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湖州吴兴区做隆鼻手术多少钱湖州整形医院哪家好“I’m not a statistician,” says Bill James, a legendary statistician. He adds, “I’m also a very bad statistician. I’m sloppy, I’m impatient, I make mistakes and I don’t care about them.”“我不是统计学家,”具有传奇色的统计学家比尔#8226;詹姆斯(Bill James)称。他补充道:“我还是个非常糟糕的统计员。我粗心,没耐心,会出错误,而且我不以为意。”This “bad statistician” is arguably the father of today’s analytics revolution. In the 1970s, while minding the furnaces of a pork-and-beans plant in Kansas, he began to reinvent baseball stats. Data analysis has since sp everywhere from financial trading to political punditry. Recently James even applied analytics to serial killers.这位“糟糕的统计员”可谓是当今分析学革命之父。上世纪70年代,当詹姆斯还在堪萨斯(Kansas)操作一家猪肉炖豆厂的火炉时,他开始彻底改造棒球统计学。自此之后,数据分析推广至各个领域——从金融交易到政治。最近,詹姆斯甚至把分析学应用在了连环杀手身上。I met him earlier this month at the “sports summit” of the Dublin Web Summit, one of his rare ventures into public space. Twenty thousand techies were running around showing each other their apps. James, a plump and grey-bearded 65, was possibly the oldest person there and almost the only one wearing a suit. Scrunched awkwardly into an armchair, he looked much smaller than his 6ft 4in. He rarely meets your eye and often searches agonisingly for the right word. He’s short on “people skills”, he admits. But he has rethought the world using numbers.不久前,我在都柏林网络峰会(Dublin Web Summit)的“体育峰会”(sports summit)上遇到了在公众场合鲜有露面的詹姆斯。2万名技术高手在会场上穿梭,向彼此展示自己研发的应用软件。65岁的詹姆斯体态微胖,胡须斑白,可能是在场最为年长的人,也几乎是全场唯一穿西装的人。他别扭地挤在一把扶手椅上,看起来没有6英尺4英寸的身高那么魁梧。他很少与你眼神接触,说话时也经常痛苦地斟字酌句。他承认,自己不擅长“人际技巧”。不过,他借助数字重新思索这个世界。James could see things afresh partly because he was a born outsider. “My father was a small-town school janitor. I had that strong sense when I was young: I just didn’t have any innate talent for being nice to people. I’m not a type of person that academics were going to take under their wing. And it comes from the way I grew up and from being a contrarian. I just don’t naturally accept what I’m told.”詹姆斯能够以全新视角看待事物,部分原因在于他生来就是个局外人。“我的父亲是一所小镇学校的清洁工。我从小就有种很强的感觉:我就是没有对人客套的天赋。我不是学者会收入门下的那类人。这源自我成长之路,以及我与别人相反的思维。我就是不会轻易接受别人告诉我的事。”When he began studying baseball, he instinctively disbelieved the game’s received wisdom. He assembled new stats to show, for instance, that time-honoured baseball strategies like bunting or base-stealing were dumb. He says, “My skill was seeing new things that people weren’t measuring but that we could measure.” In short, the bad statistician had imagination.当开始研究棒球时,他本能地对有关棒球赛的公认智慧产生了怀疑。例如,他收集了新的数据来明,像短打或盗垒这种由来已久的棒球策略都是不明智的。他称:“我的能力在于看到别人不在衡量、而我们可以衡量的新参数。”简言之,这位糟糕的统计员富有想象力。He had also chosen the right topic. Baseball began collecting game stats early. By the time computers became widely available, it had 100 years of numbers waiting to be crunched. James says, “The analytic revolution hit in baseball before it did in finance, for example, and that made baseball sort of a paradigm of how this works.” It’s no accident that today’s leading political number-cruncher, Nate Silver, began as a baseball statistician.他还会选择合适的研究对象。棒球很早便开始收集比赛数据。当计算机变得普及时,这项运动已经有了100年的数据等待研究。詹姆斯称:“在应用于金融之前,分析学的革命便已在棒球界展开,这使得棒球在某种程度上成为分析学应用的范例。”并非偶然的是,当今顶尖的政治数据分析师纳特#8226;西尔弗(Nate Silver)是棒球统计员出身。James had another useful attribute for a revolutionary: good prose. Quite simply, he is an astonishingly skilled writer of non-fiction. In 1977 he self-published his first photocopied, stapled Baseball Abstract. His style – American vernacular wrapped in formal grammar – soon sp his fame. I currently cannot stop ing his 2011 book, Popular Crime. His insights pour out: serial killers are almost always thieves, too; men who murder their wives are typically having an affair; a secret-service agent startled by Lee Harvey Oswald’s shots probably accidentally fired the bullet that killed John F Kennedy.詹姆斯还有另外一点身为革命者的有利特质:写得一手好文章。很简单,他是一名天赋异禀的非小说作家。1977年,他自己出版了第一本用复印机和订书机装订成册的书——《棒球汇编》(Baseball Abstract)。他的风格——在正规语法包装下的美式白话——迅速使其声名鹊起。最近,我对他2011年所著的《热门罪案》(Popular Crime)爱不释手。他的见解如行云流水般道来:连环杀手几乎也都是窃贼;杀妻者通常都有婚外情;在听到李#8226;哈维#8226;奥斯瓦尔德(Lee Harvey Oswald)的声后在惊恐之下意外扣动扳机的一名特勤局(Secret Service)特工,很可能射出了打死约翰#8226;肯尼迪(John F Kennedy)的那发子弹。When I ask James for his literary inspirations, he names economists: Paul Samuelson, Robert Fogel and “early writers in econometrics”. Good analysts tend to make good writers, he explains.当我问及詹姆斯的文学启蒙时,他说出了几名经济学家的名字:保罗#8226;萨缪尔森(Paul Samuelson)、罗伯特#8226;福格尔(Robert Fogel)以及几个“计量统计学的早期著述者”。他解释称,优秀的统计学家倾向于成为好作家。James remained an outsider for decades. Had he never been recognised, he admits, “It would have eaten me away. I’d have been bitter and sarcastic, like when I was young.” But gradually insiders began paying attention. One early er was a commodities trader named John W Henry. Later Henry bought the Boston Red Sox. Now James advises the club on baseball matters: “Should we sign this player? Should we use this player in this way?” James has also helped statisticians from Henry’s English football club, Liverpool.詹姆斯保持局外人的身份达数十年。他承认,如果从未获得认可,“那会让我极度失落。我会变得愤世嫉俗、尖酸刻薄,就像我年轻时那样。”不过,圈内人逐渐开始关注他。詹姆斯的早期读者中有一位名为约翰#8226;W#8226;亨利(John W Henry)的大宗商品交易商。不久后,亨利买下了波士顿红袜队(Boston Red Sox)。如今,詹姆斯是该俱乐部棒球事务的顾问:“我们应该签这名球员吗?我们可以这样用这名球员吗?”詹姆斯还为亨利的英格兰足球俱乐部——利物浦(Liverpool)的统计员提供帮助。#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;……Almost every big sports club now employs a team of Jamesian analysts. However, the big decisions are still made by smartly dressed executives. James admits he couldn’t do their job. “You need a lot better people skills than I have. I don’t carry a phone. I don’t understand how people who carry a phone can get any work done.”如今,几乎所有的大型体育俱乐部都聘请了一个詹式分析师团队。然而,重大决定仍然由西装笔挺的经理们做出。詹姆斯承认,他做不了经理的工作。“那需要比我出色得多的人际交往能力。我不随身携带手机。我不明白带手机的人怎么能完成工作。”Still, the outsider has finally become an American success. “I’m very pleased,” he admits. “In a sense I won my argument with the world. The world has been very good to me – as an adult, not when I was a child.话说回来,这位局外人最终成为了一个美国标杆。“我很高兴,”他坦白道,“在某种意义上,我向世界明了自己的论点。世界对我不错,当然这是在我成年之后,在我小时候并非如此。”“I’ve gagged on the fallacies of all organised systems of thought.” But he has ended up creating his own organised system of thought: baseball analytics, known as “sabermetrics”. He invented today’s conventional wisdom. Surely that discomfits him? “A lot of organised sabermetrics doesn’t work,” replies James.“所有思想组织体系的谬论让我作呕。”不过,他最终创造了自己的思想组织体系:棒球分析学,即“赛伯计量学”(sabermetrics)。他发明了如今的传统智慧。难道这不会困扰他吗?“赛伯计量学的很多理论不管用,”詹姆斯回答称。“A lot of it’s bullshit. What we don’t know is always – in my own view – a million times bigger than what we do. There will never be a shortage of ignorance.”“很多都是胡扯。在我认为,我们不知道的事总是远远超过我们知道的事。这世界永远不会缺少无知。”And he includes himself in that. Bill James is contrarian even about Bill James. Michael Lewis’s book Moneyball lionises him; James, possibly uniquely among sports statisticians, hasn’t it. “I think that I’m in no sense a phony,” he says, “I think I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not. However, a lot of what people say about me isn’t true. I’m not smarter than anybody.”而他也把自己归入其中。比尔#8226;詹姆斯甚至是自己的反派。迈克尔#8226;刘易斯(Michael Lewis)所著的《魔球》(Moneyball)对他评价甚高;而詹姆斯很可能是唯一一个没有读过该书的体育统计学家。“我觉得我决不是冒牌货,”他称,“我认为我从不会假装成其他人。不过,别人口中的我有很多不是真的。我不比任何人聪明。”Then, to his immense relief, I let him go.然后,我让他离开了,这对他来说是个极大的解脱。 /201503/365709湖州瘦脸针保妥适 Poking fun at fat people should be treated as seriously as racism and sexism, researchers have said。研究人员表示,取笑肥胖人士的现象应像种族歧视和性别歧视一样被严肃处理。Obesity expert Dr Sarah Jackson said that the law should protect against weight discrimination, in the same way at it prohibits singling out people based on their age, gender or race。肥胖专家莎拉#8226;杰克逊士表示,法律应当禁止肥胖歧视,正如法律禁止年龄、性别及种族歧视一样。Dr Jackson, of University College London, spoke out after conducting two studies into the physical and psychological effects of fattism。就职于伦敦大学学院的杰克逊士在进行了两项关于‘肥胖歧视’对于生理和心理影响的研究后,发表了上述看法。Her latest study, of more than 5,000 British adults found that those who were made to feel ashamed of their size suffered more symptoms of depression。在她的最新研究中,通过对5000多名英国成年人的调查研究,她发现越是那些羞愧于自己体型的人被抑郁症折磨得越厉害。They also had a lower quality of life than those who didn’t feel victimised。同时,这些人的生活质量也远低于那些不受肥胖歧视困扰的人。Examples of fattism included being treated disrespectfully, including being the butt of jokes, receiving poorer services in shops, restaurants, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, being threatened and being assumed to be stupid。肥胖歧视的表现包括:被无礼对待;被取笑;在商店、餐厅、医院以及医生治疗时得不到良好务;被威胁;被认为是愚蠢的象征。She previously showed shaming fat people into losing weight is counterproductive。而她之前的研究显示通过嘲笑来促使肥胖人士减肥会适得其反。Far from shocking people into slimming, it actually leads to them piling on the pounds。别人的嘲笑不仅不会使他们变瘦,事实上还会导致他们体重增加。It is thought fattism drives those who are aly sensitive about their weight to comfort eat. Fear of ridicule may also mean they avoid exercise。研究认为,肥胖歧视使得那些本已经对自身体重十分敏感的人自暴自弃,大吃特吃。而且,出于对被嘲笑的恐惧,这些肥胖人士还会拒绝运动。With two-thirds of British women overweight or obese, jibes, taunts and simple thoughtlessness could be having a huge effect on the nation’s mental and psychological health。而在英国有三分之二的女性都存在超重或者肥胖问题,嘲弄、辱骂以及轻率对待肥胖人士就有可能对整个国家的精神和心理健康状况产生重大影响。Dr Sarah Jackson, the lead author of both studies, said that people may believe that weight discrimination is socially acceptable because unlike ageism, sexism and racism, it is not covered by law。两项研究的第一作者莎拉#8226;杰克逊士表示:“不像年龄、性别、种族歧视,肥胖歧视不受法律管制,于是人们就可能认为体重歧视是被社会接受的。She said: ‘In the ed Kingdom, the Equality Act 2010 legally protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, disability, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, or gender reassignment; making it clear that discriminatory behaviour of this nature is not to be accepted。“在英国,通过颁布《2010平等法案》,每个人都可以免受因年龄、性别、种族、残疾、宗教信仰、性取向、婚姻状况、怀、变性这些不同自然选择带来的歧视。‘However, our results indicate that discriminatory experiences contribute to poorer psychological wellbeing in individuals with obesity, but there are currently no laws prohibiting weight discrimination。“然而,我们的研究结果显示:尽管肥胖人士饱受因被歧视带来的心理问题困扰,但是现行法律中没有哪部法律禁止体重歧视。‘This might send the message to people that weight discrimination is socially acceptable。“这就可能给人们传达这样一个讯息:体重歧视是被社会接受认可的。‘If weight was a protected category it might help to reduce the prevalence of weight-related discrimination and thereby improve quality of life and wellbeing for a significant proportion of obese individuals.’“如果体重属于法律保护的一个范畴,就有可能降低肥胖歧视的发生率,因此就有利于更多肥胖人士享受健康生活,提高其生活质量。” /201504/369103浙江湖州曙光医疗美容去胎记多少钱

湖州曙光医院切眼袋手术多少钱安吉县中医医院做双眼皮手术多少钱 When fate hasn#39;t dealt you the best hand in life, it#39;s easier to complain than to work change it. But throughout history, there have been people who just grab the whole deck for themselves, rising from those humble beginnings to seize more power than anyone could have ever thought possible. As we#39;re about to tell you, sometimes even the lowliest peasants can rise to the highest stations.当命运之神不曾眷顾你的时候,是选择抱怨还是努力改变现状?前者似乎更容易一些。然而纵观历史,不乏拼尽全力与命运抗争之辈,他们出身卑微,却最终达到一般人无法企及的权力巅峰。正如我们将在本文中为你讲述的,即使是地位最低下的农民,也可以登上权力金字塔的顶端。10.Catherine I – Russia10.叶卡捷琳娜一世——俄罗斯Catherine was born in 1684 to a peasant family, and orphaned just three years later when both parents died from the plague. She was raised by a pastor in Latvia until she was 17, when the Russians invaded and took her captive. Catherine proved to be one of the more valuable acquisitions of the conquest, and thanks to her good looks was passed around as a favor in the court, eventually being given to Peter the Great in 1705.1684年,叶卡捷琳娜出生于一个农民家庭,三岁时父母死于瘟疫,成为孤儿。随后,拉脱维亚(Latvia)的一位牧师收养了她,直到17岁那年俄军入侵,她被俘虏。日后的故事表明这位传奇女子是非常有价值的战利品,因为相貌出众,她在宫廷里被当作礼物几经转手,最终于1705年送到彼得大帝(Peter the Great)的身边。Somewhat unexpectedly, Peter and Catherine fell in love, and she even managed to save his empire in from the Turks in 1711, offering her jewels as a bribe and allowing the Russians to retreat rather than face annihilation. Their relationship was marred towards the end by Catherine#39;s alleged affair with William Mons, but Peter had him executed and they were able to reconcile just before Peter#39;s death. Catherine was his successor and, despite not really having any political ambition, became the first female emperor of Russia.令人意想不到的是,彼得和叶卡捷琳娜竟然坠入爱河。1711年,彼得陷入土耳其军队的重围(译注:1711年俄土战争,彼得一世亲征普鲁特河),叶卡捷琳娜用珠宝贿赂敌军,帮他突围保住皇位,并令俄军撤退,使其免遭歼灭。叶卡捷琳娜和威廉·蒙斯(William Mons)有婚外情的传闻,险些导致她和彼得关系破裂,但是最后彼得处死威廉,并在自己死前与叶卡捷琳娜重修旧好。叶卡捷琳娜一世成为彼得一世的继任者,虽然她并没有什么政治抱负,但却成为俄罗斯历史上第一位女皇。9.Justin I – Byzantium9.查士丁一世——拜占庭Justin was born in 453 AD and began life as a simple swineherd, enduring poverty and barbarian raids at an early age. At 20 years old he set off on a journey to Constantinople to seek his fortune. He joined the corps of 300, and quickly rose to a position of command. With military power came political power, and he was given the title of Count.查士丁出生于公元453年,早年以养猪为生,生活困顿,常遭野蛮劫掠。20岁那年,他离家前往君士坦丁堡谋生。随后加入一300人的军队,很快就晋升为指挥官。查士丁依靠其军事能力得到政治权力,并被授予伯爵封号。Emperor Anastasius was childless, and when it came to naming his successor he chose to put his faith in God, saying that whoever came into his room next would become emperor. Rather than a member of his own family, however, it was Justin who entered his chambers and became the new emperor when Anastasius died. It was a position he never really wanted, and he made that clear to the Pope by writing to inform him he had been made emperor against his will. An unwilling, unprepared, and uneducated emperor, he ruled for nine years and proved that some men are born great, and others fall into power ass backwards.阿纳斯塔修斯一世(Emperor Anastasius)没有子嗣,他把挑选继任者这件事情交给上帝决断,声明下一个进入自己的房间的人将会成为继任皇帝。然而,阿纳斯塔修斯去世之时,进入他寝宫的并非其亲属,而是查士丁。但查士丁根本不想成为皇帝,还给教皇写信,告诉他自己是被迫登上皇位的。就这样,这位没受过教育的皇帝在毫无准备、毫不情愿的情况下执政9年。他的存在向世人明:有的人生来尊贵,而有的人却阴差阳错获得权利。8.Diocletian – Rome8.戴克里先——罗马Diocletian was the son of a former slave, and was born around 245 AD. He embarked on a career in the army, and through a combination of military skill, ambition, and having the good fortune to be favored by the emperor Carus, Diocletian was able to rise to the rank of commander of the cavalry arm of the imperial bodyguard. When Carus was killed by a bolt of lightning, his sons Numerian and Carinus assumed control of the East and West empires respectively, but it wasn#39;t long before Numerian died.戴克里先是一个奴隶的儿子,生于公元245年。他的传奇人生从军队开始,由于他出色的军事能力、远大的抱负,以及受到罗马帝国皇帝卡鲁斯(Carus)的青睐,戴克里先很快就当上了帝国保卫骑兵营的指挥官。在卡鲁斯死于雷击之后,他的儿子努梅里安(Numerian)和卡里努斯(Carinus)分别统治了东罗马和西罗马,但是没过多久努梅里安就去世了。Diocletian won support by killing Aper, the man suspected of having a hand in Numerian#39;s death, in front of all the troops, and was rewarded with the title of Emperor of the East. Carinus was none too pleased with his brother being succeeded by a bodyguard, and moved to meet Diocletian in battle. Unfortunately for Carinus, his unpopularity led to his own men killing him, and put Diocletian to assume control of the entire Roman empire.当着所有军队,戴克里先杀掉了被怀疑与努梅里安之死有关的艾派(Aper),因此而获得持,并被拥戴成为东罗马帝国的皇帝。卡里努斯不满自己哥哥的皇位被一个侍卫继承,于是与戴克里先兵戎相见。不幸的是,卡里努斯因为不得人心,被自己的人所刺杀,从而使得戴克里先统治了整个罗马帝国。审稿:张茜 Freya然 校对:CMX /201507/386026湖州市康复医院打美白针多少钱

湖州市康复医院美容中心A Henpecked Husband怕老婆的老公A henpecked husband was advised by a psychiatrist to assert himself.有一位怕老婆的老公接受心理治疗师的建议要坚持自己的主见。;You don#39;t have to let your wife bully you,;he said.;Go home and show her you are the boss .;他说:“你不必让你的老婆像恶霸一样欺侮你。回家去让她知道你才是老大。”The husband decided to take the doctor#39;s asvice.He went home,slammed the door,shook his first in his wife#39;s face,and growled,;这位老公决定接受医生的劝告。他回到家,用力啪答一声关上门,在他老婆的面前:挥舞着拳头,并且大声咆哮说:From now on you are talking orders from me.“从现在起,你得乖乖听我的命令。I want my supper right now,and when you get it on the table ,go upstairs and lay out my clothes.我现在就要吃晚餐,当你把它弄好放在餐桌上的时候,到楼上去把我的衣摆放好。Tonight I am going out with my friends.今天晚上我要和我的。朋友外出,You are going to stay at home where you belong.你给我乖乖待在家里不许乱跑。Another thing,you know who is going to tie bow tie?;另外还有一件事情,你知道谁要替我打蝴蝶结领结吗?”I certainlydo,;screamed the wife.;The Undertaker.;老婆尖叫着说:“我当然知道。是收尸的人。” /201504/368418 Magnus Carlsen’s triumph over Viswanathan Anand on Sunday allowed the 23-year-old Norwegian to retain his crown as world chess champion.周日,23岁的挪威人马格努斯#8226;卡尔森(Magnus Carlsen)大胜维斯瓦纳坦#8226;阿南德(Viswanathan Anand),成功卫冕国际象棋世界冠军。Yet it was the remarkable way in which Mr Carlsen defeated his Indian opponent that has reinforced the view in fiercely competitive, top-level chess that he is simply the best the game has ever seen.然而,最令人印象深刻的,是卡尔森打败其印度对手的方式。在竞争激烈的国际象棋顶级赛事中,他的取胜方式再次明,他是国际象棋比赛有史以来的最佳选手。He won without a huge team of seconds, or assistants, to feed him new ideas and without a room stuffed with supercomputers to prepare game plans in advance.在比赛过程中,没有庞大的助手团队为他提供新的思路,事先也没有一屋子超级电脑为他筹备竞赛计划。His victory was, as Frederic Friedel, co-founder of the Chessbase chess software company, put it, “like a tennis player turning up to Wimbledon with an ancient wooden racket – and winning”.正如Chessbase国际象棋软件公司的共同创始人弗雷德里克#8226;弗里德尔(Frederic Friedel)所说,卡尔森的胜利,“就像一名网球选手带着老式木质球拍出现在温布尔顿并取得了胜利”。Computers and the number-crunching analysis they provide have become a regular feature of the highest levels of chess for more than a decade. Top players rely on them to generate the theoretical novelty that can provide a telling advantage in the opening.十多年来,提供计算机和大批量数据分析,已成为国际象棋顶级赛事的常规务。最高水平的选手依赖这些务提供创意,从而在开局中取得有效的优势地位。In 2010, as he prepared to fight for the world chess crown against Anand, the Bulgarian grandmaster Veselin Topalov revealed that he was using IBM’s Blue Gene/P supercomputer, decked with 8,192-processors, to help prepare some tailor-made openings.2010年,在筹备与阿南德的国际象棋世界冠军争夺战时,保加利亚特级大师维塞林#8226;托帕洛夫(Veselin Topalov)曾透露,他正在使用IBM生产的拥有8192个处理器的蓝色基因/P(Blue Gene/P)超级计算机,帮助他准备某些量身定制的开局。Anand, meanwhile, admitted that the desktop of one of his main seconds looked “like a pilot’s cockpit”.与此同时,阿南德也承认,他一名主要助手的桌面看起来“就像飞行员的驾驶舱”。Such an approach is logical in a game so complex that players arrive at one of 9m possible positions after just three moves each – and one in which there are more possible unique chess games than neutrons in the physical universe.对国际象棋这样复杂的比赛而言,这种应对方式有其道理。据统计,在仅仅走过三步之后,每位选手就面临900万种可能的棋局。国际象棋中的可能棋局数,超过了宇宙中的中子数。As Mr Carlsen said with some understatement following one of last week’s games, “chess, in general, is more difficult than other things”.正如卡尔森上周在一场比赛后略为谦虚的说法:“总体上说,国际象棋比其他事情都难一些。”But the man who regularly plays in ripped jeans and has a reputation for slouching in his chair during matches does not rely on computer analysis nearly as much as his opponents and pays relatively little attention to opening theory.不过,这位惯于在打比赛时身着乞丐装牛仔裤、并以懒洋洋靠在椅上而闻名的选手,并不像他的对手那样依赖计算机分析。他对开局理论的关注几乎为零。“With the modern computer age, there are some new ideas,” he said a couple of years ago. “But the principles are basically the same#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I try not to over-focus on preparation.”几年前,他曾表示:“在当代这个计算机时代,确实存在某些新的想法。不过其中的原理从根本上说是一样的……我努力不去把过多注意力放在筹备方面。”The result of this old-school approach has turned modern chess on its head. Whereas computer analysis has raised the relative importance of the opening for most players, Mr Carlsen has relegated it. He looks instead to win a game later on via the steady and patient accumulation of sometimes almost imperceptible advantages.这一旧的学院派方法取得的战果令当代国际象棋十分尴尬。尽管对多数选手来说,计算机分析提高了开局的相对重要性,卡尔森却不那么看重开局。相反,他关注的是如何稳定而耐心地积累优势——有时候这种优势甚至难以察觉,在后面的比赛过程中取得胜利。“The space that chess occupies is so gigantic that in spite of all the computer work done today, you can get out of it,” says Mr Friedel, who occasionally chaperoned Mr Carlsen at tournaments when he was a teenager. “Magnus goes off into sidelines#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;then he just outplays people. It is extraordinary and amazing.”少年时代曾偶尔在锦标赛中陪伴卡尔森的弗里德尔表示:“国际象棋的弈空间太过巨大,尽管今天计算机能完成许多判断,你仍可跳出它的思路。马格努斯跳了出来……并在之后的比赛中大获全胜。这是非比寻常而让人惊叹的。”That he is able to do so is evidence of his raw talent. A grandmaster at 13, he became the world’s strongest player at just 19 and has remained there. In May, he reached an “Elo” rating of 2,882 – the highest a human being has ever achieved.他能做到这一点,明了他天生的天分。这位13岁当上特级大师的选手在仅仅19岁时就成为全球最强的国际象棋选手,并一直保持在这种高水平状态。今年5月,他的“Elo”等级分达到2882分,这是人类选手曾获得的最高分。Asked in 2012 how he played so well, he replied modestly, “I don’t know#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;the game somehow comes naturally”.2012年,在被问到为何他棋艺如此高超时,他回答得十分谦虚:“我不知道……我就是自然而然地想到了应手。” /201411/345160湖州哪家医院去眼袋做得好湖州市曙光医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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