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Today in History:Thursday, June13, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月13日,星期四June 13th, 1971The New York Times begins publishing The Pentagon Papers --- a leaked, top secret study of Americas involvement in Vietnam. President Richard Nixons administration tries to block further publication in court, citing national security. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird,“It is our responsibility to call this violation of security to the attention of the Justice Department. This I have done.” But the U.S. Supreme Court rules The Times and The Washington Post can publish the material.1967,President Lyndon Johnson nominates solicitor General Thurgood Marshall to be the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.1966,The case behind the phrase “You have the right to remain silent.” , as the U.S. Supreme Court issues its “Miranda” ruling. That landmark decision says criminal suspects must be informed of their constitutional rights before police can question them.1900,In China, the Boxer Rebellion, a national revolt targeting foreigners, as well as Chinese Christians, erupts into full scale violence.1983,Pioneer 10 becomes the first spacecraft to leave our solar system, as the American space probe crosses the orbit of Neptune.And 1986,Benny Goodman, the clarinet playing “King of Swing”, dies in New York. He was 77.Today in History, June 13th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press /201306/243831



  Conquer spring cleaning with these easy and quick cleaning tips.根据下面这些简单快速的清洁小贴士,轻松解决春季大扫除。You Will Need你需要Bucket桶Sponge海绵Toothbrush牙刷Rubber gloves橡胶手套Lambs wool or microfiber duster羊毛或微纤维掸子Vacuum with attachments有附件的吸尘器Antibacterial wipes抗菌纸巾Bowl碗Water水Lemon juice柠檬汁Swivel-head mop旋转拖把Steps步骤Step 1 Fill a bucket1.装桶Make spring cleaning easier by filling a bucket with supplies that will be carried from room to room, such as a sponge, a toothbrush, rubber gloves, and cleaning supplies.把所需物品全部装到一个桶里,例如海绵,牙刷,橡胶手套和清洁用品,可以从一个房间提到另一个房间,这样可以让春季大扫除更加简单。Step 2 Dust blinds2.百页窗除尘Dust your wood, metal, or plastic blinds with a lambs wool or microfiber duster.用羊毛或微纤维掸子清扫木制,金属或塑料百叶窗上的灰尘。Guests should take off their shoes when entering the home to prevent any tracking of dirt throughout the house.客人进入房间时可以脱掉鞋子,防止带入泥土。Step 3 Use crevice tool3.使用缝隙工具Tackle surface dust in the pleats and folds of your curtains by using the crevice tool on your vacuum.使用吸尘器上的缝隙工具来清扫窗帘褶皱里的灰尘。Curtains should be dry-cleaned once a year to remove any dust and dirt.窗帘每年应该干洗一次,以清除灰尘和污垢。Step 4 Clean your windows4.清洁窗户Clean your window screens and window wells with a vacuum attachment.用吸尘器附件清洁纱窗和玻璃。Step 5 Wipe down appliances5.擦拭电器Wipe down all appliances in the kitchen using multi-purpose antibacterial easy wipes.用多用途抗菌便捷纸巾擦拭厨房所有电器。Step 6 Soften crud in microwave6.软化微波炉污垢Soften crud and grease from your microwave by placing a bowl of equal parts water and lemon juice in the microwave. Run the microwave on high for one minute. Everything should be loosened and smelling fresh.将一碗等比例混合的水和柠檬汁混合液放入微波炉中,软化污垢和油渍。将微波炉打开,设置高档,运转一分钟。所有污垢都被清除了,而且闻上去非常清新。Step 7 Clean the bathroom7.清理浴室Clean around the toilet base with a swivel-head mop to remove the collected dust. Multi-purpose sanitizer wipes are also perfect for cleaning the sink and toilet seat. Use the toothbrush to clean grime in the shower.用旋转拖把清洁马桶底座周围,清除积累的灰尘。多功能卫生消毒湿巾用于清洁水槽和马桶座也是非常理想的。使用牙刷来清洁淋浴喷头上的污垢。According to Real Simple, 87 percent of dirt is tracked in homes through the front door.根据《简捷生活》杂志所说,87%的尘土是从前门进入室内的。视频听力译文由。201402/277215

  ;Out in the middle of the wine-dark sea, there is a land called Crete, a rich and lovely land washed by the sea on every side; and in it are many peoples and 90 cities. There, one language mingles with another...Among the cities is Knossos, a great city; and there Minos was nine years king, the boon companion of mighty Zeus.;暗酒色的大海里,有一片名叫克里特的土地 它富庶美丽,四面环海有九十个城市,人口众多。在这些城市中,有一座伟大的城市叫克诺索斯在宙斯的恩典下,米诺斯做了九年的王。That was Homer, singing the praises of Crete, prosperous and cosmopolitan, and of its great king Minos. Now in Greek myth, Minos had a very complex relationship with bulls. He was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, but in order to father him, Zeus had turned himself into a bull. Minoss wife in turn had conceived an unnatural passion for a very beautiful bull and the fruit of that obsession was the Minotaur, half-man, half-bull. Minos was so ashamed of his monstrous stepson that he had him imprisoned in the labyrinth, and there the Minotaur devoured a regular supply of maidens and youths sent every year by Athens-until, that is, the Greek hero Theseus succeeded in killing him. The story of Theseus and the Minotaur, of man facing down his monstrous demons, has been told and re-told for centuries-by Ovid, Plutarch, Virgil and others-and its part of the high canon of Greek myth, of Freudian psychology and of European art.在希腊神话中,米诺斯是克里特的统治者,与公牛之间的关系错综复杂。他是美丽的欧罗巴与众神之主宙斯的儿子。当初,为了引诱欧罗巴,宙斯变成了一头公牛。而后来米诺斯的王后也对一头雄壮的公牛产生了感情,因而生下了牛头人身的米诺陶洛斯。米诺斯觉得这个怪兽继子让他 颜面尽失,便将它囚禁在一座地下迷宫里。米诺陶洛斯要求雅典每年向它进贡童男童女,最终被英雄忒修斯杀死。忒修斯与米诺陶洛斯的故事 被人代代传诵:英雄先藏匿起来,找时机发动进攻,最后成功杀死怪兽。奥维德、普鲁塔克和维吉尔等人都有过记述。这是希腊神话、弗洛伊德心理学以及欧洲艺术的经典故事之一。201407/310904Flight 370 family hires U.S. law firm Stage is set for a multimillion dollar lawsuit over Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. CNNs Laurie Segall reportsJoin me now Legacy and Money coorespondent L, L based on passed crisis which would win, passengers families take action, it is bascially and automatically they win these suits?It is not necessary automatic, I mean this kind of cases I have heard up, but there is a lot skepticisms in this particular case because of juridication, but you know I actually spoke to an attorney who represented several victims of plane crashes and their families, and he gave me an idea how much compensation they were able to get, let me bring it down for you.In Egypt Air 990 crash and the attorney was able to get 3.6 million dollars for the families of the plane crash victims and its extended family. So quite a bit. and American Airline flight 587 the attorney represented 14 victims and was able to get 32 million dollars total, and it was air flight 111 he represented 4 families and was able to get five million.I should say this Jim that not all of these numbers are divided evenly between the families , they are based on a whole number of factors, where was the lawsuit filed, where was these person from, what was their income, so all these factors are going to play out, and could be potentially to play out in this particular case.And this was what even cost to place it overseas, you got an American company you got Asisan airline, so it is complicated, tell me about the first family, to pursuit legal action, the family of S, where they are acting now? what we know about them?You know I think if we take a step back, you know there is grief at the heart of this, the father thats behind this, it is a grief of a father who is losing his son, and this is probably you know I spoke to, his son is named F, I spoke to many of his friends, give me a little bit insight and who he is, you know , they say he just graduated from a very prestigious techincal university in Indonesia, he was an electrical engineer major , and he just got a job as field engineer at a US oil company in China, and he actually gone to Kuala Lumpur for training for this,and this is what you know what began this fate, so they also describe him as very social and loving music in Kuala Lumpur you know, and so I think when you began to look at this , you look the images of victims families, you can really wrap your heard around, the fact that his father is destroyed and he wants answers, he is not necessary getting them, so he is desperately to go a court to get them, and this particular case, they are asking for a lot of information from these courts, Jim.Yes, not just money that is asking for a permission, you know you looked at the pictures, you heard their stories, they are really very personalized, these suits that is certainly not just numbers, that is 239 people, thank you very much for joinning us Legacy. /201403/282942


  As dawn arrives, forest birds claim their territories in the canopy.晨曦乍现,森林之鸟在树荫地下宣告它们的领地。But theres one call which stands out among the rest, virtuoso of the forest symphony.这儿有一种声音在其中显得格外突兀--森林交响乐的艺术大师。Its a gibbon. Living on a remote mountain range in south central Yunnan is one of the few remaining wild gibbon populations in China.那是一只长臂猿。在云南中南部偏远的山脉之中居住着中国的珍稀动物野生长臂猿群。The black-crested gibbons of Wuliangshan. They are confined to these forest mountains, so remote and steep that few hunters ever come here.他们是无量山里的黑冠长臂猿。他们活动范围局限在这些山林之中,如此偏远而又陡峭的环境以至于少有猎人光顾。 /201405/297968




  路易斯amp;#65381;范amp;#65381;安带来了新一代的验码,通过真人回复来将扫描书籍电子化。他琢磨这种无数个在线合作还能为我们带来什么更大的益处。他在 TEDxCMU介绍了他的新项目,叫Duolingo。这个项目能帮助成千上万的人学习外语,同时又把网页内容进行快速准确地翻译,而这一切都是免费的。201405/291682

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