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旅游英语:四川彭镇老茶馆英文介绍 -01- :00: 来源: 旅游英语:四川彭镇老茶馆英文介绍In Chengdu, you can find teahouses everywhere, whether it’s in a busy street, a run-down alley, a park or even a university campus. No matter which teahouse you enter, you will get a real feel just how unique Chengdu really is: with bamboo chairs, square tables, tea set, stove, teapot, and even the trotting waiters.Chengduers love drinking tea, so there are a lot of teahouses in Chengdu. However, finding the most original or traditional teahouses can be difficult. In Pengzhen Town of Shuangliu County on the Western Sichuan Plain, there is an ancient teahouse which has a history of more than a hundred years. It is claimed that this teahouse was called Guanyin Pavilion bee the Cultural Revolution.The ancient teahouse has a cozy ambience and a simple layout. People here also appear calm and relaxed. This is a real place drinking tea. A cup of tea won’t cost you very much. The shop’s small square wooden tables, tiger-shaped stoves three-piece topped tea sets have remained unchanged in the shop’s hundred-year history.The whole image is reminiscent of the long history of the teahouse: the old-fashioned timber-framed building roofed with grey tiles; the bamboo fences partly seen over the dirty walls; the uneven floor made of thick layers of mud; the stoves used boiling water and the bamboo chairs, whose paint has aly faded.The teahouse belongs to Zhao, whose entire family lives in Pengzhen Town. The shop is usually managed by Zhao’s son and daughter-in law. During busy times, older members of the family and children will also come to help out.The down-to-earth nature of the people and the tea house’s easy-going environment are reminiscent of the ancient Chengdu spirit and representative of the long history and unique culture of the Western Sichuan Plain. The customers of this teahouse are also “old”. They sip the tea between puffs of their cigarettes: some are savoring the flavor alone, some are chattering while others are play cards. These activities have become part of the customers’ life. Though ordinary, it is delightful, bringing the mind and imagination back to ancient times.No matter who sits down and orders a cup of tea and a pile of melon seeds, they become customers and are treated equally.There are no status or identity differences between customers. They are all friends gathering here because of they love tea and enjoy life togetherHere, you don’t have to think about your status, your finances or the house you long . You can release yourself from burdens of a busy life and lighten your heavy heart.Genuine ancient teahouses don’t have a strict criterion tealeaf quality. From Longjing tea, Huangshan Maofeng tea (both high-quality teas), to ordinary flower tea, all are welcome. What really matters are the comtable atmosphere and the congenial spirit when people get together and chat about all sorts of issues.The tea leaves unfold in the boiling water and give off a scent in rising steam. After a while, the whole room is brimming over with the pleasant aroma of the tea. At this moment, everything in the world comes to a stop to savor the tea.In a Chengduers’ perspective, drinking tea and chatting are inseparable. Their chatter covers everything, meandering on endlessly.Untunately, this tea house has been included among a list of condemned buildings. This witness to the history and culture of ancient Chengdu will be erased from the map ever. 旅游英语 四川彭镇老茶馆。

  • 我的钢琴老师 My Piano Teacher -- :31:50 来源: I am ten years old. I like playing piano. And I have a good teacher. She is beautiful, just like the fairy from the heaven. She likes wearing white dress. Her hair is long and straight. And her fingers are the most beautiful I have ever seen. They are long and thin. She can use them to play wonderful songs. I feel pleasant when I hear her songs. I want to be as excellent as her in the future.我十岁了喜欢弹钢琴我有一个很好的老师她很漂亮,就像天上的仙女一样她喜欢穿白色的衣她的头发又长又直她的手指是我见过最漂亮的,又细又长她可以用它们来演奏美妙的歌曲听她的歌我会很愉悦将来我也想成为像她一样优秀的人。
  • 苍山洱海英文导游词 -- :0:30 来源: 苍山洱海英文导游词  Fellow friends: Hello! Toured the Dali old city, initially has feltthis humanities landscape profoundness; Now we watch the CangshanErhai, understands the Dali's America of scenery.   First, we ride the yacht to go to the Erhai park. The Erhai park othername group mountain park, is l ocated the Hsiakuan city northeast kilometers place groups mountains. North it near ocean waves Wan QingErhai, west and Cangshan SouthEnd setting sun peak relative. WhenNanzhao country, here is king's deer park. In 1976 here newly wardedoff the park, Occupiesdi 1,600 Chinese acres. On the mountain has thezoo and the plant nursery flower-bed, broadly plants the Dali areaeach kind of precious flower different plant, is very good rests placeof the tour.   Now the pleasure boat to the Erhai park near the sea causeway, we cameashore to the ship, this is under the group foot of a hill Binhai tourarea along 70 multistage stone steps AscendsLevel on, we arrive the summit.Everybody looked that, this Curls upwardsAngle upturned eave pavilion is looks thesea building, the eave hangs from above the plaque, submits a writtenstatement: Jade Er silver dark green ", the black bottom goldcharacter, vigorous is classically elegant, it is the Chinese inadmiration of somebody's fame painter Wu Zuoren's writing skill. Looksthe sea building is understands "the jade Er silver dark green"happiest extent, leans against a railing looks out into the distance:East side Erhai vast, boundless, west Cangshan is continuous,luxuriant is gray.   Fellow friends, let us go on board once more, roams through to Erhaiin. But I first must to everybody introduction be actually amCangshan. merly, we in the Dali city, under on the dark green footof a hill road, have not been able to look at carefully the Cangshangrand appearance well. Just like the ancient said "does not know thetruth about the matter, only reason body in this mountain"; Looks thesea building in the Erhai park, the angle of view Inclines, also onlycan see the Cangshan terminal. Now, unceasingly leads the way alongwith the pleasure boat, in our eye Cangshan is not clearer? Somepeople said that, a Hengduan pulse condition great arm, the plateau extended west Yunnan from "the roof of the world" to thesouth, Cangshan was in this world famous sierra a cloud range branch.   Cangshan, also names the Diancang, is green because of its mountaincolor, the mountain apex acquires fame in vain. Cangshan altogetherhas 19 peaks. This 19 peaks from the north to the south order are: Thecloud makes, green, five, the lotus flower, the white clouds, thecrane cloud, three positive, the blue peak, the snowman, should behappy, the Goddess of Mercy, center and, Longquan, the jade   bureau,Malone, the saint should, Buddha go against, Ma Er, the setting sun.In 19 peaks, the Malone peak is highest, elevation , meters. TheCangshan 19 peaks, two peaks clamp a brook, altogether 18 brooks; Eastthe mountain stream flows, pours into Erhai, 18 brooks from north tosouth, the base arrangement is: South the rosy cloud moves, Wan Hua,the positive brook, the awn wells up, the brocade brook, the spiritspring, the white stone, the double mandarin duck, hides the immortal,Mei Xi, the peach brook, center the brook, the emerald, Longxi, clearblue, remnant, Pavilion mouth, is not positive.   The Cangshan scenery by the snow, the cloud, SpringStone is famous. I firstintroduce Cangshan to everybody the snow. After the summer needlessCangshan snow, is Dali "the love affair" four given names scenery. Thesnow white Cangshan snow, all previous dynasties literatiapproves the refined language quite a lot, the folklore also many. Thethe Ming Dynasty writer Li Yuanyang once praised: "Date Li Cangshansnow, Precioustai 19 peaks". 苍山洱海 英文导游词。
  • 健身英语:在健身房常用的词汇和对话-- ::57 A: hey, you look great! how's everything?S: yeah, you know what?I've been going to the club regularly. The training really pays off. Now I am in a good shape and I know more about how to keep fit.A: really? tell me about it. I haven't gone to the club a long time. I am too busy with work.S: it's important to do proper exercises.A: you're right. Too much or too little won't do any good.S: the trainer tells me, besides regular sports activities, I should also have a healthy and balanced diet.A: sounds reasonable.S: we should eat more vegetables instead of junk food to stay energetic.A: and fruits!S: surely it is. Getting enough sleep is also crucial fitness.A: I've heard that. Does your trainer tell you anything about keeping fit?S: yeah, he advises me to stay in a good mood. That can help one to keep sound physical health.A: I think if you follow your trainer's advice,you'll be on the right track.S: you bet it!pay off 得到好结果,取得成功of a plan or an action, especially one that involves risk 尤指冒险的计划或行动 to be successful and bring good results 成功;奏效;达到目的The gamble paid off. 赢了.be on trackto be doing the right thing in order to achieve a particular result 步入正轨;做法对头Curtis is on track the gold medal. 柯蒂斯正踏上夺取金牌之途.You bet it! 没错,就是这样!I'm going to the gym.我要去健身房A: I need to keep fit and get more exercise.A: 我需要保持健康,我做运动B: I know what you mean. It can be difficult to find the time to keep fit.B: 我明白你的意思有时很难找到时间去锻炼身体A: I know. I never have enough time to do anything.A: 我知道我总是没有足够的时间B: Maybe you should try going to the Sports Club at the hotel. There's a good gym there.B: 也许你应该试试饭店的健身俱乐部那里有一个不错的健身房A: You're right. That's a good idea. I can go there easily.A: 你说得对这是个好主意我去那里很容易B: It's a good way to keep fit. Go once a week if you can.B: 这是强身健体的好方法如果可以的话,一周去一次A: Right. I'm going to the gym, every week from now on.A: 对我要去健身房,从现在开始每周都去Notes 注释1. If you want to talk about how much, or how little time you have, you can say various things, e.g. It can be difficult to find the time. I never have enough time to..如果你想说你时间很多或者很少,你可以用不同的表达法,例如:It can be difficult to find the time. (很难找到时间.) I never have enough time to...(我总是没有足够的时间...). To suggest something to someone, you can say Maybe you should.. e. g. Maybe you should go to the gym.要建议某人做某事,你可以说Maybe you should..(也许你应该...)例如,Maybe you should go to the gym. (也许你应该去健身房)----------------------------------------------------1. Do you like to do some work out? No, I want to play badminton.你想不想去作运动啊? 不, 我想打羽毛球.. Is a court available now? We want to book it now.现在还有场地吗? 我们想要预约一个场地.3. You are set.你完成了.. Wow! It's packed.哇! 好多人啊.5. That's fine. Let's warm up first.没关系, 让我们先暖身.6. Good game. Man. You took me easily.这是一场很棒的比赛, 你轻轻松松地击败我了.7. You are better though. I am just lucky.其实你比较好啦. 我只是幸运一点.8. Do you want a rematch?要不要再赛一盘?9. No, I smell. I need to go home and take a shower.不要了, 我身上有味道了, 我必须回家去洗个澡.AT THE GYM在健身房81. Don’t you look at yourself in the mirror? too?难道你自己不照镜子吗?8. They must work out all the time.他们一定得一直锻炼83. Why do you go to the gym so much?你为什么经常去健身房?8. It’s good me to be healthy.身体健康对我有好处85. It’s never good to put such a high value on appearances?.如此重视外表是不好的86. My muscles feel numb?.我感觉肌肉麻木87. I can’t move a muscle?.我一动也动不了了88. I’m exhausted.我累坏了89. I’m going to spend a few more minutes on the exercise bike.我要在骑车器上再锻炼一会儿850. It’s too crowded in the gym at night.晚上健身房里太拥挤了851. Someone needs to fix the leg press machine.得有人来修理一下压腿机85. I’m going to relax in the sauna?.我要去泡桑拿,放松一下853. How many more exercises do you have to do?你还要再做多少锻炼?85. How often do you work out?你每隔多久锻炼一次?855. He’s a firefighter?, so he has to exercise often.他是个消防队员,所以他必须经常锻炼【生词解读】1. mirror n. 镜子. appearance n. 外貌;外观;外表3. numb adj. 失去感觉的;麻木的. muscle n. 肌;肌肉5. sauna n. (芬兰的)蒸汽浴;桑拿浴6. firefighter n. 消防队员。
  • 《天下无贼经典台词英文版 -- 3:19: 来源:kekenet 1、i have said a hundred times,we need team work,always seek the best in the team.the purpose of the trip,is to train our team in real situation and to test our new members.those deserving special praise are the little leaf and four eyes.although new to trade,they try hard,they have not only surpass themselves,but even the old guard here. “说了多少回了,要团结,眼睛要看这别人的长处这次出来,一是通过实战锻炼队伍,二是考察新人,在这里我特别要表扬的是小叶和四眼两位虽然刚刚入道,做人啊,不但突破了自己, 也超越了在座的前辈  what is the most expensive commodity in this century? talent! “1世纪什么最贵?人才!!! 3、an organization without discipline. “有组织,无纪律” 、first my gaze toward the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch. “我本一心向明月,奈何明月照沟渠” who knows me understand my needs, i’m a mystery to he who know me not . “真是知我者谓我心忧,不知我者谓我何求啊” 5、i can’t stand you armed robber types, no technical skills what so ever. “我最讨厌你们这些劫匪了,一点技术含量都没有” 6、i can reliably inm you that, uncle lee is very angry. the consequences will be severe “我可以很负责地告诉你,黎叔很生气,后果很严重” 7、i was reckless, i was reckless,never thought that girl would play me. “大意呀,大意呀,想不到被一丫头片子玩儿了” 英文版 经典台词 天下。
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