yet reject the drug.但是该局还是可能拒绝批准该药。Even if Qnexa is approved, it is unclear that patients will buy it.就算Qnexa获得批准,患者会不会买账仍不明了。Qnexa combines two treatments that are aly on the market.Qnexa结合了两种市面上上有的疗效。Both medicines are generic, which means that doctors may prescribe the existing drugs rather than Qnexas more expensive version.这两种药物都是非专利药,这说明医生可能会给患者开已有的药而不选择Qnexa,后者更贵。For now, it is more profitable to treat fat patients than to try to make them slim.到目前为止,治疗肥胖患者还是要比让他们减肥更有利可图。 /201211/207278福建打胎哪里比较好 The gravity on Mars is about 1/3 the gravity on earth. That means this 300-pound suit will still weigh a little over 100 pounds on Mars. Thats heavy if the astronauts want to explore Marss rocky cliffs and valleys.火星上的重力只有地球的三分之一。那意味着一套300磅的太空在火星上只重100英镑多一点。对于宇航员来说,如果想要探索火星的岩石峭壁和山谷,300磅是非常重的。;Mars is a fantastic environment. The Martian geography makes Mount Everest and the Grand Canyon look very small. So we really need a suit that we can lope and bend and climb and we want it to be a very light system as well. And so thats why we came up with our bio-suit invention.;火星上的环境很奇妙。火星的地形令珠穆朗玛峰和大峡谷显得很渺小。因此我们确实需要一种可以让人大步走,能弯曲能攀爬的太空,同时也要非常轻便。因此我们想到发明生物太空。The bio-suit, a light weight, full mobility spacesuit designed for human exploration on Mars.Bio-suit是一种重量轻,移动性全面的太空,专门为人类在火星上探险而设计。;Spacesuit has to provide pressure to keep someone alive in space.;“为了让人们在太空上活着,太空一定要提供压力。”The atmospheric pressure on Mars is about 1/100 of that on earth. Walking around in that kind of pressure would be fatal.火星上的大气压力只有地球的100分之1。在这种压力下行走会有致命的危险。;Due to kind of this vacillate since your fluid is in your body would come out of a solution and so you would essentially choke and die. It wouldnt be very pretty.;“由于这种波动,你体内的血液可能会倒流,因此你会窒息而死。这样就不好了。”A conventional spacesuit keeps the astronaut in a hard shell that is gas-pressurized. For the astronaut its like being in a balloon. The breakthrough with the bio-suit is that it can apply the required pressure right onto your body.传统的太空把宇航员包在气体供压的硬壳里。宇航员看起来像挤在一只气球里。生物太空的重大突破在于它能将压力直接施加在你身体上。;The bio-suit squeezes a person. We call it mechanical counter pressure that provides enough pressure to keep all the fluids and your body working.“生物太空会挤压人。我们叫它“机械反压”,它会提供足够大压力,让你的血液和身体正常工作。”As an added bonus its a lot cooler-looking than the old spacesuits.附加的奖励是它比传统的太空看起来更酷。;There is a very specific patterning to the suit that I guess it kind of looks like a spider man suit.;“这种生物太空有非常具体的特点,让我感觉跟蜘蛛侠的衣相似。”The lines on the suit arent just a fashion statement; they are actually a kind of exoskeleton that keeps the suit rigid.衣上的线条并不是为了时尚而设计。它们实际上是一种让衣保持稳固的外骨骼。That pattern doesnt move and is very much mapped to your musculature so as you can move your joints, your elbows and your knees but these lines would stay, you know very tight fitting to your muscles if you can imagine that so allowing you maximum mobility.这种线条不能移动,这也映射了肌肉组织,正如你可以移动关节,胳膊肘和膝盖,但肌肉线条仍然不动。如果你能想象的话,太空紧贴着肌肉才能使你最大限度的活动。原文译文属!201208/194468福州哪个医院人工受孕

福建监测卵泡多少钱晋安博爱中医院肖小燕好不好 This is one pockmark planet worth taking a close look at. Like our moon, mercury is covered in craters.这是一个值得仔细观察的行星。就像我们的月亮一样,水星也是布满了各种盆地。And you cant look at the moon of Mercury without up seeing inside craters. Its a good thing Bret Navy loves big impact. As a member of the image team of the current messager mission to Mercury, She sees a lot of them. What is exciting for me is Iike to be one of the first people to see these images of near places on the planet that weve never seen before. Most people come here to meteor crater in Arizona to see a big hole in the ground. Brets desires, run deeper. Few while study impact craters in Mercury, this is the best place to come. I mean the system most love-preserved, impact craters on earth, thats, thats close to get in a gap. Wonder what would be like to take a stroll on Mercury, you can walk around metero crater in an about hour, but on Mercury, you wouldnt know what.没有看到盆地内部,就好像没有看到过水星一样。这是布雷特?纳威最钟爱的一事。作为观察水星团队的一员,她看到很多。对于我来说最令人兴奋的是成为人群中第一个有幸这些我们以前从未去过附近的行星的图片。多数人来这里看亚利桑那州的流星陨石坑,他们看到一个在地上的大洞。布雷特的愿望更深远。在研究一些水星的陨石坑时,这是最好的地方。我的意思这个系统最好的呈现了地球上的陨石坑,那是,那是接近进入一条鸿沟。不知道是什么,就像漫步在水星,你可以围着流星坑走大约一小时,但是在水星,你不会知道是什么。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172547三明市那里可以治卵巢早衰

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