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福州市疏通输卵管哪家好福州做试管哪家比较好Police choose not to investigate rape complaints more often than any other type of violent crime, as one in nine allegations is ;written off;, new analysis shows.最新研究显示,与其他类型的暴力犯罪案件相比,警察更不爱调查强奸投诉,有九分之一的强奸指控被;一笔勾销;。Figures from the Home Office show police believe ;no crime; took place following 11 percent of rape complaints.英国内政部的数据显示,警察认为有11%的强奸投诉是无中生有。In contrast, allegations are not investigated in just two percent of reported burglaries, three percent of drugs complaints, five percent of robberies and six percent of non-sexual assaults.相比之下,只有2%的报告盗窃案件、3%的毒品案件、5%的抢劫案件和6%的非性侵犯案件没有被调查。Earlier this year, a study by the Criminal Justice Joint Inspection team found pressure to keep recorded cases to a ;minimum; may lead forces to write off too many allegations as ;no crime; incidents.今年早些时候,刑事审判联合调查组发现,把有记录的案件保持在;最低水平;的压力可能会使警方将过多指控列为;非犯罪;事件。The data comes amid fresh controversy over the high-profile allegations of sexual assault facing Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks - accusations that he strongly denies.最近,朱利安-阿桑奇面临性侵犯指控一事遭到热议。阿桑奇是维基解密网站的创始人,他断然否认了这些指控。Mr Assange is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy fighting extradition to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning over two incidents.阿桑奇目前躲避在厄瓜多尔驻英国使馆,拒绝被引渡到瑞典。他遭到瑞典通缉,面临两起性侵犯案件的指控。George Galloway, the Respect MP, also caused furore by suggesting Mr Assange has been accused of no more than bad ;sexual etiquette;.国会议员乔治-加洛韦认为,阿桑奇只是;性礼节;不太好而已,他的这番言论也在人们中间引发了轰动。Mr Galloway, speaking in a 30 minute blog on Sunday, said the allegations levelled against Mr Assange could not be considered rape.加洛韦上周日在一个长达30分钟的视频客中说,针对阿桑奇的指控不能被定为强奸。He said: ;Even taken at its worst, if the allegations made by these two women were true, 100 percent true, and even if a camera in the room captured them, they don#39;t constitute rape. At least not rape as anyone with any sense can possibly recognise it. ;他说:;就算按最坏的情况,这两名女性所说属实,完全属实,就算屋里有摄像机拍下了他们,也不能构成强奸罪。至少不是稍微有点儿常识的人都能认出的强奸。;Mr Galloway was condemned for his comments by women#39;s rights groups, who said he was misrepresenting the law on rape.女性权益组织指责了加洛韦的言论,说他歪曲了有关强奸案件的法律。Women#39;s groups have also been protesting this week about comments from Todd Akin, a Republican congressman, who said victims of ;legitimate rape; rarely get pregnant.女性权益组织本周还对美国共和党议员托德#8226;艾金的言论予以反驳,艾金声称;合法强奸;很少导致怀。 /201208/196177龙岩做人流手术什么医院好 Increasing numbers of southeast Asian men, particularly in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are marrying foreigners because fewer women in their homelands are willing to wed, a new study said Monday.本周一发布的一项最新调查称,由于当地的愿嫁女越来越少,东南亚越来越多的男性开始娶外籍媳妇,这一现象在日本、韩国和中国台湾地区最为突出。The phenomenon, which dates back more than a decade, has even created a detectable trend in women's migration, said the study by Daniele Belanger of the University of Western Ontario University.这项由加拿大西安大略大学的丹尼尔#8226;贝朗格开展的研究称,这一现象在十几年前就开始出现,甚至催生了一股明显的女性移民潮。"Since the beginning of the 1990s, more and more men in southeast Asia are looking abroad to find a wife," wrote Belanger in the journal of France's National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED).贝朗格在发表于法国人口研究所期刊上的报告中写道:“自上世纪90年代初以来,东南亚地区越来越多的男性开始娶外国老婆。” /201007/110080福州输精管堵塞费用都是

南平人工受孕去哪好南平去那间医院人工受精 The Floating City has been living up to its nickname after high tides and heavy rain flooded the streets of Venice.在经历了涨潮高峰和暴雨侵袭后,意大利著名旅游城市不负“水中之城”的别名。Seventy per cent of central Venice was under water yesterday after rainfall and seas whipped up by strong winds brought the Italian city#39;s high tide mark to its sixth-highest level since records began in 1872.经过昨天的降雨和被狂风掀起的海水涨潮后,市中心七成地方都浸没在水下。这是意大利自1872以来第六高的涨潮记录。But tourists refused to let the weather dampen their spirits and many donned wellington boots and swimming costumes to make the most of the city#39;s historic waterlogged squares.但旅游者拒绝让天气影响他们的兴致,许多人穿上惠灵顿长筒橡胶靴和泳衣,充分利用城中具有历史意义的圣马可广场。暴雨后广场积水严重。One group soaked up their surroundings as they sat submerged up to their waists at a café in St Mark’s Square while another daring couple decided to go for a quick swim.一群人坐在圣马克广场的一家咖啡馆里,他们完全是泡在水里,水漫到腰部;而另一对大胆的夫妇决定快快游个泳。But the flooding caused misery for other visitors to the city who had to wade through the water with plastic bags on their legs, carrying their suitcases on their shoulders.但洪水也对城市里的其他游客造成了痛苦,他们把塑料袋绑在腿上,行李扛在肩上,趟水而过。Makeshift wooden walkways were erected in St Mark#39;s square and alongside the famous Rialto bridge to help people navigate their way around the city.人们在圣马克广场以及沿着著名的里亚尔托桥建造了临时的木制走道,帮助人们在城市里穿行。Italian news reports said the same weather system causing chaos in Venice was wreaking havoc elsewhere in north and central Italy, with some 200 people evacuated from their homes in hard-hit Tuscany.意大利新闻报道说,让城一团混乱的气象系统同样在意大利北部和中部肆虐,在受灾严重的托斯卡纳区,已有大约200人撤离家园。Flooding is common in Venice at this time of year. Moveable barriers that would protect Venice from high tides have been in the works for years but will not be operational before 2014.每年的这个时候,人对洪水的如期而至已经不觉得稀奇。可以保护免受上涨潮水侵袭的可移动屏障已施工多年,但是要等到2014年才能运行。Research carried out by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego earlier this year revealed that the city is sinking at a rate of 2mm a year.加州大学圣地亚哥分校的斯克里普斯海洋研究院今年早些时候做的一项调查透露,这座城市正在以每年2毫米的速度下沉。Scientists said the city was tilting to the east and heading out to the Adriatic Sea, as it was hit by more floods than ever before.科学家说,由于城市遭受了更多的洪水侵袭,这座城市正朝着亚得里亚海的方向向东倾斜。Earlier studies suggest it was submerging at just 0.04mm per year. The patches of land in Venice#39;s 117 island lagoon are also sinking.早期的研究表明它每年下沉0.04毫米。的117个岛中湖土地也在下沉。Northern sections are dropping between 2 to 3mm per year, while the southern lagoon is subsiding by 3 to 4mm over the same period.北部地区每年下降2至3毫米,而南部湖区在同一时期下沉3至4毫米。 /201211/208999福州市一人民医院做试管男孩

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