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福州市检查宫腔镜去那好南平检查宫腔镜去哪好第一句:Id like to have this film developed, please.请帮我冲印胶卷A: Id like to have this film developed, please.请帮我冲印胶卷B: What size would you like to have?您想要什么尺寸的?A: Just like the one there.就像那一张的尺寸第二句:Will you enlarge this photo, please?请把这张照片放大,好吗?A: Will you enlarge this photo, please?请把这张照片放大,好吗?B: Ok. What size?好的,多大尺寸的?其他表达法:This size, please.就和这尺寸一样Will you enlarge these two, please?请把这两张放大,好吗?With a glossy finish.要光面纸With a mat finish.要纹纸 798福州市一人民医院做宫腔镜 电脑叫醒务我们有电脑叫醒务A: We have a computer wake-up service. Please dial 5 first and then the time. That is to say, dial 5 and then 00 then time. There must be five digits in the final number. 我们有电话叫醒务请先拨5,再拨时间也就是说,先拨5再拨00,最后必须有5位数字B:I see. If I want to change my wake-up time, what should I do? 我懂了如果我想改变叫醒时间,该怎么做?同类问句:Just dial your new wake-up time. The computer will cancel the aid time and record the new one.拨上新时间即可,电脑将取消原先叫醒时间并记录下新时间If I dial 530,I will be awakened at 7:30 a. m?如果我拔530,就会在早上7点半被叫醒吗?Yes, that right.是这样的请求电话叫醒对,请明天早上6点半用电话叫醒我A: Yes. I need a wake-up call tomorrow at 6:30.对,请明天早上6点半用电话叫醒我B: Sure. What your room number,please?可以,您的房间号码是多少?同类问句:Yes. I need a wake-up call tomorrow at 7:30. 是的,明天早上7点半请打个电话叫我起床 199账单和收据约翰先生,这是账单和收据A:Here are your bill and receipt, Mr. Johnson. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us here and hope youll have a pleasant trip home.约翰先生,这是账单和收据希望您在我们这儿过得愉快,并祝您归途愉快B: Thank you. And well have a good trip to Guilin bee we go home.谢谢,在回家之前我们还要到桂林去玩同类问句:Here is your bill, two twin rooms four nights at Thieves in Argentina dug a tunnel into a bank and stole from nearly 140 safe deposit boxes.Authorities believe the burglars entered the bank and emptied the safe deposit boxes during the New Year's Eve weekend. The caper wasn't discovered until Monday morning.阿根廷一伙盗贼挖了一条隧道,潜入一家,盗走将近140个保险箱里的物品。阿根廷当局认为,盗窃犯是在新年前夕凿入,并利用周末清空这些保险箱,这起盗窃案直到周一营业时才被发现。The prosecutor said the thieves rented the neighboring building to the bank in June. The tunnel they dug included lighting, ventilation and reinforcement.检察官表示,窃贼们去年6月在隔壁租了一栋楼,然后凿了一条通往的隧道,隧道经过加固,里面装有灯光和通风设备。Officials could not tell how much was stolen, since box owners do not have to say what they have secured.Many Argentineans started using safe deposit boxes instead of regular bank accounts following a 2001 financial crisis.2001年阿根廷发生金融危机后,许多人不再把钱存进,而是把它们放进保管箱里。管理人员并未说明盗贼此次盗走物品的总价值是多少,因为客户不必告诉方面保险箱里放了什么。来 /201101/122716. The meals that you had at the hotel are . That makes a total of .这是您的账单,两个双人房间,个晚上,00 美元饭店餐费1美元一共5美元Here your bill, sir.这是您的账单,先生 1180莆田检查排卵多少钱

福州哪里有微创复通好1. I guess our conversation naturally comes to an end.我觉得我们该结束对话了吧. Ill call you later if there is an interview you. See you.有面试机会的话我会打电话给你,再见3. Yes, that the end of the story.我愿意,就这么办吧. I wont keep you any longer. See you later.我不耽误你的时间了再见5. Shall we call it a day?那我们今天就到此为止好吗?6. Nice talking with you.和你聊天很愉快7. I am looking ward to your reply. Goodbye.期待您的回信,再见8. I am waiting that.我期待你的回信9. I really appreciate your support. Bye.感谢您的持再见. We will consider your matching degree with the job seriously and give you a call.我们会认真考虑你和所申请职位的匹配度,然后给你回话Dialogue 1对话 1A: So, did you get all the inmation you need about the Deputy General Manager?A: 那么,你已经了解了关于经理一职的所有信息了?B: Yes. Thank you so much.B: 是的,非常感谢A: I guess our conversation naturally comes to an end. Bye.A: 我觉得我们该结束谈话了再见B: OK. I am looking vvarcl to your reply. Bye.B: 好的期待您的回信再见Dialogue 对话 A: I thought highly of your longevity and experience.A: 我很看重你的资历和经验B: Thank you. You flattered me.B: 谢谢你你这么说让我受宠若惊A: Sorry, I have to get back to work. Ill call you later if there is an interview you. See you.A: 抱歉我必须回去工作了,有面试机会的话我会打电话给你B: OK. Nice talking with you. Thank you. Sec you.B: 好的和你谈话很愉快谢谢再见 3365宁德孕前检查那里好 Miss the Check Out Time错过退房时间Hello.miss.I would like to check out.你好,,我想退房Well,sir.tf you want to check out now,we wtll charge you as well.先生,如果您现在退房的话,我们还是会收您0美元的Why?l have stayed 3 nights.为什么?我才住了3个晚上啊Well,the check out time is :00 oclock everyday,if you checkad out after :OO,we have to charge you another day.每天点是退房时间,如果您在点之后退房的话,我们还是会多收您一天的费用 390福州优生优育检查大概多少钱

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